Hemingford herald. (Hemingford, Box Butte County, Neb.) 1895-190?, August 09, 1895, Image 10

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The Hemingford Herald.
T.O'lvUU'K "t?t,t'r.r'
t'uliUfclfHl owy Friday, t llomtiigfonl, l!ox
IJulto Uoiinly. NaWn'.ith.
Democratic State Convention,
ThoBlato Domorml'e convention Is hereby
railed to tm-tntLi.uolu, tfeptrmlier ft, lfcftt.at
4 o'clock p.m., for th piirnow of nomlnatiiuf
ono candidal. frr juilo of tho anprcmo court
and two rumlliltttM for pwifl of tlio utato nnt
vomlty.audliioi'lMJllollofiiotato central torn-
All person who liellnvn tn tlio ilojtrlnfaof
tlio ilsmoumtlti party an rot forth hi tlio platform
of principle nuoptcil at tho laiit democratic
national eonrmillon In t'hlijtsto In PW aro in
vllist to co-opwaU In tlio tolcctlou of, delegate
tolhtaeouvMitlon. ...... ,
Th apportionment of doloryti from each
county, ImihhI on thn voto of tho cnnultlntn for
llpntpnant-Kotrrnnr at thn Inst Kiwrtit olfaction,
nml Inelndinff nnn ainilhlato at largo from inch
connty, 1 as follows? "
Adama 0 Johiwon 3
Antelope... 4 Kerncy.. 6
llanwr a KoUli.... ..2
Illalno. i hnya Paha....... a
lloonn n Kimball 1
Ho HtithJ Knox., 7
ljqyd. ljincmter .l
llrnwil 3
HutTalo B
Hurt 4
llutler H
Ctkhn IB
IOKil ....2
Madison 13
JilcPhorson 1
Atcrriok ..r.
Nanoo 2
llwnaha 5
Nucknlla .4
Otoe ,...
i.aa ..
CliaRd .
Cherry .
ycnno... 4
Clay 7
t'olfax...., IS
Cumlna 13
Oimlcr 41
Dakota fi
Dawon ,.. .... 7
Dawson 1
Deuol 4
Dixon 11
l)odi 15
DouelnH Kl
Dundy 2
Flllmorn 8
Hrnuklln... 4
Kronticr 4
Pumas t
(laan ;io
Perkins,... ;t
Phelps 3
Piorro 0
J'lalte 15
1'olk., . 4
lied Willow :i
UichardHon 14
llock 2
Kaline 20
Harpy 8
Hanmlera H
Kcottn ttlulT 3
Howard ...14
bhorldan ,...4
Shorman..,. .......... 8
flarfiold 1
Kloux :i
Oosnor 3 Hlnnton. ....7
Grant..., 2 Thayer 11
uronioy I iiiomag
rhuraton ..il
trayps ....
. . ..l
Vall?y ..3
Washington 0
Wayne , ...8
Webster (1
Whcolor ,2
Yolk to
Howard , It
Jefferson HI
. lincun MAHTIN, Clialrman.
J.H. BiiKEAW, Bccrotary.
lltroitT op tiik Condition or the
Ilox Butto Hank, at llomlnu ford, In tho Htato of
Nobranka, at tho closo ot buainois An ut 1 , 1895.
Joannnml diF-couiitB $5.4W).0O
()rrrdrafta,i?oarod. 4o.1T.
Dtic from National tmnka 2,779.09
liojl potato, furnltaro, and fixturo.1.... I,2.'i0.00
furrntoxtionsosand taxes paid H4.KJ
'CliockH nrd otliorrash HomH , 2U.00
UlUanfotlior llanka 1.020.00
1'raotlonal paper curronoy, nlokola & ctB, 27.00
HleoIo.. o.OO
Total 811,200.53
,. , . , , LIAniUTIEB.
CApltal atock pvid in , $3,009.00
Individual tlpoonltn anliject to check
uniiiYiueu proins. I4I.S7
J icmann crriuioatcfi or deposit
, Time cortilicntt's of deposit
Total 1100.!f3
, Btato of Nebraska, County o! Ilox Ilntto, cs:
1, C. A. Uiirlow. I'rogld-nt ot tho above nam
ed bank, do Holcmnly nwrar that the abovo
Btatomnut is true to tho bi'st of my knowlodao
'and belief. C. A. HUHLfMr, lVosldnnt.
Huliaorthed and aWoru to before mi this 7th
day ot Aurcmt, 1893. D. K. Si'AOUT,
(mt) County JndRO.
t-TATR OK NcnilAHK A, ..
1 ox Hntto County, J 8"
Atafo nty Court, held at tho connty conrt
room. In and lor paid connty, Aiw.X. A. D. lts'JS.
1'rrwnt, 1). K. Hpacht, County JihIko.
In th matter of tliocntato of James McCul
ioush, uwxasod.
On rcAdiu and fiHns tho petition or John M.
,t)hlrk, praying that admlnUtratlon of said es
tate may lo erantod to him as adralnlntrator.
OnDEitCD. That August 21, A. 1). IPSO, at 10
o clock a, m.. Is asalnl for hearlneald peti
tion, when nil porsona InleroBUHl in said matter
may appear at a County Court to bo held In and
for nald county, and show caupo why tho prayer
of- petitioner should not 1m granted; and that
- iiotieo of tho pqmloncy of paid potltion and tho
,heril) thereof, bo nien to nil porgoua Interest
ed In Bald matUr by publishinR a copy ot this
order in Tho llemlnuford liECAU) a weekly
' nowspaiwrnrintMl in natd connty, for threoBuo
' wook, prior to Bald day of hearihsr.
(A. trua copy.) 1). K. Hiaoiit,
8-1' BKAL.) County Judjre.
Tho Control Connnittoo of tlio
peoples' pnrty of Box Butto coun-
Jty will moot at tho court house
.Snturdny, Aug, -10th, nt 2 o'clock
'p. in., to fix time nnd plnco for n
convention to elect dologates to tho
'judicial nnd stnto conventions, to
- bo. held on tho 2Gth mid' 28th of
August 1895. G. W. Waisneii,
Ohuirrann Co. Com.
JDall for Judicial Convention.
Tho peoples independent elec
tors of tho 16th judicial district of
the Stnto of Nebraska are hereby
requested to elect nnd send dele
gates from their respective coun
'ties to meet in convention in ihn
city of O'Neill on Monday August
'2Gth, 1895. nt2 p m, for tho pur
pose of placing: m nomination two
candidates for Judges of tho Dis
trict Court of said judicial distriot,
nnd to transact such other business
'as may como before tho convon
'tion. Tho basis of representation
vvill bo tho saino a at tho stato
convention which gives tho follow
ing voto by counties:
Boyd 0, Holt 13, Kock 3, Brown
4, Keya Paha 4, Cherry 7, Sheri
dan 11, Dawes 8, Sioux 2. Box
Butte 6; total 6-1.
H. M. Bullock,
,Chr'mu Judicial Con. Com.
Reduced Rates to Hot Springs, S. O.,
are offered by the Turlington Koute,
"Way 24, Juno 7 and 19, July 3 and 10,
'August 2 nnd 2J5.
Ono fare for Uio round trip.
Tickets good for ao days
In addition, low round trip rates to
Hot Springs are in effect the year
l'or Information about rates and
trains, via tho Uurltngtou Itoute, to
Hot Springs, apply to tho local agnt.
For illustrated folttur, descriptive of
this famous resorts, write to J. Francis
tG. P. & T. A., Oninlia, Nob.
Great Reduction in prices of
-Flour at the Mill.
jj!CTftjiVCw't3r ngfyikJBJ
I nood money, thoso knowing
tliomsblvos inlobtod to mo plcaso
call and sottlo.
Burlington Route
August JOtli to 24th, llurllnton
Itoiitotigon's )n Nebraska and "Kan
sas win Hull round (rip tickets to llos
ton at the ono way rate Hcturn
limit Out. 10th.
Tho train to take: The Knights
Templar Ofllclal Train, having on
boajd firnnd Comnituidr Finch nnd
Escort will leave Omaha
Via the Htirlltigton Houtc
at 1:45 p. m., Thursday Aug. 22nd,
after arrival of nil trains from tho
west. Through tn lioston Without
Change. Seven hours stopover at
Niagara Falls. Tickets nnd sleeping
car reservations on appllcotlon to any
agent of this or any connecting lino.
Send for frco folder giving full In
formation. J. FltANCIS,
O.- P. & T. A., Omaha, Nob.
Susixxess Oa.rd.t3.
Attorneys - at - Law,
R. A. Blackburn, M. D. ,
Physician and Surgeon,
Ofllce over Wildy'a store.
JKOTOllico in Fletcher Block.
Attorney at Law,
Alliance, Nebraska.
Practices in nil the courts and be
fore. U. S. Land Onice.
E. E. BARR, H. D.
Statu Univewsity ok Iowa 18S7.
Alliance, - - - Nebraska
Now Short Lino to Helena, Butto
Spokane, Seattle and Tacoma.
O. I. &s "W. a. Tlixxo Card.
No. 45. paHsnnRor arrives (U
" 4nfrolKht '
" 18 freight urrivus nt
fto,4l pnsRenKarnrrlvoH nt
11:M p. m,
0:00 p. m.
10:10 n. in,
b:21 a. m.
liaa p. in.
" T Iroluht nrrivoB nt
AHtrulns curry passoncors.'
b:35 p. m.
V. W. Wueatucv, Affont
IlEMlNnronn iioBtolIlco. On week days door
opens at 7 a. m, general dellvory oion nt 8 n.
m. and cIobcb at Sp, in. Open Sundays 0 to
10 a. in.
Heminofoud and Ilox Hctte sUaoilally aicopt
HnMiNfirouD anp Donuvp stago, Monday
Wednesday and Friday.
OCfloia.1 TJlt'Ootory.
, . ( Jas. lUrry, 1'tDIst.
CoHirnififiionora'JJaB.Hollinrako. 8nil Dlst.
., (eo.W Dunan,lrd Dlst.
Judco D. IC HpaohU
Clurk-J. K. Noal.
Kherlir-E. A. Hull
Troucurer -H. II. Llbby.
Attornoy 11. K.GIlimin.
Coronor P. H. Driaeoll.
Hunojor- J. P. Hutant.
Supt. orSohools-H. t Klllinore.
, 3. T. Plnkorton, Chairman.
H. I.Wright.
Trustees A Sherwood,
Frank Huott.
. . . J: H; " Oroon.
u-ierK a. 'iTipiett-
Attoriiey W. M. Iodenne.
Street Supt.-T. O. Taylor
Oivurola TOii'eotory.
ClONOltEOATIONAIi. Proachlnceach ulter
;naia Sunday, bojilnuliiB January. 1. ISOUat
11 o'clock u. in., and at 7 p.m. SumW School
at 10 a. in, i'rayer Meotlut' euch Wednesday
at 7 p. m.
aElUMAN LUTUEnANl-Servlces nt tlio
Court House Kov. Schrooder, pastor.
QATHOUC:-ltov. Charles Zak Puator.
METnODI8T:-Ile J.W- Kendall Pator
I'miuulusthoeecond and tourtli Sunday in
each mouth nt It a. in., and 7 p. m.
1 EPISCOPAL: Serrlcea ill tho Conprecat
Clonal Church, llcv. I'astor.
bcrviocs on the third TUrsaay in each month
at 7 p. in.
Xf W. A. Uoebush Camp No. 5M10. Moots
1IJL second aud fourth Tuesday nlsht of eaah
m?.nl?i ,' "'tine Neighbors cordially invited.
W. if. Iodzxcjs, Clerk. F. Hcot, V, O.
Final Proof -Notices.
llo.v. J. W. Weux, Jr., ltenister.
liuif. . M. HltOOME. lleceivr.
Partiea havlnu uoticeain thlaeolurnn aro rt
o,netrd to read tho Minn raretully and report U
tili olllep for eorrwlion any errors tliat may
exlfu Tlda will prevent possible delay iu
maktim proof.
Iand Ofllco at Alliance, NnU. July 31. l(rt.
Notice is lurttby kivoii that thn followinn
nameil settler has fded notieoof his intoot-'im t
make final prtxif in support of hln claim and
that said proof will Ixtmndo loforo L. A. Lor
rlnutnn. P. S. Court ommlesloner, at Ohadfou,
Nob.,on Bept.C, 1HH3, vU:
of Dnnlap, Nub., avIio made u. b. No. 2M2 for
tho Bllwp 1ft. tp '.SI. r 48 w.
o liamrs th f. .IIowIiir trltnesses to prpvnhls
enntinuous reidTico ni.n and culthUmi(
mill land, vie: Arthur SI l)artltt,ot (TiAdron.
Neb, Harry h. IlarUett, t'harlos U WVJdreU,
JoshnaC, Cousins ot'Dunlnp, ne'i. '
J. W. Wen. Jn., ltcRlster.
Iind Ofllce at Alliance, Noli., July 17, isps.
Hotleo Is horcby Riven that tho followinit
named settler has tiled notice of his intention
to make final proof in supjuirt ot his claim, arid
that said proof will bo mado beforo tho ri'iMor
or receiver, at Allianco.Nob., on Autf.2l, ltfjj,
of Lawn, Neb., who mado n e No. 1053 for tho
n w U sec 82, tp S7 n, re 52 w.
Ho names tho following witnesses to prove his
continuous residence upon and cultivation of
said laud, viz: Frank Prokop, John Posvar,
John llarta, John Sitdlacok, all of Lawn, Neb.
J. W. Wi:iLr, Jn., UfBisUr.
Land Office ut Alhancn. Nobr., July 17, IPV
Notice is heroby iven that the foliowinft
namtxi aottler has filed notico ot his intention
to makn final proof in support of his claim, and
that said proof will bo mado boforo ilviUtcr
and ltecelver ut Alliance, Neb., on Aug. 21, Ibid.
of Dnnlap, Nob., who mado H E No. 3077 for tho
b K li soe. 0, tp 2'J u. r 17 w.
llonamastho fo.'lowmir witneppes to provo
his continuous rosldenco npon and cnithation
or said land, viz: Zachnriali D. (liimherlck,
Willis SuUles, Charles Olson, Oscar P. Cios
waito, all ot Dunlap. Neb
J. W.WEHS,Jr.It'lster.
Land pfiicoat Allianco, Neb., July 0. 18111.
Notico is hereby given that the followlng
named settler has illetinotlciiof hlsiutentioii to
make final proof in support of hi' claim, nnd
that said proof will bo mado beforo Iteister nnd
llocolver at Alliance, Nob., on Awr. t, 1W5, viz:
of HemiiiRford, Neb., who mado H. E. No. 1M8,
for tho lots 3 .V 4 and E J4 sw M Beo 4, tp 27 n, rtr
00 w.
Ilnnames tho following witnessosto provo his
continuous residence npon and cultivation ot
said land, viz: Luke Phillips, Ford Ootids,
Joseph K. Neal, Joseph Shnlfer, all of Homing
ford, Neb. J. W. Weun, Jn., Itetjister.
Land Olllee at Alliance, Neb., .Tnne 2(1, 1691.
Notico is hereby given that tho followinR
named srttler has riled notice ot IiIb intention
to inn ko Him I proof in suppoi tot his claim, and
that cnldproor will bo mado Ix-foro llegister
nnd Iteeelvcr nt Alliance, Neb., on August U,
1W5, viz:
of Diirj,3P, Neb., who miulo If. E. No. S2I8 for
tho H , H E U fsE U N H U it N E U U i. U
seo li. twp ll. -it 4S.
Ifo immos tin. following wltnossos to provo
his continuous resiileneo upon and cultivation
of Katd land, vir: Martin barapin, Ed Alarmud,
Potor Hall, IJ. C. I'Vnner, alt of Uuntap, Neb.
J. W. WtiiN, Jn., Ucuister.
Notio to RDdoem,
To tho present owners, occupants and persons
iu whoso name tho land hereinafter dcseriliod
was assessed in tho yi-ars ia'jJ nnd lbW, nnd to
whom it may concern.
You and each of you are hereby notified that
on tho JUth Hay of Novem!er lh'M, V. E. Crosier
fiurchasnl at private tnx salo (the pamodinrinK
eon offered at pnbllo miIk nnd not sold forthp
M'ant of bidders) as provideil by law, from tho
then trensurerof Pox llutto county, Nebraska,
for tin1 deliniuent taxes for th"yfnra li'Ji, ltd!,
tho real estntoileocrilml llow, situated in Iioz
Hntto county, Nebraska, viz:
Tho southeast quarter of section 4, township
27. ramtor.l. Taxed in tlio name of John M.
Jackson for 1H)J and 1WJ,
ino northwest ijuartor or section 20, township
2,, rano f0 Taxed in tho nnmo ot James Ken
nedy Tor 1M2, nnd in name of Juno Derliam for
lbti l. , w
Tho northeast quarter of section 33, twp. 27,
ran30 4'J. Taxed in tho name or Ueiiiamin Mo
lntyro for 1MU nnd Ibfti.
Tho northeatt quartor ot section 85, twp. 38,
raiumM: taxed In fimnanioor Will O. Simou
bon for lftW, ami in tho namo ot American In
vestment Compauy for 1MK1.
Tho southeast quarter of peetion ai, twp. 27,
ranco i'Ji taxed in tho namo of William I. Con
vis for IrftJ nnd in tho name of Walter W. White
hill for I hill.
All of the abovo described land Issitoated in
Ilox Hntto County. Nebraska, aud tho Unto of
redemption of each tract from fcaid tax Miles
will exp re on tho ICth day of November, lbW.
lrst publication Aug. 2, It3.
C. E. CnosiEK.
Ord.ino.tioo Klo. 34.
A nnllnannii lnmiliin mwaa . !.- .u ten
to clofray tho fcouoral nnd inclilontal exittnsn of
rH., ,..(, Av .mil luDbtut, uiu uuuuai apjiropria
tions for halil year.
15o It ordained by tho chairman and board ot
trustees o tlio villaco of lleminsjord, Nebraska.
Section 1. Thattliero bo nnd is heroby lovied
upon nil tho tiifcablo property or tho villaRo of
neminford, Nebraska, a tax of ten mills on
lift nit flltllui ! Ha I r liftnk n a al.-r.. .. 1... Il
nsscHHUiout rtiUN for the jcar 1805, to ilofrav tho
INina.B I .....1 Illi.lMnnt.l .iv....nnn.. ..P ..!.! ..tl
hi.uttl. .Hill .HLIUVU.DI VAKUIWO Ul Ci.lU V111QKU
for aldiar
Secllou J. That tliero 1k nnd Is hereby levied
agaiiiht euch malo Inhabitant of naid villaKO.
ls'twn the men of 21 and M ears, except lniia
tics, paupers. idloKand U.S. penflloncr.A poll
tax or :).! for the jear 1b.i ' "
Section 3. That or tho jcar 1F05 thoro lio and
lh hereby appropriated out of thorovennes do
rived from tho taxes levied to dotraythetroneral
and incidental expenses of said villaRO tho sev
eral amounts , for thu specific objects uarood
herein a follow s: i
1'or salary of Village Attorney - - $.10.00
Treasurer - - 10.00
'' Clerk - - 60.0J
. Overseerof Btreots SO.OO
, . . . ,. Printing - - 20.00
Incidental Expenses - - 120.00
.... .,.,, .Total j;)OO.U)
Section 4 That this ordinanco shall ttkn ef
fect and be In forco from and after its nautauo
and publication according to law.
Passed nud npproved July 15th, 1805.
, . , . m Samuel SwiTZEn,
Chairman Board of Trmttva ot tho YUagoof
Ilemingford, NobrAska.
Attest. W. M. Iodf.xok,
IHE.VL.J Viilago Clerk.
- In tho District Court of Uox llutte County.
HEM.VIIO. Stove Wobks, Plaintiff, )
vb. v
Makinub DECiurF, Defendant. )
Marinus DeOraff defendant will take notico
that on tho 17th dayot July, 1MB, llellvillo Stovo
Works, a corporation duly organized and exist
ing under nnd by virtue of tlio laws of tho ttato
of Illinois, plaintiff herein, riled its petition in
tho district court of Pox Hntto county, Nebras
ka, against eald defendant, the object and
prayer of which aro to recover a judgment
against eaid defendaut for tho sum of S2GU7
upon an account for goods sold and dollvered
by the plaintiff to tho defendant at tho request
ot said defendant. And that said plaintilt has
caused an order of attachment to bo issued In
said action and liyvlcd on real property of said
defendant in Ilox Untto County, Nebraska, to
wit: LotlHinlllock20, intho viilago of Hem
ingford, according to tho recorded plat of said
village, which property the plaintiff swka to
have sold according to law and tho prowils
thereof applied to tho itaynieutof itH claim
against tho defendant and costs of suit.
Yon uro required to answer kaid iK'tition on or
beforo tho 2nd day ot September, 1805.
IIkixvilu: Stove Wobks, Plaintiff.
By W. M. Iode.nce, its Attorney.
Slnorltl'a Foreolosure Sale
lly vlrtneof an order of eale issue out of tho
dutrct court of Ilox llutto county, Nebraska,
upon a judgment and a decree of foreclosure
therein Iu favor of Michigan Savings ami J.oxn
Ahsociation as plaintiff and against James W.
ltoborts, W. J.lCarnest, Helen E. Earnest, Ho
rationN. Larnest, and Amy A. Earnest as de
fendants; I will on tho 20th day of Aug. A. D.
lbUS, at ten o clock in tho forenoon at tho west
front door of tho court house in tho village of
uemingfordin said county, offer for sale and
sell at publlo vendue to tho highest bidder for
cash in hand the following described mortgaged
jireimses and real estato, situate in said county
to-wit: Lots ono (1) and two (8) in block
twelve (12) of tho town (now village) of Heni-inso.-d,
in said county.
. , . E. A. HaMm Sheriff.
A. W Ceites, Attorney for Plaintiff.
lirst publication July 10, lStkJ.
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