The Omaha guide. (Omaha, Neb.) 1927-19??, May 18, 1956, Page Four, Image 4

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    WANTED: Houses, Apartments, and
the Names and Addresses of people
that are looking for a place to stay;
and for people who want to rent an
apartment. Call HA 0800.
FOR RENT: Nice room for couple.
Use of kitchen and washing
privilege. Will take two child
ren. HA 0800.
FOR RENT: 3 Kitchenette Apart
ments. Nice Location with
Utilities paid. Call HA. 0800.
FOR RENT: 2 large Chairs, newly
upholstered in red. Also a large
Mirror. Call after 2 P.M. 2510
Erskine. PR 0994.
FOR RENT: Nice large room for
couple. Share kitchen. Ultilities
paid. Call HA. 0800.
FOR RENT: One 2-room furnished '
apartment and one 3-room un
furnished apartment. Call HA I
- -.
ED: Wa waat to rest that
Apartment you have for Rent.
Can HA 0890.
Wo waat to oell that car or truck
you havo to oalo. Call HA 0800.
We want to aeli that ptcco of
furniture you have, for oale.
Call HA 0800.
REMEMBER Wo aro to the Rent
ing and telling bunin roe Give
ue a riag. HA 0800.
HA 0800.
■' ' ■ " --■ <
appointment. Hair dresser and j
oiL 2512 N. 24th. Phone PL ,
FOR RENT 1 3-room unfurnished (
apartment. Call Ha. 0800.
FOR SALE: 2 large chairs, newly j
upholstered in red. Also a
large mirror. Call after 2 P.M.
Ja. 0994. 2510 Erskine.
Man or woman from this area to
service new revolutionary Cig
arette Vending Machine. 6 to
10 hours weekly nets up to
approx. $3,000 00 yearly. Great
opportunity for capable person
to expand. When fully es
tablished, party selected should
earn $15,000.00 yearly. $1,195.00
cash investment required. Ful
ly secured. For local inter
view give full particulars.
Write P. O. Box 7047, Minne
apolis 11, Minn.
The Waller Radio Re
pair Shop, which was
located at 1904 North
24th St has moved to
2525 North 20th St. 1
block north from Lake
St on the north side
of North 20th St
FOR RENT: One 3 room furnished
or unfurnished apartment at
2520 Lake St. Call PL 3165.
We will establish you in business
with our capital. If you are
trustworthy and energetic,
write us. No investment or ex
perience needed to start. Part
time or full-time. WINONA
MONUMENT CO. Winona, Minn.
WOMEN sew easy ready-cut house
coats at home. Elam from $17.40
to $26.16 dozen Write — AC
CURATE STYLE, Freeport, New
FOR RENT: Several nice exclusive
rooms for men. Price reasonable.
Call HA 0800.
8 room house or a large apart
ment . Call PI. 1786. Ask for
Mr. Booker J. Adkins. Can
give good references.
FOR RENT: Room for working
man. Call At 5674.
FOR RENT: Nice room in the
home of a widow. For work
ing man. Reasonable and
privileges . Cali Ha. 0801.
FOR RENT: Five room house
for couple or adults. Nice loca
tion Call Ha. 0801.
WANTED TO RENT: 3-room a
partment north of Lake St.
that will accept children. Call
Ja. 5087.
FOR RENT: Nice sleeping room.
Call Pi. 2796.
FOR RENT: Five room house.
Nice location. Call Ha. 0800.
FOR RENT: Two nice rooms for
men only. Nice location. Call'
PI. 5119. I
I -
room apartment. Call JA 1821
after 5 P.M.
ALYST. The stars impel but d(
not compel. $1 per question
Send birth dates. 738 W. Wash
Council Bluffs, Phone 3 - 1956
FOR RENT: One Bedroom, on<
living room with kitchen. All to
gether. 3 nice rooms. Call Hi*
FOR RENT: One large 3-room fur
nished apartment. Call HA 0800
FOR RENT: Three 2-room furnish
ed apartments. Three 3-roon
furnished apartments. Two 4
room furnished apartments. Cal
HA 0800.
FOR RENT: One 3-room unfur
nished apartment. One 2-rooir
furnished apartment. One 3
room furnished apartment. Call
HA 0800.
FOR RENT: Two 4-room houses,
two blocks from 3 bus lines.
Call HA 0800.
Hollywood, Calif. (CNS) TV net
works are in an all-out but quiet
drive to end all lyrics in songs
which are offensive to races.
Especialy are they deleting words
offensive to Negroes.
At NBS-TV “Ole Black Joe” by
Stephen Foster has been banned
for years and other Foster songs
have had words changed, at CBS,
too. “Darky” is out of “Old Ken
tucky Home” and in “Swaunee
River”, darkies have been changed
to children. “Mammy” has been
blue pencilled from “Shortin’
Bread”—on the strength that it,
too, is “offensive to Negroes.”
CBS has changed “darkies” to
brothers and NBS has banned
blackface routines or stereotyped
Negro characters. ABC has not
gone as far as the two biggest net
works, but it, too, is keeping care
ful eye on what’s offensive racial
Highest Moan tain
France has the highest mountain
In Europe west of the Caucasus,
Mont Blanc, which towers to 15,7*1
Wax Is Dangerous
Don't wax a floor to the point that
It becomes a skid hazard, especially
If there are old people or children
In the famOv.
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{ STATE- j
Seein' Stars
By Dolores Calvin
ROOM.. .Only the most sophisti
cated of white stars play the fab
ulously wealthy Plaza Hotel in
New York. Such stars as Lisa
i Kirk, Hildegarde—who makes it
> her yearly visit—get to the Plaza.
Now an unheard of thing is about
to happen. . . .The Plaza will have
a Negro performer and the first
, one to break through is none other
than Eartha Kitt, who recently
went to lunch with former Prime
Minister Winston Churchill of
! Great Britian—a statesman who
s grants precious few interviews
■ with anyone.
1 Meanwhile, back in Las Vegas,
Nevada another top fame artist is
. making news. Hazel Scott is first
headliner in the history of Las
iVegas to double between the main
■ dining room and the lounge.
1 Jumping back and forth from one
• section of the Flamingo to the
other, Hazel is doing a “squeeze
schedule” all because of her friend
A1 Parvin, who owns the hotel.
She’s on at three shows in the
Lounge each night plus two shows
in the main room—for a total of
; five shows a night—and finishing
| up at 3:30 in the morning. No
other performer has been seen
that much in a night in Las Vegas.
The word “confidential” so ang
ers Sammy Davis, Jr. that he
wants no part of it after three
! lurid stories from the magazine.
' Even so, the magazine’s publisher
can’t see it this way and has ap
proached Sammy to record a tune
by a local newspaper columnist
titled: “Shh—It’s Confidential.”
When Sammy turned a deaf ear,
the publisher continued on to Sam
my’s recording company to influ
ence him to record a tune of pub
licity value to the magazine that
has called him more names imag
inable. The CRUST of some peo
Louis Armstrong in England af
ter 21 years from Her Majesty’s
Isle, was sensational as usual.
Especially after he broke all pro
tocal regarding the royal family j
and announced he was playing
especially for the “special guest
in the audience — Princess Mar
garet.” Satchmo got a lot of
publicity for that remark—several
; front pages back home—and he
; won a lot of friends. Plus he car
'ried a lot of Her Majesty’s loot
out of England.
“Mr. Johnson which closed May
5th on such a sad, tearful note—
'for it was a good play that was’nt
fully appreciated—lost officially
$100,000 coming to Broadway. A
starring vehicle for Earle Hyman
and Josephine Premice—it gave
these youngsters a wonderful
; chance. The distinguished name
; of the theater—Cheryl Crawford—
| who brought “Brigadoon and other
notable shows to the white stem—
backed “Mr. Johnson.” After 44
performances, the play closed.
Dizzy Gillespie due home the
last week of May after his terrific
tour of the near-East. He and the
boys are finishing up some Euro
pean dates before getting back
to the States... .Harry Belafonte
made $8,500 in one night at
Columbus, Ohio. The troupe did
the $$$ performance before an
audience of 3,962.
Representative James Roosevelt
(Dem., Calif.), eldest son of
Franklin Delano Roosevelt, expos
ed Senator Estes Kefauver’s
“political expediencey” on civil
rights before a meeting of the
New York Young Democratic Club
this week.
“It’s no secret,” Roosevelt said,
“that in Negro districts in Cali
fornia, Kefauver made pledges
which he contradicted in Florida.
Once he got to Florida, he obvi
ously felt that he had to back
When told of Roosevelt’s state
ment, Mrs. Lois Dickson Irish,
Harlem civic leader, observed,
“What Congressman Roosevelt
said is absolutely correct. Anyone
who has followed the primary
campaign closely realizes that Sen
ator Keauver’s statements on civil
rights change from one day and
one place to another.” Mrs. Irish
, is co-chairman of the Stevenson
for President Committee of Upper
Roosevelt represents a predom
inantly Negro Congressional dis
trict in Los Angeles, Mrs. Irish ex
The late president’s son pointed
out that in California Sen. Kefau
ver advocated that Federal school
aid funds be denied to any state
that does not practice integration.
But once Sen. Kefauver arrived in
Florida, the Congressman added,
Kefauver spoke from the other
side of his mouth, saying that “the
1 problem must be worked out grad
1 ually.”
“Kefauver’s about-face in Flor
ida was no surprise to me,” Mrs.
; Irish said. “He has gone about
the country posing as a great
champion of civil rights, yet in the
Senate, where actions speak loud
er than words, he voted against
civil rights on six out of eight
issues, as recorded by the Wash
ington office of the NAACP.
“One need only compare Kefau
ver’s statements on civil rights
I when he was a senatorial candi
date with those he makes as a
presidential candidate to realize
the hypocritical nature of the
man,” Mrs. Irish said. “Once
this is exposed, nobody will be
fooled by the Tennessee Senator.”
Mrs. Irish added that Kefauver’s
sorry civil rights record must be
placed in contrast with Adlai E.
Stevenson’s splendid accomplish
ments on civil rights while Gover
I nor of Illinois and “the sound and
consistent position on racial equal
ity that he has taken throughout
this campaign.”
In another development in
New York City, John R. “Tex” Mc
Crary, noted television personali
ty, spoke before a gathering of Re
publican advertising executives,
boasted that many of the individ
uals in the audience had raised
money to get Kefauver nominated
over Stevenson in the Minnesota
C of C To
Gen. Potter
One of the city’s foremost citi
zens—Brigadier General William
E. Potter—will be honored at a
Publis Affairs Luncheon at the
Omaha Chamber Monday noon,1
May 21.
The occasion will cite General
Potter’s many services to the
community and the nation during
his tenure here as Division En
gineer in the Missouri Basin, and
wish him well in his forthcoming
assignment as Governor of the
Panama Canal Zone.
The General will be sworn in
for that office at special cere- *
monies in Washington, D. C., May
28. i
Richard H. Hiller, Public Af
fairs chairman, said that General
Potter, as head of one of the
largest flood control and river
development projects in the na
tion, “has gained a host of
friends and brought to near-com
pletion one of the greatest and
most beneficial developments in ,
the midwest.” <
General Potter, who has devot- j
ed 28 years to the profession of ;
engineering in the military ser- ;
vice, graduated from the U. S.
Military Academy at West Point
in 1938. He received a master’s
degree in civil engineering at
the Massachusetts Institute of '
Technology in 1933, and served
four years as assistant professor '
of military science and tactics at
Ohio State University.
Between civil works and mili- 1
tary assignments, General Potter
has had wide experience. He {1
made major contributions to
major water resources develop- -
ment projects in the country; he :
constructed large scale military !
installations in the nation and in
Alaska; he spervised nation-wide
river control programs; and he '
directed logistical planning for
the Normandy Invasion during
World War H.
The General s work and ser- (
vice to this nation in many pro
jects during the years has earned
him a place and position of prom
inence,” Mr. Hiller said. “We in
Omaha have been fortunate to
have him, not only as a top pro- j
fessional in his field, but as a :
friend and co-worker in the ad
vancement of our entire area.
“His transfer is a loss to our
community, but his future has
the best wishes of all of us.” i
Reservations for the May 21!
luncheon will be accepted now at,
the Chamber offices.
Grand Canyon
The Grand Canyon of tha Colo
rado U 317 miles long, four to II
Bailee wide at brim, and 4,000 to
1,900 foot deep.
Toothbrush Mirror
Ob tala la a toothbrush with a
dental mirror built into its handle,
so you can look at your teeth as
your dentist does.
Tha production of grid to Nlo- |
aragua has taken first rank in tha ,
aouatry, taking precadence over eof
Rose Summers
Mrs. Rose Payne Summers, age
73 years, of 2734 Parker Street,
expired Tuesday May 8, 1956 at a
local hospital.
She was an Omaha resident 33
years and a long-time member
of the Stewardess Board of Mt.
Calvary Community Church.
She is survived by her daugh
ter, Mrs. Roosevelt Manuel of
Omaha; 5 grandchildren, Melvin,
Raymond, Clarence, Odell and
Juanita Manuel all of Omaha; 2
sisters, Mrs. Lena V. Williams of
Omaha, Mrs. Cecilia Riley of
Omaha; 4 brothers, P. L. of Kan
sas City, Paul of Pine Bluff, Ark.,
Clabourn and James of St. Louis,
Mo.; 4 nieces, Mrs. Lela Shelton
of Mobile, Ala., Mrs. Shenetta
Day of Pine Bluff, Ark., Miss Lou
emily Williams of Omaha, Mrs.
Lena M. Edwards of Omaha; 6
nephews, Leecurtis, Lloyd, Link,
Lewis and Leonard Williams of
Detroit, Mich., Lafayette Williams
of Omaha.
Funeral services were held
Monday May 14, 1956 at 2:00 p.m.
from Mt. Calvary Community
Church with Rev. Roy W. Johnson
officiating assisted by Elder G.
H. Taylor, Rev. Sis. Mosley, Rev.
Harry Jenkins, Rev. Mildred Jack
son and Missionary Sis. Bryant.
Interment was at Graceland Park
Pallbearers Messrs. Hilliard
Thompson, George Douglas,
Henry Stewart, Haywood Douglas,
Robert Dixon and Rev. Willie
Myers Brothers Funeral Ser
Relay Is
Plans for construction of a radio
relay system in the Omaha area
were announced today by W. A.
Alf, Omaha district manager of I
the Northwestern Bell Telephone
Company. The new route will
start at North Bend, Nebraska and
proceed eastward through Wins
low, Nebraska, Mondamin, Iowa
and Portsmouth, Iowa to Elkhorn,
Iowa. From Elkhorn, it will go
south through Griswold, Iowa to
Red Oak, Iowa, where the route
terminates. The new route is be-1
mg engineered and built by the
Long Lines Department of the A
nerican Telephone and Telegraph
Historically, communica t i o n s
•outes, like highways, have gone
xom city to city. This new route
vill be like a super highway which
»oes from point to point avoiding
:ities and congested areas. The .
lew system will tie in with a cross
:ountry express route by-passing |
najor cities.
Building contracts for new
juildings at North Bend, Monda-1
nin and Elkhorn have been award
:d the Geer-Meurer Construction
Company of Grand Island. These
luildings will range in size from
>0’ to 50’ at Mondamin to approxi-'
nately 80’ by 35’ at North Bend.!
\ new type construction known
is “sandwich” panels will be used,
n this method of construction,
orms are laid flat on the ground,
oncrete poured, a layer of insula
ion added, and another layer of
oncrete poured. After a curing
leriod, the panels are tilted up
ind placed by cranes. This type
)f building is quicker to construct
ind less costly to add to, if future
idditions are required.
The new buildings at Winslow,
Portsmouth and Griswold will be
12’ by 36’ and of conventional
nasonry construction. The con
xact for these buildings was a
varded the Klinger Construction
Company of Sioux City, Iowa.
Contract for the construction of
Jie 50’ by 115’ building at Red
Dak will be awarded in the near
The Elkhorn-North Bend section
vill be available for service in
November of this year. The re
maining section between Elkhorn
and Red Oak will be placed in ser
vice in February of next year.
The new system will be used for
long distance message service
jnly. Television programs being
:arried o n existing facilities
;hrough Omaha will not be affect
The latest type of microwave
intennas will be used throughout.
These antennas, which look like <
giant cornucopias or horns of j
plenty, can transmit or receive up j
;o 20,000 simultaneous conversa-1
tions as compared to the 3,000 con-i
versation capacity of the old type.<
The antennas, a recent develop
ment of the Bell Telephone Labor
atories, are approximately 20 feet
long, tapering from three inches
in diameter at the base to approxi-1
mately 10 feet wide at the top. I
The mouth will be mounted atop 1
steel towers at each station. The
towers will range in height from
112 feet at Mondamin to 287 feet
at Red Oak.
In the radio relay method o
transmission, super high fre
quency radio waves called micro
waves are transmitted from poin
to point. They are focused lik<
light beams by the transmitting
| antenna and like light beams, an
limited to a line of sight path. Th<
curvature of the earth causes in
termediate amplifying stations t<
be required approximately even
30 miles. With the pin point fo
cusing of the antennas, only %
I watt, or the power of an ordinary
flashlight bulb, is required t<
speed the microwaves from towe:
to tower.
Suit Worries
Richmond, Va. (CNS) The filing
of the fourth suit by the NAACI
for integration in Virginia school!
really started things moving ir
the state of Virginia, which hac
just settled down to a “do-noth
ing” program on segregation ir
its schools. Now, Governor Stan
ley has called for an early meet
ing of the controversial Graj
Committee—whose task has beer
to hold the line on desegregation
Meanwhile, the NAACP at
torneys filed suit in Federal Dis
trict Court at Norfolk on behali
of 96 Negro parents and school
children and asked that Federal
Judge Walter N. Hoffman give a
‘speedy hearing” and a temporary
or permanent injunction forbid
ding continued segregation.
This fourth suit was identical to
those filed in other parts of the
state — at Charlottesville, New
port News, Harrisonburg Counties.
A fifth one is being planned for
Arlington County School Board—
which will probably be served
this week. A motion for prompt
enforcement of the Supreme
Court’s ruling in the Prince Ed
ward County case is awaiting a
hearing before a three judge Fed
eral District Court on July 9th.
Virginia is worried by all of this
action. It had planned through
the Gray Commission to avoid
Compulsory integration by assign
ing pupils to private schools,
should it have to. This has still
not been acted on. The new meet
ing of the Gray Commission is to
act on “any new proposals other
than those noted.”
During the past weeks, the talk
of the City of London and indeed
the whole of England has been
nothing but ‘Louis “Satchmo” Arm
strong’ and the ALL STARS—who
has been playing at Empress Hall
in London and other big cities.
“Satchmo” was at his greatest,
and virtually knocked everybody
out with his golden playing. He
was ‘real gone’—in the highest
measure and had Her Royal High
ness Princess Margaret hepping to
the jive in her seat, and cheering
as loudly as the other thousands
of fans, when she attended at the
Empress Hall. The Princess des
cribed the affair-really wonderful.
His Royal Highness the Duka of
Kent who collects records of “Sat
chmo” was not to be left out of
the picture, and when he attended
one of the performances, he went
backstage in the dressing-room of
‘the dean of the faculty’ and spent
over an half hour discussing vari
ous aspects.
The Lords and their Ladies to
gether with other titled ones also
had their piece—and so the hap
penings went on.
Indeed the greatest single sensa
tion of the ALL STARS who ac
companied “Satchmo”—was dear
and beloved Velma Midleton, who
digged’ the blues in such a man
ner that she did not have under a
treble encore at each of her ap
‘CUTE’ is hardly the word to
describe her method of operations,
but as I can find no other words
to describe the situation at the
moment. I am using it.
Velma — the darling of Lon
don, will be remembered in Eng
land for a long time, and it is
only unfortunate that she could
not stop with us a while longer.
Althea Gibson, famed American
tennis star, whose recent victories
in Italian tennis has created a
world-wide ‘stir’ — is listed as a
favorite participant in the coming
big tennis games at Wimbledon.
Edric Connor^ talented West
Indian actor has left London with
a party of five for Trinidad to do
a picture called “Fire Down Be
The party will be joined by Rita
Hayworth and Robert Mitchum.
Speaking in the House of Com
mons, Lt. Col,. Marcus Lipton,
Member of Parilament for Brixton
—“Little Harlem” said—“Either
we pay. more for our bananas or j
we accept an increased number of
immigrants from the West Indies
—that is the choice we must face.”
He was taking part in the discus
sion of increased duty on bananas
E from two shillings and sixpence to
■ seven shillings and sixpence.
Continuing, he added “We have
t to balance the advantage to our
i fellow citizens in the West Indies
; against the effect on our cost of
! living.
“I think that by the narrowest
of margins the economic advant
i ages to our fellow citizens in the
West Indies just carry the day.
“For that reason and with less
reluctance than usual I find it
possible to agree to this further
i increase in the cost of living of
the British Consumer.
Recent reports and comments on
foreign flag registration of ships
give a very one-sided and on some
points completely inaccurate pic
ture of the situation.
Shipowner’s free to register
their vessels under the Liberian
Flag if they so desire, but accusa
tions — both implicit and implied
— that ships registered under the
Liberian Flag can ignore recog
nized International Standards of
Saftey, employment and so on are
entirely unfounded.
The Government of Liberia is a
member of the following Conven
tions, and the provisions thereof
and the regulations adopted there
under apply to vessels registered
under the Laws and Flag of the
Republic of Liberia:
International Convention for the
Safety of Life at Sea, 1948.
International Load Line Conven
tion, 1930.
International Telecommun i c a
tion and Radio Conferer"es, 1947.
No vessel is accepted under Li
berian Registration unless all
classification requirements are ac
cepted by the respective Classifica
tion Societies.
The majority of tankers built i
since the end of the last war are
registered in Liberia, which has
the most modern tanker fleet a
float: Eighty-three percent of its
total tanker tonnage is under ten
years old, and sixty-eight percent
less than five years old.
The standard of crew comfort in
Liberian registered ships are as
high, if not higher, than in vessels
registered under other flags.
Wages are good and taxes are
paid to the Liberian Government.
The numerous critical comments
would have carried more weight
had they been based on personal
investigation of conditions on
board Liberian-flag ships rather
than on unsubstantiated and ten
deneious evidence.
World light heavy-weight champ
ion Archie Moore who is busy pre
paring to defend his title against
Yolande Pompey on June 5th, is
making a name for himself among
Britain sports-writers with his un
usual charm and wit.
While his “jives” are on top, his
weight is in constant discussion as
he must get rid of around twenty
pounds to meet the 12st. 71b. limit.
tot/Urw rrwTHB
Britain Wild Oxen
Chlllingham cattle are a breed
of cattle preserved In the park oi
the Earl of Tenkerville, supposed
to be the last remnant of the wild
oxen of Britain.
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“Just Arrived”
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Exciting For Tots
Sensational!... a one word description of the reception accorded
the newest addition to the popular Hampden line of juvenile folding
furniture at the recent New York toy show.
The new “Hidden Storage Drawer” represents the first really
constructive addition to the juvenile furniture line. An ideal storage
place for coloring books and crayons, it has secrecy to appeal to
children and conven»ence to appeal to parents. The drawer, which
completely disappears from view when closed is invaluable in teach
ing neatness to youngsters at an early, impressionable age.
Created by Hampden Specialty Products, Inc., of Easthampton,
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