Hemingford herald. (Hemingford, Box Butte County, Neb.) 1895-190?, September 06, 1895, Image 9

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(From the Journal. Detroit, MIrh.)
Every one In the vicinity of Meldrum
nvnue ami Champlatn str-t, Dtrolt.
knnvs Mrs. McDonald, and nwiny u
neighbor Iibb reason to feel grateful to
licr for the hind nnd friendly Interest
Phr has manifested In caws of lllnops.
Rhc Is a. Ulnd-henrtod friend, a natural
nurse, and an Intelligent nndreflned
To a reporter she recently talked at
Borne lenpth about Dr. William's Pink
rills, giving some very lnterestlnR In
stances In her own Immediate knowl
edge of marvelous cureB, nnd tho uni
versal benefleenee of tho remedy to
those who had used It.
" I have reason to know," said Mrs.
McDonald, "something of the worth of
this medicine, for It has been demon
strated In my own Immediate family.
My daughter Kittle Is attending high
school, nnd has never been very strong
etnee Bhe began. I suppose she studies
hard, and Bhe hns quite a distance to go
every day. When the small-pox broke
out all of the sc-iool children had to be
vaccinated. I took her over to Dr. Jnme
eon and ho vaccinated her. I never saw
Buch an arm In my life nnd the doctor
eald he never did. She was broken out
on her shoulders and back and wns just
na sick as she could be. To add to it
all nournlgla set In and tho poor child
was In misery. She Is naturally of a
nervous temperament pnd she suffered
most awfully. Even after she recovered
the neuralgia did not leave her. Stormy
days or days that were damp or pre
ceded a storm, she could not go out at
nil. She was pale and thin and had no
"I have forgotten Just who told me
about the Pink Pills, but I got some for
her and they cured her right ut. She
has a nice color in her face, cats and
Eleeps well, goes to school every day,
and is well nnd strong In every partic
ular. I have never heard of nnythlng to
build up the blood to compare with
Pink Pills. I shall always keep them In
the bouse nnd recommend them to my
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills for Palo Peo
ple are considered an unfailing specific
in such diseases as locomotor ataxia,
partial paralysis, St. Vitus dance, sci
atica, neuralgia, rheumatism, nervous
headache, the nfter-effects of la grippe,
palpitation of the henrt. pale and sal
low complexions, that tired feeling re
sulting from nervous prostration; all
diseases resulting from vitiated humors
In the blood, ouch as scrofula, chronic
erysipelas, etc. They are also a specific
for troubles peculiar to females, such
ns suppressions, irregulnrltles and all
forms of weakness. In men they effect
a radlcnl cure In all cases arising from
mental worry, overwork, or excesses of
whatever nature. Dr. Williams' Pink
Pills are sold by all dealers, or will be
cent post paid on receipt of price (50
cents a box, or six boxes for $2. CO they
nre never sold in bulk or by the 100) by
addressing Dr. Williams' Medicine Co.,
Schenectady, N. Y.
A Joke That Is Not Half True.
It is a common joko that when a
man's wife is out of town ho writes a
mournful letter, and then poes around
nnd has a high old time. There is not
much in that joke. It does not begin
to do duty with tho mother-in-law joke,
and that is pushed far beyond its
deserts. The fact is that out of a dozen
men whoso wives are put of tho city
for the summer there will bo at least
eleven who nro really lonely, and, in
fact, put in a very miserable time.
They do not feel willing; to acknowl
edge it at first, and few liko to have
sympathy thrut upon them, butv.thero
arc mighty few who do not in their
hearts pay tho highest kind of tribute
to their wires nnd wish for their re
turn. Washington Star.
Word A hlcli ltliyme Not,
The number of English words which
have no rhyme in the language is very
largo, FiVe or six thousand at least
are without rhymo and consequently
can be employed at tho end of the
verso only by transposing tho accent,
coupling them with nn imperfect conso
nance or constructing an artificial
rhymo out of two words. Among the
other words to which thoro nro no
rhymes may bo mentioned month, sil
ver, liquid, spirit, chimney, warmth,
gulf, sylph, music, breadth, width,
depth, honor, iron, echo.
Special Itntf-H mid Trains la the llor
llnctou It cm to.
Round trip tickets to Omaha at the one
way rate, plus Til) cents (for admission cou
pon to the Stnto Fair), will be on sale Hen
teniler lath to L'Oth, at Burlington Itouto
stations, in KcliriiKKii, in Kuiimik on tho
Con nnlin, Obcrlln and St. Francis linos
and In Iowa and Missouri within 100 ml'es
of Omaha.
Nobraskaus nre assured that tho "05 Stato
Fnlr will bo n vast improvement on its
predecessors Larger more brilliant bet
ter worth seeing. Every ono who can do
so fhould spend Stato Fair week, theuho'o
of it, in Omaha.
Tho outdoor celebrations will be pnrticu
larlv nttrndive, surpassing nuvthingof tho
kind ever to'ore undertaken by nny west
ern It v. Every evening, Omnlm will l.o
ntlnnio with o'o-trK lights nnd glittering
pageants wl"l parado tho streets. The pro
gram lor the pveuhiT ceremonies is:
Monday, Sept. lflth Uruud bicdo Car
nival. Tuesday. Sept 17th No'irnska's parade.
Wednesday, Sept. lfeth Military and
civic t arnde.
Ihui-bdav, So;.t. 10th Kniahts of Alc-Snr-Ven
1'ornde, to to followed by tho cast
of Momtumiu" Pull.
Ilouud trip tii kots to Omnlm at tho re
duced rates nbovo mentioned, as well as
full Information at out tho Burlington
Bouto's train sendee at tho time of tho
State Fair, can bo had on application to
tho nearest B. & M. H. It. ugent.
Hoineaet-kera' Kxciirilom.
On Aug. 20th, Sent. 10th and 24th, ISO.1;,
the Union Pacific System will sell ticket
from Council Bluffs nnd Omaha to point
south and west in Nebraska and Kansas
also to Colorado. Wyomin?, Utah nnd
Idaho, east of Wciser nnd south of Beaver
Canon, at exceedingly low rates. For full
information, as to rates and limits, anply
to A. C. Drxx,
City Ticket Agent, ISftJ Farnam St.,
Omaha, Neb.
A vein of coal flvo feet thick was found
00 feet deep near Louisville, Ills.
Among the books announced by
Jlarper .fc Brothers for publication in
September is A Study of Death, by
Henry M. Alden, author of God in Ills
World. Tho extraordinary success of
Mr. Alden's previous. book, which was
pronounced the most successful work
of religious thought of the season,"
nnd 'tho most noteworthy book of a
religious kind (in style as well as in
substance) published in England or in
America for many years," insures a
(suitable reception for A Study of Death
a book wholly uncommon, spiritual.
Ji' eful and important.
The largest cut stone in the world Is in
the Temple of the Sun at fcnallecC i
man loaned back In
his chair nnd
poised b o t w o o n
scornful fingers tha
last chapters' of a
"No, Bon, I never
did no klllln' my
self, but I've stood
'round and seed
folks get checked
clear through, which Is more profitable.
I calls to mind a-killln' down to old Ilea
"There was a big crowd nt Stockton's
that June day. Tho corrals was full of
pack mules, an' bull teams, an' wagon
trains from tho east, an white men,
Mexicans, half-breeds an' Injuns was
a-mixin' an mcanderin' 'round, a-lyln'
an a laughin', an' a-drinkln' old Ike's
whisky mighty profuse. Four or flvo
mulo-sklnners had their long, limber
10-foot whipB, which nro loaded with
dust shot from butt to tip, nn' was
crackln of 'em at a mark. I'vo seen
ono of 'em with tho most easy, delicate,
deliberate twist of the wrist make his
whip squirm In tho air liko a hurt
enakb an all at wonBt atraighten it out
with tho crack of twenty rifles, an tho
buckskin popper would cut a holo in a
loose Buffalo robo he'd hung up an' all
without invcstlr.' two ounces of nctooal
strength. Several of us was a-lookin'
on from tho hotel porch npplaudln' of
tho good shots, when Short Crook Davo
speaks up to Jack Moore next to mo
an' says:
" 'Jack, you mind that old Navajo
you downed over on tho San Simon last
'"I mind'B it mighty clear,' says
Jack. 'Ho was a-stealln' my hoss at
tho time, an I kin prove it by hl3 skolp
on my bridlg right now.'
"'Well, says Short Creek Davo,
polntin' to a dirty saddled colored half
breed who was makln' himself pretty
numerous, 'that feller they calls Pickles
Is his ncphfy, an' you wants to look out
a whole lot, fer I'vo heard him allow
that tho klHn'.of his undo was mighty
rnnk, nn' ho didn't like it no how.'
" 'That's all right,' says Jack, 'Pickles
an' mo has been watchln' each other fer
an hour an' I'll tall you alls prlvato If
ho goes to piny hoss a llttlo bit, ho and
his uncle will bo able to talk things
over before night.'
"Blmeby Pickles comes along whero
we are.
" 'Hello, Jack,' ho says, 'been makln'
It smoky down on San Simon lately?'
" 'No, not since last fall,' says Jack,
'an now I thinks of It. I see that old
Navajo hoss thief of an undo of yours
when I was down there last. I ain't
met him, lately, though. Where do
you reckon he's done 'loped to?'
" 'Can't say oyself,' says Pickle3,
with a sort of wicked cheerfulness; 'our
family had a reunion over on Bear
creek last spring an' I couldn't count
his nose among 'em, nohow. Mebby ho
had an engagement, an couldn't git
there. Mebby he's out sloshin' 'round
in tho high grass some'ers now. Great
man to go 'round permuscus, that Injun
" 'You see,' says Jack, 'I didn't know
but he might bo dead, because tho timo
I speaks of I was settin' in camp one
day and happens to look up nnd thar
was my hoss, Alazan, with a perfect
stranger on him, an' it looks like he
was goln to cripple that stranger shore.
Well, you know me, I'd rather lose two
horses than have a man I don't know
git hurt, so I grabs my Winchester an'
allows to kill Alazan. But it was a now
gun, an' you know what new sights la
coarse as sand burrs an' I holdn too
high an' I ketches tho stranger, bang!
right back of his left y'ear, an' the
bullet conies outen his right y'ear. I
never was so displeased with my
shootln' fur ten years. The Idea of me
holdln' four foot too high In a hundred
yards. I was so plumb disgusted an'
ashamed, I never went near the strang
er 'till after I'd finished my grub.
Alazan, ho came up all shlverin' an'
sweatin', an' stood there, an' In an hour
or so I walks out to the remains, an'
when I seed 'cm, they was nothln' but
an old Digger Injun. You kin drink on
It, I was relieved. Bein' a no-account
Injun, of course I didn't paw him over
much for brands, but It struck me at
the timo It was mighty likely to bo your
uncle. This old cuss' skelp is over on
my bridle, if you think you'd know it.'
" 'Oh, no,' says Pickles, mighty vtn
consarned, it couldn't be my une no
how. If it was one of my fart'ly it
would have been your ha'r an his
bridle, so it must have been some old
short horn of a Mohave you seed. Well,
let's all tako a drink on it.'
"So we all went In for our whisky.
Jack an' Pickles watchln' each other
mighty close an' all the rest of us on '
the keevee, as tho French say, to hop
outen range if they took to shootln'.
" 'Well,' says Pickles, as he secreted
hus nose paint, 'I must saddle and git
ut of here. I want to see Enrlgbt, an
'fi3(7s sffife""? JBs-vmL J
I don't reckon I'll And tho old Pinto
this sldo of Prescott, either. Whoa rto
you think you'll loavo yourself, Jaolf?'
" 'I don't put it up I'll loavo for a long
timo,' says Jack, 'mobby not fur a
month, so don't go makln' any frlentUy
waits fur mo nowhar on tho trail,
Pickles, 'cause you'd most likely run
out of water or uomethln' bctoro I sot
along l
"Blmoby Pickles ho glta saddled up
and cornea chargln' 'round on his little
buckskin hoss, cuttln all manner of
tricks, rcachln' fur things on tho
grou.id, snatchln' off Mexicans' hats,
an a-Jumpln' his pony over wagon
tongues an' camp flxln's. All tho time
a-whoopln' an' ycllln', an havln' a
high old timo all by himself. You
could seo ho was a-glttln up his blood
an nervo rcglar Injun fashion. Pretty
soon ho takes down his ropo an' goes
to whlrlln' that Two or three times
ho comes flashln' by whar wo were, an'
I look for to seo him make a try for
Jack. But ho was too far back or too
many 'round him, or Pickles couldn't
git his hoss' step, or somcthln', for ho
didn't throw It, but Jest kept yollln'
nn' rldln' louder an faster overy min
ute. About this timo Stockton camo
out from his bar room.
"So old Ike ho goes back to his bar
room, an Pickles gits down an' leaves
his hoss Btandln an comes back up on
his porch.
" 'Do you know, Jack,' says Pickles, 'I
don't like tho onrespeckful wny you
talks of Injuns. I'm Injun part myself,
an' I don't liko It.'
"'No,' snyB Jack, 'I s'poso that's a
fact, too. An' yet, Plcklea, not Intend
in' nuthln' personnl at all, for I would
n't bo personal with a horned tond,
I'm not only onrespeckful of an Injun,
an' thinks tho guvment ought to pay a
bounty fur tholr skclps, but I states a
bollef that a mean, onery, mud-blooded,
sneakln,' hoss-stealln' mongrel of a
half-breed is lower yet. I holdln' ho
ain't oven people ain't even nuthln',
in fact. But to change the subject, au
well as open nn avenue for anuther
round of drinks, I'll bet you, Pickles,
you stole that hoss down thar, an' that
tho '7 K' brand on his houlder nln't no
brand at all, but Jest picked on with
the point of a knife.'
"When Jack puts it all over Pickles
this way, wo looked fur some shootln'
shore. But Pickles couldn't steady
himself on the pinch. Ho was jest
liko lots of ponies I've Bced. He'd ride
right at a thing as though ho was goln'
clean through or over, an' Jest the last
second he'd shy, an Hindi, an' weaken.
Tho fact Is, son, It wasn't Pickles' fault.
Ther nn't any breed of man on earth
but tho pure white as will play a des
perate deal clean through an call tho
turn for life or death at the close; an'
of course, Pickles was oDly half white.
So ho laughed sorter ugly at Jack's
bluff, an' allowed he'd order drinks
without no bettin.
" 'An' then, Jack,' ho says, 'I want you
to take dinner with me. I'll havo Ike
get us somethln' right.'
" 'IiUgo you,' sayB Jack, 'If it ain't
nothln' but Bowbelly.'
" 'I'll fix you peoplo up a feed,' says
old Ike, 'but you can't do your fcedln'
In no dlnln' room of mine. I'll fix It
over In tho camp houso, t'other sldo
the corral, an' you kin be jest as socia
ble an' smoky as you please. There
won't bo nuthln' nor nobody fur you
to hurt or disturb over there.'
"After a llttlo their grub was got
ready in tho camp house, an' Jack an'
Pickles walks over side an side. They
goes in and shuts the door, an' in about
flvo minutes bang! bang! goes two six
shooters, an' wo all canter over an'
finds Jack eatin' away all right, an'
Pickles over tho other sldo with his
head in his tin plate, and hid brains
runnln' out over his left eye."
" 'It don't look like Pickles was hun
gry much after all,' says Jack,
"They'd both pulled their guns na
they sat down an' put 'em on their
laps, but Jest as I say, Pickles couldn't
stand tho pressure; an' gettln nervoua
ho grabbed for his gun, an' as he went
to git It up the muzzle caught under tho
tablo top an' thero his bujlot was all
Bafo In tho wood. Jack bein' clean
strain' had better luck.
"After dinner we Impaneled a Jury
an' tried Jack for the klllln'. Of
course, wo knowed he'd got to bo ac
quitted, an' tho klllln' was right, but It
bothered a heap to And a ground to put
" 'You see,' says Dan Boggs, 'this kill
in' was bound to be all right from tho
Jump, no matter who got Baited. Each
was agin' the other un, sn' they Jest
wont to this shootln' hand in hand like
brothers. Neither was to blame, an'
that's what gits me.'
"Finally, Cherokee Hall gits up nn'
says: 'This horo killin' was right, but
there bein' some present difficulty of
givin' tho reasons why it's all right, an'
owin. as wo do, a dooty to the pub
lic, I moves you that our verdict be
"Justified homicide," based on tho
ground that Pickles commits Biilclde.'
"This was good enough. Of course.
Pickles didn't commit suicide non.
but that didn't hurt It for a reason Just
the Bamo."
llutter HiullhiK.
A scientific paper discusses seriously
the alleged discovery by Prof. Conn of
butter bacillus that Is to say, of a
bacillus producing a fermentation In
milk by which tho quality of the but
ter is Improved. Tho statement la
reasonable and the facts may hi as al
leged, but It Is not always easily pos
sible to distinguish the reality of cur
rent Bclence from its romance.
Divorce In France.
Divorce has been legal in Franco now
for eight years. The first year the num
ber granted was 1,700; tho Becond,
4.000; in 1894 it was 8.000. Tho total
for eight years is 40,000. The working
classes sunnlv the lareeat nronortlon.
47 per cent; the peasants the smallest, J
7 per cent.
Sorno WntchPi Onco Owned by Mntrr,
Queen of Scots.
Mary of Scotland had her watches.
In thoso days thoro was n gront variety
In tho shnpo of tho watch. A favorlto
shapo waa that of a skull; another was
that of a coffin. Descriptions exist of
several of Mary's watohos. Thoro waa
ono coffin - shaped In a crystal
case. Thoro wbb another In
which cat - gut supplied tho placo
of tho Interior chain In tho mod
ern watch. Ono very marvelous plcco
of workmanship In tho form of a skull
Is the property of tho Dick Lauder fam
ily. It was originally tho property of
Mary, Queen of Scots, and was be
queathed to Mary Sotoun, her maid of
honor, Feb. 7, 1557. On tho forehead of
the skull are tho symbols of death, tho
scytho and tho hour glasB. At tho back
of the skull Is Timo and at tho top
of tho bond aro tho Qnrdon of Eden
and tho crucifixion. The watch Is
opened by reversing tho'skull. Insldo
are the holy family, angels, Bhepherds
with tholr flocks. Tho works form tho
brains. Tho dial plato 1b tho pnlato.
Another skull-shaped watch which be
longed to Mary was a gift from her
husband, Frnncls II. Arnold of tho
Strand presented Qeorgo III. In 1704
a watch of his manufacture sot In a
ring, tho cylinder of which wan mndo
of an oriental ruby. The czar of Rus
sia, whon ho heard of thoso mltcB of
watches, offered Arnold 1,000 guineas
If ho would make ono for him, but
tho artist would not consent.
l'.lectrlclty In Itnropc
Electrical lines In Europe havo In
creased In numbor during 1S91 from
forty-three to sovonty, their length
from 305 to 700 kllomotors, tho power at
tho contral stations from 10.C50 to 18,
1G0 kilowatts and tho numbor of self
moving vehicles from C38 to 1,230. Ger
many leads in length or lines with 3CC
kilometers, then comes Franco with
80; England, C9; Austria-Hungary, 45;
Switzerland, 37; Bolglum, 22; Italy, 19;
Spain, 14. Tho trolley syBteni Is tho
favorlto, being uacd by 55 out of 70
A Wloe Tnl her.
"My father," said tho small boy to tho
woman who was calling on his mother,
"is a great man. Ho known what timo
it is without even looking at his watch."
"What do you moan by that, Tom
my? ' naked tho visitor.
"Oh, when I holler out and ask him
what timo It Is In tho morning, ho al
ways says It's timo to got up. And whon
I ask him what timo it is in tho even
ing, he always sayn, 'Timo to go to
bed.' "
lilt 'Km Up Ajjnlti.
To our readors who grumblo becauso
wo don't have moro nowB In our paper:
Say, how aro wo going to get any
nows when you como to town and keep
your mouth tight as an oyBtor, then go
homo and kick because we did not havo
tho news -In tho paper, when you wero
the only one that knew anything about
It? Ex.
A T.omleit I'lstnt I'orkrt.
A peculiar accident In Eaat Mon
mouth, Me., may roult seriously. A
man named Prescott was leading a colt,
when tho animal whirled and kicked,
striking Prescott in tho region of tho
hip picket, whero ho carried a loaded
rovolver. The rovolvor wns discharged,
tho bullet lodging In Prcscott's log.
Toronto, Ont., has a Bible Training
school. Nearly 200 students havo en
rolled during the year.
The Epworth League met In annual
convention at Chntanooga, Tenn., re
cently with 12.000 delegates in attend
ance. The Presbyterian Church has 038 for
eign missionaries, of whom 213 nre or
dained, 37 are physicians, and 37G are
Rev. Father Field, a young Oxford
bred ritualistic clergyman, is devoting
his life to work in tho negro slums of
The South African Auxiliary Bible
society Issued laBt year 32.000 Bibles
and TostamentB from Its depository at
Cape Town.
The Metropolitan Tabernacle In Lon
don In still the best-attended place of
worship In England. Thero is a church
membership of over 3,000.
Some German churches alwayB made
a rule of asking every member, "What
are you going to do for Christ?" and
they put the answer down In a book.
Mr, D. L. Moody, In answer to an In
vitation to visit London, writes that
he Is engaged until January next; but
he will pray over it, and "If the pillar
of cloud loads that way, I will fol
low." In Wales before the great revivals
of the last century crime abounded.
Since that time the Presbyterian nnd
Non-conformIt counties of Wales are
freer from crime than any other county
in England.
Unoccupied mission te" .lory to the
extent of 4,000.000 square miles still
exists In Central Africa, an area larger
than the whole of Europe, says the Itev.
George Greonfell of the Baptist Congo
A society has been organized In China
with the commendable object of eman
cipating womon'B feet from cruel bond
age, with the striking name of the
League of the Christian Shoe, or So
ciety of the heavenly foot.
Mr. Max Magll, a converted Jewish
rabbi, who waa led to accept Christ by
a careful study of tho New Testament,
nnd is now engaged in mission work
among the Jews, has Joined Forsyth
Street M. E. Church, New York.
Postmaster General Wilson, who Is a
Baptist, was one of the speakers at the
educational meeting nt the Southern
Baptist convention at Washington, and
pointed out the advantages of that city
as the seat of a large university.
Among various schemes successfully
carried out by a Christian Endeavor
society in Atlanta, Ga., are the sus
taining of n free dispensary, a Bible
training class and the ralalmr of sne-
clal flowers by each member of the
itunci vbftiiuuiiut;.
Highest of all in Leavening Power,
Confined otuid.
Tho intensity of confined Bound Is
finely Illustrated nt t'nusbrook ensile,
isle of Wight, whore thero is a woll 200
feet deep nnd IS feet In dltiinotor. Tim
woll hus IS feet of water In It, and tho
entiro interior from top tn water Is
lined with smooth masonry. Thislinlng
so completely confines tho sound thnt it
pin dropped from the top can be heard
very plainly to strike the water, at a
distum-u o'f 182 foot below. Another
instil mo is cited from India, where
workmen nt waterworks often talk
with thoso at tho reservoir, IS miles
awny, their tolephono being un 18 Inch
water main that Is no. longer used for
conveying water. St. Louis Republic
.M. L. THOMPSON U CO.. DruRststs. Cou
ler: ort, Pu . say Hall's Cnturrh Cuw la tho
lest ami only aura euro for vuturrh they ncr
sold. Dmin'lsts sell U, TSo.
Tho Woiiinn Mctllnit Writer.
A London, writer, with duo respect
for women journalists, thinks that the
only department of u paper that should
be closed to a woman writer is the
medical unless, of course, bho is a
medical "man." He goes ou to say thnt
the medical columns of any London
weekly, it is easy to perceive, nro con
due led by accomplished experts, but a
wise has recently come under his notice
where n young woman who had failed
us an art critic won set to answer the
medical inquiries of correspondents on
a country paper. "I forget to a deci
mal What wns tho exact mortality of
tlio district," ho continues, "but tho
proprietor said if she remained much
longer on the paper ho should have hud
no subscribers left. Ono of her replies
was something like this: 'To Daisy
Thunkh fio much for your kind letter.
Yes. Tho mistake was mine It
should have been iv quarter grain of
strychnine- Instcnd of a quarter of a
pound for your father's complaint
How unlucky Hotter luck next time,
but I was so very busy. Yes. There is
no belter shop for mourning thnn
After six venrs' suffering, I was cured by
ri-o"N C'uro. Mauv Tiioumik, 'M Ohio
Ave., Allegheny; l'a.,Mnrch 10, "01.
A Dniiglitrr' Cruel .loke.
A story Is being told of a young lndy
who found a package of love Jotters
that hud been written to her mother
by hor father beforo they were mar
ried. Tho daughter saw that alio
could have a little sport, and rend them
to her mother, substituting her own
name for that of her mother, and a flue
young man for that of her father. Tho
mother jumped up nnd down in her
chair, nhifting her feet, and seemed
terribly disgusted, and forbade her
daughter to havo' anything to do with
the young 'men who would wrlto such
sickening und nonsensical stuff to a
girl. When tho young lndy handed
the letter to her mother to read tho
house boenmo so still thnt ono could
hear tho grass growing in tho back
"Hfcnnon's ICaglo Corn Balve."
Wnfantml to Mini or limner ifuilel. Ark yoar
tfrugtfi.t lur it, i'rica li ivm.
Tho Century for Septonibor will con
tain throo complete sketches of fiction
by popular American writers, repre
senting three different sections of tho
country. Mra Mary Hallock Footo
will contribute a powerful story of
mining lifo in tho fur west, entitled
"ThuOupof Trembling." Miss Sarah
Orno .lewett will contributo a humor
ous story of tho New England coast,
untitled "All My Sad Captains," and
illustrated hy I'upe. Tlio third is a
rouring sketch, by Hurry Still well Ed
wards, of negro lifo in the south. It is
entitled "Tho (linn Swamp Debate,"
mid is f nil of humor, nnd is a faithful
reflection of the characteristics of the
negro race.
Ticket ut Krtluceil Kuten
Will bo sold via the Nickel' Plato road
on occasion of tho meeting of the Ger
man Catholic Societies of tho United
States at Albany, Y., Sept, 15th to
lhth. For further information address
J. Y. Calahan, Gen'l Agent, 111 Adams
St., Chicago.
Smnll and steady gains bring the kind of
riches thnt do not tako wings and flyaway.
Billiard tabJc, sorowl-hand, for sa!o
(heap. Apply to or ndflrmn, H. C. Akix,
111 8. l'.th St., Oniahn, No').
Life has no l!oHiiiic ULo a prudent friend.
The Onward March I
of Consumption In
Btopped short by Dr.
l'itrct 'r Golden Jud
ical Uihcovcry. If
you haven't waited
beyond reason,
there's complete re
covery' nnd cure.
Although by many
believed to be incur
able, there is the
evidence of hundreds
of livillir witnessce tn
TZZtfr'JzjJ' '', Its earlier stajKU, con-
r-'J, sumption is n curable
-55 disease. Not every
tpceiitage of cases, and
. w uwjcvc, limy wo
IM,r ff,lt- firm rtlltml
by Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovcr'i
even aftcr the disease has progressed bo
far as to induce repeated bleedings from
the Jungs, severe lin(jerin$r cough with
copious expectoration (including tubercu
lar matter), great loss of flesh and extreme
emaciation and weakness.
Cabled Field nH
Hog Fence,
yr -v jslj?
yfj'r f", &:"
Latest U. S. Gov't Report
73$v Egg Pn&J'mEm I iHCjt
A Solution round.
The Boston Traveller says that a faw
wcoIcb ago a Mnlno young man bought
a pair of socks cotnlnlmr n note saying
tho writer wan nn employeo of tho
Kenosha (Wis.) knitting works nnd
wanted a good husband. She gave her
nnmo and requested the buyer, If an
uumnrried mnn, to wrlto with a view
to matrimony. The youtur tnan who
found tho noto considered tho matter
In all itaphnsennnd decided to wrlto to
tho girl. Ho did. Awaiting tho an
swer with considerable anxiety ho wns
at Inst rewarded with a curt letter
stating that the girl was now the moth
er of two children and had been mar
ried four years, and the letter ho had
answered had been written ever bo
longngo. It wbb a "sock dollagcr,"
nnd tho young mnn hunted for a solu
tion. Ho found It. The merchant of
whom ho bought tho socks doesn't ad
vertise. Tlio Modern Ilcuuty
Thrives on good food and sunshine, with
plenty of tixcrclsc In the open nlr. Her
orm glows with health and hor fnco
blooms with Its beauty. If her system
needB the cleansing notion of a lnxatlve
remedy, she uses tho gentle and pleas
ant liquid laxative, Syrup of Figs.
tfomo mouths look liko pouches and
cream mid sorno like a holu chopped
into a brick wall to admit a new door or
window. Tho mouth is a hotbed of
toothaches, the bungholo of oratory
and a baby's crowning glory. It is
patriotism's fountain head and the tool
chest for pie. Without it the politician
would bo a wanderer on tho fnco of tho
earth, and the cornetlst w'ould go down
to an uuhniiorhd grave. It Is tho gro
cer's friend, tho orator's prklo nnd tho
dentist's hope. Mummoth Spring Mon
itor. . FITS AllFlttopPf1 free hyllr.nilne'sOre'U
?.i'rM' KcstortT. ftoKlUuiftrrtliHtlnaMMy'iiutA,
IJnrvrloutcurc. Trcatlwjiuiiltatrlnl Untie riff tj
I Haute. B!mltolJr.KlliU',KUArcUtil.,l'Iilla.,l,B.
Humility Ih a virtue nlltireach, nonopruo
tlco. nndyot everybody la coulout to hear
I'.xiirrlenco Ienil many mothers to iny
"l'na r.ir.cr'iCllniurToulc," otcuunoltln peclutlr
cuuJ fur colili, imlii und almost btorr weukuot.
The Inrgcst mammoth tusk yot discovered
was sixteen feet in length.
Tlio.n ilUtrc.lna Corn!
!nl nlh(r urn, llluuVrcorni nlil irmoTO thorn nnd
th.'ii you cuu wnlK mid run and Jump a you liko.
Tho Nickel Plato road has authorized
Its agents to sell tickets at greatly re
duced rates to Albany, N. Y., on occa
sion of tho meeting of tlio German
Catholic Societies of tho United States
in thnt city, Sept. lfith to 18th. For
particulars address .T. Y. Calahan, GWl
Agent, 111 Adams St., Chicago.
Lovo boolis not with tho eyes, but with
tho mitid.
The Greatest HciHcal Discovery
of the Age.
Has discovered in ona of our common
pasture weeds a remedy that cures every
kind of Humor, from the worst Scrofula
down to a common Pimple.
He lus tried it In over eleven hundred
cases, and never failed except in two cases
(both thunder humor), lie has now in Ids
possession over two hundred tertificates
of its value, all within twenty miles of
Boston. Send postal card for book.
A benefit Is always experienced from
the first bottle, and a perfect cure is war
ranted when the right quantity is taken.
When the lungs are effected It causes
shooting pains, like needles passing
through them; the same with the Liver
or Bowels. Tnls is caused by the ducts
being stopped, and always disappears in a
week after taking it. Read the label.
If the stomach is foul or bilious it will
cause squeamish feelings at first.
No cliange of diet ever necessary. Eat
the best you ca.i get, and enough of it
Dose, one tablespoonful In water at bed
time. Sold by all Druggists.
I Anr die you
- vine, to to M
locLf. hlirh.
Tirr . 1 to H In-
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liuisto i(nr
I !. Havra
t;t in any
tlmejin a t,
onto layoift
of low wh.
to ft our wagon
erIn,fodJcr, nun.
UI-9. hnca. A Wr
rtttlnir of .f......
lfttrir 1rrm. Ail,!..
i.iupircuric. to..
I'. O.ItoxS3, Quincy 1U.
nmr..uaECB.teo.. n caxtom iidc, cmuca,
eoiu nj au araniuu.
cabled Poultry, Garden and Rabbit Fence,
- - ! .
n MA
iwfa5 ffl ii lu vi B
lUU UIU1UUY j?55
k i n V Cured k
" f tb I""-ln nnt
IM .., H" vl ttou-
H USED fuida ilac and will Y
Hinniiv Corejrou. fail
m IUIW.IT 11 for free bosk, udi
W arm, yPtOm blank, yff
W wm Vvkge by nm.f
VKX W..W. V.r
MMJ web Picket Lawn Fence, etc: Quality
ttrst class. I'll CBS LOIV Catuloirua fKKK.
0j Kalb Fence Co., 121 High St.. Oe Kilb, .11.