Hemingford herald. (Hemingford, Box Butte County, Neb.) 1895-190?, September 06, 1895, Image 10

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leHeffliDgford Herald.
SfHS'KiraiON Il.T8&
,.. .t
o r. YKUl
! v rtONHlH j
Published ewy filday, at Ileminflford, Hox
iitl County. Nbra.
r RtPAYT'SKPT G. 1S05.
Democratic State Convcnticn
TTinPn" D-mwrftf!" convmition is herohy
TO.WM to riw t IiSmcoIu, H'plnbw II, 1HO, nl
j o'clock 11 m.,forthf purpose of nomlnatuu:
luiTMi't-.'it'n for d of tin supremo court
dud two pBiiiiiiUb ff rwftnu of tho stat iini
vo-sity. and the ileUon or a staU, central cum-
!i p-ron who l") In tho doctrine of
V e davit ratlcMKirty as art forth In tit" platform
." ptinripifi.iidupV'd t th lust democratic
nut! .imlff'.tmjtliHilnt'liUiiKo In 1MB m in
vltrnl t)'Ni-i"''',in the selection of deiojate
to this convention.
Theai)ortiuiiint of d'lowyles from eaoh
rouuty, ImikiI on th voto of tho candidate- for
Houtonaiit-Tovernor at the last ;neral election,
n ml in-ilu.li ii Otis candidate at latgo from iasii
coanty, inns oliowHi
Johns"!! n
Kearney ft
Kdtli.... 2
lieyn I'alia... ....... ...2,
Kimball .
Kuux... i ....7
Luncaitw .....lli
Lincoln a
twin i
IjJHiP ,....,.... 1
Jf(t(Ion 3
Nanoe s
Hswaiia , 5
NtttkolU A
Otoo SO
IV-viieo , 6
Pfrkihs 8
J'holps 8
l'iwco 0
YltAD 15
limine .. .
llooirt ..
lies tltiltc
jftillor . . . .
(ass . . .
Omni) 3
Cherry 3
Ch-yonni 4
.. 4
. a
Folk., , 4
M willow n
lliehanlgon 14
Hook 8
Hntlno . 20
ryy. 8
founders k
HcntUllluff 3
Howard 14
Sheridan 4
Bfmrraiui II
HI dux , n
Rtntiton 7
'fhnrM.C II
Thomas S
riiurw ton. il
Valley 0
Washington 0
Wayno R
WflbsUtr (I
Wheeler ,. 2
Yolk . (i
nay .
Cihv r
Dakota .
Da won
Dawson .
Dixon. ..
P't lir
I'll lrwirp
3'-!C.l4( ...
(iraut.. .
(Jrnliy .
Hill .
Itnruin .
no turd
Ji'.'InrHoii 13
isuuxtd M.MitlN, i;iialnnnii.
,7.1! (jiuean, Ifeorei.-iry.
Democratic Judicial Conven
tion. Tli& Domncrats of tho IStli Judlcinl
(rtlstriiJt aru rospectfullylrequeatcd to
incot. in Uclpgato convontioit at
OKADlfON, NKU OCT. 10, 1805,
for tho imrpoHO of placing In nomlna
tion tuo camlltlatCH fur District
Judge for said district, nnd such oih
cr Uualnoss w muy properly come ho
foro ffthl convontkui. Tlio various
ciiunUos.wlll be entitled to on pqunl
munbor of dek'utea ns wcro olijcted
to tho statu convention.
1 M. DllOOME,
Alliance, Nob., Sopt. 2, 1805.
Tho democrats In thtj vnrlous pre
,!nt;t4 t Hox Uuito County, Ncbras
)c.t, hie roquo8tcd to select delcgetcs
to ntt'iid a county convention to be
liehl at tlio court house In Ilemlngford
Nobrasliu, on i3cptombcr 21, 1805, at
1 o'clock P. M., for tho purpose of
noialniitiiiix c.iiulklates for county
inlii-erH to lie olectod nt tlio coming
November election, to-wit:
Uo, Judge, Sheriff. ClorU.Trcasurer,
Suporintcmlent of Schools and ono
Coiomiaalouer lor tho third district.
Tlio eevoral precincts tiro entitled
to representation In aiild convention,
im follows:
Allinnco - 21 Liberty - 8
Boyd - - 2 Nonparoil - C
litis Butte - 5 Kunningwator C
Doifioy - - 1'2 Imko - G
'Liiwn - 7 Snnko - 3
"WrScht - - d
t Total - - 71
Tho Committeemen In tho various
pruclnets will uttoud to calling cau
I'usos In their ropuctivo, precincts
t suuh tlmo untl pluco us may in tbelr
judgmuot bpoii) best.
It. will also bo tiio duty of this
convnntiou to scloot a county central
committee and a chairman thereof for
lliu ensuing year,
S M Smyshu, Chairman,
Rciirpt "f n Thief lliitt lis Ilafl to He
Irlfd Without n Kcnrr t'ln.
In nn Ifastorn stuto tlioro has boon
i sorles of barn bnrtilnjr.i, whloh bad
dostroyd thausnniU of dollnrn' worth
of property. In some cases rosblonces
and storon bed canjfht flro, mid tlioro
wns no rml to tlio datnago. l'lno
horsoi and vehicles, bay, grain of
cvory sort, mul tho odds nnd onds of
property which Is ireiteratly atorod in
burns nil wotiL Tho citizens of tho
llttlo vlllnge wore greatly Inconsod
nn 1 left no moan ttntrlod to catch
the olTendur. Finally, during tho
thlrtQpnth ilro, tho guilty man and
his con federate wore caught. Popu
lar Indignation ran so high tbnt bad
the crime occurred In Kentucky, the
mou would bavo been lynchod. Hut
tboy wore thrown into jail to await
trial. Tlio day haforo tho trial a
prominent mau called upon the chief
offender's wife and found her crying
Ho looked about In vain for somo
means of comforting her. but pould
oniv pat nor on tho shoulder and sny:
"Thore, Mrs. S , don't tako on so.
Mnybo they'll clear him," tbpugh
down in his heart bo 'opqd tbo,y
wouldn't But sho only walled
"Ob, It isn't that. But to think
Jim's to bo tried to-morrow hoforo a
big crowd of people and bo hasn't got
any stickpin for his necktie. IIo Is
awful proud, Jim Is, and when ho was
arrested ho told ino to got him a
stickpin if I could, but I haven't boon
able to savo a cent. Oh, it's awful to
bo so poor."
And tho kind-hearted man actually
took out a dollar and told her if nbo
could find a stickpin at that prlco to
got it for Jim to woar at court and
savo tho family prido.
Hut Then It Vfai an Unfortunato lie
mark of III.
In an amateur theatrical socloty
there camo a crisis. Tlioro vns to bo
a pcrformanco on Monday, and on
Saturday, after what bad boon In
tended for tho last rehearsal, It was
plainly and painfully nnd awfully
evident that another roboarsal was
noedod. Tho matter was talked ovor
as only mattors of such grave, of
such stupendous importance can be
talked ovor. Thore was an, olomont
which in tho dosperato circum
stances camo out boldly for a Sunday
rehearsal, and opposed to this were
thoso who firmly declared that ratbor
than have a Sunday roboarsal tboy
would prefer to seo tho amatour so
cloty disappear in the most profound
Tho Sunday roboarsal faction had
as its ndvocato a woman who pre
sented her argument with vigor and
eloquence, but sho could not shako
tho rock on which stood tho leaders
of tho opposition, two venerable maid
ens, who with numerous biblical quo
tations fortllled tbelr position regard
ing tho obsorvanco of Sunday.
'lint," criqd tho woman who was.
resolved to bo Napoloonio in tho
cmorgoucv, "did not our Lord say
that tho Sabbath was mado for mou,
not men for tho Sabbath?"
Then thoro was a pause Tho
maidens gazed at each other. Jach
folt that tills was tho time when tho
day must bo saved. Ono of them
oponed her lips to Bpoak, nnd tho
other heaved a great sigh of relief.
"That Is true," said sho who re
plied, "but that was a vory unfortun
tto remark of Ills."
'Oh, that's about a sizo too small
for you," said tho salesman In a cloth
ing establishment, as ho critically
surveyed a coat into which ho had
assisted a patron. "Yes, it is a bit
too small," assorted tho othor, taking
ofT tho garment, "but, toll mo just
how much is a size." 'In a coat,"
answered tho salesman, "a slzo Is an
Inch.' "Is that so," exclaimed tho
customer. Ho had been living nearly
32 years wis fairly intelligent, but
nover know tho fact- And thoro
aro thousands liko him, who also do
not know, for Instance, that a sizo in
underwear Is two inches; in a sock,
an Inch: in a collar, half nn inch; in
bhoos, one-sixth of an Inch; In trous
ers, ono Inch; in gloves, a quartor of
n inch, and in hats, one-eighth.
Special Roatoa and Trains via tho
Burlington Eoutp.
Hound trip tickets to Omaha at tlio
one wuy rate, plusSO cents (for admis
sion coupon to tho stsito fair), will bo
on sale at lituliugtou Itouto stations,
Sopiember 1 3th to 20th.
Nobraskans are assured that tho 'Ofi
State Fair will be a vast improvement
mi its predeccasurs. Larger more
brllllantbotler worth seeing. Evoty
ono who can do bo should spend State
Valr week, the wholo of It, in Omaha.
Tho outdoor celebrations will bo
lirUu4ilurly attractive, surpassing
any thing of the kind over before un
mkon by any western city. Every
ovi'nmg, Omaha will be atlamo with
dot tilo lights and glittering pageants
wdl parade Uie stroetd- Tho program
f i; tuo evening uoroiuonlos Is:
Mnnduy, Sept. Will Grand Bicycle
rj'xda.i, Sept. nth Nebraska's
Par ide.
V.-dievl iy. Spt. 181li Military
i,n 1 Ciii l'.irnde.
I'liursJuy, Spt. lOih Knights of
Ak Sar Ben Tarade, to be followed by
ih Feast of Mofttiamln" Ball.
" 11 mud trui tickets to Omaha at the
reduced ritei ab'ive mentioned, as
villus full inform itlou about tho
BuiMn,'t'.n Uouto'8 twin sarvJoa at tlio
urn ! i .to st.ito Fair, cm bo hud on
p4jifatl'.u t the uearvist B. & M. It.
Final ProofNotices.
Hon. J. W. Wstm. Jn., ItcgUtcr.
Hon. V. M. Hiioomk. l!ivf-r.
1'nrtiM liavlnr notices In this column nre ro
atmtnl to ril Uie unmn carefully ana report to
HiU olrkw for irrwtum any errors that may
wtlut, Tlila will proTcnt possible delay in
makinct proof.
l.aml Offlcf at Atlinnco.NoU.. Spt- 4, 180ft.
Notice Is liorohy Wcn tbnt Uio follovrinx
nnmpd net tier lin filed notlroof Ids Intent'on to
make final proof In ettpport of hit claim and
that raild proof will lio mado beforn Itpi-Ut'T
ami Itmtftlver at Allianov, Nob., on , October 10,
of Ijawn, Neb., who mado H. E. no. 28S8 for Iho
8". NRHandN V, SB of iwo8,tp28n.r Klw.
Ho names tho following witnednos to provrh n
continuous residenoo upon nnd cnlliyntion of
mul limd, viz: lkiujamin K. Moore, of Mara
land. Neb , Leo llraudlo, Irfiuis Larson, John
V. Hazard, Of Lawn, Neb.
J. W. Wehn. Jn., Itcwtater.
Ind Ollice tit Alliance, Nebr., Anfjnstas, 1890.
Notteo is hereby fflvon that Uio following
named nettler Iibh fileil notice ot bin Intention
to nmko finol proof in Kiipport of his claim, and
tliatnakl proof will Iw mndebaforo J. E. Brown,
U. H. (!. V. Commissioner nt Hay Springs, Nob.,
on Oct. 7, 1805, xh: ' '
of Dunlap, lleh., who madoun No. M47 for tlio
W i H B U. B W ii N E U i N E U S W U boo 32 to
00 n, r 47 w.
uonamoa mo following witurssRH to prnvo
his continnons reuidonco upon and cnltitation
of said land, viz: ('liorJes Olson, lirrick 8ur
destrum, Kll Blgnbl, Valentino Uoddard, nil of
Dunlap, Neb. Also
of Dnnlap. Neb., who mado ll k no. 3103 for tho
s W N w Vi seo 6, b i n e sk-hj (1, tp 20 n, r 47 w.
Ho names thotoUowine witnesses to prove hln
continuous resIilQiicn tmtm mul onltlv.itbui if
... . ;- . . . . " "---i. "-
pain lanii, Jlz: Unlirlol Johnson, KrrickSur
jiesirnni, mi dirikm, Valentino (iouun
llunlap, Neb,
J. W. Wkhn, Jit., ileeister.
Land OIBco at Alliance, Neb., Ang. 12, IBM.
fotirnis berebv rHen tlint. Ihn ril1,iv,'Inimm.
rd settlor has tiled notieo of his intention to
mai.o nnai prooi in support ot litscJalm,.iud
that said proof will bo mado lieforo J. K. Drown
JJ. B. court commissioner, nt Hay Springs, Nob.
Oil Hcpt, 2J, lbU5, viz:
of Dunlap, Nub., who rando u. e. No. 2017 for
tho S W J4 sec la, tp 21i n, th 47.
Ho names tho following witnesses to provo
his continuous Tcsldenco upon nndcnlthntioh
of snid laud, viz: Vuleutlno II. Ooddard, Oscar
l1. Crosswait, I'liarlcs Olson, of Dunlap, Nob.,
J. rioblo Dotsou, of Miratco, Nob. AUo
ot Dnnlap, Nob., who mado n. k. No.S274for
tho 8 W U seo 8. tp U n, r 47 w.
Ho names tlm fnllfirtli!- wttneaflra tn nrnrnlita
continuous residenco upon and cultivation of
said land, vl.: Samuel Torroll, Osrar 1 Cross
wait, of Dunlap, Neb., ,f. Noble Dotsou, of Mi
raKO, Nob., Charles Olson, of Dunlap, Neb.
J. Y. weiin.jiu, ilelBter.
Land OIBco at AUlanoo, Neb., Ang. l'J, lira.
Notlco tn biTSby tven that tlio followlng
liaUKKl settler has blia notloo of his intention to
moko fli.al proof in support of bisckiim, and
that said proof will lw mado bnforo Kenistor or
ltocoiver nt Alliance, Neb., on Bopt. !!0, lbUS, viie:
of Hemlncford, Nob., who mado H. E. No. 23
for tho N SV H soo IS, tp 2o n, n- M w.
II" - nnujjit the followt.uj witnesses to provo his
continuous residence upon and cultivation of
said land, viz: John lientler, William IJoth,
Holtnor Uensvohl, of Hemihtiford, Nob., John
J. Lutbch, ot Lawn, Nob.
J. W. Wehn, Jn., ltoc'.stcr.
Ijand Office at Alliance, Nob., Auff. 21, IBM.
Notion is berebv Riven that tho following
named Hottlnr linu llloil notice of his intention tn
mako final proof in support of bis claim, and
that said proof 111 Ijo msdo before ItfRietor and
lttoeiver at Alliance, Neb., on Kept. US, UDS, vizi
of Hominsford, Neb., who mado n. c. No. 110
for tho NKli seo ,.!0, tp Si n. r 5'J w.
He unmet) the followim; withessftsto prove his
continuous residence upon nnd cultivation of
said land, viz: 'leorsa Wakofield. (Jeorjlo L.
Taylor, Georpp Vf. IVnso, of Hcmiiusford, Nob.,
Ucorgo W. Wells, of Marsland. Nob.
J. W. WiatN, Jn., Itegister.
Hut Ho Didn't Itenp.
Whatjs known as tho West Sid o It
San Joaquin valley suiters moro than
any other grain-raising section of the
state from lack of rains, nnd, as tho
Baying goes," only ono year In three
produces a crop. Not long Blnco a
eclobratod casj camo up for trial in
Fresno, and tho lawyers wcro exam
ining jurors. Ono, whom wo shall
call Georgo Jones, wa3 in tho box
being quostionnd bsforo ho would bo
pormlttod to servo on the jury.
Among other questions tho lawyer
asked Mr. Jones whore ho lived.
"Ovor on tho West Side, about six or
Feven miles from Firobaugh," was tho
rosponse. "yes." said tho lawyor;
"farmer, I suppose?" "I dunno," an
swered Jones, "I plow and sow."
A W ooden-Lesirtxl l'ct.
A dog with a wooden log Is ono ot
tho curiosities of Wavorly, Md. It Is
a pug dog bclonglug to John Kccleson
of Brady aonuo. Tho dog lost part
of his foreleg while investigating tho
mysterlos of an electric car. Mr. Ec
clcson, measured carefully tho length
of tho dog's leg nnd mado a stick to
fit tho stump, Tho dog has bocomo
accustomed to the strnuge appondngo
and runs about as easily and as natur
ally as his moro fortuno.to canlno
Drew the Line.
Mrs. Hicks Hero I am, keeping two
girls, and I have to work liko a slava
my6elt Hicks Why don't you got
another girl? Mrs. Hicks Hot much;
coma what may, I sicjply won't work
nights. ,
Land Onicont Alllanoo, Neb., Aup.20, 1605.
Notieo is berebv hIvoii tbat the f oliowlne nam
ed settler has filed notice ot his intention to
mako final proof in support of his claim, and
tbntsald proof will lo mado Deforo Itegister or
llecohor at Alliance, Neb., on Hept. 80, 1B05, viz:
of Hominsford, Nob., who mndo H. E. No. 3273
for thd 8 E i seo 0, tp 2H n, rj 4S w.
Do names tho following witnesses to provo
his continuous rueldeueo unon and cultivation
of said land, viz: William J. lJritton, Ihomas
Ii. Hopkins, Kndnlpli K. Martz, Oohu Jullnk,
all of Hominsford, Neb. Also
of Keralntrford. Nob., whb made H. E. No, 3C23
for tbo 8 W H seo 37. tp 23 n, r 88 w.
He names ibe followluir witnesses to provo
his continuous residnnon upon and cultivation
of aid land, viz: William J. Hritton, Tliomns
L. Hopkins, Itudolph E. Martz, John Joliuek,
all ot Hemlusford, Nob.
J. y. Wehn, Jn., Hesistor.
Reduced Rates to Hot Sprlngi, S. D.,
aro ofTercd by tlio Burlington Bouto,
Jlay 24, Juno 7 and 10, July 3 and 10,
August 2 nnd 28.
Ono fare for tho round trip.
Tickets good for 30 days
In addition, low round trip rrttos to
Hot Springs urc in effect tho year
For information about rates and
trains, via the Burlington Itouto, to
Hot Springs, apply to the lorn! ngont.
For Illustrated folder, descriptive of
this famous resorts, write to J. Francis
G. I Si T. A., Omaha, Neb.
ldind Office at Alliance, Neb., Bcpt. 6, IMfi.
Notice is lierobv irivpn Hint film follnwir.f
named Mttler has filed notieo of his Intention to
mako tlnal proof in support ot his claim ami
Uir.t said proof will bo made boforo Hcglstsr and
ltwoiver at Allianco, Neb.,onOct. 17, IMS, viz;,
ot Marslam), Nnb who made u. x. No. 17C1 for
tlio 8 1C L4 soo IB, tp 2i), tft 51 w.
He names tho following witneses to provo
his continuous residence upon and cultivation
of wild land, viz: HurIi H. Jones, I'orry Erik
Fon, of Marslaad, Nob., ErauuiBka Jirntochvel,
Henry Bhlmek, of Ijvwii, Neb. Alsv
formerly Francitka Bkoda. ot Liwn, Nob., who
roadau.E. no. 2015 for tho n k ?4 sco iG, tp as,
rgfilw. .
btio names tho following witnesses to provo
her continuous rosidonco upon and cultivation
pt said land, viz: Wlllard M. Evans, Mars
land, Neb, nenry k liimck, of Lawn, Nob., nufh
1). Jones, I'erry JcriUsou.ot MarsIand,Kcb,
of lawn, Neb , who mado 11. E. No. 1714 for tho
B VV U sec 28. tp 28, rg fil w.
Ho names tho following witnesses to provo
hor continuous residence npou nnd cultivation
of said land, viz: Wlllnrd M. Etans, Hugh II.
Jones, of Marsland, Nob., Franclskn Kratoch
vol, l'crry rrikson, of Marsland, Neb.
J. VI. Wehn, Ja., Hoglstcr.
f i Heaw Hardware,
I Caveats, nnd Trade-Marks obtained and all Fat-
rent buiinets conducted for Moderate Fees.
Sour Orncc is Oppobitc U. S. Patcnt Orricc J
ami no can secure patent in lea time than those j
Prmnlft from Wflihfnfrton- S
t Send model, drawing or photo., with descrip-j
(tton. YVo advise, if patentabls or not, frco of J
Jcharce. Our fee not dua till patent ts secured. 3
i a n.M.uirr "How to Obtain Patents." with
;cost of tamo in the U. S. and foreign countries!
sent Irec. AUdrcss,
Burlington Route
August 10th to 2'ltb, Burlington
Route agents in Nebraska and Kan
sas will sell round trip tickets to Bos
ton at the one way rate. Return
limit Oct. 10th.
Tho train to .take: The Knights
Templar Olllcial Train, having on
board Grand Commander Finch and
Escort will leave Omaha
Via the Burlington Route
at 4:45 p. in., Thursday Aug. 22nd,
after arrival of all trains from tho
west. Through to Boston Without
Change. Seven hours stopover at
Niagara Falls. Tickets and sleeping
car reservations on appllcotlon to any
agent of this or any connecting line.
Sond for freo folder giving full in
formation. J. Fuanois,
G. P. & T. A., Omaha, Neb.
SKSiHirftlV Hn kMIUVnCvr
via " lL T. .Hiri . Ii- i I
ar CQPYKltari I O.
prompt answer and an honest opinion, wrlto to
5l U N N ito CO.. who hare hart nearly flfty yoara
SjpeVlenea in th'o patent business. Co"""1??
tlons strictly confldontlal. A Handbook of In
formation concornlna Patents and how to oh.
tain them sent f ren.AlfiO n catalogue Of xncohan
Icnl and soiontlfla books sent free. ,.
Patents taken throngh Munn & Co. joeono
thus aro brought widely beforptbo PUbltovrlth.
out cost to tho Inventor. This solenoid paper,
issued weekly. elOBamly Illustrated, has by far tho
larpest circulation of any sclenUUc work In tho
world. 83 a year. Hnnnilo copies sent free.
W nulidlng Edlonj monthly, f i-W n year. Btnjlo
conies. 'iH cents. Every number contains poau
Uful platos. tn colors, and phmowapbs ofnaw
houses! with plans, enabling Wlliters lo show tho
l&test deslcns and socuro contracts. Address
jSunn S cti m:w youu, aoi nuoADWA.y.
This Card is to (Benefit Cash (Buyers. (Don't Lose It,
20 '25
1 20 25
j 20 25
yo l 25
20 25
20 25
20 25
20 25
100 1 100 1 100 100 j 10Q 100 100 50 1 5j"
H. R. GREEN, -Hardware.
Head What This Card
. . . .Says. . . .
When you pay Cash, lot tho Clork xnmch out
tho amount; and when you have paid us
Twenty- Dollars in cash, will givo you
One (Dollar In Goods Free of Charge,
CSOn nil poods except Darb wire.
50 60 60 1 50 j 50 50 j 50 1 50 1 50
15 10 5
15 10 j 5
15 fl0"j"5
15 10 5
We will not be undersold. Ahoays bring this Card with you.
And the Celebrated.
Hollmgwortli and Tiger Hayrakes
THE BUCK10YB Machines which took the cake at tho
"WOELD'S FAIR caunot bo excelled.
Tho HOLLrNGSWOETLT and TIGER Hayrakes wcro nover beaten,
Either of these celebrated tools will bo sold AS CHEAP
and CHEAPER than any inferior grades.
I also keop vopnirs for theso and other machines. Can got any
repairs desired. Tho
"Best "BIrcLcLez '"T'w-Iri.e
At tho lowest living prices. For sale at tho
"jT"E3:"H3 "E5ZO"rE"E3'ES
Hardware and Saddlery House
A Beautiful Woman
Attracts Attention Eveeywheee.
Grolel -;- Leeif,
Ae Ugly Woman
Can Make Betteu Bread With
QoSel -Leeif -Floqt
Land Office at Alliance, Nob., Aug. 11,1601.
Notieo in hereby Riven that the following,
named settler has tiled notlco of his intention
to make final proof in support ot his claim, and
that said proof will bo made before IWglstwr
or lEeoelver at Alliance, Nob., on Bent, 3t,
1SU5, U:
of Tierca. Neb., who made H. E, No. IVtl for the
8 W H see H, tp 80 ii rjf 9 w.
lie nnmas the following witnesses tn provo
his continuous residence npon and cultivation
ot said laud, viz: henry Von Darken, John
Von riai-pen, Erik lUBmuswjn, Uendiok D,
Vikse, all of Rerea, Neb. Also
of Berea, Ileb., who madn H. E. No. 5186 for tho
Lots 1 and 3 and 8 K N E V sen 1, tp 20 n, r 40 w
Ho names tho followlnn witnesses to prove
his continuous residence upon and cultivation
of said land, vii: David Eberly, D. V. Eberly,
Erl.ind I'etlsrsou Vi'oldeu, Erik ltasmusson, all
of Ilerea, lieb. Also
ot Iterea, Neb., who made H. E. No. 2183 for tho
8 E U seo 1, tp 20 li, r It) w.
Houamed the following witnesses to prove
his continuous residence upon and cultivation
of said laud, viz: David Eberly, D. V- Ebarly,
Hrliuul Pelerson Wolden, Erik liasmusson, all
of Iterea, Neb. J. VV, Wbbn, Jit., Register.
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OF 0-CT23 .SS033'X3ET'T' O
Lawns, Cashmeres, Underwear
Notioo To Orodltors
State of Nebraska, ) B8
Ilox Rutto County, 1
In the matter ot tbo Sstato ot James MeCal
loiitth deceased.
Notioe is hereby given that the creditors ot Mild
deceased will roet the Administrator ot said
l'Mate before me County Judeo of Hox Rutte Co
Nebraska, at the County Court Room, iu Horn
ineford. in said County, ontlioyttli day of Bspt.
ls5 nnd on tlie 31tb day of February 1W. at 10
nVln.tk h. m noli dav fur tbeiiurnosaof uresent-
insr their claims fur examination, adjustment
and allowance, 8ix months tiro allowed for tliu
creditors to present their claims ami one year
for the Administrator to celtle said Estate from
theSlth day of August 1KB.
This notioe will lie published in the Hemins
ford llEKHU) for four woeks successively prior
to tho :mh day of Sept. A. I) MU5.
WitnMs niyothulal signatnre nd the seal of
said County Court, this tilth lay ot Augunt, X. D,
ia)J. D. K. Smqiit.
vBeaL) Ooujtly Judj.
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