Hemingford herald. (Hemingford, Box Butte County, Neb.) 1895-190?, October 25, 1895, Image 7

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The Now Fnll nnd Winter Itnt Aro
Mnrvclt In KfTrct Wrnpa for Mtllo
GlrU Ootrnj for Society Until Three
Little Lovo Song.
3 HE now hats for
tho season aro mar
vels of effect, com
bining nsscrtlvo
erectne'ss with the
most graceful
drooping effects. As
for Instance a hat
of black felt reared
up In sharp corners
about tho front and
with n flaro of
cock's feathers on guard over tho top,
bends closo to the hair at the back, and
tumbles a long spray of drooping rosea
down against tho colling locks. There
seems hope that long laco scarfs may
be used to fasten hats, so that the wom
an whoso good looks depends on tho
swathing of her neck will bo nblo to
wear a low collar without spoiling her
self. As in all seasons when fashions are
making toward a general change, oddi
ties abound, and they aro oven moro
I. "TP1
than proportionately plentiful In the
ater hats. One of these almost startling
bits of hcadwear is pictured herewith,
and is In toquo shape, made of black
firaldcd hair. It Is trimmed with twisted
amethyst mirror velvet, which borders
tho edge and forms small rosettes In
back. Then several velvot pansjes are
placed along tho velvet. In front tho
garniture is completed by a pair of
fancy wings, with a feather ornament
rising In tho center In place of tho aig
rette with which we havo become fa
miliar. It 13 worn well back on the head
and is shaped like a wldo band, with
curved edges to fit tho head. Don't be
disturbed if the novelties In millinery
that aro presented as Louis XVI. styles
don't fit your idea of history. Just tako
them and say nothing If they suit. To
tell the truth, it is not so much that tho
actual fashions of that period are being
revived as that milllnerB have agreed
to call whatever they Invent and select
"Louis XVI.," and to make free with
the times of that particular gay court
and the fashions of beautiful Antoi
nette. Thus, hats wired stiff to stand
out on one side and droop to tho hair
on the other are a novelty, and aB such
are, of course, called Louis XVI. The
effect has so long been avoided that It
brings some lines of tho face into start
ling prominence, and whero these lines
are good ones the wearer Is distinctly
the gainer by tho effect.
Wrap for I.lttlo Glrla.
Wraps for tho llttlo ones are an Im
portant Item for this season. There are
a number of pretty fashions shown for
the comfort of these little folks, mak
ing .them look quite as smart as their
ciders. Embroidery in velvet and heavy
cut work is the general mode of trim
ming for the present, though the longer
ones, which aro to bo worn all winter,
aro heavily trimmed with fur. A stun
ning llttlo reefer of navy blue cordu
roy hns a border of Iho cut work, In
navy blue velvet, set over white satin.
Tho coat proper Is extremely short and
flaring, coming just over the hips. Tho
fronts aro cut narrow, so ns to open
broadly over tho blouso waist of the
gown, and are fastened by n velvet Btrlp
set underneath. Two largo pearl buttons
trim tho outside. A deep sailor collar
of velvet hns a border of cut work
and its edge piped with a cord of white
satin. A cord of satin finishes tho flar
ing collar, which sets up about tho cars
In so pretty a fashion. The sleeves aro
bishop in shario and very bouffant.
Gorrni for Society Huds.
Tho season for tho sprouting of tho
young society bud Is fast approaching
and mamma is anxiously contriving
all sorts of protty costumes for this
prospective blossom. It is moro difllcult
to gown a young girl becomingly, not
too childish, nor yet too womanly, than
most people imaglno who hnvo not un
dertaken tho task. Even the clever mod
istes sometimes mako tho mistake ol
fashioning a garment altogether too
dignified for a young girl, making her
look llko a fussy llttlo old woman.
When ono Is old enough to wear all
sortB of gowns and wraps tho mat
ter is smooth enough, hut for
theso fair young things a great
deal of consideration must be given to
their gowning. Ono of tho sweetest girls
who will burst upon society this winter
sports ns lovely and girlish a fall cos
tume as any girl could possibly have.
She is a llly-sklnned blonde, with eyes
as big and blue aa a cherub's, and
smoothly parted yellow hair clinging
In Boft, wavy masses over her ears. Her
gown Is gray, a soft dove gray of tho
softest sort of cheviot, showing a mixt
ure of black and white. The skirt is en
Paquin, abnormally full and stiffened
to a startling degree. The bodice is a
perfectly round ono of slate-colored vel
vet, smoothly fitted, nnd fastened diag
onally with three rows of tiny silver
buttons. A silver collar and belt add
chic to tho gown. Tho sleeves are of tho
cheviot In glgot style, tho tight lower
arm buttoned snugly with rows of sil
ver buttons. To complete It Is a street
coat of cheviot in box fashion, showing
jaunty little pockets and huge bishop
sleeves. The prettiest feature of the rJg
Is the butterfly collar of chinchilla,'
whos9 soft grayness harmonizes so ten
derly with the gray of the gown. A hugo
hat of neutral tinted felt Is facod with
black and massed with black plumes.
ATIicro Woman Utiles Her Key.
Surely woman's Ingenuity Is un
equaled. Witness tho way sho takes
care of her key at the summer hotel or
boarding-house. When a man takes up
his abode at such a placo he lugs his
keyaround with him or leaves It at the
office, and In almost any event he as
HUeJy as not loses it. But woman has
discovered a new and suro way of dls-
posing of tho nritcle. She doesn't lum
ber up her pocketB with it, neither doos
sho leavo it nt tho office and rarely, In
deed, does sho lose it. Her almost ln
varlnblo habit is to thrust It under tho
strip of matting or carpet covering tho
entry boforo her chamber door, whero
It Is supposed to reposo in peace and '
safety. This, too, notwithstanding tho
fact that tho llttlo hump It produces
in tho carpet Ib by no menus Invisible
to tho naked eye. Nor Is it without sig
nificance to tho averago understanding.
What Is moro, there Is a similar llttlo '
hump beforo each neighboring bedroom i
floor, so that n glance down tho entry
reveals a whole doublo row of such
humps. They spenk volumes of not
only tho ingenuity of woman, but of
her sublime faith In human nature.
Tlirce I.lttlo Lorn Kong".
By Emily Louiso Mcintosh.
Your weapons wcro wrought at tht
forgo of Love,
Glowing his fires!
And fatal their stroke, as tho lightning
Resistance expires!
I firmly receive you shall never know
How throbs my heart
At the sound of your voice, nt tho touch
of your hand,
My lcsolves depart.
And tho citadel of jny lovo now lies
Capturod surrendered to your dear
A bird flow in nt a window
And wakened a stormy soul,
That lay in troubled dreaming
In anguish beyond control.
The window? Tho way to my heart,
Tho bird ? Your lovo for mo.
And now that Its song has roused mo,
I'll sing 'till eternity!
I. ' f
Wo lay aside tho dainty flower
In memory of a hallowed hour,
When heart to heart a message brings,
That wakes tho soul until it sings
Responsive to now joy.
What matter if the days sped by
Till spring breathes on the earth and
And very Naturo's voices tell
Tho lovo that comes with us to dwell,
When earth Is glad and now.
My heart sings on, of years to be
Of nil this means to you and mo;
And as Ho keeps us thcro nnd here.
And guards our heart's great treasures,
I'll pray He'll keep thee, too.
What Button Aro Uiril.
Shirt waists are worn with stud but
tons in enamel.
As tho season advances buttons can
not be ignored; they aro appearing in
plain and elaborate costumes from for
eign nnd domestic dressmakers.
Tho single and double-breasted pique
vesta worn with jacket suits havo a sln
glo row of small buttons, or a double
row of large or small to tho linen
Hard nut buttons above "54" are
scarce. Four-holo buttons of this ma
terial aro In good demand. A tnsty
four-holo design is much used. It has
in tho middle a narrow polished bor
der; then follows a Qull pressed ground
and tho outside border, which Is pol
ished In two colors.
As tho revival began hero in tho
spring it follows that pearl buttons arc
most in evidence. Tho outing suits of
woolen fabrics, pique, duck and such
cotton white suits as well all accord
with tho largo white and nhaded pearls
that may bo found to harmonize with
any of tho fashionablo mixtures.
To be suro, the sales aro limited to
three, four, six, etc., but that is an en
couraging beginning,, and tho amount
is the Bamo as though two dozen cheap
buttons were taken.
Mother-of-pearl buttons In natural
blnck aro much seen, but vnrlous mother-of-pearl
fancies also find buyers.
Quito new nro oval buttons, four-hole,
mother-of-pearl or in buffalo born,
Theso buttons aro beautifully carved,
set with steel, etc., and aro worn on
tho jacket suits, as three on either sldo
of tho front and two at the back of tho
walBt line. The tailors often s6t three
on each side of the front of a uklrt, open
ing the skirt there in place of at the
On silk or woolen waists buttons are
placed as fancy dictates. Threo on a
center box plait is, perhaps, tho best
known style; Norfolk basques often
havo two row3 of ball buttons down tho
center plait; then straps over the
shoulders aro studied with buttons, and
a new trimming shows a silk waist
with a vest of Valenciennes laco and
Insertion, bordered on either side by
a strip of velvet, studded with largo
Klugaley Up to I.Uo.
Be good, sweet maid, and let whoever
will be clever;
Do noble things, not marry them, at
least not for long.
Don't tie up for life, and death, and
that vast forever,
For titles now aro going for a song.
Ilrvitnt Up to Ditto.
So live that when tho obit writer comoa
Thou go not with the trite "no (lowers,"
Doomed to a Jot lost on an Inside page.
But with a big spread head and leaded
Llko one who was a bug of size,
Whoso going casts a gloom, likewise a
The "New ulrl."
A bright specimen of tho "KowGirl"
mado her nppenrnnco beforo a. nmuls.
trato on Saturday. Thd ton of her
head, snyo tho London Dully Tcle
tfrnnh, was just on n level with the rail
of tho witness box, and Mr. Dickinson
avos considerably surprised to hear n
smlillf shrill, piping voice I&suo from
soino one ho could not &ce, and say:
"I'lcnsc, sir, I want a Rutumons for
abuse." "WlmfM that'."' ashed the
learned gentleman, "Stand up," cried
tho usher of tho court. Tho nppllcnut
stood on her tip-toes, which enabled
tho magistrate to sco her eyes tiutl half
her nose, nnd repeated: "I'lcnso, filr, 1
want a summons for abuse." "Cer
tainly not," replied Mr. Dickinson,
promptly, "If grown up pcoplo aro
foolish enough to taho out summonses
for mero vtiigur abuse, I 11m not going
to encourage children to do tho same.
(3o away honm" Tho litigious girl
frowned nnd went uwny.
Hrgt'innii'p CiimiitiortcvMU 0'ycrlu.,
. so. c u. umi K t;( k w iim en, vu
Tim Winter llnnnet.
1'lowors, ns well as feathers, appear
ort tho winter bonnet, but in making a.
choice Ono must consider what wtuir
will be giveu to tho bonnet and wheth
er bright-lined blossomo will harmonize
with tho hour nnd tho toilet. The
style of coiffuro has much to do with
tho arrangement of tho bonnet on the
head, if tho hair is parted tho bonnet
is plnced a llttlo further buck than it is
If either a pompadour or bang Is worn.
IuioTipo's Curo for Coiuunu.t ion Loth
in my family nnd rrnctlco. Dr, G. W.
Patteiison, Inkstcr, Mich., Nov. 5, IS'.M.
Sntnnla lluanliiitl.
"Out, foul ilendl" cried Luther, pant
ing heavily.
Satan regarded tho black splotch
where tho Ink bottle had shivered on
the wall, and a cynical btnilo played
upon his featured.
"I acknowledge," ho said In tho bland
manner for which ho is celebrated,
that somebody hns made n bases hit, but
scarcely comprehend under what rule
you thereby render your decision."
And while tho bleachers applauded
to the skies ho walked serenely to tho
bench and Bat down with the rest of
'he nine. New York Recorder,
, Tho Value ot Iron.
How many farmers and others, too,
whose places are destitute ot fruit nfld
shade trees. Again, how mnny rontod
places are devoid of trees of all kinds.
Has tho land-owner over stopped to
consider that a small orchard, n fow
yard trees around every tcnoment
houso will greatly enhnnco tho value,
attract and hold a better claBB ot ton
ants, mako Hfo more enjoyable and
that loo at practically no cost? Wo tell
you there Is a great deal of selfishness
whea wo look abroad and eeo how
stingy nnd solfish many nro with their
tenants, and oftentimes prrchnnco somo
good farmer rents his farm and moves
away nnd is so selfish an to rosorvo all,
yes, all tho fruit produced, denying even
this to his tenant. Land-owners owo
their tenants and tho public gonorally.n
duty by planting at least a moderate
quantity of trees. This Is n wise pub
lic policy. Ornamental Tree Growing.
A Tcrrlbln rtiMtllUllty.
Tho question of expediency of dis
banding tho militia company was being
agitated ono town-meeting day in a
certuin hamlet not tv thousand miles
1 from lloston. Tho tavern keeper, a
most pompous muivmunl, who nau
courteously preserved bileneo during
several noisy hurangucs, threw u llnnl
( terrible bomb into the cump of tho in
conoclusts by tho solemn interroga
tory, delivered In his mobt impressive
"Gentlemen, let mo n&k you this:
What could wo do without militia in
case of u resurrection?" From tho
"Editor's Druwcr," in liarpcr'ta Maga
zine. Necessity reforms tho 1 oor, and satiety
tho rich.
Such ill3 as
and tho like,
""V."1 J M I I 1 IJrw
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Bk tk W?
A tiflllghtfitt Theory.
"Tho strangest invention that ever
came to my notice,"' until 11 jiatontageiit j
to 1. W., "was that recently brought
out by an old Herman. Ilia Idea is to
build'u massive pillar in tho center of
tho Atlantic ocean and nlnco upon it a
revolving bridge, one end touching Liv
erpool and tho other Now York, ho that
people In Hnglnnd desiring to go to Now
York coftld got on nt the Liverpool end
of tho tlriuge. and vice versa.
"Hy a sninl-clrclu turn of tho bridge
tho passengers will bo brought to their
"When I nsked him how ho could get
tho p.lllnr In tho ocean, nnd where tho
power would como fiom to turn such n
structure, he admitted that ho had
overlooked It, nnd when I told hlui fur
ther that thcro wan danger of tho lco
In tiio Arctic regions bolng an obstruc
tion to tho turning of the bridge, ho
decided to carry the Idea no further."
Pearson's Weekly.
II tho Unity Is Cutting Tcotn.
Daiiiro omlxt'OtliutoM and vrll-ttlcJ rtmmly, W
WutLon ' HooTtiiKa Svitl'r far Children Ttcthlns-
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Brings comfort and Improvement nnd
tends to porsonnl enjoyment when
rightly used. Tho many, who live bet
ter than others and enjoy life more, with
less expenditure, by moro promptly
adapting the world's best products to
tho needs of physical being, will attest
the valuo to health of. tho ruro liquid
laxativo principles embraced in tho
remedy, Syrup of Figs.
Its cxccllcnco is duo to its presenting
in the form most acceptable nnd pleas
ant to tho taste, the ref resiling nnd truly
beneficial properties of n jiorfcct lax
ativo; eflcctiiiilly cleansing the system,
dipelling coldt, headaches and fevers
nuu permanently curing constipation.
It lias given satisfaction to millions and
met with tho approval of the medical
profession, because it nets on tho Kiu
noys, Liver and Bowels without weak
ening them and it is perfectly f rco from
every objcctionablo substance. ;,
Syrup of Figs is for salo by all drug
gists in GOc and $1 bottles, but it iB man
ufactured by tho California Fig Syrup
Co. only, whoso name is printed on every
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and being woll informed, you will not
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Promptly and Effectually.
"53 Times a Yenr.'
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COMPANION, aor Columbus
Check, Post-OIIIce or Dprcw Orfer, er CcglelercJ Ufler,
KfTrrtK of I'nrtlniimkr.
The plnlns ot .Tosulln were uplifted.
In 17Mi to tho extont of 1,700 feet In a
a nglo night by violent crust motions.
In 178:i the citrthounku in Calabria'
caused immense upheavals and stfb-
tleneos, with moiiRtor chasms, iissures,
and precipices; in some eases, the 11s
Mires wero 000 feet wldo, antl wunt to
an unknown depth,
. $
Tin- more one turn I'mltrr' dinner Tonle
ilit tmiio IIhkxMiuu1Iic rt r ivtmliM In till Miltttf
itiUK lmll)(tti,.ii.i)ln!iniitcrjrf klodot vtuu .
Tho woman who marries for, the pa ond
time has lio right to complain '
"Wnlltlno nnitlil ol'lrn In n plrnMire
nero It not for thocu lift. 'Jtiow po'lnrataUIy re
nuiviKl with lllmlcrmrrn. 15j nlriTuinl' s h
llombnst onco signified tho cotton
that was employed to stuff garments,
particularly tho enormous trunk hoso
worn In tho fourteenth and fifteenth
Positively Curotl with Vegetable llrmcuic
nave emeu MmutMuli or cmot. enrtt rac ro
noun-nt iuiele-4 bjr tKt dHi'M"' kr"ni llr-t rio
tymtitniiK iifwiiHi'( In tin clay at leant two-tMiila
all .jiimtminipiiioveJ. fceml lor five book t.'timo
iilalu vt miraculous earen. Tail U&y'a treatment mo
by mall. If you oi-iler trial aetnl 10a In atalnpn to iar
po.taao. im. H. II. (iikik a Son, AtlnnU, tla. It
jou Older trial H-turn tlila iultrtlf ment to u.
IlltirtnUiwl cntilogno ohowlnf? WEIX
tix.iT ITniK. IIoto Ucn totted and
alt iKirranfcrt,
Sioux Oily Knulno ami Iron Work, W,
riucii'Mon, tu I'cco lj. uu, Hti&
Tncnovr&ixACilMtu Machinery Co
Mil Weit Klaveutt Mrrrt, Kri t
Uy Jo".
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E3 sent on upprovnl.
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Olontta and, UatHlfiw the but.
l'roniuic a iniuiiant growth.
Haver Valla to llnators Gray
Hair to it Youthful Color.
f?ii.-. ra!rt rlil.fc.. Jk li.lf falling.
Wc,ndtliiuat Onjfrtt. m
M Q Ijalaniltravctlnfr. flooUpny rerunineM. lix
pollen not necMiwry, Apply Uefc KataJn
llslinl orer 49 yearn, I'litsnK Nurr oo . Boa 1S14
UIoctninKto", III.
i AViiKlitilirtou. U.C.
'SuccassfulW Prosecutes Claims.
; lAto Principal KJrumluur u B. i'eunlon Dureau.
1 Syr ilat war, ISiulJudieolluaclnUuj, utlj aluco.
Ktie rrpnlra IVp 40.or UlOVrrnt atovea
unit fimeca. I SOU Ilouslna HI., Oniulni, Acb
JInntlily Tor a rood Collector nnd
tuictnmn In every town ami enmity
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rr,entljuuwi norl: fornn.ell)nsr medlcateJ wrer.
Aildn-u a. 11. Oatt, 11, V,, 313 Columbus uv&.
Hn UUKtS WMtHt Alt tlbt tAltS, Q
A lkat Coaeh Bjrop. Vtuiva Uood. Use Q
Hrl In time. (V1,1 br dractilatf. Wt
W. !V. IJ., niulm-J3, 1M9s7
licn uiifctvcrlnK advertlsemonts klutlly
incntlou this paper.
Camille Flammarion.
Justin McCarthy.
Admiral Stevens.
Admiral Mafkham.
Ave., Boston, Mass.
l Oar Rlt.