Hemingford herald. (Hemingford, Box Butte County, Neb.) 1895-190?, October 11, 1895, Image 10

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The Herald,
IoMl)ir(l oTcry Friday s.ml entered at the
poet-oiliort In HernlnRTot4. Nobranka, as second
clar9vnllinaUMv,jHK Jitasi.DUdeToUxl to
tho ihtcmts of iFemlnsfcrd and 1,'ox Untto
county. r.
tMOS.J. O'KEBFFB, Publisher.
bix months ,;,,., M'..7s
FHjTOAY, OCT. 11, 1805.
Democratic Ticket.
jFpr Suprorao Judge.
' m.u
of Omaha.
iFpr Regents,
W. S. ASHBX, of HHdreUi.
J. H. AMES,of Lincoln:-
JKoi County Trensuror,
For County Siipcrl'nt'nd'nt of Schools,
TTor County Sheriff, ' ?
For Commissioner Third District,
"P. II. ZOBEL. ' :
'' r-iiEOiNUT.' '"
For Assessor,
J ' . J. 0. PARKIN.
For Juatido of tho Peaco,
' - ' A. II. PIERCE.'
. Ifor Constable'
v ' - HATtNEY HALBUlt.
1'or Road Overseer, -' '
1 " ' P. KINSLEY.
. Our Candidates. '
- ,Y
who aspires for tho office of
county Troasuer, has been a res
icnt of this county for six
yoars and resides1 on his farm
three miles southeast Of Homing
ford. Ho is thoroughly com
petent to manage tho duties of
the offico and should . receivo 'p,
hearty support.
is a teacher in tho Intermediate
room of the Horaingford High
.School and is jwoll liked by
everyone. She is a graduate of
the Chadron Academy and has
taught in the Crawford schools.
The office of county superinten
dent is an important one and
Miss Neeland would fill tho posi
tion in a creditable manner,
tho candidate for sheriff has
been a resident of Homingford
for four years during which timo
he has been ongaged in the, gen
eral merchandiso business. Ho
is well qualified for the office ho
'seeks, has not an onomy in tho
county and his election is conced
ed by everyone regardless of
party am illations.
p. H. ZOBEL,
the candidate for Commissioner
of tho third district is woll known
'and an introduction is unneces
sary. Sufflco to say should" ho
'be elected ho will always work
for. the best interest of 'Box Butte
ounty, as he has done in the
'past, and will be' the same Phil
JZobol that he is today.
The democratic convention for
this Judicial district met in
Chadron yesterday.
The Northwest fevs published
at Rushville, has suspended. Bro.
Bottenburg tried to run two polit
ical parties Up there, with the
above result.
The campaign is open. Now bo
honest; do not circulate falsehoods
against ' your follow man (or
"woman) nor believoV report until
you have satisfied yourself qt its
truthfulness. Conduct your cam
'paign honorably. It pays.
In county convention a fow
days ago the pops of Box Butto
county had a national bank of
ficial as chairman and as a result
no resolutions were passed con
demning the financial institutions
Chartered by the government.
'Sioux County Journal.
The jxipulista held thqir conven
tion Saturday and placed tlio fol
lowing ticket iuthe field.
For Treasurer! '8. "B. Libby.
For Clerk, B. E. Johnson.
For Sup't. F. H. Bnhter.
For Sheriff, E. D. Payne.
For Judge, L. A. Berry. .
j?or Surveyor, J. P. Huzard.
for Com'r 3rd dint. Piivne
J ..."
Clght Kansas Uoflnri Sacked Dry by
m jibnSter Hall ttaak.
A strange inntoi jtory comes from
Warvoy County, Kansas It Is told on
ihe cvldence-oMwo rcputablo oltlzena
. L. Dnrtlebaugli, a prominent grain
buypr, of Nowtori, and J. W. Mlllor, a
Dunlmfd farmer, of Wanton. Mr. MU
,or lias lost eight flno cpwB as the' rpsult
of tho strnnge freak of tho mopster
bull onako that has fattened from tho
milk ho has sucked from the udders of
Mr. Miller's herd, For uovoral weeks
tho farmer has noticed that his cows
have come up to tho barnyard occa
ilonally inn oxcttod Condition. Ono
u mem was invanauiy wuuoui mine,
wd its bag was bndly swollen and In
named. The cow In a few hours would
Ho apparently In great agony. Mr. Mil
.er, after loping eight cows, dotermlnod
:o learn ,t3ie causo of the trouble.
.One day ho noticed that ono of tho
:owb was racing mndly about the pas
ture at a terrible rate and In a state of
Sreat excitement, which was soon felt
by all tho other cattle In tho field. Ap
proaching tho cow. Mr. Miller satta.
aonster bull snako, eight feet In length
aanglng to the teat of the animal with
l grip that was not to bo shaken by tho
,'rantle eitorts of tho thoroughly fright
ened bovine. "As tho cow plunced on
tho snako was" rapidly absorbing tho
milk from tho udder. When tho last
Irop had been Bucked away tho snake
dropped off. and Mr. Miller killed it
Tho bodyof tho monster has been pre
ferred in alcohol and will bo donated
:ofttio museum of tho State University
it Lawrence. Slnco ho killed thenake
Mr. Miller has lost no more cowril
Winona Man Dropped Into tho Missis
sippi and Rescued.
Winona. Minn.. Sneclali C. w. nnr.
,qer, a young man of this city', is tho
uuru oi an aaventuro wnicn cam near
resulting in his death. Mr. Barker fin
ished muking a gigantic kito, 8 feet in
-luiBtit, unu ioib aiiernoon waB nymg it
Dn tho river bank. There wnn a hleh
wind, and niter tho kito had gotten
won up in tho nlr it become unman
ageable. In order to hnndle it hntter
Barber tied the string, brown wrapping
.wino, around his body. JuBt as ho did
10 a gust Of wind caueht tho Itltn. and It
gave a tug which lifted Barber from
bis reet and pulled him Into tho air.
Higher and higher ho wont, and In less
;lmo than it takes to toll it was over tho
.Ivor, about 200 foet In tho air, tho kite
:hen being almost over him. Barber's
weight was now too much for tho kjto
to sustain, the gust of wind having
passed over, and tho vounir man hnenn
io drop slowly to tho Mississippi, which
ii mis point is nearly a mile wide. He
Itruck tho water with a nnlnsh. hut wni
kept up by tho kite until a boatman
:ouiu rescue him.
World'! Coffe lcltl.
Tho near approach of the end of the
offee crop season, 1804-95, suggests a
calculation of tho world's yield, which
Is placBd ii about 12,000,000 ,to 12.250.V
)00 bags, say G.750,000 bngs of Rio and
Santos (Brazilian), and all other, 5,250,-
WO to C.500,000 bags. This is the more
striking in vlow of tho fact that while
the aggregate exceeds the largest pre
vious yield (1391-92) by about C00.000
bags, prices show a much higher range.
The quantity of coffee required from
Rio and Santos to meet the world's con
sumption was well demonstrated in
1803-94, as with a total of only 4,300,
D00 bags from Rio and Santos, the
world'B visible was reduced less than
1,000,000 bags, the yield from the out
side crops having sufficiently compen
sated for the apparent shortage. With
1,750,000 bags this season from Rio and
Santos, tho United States deliveries
have so far about equaled tboce of last
year, but in Europe deliveries are 500,
000 bags largor, and yet the world's
risible Increases about 1,000,000 bags.
Whether the Increase in European de
liveries lor vie pasi year means n
Jarger consumption or an excess of sup
plies to tho Interior romalns to be seen.
The firm named think that the direct
Importations for the Interior trado in
Europe during' the period of large re
ceipts Is the principal reason for this
Ilorr to Mend I-ace.
Now that real lnco Is cbmlng Into
fashion It Is quite an accomplishment
"to know how to repair the dollcato web.
Lnco mending requires both good eye
sight and patience to accomplish it
properly. Lace thread, a loose twisted
thread which comes especially for tho
purpose, is used; the groundwork mesh
should be imitated as nearly as pos
sible. To keep the lace In placo it ' is
bent to baste it to a piece of enameled
leather, such as is used in embroidery,
Vpalrlng carefully the damagod por
tion. If the mesh Is badly torn tako a
scrap of flno Brussels net the size of
the tear, lay on It a scrap of tho mend
ing tissue, procurablo at any of the
dry-goodB shops, and pass a warm iron
over it. If carefully done the mended
spot will be scarcely perceptible.
Ktoruc IlatteTy Can SuecrsitaU
Not much has been heard lately of
the storage battery car, but it baa not
been abandoned by any means. The
Madison avenuo line, in New York, is
about 'to uso it in an improved form.
In their new cam the battery will not be
carried in the cars but on a detachable
truck underneath. Three storage bat
tery lines are running in Paris and
one in Birmingham, and the system
has been found entirely satisfactory in
power and economy. One ot the Eu
ropean cars runs seventy miles on one
charge of the battery and tows an or
dinary car, giving in all soats for 100
passengers. '
Hay Springs Lender:
Henry 8chluntz and Ihb mother
are up from Heraingford visiting
with their sis.ter and daughter,
Mrs. S. Powoy.
John MoTntfro, more c m nonly
known as "Eattlcsnnko Ju 'k" was
in town a. couple p days this weok
with his den of trained rattlers,
which ho handles with impunity.
Dead wood 'Times.:
Learn to laugh'. A good laugh
is better than medicine. Learii
how to tqU a story. A well-told
story is a sunbeam in n sick room.
Learn to keep your troubles to
yourself. The world is to busy to
care for your ills and sorrows.
Learn to stop croaking. f,t you
cannot boo any good in tho world,
learn to keep the had to yourself,
Learn to hide your aches and pains
under a pleasant smile. No oni
cares whether you have tho earache
or tho rhouuiatism. Don't cry,
L'ears do very well in n.oyels, but
they are out of place in real life.
Learn to m$e't your friends with a
smile- The good humored ;nan
or woman in wolcomcjbut tho dys
peptic or hypochondriac is not
wanted nuy whore, and is a nuisance
Notloo of SoJe TJTxiclor
Otiattel jbortsa.gQ.
Notice la hereby Riven that by vlrtnoofn
cimiuu inorwcuge tinted on tlio zuui day ot Aiarcli
1HU3, a copy nt which nan duly illed in tho ollloo'
ottliucouuty dork ot llox Hutto connty, No-.
braska, on tho 2uth day oC March, IS'.n. nt one
to J. W. Itoborta to secure the payment ol W.IW '
wiui lniorPM, i uio rate 01 wn per cenipBrnn
nnra from ttat until paid. Said morteazo was
by wild J. W. lloberU for a valiuiblo conHtdera
tfou boforo maturity, Hold nml duly aRslsned to
Scott Mct'orlclo and by him duly aenljjnod totlie
Uauk ot Ili'mingtord, ot Homlnnford, Nnbras
lea, which in tho owner and bolder thcref. De
fault having boon mado In the payment of said
sujn when duo, and no other suit or other liro
cefdtUKS at law haviuir lxen inBtltuUnl trttb
cover naid debt, or any part thereof, and no
part thereof havimr been collected or paid and
there is now duo atld unpaid thereon theiuul of
J20G.00 with interest thereon at tho rato of ten
per cent per annum after March 2$. ltftf. There
fore we will Bell the projierty therein iloscrlbed
viz: "One bay maro so ten ycarB old, weight
about 1,140 lbs.
One bay mare 8 yearn old. wcipht abont 11001bi
Ono bay horeo 8 yearn old, wott;ht ab't 1150 lbn.
One Rrcy horno 8 yearn old,wel(rht ab't 1150 lbs
Ono set double farm harness,
at public auction at tho livery barn of II. II.
I'ierco in tho village of Hemlmiford in Ilox
llutto county, Nobraslca, on the lUth day of Ou
tobor, I8'JJ, at S o'clock p. m. ot said day.
Dated Sept. 21, 1803. Atsisneo of Mortgage.
Notice to Non-resident Defend
ants, In the District Court of lior Butto County,
naui Uroen, plaintiff, vs. Harry Green, de
fendant. You are hereby notified that on the 0th day of
October, lbij.r), plaintiff hpteln, filed her potiticn
in the above entitled c&uro, in tho District (!ou t
nt Dpx llnUo County, Kabraska, analnst IIarr
O.'oen, defondant, tho object of which is to ob
t tin a divorce from the pltintUf, on tho ground
of abandonment, and a sic that tho care and cus
todyot tho child, lna Green, awed ftyrars, a
lrl, fruits of said marriage, lw awardod to Ann
.hindlor, mother ot the plaintiff.
Yon are required to answer said petition on
or but ore tho 18th day of November, 1MB.
KATK QUKEN, IMaintiff.
lly Smith P. Tvitix, Attorney for Plaintiff.
First publication Oct, 11, 18U5.
The Genuine Round Oak Stove
mado by Bculcwitli, Downgiac, Midi.,
with tlio name on tlio legs, Is tlu
most fuel-saving stove on J,lie market
and Is tlio only stove tliaf. will burn
wood, hard coal, soft con), and coke,
successfully, and also cup bo made u
self-feeding base burner ab Uio suine
time. For salo by Akton UhhifJ
The Herald and tho Omaha
semi-weekly World-Herald both
ono year for $1.75.
All those knowing themselves to
me, cither by note or book account,
please come and settlo, as I have
heavy payments to meet.
Anton Uiiiuo.
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for the Family, Schoolor Professional Library.
tildes many othr valuable features, it confahu
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A Dictionary of Fiction
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rHMntVb?iS?3r f thr.r American Dictloaiw.
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A Beautiful Woman
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Qold -;- Leaif,
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u " .)
I am Ready
and will Pay
7, a. rcCoifele, asjffcififoa.
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The Elegance
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c oazirsr
f f