The Omaha guide. (Omaha, Neb.) 1927-19??, July 24, 1948, Page THREE, Image 3

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    «fl<W»onjfColumn .
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;■ mapp/pa lip*'
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Discouraged—I married about
three months ago and I love
my husband and he says he
loves me. But at times, he will
not hardly give me a good
word. Another guy has been
seeing me and says he loves
me. Shall I quit my husband?
I want to make a success of
my marriage.
Ans: Kuit the other man. It is
he that is making '-our life un
happy. Your husband has rea
son to swell up and pout—the
thing that surprises me it that
he tolerates your conduct. He
feels in his heart that you are
double crossing him with an
other man and he’s worried
about it. No marriage can be
a success for long with one
partner dilibertly cheating as
you are doing.
LCB— I own my own farm. I
have a tractor, truck, a nice
car and otther necessary equip
ment to do well here on my
place. Recently, I have been
urged by my cousin to sell out
and go to California. I hes
itate to do so. Tell me what
is best?
Ans: For years you worked
and dreamed of the farm you
wanted to own—now that you
have it, stay on there and give
it a fair trial. True, your cou
sin is doing fine in California
but he doesn’t have what you
have—neither is he holding on
to his money. Stay right where
you are.
M L—I have a boy friend and
he goes out and drinks with
other women and takes them
to the show and other places.
He gives me money to go and
enjoy myself but when I talk
to boys or men, he jumps me
about them and says he doesn t
give his money to me for noth
ing. I want to know what to
Ans: Get a job and become in
dependent. Accepting money
from this man places you in an
awkward position and it puts
you under obligation to him.
He feels that he has a right to
expect and demand that you
cater to his wishes even though
he does as he wishes. If you
want to retain your independ
ence and freedom—do not ac
cept money from your boy
MLC—I need your help so
much at this time I am not
popular at all with people. I
can’t make friends. When I am
around folks I can't make my
self talk for fear I will say
the wrong thing. Therefore, I
am unhappy. Will I ever con
quer fear and be happy?
Ans: Happiness is within your
reach—you can easily over
come this inferiority complex
and become more popular a
mong the people of your com
munity. I suggest that you
send a quarter for Happier
Living Lesson No. 3 The Way
To Happiness. I will advise
you personally at that time.
i FRM—There are two men in
my life. One is about five yrs.
older than I and he seems to
like me very much and tries
to please me. In fact, he wants
me to marry him. The older
man has more wealth but all
I ever get out of him are prom
ises. Which one should I dev
ote my time to?
Ans: The younger man is the
serious one and wants to in
elude you in his future plans.
The older man is definitely
not interested in marriage and
he doesn’t intend to part with
any of his money. You’re w .
ting your time trying to play
up to him. Devote more time
to the other man. Actually you
care for him more than you do
the older man.
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Omaha Guide
2420 Grant Street
Philadelphia, July 12—The
majority of the South Caro
lina delegates who arrived herc
this week to attend the Demo
cratic convention were forced
to leave on the first day of the
convention for Columbia, S. C.
to prepare for their appearance (
in court July 16 to answer the
NAACP charge that the Dem
ocratic party in South Caro
lina is seeking to deprive Ne
gro citizens of their right to
William P. Baskin, Demo
cratic chairman in South Car
olina, said that a July 13 meet
ing was necessary to consider
the order of Federal Judge J.
Waties Waring, issued July 8.
warning that Negroes must
be allowed to enroll for the
state Democratic primaries
which will be held irr August.
This restraining order was is
sued after attorneys for . the
National Association for the
Advancement of Colored Peo
ple filed suit on behalf of
David Brown and other qual
ified Negro voters against of
ficials of the Democratic part>
in South Carolina, the NAACP
complaint‘alleged, sought to
keep Negroes from voting by
prohibiting any »Negro from
joining Democratic party clu'bs
by requiring that every Negro
upon registering present a
general registration certificate
and by requiring every mem
ber of the Democratic party
to take oath to uphold racial
segregation and oppose federal
fair employment practices leg
All members of the state
Democratic executive commit
tee and the chairmen of all
counties excent Richmond
were named defendants in the
NAACP suit.
I -
New Soybean Strain
Hawkeye, a new high-yielding soy
bean, is being released in several
Midwestern states. It has as high
an oil content as Lincoln, resists
lodging as well as Richland and
better than Lincoln, and falls be
tween its Richland and Mukden par
ents in height
• •
bonner , McCullough
Above are shown four of the leading players 4n the Southwest Service Baseball League. The players are members of the Fort Bliss
y Bombers, champions for the first-half of the current season.. Upper Left: Sergeant President Bonner, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, lead
ing pitcher of the League with 5 wins gpd one defeat Bonner ajso was one of the leading batters with a. batting average of ,628 for ten
■ Upper Right: Master Sergeant Sol McCullough, Clewiston, Florida, who played first base for the "Bomber*”. Lower Left: '
Sergeant Vincent Johnson, Birmingham, Alabama, who is presently hitting .559 and is a noted long-ball hitter. Lower Bight: Corporal Wil
Ham H. Harper, Portsmouth, Virginia, one of the League’s best outfielders. Before entering the service had a trial with the Baltimore
! Hite Giants. ^ v % ■ •
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program was passed over-the
opposition of the home state
delegations of President Tru
man and Vice Presidential can
didate Barkley as a maneuver.
“The delegates knew perfect
ly well that President Truman
not only has not introduced
specific legislation to implem
ent civil rights, but that he
has publicity stated he did not
intend to do so.
“They knew that the north
ern Democrats in Congress
have always left the floor when
civil rights questions arose in
order to let Southern poll-tax
ers perpetuate Jim Crow.
“They knew Senator Me
Grath, National Democratic
chairman, has stated that the
‘teeth’ in the civil rights pro
gram was intended for use in
northern industrial disputes,
not to help southern Negroes x
“If President Truman mean
what he says he says, he will
abolish segregation in the fed
eral armed forces immediately
by executive order, and will
see that the Democratic Con
gressmen write the civil pro
gram into legislation.”
^ W allace leaders will confer
Negro candidates from throu
ghout the nation. In addition
to Rainey and Marshall, they
include Margaret Bush Wilson
of St Louis, Mo., attorney; Jul
ius B. Jones, chairman of the
Negro Chamber of Commerce
of Kansas City, Mo.; Earl Dic
kerson, prominent Chicago at
torney; Willard B. Ransom,
president of the Indiana State
Conference of the NAACP and
first Negro congressional can
didate in the state’s history; Dr
John T. Camper, physician of
Baltimore; and Dr. Ulysses
Campbell, dentist of East Ora
nge, New Jersey.
Oen hearings on the plat
form will be held July 21 and
22 by a 53-member committee
headed by Rexford G.
well, former governor of Puer
to Rico. Among committee
members scheduled to help
draw up the platform are: Dr.
Josepph L. Johnson, dean of
Howard University Medical
School, and Estelle Massey Os
borne, former president of the
National Association of Color
ed Graduate Nurses.
Paul Robeson, now of four
co-chairman of the National
Wallace for President Commit
tee, is also expected to play a
leading role at the convention.
Arrangements, i credentials
and other committees will also
meet before the convention o
pens. Two Negro newspapers
publishers-—Roscoe Dunjee. of
Oklahoma City, and Mrs. Char
lotte A. Bass, of Los Angeles,
Calif., are among the 10 com
mittee office.
The convention will be of
ficially named Friday night
when it closes, after 20 hours
of sessions it will have created
the political organization bind
ing together new parties and
Wallace Committees now ex
isting in most of the 48 states.
Choosing s Turkey
In ehoosing a turkey for the table,
get a bird that’s young and tender,
with plenty of fat under the skin.
The body should be well-rounded
and the breast well-fleshed. In cook
ing your turkey, remember that the
bigger the bird, the lower your oven
temperature should be.
. Jimmie Fields, Rita Chris
tina, Mable Hart and Reggie
Ridgeley, dancers from the bal
Program for Americanism
Alert to the menace of total
itarianism and determined to
defend our country against it,
four million members of the
merican Legion have launched
a program for “Revitalizing
our American Way of Life.”
It is a positive program. It
stresses pointly and clearly
what we believe and the pro
gress in freedom we have in
accordance with what we belie
ve. It describes America as “a
country where individual
rights come first.” It reminds
us that we enjoy many and
precious blessings because our
Constitution promises to guard
us and our homes from harm,
to protect our right to say
what we think, to worship in
the faith of our choice, to earn
a living and, by power of the
ballot, to make the Govern
ment itself answ’er to us.
It is a program that issues
a warning. It is a warning that
“there are some among us who
would like to change all that
has made us great and have us
live instead under some plan
promises everything but tak
es all.” It is a warning that
our rights as free Americans—
“rights which do not even ex
ist under communism or in
dictator controlled countries”
—are in danger.
it is a program tor action.
Every American ought to be
prepared to tell and ought to
be willing to tell the story of
month to month, the Ameri;m
Legion will mail millions of
booklets, setting forth “some
of the truths on which Amer
ican success is based,” to mil
lions of American homes. To
appreciate America, to know
what America has accomplish
ed and is accomplishing, and
to enable the American peo
ple to answer the advocates of
is the purpose of these Amer
icanism booklets.
It is a program highly en
dorsed. By Dr. Daniel A* Pol
ing, President and Editor
“The Christian Herald;” “It
will strike a blow at juvinile
delinquency is home and com
munity neglect. It will pro
mote every worthy ideal of our
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let chorus of “Show Boat” who
were featured guests at the
Flowers dancers’ Kimball Hali
freedo'm, and it will enrich ev
ery freedom.
Beyond this, it will help ma
ke America strong to share lib
erty with all who would be free
In strengthing our own defen
ses, it will help make the world
By Francis Cardinal Spell
man, Archdiocese of New York
“The plans of The American
Legion to increase proper ap
preciation of our nation and its
fundamental principles is most'
commendatory. It matters not
where you live, or what rank
of life you hold, be you rich or
poor, Negro or White, Protes
tant, Jew or Catholic, employ
er or employee, by your works
you must prove your faith in
your country and your fellow
By Rabbia William F. Ros
enbblum, President, Synagogue
Council of America; “Our Am
erican democracy is based up
on the principle that everyone
living under its flag is entitled
equally to life, liberty and the
pursuit of happiness. This is
not only a great American
ideal, but one to which every
religion subscribes, and I an:,
therefore, glad that The Am
erican Legion is making the af
firmation of this doctrine one
of its prior concerns for the
coming years.”
Port-Of-Spain, Trindad, B.
W. I.„ July 20 — Dom Basil
Matthews, a Negro Catholic
Priest, has urged the people
here to figght with all consti
tutional means for ownership
of land now held by a few land
The populace here is de
manding land reform and the
government is averse to break
ing up the huge holdings of a
few landowners. Fr. Matthews
told his audience that land is
the greatestt wealth of any
people or any nation.
Ownership of the land is the
people’s birtthright, he said,
and quoted statistice to prove
that ownership of the land and
economic prosperity have an
important bearing on Christian
marriages. Their number in
recital Sunday afternoon, di
rected by Katherine Flowers.
the West Indies fluctuates with
the rise and fall in economic
Fr. Matthews is a member
[ of Trinidad’s Interracial Bene
dictine Abbey and founder of
its Institute o f Social Re
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