Hemingford herald. (Hemingford, Box Butte County, Neb.) 1895-190?, August 23, 1895, Image 8

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TheHemingford Herald.
af , , . .-
1 BunarafrxiOM hatbs:
PnhlMiwl omj- Friday, at lleralugfgrd, Hex
llutw County, N'flbrankn.
Democratic Stato Convention,
Tho Slate Dr-miwratlo crmrnnllon In horehy
cnllrd to m.t nt Lincoln, B ptomber r, 1MO, at
4 u'olockp. in., for Uia tinrmmfl of liomlnMIiiR
onn fMulfilatn for JiiiIro or thn iraprrmo court
iinil two mndi JnU for prvonU nt the Uto nnl
tit slty, nuil Uib election or a ttnto central com
All pMon who lultevn in llio tloftrlnp of
tho tlcsnoernt Ic lmrly its Mt forth In tlio platform
of principle ftuirtd nt tho ltiat ilnaiootatio
nfttinnnl convention in Chicfliro lu 1VJ nro In-
Tiuhi to co-oporntom ttio selection ol uolpgAtei,
to thin convention.
The apportlonhinnt
of itnlnatrt
from enr-h
inillilftt fnr
county, lml on the toto of tho rnndltlato for
Jiomonnnt-coTCTnor at tho Jant KPtieral election,
and inaliidlmj ono rnndhl&tu nt Utgo t rom moli
county, ia s follow:
llontomnt-coCTnor (it the lat KPtieral clortion,
Adam B Johnson 3
Antelope I Kenrwiy 8
llanner a Keith t.'
Ulalno a Koy Halm. ...... ,t... a
Jlootin o Kimball , 1
Hox Hntto B Knox... ,. 7
?oyd 4. IjincaiUr ill
Hrown a Lincoln.. ,.8
IlnfTalo 5 Jjdwttti a
JlntW..... :,h
ijnuti ....... ,. I
AiaMiaon ,J8
Mtfl'JiCrBfmo.. .....,!
vans in
Cedar 9
Chase 3
Chorry 3
'hiycnno 4
Clay 7
Colfax J.-i
Cuming 12
Ountor fl
Dakota 8
Davvpa 1
Daw mm .-,4
IVmol i
pixun 11
J)odff lft
DooKlaa Kl
Dnndf 2
Ktliwora 8
Franklin 4
Frontier 4
Fnrna 4
Cage.. 30
wnrnoK r
nation ... 2
Hfnmh , 6
Nuckolls i
Otoo 2fl
J'awncw 0
lVrklna : a
Phelps a
I'ierco 0
Plfttto 13
1'olk.. . . ..
lied Willow :i
HIcliardBon II
ltock , 8
Kalino so
Hrpy. a
hatwdprn a
HcolUMufT 3
Howard U
Sliorldan 4
Blimnnn 3
Bionx a
Uot)or n
Htno'on .....7
wmiiv.... a 'jnaypr..
finvilrtv 1 Tlmiti..
.. ; . -.,.... ....... v.
" , '....'. .8 I liurotonV.V.'.V.'.'.V.", .'.3
Hamilton.... 4 Valloy a
Harlan , ,1 Washlnffton .'.tl
MW8 ... ,..'J Wayno 8
Mltchcook ,..,3 'Wofmtor r.
Holt 7 Whaler L'
nooker. ,. 1 Yolk n
noward.. n
Jefiorson .., ia Total... V;i
i n o .Kuoud Mahtin, Chairman.
J.H. Shcsan, Bccrotary.
Democratic Connly Convention.
Tho Box Butto Domocrntic
County Oonventioif is hereby cull
ed to moot nt Alliance, Nebraska,
on Saturday, August 31, 1895, at
1 o'clock p. in., for the purpose. oJE
selecting dologatcs to attend tho
State Convention, to bo hold at
Lincoln, Nebraska, ou Ssptenibor
5, 1895, and for the purposo o
calling a Democratic County Con
yontion to nominate candidates for
tho various oflicoa to bo filled at
tho coining November election.
ThovnrioiiB precincts aro enti
tled to delegates in Baid county
convention as follo-vys:
AlHanco - 21 Liberty
Boyd - - 2 Nonpareil
'Box Butto - 5 Kunningwator
Doisoy - - 12 Lake
Lawn - 7 Snako
"Wright y .- i
Total - -Tho
committeemen in tho
rioua precincts will attend to hold
in; the caucuses in thou respec
tive precincts at such times and
places as in their judgment shall
deem best.
Dono by order of tho Count'
Central Committee.
S. M. Smyseii, Chairman.
X3qKioara,tio Cauouso3.
The domocratlo voters of Uox
liutte precinct will hold a primary at
'the CoIUuh Boliool house, SntuvJay
oveniiiK, Aug. 51th, to ulecl four del
egates to attend tho county conten
tion in Alliance, Aug. 31, 1893.
1'. II. ZoiiEL, Committeeman.
Tho democrats of Dorsey precinct
will hold a primary nt tho court
' house Saturday evening, Aug. 2.1th,
to elect 12 delegates to attend tho
county conventlou to be hold in Al-
"lianco, Aug. 31.
John O'Jvkefe, Committeeman.
Republican Judicial Conven
tion. The republican doctors of tho
Fifteenth judicial distriot of the
stato of Nebraska arq, horeby re
quested to elect and send delegates
from thoir respective counties to
meet in convention at Valentine,
Neb.. Soptoraber 17, 1805, at two
o'clock p.m., for tho purposo of
placing in nomination two candi
dates for judges of " tho district
court of said judicial district, and
to transact such other bu&inoss as
may come before the convention.
Tho basis of' representation will
be tho same as at tho state eon voli
tion and is as follows:
Boyd - o Koya Paha - 3
3ox Butte 0 Rock - - 4
Hrown - - f SharUlnn - 8
Unerry - o Sioux - 2
Dawes - - fl .
Holt -ll Total - - fi7
' Chairman.
Old Time Prices.
Who hue not hoard his father or
his grandfather talk about prloas in
the days when there were no rail
'roads when every neighborhood wfis
U- murke' unto itself, and tho 6llver
"dollar of tho constitution'' was good
cnongh for anybody?
How the dear old fellows llko to
talk of tho good old tlnys when farm
hands got $00 a year and a potato
patch tin own In for good count;
when corn Roltl at 20 cents a bushel,
sheep at GO cents a head, and flno
beef cattle, sleek and fat, at $S and
$10 each, average, for tbo 'bupch;"
when a strapping young follow, brim
ful of vim and high hope, thought
himself In luck and the envy of his
fellows If he got a place In the village
store at 875 It year and "found" him
self; when tho smart lusty "chap"
went to servo at n trade at $20 a
year, a lew coarse ciotnes, and a cot
In the garret "to boot." Not mnny
years ago the writor was wont to
amoUo a cigar after supper with a flno
old gentleman who never tired In tho
recital of incidents of those days of
good will and good cheer. And b.ow
ho loved to dwoll on tho tlmo when
ho entered the biggest store In his
part of tho stato ab $100 a year, be
ing rewarded for faithful scrvico with
an additional $.'i0 when Christmas
cainc. Ah, thoso were piping times
of peace and plenty! There wcro no
"gold bugs" then. There were no
national banks, with hated privileges
Anybody who could start a printing
press could go luto banking and issue
mono?. Truo, tho money had to be
pretty well sorted before tho old fel
lows started. on a Journey, and they
wcro .ncvor yulto suro tho money
would bo good when their destination
was reached, but such jneonvjenecs
wcro good-naturedly accepted. There
were no "conspirators" then to vex
Undo Sam and other honest folks.
There was no "contraction" of the
currency. Tho few millions of gold
and silver were so wldoly and sparsely
scattered that tho most wicked inge
nuity could get but little of it togeth
er; and as to tho paper, tho
"bankers" who put It out, it being
their own product, wcro never in a
hurry to got it back; and so groat in
deed was their reluctance to call it,
that much of it la out to this good
Tho great, "crime" of tho age had
not thmi been committed. Silver
had not then been "demonetized."
AnJ 1 havo sometimes thought what
a happy circumstance it would havo
been if some of the "friends" of silver
had livod at that time, when nobody
had ever thought of "discriminating'
against their cherished metal. Hut
tho prices then would havo been har
rowing to their souls, free coinngc
and silver at u premium considered.
'Trices" nro a groat worry to tho
"SrUwls" ai silver, ns, Indued, Vm-y
arc to all tho rest of us. Even corn
at -1G cents a bushel and labor nt 00
cents a day, with "demonetized" sil
ver, voxos thorn beyond measure; and
it would not. bo safe to say what
might havo been tho effect ou Poller,
Stewart and Hland, for instance, if
they had seen trco silver with farm
wages J5 per month and corn 20 cents
a bufhol. Iitjt tho writer trusts ho
may bo pardoned tho wish, which
ought not bo an unkind one, that
these threo, and a few others, had
indeed been of that generation. Pos
sibly some of them were living In
thoso days; but if so, free and high
price silver and corn nt 20 cents
must have cost them mnny Borlous
ana painful rollections, which, how
ever they havo doubtless forgotten.
Silver at 10 to 1 was more valuable
than gold (thero being mined then
several thousand million dollars less
than now), but there wcro no sky
scraplug prices of farm products,
which Is a curious circumstance,
from tho Stowart-PofCer point of
vlow. Dollars, or What.
Burlington Route
August 10th to 24th, Hurllngton
Route agents In Nebraska and Kan
sas will sell round trip tickots to Bos
ton nt tho one way rate. Return
limit Oct. 10th.
Tho train to take: Tho Knights
Templar Otllcial Train, having on
board Grand Commander Finch and
Escort will leave Omaha
Via tho Hurllngton Routo
at 4:45 p. m., Thursday Aug. 22nd,
after arrlyal of all trains from tho
west. Through to lioston Without
Change. Seven hours stopover at
Niagara Falls. Tickots nnd sleeping
car reservations on appllcotion to any
agoat of this or any connecting lino.
Sond for free folder glviug full im
formation. J. Francis,
O. P. & T. A., Omaha, Neb.
Alliance, -:- Nbbuaska.
JGSrOfllcc.(n Flet'iher Block.
Hon. J. W. Wtnx, Jn., Itoslstrr.
fo. F. M. IIuoOMt, IlcccUer.
rrUr having notlocii in thin colnmn aro ro-
anwited to read tho amo carefully and report to
lis otlicp for correction any errors Hint may
raift. This will prBTont pomihlo delay la
making proof.
LndOmpoatAmanco,Not., AnB. 12,1893.
Notlw) ! hrreliy jrivon that tho following nam
ed wilier hag fild notico of hio intention to
mfilio final proof in unpportiif hln claim, and
that wild proof will Ixs mado pcforo J. K. Hrown
U u l;",r,1 ?" Hsioner.nt Hay Spring, Neb.
on Sept a, ism, viz:
".' I?,n.n.!l,.t, Nc,,, "" mado w K- No. 2017 for
tlm B W U wo IS, tp 29 II, tk 47.
HonamcR tho following witnfsnon to provo
hln conlintionn ronldonco upon 'nnd cnltitatioh
pf unid land, ylz: Valentine 11. Qoddanl, 0car
r. CriiHswait, CharloM Olaon, of Dunlop, Neb.,
J. Noble Dobson, of MiraRO, Neb, Alao
of Dnnlap. Nob., who mado it. e. No.3274for
tho 8 W lt fto 8, tp 13) n, rir 47 w.
Ho namrm tho following witncKdes to provo IlU
continuous rnsidnnco upon and cultivation f
trnld land. tIxi Samuel Tfrroll, Oscar 1'. Crosa
walt, of llnnlap. Nob., J, Noblo Dobson. of Mi
rao, Nob., Charles Oldon, of Dnnlap, Nob.
J V. Wkun, Jn., Reaister.
Land Olllco at Alliance, Neb., Aff. H, 1M3.
Notlco Is hereby irlvon that tlio followlnu
named settler has hied notlco of hln Intention to
rnako final proof in support of hln claim, and
that said proof will bo mado bforo RealRtor or
Receiver at AUIanco, Nob., on Sept. .10, 1J3, viz:
of Hjnnliurford, Nel., who mado H. K. No. 23
f or tho N W ' boo 1.1, tji 20 n. re fil w.
ltonnmc'rt tho followins wltncPBCfl to prove hln
coiit ImioiiH resldenco upon and cultivation of
Bjldland, viz: John Rentier, William Roth,
llelmer Itensvold, of Homlhsford, Nob., John
J. Lutsch, of Lawn, Nob.
J. W. Weiin, Jn., RcglBtcr.
Land Oflico at Allinnco, Neb., Aug. 21, lrttt.
Notlco in hereby lven that tho following
namoil ncttlcr 1ms tiled notlco of his intention to
mako flnal proof in Hupport of bin cLiIm.and
that unid proof will bo mado boforo Rfiiinter and
ltecohor at Alliance, Nob., on Bopt. at), lb03, viz!
of Homincford, Neb., who mado n. E. No. 1107
for tho N i: U boo HO, tn 2U n, r f0 w
Ho names tho following withosHcnto prove his
continuonn rcBldouco upon and cnltlmtioii of
paid land, viz: Oeorgo Wakefield, (leorro L.
Taylor. (looriM W. l'en-io, of Hemimrford, Nob.,
Ueorgo W. Wolls, of Mnraland. Neb.
J. W. Wehk, Jn., Register.
Lniul Olllco nt Alliance, Neb., Anu.20, 18!K.
Notion Js hereby- Riven that tlio following nam
ed wrtllej- haH fill notlco of his intention to
mako final proof in unpport of his claim, and
ihatwild proof will bo mado beforo UegiHter or
Receiver at Alliance, Nob., on Bopt. 30, 1B05, viz:
ot Htminford, Neb., who mado H. H. No. 3273
for tho B E i neo i), tp as n, rg 48 w.
llo names tho following witnesses to provo
his continuous regldnnco upon nnd cultivation
of said and, viz: William J. llrltton, Thomas
h. .Hopkins, Rudolph E. Martz, John Jelinok,
all of Hemlngford, Nob. Also
of Hemlngfordi Nnb whn mmln H. r. TJn. nnla
for tho 8 W U koo 57. tp 23 n, rg OS w.
Ho names tho following witnesses to provo
his continuous rcsldnco upon and cultivation
V Ti"11,1, Jlz: "luiam J. iiruton, Jliomis
u,"iM'.K",H' J'uuojpn . xunrtz, Jotin Jollnuk,
all of Hemlngford, Neb.
J. W. Wehw, Jn., Register.
l.nnd Olllco at Allinnco, Hob., Aug. 11,1601.
Potlco is heroby given thnt tho following
named settler has filed tint ten .,p M. ;ninnti..n
to make final proof In support ot his claim, nnd
that raid proof will bo int.de beforo Rcistor
V," . TW " aulnMi "ou.i on ticpt. S3,
1S05, viz:
of rtorea, Neb., who mado H. E. No. 107U for tho
8 W M seo 8, tp 20 n. rg 411 w.
Ho nnmrs tho following witnesses to provo
his continuous residence upon nnd cultivation
of fcaid land, viz: Henry Von Hargen. John
Von Hargen, Erik lUsmnsson, Hondlck H.
Vikso, nil of Berea, Nob. Also
of Horea, Nob., who mado H. E. No. 2165 for tho
Lots 1 and 2 nnd BKH K 4 seo 1, tp 0 n, r 49 w
Jlo immoH tho following witnesses to proVu
tils cpntUntouiirosidenco upon nnd cultivation
or said land, viz: David Ebnrly. D. V. Elwrly.
l'.rlan.l IVdorhon Woldcn, Erik RaBtnusctm, nil
of Horea, Neb. Also
of Horea, Nob., who mado H. E. No. 2100 for tho
BEiseol,tp20n, rg49w.
Jlfl tinmOfl thn fnlTllurftirv nrlltiAi,on An k
U fnnUviro i,W'w min' y-n ?1tiwroa
pf said land, viz: David
ivld E berly. I). V. Etiorly,
Idon, Erik Rasmusson. nil
"t ilercn, Nob. J. W. Weun. Jn., Register.
J .." '" J ...rii.vil. X.
Land Oflico at AlHanco, Nob.. July 21, 18V.
Notice is horoby given that tlio following
named settlor 1ms filed notice of his intention to
mak-o final proof In support of his claim and
that said proof will lw mdo ln-foro L. A. Dor
ringtou, VJ. B. Court Commissioner, nt Clmdrou,
Nob., on Bopt. D, 1M, viz: .
l'if S,iVn!np' '' .Xno mado u.e. No. 2912 for
tho 8 E h si5 in, tn 29, rg IS w.
He names Uio following witnesses to provohls
contlnuoun residence upon nnd cultivation of
haid land, viz: Arthur M. llartlitt, of Chadron,
Nob., Harry L. Uartlett, Charles L. Waldren
Joshua 0. Cousins of Danlap, fteb.
J. W. Weiin. Jn., Register.
ranil oqico nt Alliance, Noli., July 17. 1R93.
Notico is hereby given that tho following
named dottier has tiled notlco of hU intention
to makn filial proof in support ot his claim, and
that snld proof will lw made beforo tho register
or receiver, ut Alllauce, Neb., ou Aug. 21, 1693,
of Lawn, Nob., who mado he No. 1553 for Uio
n w i seo 32, tp S7 n, rg 62 w.
He names tho following witnesses to provo his
continuous residenco upoi nnd cnltivatlon of
Kuid land, viz: Frank I'rokop. John l'osvar,
John Hartn, John Bodlacek, all of Lawn, Neb.
J. W. Weiin, Jn., Register.
Land Qlhco at Alliauco, Nebr., July 17, 1E95.
Notlco Is i heroby. given that tho following,
nameil settler iias filed notlco of his Intention
to mako final proof tt support of his claim, nnd
that said, proof will be made beforo Register
and Roconer nt AlHanco, Neb., oj Aug. 21, lb93.
of Dunlnp, Neb., who mado H e No. JJ977 for the
8 h J siv. V, tp 29 n. rg 47 w.
He namos tho following witnesses to provo
his continuous resideuco upon and cnlttvation
VwinW".?!1, 'V.?! acliariali D. Qlnghorlck,
VVilliB Buttles, Charles Olson, Oscar V, Cros
wnito, all of Dunlap, Neb
J. W. Weiin, Jr. Register.
Ordinance No. 34.
A 'An ordlnaneo levying taxes for the jearlS95
todefrny tho genoral and inuldoutal expenses of
said villnKB ami making tho annual appropria
tions for faid jwir.
Ho it ordained by tho chairman and board of
trustees of the village of nemingjord, Nebraska.
bectipnl. That there bo and is heroby levied
upon all tho taxable property of tho village of
liomingfprd, Nebraska, a tax of tun mills on
each doUar valuation thereof , as shown by tho
assessment rolls for tho year 1MB. to defray tlio
general and incidents! expenses of said village
f or said) ear.
Section 2- That there bo and is hereby levied
aicalnst each male inhabitnut of t-ald village
Utwecntlieagopf21audWears, except luna
tics, paupers, idiots, and U.S. pensioner, a poll
tax of 3.00 for the jenr ISIS. ' '
Bectlon a. That for tho year 1F95 there bo and
is hereby appropriated out of the revenues do
rivful from the taxes levied to defray the general
and Incidental oxpenses of taid village tho sev
eral amounts for tho spocifio objects named
herein as follows:
For salary of Village Attorney - - 50.00
.. 'ireasnror - - 10.00
,erk ". " W.00
,, " Overseer of etroets 5ao0
" Frlntlng - - 2O.O0
" Incidental Expenses - - iao.00
Total..... &0ob ii)
Bectlon 4. That this ordinance ehnil take ef
fect and be In force f ronj and after Its passage
and publication according to law.
1'aised and approved July 15th, 1803.
Chairman Hoard of Trustoos of the Vllagoof
Hemlngford, NebrAska.
Attest. W. M. IonE.NUE,
bE.t Villago Clerk.
Taken np June 15th, on Bectlon 15-2S-49, one
dark gray liiiro, abont nlnejtrs old, no brands
that can ho read. Owner can have same by
proving property and paying charges.
- P-9 TilEO. JOIHiSOH.
Tho Hawk or Ilr.sti.vorortu nt Hemlnoford. in
tho Blato ot Nebraska, nt the oloso 6f business
Augnst 1, 1893.
Loansnnd discounts , $7,200.71
Overdiafts, secnrcil and uuseournl. . IT.43
Other ns-ets. ..... .... 6,9101
Doo from National banks 2,4lt3t
Rsnl estate, f itrniture, arid fixtures. . . . C,m7w
(.tirrent expense nnd taxes imld BB.S7
t hecks nnd oilier cash ltms 1,H71
llills of other Ilnnks CSt.OO
1; rnctlonal papsr enrrency. nickels & tie, l.f 1
?.p0?1?,' ."." 'V. r,8,'T5
(.ash items in transit 120.73
Total J23.4C2.S3
Capital Rtockpsld In............ $14,000.00
uimivmm Iirouis. Jjal.21
Individual deptisits subject U check. 0,558.53
Demand rertificatf ot deposit 1,810.00
Time certificates of deposit.. 1,101.13
Hills Payable lfmai
Total , $35,402.23
Stato of Nobraska, County of Box Hutte, ss:
. 1,,H. II. Austin, Cashier of tho nbovo named
liank, do solemnly swear that tho nbovo
statement is truo to tho beet of my knowledge
and belief. 11. H. Austin.
Bubscribedand sworn to liefore mothhUStth
dny of Angnst, 1895. I.E. Task,
(sbai.) Notary Public.
To Daniel C. Howor, n6n-resldont defendant.
You are heroby notified that on thn 12th day ot
August 1F93, Olivia . E. Rower filed a potltion
ngainstyonintlm district court of Hox Untto
t ounly, Nebrnska, tho object anil prayer of
which are to obtain n divorce from you, on tho
grounds of non-support nnd extreme cruelty
without anse. Yon nro hereby required to nns
wer said petition ou or beforo tho SHril day of
By W. O. Simonson, Her Attorney.
State or NF.musKA, ) ,
Hox Hutto County, J
At n County ( onrt, held nt tho county court
nty (
room, in unit for salil county, Aui
Ug.H. A
' Jndgo.
.8, A.
rreeent, j. 11. Hpacnt, t'ounty
In tho matter of tho cstnto of
lmiili. ilnponaft.
Jnmea McCnl-
()n reading nnd filing tlio petition of John II.
Shirk, praying that administration of said-cs-tnto
may bo granted to him as admlnistrntor.
OnUEUEI). That August 21, A. D. 18i1, ntlO
o'clock a. m., is assigned for hearing said peti
tion, when all persons Interested In snld matter
may appear nt a County Court to ho hold in and
for snid county, nnd show causo why tho prayer
of petitioner should not lo granted; and that
uot.i e of tlio pendency of said petition and tho
hcr.rihg thereof, bo given to all persons interest
ed in said matter by publishing b copy of this
order in Tlio Hemlngford 11 En ALU a weekly
uowspaper Printed In said county, forthreosuo
coihIto weeks, prior to said day of hearihg.
A truo copy.) D. K. Bpacht,
IBI'.aij. j uounty J nugo.
Now Short Lino to Holenn, Butto
Spokane, Seattle and Tacoma.
C3-. X So "W. O. Time Octrcl.
No. 42. pnRsoncor nrrivus at 11:25 p. m,
" 40froiKlit ' " 0:0o p.m.
4 freit'lit nrrlvos at 10:10 n. in,
No, 41 pniRcmrur arrives nt 5:21 a.m.
" 4!fp)iuht 11:59 p. m.
" 47 froight nrrlvos nt 3:33 i. in.
All tmliiH onrrr passoncors.
F. W. WHEATLEY, jgent.
Attorney at Law,
Alliance, Nebraska.
Practices In all tho courts ami be
fore U. S. Land Office.
E. E. BARR, H. D.
State University ok Iowa 18S7.
Chicago I'oleolixio-1304.
Surgery and the Medical
and Surgical Diseases of
the Nose and Throat a
Alliance, - - - Hebraska
Silks, Lawns, Cashmeres, Underwear
in suits and all tho latest noyolties1 in Dress "Fabrics, for the coming season, in texture, finish,
wave, combination and colorings, is as indefinably beautiful as tho varied hues of tho
ilowers of spring. They
Saitlsf3r ilci.o Closest Sc3.tlri37-
and evoko tho unqualified praise of all who behold them. Unremittent study of tho prevail
ing style in voguo, and strict attention to tho most exacting wants of my patronage,
makes my store in tho estimation of tho refined and tasty, tho
Emporium Par Excellence
most stylish, economical, unique VtCO
Freshest Groceries at Lowest Prices. !,
bargains in my Shoe Department,
twstj ifwjum,
Does aGgneral Banking Business,
Collections a Specialty. Foreign and East
ern Exchange.
G. A. pSJlJLEW Fres.
EC- K- a
sm e
I urn
Hand made throughout
Warranted Not to Eip
Tor Two Years. Call and seo
I am agent for tbo celebrated
Diamond E. Glidden Barb Wire
Also Junior Glidden,
I am always ready and willing to Sell as Cheap as the Cheapest
E. R GREEK, BeniiDiH
.And tho
Hollmgworth and
THE BUCKEYE Machines which took tho cake rtt tbo
'WORLD'S FAIR cannot bo excelled.
HOLLINGSWORTH nnd TIGER Hayrakes wcro never beaten.
Either of tlieso celebrated tools will bo Bold AS CHEAP . ..
and CHEAPER than any inferior grades,
also keep repairs for theso and qther machines. Can got any
repairs desired. The
Best BIrLcLer T-wIrLe
At tho lowest living prices. For sale at tho "
Hardware and
- 2SE3E3iT,
eavy Hardware,
Tiger Hayrakes
Saddlery House
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