Hemingford herald. (Hemingford, Box Butte County, Neb.) 1895-190?, November 22, 1895, Image 9

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Go With LinderholnVs Personally Con
quoted Excursions to Chestcrville,
Texas, Over the Great Hock
Island Eoute.
Von Will Sco the Fluent Fruit nnd Farm
ing Country In the World Now Open
for Settlement.
Kspecial advantages aro that tho land
lies higher than any other similar tract af
fording superior drainage, so necessary
with rainfall In that district. Land will
cost you no troro than tho rent you are now
paying. KIch and productlvo soil; no irrl
iratlon needed; mild and dollghtlul climate.
Land sells on bight. Xwo towns and two
railroads on tuo tract; others near by.
boll unequalled for tho production of Corn,
Cotton. Hugnr Cane, Alfalfa and every
hind of fiult and vegetable. Wo havo
thousands of acres of land near Houtton,
Tczan, In this tract to select from now
which will soon bo taltcn up. This means
a homo and ccmfortoblo fortuiio to tho
reader if bo will investigate. Write tout.
Sond us tho name of your frionds who want
n homo of their own. Lcavo tho b.lzzards,
taxes and high rents of tho north. Locato
in tlio choicest district of tho Gulf Coast
country and .ou will roroat tho success of
jour moro prosperous neighbors.
Scud for our pamphlet, entitled "Fer
tile Farm Lands," plats, maps, etc. Low
price. Easy terms. Low rate excursions
constantly running. Don't you want to got
When you write give our address in full,
Address Southekx Teas Coloniza
tion Co., John Ijtiirtcrliolni, Mgr., 110
Hlalto UldK., Chicago.
The expenditure of England .for
drlnk3 lo estimated at $900,000,000 a
At Duluwayo a company has been
formed to exploro the ancient ruins
in Maahonalantl for treasure.
The system of canals contemplated
by Russia will have a total length o
1,000 miles and will unite tho Baltic
and Black seas.
A petrified frog found in an Elmira
N. Y., stone qunrry in 1883 was two
feet eight Inches in length and weighed
over 100 pounds.
A technical congress at Zurich is try
ing to secure agreement In the meth
ods of testing building materials
throughout Europo and tho United
Episcopal assistant rectors in New
York are to bo called curates hereafter,
and in tho largo city churches the tltlo
vicar instead of rector is to be permit
ted. It is said that 300,000 cubic feet of
water plunge 150 feet downward over
the Niagara escarpment every second,
thus wasting 10,000,000 horse power of
energy to tho second.
Pins, from their extenslvo use, are
important articles of manufacture. It
is stated that thcro are made in Eng
land, for home use, and exportation,
moro than 20,000,000 pins daily.
A complete skeleton of a moa or
dinornls, the gigantic, ostrich-like, ex
tinct bird of tho Nov Zealand and tho
Connecticut sandstone, has Just been
discovered in a New Zealand cave.
Modesty ,or rather fear, is one of thb
first virtues of love Balzac.
It many times falls out that we deem
ourselves much deceived in others, be
cause wo first deceived ourselves. Sir
Philip Sidney.
Oh, what a curious place tho world
1s, and what a number of things are
found out a fresh in it! What faded old
facts stand forth in startling colors as
wonderful and new when youthful gen
ius gets a chanco of sitting still while
it passes, and making unnoticed studies
of it. Jean Ingelow.
There is this difference between those
two temporal blessings, health and
money: Money is tho most envied, but
the least enayod; health Is tho most en
Joyed, but tho least envied; and this
superiority of the latter is still moro
obvious when wo reflect that the poor
est man would not part with health for
money , but that the richest would glad
ly part with all their money for health.
How easily, if fate would suffer it, wo
might keep forever these beautiful
limits, and adjust ourselves, once for
nil, to tho perfect calculation of tho
kingdom of known cause and effect. In
the street, and in the newspapers, life
appears so plain a business, that manly
resolution and adherence to the multi
plication tablo through all weathers
will Insure success. But, ah! presently
comes a day, or is it only a halt hour,
with Its angel whispering which dis
comfits the conclusions of nations and
of years. Emerson.
The thing that damns a sinner Is hla
love for sin.
The only thing about some churches
that seems to point toward heaven is
the Bteeple.
The world needs people who will do
right without first stopping to find out
what others arc going to do, .
The man who lives only for himself
is helping to carry on iue devil's busi
ness. Knowing tho name of a sin some
times opens a door for it.
Boil down the religion of some peo
ple and you will find that there is noth
ing worth having In it.
Dreams of wealth dou't come truo as
often as work for It does,
Tho highest price' paid for a modern
painting was $110,600 for Millet's "An
gelus." Tho largest bronze statue Is that of
Peter tho Great at'St. Petersburg.
Weight, 1,000 tons.
In India every resldont must, under
'peia'ty of f'nr, have nn name written
up at the entranco of his house.
Australia has a population of less
than 5,000,000, but economists declare
it could support 100,000,000 with. ease.
The largest bell in Japan, that in the
temple at Kioto is twenty-four feet
high and sixteen feet" in diameter
across the rim.
OT many years ago
peoplo used to sneer
at ghosts and ghost
stories much moro
than thoy do now,
and one would con
stantly hear peoplo
whisper to one an
other whllo somo
Individual wna re
lating his or her
experience: "Ah! It
is very odd that theso ghost stories
should always bo related at second or
third hand. Now, I want to seo a per
son who personally has seen tho ghost,
and then I will bollovol"
Yes. Peoplo aro moro accustomed to
hearing about ghosts now; and yet,
even now, should it bo a wife, daugh
ter, or sister who ventures to narrato
6omo supernatural experience, sho is
pooh-poohed or laughed at or told to
"tnko a pill."
Now, I havo seen a ghost, and am pre
pared to attest most solemnly to tho
fact, as woll as to tho truth of every
word hero sot down. I have, of course,
avoided names, but nothing else; so,
without further preamblo, I will stato
my case.
Somo years ago I became tho object
of tho infatuated adoration of a person
of, my own age and sex. and I uso tho
word "infatuated" advisedly, becauso I
feel now, as I did at tho timo. that
neither I nor any mortal that over lived
could possibly bo worthy of tho over
whelming affection which my poor
friend lavished upon me. I on my oldo
was not ungrateful to her, for I loved
her in return very dearly, but when I
explain that I was a wifo and tho moth
er of young children, and that Bho was
unmarried, it will easily be understood
that our devotion to each other must of
necessity be rather onesldod, and this
fact caused somo dlsquietudo between
us at times.
For many years my friend held a post
at court, which sho resigned soon after
cho began to know mo; and although
her royal mistress In her gracious kind
ness assigned two houses to her, sho
gave them both up to bo frco to llvo
near mo in B ; Indeed, Bho gavo up
relatives, old servants and comforts in
order that she might como and llo (and
die, alas!) in lodgings over a shop near
me. But sho was not happy. Sho
"gloomed" over tho Inevitable fact that
in consequenco of the differenco in her
circumstances and mine, I could not be
with her every day and all day long.
I think she was naturally of an unhap
py disposition, being deeply, passion
ately and unjustifiably Jealous, and also
painfully incapablo of taking things
and peoplo as they were. All this gavo
mo often much annoyance; but wo
were, all tho same, sometimes very
cheerful and happy together, and somo
tlmes tho rovorse.
Later on, she, poor soul, was taken
ill, and during months of fluctuating
health I nursed her sometimes In
hope, sometimes without and at mo
ments during her lllnoss she found
strange comfort in foretolllng to me,
after the most "uncanny" fashion,
things which sho declared would hap
pen to mo after her death. They were
mostly trivialities little episodes con
cerning people and things over whom
wo had talked and laughed together,
for she was gifted with a keen sense of
tho ridiculous.
Among other things, sho said to mo
one afternoon:
"This bazaar for which wo aro work
ing sho had been helping me for weeks
for a charity bazaar, and I can now
see her dainty llttlo hands as sho man
ipulated tho dainty muslin and lace.
Poor, poor L ! I shall bo dead bo
fore it takes placo; and I shall see you
at your stall, and on ono of the days of
the bazaar an old lady will come up to
you and say: Have you any of poor Miss
L 's work? mentioning me. And
you will answer: 'Yes, here is some!'
and you will show her this which I am
working; and she'll say, 'Havo you
any moro?' and you shall cay, 'Yes'
again; and she'll carry it all off and
say she buyB it for poor Miss L 's
sake And I shall know and sco it all!"
I remember repeating, wonderlng
ly, "What lady?"
She answered, dreamily, "Oh! I don't
know but somo old lady! You'll see!"
And I am bound to say this is actu
ally what occunt'd at tho bazaar,
montns after her death; an old lady
with whom I was not acquainted did
buy all her work, having asked for it
and carried it away "for her sako!"
An old lady, too, whom I had never
Ono other curious circumstance
which attended her death was that, af
ter looking forward with moro than
usual pleasure to my coming birthday,
which she raid would bo a moro than
commonly happy anniversary that was
the very day on which she died!
I think that ono of the sharpest re
grets which I over experienced in my
life consisted In tho Jict that I was not
with my dearest friend at the moment
that sho passed away. Sho had mado
me promise that I would be with her
at the time, and God knows I had tho
fullest intention of fulfilling ber wish,
but on that very evening, of all others,
I was called away, and she died in my
absence. I had been sitting by her
bedside all the afternoon, and all that
evening I had held her tloar hand and
had kept -whispering comforting words
in her car; but latterly sho had mado
no rcsponso and was seemingly unconscious.
Suddenly a messnge came from my i
houso (not a hundred yards it wai
away) saying my husband wanted mo
at once, as one of niy children was ill.
I looked at tho nurse, who assured mo
there was nothing immcdlato Impend
ing, so, stooping over my poor friend,
I whispered at tho same timo press
ing n kiss on her forehead that half
an hour should seo mo at her sldo
again. But sho took no notice, and
much against my will I hastily and
noiselessly loft tho room.
Throwing a shawl over my head, I
hurried across tho 6quaro, and as I
passed tho church tho clock struck 12,
and I suddenly remembered that to-day
was my birthday!
I got back in lcs3 than half an hour
and on my return hoard, to my over
lasting sorrow, that I had not been
gono ten minutes boforo my dear Li
became restless and uneasy, then looked
hastily round tho room, gavo a cry,
Minn ttinpn nomn n n1, rt YilnrM in linr
mnilth nrwl nftn,. n fnw rfltnfnl WtrilC- '
gles sho sank back, gasped onco or
twlco and never moved again.
Of courso 1 thought thon, and do to
this day, that sho was looking round
tho room for mo and that she had died
feeling I had broken my faith with
her. A bitter, never-falling regret!
I have given this light sketch of the
feelings which existed between mo and
my poor friend (boforo narrating tho
circumstances of her supernatural visit
to me) just lo emphasizo tho facts of the
alluring fascination, tho lntenso nfCcc
tion, which existed between us during
her lifetime, and which, I firmly bo
liovo, havo lasted beyond her grave.
Quito a year and a half after her
death my poor L , with what mo
tive I know not unless it may havo
been, as I sometimes fondly hope, to
assuro mo that sho understood and
sympathized with my sorrow at having
failed her at the moment of her ex
tremityappeared to me. Sho camo
once, but never again. It occurred
I had been suffering all day from
brow aguo and had gono early to bod,
but not to sleep. All tho ovcnlng I had
been kept painfully nwako by that samo
church clock which I have mentioned
'It scented to mo to strike oftener.
louder and moro slowly than any clock
I had ever had the mlsfortuno to como
Of courso my ailmont of tho
moment caused tho clock's vagaries to j ,nr- lto was m,u? on Ul Blcps OI a
nnnn. ,,ii..i nnii ,,.,,1 t (, pnssenccr coach, when a cow roso up
appear peculiarly painful, and I boro 'rom w-, R, hnd becn lcte lnff ln n
the annoyanco very restlessly, with my lliu.hnmi comded with tho steps, break
face turned pettishly to the wall, but ( iUg them looso from tlio train. Ortman
when tho midnight hour began to u as thrown to tho ground with great
chime I felt ns though I could bear it violeneo and sustained serious injuries
no longer. Muttering an impatient ex- , about the head, in addition to Inning a
clamation,.! turned in my bed so as to leg broken, llo was not found for cay-
faco tho room, and looking across it I
saw my poor L. Btandlng close to n
screen between mo and the door, look
ing at mo.
Sho was in her usual dress, wearing
what waB then called a "cross-over,"
which was tied bohind, while her bon
net, which sho was always in tho habit
of taking off as she came upstairs, was,
as usual, hanging by tho ribbon on her
arm. Sho had a smile on her faco, and
I distinctly noticed her lovoly llttlo
whlto ears, which v.ero always my ad
miration and which were only half cov
ered by her soft brown hair.
Sho stood a mlnuto it seemed look
ing at mo, then she gilded toward me,
and I, half apprehensivo that sho was
about to throw herself on my bed, ex
claimed. Jumping up In a sitting pos
ture: "Dearest! what brings you hero so
With deep roverenco bo it spoken;
but as soon as theso words were out of
my mouth I was irresistibly reminded
of thoso spoken, holy writ tells us, by
St. Peter at tho awful moment of tho
transfiguration! Awed and dazed at
the sight of tho spiritual visitants, wo
are told he uttered words "not knowing
what ho said." Theso words of mlno
also seemed to leap to my lips, with
but llttlo meaning in them, if any.
As soon, however, aB ray volco had
ceased tho apparition disappeared and
I remained somo moments- motionless.
I was not frightened, but I felt colder
than I had felt ln my life, and I havo
never felt so cold since, but tho moist
ure seemed to pour off my body. I call
ed no ono to my assistance. All I real
ized was that God had permitted mo
to bco her once more, and that perhaps
ho might send her to mo again. But ho
has not done so, and probably uow ho
never will.
I lay awake all the night afterward,
hoping for and, I think, almost ex
pectingher again, and after the day
had dawned I fell asleep.
Beforo telling my story to anyone and
dreading unspeakably all the doubting
and sarcastic speeches which such a
narrativo would inevitably call forth I
sent for my doctor, an old and trusted
friend, and after making him talk
rationally to mo for some timo I asked
him whether I had evor betrayed any
hysterical tendencies. He reassured mo
heartily on this point and then
asked my reasons for such a question.
I therefore opened my heart to him
and bo neither ridiculed nor disbe
lieved, but, on tho contrary, told mo
another enso of tho same kind which
had lately happened to a friend of his,
but he strongly advised me to keep ray
own counsel at present, which I did for
somo time, and kindly added that ho
not only did not look upon me as a
lunatic, but simply as a "woman for
whom ono corner of the curtuln which
guardod the unseen had been lifted.
In conclusion, I repeat I am ready to
vouch for tho truth of every word hero
set down and also, should It bo re
quired, to glvo names in private to
satisfy thoso who doubt.
During tho last two years tho debt of j
the dominion has boon increased by tho ;
Ottawa administration $11,318,432.
Highest of all in Leavening Power. Latest U.S. Gov't Report
Illio Clileiico I.niiRimKo.
Tho teacher said: "Now t will read
this from this llttlo book, ami tiny of
you who w ls.li can repeat it to the class
I in your own words. Don't try to say it
us I read it, but just as you would sny
it." Jimmies eyes prow uip, unit no
vns nil nttcntion Tho teacher read
this short lehcott from tho first reader:
'Seo tho cow! Is itnotnprctly cow?
Can the cow run'.' Yep, tho cow can
run? Can the cow run as fust us the
horse? No, tho cow cannot run as fust
as the horse? '
"Crlminy!" thought Jimmle, "is 'at
nil. 'At'a dead easy." Ills band was
up in ii u inkling in imitation of sev
eral others, ills interested fuco caught
tho teacher's eye, ntidahosald: "Well,
; .lames, you may try It, but bo careful
ana get it right, xou may stanu up uy
your sent."
.1 nines v arose. Ordinarily he was
not bashful, but now his face was
Hushed ns he snid; "Get onto du cow.
Ain't she a boaut? C'n she got a move
On? Sure. C'n sho hunin herself us
fust ns tie horse? Nnw, slid nln't in It
wid do horse, see!"
Tho teacher wns overcome, but nev
erthelcss, 'Mnmcsy" was u favorite
from that moment. Chicago Hccord,
SlOO Itcnwinl, 9100.
Tho renders of this pnpor will be
plcnsed to learn that there Is nt least
ono dreaded disease that science has
been able to cure In nil It3 stages, and
that Is Catarrh. Hall's Catarrh Cure Is
the only positive sura now known to
the medical fraternity. Cntnrrh being
a constitutional dlseaso requires n con
stitutional treat in. nt. Hall's Catarrh
Cure Ih taken Internally, nctlnu directly
upon tho blood and mucous sin faces of
the system, thereby destroying tho
foundation of the dlseii?o and rIVIiir tho
patient strength by building up the con
stitution and assisting nature in doing
Its work. The proprlotois have so much
faith In Its curative powers thit they
offer Ono Hundred Dollars for any case
that It falls to cure. Send for list of
testimonials. Ad!ress
P. J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo, O.
Sold by drunglsts: 7Gc.
Hall's Family Pills, 25c.
Tlio Co iv Out Up.
A young man, who says ho Is Will
iam Orttnan of Columbus, ()., mot with
a serious arid most rcmarknblo railroad
' accident umilo from thisclty this morn'
ui ill jiuurb, uuu mis tmuuiii;iuii. j i
not to be doubted that he was beating
his way on tho train, us he had no
mouey. llo was taken to tho poor
farm, and his injuries aro very serious,
to bay tho least. St. Louis Itcpuullc.
I'rum Now Until fiprlnr;
Overcoats and winter wraps will bo In
fashion. They can be discarded, tem
porarily, while traveling In tho steam
heated trains of thu Chicago, Milwau
kee & St. Puul Hallway, For solid
comfort, for speed and for bafuty, no j
other lino can comparo with this great
nihvny of tho West.
liicijunllty In tlio Vforlil.
There is, aud thcro always has been,
Inequality in tho world, In spite of tho
striving of generoushcarts and enlight
ened minds for equality. Although
equality has never censed to show it
self, and effect itself, within the differ
ent orders, and in modern times to
characterize nt least superficially that
largo composito order which wo call
good society, civilization is still cm
bruited nnd endangered by inequality.
Ono need not allege instances; thoy aro
abundant in every one's experience and
observation; nnd those who dread or
effect to dread the dead level of equal,
ity are quite right in saying that even
in n political democracy there is as
much inequality us anywhere. Hut
this does not prove that they arc right
in admiring it. that it is not offensive
and stupid. Inequality still persists,
but so does theft, bo does murder, so
docs chastity, so do almost all tho sins
nnd shames that ever wero. Inequality
is, in fact, the sum of them; in the body
ni this death they fester nnd corrupt
forever. As long us wo have inequality
wc shall havo these sins and shames,
which spring from it, and which livo
on from inferior to superior. Few vices
livo from equal to equal; but the virtues
The Lord likes a man who buys what ho
thinks, but tho peoplo don't.
A handsotuo female i hotocrnnhcr otieht
to do a good business with her winning
v ays.
tAny sarsaparilla is sarsaparilla. True, So any
tea is tea. So any flour is flour. But grades differ.
You want the best. It's so with sarsaparilla. There
' are grades. You want the best. If you understood
w2 sarsaparilla as well as you do tea and flour it
would be easy to determine. But you don't. How
tfc should you ?
fWhen you are going to buy a commodity
whose value you don't know, you pick out an old
fig established house to trade with, and trust their
y& experience and reputation. Do so when buying
f sarsaparilla.
Ayer's Sarsaparilla has been on the market
(& fifty years. Your grandfather used Ayer's. It is a
?6 reputable medicine. There are many sarsaparillas.
tf But only one Ayer's. IT CURES.
Dinner Tituln 1 Incn,
Tho linen for all meals should bo Ir
reproachable, hhe is u wlso mistress
who cconomlrcR the lnbor of house
keeping in other ways rather than in
tho litumlorlng of tablo linen. Many
prefer tho bare table for luncheons nutl
tens, using embroidered dollies un-lori
every plate and dish; but thin pntotlco
... ., , ...,, .
is to tio commended only witcn tno
tablo is of flno old mahogony or fcouui
other beautiful uood, polished to per
fection. Only whito damask Is permitted at
dlnncts, and white china Is preferable
to tho decorated ware inasmuch as one
does not tiro ro soon of tho white us of
tho other: also, It permits a greater
variety of tablo decorations, and tho
needed touch of color cah bo given by
delicate embroideries, tinted lights
the sheen of silver and cut glass and
nrtistie color harmonlcB of ' frultB and
ilowers. flood Housekeeping,
A Hourly Wolcninn
To returning pence by day mid tranquility
nt ulKht I extended by tlio rheumatic pu
1 lout t1iO owes there lilossliics to llostottcr's
Htomucli llltturs. Don't duluy the use of
llils tluo ntiodync for pnlu lumpurltlorof
the lilooilun Instant bo.vnml the point when
tlicdlHoiitcinuiilfcUftitHulf. Kidney trouble,
dyspepsia, liver i-uinplalut, la ffrlppo and
Irri'inilurlt v t tint bnwi'U It to rolluxeil and
cured by the Hitters.
Sotncllilnc Hnd (lot to ,ltn Dour.
"What is all that row?" asked the
exchange tlciul.
"That," explained tho ofilco boy, "Is
tho foreman and tho business manager
trying to explain to tho secretary of
tho I. (). O. T. how tlio notice ho tele
phoned to the olllco got into tho paper
us tho I. O. D. T. llo says that when
a Good Templars' notice gets Into tho
paper as tho Independent Order of De
lirium .Tremens something has got to
be did." Indianapolis lonrnal.
Slnlliprs ulia Iiiivp in pel l'tkcir' Olncor Tonla
fir jiurtlimuilmt ittiu tl iiiOrolliniiollirmnll
tlluuti Of err form at Ulstrv.n and wcnknesi Will to U
Tlio 8ninllct U'ntcli.
Tho smallest perfect watch oyer
mado is owned by n Russian princess.
It was first placed in an ex'iulslta gold
case, covered with tho most minute,
but literally perfect, Watteau scenes in
enamel; then, at tho princess' desire,
tho works wero removed and placed in
sido a splendid diamond scarco two
fifths of an inch in diameter.
lllntlet'cnrn Inn ilmiile rrmrtly,
but It tnk ' nut iliu conn, ami vrlml u convolution It
It! Makes walking a pleasure. ISo. at rufi;li.
To 1'retent Tiirillni'un.
"How do you avoid tardiness?" asked
ono first A teacher of another, tho other
day. "You only had ono in all last
month," observed the questioner.
"This .Is my plan, "exclaimed MlssS.,
and it works woll. Each morning wo
glvo mottoes. Now wo havo about
fifteen and nt the opening cxerciBo
each child recites us many of our mot
toes as ho can. Tho children aro in
terested, and como early to engage In
this part of tho program. All our mot
toes aro short. 'Doing nothing is doing
111' is tho longest ono I now think of.
My ono tardiness was caused by sick
ness. Tho llttlo chap camo in at 10
Srlmico In tho I'rltiiurr.
"Yes, John, that is a queer bug nnd
a very interesting one, too. I'm glad
you found It. All bugs aro interesting
when wo know Just how to look at
"Floyd," turning to another llttlo
fellow, "did you ever find a bug like
this one?"
"No, Miss L , but I found a bug
last night on my bed."
"So do I sometimes," chimes an en
thustustiu disciple, und "I" and "1"
chimes tho iuevltnblo primary chorus.
"Oh," cries one ambitious for high dis
tinction, "I find lots of bed bugs every
night." This incident being literally
truo proves that somo Omaha schools
aro not ln nepd of certain collections.
Do You 8 pc cut at '
llicn bend for our book, "How to Bpocu
late BucceM,lully on Limited Margins iu
tirnln nnd Htock Markets, " Mailed tree. I
CouiKtoclf, Hughes & Company, ltlatto
liuLdlng, Chicago, 111.
An n ninn puta tlffm it tnt.',. Mm lrinnnr.
to Mnrm up for a good .time und lou8ero
COOl Off lU getting over It,
Mi i in nm ii tn mm in mi ii 1 1 ii n mini i mini
inn MiiiiiiiiiimiiimiiMiiiiiimiiiiMiimmii M
Loss of opportunity is life's greatest Iobb. Think of suffering with '''
NbUKALblA Years Years Year:
When tlio opportunity lies in a bottlo of ST. JACOBS OIL. It cures. --
r, 1 1 1 M II I H I) I M M I H M M H M I M 1 1 1 1 1
ense. i
Vienna Clincnlatis
Mix thrco heaping tablespoon fills of
grated chocolato with enouglt water to
beat it to a smooth paste, taking1 c.nro
that no lumps remain. Put it into a
chocolato pot and set it into a hottlt' of
boiling water. Pour In ono pint of now
mill; it ml ono pint of crcum or a quart
of new milk, with tho whites of one or
two eggs, well beaten. Htir tho choco
lato tmsto into tho scalding tutlU and
and let It boll two or thrco minutes,
then stir in tho beaten whites anil
servo it hot.
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Cuit I'lmtimM II nnJ and V nc TiimtiT or Horn Vttt,
Chilblain., l'llc.ti . C.U.CInrWOi,Ner lUtttii.CL
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nnniverNnry of tho lauding of Bounstlutt
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Tho especial nttcntion of onr reader is
rnucu to tno uotico in ui's jajwr, "rroo
l'nro to Texas" It offers n. ennui o-ior-
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iiiimy to f-oruro n noino in mo gunien m
projieroiis Texas. Head It lor further In
formation ThonveragoimsceuRer trulu weighs two
htindi 1 ton.
Nervu Iteitorrr. IioHtauttir Km lirsiilun's dtp.
slurt Houiieiirrt. Trrnl l Arm t'J trial liotl It ttv t j
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tllCtuo. HeiiUU)t)r.Kllue,93lAuUBt.,
Tlio IMierinnn tho lies hi wait for a trout
mid finally KCti It, Is npttollo in weight lot'
ninny mooui.
I toutd not pot along without I'lso's Cure
for Consumption. It always cure. 'Mrs.
II. ( Woii.tox, Needhnm, Mai., Oct. '22, TH.
Hocioty Is continually surging w lth tho
conflict of dollars anil iciuc.
It tho Uatiy Is Cuttlnir Tcotn,
CUnnro ami u to til at oM and well Ulnl runitvly, llu.
ikilows sooTinxa svniir fur CklMnm Totiuing.
I'Iftberiucu will drenm offish lying nlout
them, but in reality Its tho other way.
"Hanson's IHaffio Oosi Salvo,"
Warrsntnl to mre of money rtfundrj. Ask yodf
dni(fjtrurlt. 1'ilco ISetsaU.
Uhoro Js one consolation with tho now
wouinti crae tho (.outing vhnperou will bo
u in u u.
Milliard table, second-hand, for salo
cheap. 'Apply to or nddross, II. C. Akin,
fill H. 12th St., Omaha, Noli.
Koninitco litis been olognntly defined ns
tho ollspriug of ilctlou nud lovo.
Brings comfort and Improvement and
tonds to personal enjoyment when
rightly used. Tho many, who livo bet
ter than others and enjoy life more, with,
less expenditure, by moro promptly
adaptiug tho world's best products to
tho needs of physical being, will attest
the valuo to health of tho pure liquid
laxative principles embraced in tho
remedy, Syrup of Figs.
Iti excellence Js duo to its presenting
in tho form most acceptablo and pleas
ant to the taste, tho rof resiling nnd truly
beneficial properties of a perfect lax
ative ; effectually cleansing tho system,
dispelling colds, headaches and fevers
and permanently curing constipation.
It has given satisfaction to millions and
mot with tho approval of Uiq medical
profession, because it acts on tho Kid
noys, Liver and Bowels without weak
ening them and it is perfectly free from
every objectionable substance.
Syrup of Figs is for ealo by all drug
gists in COc and 51 bottles, but it is man
ufactured by tho California Fig Syrup
Co, only, whoso namo is printed on every
package, also the name, Syrup of Figs,
und being well informed, you will not
accept any substitute if offered.
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1.00. 01 Itedlcul Co., M Uwrbora 8tret, CIiIimup.
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Ik. UU Cd LaU ItktMla Ik, "Con B.U"
t Law frltr.
For ItTOHMATIOV rowilluir Un. ln ltnrry Co.,
H. W. MINHOVllI, write to lUrr. Ono. A.
linur I'leico city, Mo.i J. 11. lUuorr. forty. Mo.,
T M Kkokt, taurine, Mo., or U Ii. SIDWiriCo,
bOa Jlooulnock Ilklft., Chicago, jij.
ZaciiaiyT. Lindsey,
i Dealers send for t atnlogues, Omaha, Neb.
Htno ICcpalm for 40,000 aitTereitt atovea
uudraiicra. IXUO Io!i2lualst.,Uiuulin,eI
W. N. U., OMAHA, 47, 1805.
When writing to advertisers mention
this paper.
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Best Cough Sirup. Ttui
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