Hemingford herald. (Hemingford, Box Butte County, Neb.) 1895-190?, September 13, 1895, Image 1

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For Watches, Glpbks,
and Jewelry, '
v -
(Repairing done ami
satisfaction guarant'd
City Jewelry Store
City Jewelry Store
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VOL. 1
omoia.1 Dii'eotory.
(Jac Hurry, Ht Hist
CoujmlBStonoriH Jas. Holllnrko, and DIst.
(Geo. NY Dancan.lnl Dlst.
Juilco D. K. Spnoht. .
i;iorK J. k. noni.
Hherlff-E. A.Hnll ,
Troasurer -8. H. Ltbby.
Attornoy It. tf.GIImnn.
Coronor-P. II. Drlscoll.
Surveyor J. !' Hazard.
Supt rifSahOols-Il. F.Flllmoro.
Olvurpla lOlrootory.
) riONaKEOATIONAIi. Freaohlnjreach nltcr
Jv.nnto Sunday, hOKtuolnR January. 1. 1MU, at
Jl o'clook u,
lu.. uml t TTvin. rjiindat' Hclioul
lit 10 a, in.
nt V p. tn.
Prayer Meeting each Wednesday
MAItHOMO: Kov, Charles Zak Pastor.
MKTnODISTs-Hov J,W. Kendall Pastor
Pronohlne tlio second und ionrtli Sunday In
each month at 11 a. m. and 7 p, m.
".TltS(10tAT.: Karvieof in tho Oonerccat-
Julonal Ohurcb. ltov. l'nstor.
Service ou tUt hlrd Thursday In each month
Bt7 p. m '
MW. A. Rombnth Camp No. SMO. Meet
sooond and I mirt It Tuesday night of each
month, Visltinu NoiRhuora cordially invited.
W. M. IoDKXfiE, Olork. i. Hoot, V. U.
Ck. X. &j-"W. O. Time Oarcl.
'No. . pns(nnRor arrives at
rART hound.
1 1:25 p.m.
fi-.oo p. m.
Jo: 10 a. m,
8;21 a. m.
il:5'J p. in.
3:35 p. m.
40 freight
48 freight nrrlvofl at
irrlvos at
No, 41 pasRrncor arrlvea at
" 47 froisht arrives at
All trains onrry nassonffors.
F. w, yimtwuur, AgonU
HBJtlNoronD poBtoflloo, On week days, door
opens nt 7 a. m.. gonorsl delivery opens at 8 a.
m. and clows at 8 p. m. Open Sundays 0 to
10 a. in.
IlEitisaFonD AND Box Butte stage daily except
IIintiMOFonD and DmrLAlr stage, Monday
Wcduosday and -Friday.
Alliance, -:- Nebraska.
JBSf-OiHco in .Fletcher Block.
Attorney at Law,
!Tw-jrii lance;" r Tcirraa
Practices in all the courts and be
fore TJ. S. Land Ollice. .
Attorneys - at - Law,
E. E. BARR, n. D.
State Univeusitv of Iowa 1887.
Chicago Poleoltnic 1894.
SintaEitv and Tnn Medical
ANuSunaicAL Diseases of
Alliance, - - - Hebraska
arc offered by the BURLINGTON
JtOUTE, Sept. 8, 9 and 10, on account
of tho National Encampment of tho
G. A. K. Tho Nobraska G. A. 11.
Ofllcial train, carrying tho Depart
ment commander, will loave Lincoln
at 1.20 p. m., Monday, Sept. 9. Mom
pf the W. Ii. O. and the G. A. R. as
well as the general public, will find
this train by far the. most desirable
means of reaching the Encampment
ae it goes throngh to Louisville with
out cuanob of cars.
Tlokate, sleeping .car reservations
und full Information: on application
tb any agflnt of the Ii. & M. It. R. or
tQ J. Francis, G. P. & T. A.,
Omaha, Neu.
Shqes of all kinds, styles and
pricos. Can lit any foot aud pocket
book. W. K. HEnNOALL.
I have a market for 25 dozon
spring cliickeuB. Will pay Cash.
Come aud see me. R. MoLeod.
Mnohino Oils at Grcon's.
California canned goods 15 cents a
can at W. K. Ilarncall'a.
Paints of all kinds at Green's.
A new lot of shoes just received by
W. K. Herncall.
Frank Branch was in . town
Wednesday. ,.
A. M. Miller shipped two cars
of sheop Monday.
A number of our citizens w ill
attend tho Stato Fair.
Mrs. Dunham is
visiting with
Mrs. 'Mastrud at Berea.
at tho City Jewelry Store.
Born, to Mr. and Mrs. Albert
Enyeurt, Sept. Gth, a girl.
0. J. Wildy js taking in tho
Black Hills towns this week.
Mrs. B. C. Fenner of Dunlap
was a Homingford visitor Mon
day. Andrew Tschachor, jr., bo
came a reader of tho Herald
this week.
Mr. Gorbor and family wont up
to tho Pino Ridgo last week on a
pleasure trip.
Geo. J. ScharfE one of our en
terprising young men, deposited
money on subscription last Fri
day. W. Reimann camo up from Al
liance Sunday and spent a couplo
of days with his brother, God
frey. Tho pio social at J. O. McCork
lo's last Friday ovening was well
attended and everyone reports an
enjoyable time.
Mr. S. J. Wooton of Marsland
was a Homingford visitor on
Saturday. Tho Herald ac
ltnowledges a call.
Swan Swanson and family ar-
,iJsHw.inivvirmiTriay..i from.
Pholus county and will visit a
couplo of weeks with friends and
relatives in this vicinity.
Pinkerton & Alexander com
menced work on the court house
Monday morning. Tho building
will look like a now one when
these gentlemen got through
with it.
Byron Weed is getting an en
viable reputation as a horsq
tvninnr. Bvron can make a
horse perform any trick ho (tho
horse) wishes to, in a few min
utes. .
Mike McCann called Monday
and contributed a couplo of "cart
wheels" on subscription. Mr.
McCann and family expect to
visit their old home in Iowa in a
week or two. '
Jonn A. Wilson, a thorough
farmer of Box Butto precinct,
camo over Tuesday to do his
trading with busy merchants in
a live town. Ho paid his respects
to The Herald.
J. H. Scott, representing a
lumber firm of Enumclaw, Wash.
was doing business with our
lumbermen Tuesday. Mr. Qcott
thinks that tho people of this
county ought to try for artesian
water, which ho has no doubt
could bo easily obtained.
Tho republicans hold their
squabble at tho court house Sat
urday. Chas. Johnson was nom
inated for assossor; A.' S. En
yeart and Marshall Gooch for
Justices and Luke Phillips ,and
Harry Piorco for Constable. Tho
Foskotites didn't seem to bo in
it at all.
Rev, Aug. Wundorlich, airiv
ed in town Tuesday morning
from Now Wells, Mo. Mr
Wundorlich is successor to Rov.
Schroedor and will have chargo
of tho German Lutheran church.
Tho Lutheran peoplo will bo
glad to have a minister stationed
hero again. Mr. Wundorlich in
forms us that Mr. Sohroodor will
visit Homingford to-morrow
Burglars Caught.
John Taylor and Walter
Barker, tho burglars wild
broko jail at Hot Springs last
Friday, woro captured in a .bo
car at this placo by Shoriff Hall
Saturday evening. Conductor
Dan Colvin suspicioned tho fcl
lows at Adolia, locked thorn in
tho car, and wirod tho Sheriff.
Jno.oiUho fGllows sw.orp that if
lie over got out of jail ho would
kill Colvin but wo guess Dan,
won't loso much sleep oror tho
tho throat, Shoriff Hall took
tho prisonors to Hot Springs
Sunday morning. ' !-
Burned His Wagon.
Whilo on his way homo from
tho Pino Ridgo last week John'
McKonzio camped near tho river
for dinner. In somo way , tho
camp flro and load of pitch pino
wood, became' ' too closely con
nected which resulted in tho to
tal destructing of tho wood and
wagon. Mr. Mcptouzio was near
there all tho tune but it seems
that tho flro had a good start bo
foro ho discovered it and was
unable to quench tho flames. In
trying to savo the blankots and
axo he burned his faco and hands
quite severely.
Whilo at Pino Ridgo a fow
weeks ago, Mr, Huot secured a
specimen of what tho Pino Itidgo
peoplo call "Oregon Grape," and
sent it to Thomas Meehan & Sons,
Philadelphia, foiV classification.
Tho following !from Median's
Monthly Wild Flowers And Na
turo explains it.
-ULJXnot-.of HamingtodJ
sends aapecimont iromriuoltiuge.
aou., or waar is more caiieu the
Oregon Grape. It is Mahouia
ropens. Tho true roon Grape
is Mahonia aquifolia. Botanist d
not regard them as distinct, ard
uso M. repens as a synonym.
Horticulturist, however, have to
koep them separate, and conse
quently to koop up both names.
In Oregon and further nor th oven
to Alaska Mahonia aquifolia
grows sometimes four feet high,
forming undorbush so thick that a
man can scarcly got through; but
the ono from Nobraska, M. ropens,
seldom exceeds a foot in hight, and
creeps underground considerably.
Our correspondent also sends spec
imens of Caloohorlus Nuttalliana,
tho beautiful Mariposa Lily of that
section. Both of the3o species aro
ropresontatives of tho Flora of Uio
Pacific coast, and Pino Ridge is
probably tho eastern limit of these
two species.
Box Butte News
H. D. Johnson contemplates a
trip to Lincoln on his wheel.
W. M. Hall will ship another
car of fat stock to Omaha Saturday
Mrs. Carringlon has been quite
ill, but wo aro glad to say is now
Win. Fosket, our next sheriff,
looked in on -us last Saturday for
a Bhort timo.
Wul O'Mara is sinking his well
about 10 feet deeper before putting
in his now pump and mill.
A. Loomis has purchased tho
Alex Crane plnco on Box Butte
creek. Consideration SCOO.
Ed M. Tracy informs us that his
mother, Mrs. M. Tracy, is coming
from Omaha on tho 11th, for a
short stay.
M. J. Manion brought in a
4-horso load of hay from Healer's
ranch to-day. Ho says he has
about 20 tons moro to haul.
Henry Hier of Allianco came in
Sunday from his burg, nnd after
gotting a square meal, returned.
Don't know what Co. office ho does
Mrs. Z. T. Cunningham has pur
chased a now creamery, made by
tho Crystal Mfg. Co., Lansing,
Mich., to meet tho needs of hor
increasing business.
Tuo dologatos to the republican
county convention from Box Butto
precinct aro, O. II, Britton, Ed M.
Tracy, Jas. Robinson, M D, At
Junfnnci John Gomes'.
Win, Govo, tho sheop man oight
miles oast of Box Butto, has a lino
herd. Ho has an increase of 500
lulis. Tho fleece recontly mark
eted xmicj all expenses, leaving him
tho increase clear gain.
' Bsrea Sorctpiiiss.
dKool has commenced in dis-
fys 12 and 13, with Miss Davis
and Mrs. Curtis rospoctivoly at
tho holm.
Mrs. Mastrud's baby has boon
quito seriously sick for somo
time, is now on tho improvo but
not yet out of danger.
Miss Galona Curtis invited
sevoral of hor" friends to liolp
colobrato hor 15th birthday, last
Thursday. Jho report is, agood
WT havo it that it will be
brought up boforo thoS people
this fall to decide on freo range,
but Wo hope this is nothing but
wild conjecture, as wo do not
want ireo rango
orjany.th.ing of
Mr. iV". H. Jowott and mother,
Mi an: L Mrs. Garrett, Mrs. W.
T. Job son and daughter Edna,
Mis$ Galena Curtis and Mrs. W.
G. Tra y made a trip up through
the Pin ) Ridgo and at Fort Rob
insch looldng over that part of
tlio jpountry, last wook. Thoy
roptVj an enjoyablo timo, and
AhLw?Galth and appetite was
grcatlfaiproved.' ' ' '"' '"
Millor passed through
Lawn Tuesday on hiH way homo
from Allianco. Ho has a ranch
in Sioux county.
Willio Schultz who has' boon
working for tho P. F. Ranch on
tho Platto ha3 ro turned to his
hoihe at Lawn.
A fow moi'o days and thresh
ing in this vicinity will bo done.
Two machines have been kopt
busy for somo timo.
Miss Mwttlon of Petersburg,
111., is visiting bur brotlu-r. Sho
likos this country and will doubt
loss remain permanently.
Mr. C. H. Irion's baby who has
been dangerously ill is now past
all daugor. Tho sicloiess was
the result of a fall, sometime ago.
E. E. Ford says ho will not
batch moro than a week longer,
He is expecting his wife and
children soon, who havo been
spending tho summer in Wiscon
sin. C. J. Wildy's ploasant faco is
seen around Lawn quite frequent
ly now-a-days. Thoro must bo
somo attraction other than busi
ness. "
Miss Nellie Harris of Dawes
Co. , who taught last season in
Hemingford has the Lawn school.
Sho did not get to begin hor
school till this week owing to tho
fact that tho school house was not
roady. She is well liked by hor
pupils and a prosperous term is
G. W. Sparks' mother arrived
from Iowa yesterday morning.
From Our Exchanges.
Newcastlo Democrat:
Tho Cheyenne girl that worked
three Weeks selling baking powdor
to get a safety that a Chicago firm
advertised to give anyone selling
three cans of their stuff, was hot
enough to warp her clothes when
sho got a big pm, such as is used to
keep the baby's bloomers o with.
Rushvillo Standard:
Mr. and Mrs. Wood roturnod
Sunday morning from their Hom
ingford trip. They camped out
one night both going and coming.
While in Lincoln, last week, wo
Blood by and hoard a conversation
botwoon a citizen of Lincoln and it
man from tho western-central part
of the stato. The Lincoln man
was soliciting vork for tho .labor
ing pooplo of tiio oily." lie said
thoro woro hundreds of good men
in that city who woro ready and
willing to preform any kind of
work that would provide a living
for themselves and families, but
thoy wore uuablo to got work.
Now, wo wish that the poople of
Slioridan who arc going or talking
of going away would study tho
matter carefully boEoro thoy sacri
fice too much to got out of North
west Nebraska. Wo aro free to ad
mit that tho outlook horo is very
discouraging, moro so than over)
boforo in this part of tho stato, and
whore persons know whoro thoy
aro going and what thoy aro going
to d6 wo could not nnd would nbt
advise them to stay horo, but this
is not by any moans tho worst
country in tho world, nnd in years
past gbod crops have boon raised
hero and those timos will certainly
roturn. Wo may reasonably expect
it next yoav.
Tho Shamrock.
Median's Monthly:
Tho Irish Shamrock was origin
ally Oxalis AcotosoUa. Durincr tho 1
O'Conuell agitation for repeal iti
was tho cualfim of tlio rononlnVH. I
whon attending ono of tho monster
roeetmjjs, to wear a few stems of it
unuer uio gnoa siring or nut uauu,
by whioh thoy ' could rccotmizo
oachwothor as .repealers1' in tho
crowd, without speaking. This
soon exhausted tlio stock of Oxalis.
Thoy thon adopod Trifolium ropons
m a substitute. It is now the
Shamrock. It is called Shamrock
in Ireland, Duoh Olovor in Eng
land and Whito Clover in tho
United States."
"Exchanges, Ploase Copy."
Potor Lindholm of Stromsburg
has boon receiving tho Citizen for
more than half a yoar and now has
the audacity to stop it without pay
ing for it. A man who would rob
mi editor would commit a grootor
offonso if tho opportunity uiforded.
It is worth somothing to find out
such specimens of humanity, but
wo aro sorry that ho became identi
fied with this otlico, and should wo
find anothor personage like him wo
shall certainly deem him a subject
for a raonuinontal roast. Wo have
heard of mou using a hose to blow
biscuits to tho top of tho swill bar
rel in order to boat tho landlord
out of a meal, but it is holdora you
find a man mean enough to try to
beat a poor country editor in this
Benedict Citizen: Bo thankful
Bro. Augustine that you have only
been beat out of only half a year.
This, same cuss has boat tlio News
out of two years subscription, and
the $3.4.0 that ho owes this oilico
well come up in holl to confront
him. Exchanges ploase copy.
Stromsburg News.
To you delinquent tax-payers:
I wish to sav that we are still
paying 100 cents on tho dollar for ,
all of tho 50 ct silver dollars that
you may bring in, to apply on
you taxes, and will also throw in j
ono of Coxoy's non-interost Bond
11 j i
magazines wuicn is interesting
reuding fpr all parties. Wo have
about 50 copies left, ono copy of
which will bo given with each re
ceipt while thoy last. Come early
and avoid the rush, and bo made
happy with tho thought that you
havo been ablo to pay your taxes
ouco moro with silver as money.
Co. Treasurer.
Populist Co. Convention,
The Peoples Independent Party
of Box Butto county will hold
their Co. Convention at Homing-
ford, Saturday, Oct oth, at 10
o'clock a. ni.j sharp, for tho pur-
NO. 29,
pbso of nominating flfo following
named officers:
County Superintendent, Clork,
Treasurer, Jiulgo, Shoriif, Survey
or, Commissioner 3rd district."
It is rocoinmonned that the dol
ogatos from tho Third commiHsioii
or district convouo immediately
aftof tho adjournment of tho Co.
convonlion and nominate a candi
date for cominidsionOr.
Tito several precincts will bo al- f
lowed tliu following number a
Dorsoy 8, Box Butto 8, -Wright
8, Alliance 7, Lako 0, Lawn ,"
Ilunningwator 5, Boyd 5, Liborty
5, Snako Creek 53, Nonpareil 5.
Any other business may bo
transacted that can bo properly
brought boforo tho convention.
It is recommondod that tho pro-'
cinct caucusos bo hold on Satur
day, Sdpt. 28, at 2 o'clock p. in
G. W. WAISNKit, i
Chairman Co. Com. .
And Return.
1 (Including
one admission tq
1 Stato
Sept. 17th & 18
From all stations in Nebraska
and Kansas where tho regular one
way rate to Omaha is 85.00 or
moro. -'
Roturn Limit: Sept. 21.
This reduced rato is in addition
to tho spooial Stato Fair rates
which will apply irom stations in
Nobraska and Kansas, Sept. 13
to 20.
Tickots will, be accepted on all
regular trains.
Through Coaches
Fair Grounds
On all morning trains.
J. Francis
Gen'l Pass'r Igent,