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Vol. 30 No. 38 .Friday, November 30, 1956^ _ 10c Per Copy
Singing From Nativity
Scene Will Be Broadcast
Over the Business District
The Nativity Scene will again
be erected at th^ north entrance
area of the County Court House
just like last year. In the last
several weeks the entire display
has been cleaned and recondi
tioned. It will be equally as
beautiful as last year and again
illuminated at night. The lights
are scheduled to be turned on the
evening of Wednesday, November
Following the display last year,
many expressions of favorable
comment were received with the
request that it again be repeated.
Choirs who sang at the Creche
also helped add to the spirit of
the season and they too will be
invited to return. A letter of in
vitation is going forward to all
churches and schools suggesting
that they reserve time to sing
Christmas carols by the Nativity
An amplifying system will en
able the singing to be heard in
the Court House area and
throughout the business district
from amplifiers on top of one of
our tallest buildings and this year
also in the area of 30th and Far
nam from amplifiers on the top of
Sears store.
Arrangements will be made so
that the choirs can sing frem
either by the Nativity Scene or
from the inner-lobby of the Court
House If the weather Is incle
ment. An organ is provided for
musical accompaniment. A list
of choirs making time reserva
tions will be available as soon as
the reservations arc conf.rmcd.
Choirs maWhg reservations are
contacting the Associated Retail
ers office.
OMAHA George T. Wruck, Gen
eral Manager
Edwin Covert
Heads March
of Dimes
Edwin B. Covert, 33, has been
named Douglas County Chairman
for the 1957 March of Dimes.
Mr. Covert said Wednesday
that the theme for the January
polio fund campaign will be "Let's
finish the job,” to help point up
"the fact that polio isn’t licked
il i "During the first ten months oi’ I
this year,’’ Mr. Covert said, “the j
Douglas County Chapter has'
spent over $61,000, and we have
unpaid bills amounting to over
Most of the money went to
help 102 patients, who either con
tracted polio in 1956 or were car
ry overs from other yeara, Mr.
Covert said.
„And we also have the problem ,
of getting more complete vaccina
tion, especially in the young a
dult segment of the population.
Most people don't realize that
respirator cases in the country
over seventy percent of all polio
are over 20 yeara old,” he added
"Polio is no longer considered as
necessarily a children's disease.”
According to Mr. Covert, the
smallest amount of money spent
on a tingle Douglas County polio
case up to November 1 was $56.60.
The most expensive case for the
same period was $ 10.224.84.
A gossip is someone who pumps
to conclusion.
Chas. McSimmons
Mr. Charles McSimmons, 79
years, 1820 North 27th Street,
passed away Saturday afternoon
November 17th at a local hospital.
Mr. McSimmons had been a resi
dent of Omaha 50 years and was
a tailor by trade, having owned
and operated his tailor shop for
a number of years. He was a
member of the Zion Baptist
Church, Rescue Lodge No, 4,
F. & A M. (P.H.A.) Joshua David
Kelly Consistory No. 27, Past
Potentate of Zaha Temple No. 52
of the Mystic Shrine, former mem- j
ber of the Most Worshipful Grand
Lodge of Nebraska and Jurisdic
tion (P.H.A.)
Mr. McSimmons is survived by
his wife, Mrs. Bertha W. McSim
mons, Omaha, brother, Mr. Base
Simmons, Paris, Texas, two si*
ters, Mrs. Maggie Finch, Wichita
Falls, Texas, Mrs, Maryetta
Burddette, Paris, Texas, and
other relatives.
Consistory 32 Degree Scotish
Rites services were held at ten
o'clock Tuesday night at the
Thomas Funeral Home by Joshua
David Kelly Consistory No. 27.
Funeral services were held two
o'clock Wednesday afternoon from
the Zion Baptist Church with the
F. C. Williams officiating, as
sisted by Rev. Rhodes. Rescue
Lodge No. 4F.& A M. (PHA) John
Henry W.M. were in charge of the
Masonic Rites. Interment was at
Mount Hope Cemetery.
Charter To
Permit Street
Certain provisions of the pres
ent City Charter which will be
come city ordinances December
1 came under the scrutiny of the
Board of Directors of the Omaha
Chamber of Commerce yesterday
(Tuesday noon, November 27).
The pro visions, concerning
streets and sidewalks, restricted
improvements in Omaha in their
present form, Chamber President
M. Cooper Smith said.
The Chamber directors recom
mended a number of modifications
in the present Charter provisions,
all 6t which will facilitate the
building of expressways and arter- |
ial highways as future needs die
tate in Omaha.
Among the modifications pro
posed by the Chamber are pro
visions to permit the adding of
lanes to Omaha streets, widening
streets, raising or lowering grade
levels to permit construction of
any required bridges or under
Because of the degree of in
terest and enthusiasm shown in |
the past, World Radio Laborator
ies will offer another course in |
Amateur Radio. This course will!
include eight classes and will
present both the practical and ,
simple, theoretical side of the,
Amateur Radio hobby, preparing
the student for taking an examina
tion for his Novice License and
eventually going “on the air!"
Classes meet on Tuesday and
Thursday evenings from 6:30 to
8:30 P.M. at World Radio Labora
tories, 3415 West Broadway in
Council Bluffs. The instructor is
a licensed "ham.” Classes have
a limited enrollment in order to
I allow maximum individual at
tention. ,
This course is scheduled to be
gin Tuesday evening, November I
27th Anyone beyond the age of;
10 years, who is a citizen of the,
United States, may take this free
| instruction and the necessary!
examination at the conclusion of
the course, to obtain his operator's
license and station call letters.‘
Registration prior to the first class
may be made at World Radio
Laboratories, or by phoning Jack
Floridan Named Queen
irtg Evelyn Bullock, a senior ele
mentary education major from
Lake City, Florida, reigned su
preme during the homecoming
festivities at Florida A and M
University on November 2-4. Miss
Bullock's attendants were Char
lotte Gail Carter, junior attendant
j from Jacksonville; and La Kay
B e a sley, sophomore attendant
from Tallahassee. (A and M staff
Suit Claims White And
Negro Woman Fought on Bus
Little Rock, Ark. (CNS) A white
woman has filed a suit for
$75,000 damages claiming that she
was seriously hurt when a Negro
woman—Mrs. Dorothy May Payne
—sat down beside her on a Little
Rock bus.
The white woman, Mrs. Freeda
Wright, says during the scuffle
which resulted after Mrs. Payne
sat beside her, she suffered a skull
fracture, brain concussion, scrat
ches and bruises. She claims, too, |
that when she tried to move after
Mrs. Payne sat beside her, then
Mrs. Payne attacked her.
The white woman names both
Mrs. Payne in her suit and the
Citizens Coach Co. which began
integrated seating last May. She
also charged that Mrs. Payne is a
member of the NAACP.
Worry About
Their Decline
Brooklyn, N. Y. (CNS) As the
! National League Champions wing
I ed their way back to the states,'
I there was much speculation as to
I what had happened to the team
lover the winter. Losing four in
'Japan with one a draw and win
ning fourteen is said to be the
worse record of an American team.
Japanese thought they had the
clue on the Dodgers’ decline when
they commented: “The Yankees
would always try for an extra
base on a hit. Some of the J)od*
ger runners stopped dead." An
other thought: "When the Dodgers
hit, they hit all together. When
they are cold, nobody can hit."
Even the usual ever confident
Buzzy Bavasi seemed worried as 1
the team departed. As to next
year’s chances of winning, Bavasi
'prefixed every statement with “If
Campanella hits 60 more points—
has a normal year, not a great
one, if Campanella's operation
turns out all right....” A lot de
pends on Campanella evidently.
Sydney, Australia (CNS) Althea
Gibson took on the New South
Wales* single title to add to her
French and Italian championships
when she finally beat Shirley Frye
of St. Petersburg, Florida, 10-8
and 6-2 on the all-Ameriear final.
Althea had been beaten by Shir
ley twice this year in important
matches at Wimbledon and .forest
son 0348 or Council Bluffs 2-0277
and making arrangements with
Jim Noland.
Johnny Shobe
Mr. Johnny Shobe, 44 years
2820 Franklin Street, passed away
Sunday November 18th at a local
hospital. Mr. Shobe had been a
resident of Omaha four years and
was an employee of the Swift
; Tacking Company. ^
| He is survived by his wife, Mrs.
I Mildred Shobe, two dauhters,
Helen and Malinda Kae, son,
I Johnny Jr., mother, Mrs. Amanda
Shobe, of Omaha, five sisters,
Mrs. Catherine Johnson, East St.
' Louis, Illinois, Mrs. Cleo Walls,
1 Madison, Illinois, Miss Edith
Shobe, Mrs. Neliie Adams, Mrs.
Larlene Jefferson, Omaha, five
brothers, Robert, Detroit, Michi
gan, Abraham, Clarence, Daviu.
Omaha, M. Sgt. Joseph H. Shobe,
U. S. Army, Tacoma, Washington,
Harold Shobe, Wichita, Kansas,
aunt, Mrs. Chaney Johnson, Chi
cago, Illinois and a host of other
Funeral services were held at
ten o'clock Saturday morning
November 24th from the Salem
Baptist Church with the Rev.
W. E. Fort, officiating, assisted by
Rev. M. J. Bradford, Rev. J. O.
White. Rev. C. C. Pettis, Rev. C.
McMorris. Pallbearers, Messrs.
F. L. Wesley, J. L. Watkins, Willie
Watson, Harry Johnson, Roose
velt Brown, W. R. Johnson, Ed
Horton, A. C. Fields. Burial was
at Mt. Hope Cemetery with ar
rangements by Ihe Thomas Funer
al Home. • ,
In iflOO, church membership in
the United States was 36 per cent
of the population, in 1940 it was
49 per cent, in 1930 it was 57 per
cent and in 1955 it had reached
60.9 per cent.
Hard work is an accumulation
N)f easy thing^pu didn’t do when
you shouldt4MP done them.
What this country needs is a
medium priced power mower that
can, be operated from an air-con
ditioned room.
i -
Los Angeles, Calif. (CNS) The
Church Federation of Los Angeles
made a survey of Los Angeles’
protestant churches and found that
both Negroes and Orientals are
still being excluded in most of
Only two of twenty-two denom
inations have more than three in
tegrated churches and fourteen
sects have no racial integration.
In fact, integration really con
sists of just a handful of non
whites in a predominately white
' • __
YW Christmas
Festival Is
The Annual Y.W.C.A. CHRIST
MAS FESTIVAL will be held at
the YWCA Wednesday, December
5th from 7-9 P.M.
This year the “Y” is sponsoring
an “ALL-FAMILY” event and ex
tends a cordial invitation to all
YWCA members, their friends and
families to attend.
On the program agenda are:
tree and window decorating, carol
ing, reading of the Christmas
Story and games. Refreshments
will be served. There will be no
Planning committee for the
FESTIVAL include: Mmes H. F.
Courtwright, Chairman; Robert
Chase, H. H. Hahn, Ralph Mayo,
Charles Nye, Halsey Davidson,
Jene Jordan, Floyd C. Patton,
Harold Diers, and the Misses Kar
e Planck, Barbara Long, Beverly
Jean Murray.
The Reverend Paul Leap, Minis
ter of Education at the Dundee
Presbyterian Church, will read the
Christmas Story.
Caterer Died
November 26
Mrs. Helen Mahammitt, age S'7
years, of 2703 Binney Street, one
of Omaha's foremost caterers, died
Monday November 20, 1956 in a
local hospital after a month's ill
ness. For 45 years her culinarv
ablities graced the city’s tables.
In 1905 Mrs. Mahammitt form
ed a catering business with her
lfte husband, Thomas P. Ma
hammitt. Her interest in pre
paring good food was such ihat
in 1027 she ended a European
vacation trip by taking home a
diploma from a Paris cooking
Following her husband's death
in 1950, Mrs. Mahammitt retired.
She also conducted cooking
rchools and was interested in
seeing new brides get off on the
right foot by leamin how to pre
pare a delectable meal.
Mrs. Mahammitt was a member
of St. Philips Episcopal Church,
and for many years president of
St. Andrews Guild.
Mrs. Mahammitt is survived by
three nieces; Mrs. Edessa Spears
of Battle Creek, Michigan; Mrs.
Alice Sparks of Toledo, Ohio; and
Mrs. Daisy T.see" Pasadena.
Funeral services were held
Thursday November 29, 1956 at
2:00 P.M. from the St. Philips
Episcopal Church with Father
S. N. Jacobs officiating. Inter
Christmas Lights Turned On
In Downtown Omaha Friday j
Mayor John Rosenblatt threw
a switch at 6:30 P.M. Friday to
light the Christmas street decor
ations in downtown Omaha.
W. D. Lane, president of the
Downtown Omaha Association
which is financing the decorations
said that they are the greatest in
Omaha’s history, with more gilt
er.more sparkle and brighter
lights than ever before.
E. J. Crafentin,, who is direct
ing the erection of the decora
tions for Sterling Electric Com
pany, said the 250 light bulbs in
the Christmas ornaments will
consume 103,000 watts during
each evening hour from Novem
ber 23 through December 31st.
Gives Boost
To TB Sales
Nebraska’s Governor Victor An
derson has offered congratulations
to the Nebraska Tuberculosis As
sociation and its affiliates in each
county on the occasion of the
fiftieth annual Christmas Seal
“Fighting TB through purchases
of Christmas Seals has become a
tradition worthy of this most
traditional season” Governor An
derson said. “It’s true that in
our nation more than seven mil
lion lives have been saved from
TB in this half century, but the
battle must not let up.”
In urging Nebraskans to contri
bute, the Governor pointed out
that while it is our purpose to
make Nebraska a better place to
live and work and raise our fam
ilies, disease with its physical and
emotional suffering and economic
loss is a constant enemy of our
“A new case of tuberculosis is
reported every fifth minute, and
every twenty-ninth minute one
life is taken by this insidious kill
er in the United States alone,”
Governor Anderson quoted. He
explained that each county tuber
culosis organization in Nebraska is
a voluntary group of public-spirit
ed citizens devoted to the task of
educating for health, finding ac
tive cases of tuberculosis, nursing
activities and other related ser
“The success or failure of tuber
culosis control in Nebraska de
pends entirely upon us,” he said.
“Since 94 per cent of the funds
raised in our state will be used
right hgce at home, I am sure
our people will contribute gener
ously to this year’s campaign.”
ment was in the family plot at
forest Lawn Cemetery.
Honorary Pallbearers Messrs
Earl Wheeler, Frank Blackwell,
Roland West, Bert Johnson.
Active Pallbearers Messrs Al
fonso Hayden, Arthur Hayden,
Hezekiah Stewart, Nathaniel Gold
stein, Charles Dickerson and Le
roy Wright.
Myers Brothers Funeral Ser
vice. *
The population of the United
States is increasing at a net rate
of about 7,000 a day. and within
20 years we may have a total of
220,000,000 in the country.
At the principal intersections j
downtown, garlands rise from
each of the four corners and join
in the intersection center at a
height of about 55 feet. Stars, 36
inches in size, crown the joining
of the garlands. The garlands are
of three-color aluminum foil, 10
inches wide. Plastic bells, 18 and
20 inches in height, hang from the
garlands. Six- feet-high plastic
figures of Santa Claus and Christ
mas trees have been placed and
lighted on the electric poles.
The Downtown Omaha Associa
tion will also sponsor Santa Claus
on an early visit to Downtown O
maha. The Association has ar
ranged for him to visit orphanages
and children’s wards of hospitals
on Sunday, November 25. On
Monday and Tuesday, he will be
Downtown during shopping hours
giving free rides in his sleigh to
all youngsters. Omaha Junior
Chamber members, under the di-j
rection of board member John W.;
Madden, Jr., will aid Santa in his!
The 40-foot long sleigh is motor
ized with mechanical reindeer out
in front. Santa is Robert J.
George, formerly a Cozad, Nebras-|
ka, barber. He began playing1
Santa as a hobby in 1949. Now
it's a business and his 1956 tourj
will include an appearance at the!
Washington, D. C. “Pageant of
Peace”, as well as visits to Wis
consin, Minnesota, Colorado, Kans
as, Iowa and Nebraska.
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