Hemingford herald. (Hemingford, Box Butte County, Neb.) 1895-190?, August 16, 1895, Image 2

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TUOS. J. O'KKKrFC I?ullher.
California claret ia nt last proven to
bo a good flrc-cxtlngnlshcr. How about
California brandy?
Henry Labouchcre has always been a
warm admirer of this country. And bis
Iteen delight In lampooning our Crok
crsmay bo taken as another evidence of
his friendship.
The men accused of murdering Scott,
tho Treasurer of Holt County, Nebras
ka, have been acquitted. Nothing else
was expected. Among savages the tak
ing of human life Is regarded lightly.
The marrlago under tho trees at
Rldgo Lawn, nay Rldgo, h. I., of Mlsa
Dcrtha C. Perry and Pierre- Iorlllard
Ronalds, Jr., attracted much attention
from Its npparcnt newness. Many
years ago, In Cantral Park, Henry
Ward Beecher united a couplo under
tho trees, and at nnother time, In tho
eamo place, a Swodonborglan or New
Church woddlng mado tho parties
Have women a Bcnse of humor? Dur
ing tho meetings of tho American and
British tompernnco women In London
our friend Lady Henry Somerset, who
was to lwvo prcalded on ono occasion,
was nbsent, owing to Illness produced
by overwork. Mrs. Ormlston Chant, In
taking her place, said: "Dear Lady
Henry has been overworked, and we
must, of course, Ifc careful not to kill
the goose that lays the golden eggs."
A Nqw York exchange remarks the
advancement of tho now woman. Ono
of Its reporters testifies that ho saw a
specimen of the genus now woman de
scend from an elovntcd railway depot
Auscju j ho curbstone. She mere
iit?MMttlmeraitd4i4ws mo-
, -..
ottafe,'JHd lw tap with sureaonanco
tar wtytjd have mado tho performer
tit &nvy ot the Bowery. From this It
t JU manif hat the new woman is
Q binder strict Burvoillance in New York
Mr. tlmd Stanford will dispose of
'e$!etion of jewekr, yaltMsd at over
WW.OW, Among t)w fwel Is the fam
6m Waw Kttftats dfiond Sleek
ly, toe whitt Mrs. Stanford pafd a
rVJulooa pr(c, Mr . suffri' action
tft'jktr dwtrft to &ktiMi Stanfw'd unt
owslty sue, TM litigation. wta
th foVerMnt 3ovr the Stanford
, ttfct am itei, ip t Inqome. aad
food tr Udty needed t maintain the
! tta(v$rity. 'Is ortfor to raise the ne-
jnmmj nonjr art.siuuHa, wm wc-
rtrtw fcer jewel.
jelft&hHmt&aii, JLJJ"k not ts b en-
id- A ttiwr IwM feet a'monu-
mnt to t ifeidter ad Bailors of tha
towfL"arfc up -without effecting tho ob-
jc-ct There l?ero soraq present who
' ftppo(ei(iacluding tho epldlprs and sail-
wot4heJRevplutlon. but In favor of
Honoring those of the Mexican and tho
t,ltt? war between tho states. Tho Tory
feeling in nof creditable to nay Atnerl-
can BuUt has survived In Borne quur-
tera tfie Tuindred, years and move of
American, freedom. Among our fftsh-
3 tyaafaies lher aro descendants of Torloa
HTSi still app everything English, you
r t i . rt. r - J
Since Bishop Fallows'
changing saloons Into temperance rc
sorta In Chicago an enterprlso some
what similar has been undertaken In
Buffalo. Tho famous "Gold Dollar
Saloon," with Its gorgeous fitting, Its
bar Inlaid with ?50 gold pieces and its
floor studded with $20 gold colus, has
now been transformed into a home for
temperance advocates, and la owned by
a stock company of ministers and busi
ness men. Tho former proprietor of
the establishment has also been re
tained, at hlB own desire, and now dis
penses harmless beverages Instead of
ruinous liquors. Twelve hundred In
candescent lamps lllumlnato the In
terior, and Its walls aro hung with
works of art.
In tho address at tho commencement
exercises of the Now York Trade school
ex-Mayor Howltt said: "If you nsk
whether It Is right ot tho workmen to
associate together for tho general wel
fare, and to Increase the rate of lubor,
then 1 say yes. It Is not only their
right but their duty. But It Is when
the tradca-unlon stops between tho palo
of the law, ana assumes me rignt to
compel or prevent labor, that it violates
tho fundamental principle of human
liberty and Christianity. So also has
the employer tho rlrit to combine with
others, but when he oversteps tho law
then bo has violated the principles
upon whltli tho constitution rests. But
I seen the dawn of harmony between
the employer and tho employe. When
that time comes questions will bo dis
cussed and considered by honest men.
The workman will not H deprived of
Ills Individual liberty. TUese late dis
turbances are among the last, and tho
time Is at hand when there will be
absolute equality to every man who
oreathes beneath tho flag of tho union.
Fong Foo Flng, a Chinaman of San
Francisco, Is an enthusiastic and effi
cient member of the Salvation army.
It Is rUmored that he will soon be sent
to China to organize and lead an evan
gelistic movement of the army In that
As the Illy will grow full of sweet
perfume and delight upon a heap of
rubbish, thus the disciple of the truly
enlightened shines forth by his wis
dom among those who are like rubbish
among tho people that ,walk In dark
Bess. ,
Rev. .Ton Kkiixs of Lexington, 8C
yenrs old, d'ed last week.
Ciiahr county got a grand rain and
everything in tho crop lino is promis
ing. John a McCoitMtcK, one of Omaha's
early pioneers and freighters, died last
KrroitTB aro making in Omaha to ap
prehend an organized band of dog
This railroads havo granted a rato of
ono fair for tho round trip to tho Hast
ings reunion.
Mns. Van Waihib of Fremont
yawned so wide that sho dislocated her
jaw on botli sides.
IIahtinos Is making cxtcnslvo prepa
ration for tho stato reunion, which
occurs this month.
' Oscaii IJhow.v, a gray-haired man,
is in jail at Fremont, charged with as
sault on a seven-year-old girl.
Duxijy county will hold a fair this
fall at Itonkclraan, October 10, 11 and
12. Tho county will also inako a dls
play at tha stuto fair.
Mum. Ciiawfoiid of Beatrice shot at
her husbnnd with Intent to kllL Sho
was discharged, It being shown that
she acted In self-defense.
Ditiii no a storm at Paxton tho liuttso
of John IUcliul was struck by light
ning, tearing off every particle of tho
plastering In a new addition.
A coMiiiTTKK of Lincoln citizens haB
gone to work to raiso 810,000 for tho
purpose of putting Lincoln park In
condition for semi-annual raco meet
ings. Coi- Joutujf, formerly of Nebraska,
and at ono timo editor of tho Omaha
Republican, died lust week at Wanbay,
H. I). Ho loft Ileatrivo about tlireo
years aga
' Wiu.Ann Lasiitiiy, aged 8, of Ileavur
City, was drowned in a small pond near
town. Ho and some companions wero
fishing and ho fell from a high bank
into the water.
SMiin. Sadik Cim roiui at Plattsmouth
shot hor husband tho other day whllo
ho was pursuing her with a club, bho
succeeded In lodging ihrco bullets In
niit. iiil.:.'l-l,jiy,HB,cvKWw'wf
TIik clti,ijris-cJrF?PI5r
aro iorralng an irrigation district
which, when completed, will inako
Paxton one of the beat little towns In
tho western part of the state,
PSAitr, Dnowx at Nebraska City was
arrested for sending obscene literature
through tho malls. Ilo was bound
over to answer toeforo tho United
States court in Omaha for trial.
Tub board of - transportation has
ordered the printing1 of 5,003 new maps
of Nebraska for the use of the public
Theaembpc 'wilt show tho Irrigation
ditches completed and In course of con
strttetlas, as -well as the railroads.
State Jtank Examiner Cowdry closed
the Citizens State bank at South isioux
Cfty. Liabilities' aro about $30,000; as
sets about ?2,1,0Q0, with Affairs in bad
condition. This bank was the county
jleposltory and over $8,000 was on dc
jwslt ,
Wiuam II. CoixtOUT, a jwtfcBt at the
L.iBCoi iKftasq asyvHm, commit ta,su-k-We
by" hijgjig. lie tied -a -sheet
Broiled his seek, throwing himself :foi
Ward and strangling to death.- Colliuut
was from Cambridge, Hod Willow coun
ty, and was 27 years old.
The Board Of Public fcands and Build
ings held a meeting and lot the con
tract for the now addition to the Grand
Island Soldier's aod Sailor's Home, and
nlBo for tho plumbing C. 1), Campbell
was tho lowest bidder tfor tho main
work and secured the contract. Ills
JiU was S8t075.
Por.K county's relief committee has
just mado, its llnal report, having been
in tho harness irom February U until
August 3. During that timo thero
month was 1,584,
Juuoi: William Amiss of Pawneo
City, tho only survlng ex-probate judgo
under territorial government, now
over 00 years old, is bolioved to be on
his douthbed. Ho has been confined to
the houso soveral weeks, much of tho
timo to his bed, unablo to take nour
ishment, except small quantities In
liquid form, not enough to keep up his
Mihiam McLaughlin of Tecumseh
burned his hand In a shocking manner.
He had a cloth bandage around his
hand covering a gash, and in turning
tho gasoline on in a torch tho flow was
excessive and saturated tho bandage.
McLaughlin lit a match with tho hand
In thnt condition. Tho bandngo was
burned from his hand and tho flesh on
that member terribly cooked.
Pat Siikkdy, living on a farm four
miles northeast of Clay Center, met
with a very distressing nccident Ho
was hauling grain from tho field nnd
In sonio manner ono foot broke through
tho bottom of the hay rack, so that tho
leg was caught between soma parts of
the wagon. Tho team ran away und
in turning rather short Mr. Sheedy's
leg wns broken, or rather crushed. It
Is thought the leg will bo amputated.
Bon Aximissox and Lloyd Alexander,
n couple of Hastings youths, brolco tho
babbath by trying to break each oth
er's faces, Anderson weighs 240
pounds and Alcxunder about 140. Thcy
went to n livery stable on tho edge of
tho city, followed by their seconds,
bottleholdcrs and time keeper. The
battle was short and littlo blood was
spilled. Anderson claims all honors,
as he knocked his man out in soven.
Joi: Chrlka, a 5-year-old Bohemtau
boy of Plattsmouth, was playing near
tho railroad crossing with several com
panions when tho Missouri Pacific pas
senger struck him in tho back of the
head, hurling him a distance of twenty
feet and making a compound fructuia
of the skull. Ills condition is critical.
Tun opera house pharmacy at Plain
view -ftas entered by burglurs through
a door in the basement lust week and a
small amount ot money nnd jewelry
A xrmniit of prominent Germans of
Grand Island and vicinity aro arrang
ing for a celebration of the anniver
sary of the buttle of Sedan September I.
Nkwb has reached Nebraska City of
tho death of Dr. Bowen at tho asylum
In Lincoln. Dr. Bowen was ono of
Otoe county's first settlers and up to
several months ago resided in Nebras
ka City. Several mouths ago ho be
came insane and has been in Lincoln
oiiMoca In nf nmnn rnnolvlnfr rvlil frti- nnv nm tO 1110 TCSCUe. XllO 1UG
Heller Communion Itvpnrt.
The State llollof commission's report,
now In tho hands of tho printer, bIiowb
tho following financial exhibit:
C'nsh donations - ?3,ftn 09
btnte upuroprintion, n. it. iu
WJ 20
3 34
Castor county account, refund ot
. frelshti ;.";
ItulTnla county account, relund ot
Itcfundot freight
rcnuumon hibiii wurniun.
Total J!M03
PravWem 812.C01 04
Hour J5.1U3 oa
Ccml 4,7720V
1 riinsporlatlun U,161 64
I'rlntlnff 00
In frcljOit fri?)
nillco 0Jtprnc8 ,''
TruvellnK expenses "
Itctund to). ll.Jluriton
Kxclinnco on loiolisaUrnfts
CiHtor county, siiojlully designated
Citur county, iK-clully designated
130 00
24 60
Timid v iniml v. lnt.nl unri lrn:
donation lor com unu rciunucu. .
OjM lialaicouti band Z,VXi 22
Total .' 879,44'J tl.J
"In addition to tho above- thcro wore spe
cial appropriations as follows;
Kxpoiifcg formulating sonata ro-
ports $ 820(0
Expontcs for postage, tiW, less 1 per
cent dNcount 24i CO
Expense for tabulating and print-
Ing ronort, $iO , less 1 per cent .... to 4 00
Expense for distributing of funds
of 11. It. S3i 600 00
Total SJ.C0100
ExponsoR for above npproprlatlonsS l,0fi" 60
Ttubulattng and printing report.... GW4 to
Total S1.GC160
"Tho fund for tabulating and print
ing tho report still remains in tho hands
of tho treasurer of the commission,
ready to pay for this work when com
pleted. Tho legislature allowed, out
of tho SSO.OOO appropriated by tho
state, S3,f)00 for tho carrying out of tho
provisions of house roll No. 113. Of
this fund a small sum remains unex
pended. Tim Mebriialm Itrunlnn.
Hastings is making extensive prepar
ations for tho rounlon which takes
place there on tho 2Gth, 27th, 28th,
2i)tli, 30th and 31st of August It Is
argued that big crops In Nebraska,
a oig crowd, and so Hustings' is-1 going
1, and so Hastings
to wprk to prepare for their entertain
msnt You aro invited to lay a'sldo
your business und come und hitch up
and jofn tho procession. In tho lan
guage of a circular issued to all man
kind, "A weeks recreation will make a
new roan of you. Your neighbors will
all bo there and they will vant to see
you. There will be balloon ascensions
every day and fireworks on three even
ings. There will bo tour big reunions
all hold at tho same time. Tho Ne
braska G. A. It.; tho Kansas-Nebraska
Interstate G. A. It. reunion; tho Ne--braska
Band Union reunion and tha
Nebraska National Guards Encamp
ment Thero will bo free wood, free
Jiay irco straw and no limit to the sup'
ply of good pure, fresh water, and
Hastings will have food on hand to feed
73,000 people three times a day, if that,
many appbv Enjoy tho fun and tho
freedom which the boys won by their
vaior on me neiu oi rauie.
.el.., .,... 1
The Rmrtan. ThlIIe taw,,
The question of enforcing the provis
ions Of the Russian thlstlo law In west
ern counties, says a Sidney dispatch, Is
fast becoming ono of considerable Im
portance. Thcro aro many- hundred
thousand acres of vacant government
laudnd educational lands in theso
western counties nnd as tho Russian
thlstlo law majtcs no provision, fpr tho
deslructlon oi the thistles on 6uch lands,
thcro seems" no way to meet tho emer
gency of tho case. Several of the west
ern counties havo practically abandon
ed tlio destruction oitnispest anu uicro
seems to bo no way out of the difficulty
WM - MMft . I.I H '.',' V
irai compliance
with tho nrovisions of tho law means
bankruptcy to all the western cbuntles.
Coniinp ltuck to Xctirnrfkn.
Norwich (Conn.) dispatch: Mrs.
Annio T. Gardiner, tho missing Ne
braska Christian endeavor delegate of
Arcadia, Nob., who was found living
as a domestic hero In tho family of
Edward II. Laplerc, consented this
morning to return homo with J. W.
Landers, her husband's friend, who
found her. She stoutly raulntained
that she Is not Insane.
Mrs. Gardiner will meet her husband
nt tho Palmer house, Chlcugo, at 0
o'clock tomorrow night. Her condition
today is greatly chauged from that oi
yesterday. She is but 28 years of age
ind has been married nine years.
A Xrhrnaka Mini Opt It.
C. G. Pcnrso of Beatrice has been
elected superintendent of the Omaha
public schools for a period of ono year at
a salary of S3.000. Ho Is a young man,
a graduate of Doano college nt Crete,
aud bus been superintendent of public
schools at Beatrleo for eight years.
Indian Cuttle Tlilex-s Captured.
Chadron dispatch: Deputy Unltco.
States Marshal Robinson, better known
as "Bear Track," Boss Farmer Charles
Dalkanberger and Frank Young,
official Interpreter, all of Pino Rldgo
agency, aro In tho city tonight enrouto
to Hot Springs, S. 1).. having in churgo
Harry .Martin and Kittle Hawk, two
Indians charged with stealing cattle on
tho reservation. Another Indian is
Implicated, but evaded the officers.
Murtln ana tho escaped suspect belong
on the Tongue River reservation in
Wyoming and were on the Pino Ridge
reservation without leave from their
agent. Little Hawk is a special police
man under Captain Penny and is evi
dently much disturbed over tho lass of
his star and authority. Tho prisoners
will have their preliminary hearing nt
Hot Springs.
An Injunction Aked Far.
At Nebraska City Prof. Ebrlght, b
Jils attorneys, applied to Judge Chap
man for an injunction restraining Gov
ernor Holcomb or his uppointee, Prof.
Johnson, from Interfering with tho
present superintendent (Kbrlght). The
petition sets up that plaintiff has been
legally uppolnted superintendent of tho
Institute) for the Blind by tho board ot
trustees, under authority of what is
known as the enactment of February
10, 1875. That he is in peaceful and law.
ful possession of tho buildings and
grounds and that he is responsible for
the proper caro ot tho same.
A Thnt l'lnro Ik I'urthcr Krom tho Scene
of tlio ItloU Tluin Hlinnglinl, tVnsli
Iiiffton OmdnU Ilelletc That tho
Attack on American Altaalon
nrlcs Aro Knitnl Infor
mation Called for.
Washinoton, Aug. 12. A telegram
tvas received at the navy department
to-day announcing that Commander
Newell had sailed with the Detroit
from Shanghai to Che Foo. This latter
port Is further ftom the sceno of the
riots than Shanghai, and the navy offi
cials take this us indicating that the
United States authorities in China do
not fear further outbreaks, especially
in tho reg'on near Shunghal.
Upon receipt of the telegrnm. As
sistant Secretary McAdoo telegraphed
to Admiral Carpenter, advising him
that there was a great deal of appre
hension here that American citizens in
China might lose their lives and prop
erty, und telling him Jhat every pos
sible uiTort should bo made to protect
American citizens. He also asked the
admiral to cable him nt once tho renl
bituntlon, and whether thero was dnn
ger of further disturbances. Admiral
Carpcnter,wlth the flagship Baltimore,
is at Nagasaki, Japan, v Inch Is about
400 miles from Shanghai across tho
Japan sea, but there is .io doubt that
ho is well Informed us to the situation.
n.n cn.ii- iv.,i i.. -w,,-., i.-. !.,., ,
YAsnisaTos, Aug. is, xno natural,
ras industry Is fully reviewed in the
nnual report of tlie geological survey.
Tho most important gas fleluts,,uov are
those of Western Pennsylvania, West
ern Now York, Northwestern Ohio and
Central Indiana.butgas has boon found
in commercial quantities alho in Arkan
sas, California, Illinois, Kansas, Ken
tucky, Louisiana, Missouri, South
Dakota, Tennessee, Utah, West
"Virginia, Wisconsin and Wyoming.
Tho highest actually observed pres
sure has been about cOO pounds to the
square inch, closed pressure. In all
districts tho pressure has Increased
("steadily and materially, Heretofore
natural gas could be easily carried In
pipes for long distances under its own
pressure bub now in niost places arti
ficial means must be used to drive it to
tho placo where it is needed. No
make one, Tho amount has been
greatly reduced within tho In'St few
yearj by tho cutting off of the enor
mous waste that existed, while im
proved appliances havo doubled tho
efficiency of what is used. Tqo total
value of that consumed In leOl was
nearly 814,000,000. This Is a steady
decrease from 1888, when tho value
was 22,500,000.
Mltdonrl Chautauqua l'limn for 1800.
Sedallv. Mo., Aug 12 The di
rectors of ttierMissourl Stato Chautau
qua assombly havo . decided that Au-
?,usl uo ul" """ open,nff
Hili Ut ItlllVII lllUILlUUUlttlU 1. LI Ctl CTVi
before. Tho board of directors has
decided to begin ut once tho publica
lwtl1V1trkW'lfVk AlVlAtNtf4i4kMAMA
tion of a quarterly paper, to be known
as the Chautauqua Herald, of which
Prof. G. V. Buchannan, superintend
ent of tho public schools, will bo
editor. Tho deficit of the last assem
bly was only S100.
A l'opiillut (Jrgun for Topckn.
Topkka, Kan., Aug. 12. It is an
nounced that local Populists will next
week form a company for tho publica
tion of a dally paper in Topeka. F. J.
Close, formerly Governor Lewelling's
private seorotary, will bo business
manager; James Butler, lato steward
of tho asylum for tho Insano at Topeka,
Its editor, and I. N. Gish, lato captain
of police, superintendent of its me
chanical department.
Italian Strikers In a Itlot.
PiTTSiiuito, Pa., Aug. 12 Two hun
dred Italians in tho employ of Booth A
Flynn, city contractors, struck for an
advance of twenty-five cents per
day. Other men wero secured to tako
their places und to-day a large crowd
of strikers attacked them, picks and
shovels being used. Soveral partici
pants wero seriously hurt. Tho polico
scattered the rioters.
A Vrncrulilu Canadian to .Marry.
Toiioxto, Ontario, Aug. 12, Sir
William Powlnnd, lieuteuant governor
of Ontario and president of the Con
federation Life Assurunco company,
now In his both year, will soon lead to
tho altar the widow of James Bcthuno,
Into manager ot the Dominion bank.
Relatives aro strongly opposed to tho
Heavy Wind In Oklahoma.
HnsNF.ssKY, Ok., Aug. 12. A heavy
wind storm, which preceded a rain
storm last night, wrecked several
small bnlldlugs nnd did damage to late
corn. A enr was blown off u siding on
tho main truck at Dover and the north
bound Rock Island train was disabled.
I!ulnes Man and Coachman Lost.
Chicago, Aug. 12. Moshier T.
oreene, president of the Chicago Lum
ber company, and a coachman em
ployed by W. A. Alexander, Mr.
Greene's son-in-law, were both drowned
by tho capsizing of a boat at Highland
park yesterday afternoon.
Tho Hank at (lofTs, Kuiibub, Closed,
Topeka, Kan., Aug. 12. Thf Citi
zens' bank of Goffs, recently urganUed
by some Seneca capitalist, bun paid
off its depositors and gone oui of busi
1.-1.. --.. ., A A. I
?.- T-r-y-tLLsatrir-awM . i5Tirjt!Hui-Stale It iS
ni.t.u.iiii.11 . ai. mm ik iniii ii cii n& i.mihi ..
fuZ KLl' "-vT ?: rXV.i Sv.?- attM'toionfld
W..V 4W,. v . w ? .v j.wB.v.w u ,- V, I ,
IJi!hcm Continue Actlro Without
Sign of Ucnctlon.
Youk, Aug. 12 R. G. Dun t
Co.'s Weekly Bovlew of Trade says:
Business continues unusually nctlvo
for midsummer, and, though thero Is
no pcrccptiblo relaxation, thero aro no
signs of reaction. The one change of
great importance which the past week
has brought Is eminently helpful the
amicable settlement between coal
miners nnd employers In Western
Pennsylvania, Ohio nnd Indiana. It
is said that about 100,000 men will havo
their wages increased after October 5
by this adjustment, and, while tho en
largement of purchasing power Is of
consequence, it eccms even more im
portant that a chronic causo of con
troversy has been removed by thn new
agreement as to company stores.
There is no Important change In crop
prospects, and nt this time no news is
eminently good news.
Speculation has been more success
ful in cotton than in any other pro
duct during tho past week, and has
lifted the price an eighth. Wheat has
declined a fraction, with very scanty
transactions, tho extremely small
western receipts influencing tho mar
ket for tho present moro than tho re
stricted exports. Tho concerted with
holding of wheat by western farmers,
If continued, will doubtless affect tho
price in tho end, but it has
already stopped Atlantic ex
ports almost entirely, the amount,
flour included, having been only 753,330
bushels for tho past week, against
2,080,430 bushels for tho same week
last year, and when foreign markets
havo supplied tholr needs from other
quarters, the Western farmers may
find reason to regret that they did not
ship their wheat at the original time.
Corn tends to lowcr.priccs, with more
encouraging prospects, and tho ex
pectation of a heavy corn crop affects
prices ot provision s, as might be ex
pected. Sales of wool aro not ns much in
flated by speculation as they were dur
ing the iirst half of July, but they still
considerably exceed the actual con
I sumption in me raanuiacuire, amount,-
sumption in tho manufacture, amount-
Some staple cotton goods have again
advanced in price, and the market is
Unusually strong for tho season,
Said to he Cleveland'!! First Choice to
Succeed Jackson.
Washikotos, Aug. 12. There is
much speculation as to who will be
President Cleveland's choice for the
United States supremo court bench to
succeed tho lato Justice Jackson, but
beyond the mention of available names
thero is littlo of a definite nature this
sarly. - '
There aro persons, however, whoso
relations with tho president nro
bi the closest character who be
lieve that Mr. Cleveland's first
choice, will bo Mr. Olnev, tho sco
known that ha
once lii the sound-
opinions on oil
important legal questions which como
before him, and thnt ho fully appre
ciates the great assistance Mr. Olnoy
has Tendered him in the disposition of
the great questions that havo arisen
during tho last two years, Whether
Mr. Olney's residence In Massachu
setts will render him unavailable Is
not known, but it is the opinion of
many well informed, persons hero that
but for this objection ho would 6urely
bo tho man. Next to him Mr. Rufus
Peckham is thought by many to bo
tho most likely to receive the nomina:
tion. The question of confirmation
will not bo raised, It is said, as in tha
cases of AVheelcr n.Ppckhnm and
South Dakntii'M Defaulting Treasurer
Slakes Good Ills StenlliiRS.
Pierrk, S. D., Aug. 13. Tho Taylor
defalcation is about to bo cleared up,
and tho defaulting treasurer will bo
sentenced Tuesday. His bondsmen
and himself have turned over to the
stnto treasurer S100.000 In checks and
drafts ns agreed upon. Tho value of
properties held by Taylor will not be
assessed by the stato board and the
amount agreed upon by them and the
SlOo.000 will be credited to his deficit
The bondsmen Will make up the bal
ance. The statute on which it was
thought Taylor would bo sentenced
for twenty years Is found defective
and two years will be tho maximum.
Stewart of Srirlnf;lirld Mo., I'orniull
Appointed to tho UlIU-c.
Si'itixariKLi), Mo., Aug. 12. Mrs.
Helen V. Stewart, widow of the lato
Sheriff Dan R. Stewart, wns 3esterday
appointed sheriff in her husband's
stead, to hold office until September 0,
when a special election will bo held.
Mrs. Stewart Is 40 years old and has
been innrried twenty-threo years. Sho
was born at Atlanttc City, is. J bhe
has resided in Springfield for twenty
years. Judges Denny and Houston
voted for Mrs. Stewart, and Appleby
refused to vote. Mrs. Stewart is tho
anly woman sheriff In history.
Illinois Corn l'ronilsei Well.
SpmxoFiKLn, 111., Aug. 12. Reports
received by the state department of
agriculture confirm tho reports heard
the past few weeks as to the con
dition of the growing crop, aud the
prospect now is for one of tho largest
and finest crops ever raised In the
stale. The season has been exception
ally favorable for tho growth and cul
tivation of corn.
Iowa Corn Crop lit Danger,
MAllSHALLTOWN, Iowa, Aug. 12.
Unless the weather conditions change
soon the corn crop of Central Iowa
will be pretty seriously affected. A
fierce southwest wind has prevailed for
two days with the mercury at 91 In
the shade and everything is so dry
that the corn blades aro wilting.
Mrs. ThIiuukc's Fortune.
BnooKi.v.w N. Y., Aug. 12. Tho will
of Mrs. T. De Witt Tnlmuge leaves
some S100.000, of which S30.000 Is real
estate and S130.000 personal property.
Her husband Is the sole legatee.
I ncss oi Air. uinevs
h'o Mcrlnro MlMnr.rl t'ciuccra's In S'nt
PKr.TI.R Spiungs. Mo , Aug. is. Th&
Missouri Democracy has deolarod with
out equivocation for tho free and un
limited colnniro of silver at the ratio of
10 to 1. Thu strongest resolutions
looking to that end wero parsed by tho
statu convention amid a storm of
cheers, and practically without adls
senting voice. Further yet, tho con
vention, by an overwhelming major
ity, voted to reorganize tho state com
mittee, and nineteen new members
have been added to it, all considered
to be heart and soul for tho
while metal. Tho fifteen old
members whom, whether right
ly or wrongly tho silver men.
hud considered committed to tho sound
liigne doctrine, 13 to 2, now finds
itself purely an ornamental appen
dage to a soaring majority. Thero
aro rumors that possibly thirteen of "
tho old commltteo will declino to
servo longer, but It Is scarcely likely
that they will resign, as that action,
would merely fix tho silver uien still
more firmly in the saddle. In splto of
these revolutionary proceedings tho
work of the convention has been char
acterized by most remarkable har
mony. If tho convention faithfully
represents the Democratic party of
tho state, then bejoml question "5 per
cent of tho party aro out and out silver
Tho convention began Its business
with "Silver Dick" Bland nt tho helm.
The organization was perfected with
out friction and silver resolutions wero
drawn and adopted and tho rcorgani-
zatiou of tho state central committee
was decided upon by a vote of -103 to
U!l. The plan of reorganization ugrccd
upon was that suggested by the con
servatives, which called for tho doub
ling of tuo old committee, only four
additional committeemen elected from
the stato at largo by tho convention
wore added. This makes tho new com
mittee certainly for silver, but as if
this were not enough, the convention
went further and so bound tho new
central organization by resolutions ns
to the conventions to bo held next
i ear. that even were it ns hostile as
itVwbuTd bu futile. A -yBBwr 1
I. .. ....A..,. r ,- M i nrvn .. c..:
proitHnr-s to tha Demoorntla felntft enni
ventions in session in Mississippi an
Iowa, exhorting them to stand firm!
for free silver and 10 to 1, It also sent E
a personal tribute to Senator. looA
Blackburn of Kentucky complimenting!
him on his fight for silver against over"
whelming odds. r
flie 1'cnnsylvanln. Senator Scores III
Kneniles la a Footle statement.
PhilauklI'HIA, Aug. 8. Senator j
Quay has issued a. formal statement la,
reply to tho 'charge that ho hart pro
posed to David Martin, tho Republican
lcadcr'of this city, a bargain looking!
to the cessation of hostilities between
them in the contest for chairman of
the stato Republican committee. . The
Btuterncntr followsT X navo not me
Mrt Martin rior anv member of thi
combine since the present contest wa!
begun, nor havo I made nor received
from anybody propositions looking fc
an adjustment So far as tho muni
clpal rings of Philadelphia and Pitts
burg aro concerned, there will not no:
cannot be any adjustment. My frlendi
arc thoso of tho party who havo al
tvays been willing to carry the Jlepub-jl
licau flag undertiro and stand by Ihovl
ticket nominated whether it is of the!
making or not I regard my clectio:
as positively assured."
Inventor McCorrnlck Critically 11L
Chicago.' Aug. 8 Leander J, Mi
lying critically ill at Lake torest.
Quotations from New York, Chicago,
Louis, Omaha und Elsewhere
huttcr Creamery (separator . I a
liniif-r I nlrtntrnod country. 1.
1- bcs fresh 10
honey California, per It, 1
llmifi l.lvi' Tr lb C
burins Chickens, per lb . lUi'ir
Lemons tholco Messlnas Oi
Apples per tibl 2 00
uiunjies riorldub, per box ... A 50
1-otntoes Now 0
Wateimclons per doon 2 si
hcans Navy.liund-pIclJod.bu 2 W)
Hay -Upland, per ton " 0
Unfon I or bu JJ
l hecto Neb fcla., full cream 10
l'lncapples purdoz ... ...... I
Tomatoes -per 4-basUotcrute 50
lioR MUcd packlnc j 'i
boss Heavy tt eights i m
hteves fctooKcrs and feeaer t W
kief steers 3M
nulls. 1 M
Mtips 2 50
v. une -2 f
Cons 1 w
heifers 1 0 1
StMorns SO
tiieeo Lambs , ' 00
suiep Choice natives.... 2 50
Wheat N'o.2. spring.,.. (jl
Corn Per bu U
Outs i cr bu 21
lotk 0 -10
6 2.1
O 2 25
& 4 00
US, '.'A
U0 3 W
UM 2 20
(U, 7.V)
(. 73
& 11
(in 2 2'.
to 4 75
U 4 a
H 3 GS
iS. 4 75
W a 00
V, 3 00
(14 SO
a a oo
fc 2 75
a G3
Oi o25
4 21J4
& (i 55
u 5 10
... II W)
& 4 10
lioii I'ncUers and mixed...
Cattle Native stools.
Mitel. l.umiif
Mieep Natives
Wheat. No. 2. rea wlntor
Corn No. 2
Iiii.c Nn? . .. ...
a oo
1 50
73 Wt
43 &
ao U
... , p..
i orw. ....,. - -
Lurd " "
ii &
it 0 tO
fc'E. LOUIS.
Wheat No :rea,cash 8
Corn Per bu.., as
Outs l'cr bu --
Iioff Mixed packing 4 i
Cattle Heft steors ,. 3 00
Hiiio Mixed nuttvos 2 UV
ft. CSK
fy as .
tfr . 22M
4 W
4 10
m .1 f.O
G 500
W heat No. 2 hard C5 O Co
Corn No. 2 'M y ).
Oats No.2 , -i-iiii. 2.1
cattle stoeUers and feeder. 2 50 i. 4 M)
lioas Mixed puckers 4 50 U 4 SO
Judge Shacklcforil Oterrulri MWsourl
C&pltu! Iteiuotal Demurrer.
Jeffkrson Citv, Mo., Aug.d. Judgo
D. M. Shackleford to-day overruled
tho demurrer of tho Sedalia people In
the matter of submitting the capital
removal to vote of the people. This
means that in the opinion of the court
tho resolution is Invalid.
The case will bo appealed to tho su
preme court, but the ruling of Judge
ShuUieford is regarded a,s a most irnj
portant victory for Jeffetdon City.