Hemingford herald. (Hemingford, Box Butte County, Neb.) 1895-190?, August 23, 1895, Image 3

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KusprnMon for One Wcclt for Losing HI
Temper The llclllRorrnt IrlaH Nation
alist Intuit Timothy Harrington
Muring Dehato on the Queen's Speech
l'ut (lot of the House After ltcfuslng
to Go on Ilia Own Accord.
The I.lo In rtirllamont.
London, Aug.' 17. Whon tho houso
of commons began its regular work Sir
lllchurd Webster, Conservative niombor
for tho Isle of' Wight division of Hamp
shire and formerly attorney general,
moved that a certified copy of the trial
nnd conviction of Michael Daly, tho
dynamiter, who was recently elected
to parliament, representing Limerick,
although convicted in ISS-i of having
been engntred In dynamite conspiracies,
bo furnished to the houso and that the
governor of Portland prison present a
certificate that Daly was still a pris
oner iu that prison.
John Iteumund, member for Water
ford City, Parncllito, said that ho
recognized in that motion the first step
in proceedings aiming at overriding
the unanimous action of the electors
of Limerick and ho protested against
it and ins'sted upon a division.
The motion was carried 314 to 77
and the Daly matter was made tho
order of the day for Monday.
Mr. Redmond moved an amendment
to the address inviting tho government
to declare that there would bo no delay
in the Irish policy. Five-sixths of the
electors of Ireland had declared in
favor of home rule, and lie protested
that the verdict of the election was not
against hrmo rule. He warned the gov
ernment that lroland could not bo sat
isfactorily governed from Westminster
and that the only remedy for her ills
was the national self government, lie
garding land legislation, ho admitted
that the en! v remedy was compulsory
purchase by tho tenants.
G.-ruhl Half our, chief secrotary for
Irelnn I. declared that Ireland was
prospeioiM and crops good, and thoro
was no teed for hasty action on the
land qu.-stion.
TlinoJiy Harrington declared that
the L.beral party hud fled from 1 o no
rule, whereupon Dr. Charles K. D.
Tauuer shouted out "A lio " Loud and
indignant cries of "Order" wero heard
from both sides of the hou o.
Dr. Tanner declining to withdraw
tho expression tho speaker named him
and the Bight Hon. Joseph Chamber
lain, bccretury of state for tho colon
ies, moved that Dr. Tanner bo sus
pended. A division was called for,
but Dr. Tanner failed to find a teller
nnd tho speaker declared tho motion
Dr. Tanner shouted that ho woull
withdsaw it ho were directed to do so
from the chair. Upon retiring ho
made a courteous bow and exclaimed:
"I have greater pleasure in leaving
than I over had in entering this dirty
house." Then pointing to tho treasury
bench hu shouted: "Judas." This
was repeated four times. Arrived at
tho door lie tried to turn back, but was
prevented, his Inst words being: '".None
or your nonsense ou me.
Tnnner's suspension lasts for ono
veelc' '-" i -
A census of tho parliament lust as
sembled shows that only 100 out of CsO
are new men. Of tho occupations 150
are lawyers, Gl miners, 83 mechanics,
10 professors in universities, 31 jour
nalists, 12 (killed laborers, 10 brewers,
distillers and wine merchants, in army
and navy oH'cers in active service, i4ti
tjentry, peers' sons nnd peers' brothers.
Fierce Fire lit Flndley, Ohio, Caused by
lllazlng Oil.
Tolkdo, Ohio, Aug. 17. An explo
sion resulting in a fire entirely con
sumed tho plant of the Peerless foun
dry, at Findlay, with 500,000 loss, half
insured. A benzine tank exploded,
auso unknown, and in an instaut tho
building was in seething flames.
Two men, William Adams and William
Itcniis, wero probably fatally burned.
Ten. oil stills caught next, and one
after tho other exploded, sending
flaming oil over the surrounding build
ings and ground. Next two tanks of
crude, containing 12,000 gallons took
fire, sending up red columns of flame
200 feet into tho air. A mammoth
tank of 30,000 barrels was fired into
with a cannon, lcttintr tho oil run out.
Contract for tho Amphitheater Let nnd
n Thousand Scats Ordered.
Dallas, Texas, Aug. 17. The con
tract for tho erection of the Florida
Athletic club's amphitheater has been
let, a largo part of the lumber has ur
rived, and a force of men are clearing
tho grounds. Details of the original
plan will bo udhored to, andtho build
ing will seat over 53,000 people.
Ychterduy tho Missouri, Kansas and
Texas railroad gave its check for
320,000 for 1,000 reserved seats to tho
contest, to bo sold along tho line.
A letter has been received here, say
ing FlUsimmons will probably tram
ut Tcnvll, a himill town thirty miles
east of Dallas.
Corbutt's. quarters at Galveston are
being fixed up for his reception.
General Imliocn Demi.
HitisroL, Tenn., Aug. 17. General
John D. ImboJen died at Damascus,
Va., yestordaj', aged 75 years. Ho was
a brigadier general in the Confederate
army and took a prominent part in
uiauy of the important engagements
of tho war. Ho commanded the re
treat of tho Confederates at Gettys
A storm passed over Chlckamauga
National park, tearing up hundreds of
Tho stock of tho S. P. Morso Dry
-Goods company of Omaha is in tho
sheriffs hands.
Lake Haynes slew his son near Clay
City, 11!., to prevent him from testify
ing against him.
Tho agricultural department, In n
bulletin, states that tho total exports
of 1801 wero SS8i,8l3,000 against 517,
COO.OOO for 1808.
Bonn Interesting I'lgures Presented by
tho. Department of Agriculture.
Washington, Aug. 1?. Tho seoro
iary of agriculture has issued a supple
ment to the publications of rovlows on
foreign markets.
It shows that notwithstanding tho
depression of business in 1804, tho
United States exported SSSD,S43,000,
against S8-l7,00K,lui In lM3. Three
fourths, of tho amount emtio from
farms. '
Tho English speaking people of
Europe bought of American exports
SI. M.ooo, 000 worth and, taking tho
British possessions all together, they
took 552:1,000,000 worth.
Tho United States imported from
Great Britain 5107,000,000 in 1801, or
sixteen per cent of our entlro imports.
Almost ninety per cent of the total
United States exports wore to thu
United Kingdom and llritlsh posses
sions, Germany, Canada, Franco.Ncth
erlands nnd Belgium. Of imports af
ter tho first place held by tho United
Kingdom and llritlsh possessions, fol
lows Germany, with a valuation of
SOO.OOO.OOOj Spanish West Indies, ?82,
000,000; llrazil and Franco, 870,000,000
each, and Canada, 537,000,000.
The circular contains carefully pre
pared tables of our exports and im
ports by countries.
Difficulties In tho "Way of Itccocrtng
lllej-cllu I.c ni's llody.
Washington, Aug. 17 Tho stato
department has received a dispatch
from Minister Tcrrlll iu Turkey stat
ing that for the past three months ho
has been urging tho Turkish authori
ties to permit an investigation of tho
circumstances of tho death of Lenz,
tho bicyclist, killed by the Kurds. Mr.
Tcrrill says that in order to comply
with tho request of Mr. Sachtlebdn,
sent by Outing to investigate the case,
that ho bo given authority to search
the residences of the Kurds for relics
of the bicyclist and proofs of his death,
an army would bo necessary. These
Kurds livo In tho hills and mountains
and would not permit a stranger and
a foreigner to cuter their houses, oven
though armed with authority of tho
Turkish government. Mr. Tcrrill
says he expects to secure a guard of
Turkish troops, which will accompany
Sachtlcbcn into tho country of the
Kurds for tho purposo of recovering
tho remains of Lenz.'
Secretary Morton 11ns tho Silver V.m
ploycs Given AVhlto iUet.il.
Washington, Aug. 17, Secretary
Morton, of tho department of ag
riculture heard arguments by many
of his subordinates in favor
of silver and yesterday, being
the semi-monthly pay day, ho ordered
tho paymaster of the department to
pay out Sl.OOO in silver coin, this
money weighing sixty pounds. It was
given to all tho silverltcs in
various positions in tho depart
ment. Unless ho receives a petition to
tho contrary it is expected that sliver
will bo paid out again and again on
pay day to tho men who are known to
favor it as currency.
There was a good deal of kicking
among tho employes and a good many
of them have indicated to tho paymas
ter that they want paper money on
thoir next pay day.
IIo In Wedded to Jcgdo Taylor nt
Asbury I'arJ;.
Asnunv Pauk, N. .)., Aug. 17. There
tvas a quiet civil marriage hero yester
day, of which tho principals wore
Champion James J. Corbett and Jessio
Taylor of Omaha, better known as
Vera Stanwood, the name under which
sho figured as co-respondent in tho re
cent suit for tho divorce which wus
granted to Mrs. Ollio Lake Corbett.
So quietly had Corbett's intentions
been kept that not even his manager
and traveling companion, William A.
Brady, knew that ho intended matri
mony so soon, nor wero any of ills
other friends in sporting circles ap
prised of the event.
Waito Suture on Hanker. .
St. Louis, Mo., Aug. 17. ,A special
from Gainesville, Texas says that Gov
ernor Waito and General Weaver are
in attendance on a Populist meeting in
that city. In discussing tho silver
question, It was suggested to Governor
Waito that a great majority of the
business men of Texas wero "sound
money" men, and ho then grew em
phatic. '()t course they arc," ho said. "All
tho bankers arc goldbugs, and they
control tho business men. The bank
ers of Denver are such rabid '.sound
money' men that they robbed tho
people of millions of dollars. 'Sound
money' men! Bosh! Thoy arc rob
bers; thieves. That's what they uro
To i:durute Furmer Hoy.
Sioux City, Iowa, Aug. 17. Presi
dent Stickney ef tho Chicago Great
Western road proposes to open a num
ber of preparatory agricultural acad
emies iu which thu fanners' boys may
secure short courses of instruction in
the common branches along lines
which will inspito them with ambition
to enter tho ugrieulturul college.
Married ut l!lglity-hlx.
TonoNTO, Aug. 17. Sir William How
and, ex-lieutoiiunt governor of Onta
rio, was quietly married yesterday
afternoon to Mrs. Bothuno, widow of
tho lato Mr. Uethune. Tho bride
groom, who is oighty-MX years of age.
is well known throughout tho Uniltd
States and Canuda. The bride is 00
years old.
Western KzhlblU for Chicago.
Chicago, Aug. 17. At a meeting of
the Western society it was decided to
establish permanent headquarters in
this city with exhibits from the dif
ferent states, showing their products
and the advantages of the West and
A Leading Young Man Kliot.
Vau'AIiaibo, Ind., Aug, 17. Will
Tratedas, 0 years old, and Lon Pow
ers, 31, became involved in a dispute at
8 o'clock this morning uud Powers
killed Tratedas by shooting him.
Tratedas was a leadlngyoung man.
Tho Silver Advocate Iisuo nn Address,
tho Snmo llclng Head hy (lor. Stono
Kvcry IlfTort to llo Mndo to Nominate n,
Sllt'er Man for 1'rcstdent' nt tho' Jfext
Democratic Notional Convention Stir
ring speeches by tho Delegates.
Tho SIHcr Conference.
Wamiinoton, Aug. hi. When tho
national silver Democratlo conferenco
roasscmbled yesterday afternoon tho
programmo committee ropottcd
through Senator Daniel that it was
ready to report, nnd tho conferenco
proper adjourned until this morning,
while the program nnd resolution com
mlttco met again nnd remained in ses
sion for several hours. At this moot
lag each member gavo an account of
tho condition of tho silver movement
in his stato and pointed out what ho
thought was necessary to strengthen
tho sentiment in favor of froe coinage.
When tho conference was called to
o-dcr again at 10 o'clock this morning,
tho committee on resolutions nnd pro
gram was still unublo to report and it
was suggested that tho confers uoo
should listen to speeches by thoso
0. F. Cockran, editor of tho St. Jos
eph, Mo.. Gazette, first spoko. Ho
said that it seemed anomalous that a
mooting such as tho present should bo
called, for he know of no docttino of
tho party which was not in consonance
with tho purposes of this conference.
Congress was tho plaeo to look for tho
declaration of tho party's bcltof, and
ho declared that gold monometallism
would be more disastrous than war,
pestilence and famine. It was impor
tant to bcttlo ldrst what was Bopub
licanhm and what Democracy
who.her such men as ex-Senator Th'ur
mau and Senator Harris or Senator
Sherman wero to be tho leaders of
Democratic party. IIo declared silver
ngitution would not dio out, but would
continue until tho end for which It
had been originated should bo at
tained. Ho also declared against the
perpetuation of tho national banks,
whoso tyrany, ho said, was tho great
est that any people would bear. The
national banks wero directly opposed
to Democracy. He was for a declara
tion for silver without regard to tho
prospect of success or failure at tho
Speeches wore also mailo by. Senator
Call, A. A. Liscombo of Washington,
J. M. Hill of Missouri, Representatives
Jones of Virginia and Lockhart of
North Carolina, and Mr. Bodjnc of
It was almost 12 o'clock when tho
committee on resolutions tiled into the
conferenco room nnd Senator Daniel
was recognized to make tho report of
tho committee's proceedings. This
was divided into two sections, one con
sisting of an address to Democrats and
tho other of tho plan of organization.
The address was read by Governor
Stone of Missouri. It disclaims speak
ing with party auth6rity, the asem
blujro being a voluntary ono. but strong
ly lojrescuts the opinion of the comm
ence, that tho party should declare
for free coinage ofsilvor. It concludes
as follows: "Duty to tho people re
quires that tho party of tho pooplo
continue the bit vie for bimetallisn
until its efforts are crowned with bUc
coss, therefore bo it
"Resolved, That tho Democratic
Earty in national convention asseui
led, should demand tho free nnd un
limited coinage of silver and gold into
primary or redemption money at the
ratio of 10 to 1 without waiting for
tho action or approval of any other
"Resolved, That it should declare
its opposition to the issuiug of interest
bearing bonds of the United States in
time of peaco and especially to placing
the treasury of the government under
the control of any syndicate of bank
ers nnd tho issuance of bonds to bo
sold by thorn at an enormous profit
for tho purpose of supplying the, fed
eral treasury with ijohl to maintain
tho policy of gold monometallism.
"With a viow to securing the adher
ence to and adoption of the Demo
cratic linaneial polity above set forth
by tho Democratic natioual conven
tion to bo assembled in ltPo, and of
the nomination of a candidate for tho
presidency well known to be in hearty
tympathy therewith, we hereby pledge
our mutual co-operation and urgently
recoinmeud to our Democratic breth
ren in all the states to at oneo begin
nnd vigorously nnd bystema ticaly pros
ecute the work of a thorough organ!,
zation, nnd to this end the adoption of
the rlan or organization herewith sub
mitted is recommended."
Tho part of Hie report dealing with
thu plan of organization was read by
ex-Senator Jatvis of North Carolina,
ns follows.
First There shall bo a national
cc nmlttco of Democrats who are in
fnvur of both bilver an.l fold as tho
inoroy of tho constitution, which
r.ha 1 1 o co nposed of one Democrat
from cadi btate and territory nnd tho
District of dlurabia and tho exceutlvo
committee hereinafter provided for.
Seeond That until otherwise or
dered by the national committee, Sen
ators ishum G. J Inn-Is of Tcnneseo.
James It. Jones of Arkansas and David
Turpio of Indiana and the lions. W. J.
Stono of Missouri, W. II. Honrlchfcon
of Illinois and Casey Young of Tenno
eee be, nnd they arc herby constituted,
the executive committee, and shall
have full power and authority, and it
shall be their duty at as early u day as
possible to appoint tho members of tho
national committee herein provided
for and to fill vacancies in the same.
The report of the committee was
adopted with opposition, nnd, after
listening to some speeches, the confer
ence adjourned sine die.
Kjlo Predict Taylor' Pardon.
SiouxCitv, Iowa., Aug, 10. When
chown a dispatch announcing tho ben
tence of W. W. Taylor for flvo years in
the penitentiary. Senator J. II. Kyle,
who is now here, said: "Ho will never
tcrve it. Taylor will bo pardoned by
Governor Sheldon in a very few days
after the next election." " -A
Cnrlb Indians tn 1trltlh llonduran MnMit
crc Negroe.
Nkw Yomc, Aug. 10. According ton
letter from Rolfeo, llritlsh Honduras,
just received in Trenton, N. .T..Knglljth
planters in tho Straum creek district,
which is settled by upwards of S.OOO
Carlos, whoso reservations or planta
tions ombraro most of tho ground un
der" cultivation, ntiil by Ungllsh plant
ers who have in their service -1,000 Jn
malca negroe, nppliel to tho uolonlal
logiMatui-e for permission to construct
railroads from their plantations
through tho Ciirib reservations to tho
coast. Permission wns granted and
the surveyor general was nuthorl7.ed to
survey the routo. The rails for tho
road arrived from Kngland three or
four weeks ago.
As soon as the Cnribs found It out a
number of them wont to tho Kngllsh
planters and warned them not to put
tho rails upon their rosorvntlon If thoy
desired to avoid serious trouble. Tho
Kngllsh planters laughed and tho
work went on. Tho English thought
tho Caribs meant nothing by thoir
threats, but -Into on August 3 tho
Caribs In largo numbers, armed with
iniichotes, advanced upon tho negroes
ntwunton trie rauroatt aim ordered
them to tako up tho rails. Tho no
grOos refused and threatened toattnek
tho Caribs unless they cleared out,
Thoy went away but returned fit loss
than an hour in great forco and began
to tear up the rnlls.
The Infuriated Englishmen ordered
their negroes to try a llttlo fighting.
The moment tho negroes raised their
weapons tho Caribs rushed upon them
and with their machetes hacked and
chopped tho negroes to pieces. Tho
negroes fought bravely and killed
many of their antagonists, but they
could only stand against tho Caribs two
hours. Hetwecn 000 and 000 negroes
in all wero killed and almost as many
Injured, while of tho Caribs about Uoo
were killed and twlco as many wound
ed, bomo mortally.
As boon as tho negroes wore forced
to beat a retreat the Caribs went to
work and toro up every foot of rnll,
damaged many of tho English planta
tions, and destroyed fruit mid ruhbor
to tho value of many thousands of dol
Espn-Mei arnlHudo for tho Interest
Taken In 111 Case In -Thin Country.
Washington, Aug. 10. A letter re
ceived from ex-Consul Waller by his
slop-son, P. II. Dray, says that Ills bag
gago was taken from him hy tho
French on his arrival at Marseilles and
that ho tnnde a complaint to the United
States consul at that place an April 27,
but 1ms heard nothing of it since. Ho
has not j et received a word from Mrs.
Waller or his children slnco his dopart
uro from Madagascar, nor had ho
yet received the money bent him by
friends In Iowa a few days after worcl
reached this country that ho wns 111
and without funds to supply himsolf
with .medical attendance. This uk
early in June. Tho letter to Mr. Hray
is dated July ?2. Mr. Waller expresses
much gratitude for tho interest taken
in his case by tho newspapers of tho
United States and by his friends, and
was especially glad to learn that tho
department of state was looking after
tho protection of hit family.'
Ho expresses a bellof anil hopo that
he will he released boon. His health
is a little better than whon ho last
Dullai Athletic) Cluh Preparing for tho
lllB 1'lRht.
Dallas, Texas, Aug. 10. Tho Ath
letic club has cleared and swept twelve
ncrcs of ground for tho great prlzo
light. Eight of theso acres will bo
covered by the great amphitheater,
which will have S2,Ci0 seats. Tho
balance of tho ground will bo for
parking carriages, wagons and bug
gies, and for lunch and refreshment
stands. Ten carloads of lumber per
day are now arriving nnd being piled
up along the track of tho 'lexas Pacific.
Tho building will bo btnked on nnd
work begun next week. So far as tho
buildings nnd grounds nre concerned
amplo preparations nro making for tho
largo t ahembly of people ever gotten
together on tho Western continent.
Hi Auilek Clnirirei! With Murder.
EuittKA, Knn., Aug. 10. Tho cor
oner's jury has charged Mrs. Ella
Amick with tho murder of her formor
husband, James Amick. She has been
arrested and committed to jail without
bail to await trial. At tho inquest
considerable light was thrown upon
the case and Mrs. Amick's plea of holf
defenso was greatly weakened. Tho
ease will bo tried tho second week in
September and a great legal battle Is
An OctoRcii'irlaii Tired of Life.
Ei.oiibxce, Kan., Aug. 10. Horace
Phillips', an old resident and leading
citizen of Rums, committed Miicido
last night by shooting himself in tho
head. He was about 80 years old and
had been bufferinj; from poor health
and general debility for several years.
Climbing the Orand Canyon of tho Yel
lowstone. Tho Grand Canyon of tho Yo'lowstone Is
from 700 to 1)U feutdeop. A goncrnl avor
iko Is i crimps 1000 feet. At many reiuts
tho walls nro absolutely vertical and nro
omlollfclioil with fJsnntlo llutingK ntid piu
iiucIoh. Architectural forms of croat vari
ety are seen. Theso combine with tho vivid
co.orlnus to form asccnoof leuutyuud
Jiitersjn:rol among tho vertical doe'Ivl
tli nroMiiooth ulopen, act ut various nn
Kh,. Many of these cnu to elluil od, kouio
with much diflieuttiy, othoru with modoruto
osortlon. t'nro mutt bo cxercihod ns re
(,'urdh looting, tut for good muscular oxor
c ho nnd lung development the lent is worth
To htimd in tho bottom of this huee
trench and gnze upward ut thu Phi ixtiulo
walls, tout-hud with beauty by tho hands of
Ixxli to wnteh tho emerald stream rushing
through itH narrow prison in foamy rapids
and vertical leaps; to uoo the nnHUlnof tho
Fanlight athwart tho walls, are well worth
the effort to climb them.
There is no dniigur in tho attempt if enro
is exercised, 'the climb into and out of
this wonderful place where naught of life
1b been, save tho circling engles far over
head, is a profound oxjieriuiire.
If you will Bond six cents to Cms. S. Fee,
General Passenger Agent, Northern l'aclilo
Itailroad, 6t. Paul, Minn., ho will send a
finely Illustrated book telling about Yellow
stono Parle and a climb into the Canyon.
An Arrangement Whereby the Next Cnn
dldnto for tho I'renldency tVIU bo n
Freo Coltmt-e Ileutnernt on n Silver
Vliitform Tho Conference to bo Held
In the City of Wanhlnuton Tho Vlcwn
of Senator llnrrl.
The Silver Conference.
Wabiunoton, Aug. ll. Senator Har
ris of Tennessee is tho only member
of tho commllteo appointed by tho
Memphis freo silver convention, which
signed tho call for a conference of
Democrats on tho silver question to
.ako place In Washington to-morrow,
who has arrived here. Senators
.Tones of Arkansas and Turpio of In
diana, tho other two members of tho
committee, nre, however, expected bo
foro tho opening confurenuo.
Tho meeting hero will have two
principal purposes tho first to doviso
a plan to hold nil silver Democrats in
tho Domocrntlo party, utul tho second,
to insure, if possible, a declaration for
freo coinage at tho next national Dem
ocratlo convention. To accomplish
this latter purpose it is expected
that an organization will bo perfected
in every stato represented in tho con
ferenco whoso prinulpnl purpo&u shall
bo tho securing of delegates to tho
convention pledged to a ullvor plat
form and to a candidate of correspond
ing vlows. It la expected that men
will bo selected to tako charge of this
work ia each of tho states.
Senator Harris thinks that ibout
thirty states will bo represented ut
the eouforenco. Ho refuses, however,
to discuss any features of tho gather
ing. At tho hotel it is estimated that tho
attondnnco will not exceed lt'0, nnd
there is so far no evidence that it Vill
reach that number. Senator Harris
eays that Senator Jones of Arkansas,
will bo temporary presiding ofllecr.
verythlnK 1'omIIiIo Heine; Done for A in er
ica i Mlsilounvlea in China.
Washington, Aug. 11. According to
cablegrams received at tho htato de
partment, United States Minister Den
by 1b consulting with the llritlsh and
Chinese authorities relativo to the full
and complete investigation of tho riots
nt Kir Cheng. No doubt is expressed
nt the state department that United
States interusts will bo carefully
looked after when this commission a
appointed. It is stated also that Min
ister Denbysofar has done all possible
for a roprcsotitatlvo of tho government
to do to bring about a reparation und
A New Yorlc Judgo ltcfu-.es to Kiijotn tho
Iteorganl.allou Committee.
Nnw Yomr.Aug.ll. .Justice O.Hrlcn,
in tho'fiuprcmo court chambers denied
tho motion for an injunction to restrain
the reorganization committee of tho
distilling and cattle feeding company
from purchasing or acquiring tho prop
erty of tho trust, which was advertised
to be sold to-morrow, Tho motion was
mndo by F. W. Amies and George X.
Pynchon, who represent 815,000 worth
of stock in the trust. They s:iy that
the purehaso by tho reorganization
committee would perpetuate the trust,
which had been declared nn illeual
monopoly by tho supremo court of tho
state of Illinois.
leventeen of a Murderous Mexican Hand
Bitot In BIx Week.
FrtoNTKitAs, Sonora, Mex., Aug. 14,
Six weeks ago tho prlvato messen
ger of Colonel John Weir was killed by
t gang of highwaymen and robbed of
E0,00o. The Mexican authorities cap
tured tho robbers last week. Seven
teen of the number directly concerned
In the uflair have been convicted and
shot. Forty others, among them an
American nnmed Tribolet, who be
longed to or sympathized with the
robbers, have been impressed into the
Mexican nrmy. Tho entire band of
robbers, who have infested that le
gion, havo now all been shot or are
under urrest.
A Large Sum of Hold Ilus llecn I'xported
to Kuropo.
Washington, Aug. 14. Tho treas
ury yesterday lost 81,050,000 in gold
for export to Europe, leaving tho re
ecrvo only about $l,rto0,000 above tho
8100.000,000 point.
Mr. Curtis, the acting secretary, said
ho had nothing to say iu regard to
tho matter. Ho had no i.pecifio in
formation and could not say whether
the syndicate would allow tho 8100,
000,000 to bo encroached upon or not.
None of the other otllcials would talk
in tho absence of Secretary Carlisle.
This heavy withdrawal has given rise
to a report that another bond issue is
impending, but there Is no one in
Washington who can speak authorita
tively on tho subject, or who has in
formation not shared by tho public.
Tho best public opinion Is that tho
syndicate will not allow tho reserve to
bo encroached upon until after Octo
ber 1, when, as generally understood,
its obligation ceases. Hut even in the
event of still further withdrawals, it
is believed that both Mr. Cleveland
and Mr. Carlisle would see tbo reserve
reach a point below any that it has
yet touched before thoy would tako
any steps to recoup it by another salo
of bonds or purchase of gold.
Arrested for lluylui; (stolen Cattle.
Peiiuv, Ok., Aug. 14. Alexauder
Hawkins was arrested to-day for re
ceiving stolen unimals. A hundred
animals have been btolen from the
Otoe, Ponca and Osage country iu tho
pa?t year and Hawkins is charged
with receiving them.
A MinnetiiolU Lumberman Assigns.
r Minneatolis, Minn., Aug. 13. Jesse
J. Jones, lumberman, lias been forced
to assign. His liabilities are S159.000
and his assets S-38,000. nis commer
cial obligations aro estimated at about
820,000. The Northern Trtu.t company
ia tho assignee.
A Knnftn Tanner Killed for Mnklng
Threats on a Vnlitlo Roml.
EunRKA, Kan., Aug. 14 Jamca
Amick was shot and killed by Mrs.
Ella Amick, his divorced wife, nt 10
o'olock this morning about ton miles
northeast of hero iu tho presence of
Mrs. Ainlck's brothor and tho latter'
Tho three say that Amick had fol
lowed their party about a half milo
down tho public road, swearing at and
threatening hia formor ivlfo. Finally
ho dismounted and. rawhide in hand,
turned Mrs. Amick's team from tho
road. Sho warned film to loavo
several times and finally, as tho
learn was about to overturn the spring 1
wngon, sol zed a Winchester rifle and
fired, Tho bullet passed through his
abdomen. llo only lived n fow
Mrs. Amick camo to town and sur
rendered to tho authorities.
Thero had been troublo botweon tho
two over slnco their divorce. Amick
was convicted of committing a felon
ious assault upon his wifo soveral
months ago, but was pardoned by the
Cleveland ou tho Chlneso Mnesacrc
Iuz7.A!U'n Hay, Mnss., Aug. 14. A
reporter called upon President Cleve
land at Gray Gables yesterday and
Bhowcd him tho press special cable
from Tien Tsin, in which the Amor- .
lean residents there appeal to tho
United States for assistance. Tho
president refused to discuss tho ques
tion nt length, und only said tho mat
ter of protecting Americana in China
was in tho hands of tho stato depart
ment, nnd it would undoubtedly re
ceive attention without delay.
Victory for (lermnn Fythlani.
CmoAuo, Aug. 14. German Pythians
won a signal victory in tho superior
court yesterday in tho flghtover black
listing for refusal to adopt tho Eng-'
llsh ritual. Waldcck lodge No. 1.10,
sued tho supremo lodgo of Illinois, ask
ing tho court to enjoin It from taking
away tho lodgo charter, and also to
issue a writ of mandamus compelling
it to give up curtain pass words. Y
Judge lireniiiuo rendered a decision in
tho plaintiff's favor.
Klopod AVHIi n Cnptnln's Daughter. .
Washington, Aug. 14. Samuel II.
rosham, a nephew of tho Into secre
tary of stato and leading busiucsa
man of Norfolk, Va., and Miss Sarah
Kobhe, a daughter of Captain Wlllinm
kobbo of tho Third United Slates ar
tillery, eloped from the Hygoia hotel
at Old Point Comfort Sunday evening
and wero married In this city .yester
day afternoon.
l'rloo of Lumber oe Up. t,
Kansas City, Mo., Aug. 14. There
Aas boon, within tho past two months,
a general Inereabo in tho price of lum
ber averaging, according to lumber
men, 81 per thousand foot or eight por
cent on all kinds of lumber sold in
IvanpiiH City. Tho Increase is not con-
fined to Kansas City, but is general
throughout tho entlro West, and is
much greater than eight pur cunt on
rough lumber.
r Tho Taxable, 'WoaUh of MIsnourL -;' ."
Jr.ri'KiisoN City, Mo., Aug. 14. fcltnto
Auditor Solbert to-day completed a
table showing tho valuation for taxa
ble purpo.03 of tho various counties in
(hottatc. There is an increase over
last year of nearly 800.000,000. The
total of the Uttv is ?1 .005,010,70?. of
this St. Louis is credited with S320,-20-',293
and Jackson county with 87C,
'J10,32i. Tho Salmon 1'ucU Again Iirgr. '
Victoiha, Aug. 14. The steamor
Danubo, from tho North, reports that
tho pack of tho Northern llritlsh
Columbia canneries is complete for tho
season with the exception of about
0,000 cases. Sixteen cannorlos havo, K
put up 171,000 cases, against 130,000
cases last year by twelvo canneries.
Hold Cattle Btenllng.
Landkii, Wyo., Aug. 14. By the aln
leratlon of brands, it has been discov
ered thousands of cattlo have been -stolen
and run north into Montana,
whero they have boon sold. Stealings
amounting to 830.000 during the past.
three months havo already been made
certain of.
Annexation to tho United States Vuvorod
hy tho Ciilmun.
Nuw YoitK, Aug. 14. Tho steamer
Seneca of tho ard line, which ar
rived hero from Cuba yesterday,
brought several Cuban passengers.
Ono man from Havana, who would noUf
permit the uso of his name, asserted
that tho insurrection is more formida
ble than is generally believed. Tho
rebels, ho bays, desire to establish a
government under tho protection of a
strong power, preferably tho United
Thoy aro not anxious for absolute in
dependence, because negroes form u
mnjority of tho inhabitants of tho
island and would dominate the govern
ment. Therefore, tho rebels uro delay
ing tho capture of tho important bea-'.
port towns, which, tho man from Ha
vana says, thoy could easily accom
plish, because thoir plans for tho fu
ture are not yet matured. To secure
possession of cities would mean recog
nition as belligerents to the rcbels.aml
as they aro not ready for such recogni
tion, they will continue their present
methods of making war for a timtj.
Tho Havana man assorts that there
nre 8,000 sympathizers with the revolu
tion in Havana.
An llzprrt Forger Arrested.
ST. JOBKl'I!, Mo., Aug. 14. J. P.
fiherzlnger, alias Ell Kline, a forger
who has victimized many merchunts
in Omaha and Council Bluffs, was ar
rested hero for forging the name of R.
T. Davis to cheeks which he readily
got cashed. Shariluger lives nt Nel
son, Neb. Ho is nn expert with tho
Wo Cigarettes Tor Minora.
Skdaua, Mo., Aug. 14. Tho city
council has passed an ordinance Inflict
ing a One of not less than S25 nor mora
than 8100 on all persons who boll cig
arettes or clgaretto papers to 'minora