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Tlmot E. Chapman, Who Krrrntljr Ite
turnccl from ncjpt, TrIU of an Ail
Tpnlure on the Dark Continent Hone
with a Harpoon.
Y friend, Wllmot
E. Chnpninn, who
returned a few
weeks ngo from
Egypt, where ho
went as a newspa
per correspondent,
bits had some Inter-
e b t Ing experience
w 1 1 h t h e r i v e r
horse, which
abounds In many
parts of the Upper Nile, writes Captain
John D. Horton In that delightful pa
per, Cheerful Moments. Chapman
found a skilled mid trustworthy guldo,
who had been recommended to him In
Cairo, and who cheerfully took charge
of the traveler, promising him that he
should gain a sight of the hippopota
mus at the earliest practical moment.
"They arc not so plenty as they used
to be," said Charbl, who spoke English
as well as his native Arabic; "the ani
mals keep away from civilization, but
I will tako you to a place where I have
agreed to Join n party of hunters."
"May I form one of your company?"
"You shall," replied Charbl, in such
a positive manner that the American
felt on the instant ho was some per
sonage, of more than ordinary authori
ty even in a hippopotamus hunt.
According to promise, Charbl lntro-
duced his young friend to a party of
Bix, who had Just completed their prep
arations for a hunt of tho river-horse,
which, as may well be understood, Is
one of the most formidable animals
that tho experienced sportsman ven
tures to attack.
The party. Instead of venturing out
on the Nile in a canoe, had constructed
a rafL Chapman was disposed to
question tho wisdom of this, for the
structure was unwieldy, and must nec
essarily float with the current; hut his
native friend explained that that was
the principal reason why it was
The hippopotamus Is wonderful
acute of hearing, and the most careful
boatman cannot propel his canoo
through the water without his approach
being discovered by the suspicious ani
mal, who Immediately drop? to the bot
tom like a load of coal, and easily
baflles all efforts to get close enough to
bury the harpoon In his back.
The raft was made of a species of
river-grass, which abounds along the
Upper Nile, It being cut off nbove the
water, so as to secure the most buoy
ant portion. Great masses of this were
flung together until it was buoyant
enough to float twenty men, who wero
supported high above the water. A
single canoe was drawn against, and
partly upon, the raft, to be used when
needed. Charbl pointed out
a section toward which they were drift
ing, that abounded with the species of
grass of which the raft was composed,
tho tops pointing only a few inches
above the surface. Just below, the
river made a sweeping bend, and tho
native said If nothing was seen of tho
animals before passing that point, he
was confident they would come upon
them Immediately below,
Ac the raft was not floating more rap
idly than two miles an hour, Chapman
saw that he had still a good long time
to wait, and he stretched out once more
on his face, and looked at the dark
water which was bearing him and his
companions so slowly down stream.
He had no expectation of seeing any
thing unusual, but he could gaze only
a few minutes, when, to his amaze
ment, an immense hippopotamus ap
peared. It came up like the hull of a
vessel, floating to the surface. First
.there was a darkening of a portion of
the stream, and before ho discovered
what It meant, ho observed the outllno
of the gigantic creature.
Just ns the American called to Char
bl, tho rlver-horso opened his enor
mous mouth, caught hold of tho raft,
gave ono tremendous wrench, nnd then
sank out of Bight.
Tho hippopotamus had not dono any
thing In anger or malice. Ho simply
found some choice food floating over
his head, and camo up and stole a
mouthful. But that mouthful was pro
digious. It scorned to Chapman that
he had wrenched off a fourth of the
raft. As he was almost over the spot
from which It was taken, nnd ho felt
a distinct collapse beneath him, ho
scrambled over to his friends with
! greater ardor than he hnd ever shown
Several of the natives, divining what
It meant, hurried back with their for
midable spears; but the hippopotamus
had sunk so quickly that ho was be
yond their reach.
As tho river horso cannot stay moro
than ten or twelve minutes under wat
er without coming to the surface, Char
bl and the others were astonished; for
they could not understand how it was
they had failed to see him, when ho
must have been in sight only a short
tlmo before.
As It was equally certain that ho
would reappear, three of tho natives
were in favor of launching tho canoo
and majdng ready for him; It was de
cided, however, to wnlt, In tho hopo
of coming upon a school of them
further bolow, inasmuch as tho hip
popotami aro accustomed to go in
groups or families.
Accordingly, tho canoo was allowed
to remain where It was, nnd tho bulky
rnft continued drifting with the cur-
rent. Chapman lay down again on his
face, and, Btlll smoking his cigar,
watched for the reappearance of tho
monster. It was not long before he
descried Its head floating a short dis
tance away, like a short, thick log; but,
after one or two ponderous whiffs, ho
dropped out of sight again. As the raft
began moving around the bend of tho
river, a few minutes later, tho crew
gave their attention to what was ex
pected In front.
The entire party were thrown into
a state of exeitempnt and pleasure,
shortly .after, by the discovery that
they were approaching a regular colony
of hippopotami.
The structure drifted very slowly,
attracting no notice at all from the hip
popotami. The nathes looked like so
many bushwhackers or pirates, who
were thus floating down In ambush
upon their unsuspicious prey.
Suddenly Charbl touched the should
er of Chapman, and pointed to ono of
the monsters.
"What about him?" asked tho Amer
ican. "He's going to get himself into
"In what way?"
"You will see; ho will soon be in our
Tho animal alluded to by Charbl,
was blowing water through his nos
trils most of the time, moving hither
and thither quite awkwardly, but with
considerable swiftness. Suddenly he
sank, and a minute after came up so
close to tho raft that his vast back
brushed against the grass.
Instantly the leader of the party rose
noiselessly to his feet, holding his ter
rible harpoon over his head. Tho next
moment he drove it forward with the
skill and terrific force of a veteran
whaler. The weapon sank Into the
ohocolate colored body as though tho
latter were so much lard; the wounded
animal emitted a wheezing sniff and
cry, which put all the others to flight at
ouce, and he dropped to the bottom of
tho Nile like an anchor from a ship.
By-and-by, the half-exhausted mon
ster rose to tho top for a mouthful of
fresh air. The instant he appeared,
three moro spears were burled In his
body, and down he went again, the
water Immediately surrounding tho
TlfJetrx wl,hlhe!CHlNA HAS HEROES.
U1UUU VA. I 111? Jj'VVl H'lIU Vt
The canoe followed tho float hither
and yon, on the watch for tho behemoth
when he should reappear, as he must
do at Intervals. On such occasions, tho
men, who wero plentifully provided
with the ordinary spcarB, launched one
aploco into his body, so that after a
while he came to look like a gigantic
Finally, after going down ho failed
to come up again; ho was dead.
Tho natives In the ennoe Blowly pad
dled to lond, where they made tho rope
fast to a tree.
"Why Is that?" asked Chapman of his
friend when they met again.
"After nwhllo tho river will give up
tho body; It will tloat, and we do not
wish to lose It."
rntrmilzril by llnilncnt .stntrMnrn It
h Ujirdlnlttc Tlinlr llrroril.
Tho tow-llncn suit seems to
nffectcd far more In Washington than
In any other city In tho United States,
says the Post. Although tho most
serviceable clothes for hot summer
weather that a man can wear, combin
ing with comparative cheapness great
advantages over flannels suits as re
gards coolness nnd adaptability to the
laundry process, there aro still many
prejudices against It which have been
gradually overcome in the capital by
such men as ex-Speaker Reed, Con
gressman Ultt, Congressman Hatch and
other statesmen, who have pioneered
the tow suit to popularity. A good tow
suit can be purchased for about $20 and
some tailors make them for $15, but
they can be bought for $10 and as low as
$5. Ono young man sent to Kentucky
last year for ono of those $5 tow suits.
It proved a perfect fit, even if It did
look suspiciously like sacking, hut ho
wore It until It was soiled nnd thon
sent it to tho laundry. He nover dis
covered tho full extent of his purchase
until ho put it on after Us first wash
ing. Instead of shrinking the trousers
had stretched six Inches nnd tho coat
nearly reached to his knees. He car
ried It to tho tailor and had the sur
plus trimmed off, until onco more It
fitted him perfectly. After wearing It
a week or ton days ho sent It ngaln to
the laundry nnd when It came back he
opened the package with a feeling of
wonder what Idiosyncrasy the suit had
developed in tho meantime. This tlmo
It hnd stretched only about four Inches,
but had shrunk correspondingly In
breadth, forming a very close fit about
tho hips and shoulders. Once moro It
was rehabilitated by tho tailor and
worn until soiled. When It camo back
from tho laundry the third tlmo It was
still long enough In tho legs to fit tho
original possessor, while in every other
direction it hnd shrunk Into a fading
remembrance of Its former self and this
season adorns the shrinking figure of a
modest boot-black.
A new use has been found for balloon
sleeves, through the Ingenuity of an
enterprising Imcntor, which promises
great results
"The 'bustle Inside the sleeves has
up to date been adopted somewhat
warily, as hardly filling a long-felt
want. But now a silk life-preserver
Is to take Its place, which can be In
flated at will, and enables the wearer
to float in perfect ease on the water.
Sailing pnrtles made up largely of
ladles will leave the man at the helm
very much at ease, with each female
member of the company transformed
Into an animated life-preserver; for If
ones moves carelessly on the deck and
gets blown overboard there Is no dan
ger of a tragedy. The balloons will also
add no little to the sail area In fair
winds. Tho life-saving sleevo will
doubtless prove a big thing, and all
that it Is puffed up to be.
Tough I tried the bunco game on a
Kansas farmer yesterday. Another
Tough How did you come out?
Tough He got my dollar and a half.
"Are you the minister?" The person
addressed turned up his nose, and,
casting a contemptuous glance, upon
his Interlocutor, replied: "No, I'm the
leader of the choir."
."Cousin Ethel, Is Col. Blazer a brave
soldier?" "Oh. 1 don't think he's
afraid of powder." "No, I don't think
he Is, for I saw his nose agulnst your
face last night." Minneapolis Tribune.
"Do you stay up to receive him when
your husband stays out late at night?"
"No, indeed. I go to bed very early, so
I can scold him the rest of the night,
after he haH come in, without loss of
sleep." Ex.
Willis- "Hello, old man! Had you
much luck nn your vacation? Did the
bass rise to tlte flies all right?" Wal
lace: "No, the bass didn't, but I did
every morning at daylight." Cincin
nati Enquirer.
"I can't understand why you haven't
as amiable a temper as James," said
the proprietor to an office boy, referring
to another. "James never has to an
swer the telephone," replied the abused
young man. Detroit Free Press.
Jumpuppe Confound these theoso
phlsts, Jasper Why? Jumpuppe
They convinced my wlfo that Bhe has
soven bodies, and she went off and
bought a dress for each one. Tld-Blts.
Vlnley Doctor, I believe I need a
pair of eyeglasses. I see everything
double. Last night I looked at my
wife's dog, and he seemed to havo two
tails. Dr. Lens Yes? Have you tried
tho gold cure? Judge.
"It's a conspiracy," she said with agi
tation, to the reporter, "It Is a plot to
ruin my dramatic future!" "How do
you mean?" "I've Just brought an ac
tion for divorce and the papers refuse
to publish the details." Washington
Kfurral Mlmloimrlrn Siiiticclnl lu Kufrtjr
ltrure Native with a Nwortl tlrfrntl
Ainrrli-an Womrn -Mimr ChrUtlan
.Mlmloiuirlm Are Vrt .III Itunccr.
Just received at
San Francisco by
Btcnmcr Toklo
jN gives fuller partic
ulars of tho nntl
missionary out
rages in Sze Chueu
The story does not
present a pago al
together black nnd
forbidding, for
there are some spots of light upon tho
Miss Hal, of the China Inland mis
sion, describes how, when tho house In
which she and two other women re
sided was attacked by the mob, a man
with a drawn sword appeared at tho
door nnd while engaged lu sharpening
his weapon on a stone warned tho
rioters that tho women wero good folk,
nnd that ho meant to defend them.
The crowd fell back and ono of the
two women, attended by a Chinese
maid, effected her cscnpe to tho yamen,
only to be refused admittance. But the
Chinese nttendant raised a loud out
cry, walling that unless the officials
gave them refugo they would dlo at the
gates, and at length they gained entry.
Tho officials, however, were too terror
ized to send, succor to the other two
women. They also owed their safoty
to tho man with the sWo. I, who pro
cured chairs for them and got them to
tho yamen. MIo appears to have re
mained Incognito.
Another missionary, escaping from
his burning homo, entered the house of
a Chinese doctor, who swathed him In
bandages, covered his head with a
Chlncso hood, nnd In tho guise of a
moribund Chinaman placed him on
tho shoulders of coolies and sent him
to the yamen. Another missionary
reached tho out-station, where his wife
nwalled him, by disguising himself as
nn official en route to meet the Incom
ing viceroy, the real olllclals making
him up with blue glasses, long boots,
uniform, cap, etc.
But against the comfort Inspired by
the evidences of native good-will has
to bo placed tho fact that, although a
month and a half hns elnpsed since
the riots took place, many missionaries
at out-stations in Szo Chuen still ro
,maln without protection and exposed
to mob violence at any moment.
From all parts of China comes In
telligence Hint tho war has not pro
duced tho smnllest perceptible effect on
tho nation. Some know nothing about
it; others believed their country was
victorious. The much-predicted awak
ening of China is a myth; she sleeps as
soundly as over.
Tim !rent ItnlTiilo of the Wtml Mltit
IIIh I'litliui'ly l"nt-.
Scarred by arrows, wounded by bul
lets, pursued by foes from vnlley to
valley nnd from river to river, the
whilom monarch hns at last found n
covert and a breathing spell for n day.
He has nkulked like a wounded wolf;
he has crouched like a fox In his lair.
The cry of a vulture hovering high
above had made him tremble he, who
had driven the dreaded grizzly out of
his path more than ouce, anil whoso
sharp, stout horns had sent moro than
one Indian pony to his death! Ah!
But the cries of the coyote have
brought company! They come sneak
ing out of thicket and grass nnd crevice
until there nre a dozen. The youngest
calf of a herd would not fenr them,
and yet their ungrj unnrls make the
old monarch tremble! Tho sun seems
to drop Into a lower notch as tho old
monaich m6ves softly about to snatch
a bite hero and there, but i-'wrvs keep-
lng his eye on the pack. As tho cra-
imr of hunger becomes ii.irlh sailing.
the lire comes back to his eye, and lip
even gives h!s head a de.lant toss. If
their howling brings the savago wolf,
he will die lighting he wil die game
Ho has fought them a hundred battles.,
and never buffered defeat. Here they
come! He lookn up to 11 ml himself u'.
most encircled. They are hungry and
gaunt. Their eyes blaze, and foam
falhi fiom their lips at; they close In on
him. Now, watch him! He is no longer
the fugitive-the eraen, trembling at
every sound. Ills head is held hich; I
them is a royal II ro In his great eye ;
and he utters a low bellow of defiance
nnd paws tho earth as a challenge for
thorn to come on. Crack! Crash! (
Hurrah! The bull totteis. u.vay. to
and fro, and fails to the earth, shot
through the heurt. A man leaps out of '
tho thicket, VaeB his hat and gun,
and cheers tho success of his shot,
while the wolves sneak away Into the
twilight and growl and snap at each
The last of his race Is dead. He would
have died fighting as a monarch should,
but man prevented. It Is the last hide
the last feast for wolves and vul
tures tho last monument to mark
man's savagery when stirred by cupid
ity and selfishness. M. Quad In De
troit Free Press.
Not AtlogetluT Antritr.
Fogg saya ho received a letter the
other day, and ho hnd a strong present
iment that he would find a ten dollar
bill in it. When he opened It, he found
a bill for ten dollars, which, he bays,
though not exactly the same thing,
shows that his Impression was pot nl
ogether astray - Ex.
lllarkmitltli Mthk In Them Notwlth
tntulliiff the .evrrr I'nwrr IMower.
Tho blacksmith's bellows baa threo
boards. When the bellowB la set up
lu position the middle board is fixed;
the upper nnd lowei boards nro mov
uiu uuiii.T nun luiti" uuiuun mu wui- I
able. There Is a valve In tlio middle
board nnd ono In tho lower board.
When tho hollows Is not in uso tho
lower hoard falls as far as the leather
will permit It, and that compartment 1b
then filled with nlr. With the working
of the lever and tho raising of the lower
board tho nlr In tho lower compart
ment U forcer through tho vnlvo In the
middle board Into tho upper compart
ment, which Is the reservoir, whonce
ft blows through tho uozzlo of tho bel
lows Into the fire. When tho pressuro
from bolow ceases tho vnlvo In tho
middle board closes, and tho nlr Is then
forced out from tho upper compart
ment or reservoir of tho bellows by tho
weight of tho upper hoard; somotlmes
this board Is weighted to make It ex
pel the alt more rapidly nnd forcibly.
Tho continuance of tho blast without
tho working of tho lover, caused by tho
gradually pinking upper hoard of tho
bellowB, may last for a quarter of a
minute; It Is a highly prized charac
teristic of tho bellows, Tho blacksmith
who Is nlouo Is thus enabled, If ho
Hhoulil bo desire, to use both hands nt
tho fire; or ho might go across tho Bhop
and be back, swaying tho lover onco
moro beforo tho blast had ceased. A
good bellows will last many ycara with
out repairs. Blacksmiths' bellows aro
made In various Hlzes, from 24-lnch to
G0-tnch. The 30-Inch Is tho bIzo most
commonly Bold. Tho size Is tho width
nt tho widest point. Bellows are longer
than they aro wide, nnd they are made
of different lengths in tho Bamo width,
ordinary, and long. Thefo aro about
fifteen bellows manufacturers In tho
country. Including three In New York
and one In Brooklyn, says Now York
Sun. Manufacturing nnd other estab
lishments supplied with power forges
are nowadays equipped with power
blowers; and there aro also various
hand blowers, boujo operated with a
crank nnd somo with a lover, and there
aro now used many portablo forges and
blowers combined. Tho Balo of modern
appliances for blowing forgo fires has
Increased greatly In recent years, while
the sale of bellows has not; but there
are shlpsmlths and holler makers,
wheelwrights, carrlago nnd wagon
makers, and nthoro who Btlll. uso bel
lows, and prefer It to nny other moans
of blowing his lire, so thnt thcro aro
still sold thousands of bellows nn
nually. Somi. (Jn.irr J'oIroii.
The Bombay (lovcrnment's analyst
has been Investigating the vnrlous poi
sons thnt aro used In Indin, and In tho
course of his report he disposes of tho
old notion that pounded glass Is tho
most deadly kind of substnnco you can
mix with the food of nny one against
whom you entertnln n particular
grudge. "Pounded glass," ho says, "Is
a most useful poison." Ho does not,
of course, mean by this thnt It assists
digestion or can safely bo recommended
as a pick-me-up after a hard day's
work, but that It Is useful In tho r.ensn
of not doing very much harm to the
person whose life Is aimed at and
leading very easily to tho detection of
the would-be murderer. If It Is
pounded until It becomes very fine. It
causes merely slight discomfort and
can bo detected in the first mouthful of
the food with which It Is mixed. The
same may be said, It appears, of dl
mond dust, tiger's whiskers, chopped
hair, and such like. After all, two
penn'orth of blacKbeetlc-klller is ns
good or an bad- as anything, and you
enn get this at tho nenrest grocer's.
Whole, I wonder, would you have to go
In search of tiger's whiskers or dia
mond dust?
Betting on a sure thing Iz no hotter
Hutu Mealing It.
If It wax uglnst tho law to guess at
I things, wo wouldn't kno mutch.
'Hie phools hav made moro trouble In
j this world than the rasknlls hav.
! We all ov u.s owe to our vault moro
than we would like to bo told ov.
Ml friend if j u Just give other people
tho tame piivilegus that .mi klnlm for
ouuelf. jou will bo Hirprlzed to see
how KUiootho and still the old mnshecn
I hav often found It n good plan to
cum up on the tear Hide ov things and
work towurdjhe front; then. If wo hav
made a mistake, we knit bak out eazler.
I want It dlstlnktly understood that
I luv and respekt woman, not so mutch
for the bed that U on her az for the
lie.tt t that 1 in her.
If ('.into wnzn't euny phools this
world would be a t'.redful desolate plnco
to Ilv In; It wouldn't pay to be wise, or
(en cunning
Ono ov tho ftrongeat points In the
devil's karakter Iz, never to konsldrr
euny thing out nv hiz reach.
Whenever I hav undcrtnkon to plan a
gratuitous amttbemeut for others, 1 hav
allwayB failed. The best way Iz to lot
every ono pay his mutiny, and then pile
out his own game.
Kind Heaven knu that lazyuess wuz
the strongest habit ov the heart. This
makes that plalntlvo refrain, "Root,
hog, or die," sound allmos't like revula
Bhun. Sum ov the most modest and humble
men I hav ever run aginst hav beon
thore who hnd matched themselfs agin
the devil, and got badly beat.
I hav glv up all kinds ov kreeds long
ago, even in religion, philosophy and
horseflesh. When a man informs mo
thnt a certuln barell has got good elder
In it, I smile and say, "Jess so," but ho
kant prove It to mo unless the barrel Iz
tapt, and 1 hav Inhaled a quart ov the
Schema of a New fork Farmer t Vtw
tlwt HU rreinUe.
Farmer Jackson, of the town f
Thompson, N. Y., has adopted a novel
modo of keeping trout fishermen off hi
premises. The old farmer has a splen-
jt i . i .
'd trout stream of pure spring water
running through his form, and for
years hns been bothered with boys and
"city fellers," who, with rod and line,
would traverse his fields and tram
down the growing grass and grain,
says tho Pittsburg Telegraph. He put
up warning notices for trespassers, but
tho bad boys of tho neighborhood would
tenr them down nnd tho fishermen per
sisted In fishing In tho brook, causing
tho old mnn to commit much sin there
by. Ah his hotiso was half tulle nwny,
ho could not afford to Bpoud tho time
watching the prcsorvo with a shotgun.
At last he hit upon n,happy expedient,
nnd It works like a charm. This sca
boh his premises hnve been free from
intruders. Jncksnn last yoar became
tho possessor of a fine blooded Jersey
bull. It carries a splendid pair of homo,
nnd Is as vicious and ugly us any of the
bulls used in tho bullfights of Spain. ,
In the Held through which the brook'
flows the null has beon allowed to roam
free. Whenever a strnngor enters the
forbidden lnclosuro hta "royal nibs"
scents him from nfar, and with tall
i ect and lowering bond ho charges on
tho Intruder, who takes log ball and
makes haste to get out of tho loL A
few days ago ono of tho cfty guests at
Moutlcello, who was Ignorant of the
bull's presence, had Just cast his fly In
the stream when he henrd a loud bellow
and saw nn angry bull maklug rapidly
toward him. Without taking tho trou
ble to reel his line ho madu for the
nearest tot c, which happened to e
made of uai bed wire. Ho landed on the
other side Just as tho hull camo up to
him, but U'ft a portion of tho scat of
his trousers clinging to tho fence. The
hay crop Is short in Sullivan county,
hut tho farmer refuses to sell the hull
and ns he will keep tho animal oa
long as his horns aro good nnd ho re
tains his hatred of fishermen.
Mil n In) Hpnrrow, but Didn't Want
nil Til tro Win lit Andnrnon.
"Tom" Is a maltcso cat living in. An
derson, Intl. Ho took a young spar
row from Us nest the othor day and
downs of tho birds nttneked him. The
sparrows swarmed about tho despoller
of the nest, pecked at his head, ears anil
back, and then darting away before he
had a chance to claw them. Occasion
ally Tom would rise on his hind legs,
make u wicked Iutigo at tho birds, and
hoxeral were sent to tho earth as the
result of his sharp claws. Tho air wan
filled with the littlo oxclted birds and
their chatter could bo heard a block
away. By this time Tom was squalling
at the top of his voice and his eyes
glowed like coals of fire. The fight
continued up the street until the hotel
was reached, when Tom made a dive
for the office, but was headed off and at
last found refuge under a cab that stoofl
In front of tho door, A large crowd
gathered and saw the fight waged by
the birds on their common enemy. Un
der the cab the birds could not reach
Tom without subjecting themselves to
greot danger from his shnrp claws, and
soon flew back to tho barn chattering
and making every possible manlfcsta-.
tlon of de'.lgut. When the noise was
stlllod thp thoroughly whipped Tom.
crawled from under his retreat and
scurried down the nlloy. '
The commonest name In the new
British Parliament Is Wilson. No ewer
than eight gentlemen of that naiuo have
hccui'cd election to St. Stephen's, The
tnsk of distinguishing between them
will bo Homowhttt dlfllcult, especially ai
live have the same Christian name of
John. Next to Wilson the most com
mon namo Is Smith. Thero are five
Smiths In the House, not reckoning Mr.
Smith-Harry. There Is only ono Brown,
and but two Joneses, and u solitary
Hoblinon. '
A copperhead snake, seven feet long,
wan killed In a cigar store In Franklin.
N. J.. Monday.
Microbes killed a bank clerk lately
who. In counting a pile of bank notes,
moistened his flngera with his lips.
A Maine physician prescribes for ner
vous exhaustion tomcod chowder, and
the patient mtut catch his own cod.
Atlanta, Ga., is the only city in the
United States that has a house con
structed wholly of paper from founda
tion to chimney.
A child born In the northern suburb
of Omaha last week has finger nail
an Inch locg and a thick growth of
hair ovir his body.
A pstrJI'.ed frog found In an Elmlra,
N. Y.. stone quarry in 1SSC was two
tfn and eight Inches In length aurt
weighed over 100 pounds.
Tin Is said to have been discovered
In .Huerfano county, Colorado, In better
paying quantifies than any other place
In the United States.
B. II, Freeman of Toomsboro,. Gsl.
one kept a moccasin snake, tightly
sealed up lu a bottle, for two yearn
without food or water, "yet it live
and grew tat."
In 1892 the cost of the election is
England was 958,522, an average of 4
little over 4 shillings a vote. In 1871
each vote cost 14 to 15 shillings, and
In 1859 over 1.
The amount of New England rum
sent from Boston to Africa has de
creased In the last two years from !,-
025,226 gallons to 5G1.2G5. The eans
of this decrease Is not given.
The very latest "standplpo" In tka
United States Is at the corner of Seven
teenth and Crocker streets, Des Mole
Iowa. It Is 135 feet high and tweal;
odd feet in diameter, ind holds SM