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Vol. 30 No. 40_Friday, December 14, 1956_____ __ _^er
26 Omaha Firms and 14
Unions Given Special
Awards Tuesday by C of C
Twenty six Omaha firms and 14 ;
local unions affiliated with them \
will be given special awards at a
Chamber of Commerce meeting |
Tuesday noon.
The Chamber’s Public Affairs
Luncheon is being held to honor j
James L. Paxton, Jr., 1956 chair- j
man of the United Red Feather- j
Red Cross fund-raising drive, and
his workers, in the campaign.
The Omaha firms, all of whom j
employ 25 or more persons, and
the union, groups; will be cited ,
far the fact that at least 90 per- <
cent of their members gave to
the drive according to the fair
•hare formula.
Chamber President M. Cooper
Smith will present a special ci-1
tation to Mr. Paxton for his lead-j
ership in the drive which raised
the greatest amount for the oper
ating needs of the Red Cross and
Red Feather agencies.
Victor L. Toft, Chamber vies;
president* and 1952 UCS drive j
chairman., will describe briefly |
the importance of these welfare
agencies to the local community.
The UCS office said several
hundred "awards of merit’’ al
ready have been sent to other
firms and employee groups in
recognition of their contributions >
to the campaign.
Reservations for the Chamber i
Luncheon, at $1.75 each, still may
be made Monday at the Chamber
Ronald V. Beason 1
1 ■■■■
Ronald Vanleer Beason, 31
months. 2304 Ohio Street, passed :
away Friday November With‘at a]
local hospital.
Little Ronald is survived by his
parents, Mr, and Mrs. John L.
Beason, sister, Harriett; brother,
Robert; grandparents, Mr. and
Mrs. R- L. Edmonson, Omaha, two
aunts, Mrs. Essie Gilbert, Char
lotte, Tennessee, Mrs. Sarah Bell,
Omaha, uncle, Mr. Stanley Ed
monson. of Omaha.
Funeral services were held
ten o'clock Tuesday morning De
cember 4th from the Emanuel
Community Church with the Rev
E. F. Ridley officiating. Interment
was at Forest Lawn Cemetery with
arrangements by the Thomas
Funeral Home.
Mrs. Inez Hunter
Mrs. Inez Hunter, 72 years, 2112
Grace Street, expired Wednesday
evening November 30th.
Mrs. Hunter had been a resident
of Omaha fifty four years and had
been employed by the H. A.
Wolf Company for over thirty nine
Mrs. Hunter is survived by
three daughters, Mrs. Alice
Young, Fontana, California, Mrs.
Elizabeth Shipman, Berkely, Cali
fornia, Mrs. Ethel Clark, Omaha,
four sons, Lloyd, Harold, James
Hunter, of Omaha, Roy of Sioux
City, Iowa, two sisters. Mrs. Mary
Wilburn, Sioux City, Iowa, Mrs.
Ella Moody, Fulton, Kentucky,
five brothers, John and Tom
Lightner, Buffalo, New York,
Richard and Odell Lightner of
Fulton, Kentucky, McKinley
Lightner, St. Louis, Missouri and
other relatives.
Tentatively funeral sejviccs
have been set for ten o’clock
Saturday morning December 8th
from the Cleaves Temple C.M.E,
Church with the Rev. A. Ralph
Davis officiating and arrango
ments by Thomas Funeral Home.
Amt. To
Dr. Steams, Div. 1 $ 165.00
1. Paul Bunce .. 360.00
2. Rev. Conover 182.00
3. Dr. Dlndinger 300.00
4. Dr. Cook _ 205.00
5. Hugh Wallace _L. 200.00
6. Dewey Baker T - 193.00 ,
Toial $1605.00
Carl Wilson, Div. 2 . $ 30.00
1. Mr. McMillan 275.00
2. Carl Schecr 133.00
3. Walt Otto .. 142.00
4. Rev. Fielding_ 270.44
5. Ray Gilbreath_ 172.00
6. John Tate--.... 117.00,
Total $1139.44 ■
Branches and Departments
North Branch' - $100.00 |
Near North Branch . 126.00
Benson - West __ 155.23 i
South Branch 200.00 ;
Physical Dept. 268.25
Adult Program 202.34 |
Board of Directors _ 380.00 :
Total $1486.82
Grand Total$4231.26 i
Mr. C. C, Galloway
2420 Grant
Omaha, Nebraska
Dear Mr. Galloway:
The YWCA World Service Roll Call was a great success. You help
ed make it possible for us to go over our goal. There is still money
coming in, but at this moment we have a total pledged of $4231.28. .
It is with real pleasure, especially after our success, that I ex
press my thanks to you. I also say thanks for the many folks in
other lands who will be learning a better life because of our campaign
and others in the United States and Canada have been a success. May
God Bless you for your efforts.
Sincerely yours,
World Service Roll Call
i Actress Hoorn Mioey, decorating Christmas cendleswtth United
! States Savings Bondi, takas Ume out from helping the people of
her native Hungary to wish her fellow American, a happy New Year
of peace on earth, good wW toward men. "What a wonderful thing."
•be sort, "to be able to sws these shares to one's country sod to
•ive then, to our toyed ones as presents with a Mare, represent,
bl oar faith, our trust, our lays for oar country and our free wap
of Ufa." " -
U. S. Mail Trucks To Carry
Anti-Bias Poster First Time
Our Way of Life Mean*
Regardless of Race, Religion,
Color or National Origin V
• ’ * Jf* I
WASHINGTON, D. C. — A three-color poster which dramatize*!
snd support* the Equal Job Opportunity policy of the Federal Govern
ment will be carried on the sides of the U. S. mail trucks throughout
the country from December 16 until January 1, 1957, the President's
Committee on Government Contract* announced today.
Post Office Department officials say that never before ha* the
subject of race relations, and specifically the right of minority groups
to economic equaity, been advanced through this public-owned media.
Us* of the space is granted only to programs which the Post Office
Department believe to be in the general public interest. Each of
the more than 25,900 Government-owned trucks carries two posters.
The poster was designed as a public service by Mo* Left of New 1
York City, who creates the "Jo* Palooka" newspaper cartoon ttrip.
Pastor To
End Work
Rev. E. T. Streeter, pastor of
Clair Methodist Church, has an
nounced his intention to step
down from the office of President
of the Omaha Branch of N.A.A.
C.P., a position he has held for
the past three years. The name
of Rev. Charles E. Tyler, pastor
of Calvin Memorial Presbyterian
Church, has been placed in nomin
ation to succeed Rev. Streeter.
Annual election meeting for of
ficers and executive committee
is scheduled for Sunday, Decem
ber 16, 4:00 p.m., at Near North
branch, Y.M.C.A.. 2311 North 22nd
Street. Other names submitted
for election to office are: 1st vice
president Lawrence McVoy, 2nd
vice president, Rev. Curtis Brown,
pastor Bethel Baptist, treasurer,
Mrs. Charlotte Crawford Andrews
and secretary, Mrs. Wills Mac
Garnett. The Omaha Branch of
N.A.A.C.P., under leadership of
Legal Redress Chairman, Attor
ney Ralph Adams, submitted to
the Charter Convention proposed
guarantees of civil rights and se
cured their inclusion in the re
cently approved Home Rule
Jennie B. Warren
Mr*. Jennie Belle Warren, age
81 years, of 3743 Ohio Street, ex
pired Wednesday November 28lh,
1956 at a local hospital.
She was an Omaha resident 38
Mrs. Warren is survived by her
husband, Emanuil Warren of
Omaha; 2 daughters, Mrs. Estella
Johnson of Kansas City, Missouri,
and Mrs. Victoria Johnson of Se
dalia, Missouri; 2 sons, Charles
and John Walls of Kansas City,
Her remains were forwarded
to the Watkins Brothers Funeral
Home of Kansas City, Missouri,
Wedhesday November 28, 1956
for services and burial.
Myers Brothers Funeral Ser
Gun Club
Meets Dec. 16
The North Side Rod and Gun
Club will hold their last meeting
for this year Sunday December
16, 1956 at Y.M.C.A. at 7:30 P M.
All members are requested to be
present at which time your offi
cers will be nominated for next
year 1957. So please be present
at this meeting. BENJAMIN WAT
SON, Reporter,
Amateur Bank
Robber Arrested
Jersey City, N. J. . . (CNS) . .
Hudson County National Bank not
only got its first attempted bank
robbery that any one could re
member but one that was so
amateurishly conceived that the
would-be robber was not only re
buffed but a few minutes later
caught with just a commanding
Joseph Ashew, a 30 year old
Negro, tried his robbery at 10:00
a m. slipping a pencilled note and
a brown paper bag to 21 year old
Madeline Miller, teller. The note
said: "This is a stick up: Please
put all the bills in the bag. One
false move and I'll blow your
brains out. Do what this note says
and you’ll enjoy a very merry
Christmas and a happy New
Year.” *
Unmoved by the note. Miss
Miller handed it hack to him calm
ly. Ashew was completely off
guard by this, lost his nerve and
headed for the door. Two blocks
away with the bank guard and
others in pursuit, one pedestrian
seeing the trouble yelled out:
“Stop or I’ll shoot.” That was
all, for Ashew stopped and was
booked for attempted robbery.
Hattie Davidson
Mr*. Hattie Davidson, age 56
years, of 2624 North 25th Street,
expired Thursday afternoon No
vember 29, 1956 at a local hospi
She was an Omaha resident 35
years, and was a member of the
Usher Board of Mt. Moriah Bap
tist Church. She was also a mem
ber of the Nurse and Police Unit
of Cherokee Temple No. 223,
I.B.P.O.E. of W., Mrs. Blanche
Davis, Daughter Ruler.
She is survived by her daugh
ter, Mrs. Doris Wesley of Omaha;
10 grandchildren; 5 great grand
children; 2 sisters; 2 brothers; 3
nieces; 2 cousins.
Funeral services were held
Monday, December 3, 1956 at the
Mt. Moriah Baptist Church at
2:00 P.M. with Rev. David St.
Clair officiating. Pallbears were
Messrs C. McMillan, F. Mosley, C.
Whitley, R. Crum, W. Beasley,
M. Speese.
Honorary Pallbearers Iroquois
Lodge No. 92, I.B.P.O.E. of W.
Interment, Forest Lawn Ceme
Myers Brothers Funeral Ser
Families of three or more chil
dren have increased 47 per cent
during the past seven years.
Ideals are like tuning forks;
you must sound them frequently
to keep your life up to pitch.
Negroes Get
Federal Jobs
Washington, — A Presidential
committee reported Tuesday that
Negroes make up 3.4 per cent of
the Federal employees in five ma
jor cities, including this one.
Chairman Maxwell Abbell of
President Eisenhower’s Commit
tee on Government Employment
Policy said the survey turned up
two findings which he termed of
particular significance.
"The first is that Negroes are
employed by the Federal Govern
'ment well above their ratio to the
total population,” Mr. Abbell said.
“The second is that Negroes are
by no means confined either to
the menial jobs of the Government
or to the lower grades in the Civ
il Service Classification Act.’’
The ratio of Negroes to the to
tal United States poppulation Is
about 11 per cent.
Besides the capital, cities cov
ered by the survey were Chicago.
St. Louis, Los Angeles, and Mo
bile, Alabama.
On North
Chicago — — The fabulous Har
lem Globetrotters basketball team
could conceivably run smack into
Santa Claus next week.
The old cherub with the white
whiskers will be heading south
ward from the far north for his
annual Christmas visit while Abe
Saperstein’s happy cagers will be
up in the territory where he
makes his first stops — South
Sakata, Minnesota and Wisconsin.
Meantime, basketball fans in
those states arc in for a real pre
holiday treat. The Trotters led
by Capt. Clarence Wilson are
rolling merrily along, winning
game after game, and putting on
some of the most hilarious "floor
shows” ever seen in the history of
the game.
Top entertainer of this year's
production is, of course, Meadow
lark Lemon, the greatest rib
tickler in basketball today. The
fans up in the frigid northland
are sure to warm up to this rol
licking court jester, who' also
plays a skilled game. For ex
ample, after a recent appearance
in New York’s Madison Square
Garden, a sportswriter in the big
city wrote:
’‘Meadowlark had the fans in
the Garden rolling in the aisles
last night, and, also, had the op
position daffy with his great as
sortment of shots from the pivot.
It has been a long time since cage
customers here in New York have
seen the likes of him.”
This new cage wizard will be
seen next week with the Globe
trotters in the following cities:
December 14, Huron, South Da
kota; 15, Sioux City, Iowa; 16, Des
Moines, Iowa; 17, Waterloo, Iowa;
18, Rochester, Minnesota; 19, St.
Peter, Minnesota; 20, Wisconsin
Rapids, Wisconsin; 21,’ Janesville,
Mrs. Mary McAfee
Mrs, Mary McAfee, age 39
years, of 4117 Patrick Avenue, ex
pired December 3, 1956 at a local
She was an Omaha resident for
8 years.
Mrs. McAfee is survived by her
parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Fitz
gerald, St. Louis, Missouri, 9
brothers; 3 sisters.
Her remains were forwarded to
the Ellis Funeral Home, St. Louis,
Missouri, Wednesday December
Myers Brothers Funeral Ser
Mary E. Smith
Mrs. Mary Elizabeth Smith, 73
years, 2236 Franklin Street, pass
ed away, Friday morning Decern
ber 7th at a local hospital.
Mrs. Smith had been a resident
of Omaha seventy years.
She is survived by one sister,
Mrs. Mannie Richmond, Mt. Pleas
ant, Iowa, two nephews, Mr. Clar
ence H. Payton, Omaha, Mr.
Georgo Brown, Mt. Pleasant, Iowa,
two nieces, Mrs. Margaret Roh
erts, Chicago, Illinois and other
telatives. Funeral services were
held two o’clock Tuesday after
noon December 11th from the
Appreciates His
Election Support
Congressman-Elect Glenn Cun
ningham wrote the following let
ter of appreciation to the Guide
this week. His message follows:
I wish to take this means of
many fine readers who gave me
such generous support in the re
cent election.
Your help was very -much ap
preciated and I shall work long
andrhard to do a good job for
you in the Congress of the United
If at any time you have a sug
gestion to offer and I could be of
service please do not hesitate to
let me know. And if my office
can be of help to you in any way
please feel free to write to me in
Again my sincere thanks and
with best wishes for a very Merry
Christmas and a Happy and Pros
perous New Year.
Sincerely yours,
Congressman - Elect
2nd Congressional District
Quack Club
Issues Thanks
The Quack Club would like to
thank each and everyone who
helped to make the Bridge and
Whist tournament a success.
We are also grateful to the pho
tographer for taking the picture
of the contestants and club mem
"Y" Boys
Selling Trees
For Christmas
"Y" Boy* To Sell Chrittma* Tree*
The Gra-Y and Jr. Hi-Y boys of
the YMCA, in an effort to assist
financially with their programs,
will sell Christmas trees, Friday,
December 14 and 15, on the Near
North Branch YMCA lot. The
trees will range in size from 2 to
8 feet. The boy;- are also ar
ranging for delivery service. Thn
public is invited to encourage
these boys in their effort by pur
chasing a Christmas tree.
Leader*' Fellowship To Be
Observed, Sunday, December 16.
The First Annual Leaders’ Fel
lowship Recognition Program will
be held, Sunday, December 16,
at 4:30 P.M. at the Near Northside
YMCA, according to announce
ment made by Robert H. Blanch
ard, Chairman of the Committee
of Management. The Recognition
Committee, composed of Mcs
dames Marianna McFadden and
Ethel Killingsworth, Miss Beverly
Madison, George H. Robinson and
Eugene Skinner as chairman, has
promised a program of music and
interpretation of the “Y” Pro
gram will be given with the Coffee
Hour following the program. The
public Is invited to this affair with
some 150 leaders receiving certi
ficates for services rendered dur
ing the year.
! The Near Norm israncn
I Physical Department will offici
I ally open their out of town basket
ball games on Saturday, when
their rival teams from the Carver
Branch YMCA, invade the home
court. The first game at 6:30
P.M., will pit the Carverettes
Girls Team against the Omaha
Trotters, the second game, the
Ravens Hi-Y Team against the
Yergan Hi-Y and the final game
will be the Carver Dons against
the Omaha Travelers. A social
will follow the game.
Upholstering Class To Open,
Friday, December 4
The long awaited Upholstering
Class will open December 14, at
7:00 P.M., at the Near North
Branch YMCA. Mr. Hallard E.
Ellis, the instructor, issues an in
vitation to all former members of
the class as well as any new per
sons, to take part in this pro
gram for it is one in which indivi
duals can learn to upholster, re
pair and remodel their furniture.
The class will meet every Friday
night from 7 to 10:00 P.M.
i Thomas Funeral Home with the
Hev, H. L. Turner, officiating.
Pgllbcars, Mr. Maceo Farrell, Mr.
Howard Farrell, Mr. Willie Jones,
Mr, B. B. Breackenridge, Mr. A. L.
Sample. Burial was at Ml. Hope
Choirs Are Scheduled To
Sing at Nativity Scene
On the Court House Lawn
Say Marciano
Won't Meet Floyd
New York . . (CNS) . . Those
close to Rocky Marciano, the for
mer champion, say he won't con
sider a comeback because he
knows he would defeat newly
crowned Floyd Patterson. The
nert day somebody else would be
snapping at my heels,” Rocky
Meanwhile, Floyd has hired an
agent, Les Airies, to book him on
radio and television for the usual
ten percent.
Omegas To
The 43rd Grand Conclave oi
the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity will
be held in Baltimore, Maryland,
December 27th through 30th. The
theme for the four day meeting
is ‘‘Wanted: Techniques f o i
Strengthening and Furthering
our Democratic and Christian
The three living Founders. Dr.
Frank J. Coleman, Dr. Oscar A.
Cooper,, and Bishop Edgar A.
Love, will be honored at a Found
ers Banquet scheduled for Satur
day, December 29th at the Fifth
Regimental Armory.
The Conclave Headquarters will
be located on the Morgan State
College Campus. Speakers for
the meeting will include addresses
by Dr. W. T Gibbs, President of
A. & T. College—‘‘How to Improve
Relation Between the College and
Fraternity;” Dr. Walter N. Ridley,
Professor of Psycology, Virginia
State College — “Manners a n .1
Morals in Fraternities;” Dr. James
Nabrit, Secretary of Howard Uni
versity—“The Northern View
point on Integration;” and Attor
ney Fred Gray, Civil Rights Coun
selor of Montgomery, Alabama
—“The Southern Viewpoint on In
Bishop Love of the Methodist
Episcopal Church will address the
closing session on the subject of
"Ritual and the Friendship of
Highlighting the Social Affairs
Christmas caroling from the Na
tivity Scene at the Court House
continues right up to Christmas.
This will be the second year
for the singing from the Nativity
Scene at the Court House.
Singing is recommended out
doors by the Nativity Scene if
weather is favorable - otherwise,
from the inner lobby of the Court
Amplifers are provided in the
area of the Court House, on top
of the City National Bank Build
ing at 16th & Farnam.
The Nativity Scene and singing
is arranged for and sponsored by
the Associated Retailers of Omaha.
Schedule Of Choirs to sing at
Court House Creche
December 16th - Sunday, 12:15
Sacred Heart High School, 2123
Binney; 5:00 Pilgrim Lutheran
Church, 42nd & Bancroft; 6:00
Cleaves Temple Christian Metho
dist, 25th and Decatur Street.
December 17th - Monday, 5:00
St. Marys Church, Bellevue, Ne
braska; 7:00 St. Johns A.M.E.
Church, 22nd Street and Willif
December 19th - Wednesday,
2:00 Notre Dame Academy, 35th
and State Street; 7:00 Hanscom
Park Methodist Church, 29th and
Woolworth; 7:30 Mercy High
School, 1501 South 48th Street;
8:00 Florence Christian Church,
29th and Willit.
December 20th - Thursday, 1:30
Cathedral High School, 3915 Burt
Street; 6:00 Omaha Gosped Taber
naclie, 2006 Douglas; 7:30 Ames
Avenue Methodist Church, 4023
Docember 21st - Friday, 2:00
Marun High School, 74th and
Military; 8:00 Mosher Memorial
Presbyterian Church, 48th Ave
nue and S.
December 22nd - Saturday 12:00
Omaha Gospel Tabernacle, 2006
—A formal dance by Delta Sigma
Theta, Thursday, December 27th;
Mardi Gras, Friday, December
28th; Formal Dance, Interfraternal
Council, Saturday, December 29th
at the Monroe Colosseum.
Fifteen hundred Omegas are
expected to converge on Baltimore
for the meeting. Judge Linwood
Koger is the Grand Marshall
The Cook Is In The Kitchen
Making Christmas Gifts
What is Christmas really “about”? Christmas is "giving", and t
the very best is giving yourself. A lot of you goes into gifts like j
those pictured. Both tho Christmas confections and the whimsical>
containers, constructed with crepe paper, seals, ribbon and cotton,
are very easy to make.
With semi-sweet chocolate morsels as a beginning, one can
make Christmas sweetmeats in very little time. The simple recipe
for the fudge is printed on packages of semi-sweet chocolate morsels
at this season. The recipe for Semi-Sweet Nut Brittle is included. 1
It has a delicate chocolate flavor, while retaining the characteristic <
brittle texture. Make both the candies and containers for original
Christmas gifts.
Semi-Sweet Nut Brittle ,
COMBINE and bring to boil: 2 cups sugar; 1 cup light com syrop;
% cup water; 1 teaspoon salt. Cover and boil 2 minutes. Uncover
and cook, without stirring, to 300° F.—hard crack stage. Remove
from heat. i
STIR IN quickly: 1 6-ounce package (1 cup) semi-sweet chocolate
morsels; 2 tablespoons butter; 1 teaspoon vanilla; 13A cups salted
ruts, coarsely chopped. Spread thinly on greased cookie sheet
15 x 12 Inches.
Let stand till cool. Break in irregular pieces.
YIELD: Approximately 2 pounds.