The Omaha guide. (Omaha, Neb.) 1927-19??, August 31, 1956, Page Four, Image 4

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    WANTED: Houses, Apartments, and
the Names and Addresses of people
that are looking for a place to stay;
and for people who want to rent an
apartment. Call HA 0800.
FOR RENT: One single room
for working woman at 2114
Burdette St. Call Ja. 6684.
FOR KENT: Nice large room for
couple. Share kitchen. Ultilities'
paid. Call HA. 0800.
ED: We want to rent that
Apartment you have for Rent.
Call HA 08*0.
« • want to Mil that cm or track
yon have to sale. Call HA 0800.
We want to aell that piece of
furniture you have, for sale.
Call HA 0800.
REMEMBER We are la the Rent
ing and aelling business. Give
us a ring- HA 0800.
HA 0800.
The Waller Radio Re
pair Shop, which was
located at 1904 North
24th St has moved to
2525 North 20th St 1
block north from Lake
St. on the north side
of North 20th St
WOMEN sew easy ready-cut house
coats at home. Earn from $17.40
to $26.16 dozen Write — AC
CURATE STYLE, Freeport, New
FOR RENT: Several nice exclusive
rooms for men. Price reasonable.
Call HA 0600.
FOR RENT: Room for working
man Call At. 5674.
WANTED TO RENT: 3-room a
partment north cf Lake St
that will accept children. Call
Ja. 5087.
FOR RENT: Nice sleeping room.
Call PL 2796.
FOR RENT: Two nice rooms for
at in only. Nice location. Call
PI. 5119.
FOR RENT: A furnished 2 room
Apt. Call PL. 1981. Mrs Bodie
room apartment. Call JA 1825
after 5 P.M.
WANTED-I'd-RENT: A 4 room
house. Call Mrs. Cobbs. PL.8063.
ALYST. The stars impel but do
not compel. $1 per question.
Send birth dates. 738 W. Wash.,
Council Bluffs, Phone 3 - 1956,
FOR RENT: Three 2-room furnish
ed apartments. Three 3-room
furnished apartments. Two 4
room furnished apartments. Call
HA uSOu.
FOR RENT: We will have a four
room unfurnished apartment to
rent on August 15, 1956 better
come in now, see it. These four
large rooms on North Lake St.
You have your own private
bath All for only $17.50 per
week. Call HA 0800.
FOR RENT: One furnished room
for a working woman or man.
% block from two bus lines.
Call PL 4645.
FOR RENT: One 4 room unfur
nished Apt. 1>,4 block from
bus line. Call Ha 0800 before
9:30 a.m. or after 4:30 p.m.
FOR RENT: A lovely 2-rson: furn
ished apartment at 3007 Bur
, dette St. CaU after 5:30 P.M.
PR 2158.
FOR RENT: A 2-room furnished
apartment for working couple
will accept one or two small
children. Call PR 0873.
We have a mother with five
children who is having a hard time
keeping shelter over their heads.
She can afford to pay 175.00 or
$80 00 a month rent. She will
make someone a good steady ten
ant. She is now living in the
housing project. Her daughter
got married a few weeks ago due
to this fact she has been ordered
to vacate. She gets child assist
ant Aid and her daughter gets a
check from the army for her per
sonal support She has s good
record of having her children
under good control. And a good
record of paying her rent on
tlm*uh«d except for Refrigerator
RfiahtTwaant the Omaha
FOR RENT: 2 3-room Apt. Un
furnished. All utilities paid
by owner. Call PI. 0256 or
Ja. 3634.
FOR RENT: One 5 room Apt un
furnished. Ail utilities paid by
owner. Call PI. 0256 or Ja. 3634.
FOR RENT: 2 or 3 room furnish
ed Apt. Also 1 single furnish
ed room for working man or
woman. 2603 No. 18th St. or
Call At. 8817.
room unfurnished apartment or
a 4 or 5 room house. Call Mr.
Jackson, Ha. 3690.
FOR RENT: One furnished room
kitchenette at 1924 Locust St.
Phone Pr. 0673.
For Sale: Large uphol
stered new chair, cheap
New Corduroy trous
ers, $1.50. Shoes. Phone
Ke. 0637. 5348 N. 25th
FOR RENT: One 3-room unfur
nished apartment. One 2-room
furnished apartment One 3
room furnished apartment. Call
HA 0800
FOR RENT: One lovely furnished
room with the use of the kit
chen. At very reasonable price.
In a good Christian home. Call
HA 0800 >4 block from bus line.
FOR RENT: One 3-room furnished
apartment and one single room
furnished for a working man.
Call PL 5003 or call at 2004 Wirt
Street. Mrs. Davis. Be sure and
say you read this in the Guide.
FOR RENT: 3 large nice furnish
ed rooms for a working man or
woman at 2422 Erskine Street.
Call PL 4703. Also a 3 room
unfurnished apartment.
FOR RENT: One large Kitchenette
apartment. One large room to
the front. Two one-room large,
with side entrance. Both of the
downstairs partments can have
use of kitchen. Call HA 0800.
FOR RENT: One 3-room unfurn
ished apartement with stove and
refrigerator furnished. All utilities
paid by owner. Call PR 0911.
Mrs. Howard, 2220 Pratt St. or
Call HA 0800. Private bath
FOR RENT: 2 room furnished a
partment. Will accept one or 2
small children. This apt. is
north of Lake St., only ft block
from bus line. Call before 9:30
a m. HA 0800.
FOR RENT: A 3 room furnished
Apartment and One single sleep
ing room for man or woman.
Call PL 1981
FOR RENT: A 2 room furnished
kitchenette at 1924 Locust or
call Pr, 0676.
FOR RENT. 2 room furnished
Apt., 2518 Seward Stret. Call
JA. 8524
man or woman, from this area,
wanted to service and collect
from automatic vending ma
chines. No selling. Age not
essential. Car, references, and
$600 investment necessary. 7
to 12 hours weekly nets ap
proximately $250 monthly. Pos
sibility full time work. For
local interview give full par
ticulars, phone. Write P.O.
Box 7047, Minneapolis 11,
FOR RENT' 1 four room furnish
ed apartment. All utilities
paid by owner, ft block from
bus line. Call Ha? 0800
FOR RENT: A 3-room partly
furnished basement apartment.
Very reasonable. Call Ha. 0800.
FOR RENT: A 3-room unfurnish
ed apartment. Call Ha. 0800.
FOR RENT: 4-room unfurnished
apartment. Only one block
from bus line. Call Ha. 0800.
FOR RENT: One 7-room fur
nished house. Only 2 blocks
from bus line. Call Ha. 0800.
Need a Lift?
Try Astrology.
Hollywood Stan Consult
Their Astrologer,
Phone 3-1996, Council Bluffs
FOR RENT: 3 unfurnished
rooms with private bath. Call
ft MU.
FOR RENT One 3 room unfur
niched apartment. Ready to
W'/t% in 320-86. Call Ha. 0800
FOR RENT: One 4room un
furnished apartment Phone
Ha 0800
FOR RENT: One 5-room unfur-1
wished apartment Private en-(
trance. Only $40.00 per month, i
Call Ha. 0800.
FOR RENT: One 2-room apart
ment and one 3-room apart
ment Call PI. 3566. j
FOR RENT: 3 room unfurnished
apartment. Stove and refrig
ator. Only $70.00 per month.
All utilities paid by owner.
Call Pr. 0911.
FOR RENT: 3-rooir. apartment,
furnished or unfurnished at
2004 Wirt Street. Phone PI 50G3.
1. Current labor peace and steady
union progress are proof of
basic soundness of T-H under
proper administration. Work
stoppages havl fallen from
121,000 man-days idle in three
latest Truman years to 79,000
in last three Republican years.
And 1955 strike losses are way
down—down 53% in ’55 com
pared to Truman’s last year.
2. Fourteen improvements pro
posed by President Eisenhower
were submitted to Congress in
January '54 covering secret
strike ballots. non-Communist
oaths, secondary boycotts,
strike settlement recommenda-1
tions, injunctions, contract re
opening, welfare funds, bar
gaining rights, check-offs, free
speech, union reports, respon
sibility for members. State jur
isdiction in emergencies, union
shop and prehire agreements
in maritime, construction and
amusement industries.
3. But this program to revise T-H
was killed in 83rd Congress by
solid vote of 46 Democrat Sen
ators recommitting the bill. No
T-H revision has come .'eom
Democrat 84th Congress.
1. Weekly Wages are at a record
high, averaging nearly 12.7%
higher in '55. the latest Re
publican year, in peacetime,
than in ’52, the latest Demo
crat year, in war-time. ($76.61
vs. $67.97 gross average week
ly earnings in manufacturing.)
2. Hourly Wage Rates in manu
facturing are also at a new
high, the last Republican peace
year, over 1952, the latest
Democratic war year. ($1.88 vs
3. Moreover the loss in buying
power of 12c or nearly 1/8 of
each wage dollar from inflation
in the last three years under
Truman has been cut to less
than 3/4 of a cent in the first
three years under Eisenhower,
a striking gain in the Republi
can fight against the hidden
back-door losses of inflation.
4. 1955 strike losses down 53%
from Truman's last year. Tru
man’s seven-year post-war rec
ord averaged 93% more man
days per year idle than Ike
Administration three-year rec
May Break
Acid Case
New York (AP)—The net tight
ened Monday around the shadowy
figure who ordered acid thrown
into the eyes of columnist Victor j
Riesel. '
Williams returned from a world I
tour and took persona! charge of
the investigation. “We expect to
crack this case this week," he
said. These developments follow
ed in swift succession:
A man’s body was found near
Westbury. Long Island, slain in
gangster fashion. He had a bullet
in his head and his hands were
cut off, apparently to make iden-j
tification harder.
Apparently Conn acted
Authorities were trying to de
termine if it was the body of j
Louis Musto. 24, a hijacker ap
parently connected in some way
with Abraham Telvi, the dead
hoodlum said to have actually
thrown the acid that blinded Mr. j
Mrs. Rose D’Argenio, 42, con
victed of contempt of court for
refusing to talk to a Federal
grand jury investigating the Rie
sel case, reversed herself and
answered the jury's questions.
Police said Musto apparently
ties into the Riesel case In this
Musto was convicted in ab
sentia early this month on a
charge of possessing 30 thousand
dollars in stolen furs.
"One great advantage in being
old is that you can stand for
more and fall fur lea."
The Last Word
By Elizabeth Davis Pittman
The issue of civil rights is all
important so far as the making
or breaking of Party strength to
at least 17,000 Negro voters and
a vast additional portion of the
voting populace is concerned al
so. It is the plank of the plit
form in the Democratic party
on which Stevenson seemed to
vacillate, the plank on which
Iruman and Harriman wanted
the Party to stand firm and the
plank in the Republican platform
about which the Republicans
lepeat: “Look at the record."
There can be no two ways a
bout it. They are all right to
seme extent. Truman said that he
had done more than any other
President because civil rights
legislation was initiated in his
administration and Harriman's
state of New York is one of the
most liberal in the union in deal
ing with peoples of all races, col
ors and creeds. But Truman has
said that the Democratic plank
proposed and adopted in 1956 is
the most liberal they have ever
had and so they should be satis
fied with it.
Stevenson deemed it unneces
sary to mention the desegrega
tion decision in the platform be
cause. like any good lawyer, it
should stand out as a fact accom
plished so far as its results are
concerned because the supreme
law of the land is embodied in the
Constitution which guarantees to
all people equal protection of the
law and the Supreme Court has
but interpreted the Constitution
and the meanings inherent in that
great document. However, he has
been branded a “moderate.” This
is an unusual appraisal this year
of Stevenson because until he be
came a real handshaking politi
cian in his stumping campaign
during the primaries, he was
labelled an intellectual who was
liberal, but it would Seem that he
might have taken a less aggres
sive view in order to keep the
white Southern Democratic voters
Now, there is Eisenhower who
came to office a national hero
and, despite three and one-half
years of service, remains a hero
in the eyes of millions of Ameri
can people. They are doing no
name calling and they are hurl
ing no epithets at this wartime
and peacetime hero. Eisenhow
er’s supporters are saying look
at the record and when one does,
the desegragation decision looms
j large on the asset side of his ad
! ministration. As was said during
I the reading of the Republican
platform, the Americans need no
affirmation that all people are
; equal. But both parties state that
j force will not be used in any way
to enforce this Supreme Court
decision and recourse must be
had in the courts.
The Republicans, in every
aspect of their convention, have
emphasized the ideal of human
and individiual freedom and as
the Honorable Herbert Hoover,
Sr., the grand old man of the
R e p u b 1 ican convention, this
means ordinary freedom and free
dom from government controls.
Dewey, the other spokesman for
the party, blasted away at the
Democrats by pointing out that
"our purpose is to be strong
enough to prevent war and skill
ful enough to avoid having to use
it”; thus giving the citizen indi
vidual security. Dewey painted
a picture of Uncle Sam in the
person of Ike Eisenhower that
was unblemished in character,
wanting only blue skies and cap
able of having only blue skies if
they continue to steer the present
Well, they’ve all spoken, the
facts are ours to analyse.
Look at both the records, war
time and peace, depression and
prosperity and then determine
which will reap more progress.
Its Stevenson and Kefauver chal
lenging in the Democratic corner
; and Eisenhower and Nixon hold
! ing the fort in the Republican
I corner.
Ike Advises:
Play And
Work Hard
President Eisenhower had this
advise for 200 Young Republicans
from 42 States attending the re
cent five-day leadership training
school here:
"Everybody ought to be happy
every day. If you don't have
some fun every day, that day is
wasted. You have a long time
on this earth and if you will meet
all your problems as they come
up and get the satisfaction of a
job well done—play hard—have
fun doing it—be true to your
friends—stick with them—despite
wickedness and dictatorship and
oppression of humans, I think
you will have a lot of fun every
single day.
"And that is what it ought to
be—life ought to be an accumula
tion of Chose happy days. .
YRs Campaign Committee
A Young Republican Campaign
Coir-nittee has been set up to
speed material to' workers and
help expand State organizations
through fund-raising activities.
Headquarters. 2500 Q Street, NW,
Washington, D. C.
Drill Team
To Cincinnati
The officers ami the Uniform
Rank drill team of Omaha Sey
mour Camp 16 will leave Thursday
to compete Saturday (Aug 18) in
Cincinnati for the Woodmen of the
World national degree team cham
pionship. Part of the Omaha par
ty will leave by train at 11:45 p.m.,
arriving in Cincinnati at 5:45 p.m.
Friday. Others will travel by car,
leaving the same day.
The Omaha team will face Knox
ville (Tenn.) Camp 875, Roanoke
(Va ) Camp 66 and Kannapolis
(N. C.) Camp 302, trying for its
fourth straight title, in the Nether
land Hilton Hotel.
The team winning the champion
ship will exemplify the Society’s
ritualistic work at ita national con
vention next summer. Kannapolis,
because it performed at last year’s
convention, is ineligible to go to
the 1957 convention.
Woodmen of the World is the
financially strongest fraternal
benefit society in the world
Six Home Office officials will
leave Tuesday night They are
H. M Lundgren, President; Max B
Hurt, Executive Vice President; J.
R. Simms, Secretary; C. W. Good
win, Vice President and Assistant
Secretary: E. E. "Blue" Howell,
commending general of Wood
men's Uniform Rank; and H. L.
Rosenblum, Director of Public Re
j Other members of the party
making the trip are: Norbert Nel
son, Consul Commander; John
Bohrer, Past Consul Commander;
Cliff King, Adviser Lieutenant and
wife; Harry Nelson, Banker, and
wife; Rudy Pakieser, Escort; Carl
Bohringer, Captain; Edward Erik
son; Bene Stark; Lou Stokes; Joe
Beacom; Jack Smith; Ray Good
win; Harry Witte; Fred Pegler;
Harry Jackson; Mr. and Mrs. Dick
Lomax; Mr. and Mrs. Joe Pousar;
{Mr. and Mrs. Harold Burke; Mr.
and Mrs. Tom Heafey and J. B.
Frank Kretschmer and James
McClaren, both of Omaha, are a
mong the seven Uniform Rank
Lieutenant Colonels on the board
of judges for the competition.
Egypt Expels
Two British Protestant mission
school teachers last month were
ordered expelled from Egypt for
allegedly teaching Christianity to
Moslem students. They were
charged with violating a law pas
sed last December which forbids
in any private or government
school the teaching to pupils of
a religion different from that of
their parents. According to the j
law, mission schools must teach
Islam, and state schools must pra {
vide courses in Christianity. Mis-1
sionaries have asked instead that1
Mosiem students be taught at j
home by a sheik.
More than 80% of the world’s;
commercial airline equipment U
of U.S. manufacture.
$4000 Given
At Hereford
Omaha, Nebr. — A total of
$4,000 in premium money will be
offered at the Nebraska State
Hereford Show, Harry B. Coffee,
Chairman of the Ak-Sar-Ben Live
| Stock Show Committee, announced
i Scheduled for September 23 - 28,
it will be one of the features of
the twenty-ninth annual Ak-Sar
Ben Live Stock Show and World
Championship Rodeo, which runs
September 21 - 30.
Mr. Coffee revealed that Ak-Sar
Ben is contributing $3,000 to the
Hereford Show prize list, with the
Nebraska Hereford Association
and the American Hereford Associ
ation each adding $500
Judging of the classes will be
held September 26-27 so that the
hundreds of Midwestern young
sters attending the Ak-Sar-Ben
Show will be able to witness the
Hereford competition.
Mr. Coffee stated premium lists
are being distributed by the Ne
braska Hereford Association, Cen
tral City. All entries must be
post marked not later than Mon
day, September 10.
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raliof... because the STANBACK formula
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COLO discomfort* yield quickly to
STANBACKS proscription formula.
STANBACK tablet* or powder* work
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tired, tore, aching muscles, neuralgia
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Stop pain of piles
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—or money back!
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Stainless Pazo* Instantly relieved
piles' torture! Gave li.‘n-nal and
external relief! 6 medicauly-prov_<l
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lieve pain, itching intlantly! lteduce
swelling. Promote healing You sit,
walk in comfortl Only stainless
pile remedy. 8talnless Pazo* Sup
positories or Ointment at druggists.
‘•Trademark of (trove Utboratoriee. Ins.
Ointment and Snppooitonee.
Half-alive, headachy, when constipa
tion sour, stomach? Black-Draught*
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now la new. ean~to~iake Tablete. too!
j | When constipation
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sertlon and disposition set Srnip at Black*
Draught. They loe. this honer-swest Usald*
manager of the Nebraska Hereford
Association, Emil Rezac, Hereford
breeder of Tabor, South Dakota,
will judge the show.
Other highlights of the Ak-Sar
Ben show are the world's largest
4-H Beef Show, dairy cattle, swine,
sheep, the Ak-Sar-Ben National
Quarter Horse Show, the Ak-Sar
Ben Cutting Horse Contest, and
the Rodeo starring Gene Autry,
Gail (Annie Oskley) Davis, and the
Cass County Boys.
No admission is charged to the
AkSar-Ben grounds for the judg
ing or to see the livestock exhibits.
However, admission prices of $3.50
for box seats; $2.50, $1.80 and
$1.50 for reserved seats; and $1.20
for standing room will be charged
for the Rodeo in the Coliseum A
Automobile, Furniture end Sifoatore Leona
Automobile Plutctaf
819 First National Bank Bldg. AT 6066
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Spotless Cleaners
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sion — feel jittery, irritable, de
pressed— lust before your period
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escape pre-menstrual tension. so
often the cause of unhappiness.
days” approacni
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Complete New Stock of
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