The Omaha guide. (Omaha, Neb.) 1927-19??, July 27, 1956, Page Four, Image 4

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    WANTED: Houses, Apartments, and
the Names and Addresses of people
that are looking for a place to stay;
and for people who want to rent an
apartment. Call HA 0800.
• ___ ._
FOR RENT: One single room
for working woman at 2114
Burdette St. Call Ja- 6684.
FOR RENT: Nice large room for
couple. Share kitchen. Ultilities
paid. Call HA. 0800.
ED: We want to rent that
A pertinent you havo for Rent.
Can BA 0890.
We want to Mil that car or truck
you have ta sale. Cali HA 0800.
We want to sell that piece of
* furniture you have, for saV.
Call HA 0880.
REMEMBER We are in tha Rent
ing and selling bus inane. Give
us a ring. HA 9808.
HA 8880.
Man or woman from this area to
service new revolutionary Cig
areite Vending Machine. 6 t
10 hours weekly nets up to
approx. $3,000 00 yearly. Great
opportunity for capable person
to expand When fully es
tablished, party selected should
earn $15,000 00 yearly. $1,195.00
cash investment required. Ful
ly secured. For local inter
view give full particulars.
Write P. O. Box 7047, Minne
apolis 11, Minn.
The Waller Radio Re
pair Shop, which was
located at 1904 North
24 th St has moved to
2525 North 20th St 1
block north from Lako
St on the north side
of North 20th St
We will establish you in business
with our capital. If you are
trustworthy and energetic,
write us. No investment or ex
perience needed to start. Part
time or full-time. WINONA
MONUMENT CO. Winona, Minn.
WOMEN sew easy ready-cut house
coats at home. Earn from $17.40
to $26 16 dozen Write — AC
CURATE STYLE, Freeport, New
FOK RENT: Several nice exclusive
rooms for men. Price reasonable.
Call HA 0800.
FOR RENT: Room for working
man. Call At. 5674.
WANTED TO RENT: 3 room a
partment north of Lake St.
that will accept children. Call
Ja. 5087.
FOR RENT: Nice sleeping room.
Call PI. 2796.
FOR Two nice rooms for
men only i’iice location. Cali
PI. 5119. \
$2.00 HOURLY possible dot's
light assembly work at home.
Experience unnece<?sa r y.
CROWN Industries, 7159-Y
Beverly Blvd., Los Angeles 36,
FOR RENT: One newly decorat
ed 3 loom furnished apart
ment. CaU Ha. 0800.
FOR RENT: A furnished 2 room
Apt Call PL. 1981. Mrs. Bodie
room apartment. Call JA 1825
after 5 P M.
house. Call Mrs. Cobbs. PL.8063.
FOR RENT: A beautiful 3 and a
4 room unfurnished Apt. with
modern gas stove and a Re
frigerator furnished. All utili
> paid by owner. In the new
Be. £tiful Malburn Apt. at 21st
and a. p^stte St Call AT. 4114.
After if.gjt Call GL. 1411.
ALYST. The g, ^ impel but do
not compeL $1 question.
Send birth dates. 73c Wash.,
Council Bluffs, Phone v , 1056.
FOR RENT: Three 2-room fund
ed apartments. Three 3-roon.
furnished apartments. Two 4
room furnished apartments. Call
HA 0800.
FOR RENT: A 3 room unfurnish
ed Apt. Stove and Refrigerator
furnished. All utilities paid by
owner. Only $60.00 per month.
Phone HA 0800
FOR RENT: 2 3-room Apt. Un
furnished. All utilities paid
by owner. Call PI. 0256 or
Ja. 3634.
FOR RENT: One 5 room Apt un
furnished. All utilities paid by
owner. Call PI. 0256 or Ja. 3634.
FOR RENT: A 2 room furnished
Apt for a working couple. Call
We. 3372. All utilities paid by
owner. Call at 2524 Caldwell
FOR RENT: 2 or 3 room furnish
ed Apt. Also 1 single furnish
ed room for working man or
woman. 2603 No. 18th St. or
Call At. 8817.
room unfurnished apartment or
a 4 or 5 room house. Call Mr.j
Jackson, Ha. 3690.
FOR RENT: One furnished room
kitchenette at 1924 Locust St.1
Phone Pr. 0673.
For Sale: Large uphol
stered new chair, cheap.
New Corduroy trous
ers, $1.50. Shoes. Phone
Ke. 0637. 5348 N. 25th.
FOR RENT: A 2 room furnished
kitchenette at 1924 Locust or
call Pr. 0676. '
FOR RENT: 1 Beautiful newly
decorated 3-room furnished
Apt. air conditioned. All utili
ties paid by owner. 2537 Pat
rick Ave. Phone Ha. 1378.
FOR RENT: One 3-room unfur
nished apartment. One 2-room
furnished apartment. One 3
room furnished apartment. Call
HA 0800.
FOR RENT: One newly decorat
ed 3-room furnished apart
ment. Close to bus line. Call
Ha. 0800.
FOR RENT: One lovely furnished
room with the use of the kit
chen. At very reasonable price.
In a good Christian home. Call
HA 0800. ^ block from bus line.
FOR RENT: One nice 2-room
furnished apartment with sleep
ing porch. Close in. Call PL
0845. Be sure and say you saw
it in the Guide.
FOR RENT: One 3-room furnished
apartment and one single room
furnished for a working man.
Call PL 5003 or call at 2004 Wirt
Street. Mrs. Davis. Be sure and
say you read this in the Guide.
FOR RENT: 3 large nice furnish
ed rooms for a working man or
woman at 249.2 Erskine Street.
Call PL 4703. Also a 3 room
unfurnished apartment.
FOR RENT: Two 3-room furnished
apartments. One South of Lake
Street and one North of Lake
Street. Call HA 0800.
FOR RENT: One large Kitchenette
apartment. One large room to
the front. Two one-room large,
with side entrance. Both of the
downstairs partmenls can have
use of kitchen. Call HA 0800.
room unfurnished apartment or
a house. Call PL 3876, Mrs.
Starnes. . hree in family.
FC” T’’~ . f: A lovely k.' room furn
ished apartment at 3i/97 Bur
dette St. Call after 5:30 P.M.
PR 2158.
____ I
FOR RENT: 3 large furnished
rooms for working man or wo
man or 3 rooms unfurnished at
2422 Erskine St. Call PL 4703.
FOR RENT: A 2-room furnished
apartment for working couple
will accept one or two small
children. Call PR 0673.
FOR RENT. 2 room furnished
Apt., 2518 Seward Stret. Call
JA. 8524
Apt. or a 4 room house. Will
be glad to look at a large 3
room Apt. Call PL. 8969.
Mrs. Lucille Stewart.
Walt Disney’s “The Great Lo
comotive Chase” is now showing
at the State Theatre in addition
to Walt Disney’s special Cinema
scope special “Men Of The Ar
tie'’ and Technicolor Cartoon.
The next attraction to be
Sl -fm at the State Theatre will
b® ‘ £The Fastest Gun Alive”
starring Glenn Ford, Jeanne
Crain am. ^roderick Crawford,
this is a gr.^ing story of the
west’s violent cU.* with one of
I the most dramatic *jdmaxes of
'any story you’ve ever
Name New
The announcement by the Sec
retaiy of State for the Colonies,
Mr. Alan Lennox-Boyd, that
Jamaican born Mr. Solomon Ho
choy, O.B.E., Deputy Colonial
Secretary, Trinidad, has been ap
pointed Colonial Secretary, Trini
dad, has brought tremendous
ovation from West Indians all
over England.
With this appointment, it is be
ing argued that it will not be
very long before the appointment
of the first native governor in
the West Indies.
Princess Margaret’s tour of
Kenya, Tanganyoka, Zanzibar
and Mauritius, which begins with
her leaving Britain by air on
Setember 21, will include the
opening of the new multi-racial
Royal Technical College in Natro
bi, Kenya.
Acora Airort (GLD COAST) is
being extended to provide facil
ities comparable to those at in
ternational airports elsewhere in
the world.
The International Bank for
Reconstruction and Development
(THE WORLD BANK) has made
fifteen loans in Africa, totalling
about 116 million.
The first African to be pro
moted to the post of Social De
velopment officer in Tanganyika
is Mr. F. J. Mohanu, who studied
at the London School of Econo
The first Sudanese Ambassador
in London to be appointed is Mr.
Sayed Awad Satti. His apoint
ment brings the total number of
Ambassadors to the Court of St.
Jame’s to fifty-nine.
Sayed Awad Satti, aged 55, is
married and has several children.
The formation of a “Friends of
jSatchmo Club”, to do honor to
the music of Louis “Satchmo”
Armstrong, is in process in Lon
don, England.
The organizers are planning
[branches throughout the leading
1 British towns, and intend to
: spread the affair to the Continent
(France, Holland, Germany,
Hon. N. N. Nethersole, Jamai
ca’s Minister of Finance, now in
| London seeking a substantial
loan could not be contacted at
the time of going to press ,but
the grapevine had it to say that
they doubt whether he will get
his substantial loan.
on Vice
An Intimate Message From
By William H. Stringer
This looks like a campaign
year in which we are going to be
hearing a lot about Vice-Presi
On the one side, the Republi
cans are expected to use Vice-j
President Richard M. Nixon ex
tensively to carry the campaign
to the people, if President Eisen
hower sticks to his intention of
conducting mainly a “front porch
campaign” and making his own
appeal mainly via nationwide
television addresses.
On the other side, the Demo
crats are preparing to train their
guns on Vice-President Nixon
particularly. They are ready to
emphasize simultaneously the
health issue and the Vice-Presi
dent’s presumed lack of appeal
to independent voters by their
new slogan: “A vote for Eisen
hower is a vote for Nixon.”
The Democrats also are search
ing diligently for a vice-presiden
tial candidate of their own who
can match Mr. Nixon in cam
paign vigor, who is invulnerable
to the charges of “softness to
communism” which Mr. Nixon
hurled in the 1954 campaign,
and who will enhance the popu
larity among special groups of a
Democratic presidential slate
which is likely to be headed by
Adlai E. Stevenson.
Receiving careful attention is
the able Junior Senator from
Massachusetts, John Kennedy.
Senator Kennedy has an attrac
tive youthful personality, a good
family background, and a strong
record of anticommunism. He is
a devout Roman Catholic. In
the Democratic political spec
trum he is mid-road—not a New
Dealer, not a McCarran-Walter
Senator Kennedys religion is
not rated by Democratic strate
gists as necessarily a political
hazard. It is argued that objec
tion to a Roman Catholic in high
office, which was in part re
sponsible for the defeat of A1
Smith’s bid for the presidency in
1928 by 6,000,000 votes, is de
clining. A recent Gallup Poll
opinion sampling is cited which
found that 73 percent of those
questioned would not oppose a
generally well qualified presi
dential nominee because he was
a Roman Catholic. This is com
pared with 62 per cent in a Gal
lup Poll of 1940.
On the other hand there are
Democrats who argue that if a
candidate starts out with approxi
mately one-quarter of the voters
objecting to him, this is a heavy
The Kennedy candidacy is be
ing seriously considered in the
Stevenson camp. It is argued
that Senator Kennedy’s name on
the ticket might win back to the
Democrats many Roman Catho
lics who voted for General Eisen
hower in 1952. It is argued that
Senator Kennedy is presidential
timber who could be built up for
a future try at the White House.
Weighed against the Massachu
setts senator is his Senate vote
opposing high rigid parity for
farm supports. Mr. Stevenson,
himself, has a moderate record
on farm aid, and the Democratic
politicians suggest he would do
well to find a running mate pos
sessed of a record favoring im
mediate and direct support for
farm prices—Senator Kefauver,
for instance.
Again, it is argued that Sena
tor Kennedy is a “moderate” like
Mr. Stevenson and that the tic
ket should be strengthened by
nominating a New Dealer for
second position. And it is point
ted out that Mr. Kennedy, too,
The Last Word
By Elizabeth Davis Pittman
I don’t know whether the cld
fashioned “burp” is still practic
ed, but the old fashioned picnic
is still with us. I attended one]
of the most enjoyable I have
ever had the pleasure of partici-1
pating in (or perhaps I should
say “indulging in”) when my]
church had its annual picnic out-;
ing a few days ago. The tables]
were piled sigh with barbecue,
meat loaf, wieners, potato salad,
cole slaw, relishes, baked beans,;
green beans, corn pudding, pies,]
cakes and ice cream. Now i]
know how King Farouk got his
spread! I left several pounds
heavier and looking like a little
stuffed toad.
But aside from the games,
camaraderie and general good
fellowship, it gave me a deep]
feeling of satisfaction to see so:
many people who worship to ]
gether. Everyone was smiling
and saying kindly things to his
fellow man and God was in His
Heaven smiling down and know
ing all’s right with the world.
People who have grown up to
gether watched their children
has had a recent prolonged bout
with illness, which might de-em
phasize the health issue in the
Other possibilities under con
sideration are New Jersey’s able
Governor Robert Meyner, who
made a very favorable impres
sion on his Democratic c o 1
leagues as host to the Governors’
convention at Atlantic City; New
Dealish Governor Menneu
“Soapy” Williams of Michigan;
Senator Stuart Symington of
Missouri, favored in southern
circles; Governor Earl Clement
of Tennessee, convention keynot
er; Senator Hubert Humphrey of
Minnesota, and Mayor Wagner of
New York.
Whoever is the choice, Demo
cratic strategists say they intend
to emphasize the vice-presidency.
They will realize that Mr. Eisen
hower, with his towering popular
ity, is almost invulnerable to at
tack . But they believe that the
Republicans are vulnerable in
their selection of Mr. Nixon as
Vice-President. They would like
to develop that vulnerability into
an Achilles’ heel
On the Republican side, when
the 21 Republican Governors at
Atlantic City signed a petition
urging President Eisenhower to
run for reelection, they omitted
any reference to Mr. Nixon.
This was because a few of the
Governors regarded him as
something of a political liability.
If Mr. Nixon receives no fur
ther smudges from the associa
tion with his former campaign
manager, Murray Chotiner, if his
campaign strategy this time is
held to a higher level, if his
speeches are more carefully pre
pared and reflect a more matur
ed judgment, it is conceivable
that Mr. Nixon may turn out to
be a campaign asset to the Re
The Democrats don’t think
that Mr. Nixon can keep to this
course, and one of their hopes is
to needle him into a hard hitting
mud-slinging campaign which
will boomerang against the GOP
playing together. People who
are growing old together remin
isced about past good times.
And there were many who were
members of the parish who have
passed away and are no longer
with us, but these kind, generous
souls have heled make the
parish what it is today.
The parish priest was there
knowing that in his congregation
there was no room for pettiness
and that these people had come
together because they loved the
church and its work. He knew
that getting together for good
wholesome outdoor fun means
growth that will reflect itself as
wc do God’s work on earth.
It is well for all of us to real
ize that in participating in the
work of the church we are con
tributing not only to its growth
but to our own individual
growth. There is no woik so
rewarding as that in the church,
f, for one, came away knowing
that I had received new inspira
tion and that I held a new ad
miration for my fellow members.
Builds A
New House
By (lie Associated Tress
Lee’s Summit, Mo.
A mile and a half south of
this Kansas City suburb, Mrs.
D'orothy Spencer and family are
living in a new, seven-room
frame house. So what, you say?
She built it herself—that's what.
And, we don’t mean that she
‘•built’’ it by offering helpful
suggestions to a crew of skilled
tradesmen. W<- mean she built
it by hand and virtuallv without
Mrs. Spencer’s salesman hus
I band, Richard, pitched in only
when she needed a strong back.
Without anyone’s help, Mrs.
Spencer wired the house, in
stalled the plumbing and floor
ing, papered the walls, and paint
Getting Up Nights
If worried by "Bladder Weakness" (Oet
tlng Up Nights or Bed Wetting, too fre
quent, burning or Itching urination) or
Strong Smelling, Cloudy Urine, due to
common Kidney and Bladder Irritations,
try CYSTEX for quick help. 30 years use
prove safety for young and old. Ask drug
gist for CYSTEX under money-back guar
antee. See how fast you Improve.
cooking is
. . . there's no wasted heat
Once you’ve tried cooking electrically, you’ll agree that an elec
tric range makes a delightful difference in kitchen temperatures dur
ing hot weather.
The reason is that your electric oven is completely insulated—
top, bottom and sides—to keep heat in the oven and out of the
kitchen. Electric surface units cut waste heat, too, because they heat
by direct metal-to-metal contact with cooking utensils. -
That’s one of the important reasons why last year Omaha house
wives purchased more than twice as many electric ranges as any other
Find out for yourself how coo] electric cooking can be, and dis
cover its other advantages, too. You’ll like its cleanliness, safety, and
economy. See your favorite appliance dealer soon.
Omaha Public Power District
ed both the exterior and the in
“We had a full basement pour
ed and I had to get help on the
heavy work, lifting the rafters
and floor joists, but the rest I
did myself,” Mrs. Spencer said.
With the week-end help of her
husband, she completed the job
in 20 months, and had the house
in livable shape in 18 months.
The job wasn’t the initial ven
ture into the construction field
for this young mother of a two
year-old son. She handled her
first project, the remodeling of
a barn and the family’s previous
home, six years ago. That also
was a major task, in which Mrs.
Spencer reduced the bam from
48 to 36 feet in width and used
the lumber she salvaged to re
pair the structure.
Next, she lowered the high
ceilings in the old-fashioned
farm home of her parents, and
she’s been doing general con
struction work ever since.
General housework, caring for
son Charles, and building pro
ects don’t leave much time for
Mrs. Spencer to follow such or
dinary feminine hobbies as sew
ing or gardening.
Since the house was finished,
she’s embarked on a new job—
remodeling the garage at a
neighbor’s home into a combina
tion greenhouse.
“I’m like most people,” Mrs.
Spencer insisted. “If I have just
a little to do, I’ll sit and look at
it, but if there are a lot of things
to be done, I get to it.”
i ___
Village Planetarium
The new $3,000,000 planetarium at
Chapel Hill, N. C„ *lxth to bo built
la America, ia the only one in the
world located in a village.
Stop pain of piles
today at home
—or money back!
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Stainless Pazo* instantly relieved
piles’ torture! Gave internal and
external relief! 6 medically-proved
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walk in comfort! Only stainless
pile remedy. Stainless Pazo® Sup
positories or Ointment at druggists,
vrmtiemorfe of Grove Laboratories, /no.
Ointment and Suppositories.
Half-alive, headachy, when conitlpa
tion sours stomach? Black-Draught*
relieves constipation overnight.
Helps sweeten sour stomach too.
Laxative-Stomach Sweetener Works Ovorolfht!
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vegetable herbs. Thoroughly but
gently uncorks clogged Intestines.
Brings comforting relief In morning.
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Black-Draught today.
•In Powder or Granulated form . . and
now In new, eosv-to-take Tablet!, tool
HMHIHUPHOI When constipation
lUjUlUUMill sours children's di
gestion snd disposition, gat Byrup ot Black -
Draught. They love this honey-sweat liquid ’
Automobile, Furniture and Signature Lean*
Automobile Financing
819 First National Bank Bldg. AT 50b 6
Spotless Cleaners
1704 North 24th Street
Quality Workmanship-We Lead, Others Follow
Claytee Brazier Phone AT 8526
• .*
Make these easy Peter Pan Roll-Ups!
nFrankly” speaking—they’re fabulousl
Peter Pan Roll-Ups
Cut lengthwise slit in each hot dog -in_°t quite
all the way through). Smear slit v’th pre
pared mustard or chili sauce. Stuff wiu'.thin
sticks of tangy cheese, canned pineapple, -pr
grated sharp cheese with grated onion o.
pickle relish added. Wrap each hot dog,
spirally, with strip of bacon. Secure with
pick. Grill or broil, turning, until bacon is
crisp and franks are hot. Tuck into buttered,
toasted Peter Pan Finger Rolls.
<?*t ethar Patar Pan ratipat at your groear'i
\ r
A real cool Idea for hot summer nlghtsl
• Plan a meal around Peter Pan Sliced Finger
’ Rolls, fancied up with your favorite “fixings.”
‘They’re so many ways. Always
fresh and delicious. Keep plenty on hand for
quick, easy summertime treats 1
For Tastier Meals—Pick Peter Pan Finger Rolls V
i 1
v '*'* ~~ • >