Hemingford herald. (Hemingford, Box Butte County, Neb.) 1895-190?, August 09, 1895, Image 1

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    C3 K IP
YOL 1.
NO. 24.
i t
Business Pointers,
BIG HUN .00 eta pr sack.
.Machine Oils at Green's.
SHOES! Suoi:s!I Shoes!!! at
California canned goods 15 cents n
can at W. K. tlcrncall's.
Paints of all kinds at Groon's.
New Hue o Shirts this veolc at
fttcLeod's, Good goods, low prices,
f Security School Shoes at Mc
Lcod's. A now lot of shoes just received by
W. AC. llcrncalj.
Kay your Flour ut Wholesale
price at the Mill.
All trmmed goods go at one
fourth off from former prices at
the Millinery Store, beginning
July Gth, 1895. Miss L. Adams.
Mower and rako forsale. Prico
$40. See W. 0. Mounts.
Estkayed from Ilcmjngford, Aug.
o, one roan pony marc(brandcd
on right liip. Finder please leave
word at this ofllcc.
Fop. Salk CHEAP Mower and
rakes a bargain. Inquire at tbls of
fice. Shoks of all kinds, styles and
prices. Can lit any foot and pooket
biok. W. K. Herncall.
A seven foot Piano Binder in
good repair, for sale or trade.
A.NTON TJiirig
FOB SALE The Northwest
quarter poc. 1, twp. 27, rg 49,
miles east of lloniiugford. Cheap
and oceasy terms.
rRaO. Russell,
KSu Claire, Wis.
For Sale.
5 sows, fV to 7 years old.
3 belter' 10 months old, with calf,
z lienors u monins oui.
3 sWers .0
tt it
11 0 '
Fuank Pokouxy.
7-20-51 . Lawn, Neb.
0 acres of land joining the town
site of Hemingford on the west, has
good bouse, barn and well. Will sell
rent or trade for other land.'
S. N. IlUTcniNS,
N. A. Kulm visited Hot
'Springs last Thursday.
Herman W'ldy returned from
Illinois Friday morning.
Miss Dad a was quite sick a
couplo of days this week.
V. Chladek the Dunlap cheese
man was in town Monday.
J. D. John had his namo en
rolled on the Herald list this
F. Huot and family spent a
a couplo of days at Hot Springs
last week.
J. D. John and family and G.
L. Judd wore Hemingford visit
ors Sunday.
Mrs. McCandless is spending
a few days with her daughter,
Mrs. Wheeler.
There will not be sorvices at
llio Catholic church until Sunday
August 18 th.
ELK $1.00 per sack.
B. F. Moore the Sioux county
ranchman was doing business in
the city Monday.
Wilbur Earnest wont to Omaha,
Jhis week with a load of cattle
.shipped by E. A. Hall.
Dick Bovan loft for Lead City
S. D. Tuesday, on horso back.
M- E. Gooch will run his shop
during his absence.
J. S. Paradis, G. M. Sullivan,
W. G. Simooaon and E. A.
Feather of Alliance wore county
eat visitors Monday.
County Treasurer Libby is
building an addition to his barn
and making other improvements.
Dr. Blackburn, Ed Wildy and
Misses Goodenough and Millor
drove to Pino ridge Wednesday.
A. D. McCandless, an attorney
ofWymoro, Nob., visited with;
his mother Mrs. McCandless last
Georgo Goodenough is the
Hemingford shoe-maker now.
Ho is doing the work in thoshop
this week.
Littlo Everetto Austin had his
thumb caught in tho door, at the
bank and tho nail completely
crushed off.
John Jelinok, Co. Attorney
Gilman, and W. J. Bean each
contributed 1.50 on subscription
for The Herald.
Rov. and Mrs. Dada, Mr. and
Sherwood and Mrs. Wheeler at
tended, the Missionary dinner at
tho homo of Mrs. Lotspoicih in
Alliance, Wednesday.
GOLD LEAF at S1.10 per
C. H. Noble who has been liv
ing in Pine ridge for some time
has moved on his farm six miles
northwest of town. Mr. Noblo
thinks Box Butte is tho placo for
Don't forgot th Old Folks' lit
erary social Tuesday evening,
Aug. 30th, at tho court house
hall. Admission 10 cents, ico
cream included. Everydody in
vited. Passes, have come for tho Hem
ingford band to go to Hastings
and play at tho stato,reuuion. the
25th. The boys are practicing
throe evenings a week preparing
for tho trip.
FLOUR goes down retail at
wholesale prices.
Quite a number of Hemingford
people went out to the rivor Sun
day to witness tho immersion of
Chas. Jones, Hallie and Frank
Olds by Rev. Fries of tho Bap
tist church.
The baso ball team will go
down and cross bats with tho Al
liance nine tomorrow. It is to
be hoped that tho Allianco boys
will put up a better game than
they did here two weeks ago, at
least enough so to make it inter
esting. Eat and grow fat on Wholesalo
Flour prices.
While attending tho institute
last week, Mrs. Alexandor left
Grant to care for tho children.
Whilo ho was repairing a binder
at tho barn tho children were
playing at tho wood-pilo. Miss
ing tho children Grant went to
tho house to see what they were
doing and the littlo boy met him
at tho door and told him that his
sister was sick and had gono to
bed. Grant wont in and asked
tho littlo ono what tho trouble
was. She said she had cut her
finger and hold up her right hand
which was minus tho first two
fingers at tho second joint. The
children had tied them up and
they had scarcely bled at all.
Tho boy had severed tho fingers
with an ax whilo playing at tho
Rov. Father Zak mot with a
peculiar and very painful acci
dent last Saturday. Ho was to
havo services at Montrose and
Saturday morning ho hired a
horso and buggy at Ardmoro, to
drive ovei a distance of fifteen
miles. Tho only distinguishing
feature of his horso from other
horses was his extreme laziness.
At a sharp angle in tho x'oad
about eight miles from Montrose
in somo unaccountable way tho
horso moved a littlo quicker than
Father oxpectod and ho was
thrown violently to tho ground,
whoro ho lay unconscious, until
somotimo after whon a coAV-boy
oamo along and found him. Ho
placed tho unconscious man in
tho buggy, tho horso had stop
pod a few rods away, and took
him on to Montrcsobut thero be
ing no ono thero who could caro
for him ho was takon back to
Ardmoro tho same ovening.
It was found that his wrist was
dislocated and ono of 'tho botfSsj
broken, and his faco and body
sovorely skincd and bruised. Ho
was kindly cared for and folt
well onough to come homo Wed
nesday. An Interesting Letter From
H. R. Green.
Olnoysville, R. I., Aug. 2, '95.
Editor Herald:
Sinco leaving Hemingford, I
havo traveled over 3,000 miles
and havo soon a groat variety of
country, but nono that I like so
well as Box Butte. In Iowa I
noticed that crops wero but littlo
better than at homo, hay being
very poor. Throughout 111.,
Ind., N. Y., clear down to old
Mass., I hoard tho same com
plaint of light crops, all caused
by the drouth in June. In the
great fruit states of N. H. and
Vermont tho cherries all rotfcedj
on tho trees. Apples aro aialf
crop. Tho prospect for a crop
of pears, peaches and grapes is
fair. Potato vinos aro dead and
potatoes not matured. Farmers
aro digging them but it will bo
hard to provont them from de
caying. It looks odd to a wos
tern man to see their one and
two acre fields of corn and pota
toes. Times aro very dull here
but show sitms of improvement:
I expect to return about Sept. 1st.
Very truly,
H. R. Green.
At tho present writing there,
aro throe "good" republicans
looking for tho nomination for
high sheriff of Box Butte county.
Their respective names aro Col.
W, ChattanogaM aunts, Adjutant
Wm. Murfroesboro Foskot, and
Captain A. Bunkor Hill Mc
Laughlin. Each has secured, tho
services-a of good coachor and all
wo can do is to wait till af tor
tho skirmish at tho convention
to soo who tho unfortunate rep
is; and then perhaps tho other
faction of Box Butte republicans
will nominate a man, and so it
Charley Krosing, a German boy
about fifteen years of age, wont in
swimming in Bryant's pond last
Saturday about noon. Ho did not
appear at tho house that day and it
was feared that ho was drowned.
The pond was dragged aud divers
searched uutil Sunday afternoon
when tho body was found with tho
legs doubled up indicating that
tho boy had been taken with cramps
and being a'ono in tho water at
tho time was unable to save him
self or get aid. His folks livo in
Box Butte county not far from
Dunlap, His own mother is dead
and his father ha3 married again.
Okadron Journal.
Heminqfoud, Nob.,
August 9, 1895.
Editor Herald:
I do not wish to enter into a
controversy with the editor of the
Guido, but his paper of tho 7th
inst,, contains an item which is
misleading and exaggerated.
While tho conversation roforrod to
in tho article i partly true, tho
writer will havo to omit such
phrases as "Like mighty well" and
'Chief" before ho can got down to
the facts in the matter. His wan
dering is somewhat surprising, as
the Journalist has a reputation for
truthfulness. Ono would infer
from the writing that I would Blur
the clerk, I wish to say that such
is a grand misrepresentation for I
would not do such a thing for any
consideration, as 1 believe that Mr.
Ncal is without a peer in his offic
ial capacity. ), E. Jounhon.
Mortgage Record.
'Tho following iB a roport of
niortgugos filed and roleasod in
tho county clerk's oilico during the
month of .July.
Farm m'tg's filed 4, 1,420
! ' rels'd . (I. 2,30!)
Town " filed
Ohattol ,"
(. cc
Take tho benefit of Wholesalo
prices at Mill.
K,Miko Elmoro was in town
Tuesday loolring for men to work
An tho gravel pit near Cillotto.
Ho took ton up with him Wed
nesday morning. Mike also took
tho contract whilo hero for doing
tho work on ono milo and 700
foot of tho Citizons' ditch just
this sido of tho head, around tho
foot of tho big hill. This is
thought; to bo abouf tho heaviest
work there will bo along tho on
tlro lino of tho ditch. Tho work
will bo commenced immediately.
. Crawford Tribune
Box Butte News
Rov. Clark returned to his homo
on Mirago Flats, Monday.
C. F. Boyor will sojourn for a
few mouths in Madison county.
Win. Hall shipped a carload of
stock-to Omaha, last Monday.
P M. L, Atkin spont Monday in
-auiuuce, uoing inai musu room
Oar now M. E. church is nearly
completed we expect to bo ablo to
dedicate it October 14th.
Charley Wilson has gono to tho
"Jacobsou ranch" to help during
haying time.
tito;o number of Box Butto
people will attoiuf'tho M. E. quar
terly couforenco at Scribnor tho 10
th iuBt.
Maud Daws of Allinnco and
Lulu Blair of this burg will attend
institulo at Ohadron next week,
tho guests of Mabel Fryott.
'Joe Zabka ono of tho old timers
will soon removo to Colfax county
this slate. Success to you Joo
where over you go.
Charlio Haines, who is receiv
ing treatment at the M. E. hospi
tal, in Omaha, is greatly improved
and will return to Box Butto soon,
Wm. Randolph began work in
tho Proston house, Monday, as a
clerk. Billy is a hustler and tho
other "grub shops" just as well
close up.
Frank Freimuth, Emmott John
son, Johnson Bros., J. A. Wilson,
B. DeHart, and W. H. Roister all
havo headers running in Bight of
tho burg today, not a bad showing
for an off year.
Candidates for county offices aro
unusually scarco in theso parts for
this timo of year, we only know of
ton in this precinct, and usually
before tho season advances this far
the pops aloiio havo a score or
Charley Krocsing tho 13 year
old son of John Krocsing, of Run
ningwator precinct was drowned
in Bryant's lake near Chadrou, last
Satuiday about noon, and tho body
was not recovered until Sunday
evening. Tho bereaved parents
have the sympathy of tho wholo
community. ZANTirPA Smith.
lawn olbaninos.
Farmers all busy with thoir hay
ing and harvest.
Anton TJhrig called in town
Tuesday whilo on his way to Sioux
Mrs D. F. Millor of Liberty was
a guest of Mrs. C. H. Irion ouo
day last week.
E. L. Dickinson of Sioux county
has taken tho hay contraot for Jar-
vis Richards and begin noxt
Mr. Muldoon from near Mars
and waa trading in L-iwn lust
wook. Ho oayn crops are very
good. Mr. Muldoon in in tho
stock business.
Josoph Mooro and wifo who
havo beon in Wyoming for tho
past year have returned and will
tako ehargo of Iho haying for his
father on his Mnch northwest of
here, on tho rivor.
Our school district No. 20 has
secured for a teacher, Mi'hh Nellie
Harris who fonnorly taught in tho
primarydopartinont at Homingford
She comes with a good second
grado certificate and tho best of
written and personal recommenda
tions. Mrs. Jack Mottlin, of 83 ranch,
formoriy near Hemingford, was in
Lawn Tuosday laying in supplies
for. thoir big outfit. Sho has boon
cooking for fourteon men for tho
past wook. Mrs. John Irion and
her mother, who lives noai hor,
wero also buying supplies propar
tory to making hay which is tho
harvest timo for tho ranchmen.
Rov. Schlateress, Baptist, form
erly of Chicago, has decided to
woiK in, mo uoiu meiuuing xoi
mont, Marsland and Lawn. Ac
companied by Elder Wright and
wifo, of Belmont, ho proaohod his
first sermon at Lawn, Sunday and
was groctod by a' good audience
Ho left an appointment for Sun
day tho tSth inst. at 11 o'clock.
Borea 3oro.pin.ga.
The solfbindors aro rattling in
"overy direction and crops will turn
out "fair to niidlin."
Erland Fotcrson and Martin Lo
gan, Avho havo been out west work
ing havo roturned to Box Butto
onco inoro.
A deal of quito a dimension is
now in progress in this burg.
Tho particulars will bo chronicl
ed in tho Hbhald.
Sovoral of Charlio Johnson's
young friends wero invited to his
birthday party last week. Tho
kids, on their return, reported an
enjoyable timo.
Wm. Pattorson has sold his
cattlo to somo parties near Allianco
and intends going to Colorado
whoro his wife's folks livo. Wo
predict that Mr. Patterson will
yet pitch his tabornaclo in Box
Butto county. A Kingsnip.
marsland nuws.
Miss Collins is visiting with Mrs.
Wootton this week.
Mr. Roll had twocoWs killed on
tho It. R. track Tuesday night.
Born to Mr. and Mrs . Snow tho
2nd inst., a son. Mother and babo
both doing nicely.
Farmers in this vicinity havo bo
gun to harvest their grain. Chas.
Richie thinks his wheat will go 12
bushels to the acre.
Marslaud is a village of fifty in
habitants aud has two resident
ministers and two migratory ones.
The peoxilo must bo very good or
very the other thing.
Miss Tcarl Snow and Mrs. Woot
ton had a vory plousant visit with
the Hemingford ladies last week.
They think tho Hemingford ladies
thoroughly understand the art of
Burbank Budget.
Very warm weather theso days.
Nows is protty scarco at present.
Will Underwood of Barrel
Springs, was in town Sunday.
Hereafter news from Burbank
will appear in tho IIeiuld, weekly.
Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Wells and J.
Kenedy wero Bayard visitors Tues
day. Miss Abbio Kenedy is staying
with Mrs. Jim Underwood of Bar
rel Springs, this week.,
George Robinson formoriy of
Burbank, but now of tho Platto
rivor, is in tho neighborhood this
Born to Mr. and Mrs. Henry
Smith, July 20th, a girl-weight
oight pouuds, all parties roported
as doing Well.
Six or oight men aro at work
this week cutting down all tho
woods under tho ditch. Lot tho
good work go on.
Mrs. A Thompson and daughter
Miss Alta attended the oponing of
tho bridgo at Bayard, August 1st
Thoy roturned homo Saturday.
Henry Smith and family will go
to tho Platto this wook. - We aro
sorry to ioso such worthy pooplo
from our midst but liopo thoy will
not deoido to remain pcrmautly.
Messrs A. J. and W. G. Simou
son, Snow and Emery woro out
from Allianco, Sunday. They
went up to tho head of tho ditch
to look af tor their interests Ikons.
Thoy tookdinnoratF. MDoVoro'a.
Tho Sunday School was reorgan
ized at tho Burbank school house
last Sunda'. Mr. J. E. Whaloy
was olectcd Supt. Quite a num
ber were present. Lot us all mnet
ovory Sunday promptly at 2 o'clock
and each help to niako tho Bchoal
a success. Sand Oraki:.
Alliance News.
Judge Rickor of Chadron was
transacting legal business' in" tho
city Wednesday. '- .
Improvements still go morrily
on in Alliance, Tho latest is a
largo barn by John Carlson.
Henry Ditto proved up-onlils
tree claim in 0-49, last Satur
day. Ho filed on this claim
noarly 13 years ago.
Postmaster O'Koofo of Hom
ingford is in town today, and
will start for York County to
night on a business trip.
Tho ladies, of tho Catholic
church havo organized a Sacred
Heart Socioty, and tho ladies
and gentlemen havo organizod'a
Literary socioty.
Mr. Pottibono of tho Bankora
Lifo Insuranco Agency of Dos;
Moines, la., was in town Mon
day and Tuesday soliciting now
memberships. Wo learn that ho
secuced sovoral new policies.
Somo hoodlum thinking this .
was a frontior town- started out
Monday night to paint the town
red. Tho marshal landed him
in tho jug before ho got a good
start, and now ho is languishing
out tho amount of his fine. Such
actions doii't go hero now.
W. n, Trainor, manager of tho
Grip, started last Friday for a
two weeks vacation going to
Omaha and to visit relatives at
Wahoo, Nob. Mr. Trainor has
worked steady and faithfully
during tho past year and is on
joying a much needed rost.
Alliance, Neb., Aug. 7, 1895,
Tho membors of tho Box Butto
County Democratic Central Com
mittee aro hereby requested to
meet at the City Council rooms
in tho city of Alliance, on tho
17th day of August 1895, at ono
o'clock p. m.f for tho purpose of
determining tho ratio of ropro
sontation to which tho respoctivo
precincts in tho county uro enti
tled and for tho further purpose
of calling a county convontion'to
select dologates to Democratic
Stato Convention at Lincoln,
Nebraska, on September 5, 1895,
and for attending to such other
business as may properly bo
transacted by said committee.
S: M. Smyser, Chairman