Hemingford herald. (Hemingford, Box Butte County, Neb.) 1895-190?, October 04, 1895, Image 2

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tiios. J. o'ltisicrru, miiiuiwr.
Opkm.no exercises of Norfolk collcgo
occurred last wcok.
RnoisTnATtox nt tho state university
has reached 800 nntl Is still climbing.
Wolf hunting is n favorlto pastime
In llanncr county, (lame is plentiful.
Fiiom thlrty-flvo to forty thousand
nheep will bo fattened in Dodgo county
this winter.
Thk lumber yard at Gretna was do
Btroycd by fire. Loss about 85,000,
with no insurance.
Miss Sahau IHwn of Syracuse has
been tendered a placo in the Institute
for the llllnil Nebraska City.
Mns. IIomhu Scovii.t.i: of Surprise and
two children wcro nearly npliyxlateO
by gas from a gasolino stove.
Thkuk will bo an irrigation picnic at
Spalding on Wednesday, October 2, to
celebrate an abundant crop and tho
completion of tho irrigation ditch.
Fhib brolco out in P. J. Johnson's
pen oral storo at Oakland and consumed
almost tho cntiro stock. Tho stock was
insured for 2,500 in tho German of
SoMKiionr in tlio vicinity of Ames,
Dodgo county, is poisoning chickens.
Ono Ktherton is charged with tho
crime, but his guilt has not yet been
Tim proposition to voto 5270,000 In
irrigation bonds will bo submitted to
tho voters of tho Lincoln and Dawson
county irrigation district on tho 12th
day of October.
The averago resident of North Platto
Is congratulating himself that Pennsyl
vania anthracite coal is selling on tho
local market at 810 per ton, which Is
about $2 less than usual.
Mns Piiir. TviiKUftniKit, living flvo
rollcs west of DoWltt, fell from tho hay
loft to tho ground, a distance of about
twelve feet, and was rendered uncon
bcious, but not seriously hurt,
Mns. L. II. Horn., superintendent of
tho Homo for tho Friendless at Lincoln,
has resigned her position for tho pur
poso of marrying ltcv. II. 1). Illaek.who
is now engaged in work in the Dakotas.
Mns. W. F. Kahi.uwink of Talmago,
wlfo of a cigar maker, tried to kill her
self by taking sugar ol lead, but tho
Jirompt action of a physician and tho
United supply of tho drug saved her
Ufa till so tn u future time
Ray Dunn, aged 13, was accidentally
uhot in tho oyo by a revolver in tho
hands of Eddie Mctircw, whllo they
wcro out bathing with soma other boys
southwest of DoWltt. Tho doctor found
it necessary to rerilovo tho Injured eye
ball. Exi'KiiT A. 11 Fowllo Is still at work
on tho books in tho olllco of tho city
clerk of llontrlcc. Ho says that thcro
has been Issued warrants amounting to
perhaps $40,000 that, so far as there is
any record now to bo had, wcro unau
thorised. Duiiino tho severe electric storm at
Oakland lightning struck tho front of
l'redmotaky llros. store, causing slight
damage. A. number of citizens who
were standing In front of tho building
wcro severely shocked, but nono seri
ously hurt.
ItAiutoAD men of Lincoln arc moving
to secure at that point tho location of
tho headquarters of the lirothcrliood of
Hallway Trainmen. Tho headquarters
nro now at Galesburg, 111., but nt u re
cent meeting there it was decided to
move them.
At Republican City Francis Inland
er, a young man twenty-fivo years of
age, was shot in tho ankle by u farmer
named Henry Horn. Kylander was in
vading Horn's peach orchard. Tho
wound is very painful and will cripple
tho man for life.
Wonn has been brought to Decatur
that 250 teums with railroad imple
ments were on tho other side of tho
river, and it is rumored that tho long
promised extension of tho Illinois Cen
tral to tho river will bo fulfilled. Camps
have been pitched and it looks as if it
means business.
Tins Crawford company is tho namo
of a newly incorporated concern, pa
pers for which yero filed in tho olllco
of tho secretary of state last week.
Tho object of tho company is to buy
and sell real estate, lay out and incor
porate town bites uud additions and
own and opcrato a water power canal
at Crawford.
Grs Ciitxiu'ito, a prominent Hurt
county farmer, living three miles oust
of Oakland, committed suicide at Craig
hotel by taking poison. His mind had
been deranged for some timo. Ho was
at the. tlino under tho Sheriff's charge
and was being taken boforo tho board
of insanity at Tekamah. Ho leaves a
wife and children. Ho owned a splen
did farm and was well fixed financially.
A msTHKPSixa accident resulting in
two deaths occurred at ltradlsh, bix
inlleH cast of Albion, llcrt Holt on,
wife and child, wcro driven into tho
village in a road cart. When near tho
elevator they were oblfged to cross a
canon, and this was filled with water
to a depth of fivo feet. In crossing tho
cart was overturned and tho three were
thrown into tho water. Tho wlfo and
baby were drowned. Tho bodies wero
Nki.ioh has been tho scene of a pecu
liar crimo and thcro is no oluo as to tho
identity of tho perpetrator. When
.Miss Jennie Brown, a girl just budding
into womanhood, awolto tho other
morning she discovered that during tho
night she had been shorn of one of her
principal charms by some one who had
come through the window during the
night, She had a Itcautlful head of
hair, ouo half of which is mtlrely
DisniiCT court opened at Sprlngvlow
last week with Judgo llartow of Chad
ron on the bench. Tho Porter murder
easo was remanded back to the county
court, from whence it came, Judge
Jiolsclaw found Porter guilty last Juno
of murder in the first degree and held
him to the district court for sentence.
Maiiiox Fkiiidi.k was arrested at
Odcll on tho charge of kidnapping the
15.ycar-old daughter of A. S. Lyons of
(cut tie, Kan. I'eiddlo claims ho was
taking tho girl to her mother, who
lives in Lincoln and has been separated
from her husband for a uumbcr of
years, the girl being their only daughter.
A Mysterious Dentil.
About two weeks ngo two horses
driven by a middlo aged man, tho
wagon containing a young woman,
stopped at a farm houso three or four
miles out from Stromsburg. Tho man
asked for permission to lcavo tho
young woman at tho houso for a few
days as she was not feeling very well.
Tho farmer's wlfo consented and tho
woman was taken into tho house, to-bo
followed by her trunk which was in
tho wagon. Tho man drovo off and
has not been seen since.
Tho woman became ill shortly after
being taken luto tlio houso and a doctor
was summoned. Ileforo ho arrived she
had givon birth to a child and had died.
Sho was so ill that tho farmer's wlfo
was unablo to question her satisfac
torily. After her death her trunk and
her clothing wcro searched, but thcro
was not tho slightest tiling which
would lead to her identification. Her
body was burled in tho cemetery and
tho event is probably forgotten by this
time. Tlio baby was brought to the
Homo for tho Friendless on Sept. 11
and is said to bo gottlng along as well
as could be expected.
l'erlshed for Wuut of Cure.
A complaint was mada to F. J. Tay
lor, county attorney of Howard county,
that tho infant child ot Mr. and Mrs.
Charles Zlmmons, living about two
miles northeast of St. Paul, was re
ceiving improper caro by tho mother
refusing to nurso It ana provide it witu
proper food, and from tho gcnernl
abuse and mistreatment of its parents
the infant would dio unless something
was dono Immediately. Tho child was
about 15 days old, and when visited by
a number of citizens was found to bo
wrapped in wet clothing and placed in
a room by itself. A coflln had been
ordered, a grave arranged for and a
woman engaged to prepare tho remains
for burial, although tho child was
found to be btlll alive. Tho party re
turned to town after giving tho parenta
some very pointed ndvieo and sent a
doctor to visit tho baby, but on tho
next morning the child was dead. Pub
lie sentiment demanded an investiga
tion. Tho coroner was called for, who
at once impaneled a jury and took tes
timony. Tho jury returned a verdict
finding that tho infant camo to its
death from want of proper food and
caro aud general neglect of its parents,
No arrests havo yet boon made, but
ijrcat indignation provalls.
A.I'reullur Aceldcnt.
Kearney dispatch: A very peculiar
and painful accident happened to a
young man just south of tho river In
Phelps county Saturday night. Ho was
out in tho yard barefooted when a bolt
of lightning struck him on tho right
sido of tho head, burning his hair as If
touched with a candle. Tho fluid then
passed down his neck, across his chest
and down his left side, going out at his
left foot and tearing it to pieces. Tho
heol was completely torn away, and
nothing was loft of tho foot except a
strip from tho instep to tho big toe, nil
tho othor toes being torn out, and tho
foot had tho appearance of being run
through n threshing machine. He was
immediately brought to tho city and
his foot amputated. Ho is now on a
fair way to recovery, and nside from
tho loss of tho foot suiFers no effects
from tho bhoek. It is supposed that he
had his left foot on tho ground nt tho
time of tho stroke and that is the cause
of tho strange phenomena.
A Vnltlaliln liurnf Stolrn.
O'Neill dispatch: O'Neill horsemen
are considerably agitated over the theft
of Kay S, record :.':2!),'4, owned by dl.
A. Deyarman, which occurred hero re
cently. Tho maro hnd been running
in tho pasture of tho Idle Wild stock
farm, a few-miles west of O'Neill, and
tho last tlmo sho was seen by her own
er was about two weeks ago. Sunday
Deyarman went out to his pasture to
bring tho maro in, when tho discovcay
of tho theft was made. Two years ago
tho mare, which is a 0-year-old roan,
standard bred Hamblctoulan, was cam
paigned through tho eastern Nebraska
circuit, whero sho mada her record.
Her young colt, which was in the pas
ture with her, was not taken, and had
been adopted by a motherly old mare
that a colt about its age. Tho mare
was valued at about $500.
Lincoln County 'Will l'rotet.
Tho managers of tho Lincoln county
exhibit of tho stato fair will protest
against the action of tho judges in
awarding the first premium on county
exhibits to Furnas county. Tho pro
test will bo filed immediately on re
ceipt of official notico that such an
award has been made. Tho protest
will bo mado on tho grounds that Fur
nas county hnd no exhibit on the
grounds and place at the timo specified
by tho rules, and that but three coun
ties in tho state wero entitled to be
considered in the award under tho
rules, one of these being Lincoln. Sec
rotary Seeberger stated that tho
awarding of prizes was a farce. Ho ac
cuses tho judges of partiality to non
irrigated counties and states that tho
liurliugton railroad interest favored
the non-irrigated territory.
Jail Delivery nt I'lnttomouth.
A clover pleco of jail-breaking was
performed at Plattsmouth by four pris
oners confined in thecago at the county
jail iu that city whereby all mado their
escape, nicir exit, was mauo oy locat
ing a weak place in the jail floor near
the washstaud, where constant damp
had caused it to rust almost through.
Ity tho uso of a piece of Iron off the
bedstead a hole was mado through tho
sheet steel about eighteen inches long
and twelve inches wide. Through this
tho prisoners escaped. Two of the
prisoners wero held on serious charges.
A reward will bo offered for their ap
prehension. A paper declares that "Mr. Johnson,
a farmer of our village, on returning to
his house the other day, found in his
ground-floor bedroom, the door of
which had been left open, a cow, prob
ably astray." Tho conjecturo expressed
In the last two words may bo set down
as, on the whole, a fair one.
Will J. McConnell, the temperanco
lecturer, who Invariably fell from grace
Immediately after each lecture, has at
last been declared Insane by a Cleve
land judge. He was his own horrible
All .Sort of Charge Handled tlnck and
Forth by tlio Jlrlnncyltes nntl Thtlton
Follower- Sew Tiimtnnny Lend
crs Selected Colonel George
II. McClellnn Succeeds
llourko Cockran.
Ni:w Youk, Sept. 30. -Tho Dalton
and Dclnney factions of Tammany
locked horns at u meeting at the hall
last night and there was a remarkable
warm timo over tho contest in tho
Eleventh district. Tho fight wns pre
cipitated by tho report of the commit
tee on credentials sustaining thesit
ting members. John J. Delaney, who
headed tho contesting delegation, said
that tho Dalton men had been elected
by fraud and threatened that this fac
tion would bolt In tho Eleventh dis
trict on election day and destroy the
maxim that the fights of Tammany
wero always settled in Tammany.
The resolution to continue tho Dalton
faction In their scats was carried with
i shout, however, and then Delaney
tnd his braves left the hall.
In tho course of his speech Dolancy
uhurged that Dalton, who tued to bo
in excise commissioner, had fattened
his organization by taking in men who
had been in state prison. Ho nnmeda
number of thugs who had joinod Dal
ton and pointed them out. It would
not bo charged against him, Delaney
said, as it hud been charged against
tho btate Democracy, that "ho had not
made his light within tho organiza
tion." "Such methods as these men
havo adopted," the opposing leader
from tho Eleventh district shouted,
"niako it necessary for any man that
:o in c.i into Tammany hall to leave his
manhood behind." Delano3''s follow
ers numbered r00.
Ex-Police Commissioner John C.
Shechan was chosen as treasurer of
Tammany and ex-Congressman Amos
7. Cummlngs wns mado chairman of
tho printing committee, supplanting
sx-Muyor Gllroy. Colonel Georgo 11.
McClellnn was chosen to llourko Cock--au's
old place.
Tlio Trust mid Wholrsnto Dealers Combine
Agulnst Depart inrnt Storo Snles.
Chicago. Sept. 30. The proprietors
of some of tho large retail groceries
mil department stores in this city
have unearthed what is said to bo tho
Urongct combination ever formed to
control the price of sugar. It is said
that the wholesale grocers havo nearly
perfected an arrangement with tho
sugar trust, by which retail grocers
mil department stores will bo cut off.
Several of the retailers and depart
ment stores have already been notified
by the agents of tho trust that they
will not be allowed to buy any more
sup;ar on a parity with tho wholesalers
Tlio plan proposed is tliat the gro
wers are to act simply as factors for
the trust, forwarding to it within
thirty days after the receipt of goods
the amount of the invoice less 1 per
:ent trade discount on 100 bnrrcl lots
with tho right to deduct 1 per cent ad
lltional if tlio forwarding of cash is
made in seven days, tho dealers not to
bo permitted to sell suga.r either
.llrectly or Indirectly at less than tho
rate book prices of the trust. A com
mission of one-eighth of ouo cent n
pound Is to be allowed to the grocer
by tho Irust, und sixteenth of one
sent additional is to go Into n general
fund for maintaining a local associa
tion. It is said that the trust proposes
to pursue similar tactics in all tho
leading cities In the country.
Mohammedan Commit Another Outrage
In Armenia.
Coxstaxtixoit.k, Sept. M. Otto
man olllcials at Antioch have
succeeded in exciting tho Moham
medans willi n report of an im
pending massacre by Armenians. As
u result, tho Mohammedans, accom
panied by police, raided an Armenian
jhurch uud searched the building for
arms. The Armenians resisted and in
the conflict whicn ensued ten of them
wero killed. A reign of terror pre
vails at Kemiikh and Kr.ongen, owing
to tho oppressions by tlio Turks.
Many Armenia ns havo been arrested.
National League Standing.
Won. Lost.
llulttmore 1 u
('Ittxolaml .... St 4t
Philadelphia T1 M
Chicago.. 71 M
llokton 71 61
IlriHilil)ii .. till 5.1
New York ....iV! 6J
1'itUburg 11 OS
Clucinnnti til ill
Wushliiittmi It M
V.ouivill3 31 lit
1 a
Nmv Itt-vi'lt itk Appointed.
Milwaikki:. Wis., Sept. ol). The
resignation of tlio Northern Pacific re
ceivers was accepted In tho federal
court at Milwaukee, Wis., and .ludgo
Jenkins named as the new receivers
Kdwurd MoHenry, chief engineer
of the Northern Paeific, and Frank G.
Ulgclow, a Milwaukee, banker.
Itlcli Montana Indian ImiiiU Ceded.
GitK.vr Falls, Mont., Sept. 30. A
treaty has been dieted with the Pie
gan Indians by which a trip of land,
rich in gold, silxer and copper ores, is
ceded to tho I'tiilt'd States. One and
a half million dollars Is to be paid in
ten annuul installments of cattle and
annuities, beginning in lsuo.
The I'rt'rident'k Munition Limit.
WAr-iUXQTox, Sept. M, The presi
dent is not expected to return to Wash
ingiion from Gray Gubles until about
October 13. Secretary Curllslo has
written from Marion, Mass.. that ho
will be at his desk iu tho treasury
building Monday.
Mnjor Ocorgo A. Anne In Trouble for
Insulting (lenrmt Kchntlcld.
Wabhixotox, Sept 30. Captain
George A. Armcs, retired, better
known ns Major Amies, was arrested
at his home, Armcsleigh park, last
evening by soldlors, and is confined in
tho Washington burraeks. Tho order
for his arrest was slimed bv Asslstnnt
Adjutant Gcnoral Vincent, "Hy order
of the acting secretary of war.
iff Uffiff nrtr lif in "
eral Schofield
tho ueting sccre-
1 hero has been a personal quarrel
of twenty-five years' standing between
Genoral Schofield und Major Armts.
Tho latter was vefuscd an interview
with tho general and wroto him an
insulting letter.
Major Armcs was court martlalcd
for pulling the nose of Governor Hea
ver of Pennsylvania at the Inaugura
tion of President Garfield.
General Schofield Bald to-day that ho
regretted exceedingly having been
forced to take action against Arincs,
but being acting secretary of war at
the time, ho felt obliged to order his
arrest solely In tho interest of military
discipline, and without regard to per
sonal consideration. If he had not
been noting us secretary of war ho
would have Ignored tho incident alto
gether. It is said at tho war department that
Major Armcs will remain in confine
ment until his case Is disposed of by
Secretory Lamont unless ids release is
ordered by tho civil courts on u writ
of habeas corpus. Any process of the
civil courts in this case will bo imme
diately respected.
Itrltlsh. l'uncrft Worried Over Noble
men's JHnrrluges.
Loxnox, Sept. 30. .Many protests,
more or less serious, arc appearing in
tho newspapers of London on tho de
pletion of the ranks of eligible noble
men by marriage with American
Tho Daily News says that tho en
gagement of tho Duke of Marlborough
and tho millionaire, Miss Vanderbilt,
gives additional support to tho theory
that tho principle of equality is
doomed in America.
It is rumored that Mrs. Langtry
contemplates mnrriago with Sir Kol
ert Peel In tho event of her securing a
divorce in the courts of California.
The Kverent KkIiUo Sued.
Atchisox, Kan., Sept. 30. tV A.
Lane, receiver for the defunct State
Exchange bank of Jamestown, filed a
suit In tho district court here to re
cover over $69,000 from the widow of
tho lato Colonel A. S. Everest. The
pennon alleges that the ban It was
owned, controlled and managed by
and In tho interests of A. S. Everest,
and that bofore It was closed in I8U3,
Everest so manipulated things ns to
draw out tho entire capital, S.I.OOO,
and also to round up ail tho assets
'nto his possession.
KiiUlv.in for ltcferec.
Caicaoo, Sept. oO. Tho Tribune
publishes interviews with a hundred
or more devotees of sport in various
parts of the country regarding tho fit
ness and propriety of having John L.
Sullivun referee the fight between Cor-
oett and i lt?slmmons. in all the an
swers there is not one word against
tho ex-chaniplon's fitness for the posi
tion, and with very few exceptions
tlio.se interviewed are enthusiastic on
tho subject of his being appointed the
Coke Prices uud WngeH ItitUed.
PirrsiiL'iio, Pa., Sept. 30. The price
of furnacu coke has beeu advanced, to
take effect next Tuesday, to Sl.G'l per
ton and the II. C Frick Coke company
and other companies m which they are
interested or control have posted no
tices giving their men an advance of 0
per cent on their wages, to take effect
then. This will apply to about 13,000
men, so far as tho Frlek company Is
Is Hurlhert AlltoV
Loxnox, Sept. 30. A correspondent
of tho Whitehall Hevicw asserts that
ho saw William Henry Hurlhert, tho
er-Amerisan editor, at Nice last week.
A dispatch to tho Times, published
September 7, said that William Henry
Ilurlbbcrt hud died at Cadonubdia,
Her Skull llrokcu by n Stone.
Atchisox, Kan., Sept 30. Mrs
Philip Porter, wife of a local orator
and politician, whllo watching a crowd
of colored boys fight yestordny, was
struck by a living stone and tier skull
fractured, she Is very old and her
physician says slie cannot recover.
A Not ml Law Writer at ICeL
IlociiK&TBR, N. V., Sept. 30. Robert
Desty, uged 110, is dead. He was tho
author of more than twenty law books
which are of word wide reputation.
Kiilifiag to Volition t'ongres.
Toi'KKA, Kan., Sept 30. Petitions
numerously signed nro in circulation
hero requesting congress to recognise
Cuba as u belligerent nation.
Nominated for .ludge.
HuTciiixsox, Kan., Sept. o0. Tho
Democrats of this district nominated
William Whltelaw for judge of the
district court.
It Is denied that Spain ignores tho
Heil Cross In Cuba.
A movement against livo American
cattle is said to havo begun in Eng
lund. Captains Mnynardier und Matthews
of the army have been retired for dis
ability. A son was liorn to United States
minister and Mrs. Ureoklurldge in St.
England has sent nine warships to
the scenes of massacres of missionaries
by Chinese.
Miss Lucilo lilnckburn, daughter of
the Kentucky senator, is to marry a
New Jersey politician named Lane.
It Is said that Colonel Willie C. P.
Hreckinrldgo bus begun a quiet cam
paign to get back his old teat in con
gress next year
Tlio Aggretilvo Tollcy of John r. Fin
nertjr IVhat Ho Snld In tho IrUh Con
vention Flrey Utterances Knthunlantl
calljr Cheered UoMa Decline nn Hon
orary Odlce Significant Word Uttered
lilectlon of Oulcera.
Irish Liberty Proposed.
CmcAco, Sept. 20. When the Irish
delegates assembled for their second
day's work, little time was lost in pre
liminaries and the election of perma
nent officers was put through at a
rapid pace, tho following being unan
imously chosen: J. P. Pinnerty, chair-'
man; J. r. button, secretary; J. P.
Keating, T. L. H. McGrevy and J. C.
Strain, assistant secretaries; J. M.
Kennedy of Montana, C. D. O'Hrlen of
St Paul, C. P. Drlscoll of New Huven,
P. J. .ludgo of Holyo.co and Cornelius
Harding of Pittsburg, vice presidents.
When the report of tho committee
on credentials was submitted, it was
received witli some disfavor by a few
of the delegates because Dr. Paul M.
Shecdy and John Madden from the
Ancient Order of Hibernians and a
convention of tho Irish-American citi
zens of Allegheny, county, Pa., wero
refused seats. An amendment seating
tho two was offered, and trouble was
threatened for a time, but tho com
mlttco was sustained by a liberal ma
jority and tlio matter was dropped,
the claim being that tho credentials
wero not sufficient.
Considerable enthusiasm was created
by a motion to add O'Donovan Itossa
to the list of vico Presidents, but
Kossa declined.
Then Pinerty, in an address to tho
convention, declared for an Irish
American standing army which should
bo reidy to do battle for Ireland
whenever opportunity might pre ut
itself. Tho chairman's views met
with the approval of the delegates
and were supported by hearty enthus
iasm. He outlined a plun by which
young Irish-Americans throughout the
country should bo organized into mil
itary companies which would as a
wholo constitute a standing army that
might at a proper timo strike for
Irish liberty.
Over n Thousand Moro Names Added
Than Havo Horn Dropped.
Wabhixotox, Sept. 'Jo. A year ago
Commissioner of Pensions Lochren
said that the limit had probably been
reached In the number of pensions, or
rather in tho amount of the yearly
appropriation for pensions, but that
for two or three years tho payments
would rcmnin about the same. It win
Ids opinion that there would bo a
slight reduction in the" number of pen
sioners on account of deaths, but that
tho allowance of tho new pension with
back pay and urrears would probably
keep tho amount about even. While
the amount of mony paid for pensions
will not bo materially different from
that of pnst years, it appears that
there has been added to the pension
rolls during the year about 1,000
names in excess of those that havo
dropped out. as there has been an in
crease, Instead of a decrease. Thcro
have been a great many outstanding
pension claims adjusted during tho
year, and that accounts for tho "largo
increa e. Tho year has not been fa
tal to pensioners, lite death rate being
less than would be anticipated at tho
timo of life at which the veterans of
tho lato war have arrived.
The Announcement of n rtanlc 1'roject
In l'eliln Cnutes Alarm.
Loxnox, Sept. 20 . It is announced
that, with the sanction of tho czar, a
Ilussian bank with very largo capital
will bo opened for business soon at
Pekln, with a branch at Shanghai.
Some of the most prominent finan
ciers and merchants in Itussla nro in
terested in tho sehemc, which has
beeu secretly canvassed. The charter
has just been issued. Tho enterprise
is regarded as another indication of
Kussiu's determination to wrest the
commercial as well as tho political
supremacy in the far East from
Durrani's Attorney Charges lilancho
Luinont'H Murder to Mr. Gibson.
Sax Fhaxcisco, Sept. '20, Tno de
fense in the case of Theodore Durrant
opened to-dny. Eugene Duprej', in his
opening address, made the sensational
charge that tho He v. John Georgo Gib
son, pastorof Emanuel liaptist church,
where tho tragedy occurred, was the
murderer of Hlanchu Lamont
Comments of n Loudon l'nper.
Loxdox, Sept 20. Tho Pall Mall
llazettc this afternoon prints a leader
on tlio f -bject of tho Irish Nationalist
convention at Chicago. It oxpres-.oi
tho opinion that the so-called new
movement Is very like tho old one,
which vt temporarily crushed by the
revelutlons in connection with the
murder of Dr. Cronln in Chicago, and
tlio object of which, it asserts, wus
clearly proved to bis boodle and not the
independence of Ireland.
"Wo cm afford to bmile at Mr. Fin
crty's statements," says tho Gazette,
"but if tho Irish will formulate their
demands and agitate for redres In the
manner adopted by Englishmen they
will find England more than ready to
meet them half way. Threats onlv
btilfen our back and dull our hearing."
Northern I'acino IteceWers Reilgn.
MlLWAi'KKE, Wis , Sept 20. Henry
C, Payne, Thomas P. Cilces and 11. C.
Houso, receivers .of the Northern Pa
cific railroad, tendered their resigna
tions to Judge Jenkins. Judge Jenkins
will take the matter under advisement
and will decido Friday, the 27th.
Senator Klklns I&Jured.
Kixowoon, W. Va., Sept 20. Sen
ator Stephen II. Elkins fell from a bi
cycle which he was riding and so se
verely iojured his ankle that ho im
mediately took a special train to New
York city to secure surgical treatineut
An Ex-Knnns Cashier Attempts to Ite
vrnge. tho Loss of n Salt.
NonTOX. Kan., Sept 20. In 1803 tho
Norton County Stato bank of this city,
of which Morgan Ueaton was cashier,
failed. Thcro was somo talk at tho
time of mismanagement by Hcatoiu
but the real cause was the sudden de
preciation of land values. Hcaton'a
wife owned ninety-six shares of stock.
In January, 1S91, tho bank was reor
ganized under new management, nntl
Mrs Hcaton was requested to assign
to them her stock. She refused.
Liter, sho alleged, sho did as
sign the stock to avoid a threat
ened prosecution of her husband for
embezzlement. She also signed a deed,
to tho homestead property and some
school land certificates. Sho later
brought suit to recover tho value of
the stock, S9,C00, and to set aside tho
deed to the homestead and other land,
becausothey were signed under duress.
Tho only witness by whom sho could
provo that she acted under duress,
aside from her husband, who ciuld
not testify under tho law, was John,
llrown, a notary, who took tho ac
knowledgment of tlio deeds und other
The trial'was held this week, and.
the defendants, tho Norton County
Stato bank, raised the point thnt tho
notary could not now impoich his re
turns as made at that time. The court
so held, and rendered judgment for
the defendants.
At 0 o'clock this morning, Hcaton
shot four times at J. M. Craig, ono of
the defendants, but nono of the shots
took effect. Hcaton then rati into tho
Norton County Stato bank and at
tempted to shoot tho cashier, W. T.
Shoemaker', but missed him. Hcaton
was finally arrested. Craig lives at
Plattsmouth, Neb., and is a banker
Commissioner Drowning Wants Thus
"Who Maltreated Iluunock I'anhdird.
Wabhixotox, Sept. 20. Commission
er of Indian Affairs Drowning haa
mado his annual report to tho secre
tary of the interior. It shows progress
in nearly all directions. Of the trouble
between tho Bannock Indians nnd tho
whites at Jackson's Hole, Wyo., ho
says that tho whole matter has beeu
referred to tho department of justice
and tho nttotney general lias reported
that no Indians arc now confined iu
Wyoming for violating the game laws
of that state. The department of jus
tice does not sco how redress can bo
obtained for tho Indians who havo
paid their fines. Recent reports of
Agent Tctcr nro quoted to bhow thnt
the Indians Arc still sullen and that
they demand that tho whites who
wronged them bo punished and tho
commissioner asks whether or not the
department of justice cannot do some
thing towards punishing tho offend-
Application for Licenses Hcfofcd Despite
tho Dallas Decision.
Afsnx. Texas, Sept. 20 . Yesterday
application was made- to Comptroller
Finlcy by the tax collectors of Mc
Lcnnen and Hayes counties for prizo
fight licenses which wero promptly
refused by the comptroller at tlio in
btancc of the attorney general, who,
in a written opinion, still contends
that Judge Hurt's opinion, delivered
at Dallas last week, nullifying the
anti-prize fight law, is not binding,
and holding Judge Hurt's opinion in
error, in that it is impossible for two
conflicting provisions of a statute in
parti materia, enacted at different
times, to be in forco at one and tho
same time. The tax collectors have
appealed to tho'snnremo court for a
writ of mandamus to secure a license.
Quotations from New Vork. Chicago,
Louis, Omaha and Klsowburn.
nutter Creamery separator,.
13 a 19
111 W li,i
It ft 1".
0 tt OS
H W 81,
8 do u n on
1 73 ft 2 (W
S 7.1 U 3 0J
25 W 'M
1 75 48 2 00.
2 10 V, 2 15
ti M) 46 7 00
10 4 II
75 4i H
3 Hi 4t 4 (0
3 X 4 3 00
i 25 40 3 IU
4 23 40 4 35
1 M) 41 2 75
2 25 41, 2 SO
2 25 411 5 2
1 75 kl i lift
1 fij 4i 3 10
2 8) W .'I 40
3 (0 v. 4 71
2 65 4i 3 00
3t :ipt
I'J KS 1U'
B (X) i 8 12l
5 0 44 5 OO
! HJ j 4 20
2 9J 4 U5
:im a 5 40
3 0 4 25
1 CO 16 J 00
M $ C4'(
ks a ;.8jr
24 4t -M'i
in no k ir so
0 15 is, 0 2J
r-o it co'i
23 4 2,
is ii, l'J
3 &0 u 4 W)
fi 41) ft 5 75
2 (V a .1 35
. 3 00 (i 4 00
5S O f.9
2(1 4fc VO'j.
10 ( 20
2 .V) Hi, 3 IK)
3 90 kfi 4 30
. 225 U 300
iiuuor i air to goou country.
Lggs I'rcsh
Honey California, per l
Hens Live, por lb
Spring Chickens, peril)
J.eniotis Choleo Messlnas
Apples per bbl
uiuns:es Horldas, per box....
I otutoes per bu
Watermelons nor dozen
lieuns Xtivy, liund-plckod, bu 2 10
liny Upland, per ton IS M)
unions rer tut
Lhceso Neb. & la., full crcatn
tomatoes per bushel
hogs .Mixed packing
Hogs llouvv welcbts
l.toves- Mockeis und feeder.
liecr steers
r- !
1 1 L 1 1 l rs '
tbeen Lambs
tilt-up Cliulco native-)
Wheat No. 2. spring
Lorn Per bu
Luts i or bu
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1 ols I' nek org and mlpd...
t nttle - Woxtorn rango steers..
.Mttivo neovos
titep l.uintjf
11 cup Natives
Wheat. No. 2. red winter,
tbm So. 2 ,.,..,....
duts No.2
1 ort... .................. ..........
Lurd ..............................
fcT. LOUIi
Wheat No 2red, casn
lorn I'crbtt ..........
Otitk lerbu ,
hoi: Jllxed packing...
C tittle Nntlvo steers
tbteoKx port natives
Lambs. ,
Wheat No. ? iard
lorn No. 2
Out No.2
unit Mockers and feeder..
Lock Mlxea puckers
rheep .Muttons
Shipbuilding on the Coast.
Wasiiinptox, Sept. 20. Secretary
Herbert has ordered Chief Engineer
Wilson to proceed from tho Maro
Island navy yard to Seattle, Wash, to
examine the plant of Moran llros.
who submitted a bid for the construct
tlon of one of tho three now torpedo
boats, with a view to ascertaining
their ability to do the work.
The Republicans show a disposition
to tack Hawaiian annexation onto the.
Cuban question. "uie