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'The Signs of Heaven'
Written for The Christian Science Monitor
It may seem that comparativey few of the desires which motivate
a person’s prayers and actions during his human journey are ever at
tained. But almost anyone can look back across the years and wonder
what would have become of him, and where he would be now, if some
of his intense desires had actually come to pass.
The prophet Jeremiah recorded God’s warning against material
ways which sometimes occasion disappointments, seeming defeats,
and frustrations. “Thus saith the Lord,” he wrote (Jeremiah 10:2),
“Learn not the way of the heathen, and be not dismayed at the signs
of heaven; for the heathen are dismayed at them.”
Not until the writer had been studying Christian Science for some
years did she begin, in the light of its teachings, to recognize “the
way of the heathen,” the solid walls which rose up repeatedly to block
a certain line of procedure that she deemed good and desirable. One
day, after a particularly disappointing setback, she opened the Bible
for comfort, and her attention was arrested by the verse from Jeremiah
already quoted. In a flash of spiritual revelation she saw that “heath
en” can be defined as material thought. Such thinking knows nothing
of God, but looks to matter for evidence of both good and evil, arriv
ing at all conclusions and evaluating all reality by what the material
senses present. Obviously, this mortal state of thought will cause
dismay, because it cannot possibly understand the workings of divine
Mind or recognize the operation of divine Principle.
• « • •
One soon Learns that outward experience is the product of his
thinking. Therefore, instead of being dismayed over seeming defeats,
he should take a keener inward look. Are his motives spotless? Is his
purpose big and unselfish? Is he willing to see others succeed? Does the
solution he desires mean so much to him that no other outcome is
acceptable? Honest answers to these questions may reveal the reason
behind many unhappy situations.
• • • •
In the Christian Science textbook, “Science and Health with Key
to the Scriptures,” Mary Baker Eddy, the Discoverer and Founder of
of Christian Science, writes (p. 30), “We cannot choose for ourselves,
but must work out our salvation in the way Jesus taught.” Jesus’ way
of deliverance from all that is earthly and mortal is contained in his
familiar words (John 5:30), “I can of mine own self do nothing: as I
hear, I judge: and my judgement is just; because I seek not mine own
will, but the will of the Father which hath sent me.” The secret of
unshakable peace of mind lies in this complete surrender of any at
tempt to be something or to do something apart from God.
In “Miscellaneous Writings” Mrs. Eddy writes (p. 10): “The good
cannot lose their God, their help in times of trouble. If they mistake
the divine command, they will recover it, countermand their order,
retrace their steps, and reinstate His orders, more assured to press on
Let us never be dismayed at “the signs of heaven”—whatever
seems to be defeat. God is never defeated, and His expression, man,
cannot be. A better cleansing of our motives, a holier purpose, a
more steadfast trust that God will place us where He needs us most,
can open unsuspected doors upon vistas of true happiness. ,
By Eva Mae Davis
One of the most precious of life
possessions is a good friend.
Find a person WITHOUT friends
and you have found a person who
is MISERABLE. Man cannot live
ALONE because he is a SOCIAL
animal who cannot live with1
enemies and cannot exist without
Thus, one of man’s PRINCIPLE
objectives in life should be the
discovery and CULTIVATION of
“Chance”, De Lille said, “makes
our parents, but choice makes our
friends ”
Since friendship should be LAST
ING, care should be exercised in
the CHOiCE of friends because
changing them is often PAINFUL.
Ecclesiastes IX, 10 says, “For
sake not an OLD friend, for the
new is not comparable unto him j
A new friend is as new wine,
when it is old thou shalt drink it'
it with PLEASURE.”
There is considerable DIFFER
ENCE between mere acquaintances
and real friends An acquaintance
is one whom you LIKE to associate
with while a friend is someone
whom you LOVE, and who loves
you sufficiently to help you in
time of need and stand by you in
ADVERSITY. Get broke, get sick,
or get into trouble and your
FRLENDS flock to the rescue, mak
ing real sacrifices to HELP you
tinder such circumstances it is of
ten DIFFICULT to find mere ac
The old English probverb is so
RIGHT in stating: “A friend in
need is a friend indeed.”
Back in 17d3 George Washington
wrote: “TRUE friendship is a
plant of slow growth and must un
dergo and with stand the shocks
of adversity before it is entitled to
the appellation.”
Friendship, of course, in NEVER
£ one-way street, and one cannot
1 expect to RECEIVE evidences of
friendship without any RETURN.
“A friend must never be IN
JURED,” said Syrus, “even in jest.”
But that does not mean that you
must alway AGREE with a friend
or condone or APPROVE all he
says and does, because he MIGHT
be very wrong. Those who are
REAL friends will try to PROTECT ;
you from harm and keep you from J
injurious ERROR, but they will al
so DEFEND you to the very end.
“A man that hath friends,” says
Proverbs XV 111 2 4, must SHOW
himself friendly; and there is a
friend that siicketh CLOSER than
a brother ”
ANOTHER thing to remember,
always, is that the opinions, feel
ings, and actions of a real friend
must be RESPECTED. A person
is very FOOLISH who thinks that
he can trample on the feelings of
a friend, and still RETAIN his
I)o NOT misunderstand a friend
or surely he will misunderstand
I Misunderstand i n g DESTROYS
more friendships than anything
else that can happen, so strive
always' to interpret CAREFULLY
the words and actions of a friend,
and be prepared to YIELD your
position when his feelings are
A true friend is too VALUABLE
to lose over a silly difference of
opinion or a matter of taste.
NONE of us is perfect, all are
imperfect; so be tolerant of im
perfections in others if you would
expect THEM to do likewise. Aris
totle observed that “A TRUE
friend is one soul in two bodies.”
He MEANT that friends should
see eye-to-eye, have mutual views
and tastes, and share a common
! To those who crave wealth let it
be said that there is none superior
to friendship because money MAY
lose its value, but friendship
is not he who possesses great lands
From Around Nebraska
A teen aged Ord girl has received a slashed hand which re
quired six stitches when she was struck by a knife in the hands
of a teen age boy.
The Ord youths have been playing a version of Russian Roul
ette. They wear inflated rubber balloons fastened to their shirts
and slash at them with open knives in an effort to puncture the
balloon of their opponent.
It was during one of these contests that th&.girl was slashed.
Ord Police have issued orders to stop the “game” and the
Ord Mayor and school officials have asked parents of high school
boys to also clamp down on the practice. It has been pointed out
that jabs from the sharp knives could be fatal under certain
* * •
The United-Hagie hybrid seed com company has leased 1000
acres of irrigated land near Seward for the purpose of raising
seed corn this year, the Seward County Independent revealed last
The crop, which pays a high cash dividend, will affect a dozen
farmers in the area.
• • •
At Ogallala there are nearly 300 persons who work in the town
but live elsewhere. They commute daily to Ogallala because there
is no housing available there.
The Chamber of Commerce has sent a letter to each of these
persons, asking them the size of house they need, the amount of
rent they would be willing to pay, whether they are interested
in buying and about what price they feel they could afford.
The data will be compiled and a community-wide effort will
be made to provide housing for those who need it, the-Keith
County News indicated last week.
• * *
Some ladies at Loup City lost a valuable collection of African
Violet plants last week during the cold snap, the Sherman County
Times revealed.
They had left their home for the week-end and during a wind
storm, the back door of the house blew open. Their 200 African
violet plants, representing over 120 different varieties were frozen,
making the loss of the plants complete. The collection represent
ed several years’ work.
* a
Schuyler’s Memorial Hospital has taken third place in a
nationwide contest to select the “Modern Hospital of the Year,”
according to the Schuyler Sun. The Schuyler institution was in
competition with 26.6 other hospitals across the nation. Omaha’s
Bishop Clarkson Hospital ranked first in the contest, a Methodist
hospital at Lubbock, Texas second and an Ingelwood, California
hospital fourth.
* • •
Fairbury has just completed a poll of its trade territory in
regards to Saturday night closing. The Fairbury Journal reported
the results last week which showed that 9 favored closing Saturday
nights and 482 were against closing. Some of the Fairbury mer
chants favored Saturday night closing but others were opposed to
• • *
The Lyons High School band combined with the band of the
Wayne State Teachers College last Monday evening to present a
concert at Lyons. The combined bands made 120 pieces with
sufficient volume and diversification to present a very impressive
• • •
Chadron merchants staged “White Elephant” days last week
at which time they spread out a lot of hard-to-sell merchandise,
put the prices down really low and let the shoppers do the rest.
Even farm machinery and used cars was moved to a spot in the
business section where it would be convenient for everyone to
inspect the offerings.
The Chadron Record reported the idea as one which “really
clicked” and one of the most successful promotions in years.
• • •
Crete is struggling with the problem of disbanding a "cat
club” which a group of juvenile boys have formed. The purpose
of the organization is to kill cats-. alley cats, house cats, just
anybody’s cat. One youth admitted killing nine cats. “If you kill
the cats with a witness you don’t have to cut off their tails and
ears” one boy told Crete police. Otherwise the club requires the
presentation of the appendages to prove eligibility for the club.
Homeowners who have cats for pets are up in arms over the
group’s activities.
• • •
The First National Bank at Hooper has announced that it will
close at noon on Saturdays effective immediately.
• • *
An implement dealer at Atkinson has scoured the country and
found an old steam threshing rig which is being overhauled and
put in readiness for use in the Atkinson Hay Days parade next
summer. The outfit had not been used for years and was slated
for the scrap heap, according to the Atkinson Graphic.
and properties, but he whose
FRIENDS number legion. And
when he has passed on he will en
joy immortality in the memories
of those whom he LOVED and who
loved him in turn.
With this our Easter season we;
should give this a lot of thought.
inis is a most striking example
of the evil power of rumor. And
I’m sure that when you read this
unusual article i n PICTURE
WEEK, you’ll agree with me to
i think twice before believing any
I word-of-mouth stories,
i =—.
Have Far
Reaching Evils
Rumor can be one of the most
damaging of all human failings. It;
can ruin reputations, cause panic,
and even start riots I’ve just fin
ished reading a very disturbing
article in the current issue of PIC
TURE WEEK Magazine, which j
showed how a terrible race riot was
touched oif by rumor.
It began as a traffic jam on a
Detroit bridge, when two cars j
locked bumpers. One contained a i
wh’te couple, the other a Negro
couple and their baby. All four I
passengers got out to argue and
the people in other cars craned;
their necks to see what was going
on But because it was a bright
glarey day, the drivers of autos ,
facing one direction saw a differ-1
ent scene than those facing the
other way. From one line of cars,1
according to PICTURE WEEK, it
looked like a Negro facing a white j
man and woman. From the second
line, it appeared as if a white man
was argumg with a Negro attack
ing the white man’s wife. Some
said the man was armed with a
knife and. a little later, people
were saying that there was a wave
of knife-wielding Negroes attack-;
ing whites. From the other direc-j
tion, the rumors involved the white
man and the Negro baby. Some
passed the word that he had
thrown the child off the bridge and
that oolice had arrived and were
siding with the white man. By
the time the rumor had reached
the Negro section of town, it in-1
eluded an alleged reign of terror
on the Negro population. A riot
was under way, and when it was
over, 34 were dead and hundreds I
more injured. j
Alphonso Sampson
Alphonso Bernard Sampson, age
7 years, of 2630 Blondo St. expired
Wednesday evening, February 14,
1956 at a local hospital.
He was a life-long resident of
Omaha and is survived by his par
ents, Mr. and Mrs Earl Sampson;
three sisters Jeanette, Lois Lee
and Dorothea Sampson; brother,
Earl Sampson, Jr.; two grand
! fathers, Neal Sampson of Omaha
and Thomas A. Robinson of Water
loo, la.; two grandmothers, Mr?.
Hazel Sampson and Mrs. Hattie
Robinson, both of Omaha; three
uncles, Rev. Alphonso Benjamin,
Jerome Beniamin and Charles
Adams, all of Omaha; four aunts,
Mrs. Yvonne Gilmore, Mrs. Doro
thy Reed Mrs. Josephine Benja
min, all of Omaha, Miss Anna Rob
inson of Los Angeles, Calif.; two
great-aunts, Mrs. Anna Hubbard
and Mrs Cera Benjamin both of
Funeral services were held Sat
urday, March 17, 1956 at 10:00 A.M.
from the Myers Brothers Funeral
Chapel with Rev. Robert C. Sher
man officiating assisted by Elder
Jessie Hall Bowers. Interment was
at Mt. Hope Cemetery
Hcmsie Smith
Mrs. Hansie Smith, age 60 years,
of 3237 Erskine St. expired Thurs
day afternoon, March 8, 1956 at a
local hospital.
Sue was an Omaha resident two
years and was a member of the
Deaconess Board of the Philadel
phia Bapt ist Church.
She is survived by her husband,
Janies Smith of Forrest City, Ark.;
six sons, Tommie Smith of Omaha,
Albert of St. Louis, Mo., Frank of
Gary, Ind., Rogers, William and
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iLuke Smith of Forrest City, Ark.;
two step-sons. Bennie Cooper and
Annise Cooper both of Omaha; 2
step-daughters, Mrs. Gertrude To
bias and Mrs. Mary Sue Fletcher
both of St. Louis, Mo.; sister, Mrs.
! Madie Turner of Paso Roba, Calif.;
brother, Joe H. Turner of Paso Ro
ba, Calif.; nephew, Steve Turner of
Paso Roba, Calif, and a host of
other relatives.
Funeral services were held
Thursday, March 15, 1956 at 2:00
P.M. from the Philadelphia Baptist
Church with Rev. C. W. Walker j
officiating assisted by Rev. C. Pet
ties. Interment was at Mt. Hope
Pallbearers Messrs Harold Walk
er, Johnny Ward, Harrison Will
iams, James McClindon, Wilford
Washington, Lyn Stallen and Ed
die Mitchell.
Myers Brothers Funeral Service.
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