Hemingford herald. (Hemingford, Box Butte County, Neb.) 1895-190?, August 30, 1895, Image 8

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The Hemingfbrd Herald.
.T.D'ivtfBl'K Publisher.
nNK YEAR......... tlM
MX MONXlttf '
Pnlitlshod ctery Vrlday, at Heraliutford, Cox
Zlntta County, Nebraska.
FRIDAY, AUGUST 30, 1895.
Democratic State Convention,
Tho Sfaio Demoeratto convention is hereby
called to nioet lit Lincoln, Beptemlicr R, lfiBS. at
4o'olockp. m., for tho purposo of nominating
ono candidate for judos of the supremo court
Mut two candlditos for peirent of tho stalo uni
versity, and tho citation of a stato central com
All persons who ImIIoto In tho doctrine of
tho democratic tmrtjr as sot fortli In tho platform
of principle adopted nt tho last democratic
national convention In Chit-Ago in 1HU arc In
Tlted to co-ornrato In tlio selection ot (lelegatoa
to thin convention.
Tho apportionment of doleirytos from Mich
county, tared on thn voto of the candidate for
IteulMiant-HO'crnor at tho laid Koneral election,
and Including ono candiilnto at Initio from each
county, Is as follows:
Adams (1 Johnson 0
Antelope- 4 Kearney fi
llanner 3 Kolth.... ..a
lllalno 'J Keya l'alia a
llonno (1 Kimball.., .......1
Box Ilutto. n Knox 7
lloyd 4 IrfinraHlcr 10
llrown s Lincoln S
jiu(inii) ............. ft iKiean .......a
Jturt',. ,.....,..;.,. 4 Loup
llutler R Madison ....J3
m IS Mcl'herson 7.....1
Cedar 0 Merrick.... ft
Chaso II Nanoo 2
Cherry .......8 Nemaha 5
iwieyenna 4 NnokoIIs 4
? -7 "too m
Lolfax 1ft 1'awnio 6
timlns 13 Perkins II
(uster..., (1 Phelps B
Dakota 8 Piorco n
Dawes ...7 1'IntU) is
Daweon 4 rlk., , 4
Dnuol 4 ItodWlliow !1
"Uon 11 lllchardson II
Dodjto 15 Hock a
pouclas Kl Balino...., 20
Dundy 2 Harpy. 8
Jillmoro 8 Haundcra H
I'ranklln 4 BcottsHlua 3
frontier 4 Howard , 14
,'nrius , 4 Klinridan 4
"Oauo ,ao Sherman :i
Garfiold 1 Kjonx.: ,. :i
Gospor 8 Bfanton 7
Grant s '.Thayer....,, ,11
Greeley 4 Thomas.... 2
JJnll. 8 Thurston..... !l
Hamilton 4 Valley ...,... 3
Harlan ,., II Washington 0
Hayes.... il Wnvno 8
ltltchcook ,.:i Webster.,.. (1
Itnlt 7 Whoolor ,.S
Hooker ..,..1 Yolk 0
Howard ....,, 0
Jefferson 13 Total .....013
' w HOOMD MAIIIIN, Chairman.
3. II. BHECAN, Bocretary.
Ik tlioro.ts any uifFeicnco between
tho so-called frco sllvor democrats"
and tlio populist party why do tho
.f, 8. d. (tho loaders at that) go and
uilro an active part in tho pop con
ventions? Tho only way to distin
guish ono from tho other, 1b that tho
i. s. d. nro kicking harder bocausc
jthero was "soraotlilnR they didn't got"
nnd aro now straddle of the fence
walling to see on which side thero
will ho tho most plums. Therefore
would not the teim "chronic klckcra"
lie w oro explicit and appropriate than
than the ono tlioy now stylo thorn
solves? It looks that way to a man
up a tree.
Free .Coinage Not Free Dis-
' tributipn.
Suppose- It bo admitted that the
frco coinage of! silver would bo a bless
ing, and would at once Incrcaso the
volume of money hi the country as a
whole in wh.it way would it incrcaso
tlio supply in imllvlduual pockets?
How would it oven Increase tho
supply In non-silver producing jbcc
Free silver does not menu that (ho
government would coin and send it
about tlio country on pack horsos and
in wagons. Inviting every matt to holp
himself, There will bo no 'forty
acres and a mule" distribution, utiles
vit bo to the Western miners, at tho
end of this frco silver fight, no mat
ter how It may terminate.
Tlio metal Is produced In the min
ing sections of tho West. Tho people
who mine it would have tho privilege
of sending it to tho government mints
and getting it coined into money.
"When coined It would belong to them.
They would not scatter it nround
among their lrlends In Georgia, south
Carolina and Illinois. They would
take it back to Nebraska and Colorado.
If vast quantities of silver were
mined tho people out West might
accumulate vast quantities of monoy,
The "sllvor bugs" of that section
might become as rich and obnoxious
as tho "gold bugs" of tho East Den
ver might become a great monoy
center, but what advantage would
that bo to the pnople of Alabama or
Michigan? Thcru Ib already idle mon
ey by the hundreds of millions in
tsomo sections of tho country, but the
people of other sections cannot get it
because they buy about as much as
they sell, and have no favorablo bal
ance of trade to bring it to them .
If the silver barons of tho west
were multiplied by tho score, and if
all tho followers of tho mining camps
were to gro.v rich and great, It la not
asy 1q soo how tho farmers1' of Miss
issippi or Qhio would be benefited nny
more than they aro n.ow benefited by
tlie vatt accumulations of money stor
ed in the vaults of Eastern banns.
If every tenth man in Colorado
were made u millionaire, and tho for
tunes of all were in 0u.U, tUil ,ICCU-
nulatlon yf money could no more nut
p prices th.ua does the present
hoards In the cost. The truth iathat
the supply of money has little to do
with prices, which nro based on the
cost of production, but regulated by
supply nnd demand. They arc affect
also by Btato of credits.
1'rospcrity' which stimulates prices
depends upon safo credits mora than
upon tho .volume of money. Monoy
may bo abundant, and prosperity
wholly lacking; but credit cannot be
abundant without" prosperity.
Confidence, which Is tho basis of
credit, increases the uso and active
supply of money. It Is ulso a trrcat
distributor of mpney, a great cquitozcr
of its circulation.
Tho ndvocatcs of inflation, whother
by free colnngo of silver, or other
methods, destroy confidence nnd thus
destroy tho only rational means of
ecurlng what they really want, an
active Incrcaso of tho vpjtimo of money
in the channels of trade.
Tlioy get hold of tho wrong horn of
thcdilcina. They propose an artificial
and consequently unsafo Incrcaso in
tlio money supply, bollovmg that they
can thus Increase tho circulation and
put up prices.
The plan Inevitably works tho wrong
wny. too many distrust the scheme.
The money Is locked up, nobody
wants to invest or to buy beyond act
ual needs, nnd prices go down Instead
of up.
Then tho stnmp orator comes upon
tlio scene, abuses tho "gold bugs,"and
lays tho consequence of this folly at
tho door of tho " money power."
Dollars or What.
A britlgo over Donkey Crook,
Wyo., burned Saturday night,
delaying stock trains eight
Burlington Route
August 10th to 21th, Burlington
Route agents In Nebraska and Kan
sas will sell round trip tickets to Bos
ton at tho ono wny rate. Bcturn
limit Oct. 10th.
The train to take: Tho Knights
Templar Official Train, having on
board Ornnd Commander Finch and
Escort will leave Omaha
Via tlio Burlington Itouto
at 4:45 p. m., Thursday Aug. 22nd,
after arrival of all trains from tho
west. Through Jto Boston Without
Change. Seven hours stopover at
Niagara, Falls. Tickets nnd sleeping
car reservations on appllcotion to any
agent of this or any connecting lino.
Send for frco folder giving full In
formation. J. FltANCIS,
G. P. & T. A.. Omaha, Nob.
Reduced Rotes to lint Springs, S. I).,
aro olTored by the Burlington Route,
May 21, Juno 7 and 10, July 3 and 19,
August 2 and 2!l.
One fare for tlio round trip.
Tickets good for 30 days.
In addition, low round trip rates to
Hot Springs are in effect tho year
For information nbout rates and
trains, via tho Burlington Route, to
Ilot'Bprings, apply to tho local agent,
For Illustrated folder, descriptive of
this famous resorts, write to J. Francis
G. P. & T. A., Omaha, Neb.
Now Short Lino to Holonn, Butte
Spokane, Scuttle nnd Tnconia.
G. X. & "W. O. Time Card.
KA8T llOVNn.
No. 42, nasinnKor arrives at 11:2ft p. m,
" iQfralKht " " n:0p.m,
" 48 froiultt nrrlvus nt loau u. m,
No, 41 pnsscntjur arrives ftt 6:21 a. m.
" 4", frelulit nam p. ra.
" 4T fndulit nrrlvos nt 3:35 p. m.
All tralna curry imsHoncors.
i W. YiiK.mxr, Agent,
ItEMiNoronD postollice. On week days door
oens at 7 a. ju., general delivery opans at H a.
m. and closes at tt p. in. Open ttumlaye 0 to
It) a. in.
Ile.MtNaironD and Box JIutt? tago dally except
IlEsiiNoronu and Dunlap stago, Monday
Wwluewlay and Friday.
Offlolcul Directory.
( .Tag. Tlarrv, 1st Hist.
Commissioners jas. Holllnrake, nd DIt.
t , t, ,- CUeo.W Duncan.lrd IMst.
Judco D. 1C Hpuchu
Clark J. K. Noal.
Khoriff-E. A. Hull ,
Treasurer -B. II. l.lbby.
Attorney II. F.GIIniiin.
Coronor 1'. II. Drisooll.
Hunoyor- J. P. Hazard.
Bupt. ofSoUools-H. l Fillmore.
Oh.u.roii IJirootory.
CONGItr.GATIONAL. Prcacblnffeaoh ultcr
nuto Buuday, beginntng Junutiry.l, 1891. at
11 o'clock a. m., and at 7 p. in. SumW School
at 10 a. in. l'ruyor ilcetlng each Wednesday
at 7 p. in.
QATHOLlU:-Hov. Charles Zak Pastor.
METnODIST:-ltov J.W. Kendall Pastor
Preaching tho teeoiid nnd tourtti Buuday in
each month ut 11 a. in., aml7 p. m.
AL:-Servlcts In tlio tlninrrepnt.
Iiti.mil II.i.kaIi I,.... . I1...A..
Borrlaes on the third TUurudcr lu each month
at7 p. ta.
Final -ProofNotices,
Hon. J. W, Wnnj, Jr., Itesistcr.
Hon. F. M. IIiioomi, ltxcelw.
l'artlea baring notices In this rolumn aro ro
nnosted to read tlio same carefully and rM,rt to
tiiii olllco for correction any eirors tliat may
oxut. This will prevent possiblo delay lu
making proof. ,
Ind Oiltco at Alliance. N'ebr., Augnst 28, 1H95.
Notieo la hereby ijlven that tho foilowinit
named settler has filed notion ot his Intention
to inako final proof in support of his claim, and
thatsaid proof will lio madeboforo J. H. llrown,
U. K. C, ( . Commlssionor at Hay Springs, Nob.,
on Oct. 7, lWft. viz:
of Dunlap, Neb., wlio mado H r. No. 3147 for tho
30 ii, rir 47 w.
Honamostho following wltnesnos to provo
bis continuous resldenco npon and cultivation
of said land, vl,: ('harlos Olson, Errick 8nr
destrum, EII Bignol, Valentino Uoddard, all ot
Dunlap, Neb. Also
of Dunlap. Neb., who mado n k no. 3199 for tho
a W n w H peo H, a U n b soo 0, tp 29 n, r 47 w.
He names tho following wltneoses to provo his
continuous resldenco upon nnd cultivation of
said .land, viz: Gabriel Johnson, Errick Hur
tlnstrura, Ell Hlgnol, Valentino Ooddard, all of
Dunlap, Nob, J. W. Weiin, Jn., Heister.
LandOillcoatAHIanco, Nob., Aiur. 12,1893.
Notieo is hcrcliy i:h en that tho rollowlm? nam
cd settler has filed notice of his Intention to
mako tinal proof in support ot his claim, and
tlmt said proof will lio mailo lieforo J. E. llrown
U. H. court commissioner, at Hay Springs, Nob.
on Bept. 23, 1(105, viz:
of Dunlap, Nob., who mado n. E. No. 2017 for
tlio 8 W H soo lil, tp 2 n, rg 47.
Ho names tho following witnesses to provo
his continuous resldenco upon and cuitivatloh
ot said land, viz: Valentino II. G oddard, Oscar
I. CroHswalt, Charles Olson, of Dunlap, Neb.,
J. Noblo Doltson, ot Mirage, Neb. Also
of Dunlap. Nob., who mado it. t. No. 8274 for
tho 8 W h mo 8, tp 2 n, rg 47 w.
Ho names the following witnesses to prove bis
continuous resldenco npon and cultivation of
said land, vh: Samuel Terrell, Oscar V. CroRs
wiilt, of Dunlap. Nel., J. Noblo Dolmon, of Ml
rage, Nob., Chorion Olson, of Dnnlap, Neb.
J. W. WcitN, J., lteglstor.
Land Ollicn at Alliance, Neb., Aug. 10, ISM.
Notieo Is Ik ruby given that tho following
named settler has hied notieo of his Intention to
mako final proof In support of his claim, and
that said proof will bo muds before llegistoror
Hecelver nt Alliance. Neb., on Bept. 80, 1603, viz:
of Ilemlngford, Nob., who mado H. E. Ho. 23
for tho N W U soo l. tp 20 n, rg fil w. .
HAnamon tho following witnesses to provb bis
continuous residence upon and cultivation ot
said land, viz: John Heutler, William I loth,
Hclmor Itensvold, of Hemlligtord, Nob., John
J. Lutsch, of Lawn, Nob.
J. W. Wkiin, Jn., Hcglster.
Land Officii nt Alllancu, Neb., Aug. 21, 18SS.
Notieo is hereby given that tho following
named settler has illod notieo of bis Intention to
mako final proof In support of bis claim, and
that said proof will bo mado before llegistor and
Iteceivur at Alliance, Nob., on Bopt. 28, 1KI3, viz:
of Hemlngford, Neb., who mado it. e. no. 1107
for tho N 13 i sho 20, tp S& n. rg 60 w.
Ho names tlio following witnesses to provo his
continuous resldenco upon nnd cultivation of
said land, viz: (leorgo Wakefield. George L.
Taylor, George W. Penso, of Hemingford, Nob.,
Oeorgo W. Wells, of Morsland. Nob.
J. W. Weiin, Jn., lteglstor.
Land Oilico nt Alliance, Nob., Aog.20. 1803.
Notice is hereby given that the following nam
ed settler lias filed notieo of his intention to
mako linnl propf in support of his claim, and
t hat paid proof will bomitdo beforo Register or
Hecelvor nt Alliauco, Nob., on Bept. ,'JO, 1SU3, via:
of Homlngford, Nob., who mado H. E. No. 8273
for tho 8 E U seo It, tp B-J n, rg 4S w.
110 names tho following witnesses to provo
his continuous resldenco upon and cultivation
ot said land, viz: William J. llritton. Thomas
L. Honkins. Ilndnlnh K. Mart.. .1olm .tnlinnlr.
all of Homlngford, Neb. Also
of Horalnnford, Neb., who mado H. E. No. 3028
for tho B W l4 seo 27. tp 8 n, rg 38 w.
Ho names the following witnesses to provo
his continuous roiidonei upon and cultivation
of said land, viz: William J. llritton, Thomas
L. Hopkins, lludolph E. Martz, John Jeliuek,
all of Hemiugford, Neb.
J. W. Weiin, Jh., lteglstor.
Land Oilico nt Allianco, Nob., Aug. 11.1891.
Notice is hereby given that tho followlng-nam-ril
settler ha tMel nitico of his Intention
tp makofinal proof in support of his claim, anil
that said proof will tin mado lieforo ltegister
or lteceivcr ut Allianco, Ncb on Bept. 23,
1893, viz;
of Rorea, Nob., who mado H. E. No. lOTO for tho
8 W H soo 8, tp 20 n. ig 49 w.
Ho name3 tho following witnesses to provo
bis continuous resldenco upon and rnlthatlon
ot said land, viz: Henry Von Hnrgen, John
Von Ilargen, Erik Hasmusson, Uendick D.
Vikso, all of Ilerca, Neb. AIbo
of lieroa, Neb., who made H. E. No. 2105 for tho
Lots 1 and 2 and 8 M H E i sco 1, tp 20 n, r 49 w
Ho napies tho following witnesses to provo
his continuous residepco upon Mid cnltivattnn
of saiil land, viz: David Eberly. I). V. Ebcrly,
Erland Peilerson Woldeu, Erik ltasmusson, all
of llurea, Hob. Also
of Ilcrea, Nob., who mado H. E. No. 2100 for tho
8 E U fj 1, tp 20 n, rg III w.
Ho names tho following witnesses to-provo
his continuous rcbldenco upon mid rultUation
of KId land, viz: Davi.l Kberly, D. V. Eberly,
Erland 1'nlert.on Wolden, Erik Itasmnsson, all
i neren, I'eii. J, n. WEIIN, JR., ltegister.
Ijand Offlco at Allianco, Neb., Jnly 24, 18!ft.
Notieo is horeby givou that tlio following
named settlor has filed notieo ot his intention to
mako final proof in support of his claim and
that said proof will bo made lieforo L. A. Dor
riogtiin, U. 8. Court Commissioner, at Chadron,
Nob., on Bept. 1 5, 1803, viz:
of Dunlap, Neb., who mado H. E. No. 2012 for
tho 8 E !. eeo 15. tji 29, rg 48 w.
He i names tho following wllnosses to provobls
continuous residence upon nnd cultivation of
said land. iz: Arthur M. Hartlott, of Chadron,
Neb., Harry L. llartlett, Charles L. Waldren,
Joshua C. Cousins nf Dunlap, Neb.
J. W. Wkun. Ju., llegistor.
Notloe To Creditors
Rtato of Nebraska, )
lloxllutto County, BS
In the matter of tho Estate of Jaraos McCnl
lough deceased.
Notice is hereby given that tho creditors of said
deceased will met the Administrator of said
Lstato before mo County Judge of Hox Ilutto Co
Nebraska, at tho County Court lloom, in Hum
ingford, in said County, onthoSlth day ot BepU
lhJ and on tho 21th day of February 1WU, at 10
o clock a. m. each day for the purpose of present
ing Uieir claims for examination. adjiiHtment
and allowance. Bix. mouths nro allowed for tho
creditors to present their claims and ono year
for tho Administrator to settle said Estate from
the 21th day of August 1893. '
This notice will bo published In tho Homing
ford IIkriild for four weeks successively prior
tot ho 24th day of Bept. A. D ISO.
Witness myollicial Bignatnro and tho seal ot
said County Court, this 21th day ot August, a. d.
In". ,, D. ICBpacut.
(8e.vL) Counly Judge.
To Daniel O. Hower, non-resident defendant.
Von are hereby notified that on tho 12th day ot
August leWi, Olivia E. Uowor filwl a iietition
against ymi In the district court of Hox Ilutto
County, Nebraska, tho object and prayer of
which aro to obtain a divorce from you, on tho
grounds ot non-support and extreme cruelly
without ranso. You aro hereby required to ans
wer said petition on or beforo the 2:ird day of
BepU 1805. OLIVIA E. BOWEIt,
By . G. 8IMON80N, Her Attorney.
Taksn np June 15th. on Section 15-20-19, ono
dark gray mare, about nino years old, no brands
that can 1m read. Owner can have saino by
proving property and paying charges.
8-0 Tiiko. Johnson.
Alliance, -: KumusKA;
eS-OJIlcc lu Fletcher Block.
Attorney at Law,
Alliance, Nebraska.
Pnctlccs in all tho courts and be
fore U. S. Land Office.
E. E. BARR, n. D.
State Univisusity of Iowa 1887.
Chicago Poleclinic 1S01.
and SunaicAL Diseases of
Alliance, - - - Hebraska
Attorneys - at - Law,
R. A. Blackburn, M.D.,
Physician and Surgeon,
Office over Wildy's store.
r 5
w 11
rJ E"?
O 5w
T w
KT S 1 P
. B CD P?
1 1 M
pn 2 SIS
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in suits and all tho latest novelties in Dress Fabrics, for the coming season, in tweturo, finish,
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