Hemingford herald. (Hemingford, Box Butte County, Neb.) 1895-190?, October 11, 1895, Image 1

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"'"" 'j ' ", w. " aqr
For Watches, Clocks,
and jewelry
GO to the
City Jewelry Store
(Repairing dorieafiil
satisfaction guaranfdl y-
City Jewelry Store
VOL- 1
NO. 33
IT. V-"
Offtaial Dii'ootory.
( Jas. Harry, if t Dlst.
OoromlsBloncrS'f Jus. Holllnrnkp. Snd Dlst.
(Geo. W Dancan.lrd Dlst.
Judirc DJK. Bpaoht.
Clork-J.K. Noal.
Bhorlff-E. A. Hnll
Treasurer -B. B. Llbby.
Attorney D. FjGllmaii
Coroner P. II. Drlscoll.
Httrvoyor- J. P. Hazard.
8upt. of Schools II. F. Fillmore.
Olxurolx Directory.
ClONGREOATIONAL. Preaching; each ulter
natc Sunday, boqtnnlng January, 1. 1H. at
11 o'clock a. in., nnd at 7 p.m. Bunder School
nt 10 a. m. l'rayor Meeting each Wednesday
at 7 p. m.
ERMAN LDTHEllANi-Sorvlooi at 4J10
Court Houbo. itar. Wunilerlioh, Pastor.
rtATIIOLIC:-lter. QbarleeZak Pastor.
METHODIST:-Uov J,W. Kendall Pastor
Pronohlnxtho Ecoond and tonrtli Sunday a
each month ut 11 a. m., and 7 p. ra.
J EPISCOPAL: Services In tho Oonjrregat
liioiml Church. Her. l'Aator.
Services on tho third Thursday lu each month
rat 7 p. in.
MY. A. Rosebush Camp No. 2610. Meets
second and fourth Tuesday night of each
imonth. Visiting Neighbors cordially Invited.
V. U.Iodknce. Clerk. F. Huot, V. C.
MAIL directory.
lEMlNOyonD postofflco. On week days door
opens at 7 a. m, general delivery opens at 8 a.
m and closes at 8 p. tn. Open Sundays 0 to
10 a.m.
Hxmingford and BoxJJSttx tage dally except
JlruiKOFonD and DuNLAr stage, Slonday
Wednesday and Friday.
JSJT ew Short Line to Helena, Buto
Spokane, Scuttle and Tacoina.
Gr. I. Sa "W. O. Time Oard
No. 42, piiascnsrur urrlves nt
" 4r.TrWgtit "
" 48 height nrrlvos nt
No, 41 pnspensyr urrlvus nt
" JSfrolirlit
ll:85.p. m.
COO p. m.
10:10 n. m,
B;21 a. m.
11:59 p. m.
3:U p. m.
" 47 frtMnhtarrlvoR nt
All trnliiu entry nasBoncrers.
F. w. Whbatley, Agent.
Attorney at Law,
Alliance, Nebraska,
Practices In all the courts and be
fore U. S. Land Office.
Attorneys - at - Law,
Alliance, -:- Nebraska.
Office in Fletcher Block.
E. E. BARR, n. D.
State University of Iowa 1887.
Chicago Folkclinic 1804.
buitqerv and the medical
AN Surgical Diseases of
Tnn Nose and Th,hoat a
Alliance, - - - Nebraska
Sioux City
The Best Market Reports of any
Newspaper In the West.
Millinery Store.
Oome and boo tho Goods, get
prices, and be convinced that the'
are jfche best and cheapest in the
Thanking you for past favors
and trusting for a continuance of
the same.
-YourB respectfully,
Miss lj. Adams.
H. B. Austin, is in Lincoln this
H. B. Wildy was an Allianco
visitor Tuesday.
Master Julian Huot was quito
ill Monday night.
R. McLood wont up tho road
Thursday morning.
J. C. McCorldo drives a "fly"
team and now buggy.
J. A. Harris ,camo up from
Broken Bow this morning.
B. P. Gilman arid A. M. Miller
drove to Alliance Tuesday.
Mrs. Osborn has returned to
her homo in Pennsylvania.
Mr. A. S. Enyeart deposited
1.50 for tho Herald Saturday.
Mr. R. S. Shipley of Liberty
was a Hemingford visitor Tues
day. J. C, McCorkle, the grain
man, has a new ad this week.
Read it.
MesdamesJ. W. Christy and
G. W. Sparks visited Alliance
Tho county commissioners
will meet in special session next
Frank Martin drove- up from
Alliance Wednesday, returning
he next day.
George Austin has been
"deviling" around the Herald
office this week.
Missess Goodenough, Parkin
and McCorkle commenced their
schools Monday.
W. K. Herncall the next sher
iff of Box Butto county visited
Allianco yesterday.
Just received a large invoice
of "candidates" cards. "We print
'em whilo you wait.
Mrs. Mollring of Alliance, was
the guest of Mrs. W. J. Bean
Monday and Tuesday.
E. D. Payne, populist candi
date for sheriff was a Heming
ford visitor Tuesday.
Rev. O. L. Ramsey arrived
from Valentino this morning and
is the guest of Rev. Kendall.
V. Cladok of Dunlap went to
Omaha Monday night to appear
as a witness in the U. S. Court.
Box Butte claims to have a
positivo cure for Sweeney with
out Payne. Read tho correspon
dence. Bert Tracy of Omaha, who is
spending a fow days at Box
Butte, was a county seat visitor
T. V, Golden, populist nomi
nee for District Judge will speak
at the court house noxt Wednes
day evening.
Collectors Wingard, for the
Deering and Bowering for the
McCormiek Co's, havo been in
town this week.
S. "Wallick our pleasant and
accommodating night operator,
returned from his visit at Dewitt
Sunday morning.
H. R. Green returned from Al
lianco Tuesday. His brother
Tom is improving rapidly, which
we are glad to hear.
There will be services at tho
Catholic Church on Saturday,
Oct. 19th. Rev. T. P. Haley of
Allianco will officiate.
James Connolly one of the
prominent stockmen of snake
creek was doing business in
Hemingford yesterday.
Supt. Fillmore, Co. Clerk
Neal, Shoriff Hall and Judgo
Spacht, contemplate a trip to
some fishing resort in tho near
Mrs. E. W. Alexander was in
town Wednesday. Her son Hilt !
has been very sick but is now
recovering, which wo aro pleas
ed to hear.
Rev. Wundorlich wont to Har
rison Wednesday to conduct tho
funeral services of Gustavo
Schwartz a young man, who died
of catarrhal fever.
; Rev. W. B. Dada of "Water
vliet, Mich., ' is expected hero
noxt week, and will preach in
tho Congregational church tho
following Sabbath.
Born, on Monday Oct. 7th, to
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Gassoling,
a girl. All parties reported do
ing well and Henry is the proud
est man on tho rivor.
WTo are informed that Rev. J.
E. Thoeh, a minister of the Nor
wegian Lutheran church, will t
Full particulars lator
Messrs Sherwood and Parkin
brought a steam engine from
near Hay Springs, this week,
with two teams. It weighed
nearly five tons. These gentle
men can move anything.
Misses Horrick and Brown,
tho noted evangelist, conducted
tho services at the Congrega
tional church Sunday eyening.
Tho ladies received a hearty
welcome -from tho people of
Mrs. Lotspoich received word
yesterday that her only daugh
,ter, residing in Kansas City' was
dead, leaving a husband with
flvo young children, She loft
for Kansas City last night,,, ac
companied by her son Alva.
Allianco Guide.
The Congregational Mission
ary Society will meet with Mrs,
Pierce on Wednesday, Oct. 16.
All are cordially invited; mem
bers are especially requested to
be presost for tho election of of
ficers. Dinner will bo served on
the old plan.
O. A. Miller, Andrew Tsch
acher, jr., John Lally, J. M.
Trout and F. McCoy of Allianco,
contributed a years subscription
since our last issue, Tho Her
al-d is certainly receiving its
share of patronage, for which
we aro truly grateful.
Died, on Wednesday, Oct. 9,
1895, Matthias Posvar, aged 64
years, at his homo near Lawn,
after ono weeks illness. Deceas
ed was the father of Charlie and
John Posvar and was an upright
man well thought of by every
one. The funeral will tako
place today. Tho Hearld ex
tends sympathy to tho bereaved
Amiel Herncall gave a party
to a number of his little friends
Monday, the occasion being his
seventh birthday.
Those present were Edna Mc
Leod, Edith Jones, Mamie Mil
ler, Edith Broshar, Mary Io
dence, Clara Parkins, Charlie
Tash, Carl Neal, Ray Reed, Ju
lian Huot, Roy Parkin, Louis
Huot. Elmer Reed, Elliot Mc
Leod, and Gladstone Iodonco,
Tho framo houso of John
Christy, two, miles northwest of
town was burned to the ground
yesterday at noon. Mrs. Christy
was away from home and John
was preparing dinner for him
self,' when the roof of tho houso
caught fire from tho flue. J. A.
Sheldon and Harvo Goodenough
wero close by and together with
Mr. Christy succeeded in saving
most of tho household goods,
Herman Schultalbors received
a letter from B. F. Dill, yester
day, who is now at Tokamaha,
Neb. Ho jays that there js lots
of land ihoro that is not half as
good os old Box Butto and that
it will tako just twice as much to
buy his land hero now, as before
ho made tho trip. Wo boliovo
Ben will bo back to Box Butto
inside of six months. They all
Bojc .Butt Bulletin..
..Miss Pnuliuo Roberts is visiting
Mta Geo. Sncdoker,
jftVin. Randolph and Frank Dar
ing woro Box Butto visitors Sun
day. J. A. Hninos has traded somo o
his property near Box Butto or
"goods" of tho Clifton Houso in
Allianco nnd will removo his fam
ily to that town soon .
Mr. and Mr;s. S. J. Howard en
tertained tho young pooplo of thoir
neighborhood Wednesday evening
in their usually able maimer.
High tino was the order of tho
Afc tho PopuliBt convention Sat
Box Butto precinct presented
the name of a straightforward man
for the office of sheriff, but it was
of no, avail. Allianco came up
prepSred.to gobble everything, and
did bo, but Box Butte has a posi
tivo cure for Sweeney without
Paine. The remedy is W.K. Horn
call, our noxt sheriff.
Bvu-toanlc Budget.
W. IC. Herncall is our choice
for Bheriff.
Charles Logan is working for
B. M. Kennedy at present.
, Misses Mary Gill and Alta
Thompson wero tho guests of Miss
Iola DeVoro Sunday.
Messrs. A. 3'. and W. G . Simon
son of Alliance, took dinner at
Mr. Eumbaugh's Sunday.
Mrs. J. A. Wolls has been on
the sick list for Bovernl days past.
Mr. Wells has been over on the
Miss Delia Thompson was ex
pected homo from Felix, Wyo.,
where sho has been Bponding tho
summer. Wo have not hoard if
sho arrived yet or not.
There was a very small attend
ance at Sunday school, Sunday.
Unclb Jesso Wright will bo pres
ent at tho Burbank school house
next Sunday, and all those inter
ested in S. S. work, shopld bo
Boreo, Sorp,plnga,
Digging potatoes is tho order of
tho day .
Al. Payno and attorney Sullivan
of Allianco passed here Tuesday.
They left a fow cigars.
Our friend P. H. Zobel passed
through hero last Tuesday on his
way to 'Alliance. Wo understand
ho is a candidate for Commissioner
of tho third Dist on the democratic
ticket. Voto for him boys.
Editor Ellis and foreman Bal
lenger of tho Alliauco Times made
a flying visit to Berea last Sunday
on thoir bikos. Balleugor broke
down and had to tako tho train
home. Call ugain boys, but secure
a hotter wheel.
Our neighbor, D. Eborly is can
didate for Superintendent of
schools on tho republican ticket,
and although we are not a republi
can ourselves, wo boloive in sup
porting a good man, no mattor
what party ho belongs to. Mr.
Eberly is an honest aud upright
man and if oloctd will do justice to
all. Ho is fully qualified for tho
office having kept apace with the
times in educational matters. He
deserves a good largo majority.
Prof. Fennor
lianco Tuesday.
visited Al-
E. S. Wildy. made a trip to Al
liance Monday.
Democratic Conyention
Prevails and a Strong Ticket
Placed in the Fields
The democrats of Box Butto
county mot in convention at tho
court houso in Hemingford, Mon
day, Oct. 7.
Tho convention was called to or
dor nt 1 ;80. S. M. Smysor was
elected Chairman, and Thos.
O'Ketffo, Secretary.
Goo. E. Zimmerman, P. II. Zo
bol and Samuel Switzer wero ap
pointed ns a committee on creden
tials. The committee reported C9
delegates in attendanco nnd nil
products represented except Run
ningwator and Snake.
Tho lirat in order was tho nom
ination of Bheriff. The nnmo of
W. IC. Herncall" was presented by
W. J. Bean and that of M. A .
Shay by Ed Whitlook. Horncoll
recoivod the majority of votes and
was declared tho nominee
As tho republican and populist
parties solooted thoir candidates!
for this office from the town of
Allianco, it was deemed boot by
tho democrats to nominate a man
from tho north part of tho county.
A. D. Millett was placed in nom
ination for county treasurer by P
H. Zobel without opposition.
Tho names of Mrs. W. J. Eavn
ost, Miss Hamilton, W. T. John
son and L. B. Fenncr wore pre
sented for Sup't of Schools. After
the firBt ballot, Mr. Fcnner with
drew his - nnmo nnd - nominated
Miss Anna Neoland. Sho receiv
ed 82 of tho 59 voles cast, and on
motion of Zobol hor nomination
was made unanimous.
P. H. Zobol was nominated for
commissioner of tho third district.
Thero being no candidates for
tho other offices, they wero loft
It was moved and carried that
fivo dologates be elected to attend
tho Judicial convention at Chad
ron. Tho following wore selected:
F. M. Broomo, A. Triplott, S.
M. Smyser, F. H.. Smith and L'.
B. Fennor.
Hon. F. M. Broomo delivered an
interesting address.
Harmony and good feeling pre
vailed throughout tho convention
and it is tho general opinion that
tho whole ticket will bo elected.
Horncall wants some dressed
C. J. Wildy wants somo dressed
poultry and hogs.
Machine Oils at Green's.
Order your stove repairs at Anton
California canned goods 15 cents a
can at W. K. Ilcrncall's.
Paint, Glass and oils of all kinds
sold according to the hard tlniee,
cheaper than the cheapest, at
Anton Uurio's.
Tbe Genuine Bound Oak is "good
Roods." How good, not how cheap.
They Inst, they heat, they savo you
money, they havo a reputation. Can
you point to another that has? They
lead tho world of heating stoves,
simply boennso they aro perfectly
made aud do perfect work. You
cannot afford to buy arly other. See
the name on the leg. For sale by
Anton Urnno.
Shoes of all kinds, styles and
prices. Can fit any foot nnd pocket
book. W. K. Herncall.
A now Ioi, of shoes just received by
W. K. Herncall.
Take your produce to Wildy's
"th old standby."
If you ewe Wildy a' call in efltj
speak to them about it thoy need
all what is duo thorn.
Final Proof- Notices.
Hon. J. W. Wehn, Jn., RegUter.
Hon. F. M. Ruoomr, Receiver.
Parties liarlng notices In this column aro rc
anestd to raid the tama carol ally and rooott to
this ofltce for correction any errors that may
exist. This vrlll
prerent pottlbla 'delay In
malting proof,
Notice Is hereby glTon thntthe foU owing nam
ed settler has fund notice ot his Intention to
make final proof In support of his claim, and
that said proof will be mado before lioslttcr or
Receiver at Alliance, Nob., on not. 10. ItW.
of nemlngford, Nob., who mfido n. K. no. 470
for tho d E M eeo . tp 38 n, rg 48 w.
Ho names tho folIowtliK witnesses to prote
his continuous residence upon and cultivation
of said land, vlzt Iro Pronspfel, Michael IV.
Murphy. Uernard.Pjtz, John Bolllnrako, all ot
Hemingford, Neb. Also
otnemtngford. Neb., who made n.x. no. 2314
for the E H 8 B H. sea 83, tp29 u, rs 4!) w,
Hn names tho following wittteseos (o proTO
his Continuous residence upon and cnltlvatloh
of paid land, tIk Leopold Mollor. Joseph
Mooller. James Whclan, Qtto Gibson, all of
nomlngiord, Neb. Also
of itcmlnirford, Neb., who mado II. c no. 2097 for
Uie tt W ! seo &V tp OT n, r i'isr s , .
Ho names tho following wltnonses to prove his
continuous residence upon and cultivation of
said land, vlzs Michael It. Murphy, Loo Froa
apfol. Peter Anneu, William Seising, aU qc
J. V. WgHN, Jn Register.
Land Oflljxtnt Alllonco,Nel., Oct. 3. 1895.
Notloo Is hcroby uiven that the following
named settler has tiled notice of his intention to
mako final proof In support of his claim, and
that said proof will bo mado before Register and
Receiver at Alliance, Neb., on Noy. 11, 1893, vin
of Dnnlap, Nob,, who mode it. x. IPSO for tho
lot"w!i uok&s H nvrUaeo 0,tp 2tf n, rg
48 w.
Ho names tho following witnesses to prove his
continuous residence tipon and cultivation of '
said land, viti Henry Koch. Pjtcr Soderburg,
of Dunlap, Neb., John Knutsun, Karl yorstrom
of Hemingford, Nob
J, W, Wedn, Jn., Register.
Land OUlceat Alliance, Nd.. Kept, 24, 1893.
Notioo is hereby given that tiio following'
named settler has tiled notion, of his Intention
to makn final proof in support of his claim, and
that said proof will bo made tietoro tho register
or receiver, at AHlanoe, Neb., on Nov. 4, 1093,
ot Hemingford, Neb , who made n. c, no. 2MMI
fur the Lots 3 and 1 and B i N vr li sea 1. tp ,,
Ho names Uio following witnesses to ptuya
his continuous residence upon .and cnltlTataon
ot said land, vlr: Jacob Hnctler, Joseph Carey,
of uemingford. Neb., i'ordlnand-Hikoat. Joha.
Nlkont, of Lawn, Neb.
J. W. Wxhn, Jb., Register.
Land Office at Alliance, Neb., Aug. 14. lbl.
Notice Is hereby given that the following
named settler has illed notice otitis Intention
to make tlnal proof in support ot bis claim, and
that said proof will be mado before Register
or Hecolvor at Allianco, XJeb., an Nov. S,
lb!, vU:
ot IJcrca, Neb., who mado H. E.No. 1972 for the
b W 14 see 8, tp 20 n, rg 48 w.
Ho names the following witnesses to provo
his continuous residence upon and cultivation
of said land, vizi Henry Yon U&rgen, John
Von liargen, Krlk Rasmnsson, Hendick D.
Vlkse, allot Berea. Neb.
J W.Wwin.Jb.., Register.
Land Ofllco at Alliance. Neb., Bent. 7, 1805.
Notlco Is hereby given that tho following
named settlor has filed notice of his Intention
to mako final proof In support ot his claim and
that said proof will be mado boforo L. A. Dor
rlngton U. B. O. O. Commissioner, at Chadroa,
Neb., on Oct. 10, 1803, vli:
of Dunlap, Neb., who made u x no. 3103 for tfcs
H W H, seo 28. t p 30 n, rg 48 w.
Bo names the following witnosses to ptovo his
continuous resldenco upon and cultivation of
said land, viz: David Bess of Dunlap, Nob.,
Arthur M. llartlett of Chadron, Nob., James
Dlckerson, Charles Naylor, Dunlap, Neb. Also
of Dnnlap, Keb., who mads h x no. 1M for tbe
N H BK U and B.HN IS U ecj,tp 30 n,riw.
Be names the following witnesses to prove his
continuous rosldenco npon and cultivation of
said lapd, viz: William Curry, of Dunlap, Neb.
Arthur M, Uartleit, of Chadron, Neb., Jama
Dlckereon, Onirics Naylor, of Dunlap. Neb.
J. W. Wehn, Jb., Register.
Land Office at Alliance. Nob.. Sept. 4,1896.
Notlco Is hereby given that the following
named settler has filed notice of his intention to
make final proof in support of his claim and
that said proof will be made before Register
and Receiver at Alliance, Neb., on October 16,
1096, viz: '
ot Lawn, Neb., who made n. x. no. 2086 for th
B M NJ5 H andN M 8E X ot seo 8,tp 28 n.r 63 w.
Ho names the following witnesses to prove his
continuous residence upon and cultivation ot
said land, viz: Benjamin F.
land, Neb , Leo Brandle, Lo
xr. aiooro, oi mars
Louis Larson, John,
' ' J. VV. WEHN. Jb., Register.
Land Office at Alliance, Neb., Sept 5, 1863.
wotico is hereby given that Che following
samed setUer bas filed notice of his intention to
maki final proof in support of his claim and
that said proof will be made before Register and
Receiver at Alliance, Nob., on Oct. 17, 1633, viz:
ot Uarsland, Neb., who made H. x. No. ITU tor
the 8 E U seo 15, tp 23, rg a w-
his continuous reaideace npon and cultivation
H9 names ine ronowing witnesses to prove
of said land, viz: llnah B. Jones. Perry Erik-
son, of Marsland, Neb., Franclska .Kratochvel,
Henry Bbimek, of Lawn, Neb. Also
formerly Franclska Skoda, of Lawn, Neb.who
made H. x. no. 2943 for tbe n x H seo 2d, tp at!,
rg si w.
She names the following witnesses to prove
her continuous residence upon and cultivation,
of said land, viz: Willard M. Evans, Mar.
land, Neb. Benry t hlmek, ot Lawn, hob., Hugh
U. Jones. Perry xrlkson,of Marsland, Neb.
ot Lawn, Neb , who made H. x. No. mi for the
8 W H sec 28. tp 28, rg 61 w.
He names the following witnesses to prove
h continuous residence npon and cultivation
of said land, viz: Willard M. Evans. Hneh B.
Jones, ot Marsland, Neb., Frsnclska Kratoch
vel. Perry xrikson, of Marsland, Neb.
J.V.Wxbn.Jb., Eagister.
i '
Notice of ApplIcaUon for Liquor License.
Public notice Is hereby given that the under
signed has filed with the village clerk of the vil
lage ot Bemingford, Box Butts county, Nebras
ka, an application tor a liquor license to sell
malt, spiritous and vinous liquors, said busi
ness to bo carried on, on lot number 10. in block
number 13, in the village ot Hemingford. Box
Butte county, Nebraska, tor tbaTemalnderot
the muniolpal year, beginning on the first in
May, 1893, and that we wlU apply for said li-
nfennAAta mfeitincr of tha board of trasteAa nf
First publication Oct 4, IsOJ.
Paints of all Hinds at Green's.
The Herald and tho American
Farmer- Established 1819, the
oldest Agricultural publication i
America both one vear for ?.160,