The Omaha guide. (Omaha, Neb.) 1927-19??, December 07, 1956, Page Four, Image 4

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    WANTED: Houses, Apartments, and
jhe Names and Addresses of people
that are looking for a place to stay;
and for people who want to rent an
apartment. Call HA 0800.
ED: We want to rent that
Apartment you hare for Rant.
Can HA MM.
HA MM. _
The Waller Radio Re
pair Shop, which was
located at 1904 North
24th St. has moved to
2525 North 20th St 1
block north from Lake
St on the east side
of North 20th St Let
us Repair your Radio
in the car or your
home. Day & Night
Service. CaU JA 0669.
house. Call Mrs. Cobbs. PL.8063.
FOR RENT: Three 2room furnish
ed apartments. Three 3-room
furnished apartments. Two 4
room furnished apartments. Call
FOR SALE: One 5-room modern
house north of Lake St. for
$9500. Make an offer you might
be lucky. A 0800._
FOR SALE: One 8-room house.
2 blocks from Wilson Packing
house for only $6000 cash. Call
HA 0800.
FOR RENT: Three 2-room furnish
ed apartments. North Lake St.
HA 0800.
FOR RENT: Three 3-room furnish
ed apartments. 2 on No 19th St.
1 north of Lake. HA 0800.
FOR RENT: Two five-room houses
So. of Lake St. HA 0800.
FOR RENT: Two 5-room houses
So. of Lake St. Not all modern.
Call 11A 0800.
FOR RENT: 5 unfurnished rooms.
With use of furnished kitchen
and dining room. HA 0800.
ing Babywear! No House Sell
ing! Rush stamped addressed
envelope. BABY GAY, War
saw, Indiana.
A Free Room to some man just
for care of a furnace at 2122
Spencer St. Call PL 5401.
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man or woman, from this area,
wanted to service and collect
from automatic vending ma
chines. No Selling. Age not
i essential. Car, references, and
$600 investment necessary. 7 to
12 hours weekly nets approxi
mately $250 monthly. Possibility
full time work. For local in
terview give full particulars,
phone. Write P. O. Box 7047,
Minneapolis 11, Minn.
FOR RENT: 2 room furnished a
partment. Will accept one or 2
small children. This apt. is
north of Lake St., only % block
from bus line. Call before 9:30
a m. HA 0800.
FOR RENT: One 4-room un
furnished apartment. Phone
Ha. 0800
FOR RENT: 3 Unfurnished room
Apartment. Private entrance.
Private Bath. Large Living
room at 2517 North 20th Street,
Ja. 7563. Rev. Robert Sherman,
owner. Will accept 1 or 2
small children.
FOR RENT: A large furnished
2-room apartment Call PI
5003, Mrs. Davis, 2004 Wirt St
Following is a stenographic
transcript of President Eisen
hower’s remarks to a Republican
victory rally here early on Novem
ber 7:
Mr. Chaiiman, Mr. Vice Presi
dent, my very good friends in this
audience and everywhere in the
United States to whatever areas
my voice reaches:
This is a solemn moment. The
only thing I should like to say
about this campaign is this: It
is a very heart-warming exper
ience to know that your labors—
your efforts—of four years have
achieved that level where they are
approved by the United States of
America in a vote.
Such a vote as that cannot be
merely for an individual it is for
principles and ideals for which
that individual and his associates
have stood and have tried to ex
To all the people of the United
States who have understood what
the administration—the Republi
can Party—has been trying to do
in these past four years, and con
sequently have work‘id so hard
for the reelection of that admin
istration, my most grateful thanks.
The only thing I can say to all
the people—all the Americans
who have voted that ticket which
puts us back into the same posi
tions of responsibility— I can
only say. it is our earnest prayer
that nothing we can ever do
or shall do—will betray that
And now let me say something
that looks to the future: I think
that modern Republicanism has
now proved itself. And America
has approved of modern Repub
And so, as we look ahead—as
we look ahead to the problems In
front, let us remember that a
political party deserves the ap
probation of America only as It
represents the ideals, the aspira
tions and the hopes of Americans.
If it is anything less, it is merely
a conspiracy to seize power. And
the Republican Party is not that!
Modern Republicanism looks to
the future. Which means it looks
to that area — that time in which
>ur young ari mos: interested |
And this means that it will gain
constantly new recruits from the
youngest of our voters. And as
such, as lpng as it remains true
to the idhals and (he aspirations
of America, it will continue to
increase in power and influence
for decades to come. It will point
the way to peace among nations,
standards here at home in which
everybody will share, regardless
and to prosperity — advancing
of any accident of power, of sta
tion, of race, religion, or color.
And if we cling to these ideals,
if we uphold them, if we fight
for them, then I say: Republicans
deserve, then, the vote of con/i
dence that Republicans, friendly
Pemocrata, and independents
have given us this day.
My friends, I conclude with a
pledge: With whatever talents
the good God has given me, with
whatever strength there is within
me, I will continue—and so will
my associates—to do just one
thing: to work for 168 million
Americans here at home-and
!fcr peace in the world.
The Last Word
By Elizabeth Davit Pittman
Captain's Bride, General's Lady,
by Maurine Clark, wife of retired
General Mark Wayne Clark is a
gay, witty and personal recounting
of thirty years of Army life. Far
removed from the adventures of
the average mate of a “G. V, Mrs.
Clark, nevertheless, has undergone
the same moments of anxiety and
worry about the fate of her hus
band during wartime. She adds
a human touch to what might
otherwise be merely names of
battles and places by pondering
her husband’s decisions on momen
tous occasions.
She describes her moments of
sadness and joy as the wife of a
young Army officer and as the
years progress famous figures
make their entries into their lives
—figures such as President "Ike”
Eisenhower, with whom Clark at
tended West Point, and Mamie,
General George Marshall, Madame
Chiang-Kai-shek, Mrs. Syngman
Rhee and others.
She is quite taken up with her
children and their lives through a
great part of the book and de
scribes their mischievous pranks
and great adventures. This is the
story of a closely knit family who
were “true Army" until the Gen
eral’s retirement after the Korean
War, when he signed the only
American truce ever negotiated
without victory, an action he de
bated endlessly before taking the
step. A story telling of a great,
wise and kind man, and his family,
it is well worth the reading.
The Last
By Elisabeth Davis Pittman
Many generations ago the Pil
grims set foot on these shores and
suffered tragedies and hardships
the like of which we do not know j
today. They struggled for bare
survival and learned how to live
together. Throughout all this
they had to have an abiding faith
in God. Their triumps over the
wilderness in which they found
themselves would have been im
possible without belief in their!
Divine Protector.
In commemoration of their
landing,* one year later they set
aside a day for prayer and
thanksgiving. They wished to
thank God for guiding them in
their decisions, for protecting
them in their ignorance. So this
holiday has come down to us as a
time for giving thanks to God
for His goodness and for the con
tinued health of our families.
We must look into the past to
thank those people who came be
fore us for carrying a light strong
enough to guide us in these mo
dem times.
We take time out from our
busy routine during this season
to attend church and thank God
in his infinite grace and wisdom
and to wish well to our fellow i
Lanson C. Ervin
Mr. Lanson C. Ervin, 70 years,
2915 North 26th Street, passed
away Monday November 5th at
a local hospital. Mr. Ervin had
been a resident of Omaha forty
eight years. He was a retired
stationary fireman from the Post
Office where he had been employ
ed for over forty years. Mr. Ervin
was a veteran of World War One,
member of Alonzo Post No. 1361
Veterans of Foreign Wars, mem
ber of the St. John’s AME Chureb.
He is survived by his wife, Mrs.
Jessie W. Ervin, Omaha; two
brothers, Mr. Walter Ervin. Los
Angeles, California. Mr. Jasper
(Jick) Ervin. Omaha and other
j Funeral services were held ten
o'clock Friday morning from St.
I John’s AME Church with the Rev,
S H. Lewis officiating, assisted
I by Presiding Elder John Adams,
' Sr., Rev. Anna Burton. Alonzo
Post No. 1364 V.F.W. was in
charge of Military rites and ser
ved as pall bearers. Interment
was in Soldiers Circle at Forest
Lawn Cemetery with arrange
ments by the Thomas Funeral
’ Ilfllllllllllfllifiaiaiiaaaa■aaiaaaTTarmm
Dr. Bunche
Middle East
New York. . .(CNS) . . As the
United Nations sought to imple
ment its “immediate cease-fire '
directive to Britain. France, Egy pt
and Israel in the Middle East
war, UN Secretary General Dag
Hammarskjold once again ap
pointed Dr. Ralph Bunche to a
key spot in the area he is so fam
iliar with. Dr. Bunsche was named
to a three-man watchdog commit
tee to report on the situation
directly to Hammarskjold. Other*
on the committee include UN
Undersecretaries Elya Tcherny
chev of Russia and Constantin
Stavropoulos of Greece.
Is Starting
• Reynolds Knight -
NEW YORK, November 12 —
I The $33-billion federal-state high
way program is starting out at a
moderate pace. So far 107 pro
i jects, to cost around $100 million,
have been awarded. Another
i forty projects, to cost perhaps
S120 million, have been cleared
for bidding later this month.
Affected so far are only 276
i miles of highways in 31 states.
As might be expected, these are
mainly bottleneck projects which
the states concerned had been
hoping to get at for some time.
Approache and the like, not com
ing under tne federal aid pro
gram, account for some of the
/otal. Thus the federal ratio of
spending will be lower than the
nine-to-one approved by Congress;
federal funds of $f6 million and
state monies of $24 million will
be spent.
The slow start should not mini
mize in anyone’s mind the im
mense changes this program will
make in the transportation map
of the country. Routes for the
system have been agreed upon, at
least tentatively. The small
main links in the interstate
| “housekeeping” projects, like the
ones now being approved, will be
! out of the way in a year or so.
Many personal opportunities -
and personal tragedies - lie ahead
as the main route takes shape.
There will be need for new motels,
| new truck stops, certainly new
| gravel pits and similar roadbuild
ing auxiliary industries. On the
other hand, some established
f I
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highway businesses will see their
customers pass by miles away!
Opportunities to apply for em
ployment in the Omaha, Nebras
ka, Post Office were announced
In a bulletin issued this week.
Applications are being accepted
! for Laborer and Janitor positions,'
' which have a starting pay rate of
$2880 a year and $1.38 and $1.49
an hour respectively, and are
open only to persons entitled to
veteran preference who reside In
the delivery area, or are bona
fide patrons, of the post office
named above.
Further information and blanks I
may be obtained at the Room 404
Post Office.
In 1921, there were 8.1 homi
cides per 100.000 people, and in
1931 it was 9.2; now it is 6.5.
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beans, hamburgers, Cola drinks,
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Man or Woman, from this area, wanted to service and collect
from automatic vending machines. No Selling. Age not essen
tial. Car, references, and $600 investment necessary. 7 to 12
hours weekly nets approximately $250 monthly. Possibility
full time work. For local interview give full particulars, phone.
Write P. O. Box 7047, Minneapolis 11, Minnesota.
1704 North 24fh Street
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; ]
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1104 W.O.W. Building Omaha, Nebraska
.. ... ■ i ■' ■ inns"