The Omaha guide. (Omaha, Neb.) 1927-19??, August 19, 1955, Page Three, Image 3

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Nothing offers quite as much fashion, function and satisfaction to a
■well-organized homemaker as the new corner bed units which have
been created for use in either a living or sleeping area. In a guest-den
or a small studio apartment, these units have a ’round-the-clock function.
Designed to be part of an entire living grouping. They include a
"built-in” storage corner piece, which in addition to holding pillows
and other bedding, fills in the corner very attractively. It has an ex
pansive surface which may be decoratively treated with an attractive
reading lamp, and otherwise accessorized with knick knacks to make a
comfortable loungy, reading nook.
The storage unit is easily accessible from the top and without dis
arraying the corner setting. This one is accented with cane which is
an extremely popular furniture fashion note this year. Other match
ing pieces here, are a coffee table, which may have either a marble or
plastic surface, and a lounge chair, which may be covered with a fabric
of your choice.
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Doughnut-Fruit Snack
You’ll welcome a refreshing snack this busy month while you are
filling your freezer and canned fruit shelves with Fall’s luscious fruit
bargains, and getting the children ready for school.
Our suggestion is one the whole family will enjoy—big glasses of
milk, served with cook book quality packaged doughnuts from your
grocer’s ready-to-eat cake department. Serve them as is from the pack
age, or make them into a glamour snack by splitting them crosswise,
and putting them together again with banana slices. Banana slices can
be dipped in a lemon juice solution to keep them from darkening.
To make this simple refreshment idea suitable for company, let the
banana slices show between the doughnut halves, and garnish them with
slices of maraschino cherry.
Set A Pretty Table For Pretty Manners
_ I, I..... plir^nrn-Tiimr--inr'-«r-,'-'"'nillllir''-' K; J8R
If you’re trying to teach your youngster pretty table manners, set
a pretty table! For how can Junior learn proper manners if the table
setting is helter-skelter, and half the essential tools are*
With all the new and inexpensive items available, you can arrange
even his simple everyday lunch in an attractive company setting
with no additional effort or upkeep required. ^
The new plastic tablecloths and plastic place mats make a pretty
background, and come clean with the wipe of a sudsy sponge; or a well
sudsed soft brush may be used if the surface is textured. Plastic dinner
ware is another smart table topic. Recently improved functionally as
well as style-wise, it’s more resistant to food and acid stains, resists
scratches, won’t chip, and can be washed safely in the ^t^ot soapsuds
required to keep dishes sanitary. And don t overlook the virtues of
stainless steel flatware that needs only simple sudsing, never polishing
Remember, too, that “linen” napkins are one of the little luxuries of
a well-mannered table. They don’t even have to be real linen, there
are many fabrics that suds in a second and smooth out with the quick
slick of an iron. So set a pretty table, promote good manners, and save
time, too I
By Betty Cook For ANP
What is more refreshing on a
hot summer evening than a cool
buffet supper, well balanced as to
food values, the crispness of rad
ishes and hot rolls making a hap
py contrast with the smooth tex
ture of a molded tomato aspic.
Ham roll-ups and potato salad
contribute appetite — satisfying
bulk, and if you want something
hot, too, steaming cups of cof
fee or tea are the perfect answer.
Just such a buffet suppor or
luncheon is shown here, with an
aspic ring that is simple to make
because fruit-flavored gelatin is
its base. Try the new apple
flavored gelatin for this — it’s
wonderful combined with tomato.
Or use lemon gelatin, which is
always good, or, if you want a
brighter red to contrast with the
potato salad, try strawberry.
Whichever flavor of gelatin
you choose for this ring molded
aspic, it will have eolor and ap
petite appeal and be simple as
simple to make.
The enure meai can be pre
pared early in the day, during
the cooler of the forenoon, and
tucked away in the refrigerator,
to be served by a hostess as fresh
and composed as though she, too,
had spent the hot afternoon in—
well, maybe not a refrigerator,
but at least an air-cooled room!
1 package apple, strawberry, or
lemon-flavored gelatin
1 teaspoon salt
1 cup -hot tomato juice
1 cup cold tomato juice
1 1/2 teaspoons prepared horse
1 1/2 teaspoons grated onion
Dash of cayenne
METHOD: Disolve gelatin and
salt in HOT tomato juice. Add
cold tomato juice, horse-radish,
onion, and cayenne. Pour into
1-quart ring mold. Chill until
firm. Unmold on crisp lettuce
leaves or oscarole. Fill center of
ring with potato salad. Garnish
with sliced, hard-boiled eggs and
chopped chives. Makes 4 to 6
LIKE IT—Beef stew seasoned
with celery seed, bay leaves,
pepper. Try cooking with a small
amount of pickling spice.
CHICKEN—add a little onion,
salt, and a bit of mace to chicken
gravy. For fried chicken, a bit
of poultry seasoning is fine in
the gravy to give a different but
Heating & Air Conditioning Co.
Are You Ready For
This Winter?
Gas — Oil — Coal
Repairing And Cleaning
Sheet Metal Work
2501 Leavenworth JA 2028
Excellent Apron
A terry-cloth towel split In half,
with seersucker tie-backs sewn on,
makes an excellent apron, especial
ly If you like to wipe your hands on
your apron when cooking. The terry
cloth washes easily and needs no
Two Jobs at Once
Now they have concocted a paint
plaster wall-finish combination that
lets you paint and plaster in one
operation. One coat is said to hide
small plaster cracks, fine seams,
nail holes, uneven surfaces, and
other similar defects. Easy to apply
with brush or roller, the finish dries
hard and may be washed or even
scrubbed repeatedly. It comes in
a variety of colors and can be tex
tured with a brush, sponge, or pa
Quick Dessert
Broil some canned grapefruit seg
ments with your next broiled din
ner for a quick dessert. Use Vi cup
of the juice from the grapefruit
mixed with a dash of nutmeg, cloves
and Vi cup brown sugar. Dot the
grapefruit butter with this as well
as the sugar mixture and broil about
8 minutes.
Organized Dishwashing
Drainers and drainboards under
neath them help to keep the dishes
organized after washing; it also
cuts down on the water which must
be wiped from them.
Save your hands by using a mop
or a soft brush. This may not keep
the hands completely out of the
weter, but it helps.
To l.ate
Picked up for vagrancy as ha
leaned against a hotel, a man in
Madison, Wls., who explained in
dignantly, “I’m waiting for a street
car,” got 10 days in jail and the
sad news: The last Madison street
car had stopped running 20 years
Toast Every Day
Toast is an every day affair, so
make it deluxe every once in
awhile. Spread toast slices with
blended butter and brown sugar, i
then top with chopped pecans and
place under broiler for about five
warm insurance aoalnst
winter weather
Hy at
Boys' Sizes 6 to 16 Years
• Wrinkle Resistant
• Water Repellent
• Quilted Lining
• Mouton Collars
•Zipper Front
Buy them now . . . put them in Lay-away for back to
school! . . . Illustrated is just one of many new pat
terns . . . each fabric treated with "Unisec'' for slain
resistance, easy cleaning.
Downstairs Boys' Clothing
pleasing accent.
Trp rubbing just a little ground
ginger on pot roast before cook-'
Veal is good with onion salt,
celery salt, poultry seasoning.
FEELING—Many doctors are say
ing that children who “snack”
between meals for that tired feel-!
ing should take orange juice,
which provides Vitamin C and
other important nutrients as well
as sugar for quick energy.
TEMPERS—Lack of breakfast
not only affects the disposition,
it is also bad for the health and
mental alertness.
Skim milk, or buttermilk con
tains all the nutrients of whole
milk except fat and Vitamin A,
yet a cup of skim milk or butter
milk contains only 85 calories as
compared with 165 calories in a
cup of whole milk.
Potato chips are in for some
competition. USDA has develop
ed new vegetable chips including
carrot, beet, and parsnip chips.
Princeton, N. J.""— Asst. Prof.
Charles P. Davis, of New York
University’s faculty, became the
first Negro professor this week
ever hired by the 209 year old
Princeton University.
Said Dr. Carlos Baker, head of
the Department of English, in
which field Dr. Davis specializes:
“We hired Dr. Davis because
he is a very outstanding man in
his field.”
Dr. Davis has been teaching
since 1947 at NYU where he
earned his Ph. D. in 1952. He
graduated from Dartmouth Col
lege in 1939 and he completed
his master’s degree at Chicago
University in 1952. He was a
Walt Whitman scholar last year
and co-authored a critical volume
on the American poet. He lives
in the Riverton Apartments in
Harlem with his wife and two
young sons, 2 and 4.
Empire Founded
According to the Japanese, the
empire was founded by Empero*
Jimmu Teirno In 650 B.C.
Boy's Back
To School
Tom Sawyer
Soft, deep nap flannel
that's Sanforized, wash
able, in beautiful new
plaids. Sizes 4 to 20.
6 to 12 .3.45
27 to 32 .3.75
America's favorite blue
jean, i n heavy 10-oz.
denim. Zipper fly,
New Youth Center
Fourth Floor
Be Sure And
Ask For
"The Beer That Made
t Milwaukee Famous"
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■ ncDiii'.RThal Tawp***!
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