Hemingford herald. (Hemingford, Box Butte County, Neb.) 1895-190?, August 09, 1895, Image 9

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A Sta From Boyhood. '
(From ho ItcU Wing. Minn., Itorutllcan.)
"I am now twenty-four years old,"
Bald Edward Rwnnnn. of Will to Hock,
Goodhue County, Minn., to a Republican
representative, "and ns you can see I
am not very large of stature When I
was eleven years old 1 became afflicted
with n sickness which baffled the ilk VI I j
anu Knowledge or the physician, i was
not taken suddenly 111 but on the con
trary I can hardly state the exact time
when It began. The first symptoms
were pains In my "back and restless
Mights. The disease -did not trouble ma
much ut first, but It seemed to have
Bettlcd In my body to stay and my bitter
experience during the last thirteen years
p. oved that to be the ease, I
was of course a child and
never dreamed of the sufferings
In store for me. I complained to
my parents and they concluded that In
Ume I would outgrow my trouble, but
When they heard me groaning during
ny sleep they became Thoroughly
alarmed. Medical advice -whs sought
but to no avail, I grew rapidly worse
and was Boon unable to move about and
finally became confined continually to
my bed. The bust doctors that could be
liad were consulted, but Hid nothing for
me. I 'tried various kinds of extensively
advertised patent medicines with but
the ame result.
"For twelve long years I was thus a
iifferer In .constant agony without re
spite, abscesses farmed on my body In
:rapld succession and .the world Indeed
looked very dark ito mo. About this
'time when all hope was gone and noth
ing 'Seemed left 'but tto resign myself to
my mo3t 'bitter fate my attention wan
'called to Br. Williams' Pink Pills for
Pale People. Like a drowning man
;grasplng at a straw. In sheer despera
tion I concluded to make one more at
temptnot to regain my health (I dare
'not to hope so 'much) but If possible to
ease my pain.
"I bought a box of the pills and they
Beemed to do me good. I felt encour
aged and continued their use. After
taking six boxes I was up and able to
walk around the house. I have not felt
Bd well for thirteen years as during the
past year. Only one year have I taken
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills and I am able
now to do chores and attend to light
"Doll hesitate to let you publish what
I have said? No. Why should I? It Is
the truth and I nm only too glad to let
other sufferers know my experience. It
may help "those whose cup of misery Is
as full to-day as mine was In the past."
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills contain, In a
condensed form, all the elements neces-
sary to give new life and richness to the
bloo'd and restore shattered nerves.
'They build up the blood, and restore the
glow of health to pale and sallow cheeks.
Pink Pills are sold In boxes (never in
loose bulk) at 60 cents a box Or six boxes
for $2.50, and may be had of all drug
gists, or direct by mall from Dr. Wil
liams' Medicine Company, Schenectady,
Wlmt 11 (Should Take.
A magistrate of Edinburgh, contem
porary with "Lang Sandy Wood," emi
nent 'physician, planned how to get
from the latter n prescription wltliouia
fee. Taking advantage of a custom of
the time, he invited bandy to take his
meridian with him in a "change house"
near the Cross. Over tlio wine he pave
a Ion? accountof his ailments, to which
Wood listened in grim.silence. At last
he nut the direct question: "Doctor,
what do you. think I should talc'V
' ,'Tak!" exclaimed Sandy, "why? if
ye're as ill as ye say, I think yo should
take medical advice." .
The Tditest Sonatlon.
The surprisingly low rates offered by
the Nickel Plate rond to Boston and re
turn account. Knights Templar con
clave and a choice of forty routes.
Tickets on sale Aug. 19th to 25th Inclu
sive; longest return limit; service strict
ly first-class, bleeping car space re
served In ndvance. For further Infor
mation address J. Y. Calahan, General
Agent. Ill Adams street, Chicago.
All Obtdleto CuRtnm.
The old-time custom oftho clergy
man who performed the marriage cere
mony saluting the bride with a kiss
lias gone entirely out of favor and fash
ion. Ladies' Home Journal.
' Clmlro of ltoutes.
To, Knights Temp'ar conclave, lioston, via
tuoXiciel P.ato road, embracing Clmutau
cmu La'.c, .iagara Fals, 'lhouhnud Is. anils,
ltar Id ot the St. Lawrence, Saratoza, IV
Uailcrf of tlio Hudson, Hoosae 'funnel, and
ride through the Borkuhlro HiV.s by day
light. 'I icotn on sale Aug. 10th to 25tli in
clusive. Lowest rates, quick tinio and
tervii-o nnexiollcd, including palace slcep-
in and dining ears. Address J, Y. Ca a
.linu, Gcnernl Atent, 111 Adams street,
Chit-ago, lor further information.
Dr. Max Nordnu writes a "Reply to
My Critics" in the August number of
;.the Century. His book on "Degcnern
tion'lluis called out a lnrge amount of
simply abusive criticism, and while he
pays his respects to such writers, he
gives serious answers to several objec
tions.which have been urged ngainst
his theories. Dr. Xordon thinks that
the-prascnt epidemic of hysteria and
degeneration is due to the over-exertion
of ithe last sixty years: and that,
while it is not the first .phenomenon of
its kind, :it is more dangerous than the
previous. ones because it has gained a
far greater headway.
Pllliard tab.e, second-hand, for sale
cheap. .Apply to or address, H. C. Akix,
till 8. l'.th St.,Oninba, Nob.
Theso JtKsomuthlng wranz.in tlio hort of
the man who t,ets mail at the truth.
The cultivation of tolaccotis prohibited
in Eypt.
flafll Kxeuralen t lioaton.
The Knights Templar conclave will
be held in Boston from Axtg. 2fith to 30th
dnclustve. Tickets will be on sale via
the Nickel Plate road ixcan Aug. 19th
o 25th Inclusive. Rates -always the
lowest: through trains; dm wing-room
eleeplng-cans; unexcelled UnIng-cars;
side trips to -Chautauqua. Lake, Niag
ara Falls, aivd Saratoga without addi
tional expense. For additional infor
mation rntl nn .or nrldrpR -T. V. Pala-
ban, General Acsnt, 111 Adax&n street, H
-.lil.o,-n Til 1
W,.40V, .
Tlio August Atlantic Monthly con
tains several articles which are calcu
lated to create widespread interest.
One of the most striking contributions
is by Jacob D. Cox on iiow Judge 11 car
Ceased to bo Attorney-General. Mr.
Cox was a member of Grant's cabinet
with Judge Hoar, and this paper is an
important ehapter in our recent polit
ical history. Percival Lowell, in his
fourth paper on Mars, tries to answer
the question, la Mars Inhabited, and,
if bo, by what kind of people? Tlio
second of Mr. I'cabody'a papers. is on
French and English Churches. Jlough
too, Nifllin & Co., Boston.
HAT debt was an
affair of lone stand
ing, for It had been
mad" years before
Jack Towner's
birth, so that It
could not be looked
upon as a strictly
personal m a 1 1 er
with himself.
His father, and
Park Wright's had
had trouble years
ago over a piece of land down near the
swamps upon the flats below.
The stream, which had been used as a
boundary line was really the Innocent
prime cause of the mischievous burden,
If they had looked at It In that light;
but they did not.'nnd when, after a big
flood, the fickle stream forsook Its old
bed for a new one on the Towner side,
the wrath of Jack's father knew no
bounds, because Park's father took ad
vantage of Its shifting, and laid claim
to the fertile corner which had thus
been transferred to his side.
Of course Jack's father had felt him
self wronged, and he went to law about
It; but Park's father won the suit, and
the costs, as well as the loss, fell upon
Mr. Towner.
The bit of land was not worth the
quarrel and the hard feelings, but Mr.
Towner considered his n righteous In
dignation, and he nursed It a Ufe-tlme.
It grew, as such things will, until
each family, feeling sure It was the ag
grieved party, held only bitterness
and hate for the other.
Jack's father had declared he would
pay Jason Wright back for the theft, ns
he termed It, nnd so every opportunity
for suits for damages was Indulged In,
sometimes with success upon one side,
sometimes upon the other, but In each
case with a growth of 'the bitter feel
ings; and the debt, In Mr. Towner's
heart, had a heavy weight of Interest
added to it.
It was too heavy, In fact, for two boys
to shoulder, as did Park and Jack when
their fathers died and they took up the
cudgels of the old light.
Jack was thinking over It one lnte
September morning, ns he saw Park
Saunter by contemptuously. Hinging a
stone at his dog.
"Poor Bruno!" said Jack. "Every
thing he does only adds to the debt. He
thinks he can push me aside even In
boating and base ball; but I'll be square
with him yet," he ended, fiercely, stalk
ing gloomily back to the bouse.
"It would "be better If we did not live
here," said his mother, anxiously look
ing nt him; ".this old trouble has made
you so cross and bitter. I wish you
would let the matter go."
"Let It go, as If it were nil right?" he
exclaimed. "Never! When 1 have paid
him back for it, 1 will let It drop, not be
fore." "When you 'have done a -wrong. It will
not make it right," she wearily an
swered. "I wish It were settled."
"Well, -when I get a good chance, It
will be," he replied, determinedly, as he
left the room.
A minute later he looked In again.
"I am going down to the flat hunting
snipe. Won't be home till late," 'he said,
and disappeared again.
Neither he .nor his companion, Jim
Peters, had bagged a 'bird, after a
couple of hours' wading about over the
marshy land, whlch.Jtae stream, swollen
by late rains, had ovorilowji until It was
a miniature lake.
The only bird hit "by them hod fallen
beyond reach and was sailing down the
"Gone" down io ilodge In that old wil
low, I suppose," imuttered Jack. "We
may as well go home."
Bang! went a -gun just then -from the
opposite side of the marsh, as It seemed.
"Most likely irt Js Park. He never
hears my gun without getting out his.
He's down toy the gorge, I expect. That
has drifted right down to him. Every
thing seems to go straight Into his
hands now tout It won't always be so."
Bang! The gnn was fired again.
"Game's lively," remarked Jim, "But
whoever It la, he had 'bettor "be getting
back. The water Is rising mighty fast.
Let's be going."
Bang! bang! The reports followed
each other In quick succession.
"Can't be he's killing anything. Some
thing must be up," Jack remarked.
"Yes: water's up. and It's going to be
higher. We'd better be getting out of
this before we have to swim,"
Jim set the example by wading oft
toward the mainland, holding his gun
out of the water.
"Current Is setting In strong, too," he
observed, as he stemmed along. Jack In
his wake.
"Those pieces coming down look as If
there had been a fresh flood above,"
Jack said, as some fence boards were
seen on the surface of the stream.
Bang! bang!
"Say, Jim. do you suppose anybody's
down the fiats alone?" Jack queried,
stopping abruptly.
"He'd better not be, the flood's going
to be much higher to-night. Come on,"
Jack moved slowly.
He knew these flats what they were
In slight floods, crossed as they were by
a net work of ditches for drainage.
If anybody was down there and did
not know how to swim, It would be a
pretty tough matter getting back to the
Bang! bang!
"Look here, Jim, you take my gun
with you. I'm going back. I don't be
leve anybody's foolish enough to hang
about the marsh Just for fun."
"And get caught yourself? We're out
none too soon, I think. Father says
Chester dam is leaking, and I don't
want to be In Its way if it breaks. If
that's Park, I should think you'd Jet
him look out for hjmself. He would
you. Pay him back In Ills own coin."
Jack hesitated.
It must be Park, and here wa a
iliance to pay him back.
w . i
He took n few steps, stopped again,
thrust his Rim Into Jim's hands, and
turned back.
"I'm curious to sec who It Is, any
how," he said, nfl ho waded off.
"Well, if that lstft a foolish thing to
do!" was Jim's comment, ns he hurried
off the marsh.
Jack knew his ground, nnd, carefully
avoiding the deep ditches, he struck the
logs which nt Intervals crossed them.
It was quite a distance down the flat
thnt ho had gone, and the water was
waist deep.
Then bang! went the gun again, nnd
tho flash showed him where the gunner
was In the low crotch of the old Wil
low, beyond what was known as the
"Deep Hole."
"Halloal" Jack called.
"Halloa!" came back, quickly.
"Who Is It?"
"Park Wright," was the answer. ".
am treed by the water. I don't know
my way out. Who Is it?" he asked, in
There was no reply for a moment.
Jnck stood on a submerged stump,
looking at the willow and Its occupant.
He knew that Park could not swim,
and here the fellow was, afraid to try
and find his way out because of the
holes and ditches he must cross.
"Hurry up. If you can help a fellow
out," cried Park.
"It's Jack Townerl" Jack replied, In a
half-exultant shout.
"He heard a despairing "Oh," fol
lowed by "I needn't expect help, then."
Of course Pnrk needn t expect help.
Jack was master now, and Park might
get out by himself If he wasn't such a
Here was a chance to pay
What was that noise? Wns it Ches
ter dam?
It was a mile away; but that big pond
would soon be down there.
"Hold on! I'm coming!" cried Jnck,
making a rapid circuit to the tree.
"Climb down here. It Isn't over your
head. Do Just as I say, and don't lose
your senses. Hurry!"
"The dam has broken," Park said,
faintly, as he stood trembling by Jack's
"Never mind. Come on!"
It was not far across the marsh,
which narrowed here to what was called
the gorge, but It was deep nnd the dull,
rushing roar was growing louder.
Grasping Park's hand, Jnck struggled
on, slipping, but Instinctively finding
the old farm bridge across the first deep
The current was Increasing, but they
scrambled on, now Into another ditch,
but up again, to flounder Into new
The water was growing shnllower,
but Just then It heaved suddenly nbout
them, and almost threw them off their
feet as they struck a bank.
To struggle up It and on to a rocky
terrace above was a task, but Jack did
It, dragging Park after him, Just as the
widening, deepening torrent swept by
with a mass of trees and boards upon
Its surface.
"Good for you!" Jack exclaimed,
above the roar, as they clambered up
higher out of Its reach. "You kept
right along at my heels flrst-rate," he
added, as a vent to his excitement.
"Yes, with you holding me up," Park
"It Isn't such a sweeping big flood as
some, but we'd stood a poor chance If It
had caught us," Jack continued.
"Say, Jack Towner, what made you
help me out?" suddenly asked Park.
'I-I'm not cne to let any fellow drown.
If 1 can prevent It," was the evasive re
ply. "We'd better be getting home
ward. Folks will be worried if they
hear the dam Is gone."
"All right; but I won't forget this,"
was Park's brief answer.
And the two found the road around
the bluff, across the "bridge and to their
homes. In complete silence.
The next morning Jack was giving his
mother the details of his adventure, ns
they stood looking over the mud cov
ered flat, when they heard Park Wright
call excitedly:
"Jack Towner, come down to the flat;
I've something to show you."
Jack -slowly obeyed, and followed him
down across the marsh.
An hour afterward he dashed Into the
room, followed by Park.
"What do you think, mother?" he
cried. "The stream hns gone back into
the old bed. The flood cut a channel
Just deep enough-to stay there now."
"And -whether It does or not, I'm
going to have papers drawn up to-day,
bo that the stream won't make any
more trouble hereafter," Park added,
eagerly. -"I'd made Tip my mind to that
last night, but it got ahead of me. We're
going to drop the old trouble though,
here." .
The two hoys clasped the each other's
hand for a sea! to the decision,
"So It is settled, and I am so glad,"
said Jack's mother, as Park left them.
"If only your father and his could have
thought so long ago that It would he
easier to drop It than to hold on to It."
"Yes," mused Jack; "and I'm think
ing, suppose I had paid him back Inst
"I think you did," was her simple re
ply. Wlmt All ShPipanl?
Medical skill 1b baffled by an affile
tlon which has befallen George Shop
pard, a McKeesport, Pa., mill mar.
Last Thursday night Sheppard retire 1
in good health. Late In the night he
was aroused by a stinging sensation
in tho neck, under the right ear. Ho
thought a mosquito had bitten him,
but the pain in his neck Increased, and
he arose and lighted the lamp. He
felt dizzy and faint and thought he
would arouse his wife, but, to his hor
ror, he discovered he had been bereft
of the power of speech. Doctors havr
been in constant attendance since. bu'k
admit the case puzzles them.. JThey
call it paralysis of the vocal muscles.
Sheppard has recovered bis general
health, hut little knots have formed
on either side of hia neck. It is feared
his speech and hearing are forever lost
Will Walk Around the Ilurtli.
O. T. Swanson and H. P. Oidley have
started from Kansas City on a novel
trip around the world. They expect
to walk every foot of tho Journey, ex
cept when water interferes, and will
start out penniless. They will eat and
sleep In a tent and expect to defray a
portion of the expenses of the trip from
advertisements of prominent American
firms to be riJppJuyed on the outside ul
the tent.
the l'lrst Pair Woinun HlryclUt Been
Upon the: filroMs.
Lightly sho trippod down tho stairs,
almost as noiselessly ns If unshod, nnd
stood upon the Inst step watching a
man movo a bicyclo from tho entrance
of n staircase nnd place another within
her reach, says n Houston special. Sho
glided to tho edge of tho sidewalk,
mounted her wheel, nnd ho followed.
Just then a volco from n group of mon
said, "Look at that!" All turned their
eyes in tho direction Indicated and be
hold a young womnn woarlng bloomors,
n cap, blousa waist closely fitting, black
stockings, nnd a pair of whoollng slip
pers. It was 8:30 o'clock p. m. and Bho
had come down from above a Main
street store, and with her escort start
ed toward tho auditorium, out Main
street. As Bho led tho way nnd passed
along men stepped out from tho curb
ing onto tho driveway nnd with their
Btnring eyes followed her along tho
street as far as the electric light gavo
any satisfaction of seeing. It wob tho
first of her box Been on tho Btrcota of
Houston In bloomers riding a bicyclo,
and to Bay it created a sensation 1b
drawing it mildly. From both sides of
tho street mon stepped out and looked
and exclaimed, "Weill" But nobody
had a chnnco to tell of it ns news on
tho streets afterward, becatiBo every
body seemed to have seen it. No sooner
would ono start out by saying, "I saw
something JiiBt now that" when tho
other fellow would break in, "Yes, I
Baw it, too." It croated a gonuino sen
sation along tho street and was tho talk
of tho gosslpB moBt of tho evening, and
many watched for tho lady'B return,
hut 8omo hnd to give it up, as thay
hadn't tho lime.
A Street Set-no That lliitortnlui'il tlio
Thcro was a llttlo comedy enacted
at tho corner of Ninth and Walnut
streets shortly beforo 8 o'clock last
evening which was hugely enjoyed by
a small but select audience, cays Phila
delphia Record. A pretty young lady,
with black hair and big brown eyes,
had Just left an ndjacont restaurant
with a bashful looking young man. Tho
latter seemed eager to got away from
his fair companion, lint didn't seem to
know Just how to go about It. Several
people Who were waiting for a car wero
startled to hear tho young woman ex
claim: "Well, you can't go until you IcIbb
me!" Of course, everybody turned to
look. Tho bashful looking young man
grew very red in tho face, but the dark
eyed maiden put up a pair of tempt
ing red lips' and wnited for tho oscilla
tory salute. "Ah! kiss her!" remarked
one of tho bystanders. The bashful
youth seemed undetermined whether
to take the proffered advico or to take
io his heels.
Ho finally decided upon tho former
course, and stooped over tho patient,
upturned face. Then there wa3 a Bound
ing smack, a suppressed scream, and
tho young man disappeared hastily up
Ninth street, while the young woman
strolled leisurely out Walnut.
Tho Mnn with the .Mink.
Men called him saint; they could not
That with a cloak of virtue, ho
Concealed an impure heart, tho while
Ho smiled; they know not ho was vile
Ono night Death camo and toro tho
From off his countenance. Friends
"Who is it?" shrinking as they traco
Tho devil's likeness in his face.
Ram's Horn.
A man Is "not a candldnto for presi
dent" In the same sense that a woman
never expects to marry. Detroit
1 "Whnt are you printing there on your
lawn mower?" "A motto." "What is
it?" "It's a good thing. Push it along."
Boston Courier.
He (consulting tea cup): "Ah! You are
to be married soon." "Mercy me! To
whom?" "To me; I came to-day on pur
pose to tell you." Life.
"I hear you have bought tho farm
where you spent the summer. You
must have become enamored of the
upot." "Not at all. I couldn't afford
to pay tho board they charged." Town
Topics. ,
Mudge: "A fellow called me a blamed
idiot last night. Would you challenge
him If you were I?" Ynbsley: "No. You
couldn't be a blamed Idiot, because an
Idiot Is not blamable. Therefore, his
ntntement Is not worth contending
over." Indianapolis Journal.
"The Blufllngton trolley road Isn't
doing the business thnt It ought to,"
raid one Investor. "Why, It's paying
dividends right along," returned the
other. "I know It. Dut that's a
.blind. Business must, be very light.
They haven't killed anybody for threa
weeks." Washington Star.
The visitor "I gather that the Bap
tists and Methodists are not on the best
pf terms here." The native "You bet
they ain't. You see, mister, doorln' the
dry spell the Baptists allowed they
would give a picnic to break the
drought. As soon as the Methodists
heerd of that they begun prayln' fer
rain, an' when It rained on the day of
the picnic they tuk and claimed the
credit." Cincinnati Tribune.
Crook No. 1 "Stealln earrings Is dead
easy, but I believe In doln' things In a
nice, gentlemanly way. It ma"kes me
sick the way some o' these amateur
crooks goes to work an' snips off the
lobe o a woman's ear -to git the dl'mon',
whan they could Just as well snip tho
earrln' below the ear." Crook No. 2
"Does seem like unnecessary cruelty."
Crook No. 1 .'iCourso It Is, an' that
ain't tho worst of It. It hurts the busi
ness. Why, when a woman's ears has
been cut once, she can't never wear
earrings again an' there won't be no
i falo Express.
Highest of all in Leavening Power. Latest U. S. Gov't Report
Rcftfad Baking
A Twilight Interview.
Twns tho first twilight interview,
she swinging in tho hammock on the
sido veranda, and he sitting subtnis
slroly at her feot with his logs
dangling oiT tho boards. "How re
freshing at tho closing hour of day,"
ho gently remarked, "to thus in Bwect
companionship nwnit the rising of the
stars that will soon fleck tho cerulean
dome of heaven with spangles of silver!
I would over thus, with thou nt my
side, revel in tho glories of the azure
azuro as sure as"
"What exquisite language," Raid Bho,
with a sigh. "How can you alTord it
on 80 n week?"
Tlio young man was not quite "as
suro" ns he was and slid down into tho
yard, scaled tho fence and wns seen no
more thereabouts forever. Texas Sift
lugs. W. it. OKIKFIN. Jotkson. Mlchtaw. writes-.
"Suffered whuuittirrh lor fifteen jenrs. Hull's
Cnturrh Cure cured niu.'1 Sola by DruiadBis.TSc.
Wlirn Iliiilirnlilrrlng l'liimlcd.
It is best when working small pan
bIcb, not to employ too many colors on
ono ilower. For working the two bade
petals uro dark rich purple Bhadcs, and
tho three lower ones a light yellow,
with dark voinings of tho purplo
shades; n rich deep maroon or copper
color cuu bo substituted for tho purple
in another one, which will give an en
tirely different effect to tho llowcr.
FIT8 AllFltMtortWMlfrrpbyflr.Kllnr'nfltTnt
Jvurvo licniorcr. .KoKIUnUi-r itieiirinay'tj,o,
MarvWouacuren. TrratUaunilSSirlnltiotlli'h-v'-ti
kltcuM.-. btoatoLir.Kllni-,uatArcUbti'lillii.,l'u.
As you learu, tench: ns you get, glvo; as
you receive, distribute.
for Knight Templar.
T.nw.in ftvniirulnn In Ttoston Via
Nickel Plate rond. Tickets on sale Aug.
lDth to 25th Inclusive. Lowest rates;
through trains; pnlace Bleeplng-cara;
unexcelled service, Including dlnlng
cars and colored porters In charge of
day coaches. For particulars address
J. Y. Calnhan, General Agent, 111
Adams street, Chicago, 111.
Tbcro will not to another transit o!
Venus until '.'00 1.
"Hanson's Wajrlo Corn Salve."
Wftrmntnl tp i-uie or motitjr ictumlcd, Ak joar
drugfftiit fur It. 1'ilco ISctiiU.
An e'oplmnt'B skin, when tannod, is over
an itii'h titled.
Fruit firnuorft null Hiuull Former.
Head what is said ntout a. sreclal num
ber of the Urent Northern Itulletln, devoted
to tho ii-ult bUMlhesH in the Pacific North
west. "lho Fruit Bulletin is a storehouse of
facts iutcretiting to our grow em. It is ntao
rnlcu'ated to Miow oastorn eoplo that tho
Pacific Northwest in 'Htrlctlv In It' as n pro
ducer of (itaulo fruits." J, U. Holt, Mnn
ntierSnawo Hlver Fruit Association, Wn
wawal, Wnnh.
"I um tlcightcd with tho Hultatin. I do
uot think 1 ever saw auythlnt; more com
I rohemdvo on the fruit business. Jly he
ilet that the country out hero Is tho best
part of tho country for homcseelierH is
stronger than ever." H. II. Spalding,
'Irenmiror Htnto Hoard of Horticulture,
Almotn, WrhIi
This valuable pub'ication will bo rent to
any address, together with "Facts About a
ti root Country," containing lnreo map, for
four cents in postnKe, llv F. I. Whitnky, U.
P. &T. A., Great Northern Hallway, St.
Paul, Minn.
Women hnvo usuallytotter eyesight
than men.
It tho Ilaby I Cutting Tenth.
Seiurti unci un that old (nil wtll-trlod icmxlr, Mm.
WikiLoW SOoTiuxa Srnvr for Children Teething.
Try to count your mercies, nnd your
troubles will boon bo forgotten.
A Wise Precaution,
Mrs. X. Why, Otto, what aro you
doing thcro? You are actually burn
ing all tlio iovo letters yon sent me
during tho period of our courtship!
Mr.'X. I just took up tho letters
nnd was reading them through when
it occurred to mo that anybody who
cared to dispute my will after my dentil
would find it quito an easy matter to
provo my insanity on tlio basis of these
mibhives. Tngllch Itundschuu,
i , I.
To Clransn tho System
Effectually yet gently, when costive or
bilious, or when the blood Is Impure or
sluggish, to permanently cure habltunl
constipation, to awaken the kidneys and
liver to a healthy activity, without lr
rltutlng or weakening them, to dispel
headaches, colds or fevers use Syrup of
Sunflower stalks aro now converted
is made from the best leaf,
in the best way, and by
the best skill that's why
Sold everywhere. Made only by the Oldest Tobacco
Mfir's in America, and the largest in the world the
r -j r r r r r T r F T f I f r f ?
1 1 dp niiwii.i ifrlp aa Mil A . L. J I
Cabled Field andCab,el,Poll,r''Gar,,enan-Rafcli, ,
Hog Fence,
Figg I should think you would! find
it a tcrrlblo bore to shave yourself.
Fopjr Ontho contrary. I enjoy it.
All I hnvo to do is to ask myself if I
will have a hair cut or a aca foam and a
shampoo, whether I'll have my mus
taeho dyed or curled, and whether I
hnvo a razor that wants to be put In
order, and then I fill in tho rest of tho
time in an interesting conversation
with myself in regard to all kinds of
things which I know nothintr about.
Why, I ntsuro you, I hardly know tho
difference from" being in a barber shop.
Uoston Transcript.
Don't Drag Your Feet,
Many men do because tho norvo centers,
wci.icncd by tlio long-continued uio of tobacco,
become so uficcted that they nro wenk. tired,
llfelcs, listless, etc. All tills cun easily ba
otcrcomo II the tobacco liter wants to quit nnd
Bnin manhood, nerve rower, nnd enjoy vigor
ously the good thlnRs of life. Toko No-To-llac,
Uunrnntccrt to euro or money rctundod by
DrucglstB everywhere Hook free. Address the
hiermig KcuicUy Co.,Now York City or Chicago,
Atnrrylng On SBO n l.ontli.
Yesterday a young man asked mo it
it would bo Bafo for him to marry on
fivo hundred dollars nnd a salary of
fifty dollars per month. I told him I
could tell better when I saw the girl.
Thcro uro girls who hnvo grown up in
enso and who havo kicked great black
nnd blue welts in the lap of luxury,
yet who aro more ready nnd willing to
accept u llttlo rough weather than tho
poor girl who ban stood for eighteen
years looking out through tho soiled
window of life waiting for the rain to
rinse it oft nnd let the sunlight through
that she might bco her approaching
lord.1 Ladies' Homo Journal.
win: at, 48 ntisiii:r.si uyi:. oo hush-
Those are good yields, but a lot of
farmers have had them this year. You
can have them In 1890 by sowing Balser'a
lied Cro.-H of the North Winter Wheat,
Monster Ryo and Grasses. Sow nowl
John A. Balzer Seed Co., La Crosse, Wlfl.
send catalogue and samples of above
free, if you send this notice to them.
Waste ot time aud words aro tho two
greatest expenses in life.
I'lso's Cure for Consumption is nn A No.
1 Asthma modielne, W. It. Williams, An
tloch, Ills., Arrll u, ISM.
Tho millennium would be hero now if we
all lived up to Mbnt wo demand from
Co'i Cough Italiam
U tho oldi-nt and bekt, II will break up a Cold qulelb
r ion any ttilog else. ltlalways reliable. Try It.
Illotting paper is made ot cotton rags
boiled in soda.
Mathrr npnreelnte thn goad work
of rnrkor's Ulngur Tonic, with Its rurlrlnit qunlttle
a boon to tho paln-trlckcn,elecplos and nurroux.
If your friend don't troat yoa right, eat
onlous. ..
When you came la reallce
Out your corn as-rtgunj, ami no mure pain, how
erut ful you feci. All tbmoiltot llludcixiru. lie
Wo desiro to direct your attention to the
(Julf Const of Alatama. Our motto; "If
you Hiitlol ato a thanRo In location or for
iuvcKtmcnt, why not got tho testt Wo have
it," nnd in ordor to verify our statement
mo aro making extremely low rate -to
liomesecken) and Investors that they may
make a personal investigation. For par
ticular nnd low railroad rates address Tho
Union Land Co., Mobile, Ala , or Major T.
S. O arkson, Northwestern Agent, Omaha,
When Dr. K. V. Pierce, of Buffalo, N. Y.,
published the first edition of his work, The
People's Common Sense Medical Adviser,
be announced that after 680,000 copies had
been sold at the regular price, $1.50 per
copy, the profit on which would repay him
for the great amount of labor and money
expended iu producing it, he would dis
tribute the next half million free. As this
number of copies has already been sold, he
is now distributing, absolutely free, 500,000
copies 01 mis a most com-
plete, interest
uablc common
uuui'un ing anu vai
No.lll I sense med-
ical work ever
the recipient only being required to mall
to him, at the above address, this little
coupon with twenty-one (ai) cents in one
cent stamps to pay for postage and pack
ing only, and the book will be sent by mail.
It is a veritable medical library, complete
in one volume. It contains over 1000 pages
and more than 300 illustrations. The Free
Edition is precisely the same as those sold
at $1.50 except only that the books arc
bound in strong manllla paper covers in
stead of cloth. Send now before all are
given away, They are going off rapidly.
StP! h Pfrlrot T nwn V.n. ...
-- " ! iw mmmmmm
Urstclnis. PltlCESLOW. Catalogue FltK
De Kalb Fence Co., 121 High St., DeKalb, II