Hemingford herald. (Hemingford, Box Butte County, Neb.) 1895-190?, October 11, 1895, Image 9

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Itcnltli Conip I'rom rnre niood,
l'nro lllood Drpeiuli on Yonr
Filter Inililo You.
Vnur Klttncys Kcc Your Tltnod Fur
If Thry Aro Well. A Few FncU
About Thoni, and llotr to Make
Them Well Wlmn Ther
Aro Sick.
Your blood Is what nourishes your
Now blood is mado every minute.
It goes to tho lungs, gets fresh air, and
then passes through tho body. In pass
ing, it deposits new flesh, fat, bones,
etc., and takes up worn out matter.
This worn out matter goes to tho kid
neys. Tho kidneys filter it out of tho
blood and throw it out of tho body.
That is, when they aro well, thoy do.
"When your kidneys aro well, thoy
net, as perfect inters, to keep your
blood pure. When they are sick, thoy
net imperfectly. They leave tho bad
matter in. Sometimes they take out
tho good.
Thero Is nothing more poisonous than
bad blood.
A proof of this is rheumatism. It is
simply a blood-poisoning caused by tho
bad matter left in tho blood by Blck
Brlght's disease is tho kidneys work
ing the other way taking the good
food out of tho blood.
kJU Hinds pf kjdney sickness aro
"Doth Can bo cured by I)r. liobb'a
Sparagus Kidney Pills.
One of the most wonderful facts of
our body is this natural filter inside
U3. Our kidneys aro very important
organs. Wo don't take enough caro of
them. Wo aro sick oftener than thero
s any need for. It is simply because
we taltc no heed to our kidneys.
Sick kidneys show their effects In
many different diseases.
I ftheumatlsm and Brlght's diseaso
ni-Q Very common. AnaGffila, Neural
gia, Pain In the Back, Dizziness, Blad
der Troubles, Gravel, Diabetes, Sleep
lessness, Nervousness.
These ere only a few symptoms, or
so-called "diseases." Back of them all
aro tho Blck kidneys.
Once tho filters can bo made to work,
all theso symptoms will disappear.
Dr. Hobb'B Sparagus Kidney Pills
arc made principally from the roots of
the asparagus plant, which has a spe
cial curative action on the kidneys. It
gives them new life and strength. It
helps them to do their work as it ought
to be done. It cures their sickness. It
cleans and renews tho filter.
When the kidneys aro well you will
feel a great difference at once. Your
complexion will clear, and your whole
body will get renewed life and fresh
ness. This Is the effect of Dr. Hobb's Spar
agus Kidney Pills on the sick kidneys,
of the re-vitallxei kidneys on the im
pure blood.
With a course of Dr. Hobb's Spara
gus Kidney Pills you will get new life.
They will cure yon when other medi
cines, which do not reach tho real seat
of diseaso, cannot help you.
Dr. Hobb's Sparagus Kidney Pills nre
for Bale by all druggists, prlco 50c. per
box, or will bo sent prepaid to any ad
dress on receipt of price.
An interesting booklet, explaining
nbout the kidneys and their power for
good and evil, sent .free on request.
Address Hobb's Medicine Co., Chicago,
or San Francisco.
Indigo is tho sap p the lndlgofera.
Cork is the outer rind of tho cork
Ginger Is tho dried rootstalk of tho
ginger plant.
Asphalt Is a cumbustlble mineral
pitch of a brownish color.
Gutta pcrcha Is the milky sap of tho
Isonandra gutta tree of the East Indies.
Cnmphor Is contained In tho wood
and tho root of tho camphor treo of tho
East Indies.
Madder Is tho root of an horb-llko
growth. It Is about the size of a lead
pencil and much longer. It is cleansed,
dried and ground. It is dye stuff.
Logwood Is tho marrow of a peculiar
tree in the West Indies. It is shipped
In long, thick pieces of firm, heavy,
dark red wood. It is split up and
.inolstoned by water or acid for use.
Litmus Is produced from lichens
which prow on the shores of tho Med
iterranean The lichens aro ground,
moistened and treated with potash, lime
and ammonln and converted into
dough. It is then fermented, and after
ward mixed with plaster of paris and
dried and pressed.
Caoutchouc (India rubber) 1b obtained
from tho milky secretion of voilous
trees and c'n.i'nuj:. plants of South
America. Tho 'jark of the tree la thor
oughly Cleansed, after which they cut
through the bark and let tho milky sap
run Into clay troughs or Into hollow
pumpltlns. Tho sap Is then dried. For
practical uso It I3 rooked for two or
three hours. It Is finally given chem
'cal treatment vulcanized.
The longest suspension lirldgo is tho
HrooUyn bridge. fi.tfeU feet.
Tho oldest Gerninn college Is HelilolLerg,
The longest river is tho Nile, -1,100 miles.
Kiitn Field In Ilrnirr.
Ih'.xvjm, ept. 1U My journey from
Chicago was over the Chicago, Burling
ton & Qulncy railroad, one of tho best
managed systems in tho country, I
hhoulil ssiy, judging by the civility of
tho employes, tho comfort I experi
enced, the excellence of its roadbed,
and tho punctuality of arrival. 1 no
tually reached Denver ahead of time.
The Burlington ltoute is nlso the best
to St. Paul, Minneapolis, Omaha and
Kansas City.
There Is talk of the restoration on the
Missouri Pacific of tho wages of two
years ago.
More mountain-climbers have been
seriously or fatally injured in the Alps
this ceason than ever before In an equal
length of time.
It is now claimed that the Connecti
cut pool law is thoroughly enforced and
that there is not a pool-room doing busi
ness in the state. ,
Sturgeon fishing In Connecticut Is
nbout over for this season, though oc
casionally catches are oa la. The sea
eon bss been a good 00 .
E had driven tho
Apaches into tho
wild fastnesses of
Devil's Mountains,
but thero they suc
cessfully eluded us,
and Colonel Brad
wlck was about dis
couraged, when, ono
night shortly aftor
dark, a Bentlnel
brought In a stran
ger. Ho was at least six feet and three
inches in height, and lie could not havo
wolghed moro than one hundred and
forty pounds, but still ho did not scorn
to bo a man who was suffering from a
disease, ob his step was steady, though
catlike, and his voice natural if re
8traincd at times.
ThlB stranger had a wild, haunted
stare in his eyes, which combined with
a manner of glancing nervously over
his shoulders at Intervals, mado It seem
that ho was In constnnt dread of some
thing. When ho was presented to tho
colonel ho dropped tho butt of his long
rlflo on tho ground and mado an awk
ward salute.
"Well, my man," said Colonel Brad
wlck, curiously," what aro you doing In
this Apache-infected section of tho
"Wa-al, kunnel," was tho drawled ro
ply, "thar bo some things as Is wuss'n
Caches, though you may not believe
It. My name's Saul Tropp."'
"What Is your buslnoss, Saul Tropp?"
"It's mostly keepln under klver when
the sun shines an' layln' low moonlight
"Well, you seem to bo In a bad section
of the country for such a business. Tho
sun shines every day, and there Is not.
much cover for a man. Thoro 19 moro
moon here than In any other part of tho
world. What do you want In this
"Reckoned I'd llko tor bo soclbul, of
you hov no objections. Out hyar a man
don't find much of anything to bo socl
bul with, an when whlto folkB come
along he feels aB tickled as a dorg with
two tails."
"Aro you acquainted with theso
"Aro I? Wa-al, I should say I are! 1
know 'em durncd nigh from from ono
cend to t'other."
"Then you may prove of service to
us. Wo are hot after Red Hand's butch
ers, but they know tho Ecctlon so well
thoy have twice given us tho slip when
they were cornered."
mt ". . , i ,,,,.
m am
. vaz wi "i
"Red Hand. I saw that critter once,
an' I've alius regretted that I didn't
make his close acquaintance. His ha'r
would hev been an ornyment wuth bav
in'." "Can you and will you assist us In
tracking down the rod d Is?"
"Wa-al, TH try It, but I warn ye, kun
nel, I'm not a very 'greeablo galoot tor
hev around. I hev spells, an w'on
hev spells, I'm wuss'n thunder. Arter I
hev about ono o' them yar spells, you'll
reckon you kin git along without m
aid, an not hafo try."
For all of this warning, tho colonel
engaged the man, and then ho directed
mo to liave a good watch sot over the
fellow, aB ho might prove crooked.
Jeff Shaw, howover, Informed mo that
ho knew Tropp by reputation, and the
man was straight enough, though thero
was not a doubt but he was crazy.
"He 'lows he's alius follered by a
shadder," explained Shaw, who was a
guide and scout. "Notice how ho keeps
lookln' over his shoulder uvry now an
ng'ln? Wa'al he's lookln' for tho Bhad
der." "I obeorved a wild look In his eyes."
"Thet kem thar senco four year ago,
when he killed a man over In Prescott.
They do say ther man ho killed wuz
Saul Tropp's perfect double looked so
much alike one couldn't fa bin told
from t'other. Somo folkB. even went en
fur as to Bay It wuz Saul Tropp as wuz
killed, nnd this man what has bin
dodgln' his shaddor ever Bence Is t'other
Tropp ctarted out well. Ho had no
horse, but wo found him tireless and
licet of foot. Still, be was ever glancing
over his shoulder with those wild,
haunted eyes, and dodging when ho
found his own shadow hanging close
upon him. He loved the darkness of
ravines and gorges, and I fancied I un
derstood why he had buried himself in
the mountains.
I observed he had a peculiar .way of
toeing in with his left foot, and the Im
pression made by that foot was one not
easily fprgotten.
Along in the middle of the aftexaoon
Saul had one of his "spells." Of a sud
den he gave a wild yell, whirled about
and struck out right and left.
It was really as desperate a battle
as I had ever witnessed, and I watched
it fascinated, until, utterly exhausted,
Tropp fell gasping and foaming at the
mouth to the ground, whero ho lay in a
semi-unconscious condition.
However, in lesa than thirty minutes
lie seemed all right once more, nnd we
rent onward.
"I reckon I'd best go now, kunne, for
Cm shore you're good an' sick o mo an"
my spoils by UiIb ynr time. I hain't
oven so much nB found ono 'Pacho sign
for ye, bo I reckon I'll skip."
But Colonel Bradwlck was IntorcsteA
In tho fellow, nnd ho would not hear It.
"Whon I don't want you any moro I'll
toll you so," wbb all he said.
Near midnight wo wore aroused by a
torrlblo racket, and I looked from my
tent to find Saul Tropp fighting with his
Bhadow In tho moonlight. I watched
him n moment, battling llko a fiend
with this Imaginary something, and
then ho reeled Into tho deep shadow of
tho mountains that roso to our right.
I know whon tho "spoil" was over,
for I heard Saul fall heavily to tho
ground, uttorlng a dismal groan, nnd
then all wns still.
In tho morning wo found him Ju3t
whero ho had foil, nnd his own kntfo
was buried to tho hilt In his heart. It
is supposed ho had stabbed himself In
tho mad contortions of his Btrugglo, but
Jeff Shaw pointed out trackB on tho
grotind a trail that led to tho spot and
led away again. It was that of a man
who toed in with his left foot, exactly
as Tropp had done, and It passed within
ten feet of tho spot where a sentinel had
been posted. That scntinol swore no
living thing had passed him In tho
night. Somo said Saul Tropp had
sneaked out of tho camp and returned
In tho night; somo shook their heads
and said nothing.
Deep in the darkness of a lonely ra
vine, amid thoso desolate mountains, vta
burled him whero no shadow could over
haunt Ulra more, for neither sunshine
nor moonlight over reached tho spot to
cast a shadow there.
Country ainld, Married Ulster anil Wcltoil
nrotltur-lii-I'tiff, I
At first sho would nnd Ihfen oho
wouldn't; but really, after till, It would
bo a shamo after coming GOO miles to
tho sea not to go Into tho surf. This
nnd the married sister from Brooklyn,
and tho mild ridicule of her wicked
brother-in-law, settled it. But Bho
shivered as Bho noted tho effects of the
hired bathing suits upon tho human
form divine. Some of them wcro Just
too dreadful, says New York World.
You could mark Iter shrinking little
figure coming down tho sands, piloted
by tho married Bister, to the spot where
waited the wicked brothcr-ln-law.
Her freckled face was red. but not from
the sun. Sho kept her eyes on the near
foreground, certain that the 5,000 per
sons on the beach and pier were look
ing directly nt her bare ankles.
"Oh, dear! lot us go In quick; I want
to cover up!" she said pleadingly.
"Take her other hand, George," said
tho married sister. "Now, don't bo n
fool, Mary. You're not tho only ono
hero, remomber," added tho old-timer,
rather obscurely.
"Come onf tried the wicked
brothcr-ln-law with a grin. Aud
they ran down, ,plt-n-pat, splt-a-splat-ter,
just In time to meet a stiff roller
curling in.
"Jump now!" yelled the married s!e
ter, but the -wicked brother-in-law
dragged her down with him, smother
ing a piercing shriek of terror.
When tho gentle, freckled face cam
up again It -was whlto Instead of red,
and Bho choked with salt water, and
tho smart In her eyes mado tho tears
(low. Sho looked reproachfully at the
wicked brother-in-law and shook him
off, but before, sho recovered speech an
other wave knocked her over and bur
led her, -screech and all.
"Keep hold of George!" cried the
married sister.
"Go 'way, you brute!" gasped the lit
tle ono. "Don't you see I'm drowning?
Oh! Oh"! Yeouw!"
Down sho went again before a wave
not more than knee high. The wicked
brothcr-ln-law laughed.
"I'll never speak to you again!" she
sobbed, shivering all ovor, and cower
ing between tho fear of the sea and tint
mocking crowd on the sands.
"Come In here by the ropo, Mary!"
yelled tho married sister, "Bring nor
In, George. What are you standing
around thero for?"
"Never!" cried the freckled girl, get
ting her volco enco more. "You novor
told mo3t wns lco water! And that It
Is nasty ugh! I'vo swallowed a
bucketful of It yes; nnd you think It's
funnydon't you touch me! I'm go
ing out! Now, you dare!"
But the wicked George grabbed her
round the slender waist and horo her,
kicking, struggling, shrieking, her oyes
llnshlng fire, out to the ropo to his
wife. And thoro sho remained in wild
frolic, terrors soon all forgotten, until
both the wicked brother-in-law and his
wife had to join In coaxing her to come
Ability is n poor man's wealtn.
A rifle-team a pair of pickpockets.
Work to which a man Bhould give his
whole heart courtship,
A pawnbroker's life may not be n
wealthy one, but It has Its redeeming
Tho man who registers at the hotel
at night can be said to be on the "re
tired list."
Marriage Is not ouo-tenth'as much a
failure as the average summer resort
Dancing may improve your carriage
somewhat, but it is no valuable accom
plishment for the horse.
Tho wife of a Massachusetts minister
wears a bluo dress on Monday to match
her husband's mood.
There wouldn't have been any milk
in a cocoanut if somo dairymen had bad
the construction of it.
A Pittsburg girl whoso lover Is a
whitewasher named Kelsey, always
calls him "Kelooy-mlne."
Brlght's diseaso seems to have a pref
erence for great statesmen, and othors
of the sarao kidney.
A good many men who are talking
very bitterly about the difficulty of get-
; ting Into a church have never tried it.
Ohlfftt Tnlnti In tlio V orlit.
Nathaniel awl Benjamin It. lln'ry, If
thoy livo until Novembor 30, nex will
bo K7 yenrs old, sayu tho Now York
Woihl. They wcro born in the town
of Munholm, Herkimer county, N. Y,,
In 1803, nnd moved to Gates, Orleans
county, with their parents in 1910.
Nathaniel, who lost his wife last win
tor, still lives on n farm with two of
his sons. He still helps them in the
work. Ho lives about two miles and n
half from his brother llenjumlu, who
resides nt Yates Center, nnd enjoys
going ilshlnp with him utShndagee, on
Lako Ontario.
Benjamin H. lives on a small place of
thirty and n half acres, which ho helps
to work, lie also oversees his farm of
117 acres nnd goes fishing nearly ovcry
day. Both brothers cast their first voto
for Andrew Jackson, and luiva voted
tho democratic ticket ever since. Ben
jamin hus taken the Now York World
ever slnco it was first published. On
August 22 tho twins attended tho Or
leans County Pioneer picnic, at Lake
side park. They sat on tho speakers'
stand and wore cheered nnd also sere
naded by tho b'and.
Strain i;pl Tlio .Moorlnc Cut Off.
Majestically tho urcut ocean error bound
loaves tlio dock und Mourns iltiwn iliuilrer
mitwurd iiounil, lint uro you. my dour sir,
prcmirotl for tlio sou alckms. nltnou nlvrny
incident to ft triiim-Atlnntle trip, with U10
Infallible stomachic, llostottor's Hlotniuh
IllttcnY If not. expect to sutler without
nld. Tim Hitters Isthustnuiichfrleiuluf ull
who travel by son or land, emigrants, tour
ists, commercial traveler, mariner?. It
completely remeillos nausea, biliousness,
jlyspojxlu. rheumatic twinges nmt lnitctl
ity of tho kidneys.
Ilciiuttrft of tho Material Life.
All tho hymns, all tho prayers, all
thostrlpturo readings aro as nothing1
unless you make their beauty come into
your dally life,- writes Ruth Ash more
in tho October Ladies' Homo Journal.
Take solno of tho caro oft tho shoulders
of tho busy mother; make life seem
more plcnnnut by your gracious thought
of thai father who toils nil day Ion?.
Make It easier for a slsloi' to dislike the
wrong and do the right; show a brother
the rosy side of tho cross, and so umbo
it lighter for hlra to carry. And do nil
this, not with loud protestations, hut
oulotlv nnd trontlv. leltliiL' Ood'R nnum
be whispered In your hcurt, and bciuir
only tho bister and daughter without
forcitig thoknowledgo that you aro the
Christian. Then, very noon, Bomu ono
will realize that your beautiful life is
lived for Christ's sake, and then you
will represent llim as all women should,
not by speaking from the pulpit, not by
pivinir commands, but by living every
day tho life that ho would wish should
be yours.
Marlon Crawford Is writing for Tho
Century Magazine a scries of papers on
Rome und a famous artist is drawing
tho illustrations. These nrticlcs will
describe unusual features of the Sacred
City, and the pictures will include somo
remarkablo restorations of classical
scenes. A series of four studies on his
toric naval engagements will boa lead
ing feature and Henry M. Stanley will
contribute a paper on Africa, to be
supplemented bo articles of tho late
Congo explorer E. J. Olavc.
ltninnnrr In tho Ksc Mnrkat.
Some months ago Miss Honua Dun
can of Beaver Valley, Minn., while
hortiug eggs for market, conceived the
Idea of writing her name and address
ait one of them, with thu rcoue&t that
the person who found it would corre--, derision so frequently recorded. "Be
spoud with her. This was done slm- posu Is always elegance," and rapidity
nlv astt ioke. and tho L'irl thoucrht no
moro of -the matter until Kite received a
letter from Bobert Crawford, a grocer
at Providence, 11. I., who had found the
egg in n lot ho had purchased. The
acquaintance formed 111 this way grow
into nwarni friendship. Mr. Crawford
Jirrived in Beaver Valley recently, and
both ho and Miss Duncan wero pleased
with oach other, and they wero mar
ried. A most important contribution to the
political litw.ituro of tho day appears
in the North American Review for Sep
tember. It is entitled "The Outlook
for Ireland, n anil iaicrom the pen of tho
Right Hon. Tlio Earl of Crewe, (Lord
Houghton) late lord lieutenant gov
ernor of Ireland under tho recently de
posed liberal government. Among the
short articles published in the North
American Review for September are:
"St Anthony's Bread," by Charles
Robinson; "Then and .Now," by Kil
ward P. .IncUson, und "Country Roads
tnd Trolleys," by John Gilmer Speed.
Tho Ijanil of Big Ecd Apples, la an
attractive and iutereeting book, handsomely
illustr tod -with news .of South Mispouri
.cconery, inuludfng the (tonous O-don fruit
farm of tl.OOO norej in Howoll county. It
pirtnlns to fruit rnising in that great fruit
belt of America, tho nouthern slopo of tho
'Oznrda, nnd will prove of great value, noj
only to fruit-grower, but to every fnriunr
nnd liomceeeker looking for a farm aud a
Mailed fro;.
J. 15. IrfXTKWOOD,
Eanautt City, Mo.
Harper's Bazar for October 12th will
4q distinguished by n varied array of
autumn gowns and wraps. The senson
hivitos to so much outdoor life, and the
tidal flow from country to town brings
so much gaiety wuu it, mat a journui
of fashion limls opportunity Jor ais
playing costumes of elegance and taste
for sail wearers. A practical paper, en
titled ''The fcmnll Dinner," by Anno
Wcntworth Scars, describes minutely
a form of hospital open to people of
limited purses. No dotal is omitted
which cau make the article really help
ful. Tho strongest
fortress in tho vtorM is
Highest Awards
Cherry Pectoral
At the World's Fair.
Highest of all in Leavening Power. Latest U. S. Gov't Report
Sound nt Night.
Sir David Browster has given nn ex
cellent account of a mysterious night
sound which would havo frightened
most persons, but whloli proved inno
cent and harmless when tested by a
steady observer. A gentleman heard 11
stratigo sound every night soon aftor
getting into bed. His wifo, who re
tired earlier than he, also heard tho
wierd sound, but not until tho husband
had got Into bed. For a long 1 1 1110 no
possible cuuso Could be assigned, and
tho cirect upon the imagination became
rather unpleasant. The husband dis
covered somo timo afterward that the
nol.so cnluo from the door of a ward
robe which stood near tho head of the
bed. It was his custom to open nnd
eloso this wardrobo when undressing,
but, nB the door was a little tight, ho
could not quite Bhut -it. The door,
probably ntfected by changes In tho
temperature, farced itself open with a
dull Found which was over In an In
And so many a ghost story could bo
solved by a Httlo attention to the
sounds resulting from tho expansion
and contraction of woodwork, such as
doors, muds, window-frnmco, wain-
scoating and furniture. Heard ntnight, I
when nil is still, the sudden creaking
of furniture in a room is often quite ,
startling, until ono comes to know that
iti.stiuc to tlio weather. Lippincoirs
6100 Rotvnrd, 81CO.
Tho readers of this paper will bb
pleased to learn that thero is at least
ono dreaded disease that science bos
been able to cure In all Its stages, nnd
that Is Catarrh. Hall's Catarrh Cure is
tho only positive :ur9 now known to
the medical fraternity. Catirrh being
n rnnRtltutlonnl disease rociulres a con
stitutional treatment. Hall's Catarrh
Curo Is taken Internally, acting directly
upon the blood and mucous surfaces of
the syatcm, thereby destroying the
foundation of the dlscupo nnd giving the
patient strength by building up the con
stitution and nsalstlng nature In doing
Its work. Tho proprietors have so much
faith In Its curntlvo powers tint they
offer One Hundred Dollars for any case
that It falls to cure. Bend for list of
testimonials. Address
F. J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo, O.
Sold by druggists: 7Bc.
Hall's Family Pais, 25c
IVmnnn'n Wujn on tho Whorl.
It Is noticed in cycling that tho clo
gant woman does not coast; neither
docb sho race. Bapidity of movement
she considers neither conducive to grace
nor ns evincing good style. On tho
contrary, she sits erect, with elbows
well in, gliding along slowly, nnd with
ho Httlo motion that tho loss of dignity
Is not thought of in her connection. Sshe
uocs not wear siwrtH so uoi u as m uv
tract attention whon sho dismounts.
In fact, in cvervthlnir connected with
the wheel her movements arc so quiet
nnd unobtrusive as to excite the admi
ration of tho onlooker instead of the
. on the wheel Is quite tho reverie.
It tlfo llnlir ts Cutting Tcotn.
Do mtro nmt ute that ol4 nnd cll-till rernwiy, lias.
WntUiW ' Sooiiuxa Svxi'r for Children Ti-ctLIui;-
'Hie largest ocean is tlio TatlUe, 70,000,000
Bqtttiro miloM. ,,
Tho longest tubular bridge is tho l!rltan
nta, 004 fcut
After phvHleians hud given mo up, I vtm
saved by 1'iso'n Curo. ltAl.rn EiUKo, Wll
liamsiiort, la, Nov. '"J, 1113.
Tho greatest collection of
National lllniry ot 1'urin.
IiooIch i tho
Tlio Farm, Field and Fireside. Chicago,
is doing a most excellent work in helping
thoso who want to better thoir condition to
secure homes In a moro congenial climate,
or whero tho opportunities for getting a
start in life are better. Its colony plan 1
very iwpular, and cnubles homo-seekers to
secure u chunk of excellent land nt almost
half tho usual price. For its Oct. 15 ex
cursion to Urccn Cove r prlnjrs, Florida, tho
lowest rates over given to that stato bavo
been scenrcd. A splendid train will bo run
from Chicago with mioclul cars from Oma
ha. Kansas Citr, St. Paul and Clovelund,
and a steamer from Now York The train
will bo composed maliilvof sleeping cars.
which will bo used for beds throughout tho
trip. Flfty-slx thousand acres of tho best
land In the stato has been secured, the
greater part of whloli will ho told at if.(0
an acre Any of our readers who want to
loin this excursion shovld write tho Farm,
Field and 1 ironido tit onco. They will also
run n special excursion to California ou tho
Mth of Nov.
ureonlsh . ,or; mii3ty
brown Is a now shade; light and dark
Ioathcr shades are good and all reddish
browns, but this color has not bcou
worn hero as much ns has been ex
pected. "Hannon's Hafffc Corn Salve."
Warranted tu rum or muiicy icfMidvd. Mk jojt
lruvffit for (t. l'rk- 14 ccnu.
'I ho C'rotcn nnmsliu-t at N Ynrli
rtmrty-eigiit mv.cn long.
The remedy
for coughs
and colds.
Its lQQQrd :
fifty - years
of eureg.
I'hiitncrHptilti? 1'lylntr Insects.
Tho French artists appear to huvo
gotten the art of photography down to
a much liner basis than thoso of Amor
ica and England. They wcro first to
nhotogrnpli Hying bullets, race horsca
In motion nnd other rapidly moving
objects. Tho Intcst triumph re
ported from Paris is a photograph of
n flying dragon Hy by M. Marcy, in
whloli the exposure was but tho
1-2.1,000th part of n second. By tho
aid of a small electric lamp inside of
tho mouth of an assistant, Marey nlso
claims to havo photographed tho
moving globules of blood circulating In
the veins, and to havo detected a dif
ference in tho motion of tho colored'
nnd colorless corpuscles.
tlrgrmnn' Camphor Ic with QlycrilniH
Thi; tirlRlnnl nmt only ecnulnc CiirraChnpptil HniwW
and face, Cola Soriw, Ac. C 0. Ctark Ca,N.lIavc.Ci.
ringtio of Hnnlls.
Dr Unkefcr, health officer, has been
In consultation with Secretary Probst
of the State Board of Health In regard
to a nuisanco which is becoming un
bearably annoying to tho residents of
n portion Piqun, says n Columbus spe
cial to tlio tluvolnnu bender, it
sists of tho presence of a lnigo number
of snails from four to six inches in
length, which crawl Into tho houses at
nlffht and down Into wells nnd cis
terns, polluting tho water. Tho sjmIIh
come out at night nnd almost cover tho
ground in places.
Hvrry itullnr spent In Iiirke.'iifJ Inner Tonlo
l veil Invi iol. llMilMlueninln. nmt l)ilnj bolloc
ilUcstlun. Lflic-rsin'iiiilli iimibelicriicaHii,
Drrmirs or tho I.onln XVI Period.
Tho revived Louis XVI designs fh
Cludn the elbow sleeve in a largo pull
finished with n rnillo of lace for even
ing wear and the pointed front to n.
waist, but this is given a modern turn
bv a round belt Tho fichu named ftftor
the Ill-starred tjucen is applied on.
woolen or silk dresses. This is of tho
shaded charaoleon or figured tniTettn,
forming njccrchlof sufficiently largo to
cover tho shoulder and knotting in.
front over tho bust, with two or throo
narrow knlfo-palntcd ruilles around tho
Onutl rriiiitii why yim tlioulil ii-o lllndcrcorns.
IV vwv uu, in,, u mil 111111 iiiu . jwii ii,t.i i;. w .
euiulort, ma-lr u p.o J cxc.aiicu. ISo, m tlniHShtn.
,. ' n
Tho city of Washington has tho blghotik
monument in t'jo world,
Rubber, spun glatw, tecl and ivory oro
the most eliiHtic nulmtuncos.
Ji'rvo Jtrstorer. Molrltantli'rthuUnviiH'niifu.
llurteluuacuiv. TrratlMiMMlS'.SlrlaltJOltlfliwfc
tUuiues. tcudtol)r.Ullm-,(UlAriUKl.,l'l.tlu.,l'ii.
Tho oldest United States collogo in Harv
ard, founded in HKW.
Milliard tnhlo, sofoud-ltnnd. for nolo'
cheap. Apply to or ndlresi, If. C. Aki,
Ml B. h.th 8t Oninhn, Nob.
Tho miMt lengthy canal m thowor'd H-
tne urlo, 205J!, mici.
Brings comfort nnd improvement and
tends to personal enjoyment when
rightly used. Tho many, who livo bet
ter than others and enjoy lifo more, with
less expenditure, by moro promptly
adapting the world'H best productn to
tho needs of physical being, will nttest
tho value to health of tho pure liquid
laxative principles embraced iu tho
remedv, Syrup of Figs.
Its excellence is duo to its prescntinp;
in tho form most acceptable and pleas
ant to tho taste, tho rcf resiling nnd truly
beneficial proicrties of a perfect lax
ative ; cfibctually cleansing tho system,
dispelling colds, headaches cad fevera
ana permanently curing constipation.
It has given satisfaction to millions nnd
met with tlio approval of the mcdicnl
profession, becauw) it acts on tho Kid
neys, Liver nnd Bowels without weak
ening them and it ia perfectly free from
ovcrv objectionable subbtauce.
Syrup of Figs h for sale by all drug
gists in 50c and $1 bottles, but it is man
ufactured by tho California Fig Syrup
Co, only, whose name is printed on ivcty;
package, also the name, Syrup of Figs,
und being well informed, you will not
accept any substitute if oilcrcd.
Clunttt ami brautine itu, ti,,
I roiuetu a luxur.Q gn fti,
Kevcr Fallfl to Eton vlrav
Hair to lUi Voutt-f-ii i!orT
Currt ca)p dtM-atta A hiv .alUuk.
aviideiM)i nrmsrku
DATCU7C. f-aKi-ld-kM -.il i "hi.i.miw,wm.
tY. I. II., Otmitin4B, 1H.S.
Uitn uni.weHiiK advertlM'muutii WliuJIy
uitntion thti paper
l:H.JCC LVUtbt All EltJE (anc
Beat Oongn Bjrrup. Toneauoud.
In time, fluid by druiwlnU.