Hemingford herald. (Hemingford, Box Butte County, Neb.) 1895-190?, November 15, 1895, Image 1

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Satisfaction guaram'd
and retvahy
...... go to the ...
City Jewelry Store
J City Jewelry Store
VOL. 1
NO, 38
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1 I
Cf''' w1
OfTloia.1 331xotory.
t ounty-
, . (Jas. lUrrr.lftDlfit.
CommlsslonoriWJai. llalllnrake. and nist.
t v, 0,1'VV JJancan.lrdlllst.
Jnago D. K, Bpaoht.
Clerk-J. K. Neal.
HborlfT-E. A. Hall
Treat-nror -8. H.Llbby.
Attorney D. F.OIlmnn
Coroner P. II. Driscoll.
Surveyor- J. P. Hazard
Bupt of 8choo)s-lI. F. Fillmore.
Ohuroh Dlreotory.
nt 10 a. m. Prayer Jloetlnc ench Wednesday
at 7 p. m.
HUMAN LUTIIERAN:Servlons nt tho
Court House llov. Wnndorllch, Pastor.
nATUOLIC:-lter. Charles Zak Pastor.
, niETIlODIBT. Ito J,W. Kendall Pastor
111 Preaching the second and tourtli Sunday in
ach month utllu. m and 7 p.m.
J J1PISCOPAL' Services In tho Oongrcirat
lilonal Church, Rev. Pastor.
Services on tho third-Thursday In each month
.at 7 p. rn. '
MW. A. Rosebush Camp No. 2810. Menta
second and fourt h Tuesday night of each
1 month, Visiting Neighbors cordially invited.
W. M. Iodence. Clerk. F. Hoot. V. C.
nxHiKOFOnD postoIHco. On week days door
opens at 7 a. m-, general Uollvory opens at 8 a.
m. and closes at 8 p. m. Open Bundays 0 to
10 a. in.
.IlMiiNoyoBD and Box Born stage dally except
HrMiNoronD and Dunlap stage, Monday
Wednesday and Friday.
New Short Lino to Helena, Butte
4, Spokane, Seattle and Taeoma.
Q. I. & "WV. O. Tlrno CctrcL
EA8T bound.
No. 42, pnssnnKor arriv oa at 11:25 p. m.
" 4fitrulcht " 6:00 p. in.
" 13 freight arrives at loao a. m,
No, 41 paBBencer arrives at 6:21 a. in.
" 45 rolcht " li:59 p. m.
" 17 Irelcht nrrivos nt 3:35 p. m.
All trains carry passencers.
V. W. Whkatlbv, Agent.
attorney at Law,
Alliance, Nebraska.
Practices in all the courts and be
iore U. S. Land Office.
Attorneys - at - Law,
Alliance, -:- Nebuaska.
.JSrOffice in Fletcher Block.
E. E. BARR, fl. D.
(State Univbusity of Iowa 1887.
Chicago Polkclinic 189).
suroeuy and tub medical
v and Surgical Diseases of
the Nose and TnuoAT A
JUliance, - - - Hebraska
Sioux City
Tribune ,
The Best Market Reports of any
.Newspaper iu tho West.
NEW :: GOODS ! !
Millinery Store
Come and seo tho Goods, get
prices, and bo convinced that they
.are the bust and cheapest in tho
Thanking you for past favors
,and trusting for a continuance of
Jthe same.
yours respectfully,
Jlisa L. Adams.
Commissioner Barry was in
frOm Lawn Wednesday.
F . TTnt.r,na,nVori wa ,,
into tho Gorber residence.
. . .. -
. ..w M. MW T . A.MJAAAU..T
Elton Waisnor is teaching
scnooi near .aramore, . j.
J. T. McGrew is spending, a
couplo of weeks at Holdrego.
John Logan is a lato subscriber
to this groat hows disseminator.
The Herald desires corres-
ponaenco irom an parts 01 mo
Rev. Kendall is conducting a
series of meetings at tho Collins
chapel this week.
Mrs. Jtu. w. Aloxandor has
VrtT 111 T" piMtnwol tnttri Vl- n i-
this writing is improving.
Aquilla Triplott. Attv. Nolo-
man and Sheriff-elect Sweeney
wwiu in uiu uiiy, ouiuruny. -" -w v.. ,,v.v u ,
Tho M. E. Missionary society terred in tho Hemingford como- Berea Soraplnga.
will meet with Mrs. Abloy, for tory' Rov Konda11 conducting B. A. McCarthy and L. S. Mas
dinner, on Tuesday tho 19th inst. the sorvices- Mr- and Mrs. Huot frud aro, hauling their huy from
M RViinllm. nf tVio T?n.vmnie
Homo, is recovering from his re
cent illness. Ho has had a ser
ious timo of it.
I. E. Tash, attorney, editor.
bank receiver, poet, and political
prognosticator, made a business '
trip to Allianco Monday. j
Miss Kate Bassett of Dowigiac,
Mich., is tho guest of Mr. and
Mrs. Sherwood. Miss Bassott is
a cousin of Mr. Sherwood.
Mrs. Foster, who now resides
at Fostoria, Ohio, desires to keop
posted on Box Butto doings and
accordingly sends a dollar bill
for The Hekald.
W. E. Hall, of Box Butto,
was called to Coon Rapids, Iowa,
by a telegram
that his sister who
resides there was dangerously
Misses Susio Frazier and Lona
Jay visited relatives near Al
lianco Saturday and Alma Fen-
nor visitea ner parents near i
Dunlap. Tho "happy homo''
was deserted.
Mr. and Mrs. D. F. Millor of
Canton, wero Homingford vis
itors Saturday. Thoy made this
office a pleasant call and The
Herald will visit them regular
ly in tho future.
Attorney Tuttle mado a trip to
Chadron this week. Ho says
they aro talking a ro-count
oi votes np tnero ana that West-1
overs election is not certain.
Tho latest report places his ma
jority at 11.
Prof. Woodwortji and Undo
Sam aro having trouble in Om
aha this week over mail matters.
Mr. Woodworth is tho "mind
reader" who gavo an entertain
ment in Homingford sovoral
months ago.
Mrs. H. J. Schluntz and chil
dren and Mrs. O'Donnoll wero
passengers on 42 Tuesday night
for Cedar Creek, Neb., where
Mrs. Schluntz will join her hus
band. After a short visit there
Mrs. O'Donnell will return to
her home in Iowa.
Dr. R. H. Blanchard de
parted for Omaha Wednesday
whero ho will take a course at
tho Omaha Dental University.
The Doctor already does satisfac
tory work and when ho com
pletes this course wo may look
for something extra.
One of our "small girls" on go
ing to school the other morning
was overtaken by one of our
"small boys" who asked: "Say,
thero; what are you thinking of
when you aro thinking of noth
ing?" The answer was; "You,
I guesg." Crawford Garotte,
James McLennan will go to
Allianco Monday whero ho has
adopted a position in Dr. Loves'
uluaw 1Ui iuouomran nas
21 years experience in the dru
. . . f -T
. Dusmoss. tno iiise nvu witn jn.
' -" - i
ueny .urouiors. no is souor,
and obliging, and no
doubt will civo his now omtriover
the best of satisfaction. -f
m, , . ji
rwnrlo Vr tr. sri nttlknnMtUn.1 -.-VL.
thafoncing of tho cemetery and
, v .u .uuu,
tho sarao will be" onclosod at onbo.
f This is a plausible undertaking
' and Mr. and Mrs. ShorwoodTto
deserving of credit for tho intor-
f est they havo shown in tho mat-
I A V.irrll4- ToVvir vim1 TTTO Vi
j Mr. and Mrs. F.Huot Tuosday
morning but tho angel of death
claimed tho little ono tho day of
...v. j...i....y ""6"
luruiu ui iia'uua m wuu uuxuuvu- i
aihiIa i4? f!niln 4-l2a T a m av
Rev. A. A.
Fries of Alliance
called today and left tho follow
ing announcement.
Rov. J. Wesley pf Allianco will
preach at the Methodist church
Saturday night and each night
next week after Sunday. Rov.
A. W. Clark state Supt. of
Baptist Missions , will officiate
Sunday morning.
Several weeks
Switzer received,
igan a variety
from Mich-
of house
amonir which aro the
a i. j. 4 Tk
Souvenir do Woutton.
rod. fJlnthilrln Rnimorf whttn
and Perlo Des Jardine yello '
also other varieties. Thev aro
all doing nicely, most of them
boing in blossom, and axo tho
nicest lot of plants wo havo seen
in town
If there is anyone who has
kindly feelings for and knows
how to please mombers of tho
"art preservative," it is Mr. and
Mrs. Switzer, of tho Metropoli
tan. Upon invitation tho writer
partook of a sumptuous dinner
at this model hostelry last Sun-
day and to say that wo satisfied
our avaracious appetite and en-
joyed ourselves generally is nut-
ting it mildly. Tho Metropolitan
is just what its namo implies and
Mr. and Mrs. Switzer know how
to retain its reputation.
Agents Exchange Stations.
F. W. Wheatley, who has been
station agent at this place for
tho past two years, was relieved
last Saturday by W. M. Copeland
who comes from Filley. Gage
county. Mr. Copoland is a pleas
ant gentleman whom wo believe
will givo satisfaction. Mr.
Wheatloy has always attended,
to tho duties of his office proper i
ly and being obliging, has made I
many friends who regret to seo
him leave. Ho will take charge
of tho office at Filley Dec. 1st.
Before going ho called and re
newed for The Herald to keep
posted on Box Butto affairs.
Box 33u.tte aulletln..
Jason Sheldon is visiting his
brother Joel.
M. D. Atkin went to Allianc?
Mrs. Taylor expects to rotura
from Omaha this week.
Miss Beryl Bisscll has been
quito sick but is improving.
We aro pleased to state that Mrj ;
Hiram Wilson is improving.
Harry Willson aud Henry HoflH
man are spending a week huntint
in the hills.
Tho suppor givon nt tho "West
school hounn" wn . mmm nnninl.
ly and financially.
Win. Hall was called to Iowa
JT il. 1 L 1! 11 1 1
mu ujiny jun or tno weoK as ins
oiaiui-wob HunuuBiy in.
!i . t.
ZT wutgTuw.n
Hnv "3nmri-rvrk ttrlll mr-nnn
7T. T . v u""ulw" . 'UKU""BB 1U
, WI"K P. ov. iii.
I An enjoyable timo AvnB had at
SLJSA fc5".'
Mossra. Mnnion nnd .TobtiRon
-" -
ajo moving tho Rumbuugh house
to Alliance. It is now the prop
erty of Will Hall.
Tho Box Butte Literary sooioty
hold a meeting in Box Butte Mon
day, Nov 11. Officers woro elected
fUirl n. ni'nnrrlmmn nrnnnnnl n.lttnl.
X O 1 ST I
will bo rendorod Saturday, Nov. 10,
Wo aro uuahlo to givo list of ofllo-
ors or program in this issuo but
will noxt eok. Come, everybody
- '""1'" ""-l 'o uujo.
Bom, to Mr. and Mrs. II. G.
J Fuilsaas, a girl baby.
All nnrlino
reported doing woll and Ilalvor
f . n vv . . - ....,w
smiles so you can hoar him a half
Mrs. O. A. Davig returned from
the eastern part of tho Btate whero
flho has been sojourning for tho
last five months. She claims that
Box Butte is far ahead of any thing
. she saw there.
Tho young peoplo of Boroa and
vicinity havo started a Literary,
111. .,
coming moir
in the
8cl1001 house every Saturduy night
tit t nA - Jan,. II.- -I tW . I
""" y umuusa mo umoront
, 8Ob30cts-
Alio lollowinjr ouicers werooloot-
ed at last meeting. R. B. Eborly,
u. o. juastrua, vico-
Miss Ortie Johnson,
Miss Galena Curtis,
Young peoplo all
. treasurer.
around aro invited to participate.
About two straight tioketa woro
cast Tuesday.
Wo predict a democratic precinct
ticket next year.
Miss Dora Rokder commenced a
five months term of school, Mon-
uoy n the Winton district.
j O. H. Irion contemplates mov-
,ing his family this week to his
ranch on the Runningwator.
J. P. Hazard forsook his school
duties long enough to servo as
clerk of election on Tuesday.
Henry Rohder haa gone to
Kearney county, with live head of
horses which he contemplates
Our new merchant and postmas
r' J-J Lutnch, has taken posses
8lon of - " Irion's old stand.
Here's success to you, J. J.
E. E. Ford has taken possession
of tho I. Herring olaoe and is
moving his effects as fast as possi-
ble now that election is over.
Fresh bulk oysters at tho Meat
Market. Thev are choice.
Record of Mortgages
., ,
Filed and released in the countv '
clerk's office during October, to-wit:
Farm Mlgs filed 4. S3.874
9 . w 1
ild I' , S2
uici u, i,o
filed 33,' 6!702
1nJ c t run
rels'd 23, 3,258
Total amount
wuu. oi'.uoo
u it
rels'd, 5,119
Sheriffs and other deeds in foro-
closure, thr
Highest prices paid for hides at
tho meat market.
Skates A fino line of ice
skutes just received at H. R.
Green's Hardware ptore.
Wood will bo received on sub
Boription at this office.
Alliance News
Mrs. S. M Smysor has boon
i seriously
for tho past two
wool but la nnw finmn Wtm.
Ladies of tho Baptist church
aro getting up a fair for their
.- . .
onurou to do now next week m
, tno u. r. church building.
I. E. Tash tho newly appoint
ed roceivor for tho defunct bank
of nomtagfoK, 1 tho cay
-iuonaaj-Qn'-ousinoafr-tM. -
Tho sum of 8U9 has boou col
lecioa as unos oy mo pouco court
slncoMay 1st. Tho marSnal'r
salary has amounted to SHOD,
Not so very slow.
., n , . , .. .
xvuuuiiuisiui.- iiuxii6yro iius nu
elegant resldenco ropainted with
croam color and groon trim
mings. No residonco in town
presents a moro handsomo ap
pearance. Mr. and Mrs. S. J. Roborts
loft for Kansas City Monday
night. During their stay in Al
lianco, thoy added greatly to tho
amusomont of those who delight
od In attending shows and thea
tres. Five residences aro now boing
constructed In tho City, and tho
two-story brick blook of Boll
t j i . n ,j, i
DraVOr is about half COmplOfO
with work rapidly progressing.
A1i. . . i .,
AllianCO IS attracting moro attOn-
4! ,. ..i! i ,
tion aS a HVO and prOgrOSSlvO
-isi. i.i . , , ,
City than any town in Nebraska,
, , , , .
Deputy postmaster John Keofe
iiuuuuuiyu iu urnuiiu, xuuuu,y
night on a summons from tho U. '
S. Marshall to appear as a wit-
,,-.., 4. A-r.. l r i.- m .1
uuss iU1 " guvurnimnii ugumsii
OnOProf, W. S. Woodwortll WhO
is In tho toils for takiuir some
unduo privilege's' with tho TJ. S.
mails. I
Invitations for an evening to
party by Mrs. W. E. Couiant
woro out for Thursday ovenlng,
but owing to unexpected illness
of Mrs. Coutant yesterday, tho
party had to bo postponed and
invitations wero accordingly can- i
colled, greatly to tho disapolnt-'
mont of tho ladies invited, as a
party by Mrs. Coutant is always
considered as a most
social event.
JudffQ E. S. Rifikfir nf flhnflrnn
tj -- v v.votww..
was down Wodnosday on bus
iness before the land office. In
tho fall of 1886, Judge Ricker
ran for County Judge on the
democratic ticket and was elect
ed. Ho has novor run for an of
flco since until this fall when ho
was nominated by the populist
convention for Couuty Juigo
without his knowledge or con
sont, and was elected by a ma
jority of 90 votes, all of which is
evidence of his personal popu
larity in Dawes County.
The man in Denver who claims
to bo "tho Messiah" is just now
the main subject of wonder
throughout tho United States as
a result of wonderful cures ho is
said to havo made on tho sick,
lame, and afflicted. People are
flocking thero from all parts of
Hocking therG from all Darts Of
tho country hoping to obtain re-
iii it
lief Among those who havo ,
8n0 from Alliance, are, Mrs.
&&& Mrs. Mort Johnson, and
rs-J Mallory- K a11 that
is fiimmfirt fnr thn miin h tvno it.
"w "- - '
rtainly Is wonderful.
Vic. McCarty, tho man who
DeaL ana anusea tun iinwRnn
family near South Omaha, was
recently convicted in tho courts
for stomped murder and robbery I
on a iarmor named
night before ho was
4 '
rOCeiVO .
his sentence, ho broke jail and
escaped. Monday night somo
wag went to tho Dawsons and
told them that tho Sheriff had
been chasing Vic all over town
all night. Thoy woro quito sure
that Vic broke jail for tho pur-
Poso o conl!"S 0 Allianco to
muruer mem una as a conse
quonco thero woro somo protty
badly scared people iti that vi
cinity until Mr. Nolonnu ex
plained tho mat .tojto thern.
Now York Counts, 45cta per cun
at the meat market.
Take your produce to. .Wildy's
"thaUttrBthfidby." n..
Hnl'lU'.lill ivnilfu crvliln litiun.l
' ""- ..-- uw...w ,.M.
jioga, x-.j--- . ; ;v
Order your stove repaid at Anton
p of ftU kl(1a at .
A now t of al0l.,, jllst received
w. K. Ilcrncall.
The Oomtlno ltmind Oak Stovo
mnde by Hcekwiih, DovvukIuc, Mich.,
with the mi mo on the legs, Is tliu
muxt fucl'snvini; stovo on the market
mid Is the only stovo that will burn
wood, hard coal, soft conl, and coke,
successfully, mid also can bo mnde u
solr-ft'O'Hng base burner at the saints
tlnm. For buIo by Anton Utmirf
Final Proof Notices
Ho.v, J, W. Wbhn, Jn., ItegUter.
Hon. F, M. nntfoME, rtccoher.
Patttea Imvinsr nutlrcR lit title column aro ro-
irtli'n l
h ted to
thU ofUe for correction auy errorn that may
?'fV Tills will prevent ioaihlo delay iu
mnufnf tipnnr.
rrau me rame rarciuuy ana report U
Land Olllc at Allianco, Neb, Oct. 10. 16M.
Notlro in hnrcpy eWen that r,hn followln
anmctl rttloi linn.fllpd notice of his Intontlon to
makillnal proof In support of hla claim and
that cald proof will Ixi niidobf'roroK'tflKU'r ami
t coivtTt Aiiuu.t Nch.,onDo. 10,1800, "
of MarJand, Nob., who mau h e. No.2. for
I K'" " i'. 'L, " o n a o n , o u ,t o H
Jiacoi'a, tp39c.rtf SOW.
HB names thn foliowintr wltn'mos to provo hi
continuous rpfldinc upon and eulthationnt
Mid land, vh: l'ranlc Honoyman, Joph
Lowo. of Mamland, Nob., John V. John, Wil
liam John, of lloinlnsforil Neb. Alo,
, the H B U po 21, tp 29 n, rj W) vr.
. Hh0 j,1' uo foiioTtn witncwe to prove
hor contiBupui renhlonco upon and cultivation,
ofhald land. t1i, Frank .Honcroan, Joseph
Lowe, John I). John, William John, of Uvux
lngtord, Nob.
J. w Wriw. Jc. RKflUtfr.
- - ,, ,, I,,, , - i ii
Land Olllcoat Alliance, Nob., Oct. 23, 183T.
Notice i a hereby felron that I'M F. JubuMOii. ot
Pilffur,. Neb., ha filed nutlco of iittonlluu
to males filial proof licforo J. K. Neal.
Clork Dllt. Court nf. liNnlTton In lrm(i,Lr,r,l
&&&&&" fa w. j-,
reffl?ruV,rIt'0 u' a "
J. w. Wwuc. jb., itatrtcr.
of Chadron. Neb., who mado IT. E. No. 33V) for
2J n, r M w. ....
,,to ,..,. ,,, 1.I .1. . , t.
continuous reairi
.it' u.iiqt ,1117 lujiuniug niuiniH. I SfOTS 61
following wiuje.. Brora 6I
itlfmcA nnnn ami oultlTAtln nr
;aldJand.TU: William Aai. of Chadron,
N"b.t Onorge Hatch, Jut
new. of Maraland. Nfti.
kten, j una U. Wood, Urant htf
J. W. Wbn. Jb., Beglrter.
Land Oitlco at Allianoo, Neb., Oct. J6, MM.
Notlcn is hereby itlTen that the following nam
ed settler ha filtxl notice ot his intention to
make dual proof in support of bi claim, and
that raid proof will U made oefora IleuUtor or
Receiver at Allianoo, Nob., on Nor. 28, 1SJ5, vU:
of Itoxllutto, Kob., who made II. E. jeo. 03S2
for the s V4 e U and Y, a w H seo, 31. tp 2s n,
rg w.
lie names the following witnesses to prove
his contlnnous residence upon and cultivation
ot said laud, viz: John Fhuek, Frank Yochout,
John Kovarntk, John I'otmeisel. all ot Box
Uutte, Neb, Also,
ot Dox Dutto, Nob,, who made h. e. no, 2831 for
the n w H soo 24, tp 23 n. rg It) w.
i lie naraos the following witnessoa to provo
hi continuous residonco upon and cultivation
' at said land, viz: John Urbanovsky, John
I'otmeisel, John Plasck, Frank Yecliout, all ot
liox Dutto, Neb.
J. W. WruN, Jb., Register.
Land Office at Alliance, Neb., Oct. 7, 1.
Notice is hereby given that the fallowing nam
ed settler has filed notice ot his intention to
make fina' proof in support of his claim, and
thai said proof will be made before Register or
Rooelver at Alliance, Neb., on Nov. 19. lefts.
of neralngford, Neb., who made H. e. no. 2J70
for the 3 ii Vt seo H to ?3 n. nr i'J w.
his continuous residence UDon and otiltitlnn
lie name the following witnesses to prove
MuVhy'iwnlrdPitz? jhniiaroko! Yu St
uemlngford. Nob, Also
michael r. mohphy,
?.te!jfsj?,J5S0 - l!B
h,""?? - J!fA'?Bwl
" Z. - wv vw uiivm diu VHlkl)VtVU
K yMiiia1w
uvunuuium, neu. aiso
ot nemlngford. Neb., who made n.E. so. 2937 for
the B W U eeo 25. tp SS n, rg 49 w.
He names the following witnesses to prove his
continuous retiuence upon ana cultivation ot
saia ianu, viz: uictiaei n. Jdu
samuna, viz: uicuaei b. iiurnhv. Lee
!rafiitor J, &?&' m
SVAkllf.iAhft7IllTM a TAl .T 11
uaiauix, iu ot
J. W. Wihn, Jb., Register.
Reoolvar'a Notlos.
To all whom it may concern, pursuant to an or
der of tha IM.fplrf. nnnrtnf llnv flnttjtoAnnf
i Si ... - rvT, -:, -
Any and all persona having, holding or own-
Receiver otIUnVoIHeminRfsl11;
First pubUcaUcaHS.r.us8108511'