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    *r Church News +
C.hutch of the Living (j«a
XUS North 28th St
Elder Steele, Pastor
Ann Oliver, Reporter
Sunday School 9:30 a. m.
Morning Worship 11 a. m.
Evening Worship 8 p. m.
Jft. Kebo Baptist Church
8211 Pinkney St.
Rev J. P. Mosley, Pastor
Chrlstine Phillips, Reporter
Sunday School 9: SO a. m.
Morning Worship 11 a. m.
BTU. 6 p. m.
Evening Worship 8 p. m.
Sr. Mission Tuesday 8 p. m.
Prayer Service Wed. 8 p. m.
Salem Baptist Church
28th and Decatur Sts.
Rev. J. C. Wade, Pastor
L. A. Henderson, Reporter
Sunday School 9:30 a. m.
Morning Worship 11 a. m,
BTU. 6 p. m.
Everting Worship 8 p. m.
president Mr. A. R. Goodlett*
He urges all club members please
The Watchmen will meet on
Friday Sept 19 at 8 p. m. at the
Hillside Presbyteerian Church
30th and Ohio Sts.
Rev. Charles E. Tyler, Pastor
Mrs. T. Newte, Reporter
Sunday School 9:30 a. m.
Morning Service 11a. m.
Visitors are always welcom^
Church of God
2025 North 24th St.
Elder S. S. Spaght, Pastor
Alice Britt, Reporter
Sunday School 9:30 a. m.
Morning Worship 11 a. m.
Evening Service 8 p. m.
Christ Temple Church
of Christ (Holiness)
2124 North 26th St.
Rea. 2122 North 26th St
Rev. O. A. Aakemeese, Pastor
Velma Shearron, Clark
26th and Hamilton Sts.
Rev. Dan Thomas, Pastor
Mrs. Pinkie Oliver, Reporter
8uaday School 9:30 a. m.
Morning Service H a. m.
YPVW 6 p.m.
Evening Worship 7:45 p. m.
Zion Baptist Church
2215 Grant Street
Rev. F. C. Williams, Pasta*
Banda) School 9 M a. K.
Morning Worship 11 N a> *
BTU. 6 p. m.
Evening Worship 7:45 p. m,
fission Memorial—The
Methodist Church
2223 U Street, South Omaha
Rev. A. L. Hook, Pastor
Sunday School, 9:36 a. m.
BTU, 6 p. m.
Evening Worship, 8 p. m.
fellowship Baptist Church
1889 North 24th St,
Rev D. A. Campbell, Pastor
Sunday School 9:45 a, m.
Morning Worship 11 a. m,
BTU. 6:20 p. m.
Church of God in Christ
2318 North 26th Street
Elder V. M.Barker, Pastor
Sunday School 10 a. m.
Morning Worship 11 a. m.
BTU. 6:20 p. m.
Church of the Living God
Evening Worship, 7:45 p. m.
2412 Parker St.
Rev. S. K. Nichols, Pastor
Rose Oliver, Reporter
Sunday School 9:45 a. m.
Morning Service 11: SO a. m.
BYPU. 5 p. m.
Evening Worship 7 JO p. m.
YPWW 6 p.m.
** If -M*
• .
Church of God in Christ
Elder Q. P. Benson, Pastor
1710 North 25th Street
Sunday School, 10 a. m.
Morning Warship Ham,
If*. Calvary Community
' Grant at 88th Street
Rev. R. W. Johnson,
Miss Hatter, Reporter
Sunday School 9:30 a. m.
Morning Worship 11 a. m.
Evening Worship 8 p. m,
SL John ~AME Church
i 22nd and WHlis Avenue
* "The Friendly Chusch"
' Rev. E. B. Childress, Pastor
Mason Derereatnc, Jr, Reporter
[ Worship Uaa
* Union 6:80 p. m.
j Evening Worship 8 p. m,
David Spiritual Temple in
Council Bluffs, Iowa
1720 Avenue A
Circle Meeting Eevery Monday
Evening 8:30 p. m.
Prophecy and Healing
Seven Day Adventist Church
2760 Lake Street
Elder P. W. McDaniels, Pastor
Sabbath School Saturday
9:30 a. m.
Morning Worship 11 a. m.
Vesper Service Friday even,
ing 7:45 p. m.
Wednesday Prayer meeting
7:30 p. m.
Churcfy of God in Christ
1207 South 13th St.
Elder D. M. Watson, Pastor
Iodell Watson, Reporter
YPWW. 6 p. m.
Evening Worship 7 A5 p. m.
Calvary Baptist Church of
Red Oak, Iowa
603 Grimes St.
Julia Keene, Reporter
Sunday School 10 a. m,
Sunday School 10 a. m.
Morning Worship 11 a. m.
BYPU. 6:30 p. m.
Evening Worship 8 p. m.
Prayer Meeting Wednesday
Mt. Moriah Baptist Church
24th and Ohio Sts.
Rev. David St. Clair, Pastor
F. Burroughs, Reporter
Sunday School 9:30 a. m.
Morning Service 11 a. m.
Rev. Gdldsmith, Pastor
Sunday School 9:30 a. in.
Morning Worship 11 a. m.
Evening Worship 8 p. m.
Independence Community
mo Ham «a inm
Rev. K. F. Ri fley. Pastor
Bethel Baptist Church
30th and S Street
South Omaha
Rev. M. C. Williams, Pastor
Morning Worship 11 a. m.
St. Benedict Catholic Church
2423 Grant St.
Father Moylan, Pastor
Low Mass 7 a. m.
Children’s Mass 8:30 a, m.
High Mass 10 a. m.
Clear Chapel Methodist
22nd and Miami Sts.
Rev. C. C. Reynolds, Pastor
Mrs. Viola Buford, Reporter
Allen Chapel AME Church
25th and R Streets South Omaha
Rev. Fant, Pastor
Mt. Olive Baptist Church
3010 R Street, South Omaha
Rev. W. M. Clayton, Pastor
Mrs. Jeannette Thompson, Rep.
Sunday School, 9:3$ a. m.
Morning Worship 11 a. m»
Evening Worship, 8 p. m.
BTU, 6 p.m.
Bethel AME Church
2430 Franklin Street
Rev. Herbert W. Bletson,
Telephone JA ckson-3561
Church of God in Christ
2712 R Street, South Omaha
Elder A. E. Johnson, Pastor
Sunday School, 10 a. m.
YPWW, 6:30 p. m.
Prayer Band, Tuesday night
Bible Band, Wednesday night
Sewing Circle, Thursday after
noon at 2 p. m.
New Hope Baptist Church
26th and Seward ts.
Rev. L. R. Bragg, Pastor
Mrs. Ada J. Fields, Reporter
Sunday School 9:30 a, m.
Morining Worship 11 a. m.
B. T. U. 6. p, m,
BTU 6 p. m.
Evening Worship 5 ) p. m.
Prayer Meeting V Inesday a'
8 p.m.
Junior Church 8 j r.
Visitors are always elcorcet
First Mission of the Ged
Sent Light
Prophet Hess, Officiator
Ora Robinson, Reporter
Services Sundays, Tuesdays
and Thursday nights at 8 p.m.
Private Reading Daily at
2010 North 23rd Street.
Pleasant Green Baptist
27th and Franklin Sts.
Rev. J. H. Reynolds, Pastor
Sunday School 9:30 a.m.
Morning Worship 11 a.m.
BTU 5:30 p.m.
Evening Worship 7:30 p.m.
Prayer Meeting Wednesday
night 7:3Q p. m.
S.t Philips Episcopal Church
1119 North 21st St
Rev. S. G. Sachet, Pastor
Mass 7:30—9:00 a.m,
.Church School 9:45 ajn.
Hope Lutheran Church
30th and Corby Sts.
H. H. Schauland, Pastor
Sunday School 10:00 a.m.
Morning Service 11 :00 a.m.
Apolostic Church of Christ
2518 Cuming St.
Elder Milton T. Wilson,
Sunday Morning Worship
11 :00 a.m.
Sunday Evening Worship at
3 p.m.
Prayer and Preaching Tues
day evening 8:00 p.m.
Bible Class, Friday evening
at 8.00 p.m.
All are welcome.
First Baptist Church
South Sioux City, Iowa
500 West 10th Street
Rev. D. A. Campbell, Pastor
Sunday School 9:30 a.m.
Morning Worship 11 a.m.
BTU 6:00 p.m.
Evening Worship 7:45 p.m.
Church of God In Christ
2230 Ohio Street
Rev. J. C. Crawford, Pastor
Worship 3 p.m. each Sun
day, Tues., Thurs. nights
Pilgrim Baptist Church
25th and Hamiltn St.
Rev. Charles Favrs, Pastor
Msr. Ed. Dortch, Reporter
Sunday School, 9:30 a.m.
Morning Worship 10:45 a.m.
BTU 6:00 p.m.
Evening Worship 7:45 p.m.
Allen Christian Endeavor
League 6:30 p.m.
Cleaves Temple CME Church
25th and Decatur Sts.
Rev. Raines, Pastor
Sunday School 9:30 a.m.
Morning Worship 11 a.m.
Epworth League 6:00 p.m.
Evening Service 8:00 p.m.
Allen Chapel AME Church
5233 So. 25th St., So. Omaha
Rev. Y. B. Brooks, Pastor
Sunday School 9:30 a.m. ,
Morning Worship 11 a.m.
Morning Star Baptist Church
20th and Burdette St.
Rev. Z. W. Williams, Pastor
Sunday School 9:30 a.m.
Morning Worship 11 a_m.
I BTU 6:00 p.m.
Evening Worship 7:30 p.m.
Interdenomnational Church
1710 North 27th St.
Rev. W. S. Farmer, Pastor
Sunday School, 10:30 a.m.
Morning Worship 11:30a.m.
Prayer Service Thurs. 8 p.m.
Clair Memorial Methodist
22nd and Miami St.
Rev. W. D. Lester, Minister
Rev. C. E. Hayes, Pastor
Sunday School—9:30 A.M.
Morning Service—11:00 A.M.
Evening Service—7:30 P.M.
Extends a friendly welcome to
Tabernacle Church of Christ
(Holiness) U.S.A.
2608 Franklin St.
Omaha, Nebraska
Rev. Joseph H. Jones, Pastor
9:45 A. M. Sunday School,
Mrs. Elayne Green, Supt.
.11:00 A. M. Morning Wor
6:30 P. M. H.Y.P.U., Mme.
Perfect Peace, Pres.
7:45 Evening Worship.
3:45 P. M. Monday, Child
Evanglist Class at the
8:00 P. M. Tuesday, Senior
Choir Rehearsal, Mrs. M.
Hogans, Pres.
7:45 P. M. Wednesday, Bible
Lesson and Group Report
6:30 P. M. Thursday, Junior
Choir Rehersal, Miss M.
Dixon, Pres.
7:45 P. M. Friday, Prayer &
Praise Service.
30th and Corby St.
H. H. Schauland, Pastor
Sunday School ... 10:00 A.M.
Sunday Worship .. 11:00 A.M.
5318 South 30th Street
Reverand M. C. Williams
People from all over Omaha
form all walks of life gathered
in the main auditorium of Be
thel to be strengthened by the
word of God. Service began at
its height in Sunday School.
Sunday was Promotion Day.
Reverand Williams and all the
Sunday School Teachers wore
black caps and gowns to sig
nify outstanding leadership. 15
students were presented pro
motion certificates by Rev.
Williains. Elnora Davis and
Winfred Green were present
ed certificates of merits for at
tending Sunday School for
two years without one absence
Eleven oclock service wras
at its peak when Rev. William
preached from Matt. 4:18-19.
His subject was “HI make you
fisher ot men.” In his message
he said, “That Christ did not
have any discrimination when
hq chose his Twelve Disciples.
Discrimination is not Devine;
it falls in the realm of human
life. Jesus call and the Twelve
Disciples responded to the
Chrishs call. They were not
selected, but Christ’s love and
trust for mankind permitted
him to accept those who res
ponded to his call. He knew
the result before it happened,
but he said, “Come on. Today
He is saying to us as he did to
the Disciples COME! COME!
I’ll make you Fisher of Men if
you follow me. His call today i:>
not discriminatory. Man’s only
qualification is his desire to
follow Christ. Fisher of Men.
What does it mean? A fisher
expects to get something wrhen
he fishes. Today fisher of Men
expect to-get something too.
They expect to get men to bite
hte bate w'hich is the word of
Fishers who are afraid to
bate the hook are ot very ngo°d
Net fishing is bad too. In net
fishing, one gets the fish he
wants and the fish he doesn’t
want. Let us use pole for fish
ing. In pole fishing, we —as
Christians have individual
contact with the men who need
Christ as their Personal Sav
Red Cross Nutrition Director
By Mrs. Evelyn Halm,
Salad Days
Summer menu planning us
ually means more salads, and
this is a good dietary practice
provided the right kind of food
go into the salad making. A
raw vegetable or a salad of raw
fruits and vegetables should be
served at each lunch and din
ner throughout the year. Ev
eryday, all year of herbs, veget
ables, or fruits served uncook
ed and seasoned with salt, oil,
and vinegar. There are many
variations based on this orgin
al salad theme,—but salads
most superior nutritionally are
those made of green leaves.
Unless raw green 'leaves are
eaten in salads they seldom are
used in other ways.
Salad Ways
Salads may be served as a
first course. Larger amounts
are eaten when persons are the
most hungry—and they satis
fy the appetite sufficiantly lar
ge green salad-low in calorie
value, can help to maintain a
reduced weight. It is easier to
break the habit of an overswe
et dessert with a salad as first
course. Salads which do not
take the place of raw green
vegetables salads, are those
made with potatoes, macaroni,
gelatin, canned beans and other
similar foods. Good salads need
not be eloborate or take much
time to prepare. A single raw
vegetable is suffice.
By “Poly”
The arrival of Spring brou
ght forth a number of “stran
ge and confused” characters
with assorted equipment or a
“bats” Reason—Tennis Seas
on—The last two Mondays
have found ‘yours’ truly’ knoc
king a few into the net (and
speaking in “disgusting terms”
about the same) out of Dewey
Park. However, the above sit
uation shall be remedied soon
“Tennis Classes’”, at the above
nairfed spot (open to the pub
lic) should be the answer. Fro
m a spectators point of view,
giving advance notice, he may
cause a few to “watch” his port
side smashes. “ I watched a
few” Solid. James Lee and
‘Bob Avant, check on these
free classes at the near North
Side Y. M. C. A. May be the
Ernie Richies Elk’s Ball Cl
ub is along about where you
would expect, “weak Mounds
men”- But that’s the ‘cry’
all all over (Major and Minor)
a few of the tried lads like
James Hall, “Pin Franklin did
ease Capt. “Bill” Topjley’s
headaches as well as added to
his team strength. New comer
from Army layoffs and retir
ments are showing well. Let’s
hope they still have “the old
try” lift. Mgr. Calhoun’s “Roc
kets” return to action with a
road jaunt, and a full roster of
activity. Stater as able pertoi
ers, a Bearded Group” of un
certain orgin, also on deck—
prediction—unknown a t this
time—we 11 look awhile. How
do you like your teams—write
us—what’s the reason you can
’t have what you want—none!
A young fellow answering
to the name of “Baptiste” of
California “vintage”, and ex
G. I., has appeared on the loc
al public links, much to the
discompfort of our local divat
diggers— Ask a few, like ‘Diz
Dean, Jones or any Cornhusk
ed” member he has allowed
the boys to look at a few—72’s
—3’s —4’s now I ask you w hat
kind of golf is that, he’s far, far
too hot for us—we”ll send him
back home, eh ! “Diz”. A fellow
could go “broke or “crazy”
fooling with a guy like that—
tsk, tsk.
Nate Goldstien has a method
to prevent a situation as the a
ore mentioned, he takes a be
ginner of each of his “ventur
es” on the links for a small fee,
on the side—latest victims:
Lloyd Red, Hilton, I heard a
word to the wise, is sufficient,
Nate’s eyesight! is not the wor
st—Really fellows-I'm tel
ling you— Did you fellows see
W illie Hamilton while he was
here says he still hits em so
In the childrens and mens
departmentt—I wonder if the
late Dan Love (Candy Kid) of
the “Rex” and other local
baseball teams would have
drawn a scouts eye—since the
look “everywhere” now—
quick and quite an able fellow
around the initial sack, I’d
say. Always thought Adolph
(Mouse) Bolden, made a few
fellow eye’s pop the Sunday
he hit those two home runs
at Dewey Old Base Ball Park
he must have weighed all of
one hundred ten pounds in un
ifarm, man or “mouse”. Mel
vin “the Reach”, Cook, still
gets our vote for the best
soft-ball pitcher the Northside
has produced—his strike out
record was, to say the least,
“wonderful”—“Marty” Thom
as, the best under the basket,
play maker—“yours truly”
has watched (pro or simon
pure”, and we still believe
he’s a fine instructor—also be
lieve I’ve got to go now—
Later on—hear!
“Poly” G.
Electrical Transportation
The electric bill for running the
nation’s subways, street cars and
trolley coaches amounted to more
than 42 million dollars last year.
Textile chemical, a new type of
melamine resin, imparts shrinkage
control, muss resistance and sta
bility to woolens, rayons, cottons
and blends, according to National
Patent Council. This dainty damsel
is modeling garments processed
with the chemical. She finds that
her dresses emerge unwrinkled
from suit cases, clothing holds its
shape after prolonged wear, and
blouses and blankets can be safely
laundered in the Monday wash. The
chemical permeates the microscopic
hollows of the individual fibers.
Guest Quizmaster: Jimmy Fidler
"Hollywood News," MBS
In these days of the lively base
ball, shortened outfields and slug
ging batgmen, a no-hitter is indeed
a rarity. But a spring training
Grapefruit League shutov.t is some
thing to marvel at. This talented
young St. Louis Card flinger re
cently horsecollared the Yank’s
booming bats and accomplished
this unusual diamond feat- If he
can retain this form throughout the
NJj season, the Cards may cop the
league pennant- Who is he?
'uosnota Ajunft
\ SKIN/.
Dr. FRED Palmer’s
Say "goodbye” to tanned, darkened, weather
beaten skin. Beau; minor blemishes and
rough skin externally caused. NEW trial offer
should begin to produce results and lighten
your complexion in 7 days or your money hack.
Get 25c or 50c “Dr. FRED Palmer's Skin
Whitener,” at your druggists. Use as directed.
If not satisfied, your money back. For FREB
TRIAL send 10c to cover postage, handling to
Galanol Co., Dept. B. Box 264, Atlanta, Ga.
Thos. Rich
2517 No. 24th Street PLeasant 8944
One Hour Special Service
°R £
One Day Service
2101 North 24th Street • WEbster 0989
___ Z'
Launderera and Cleaner*
2401 North 24th St. WE 6055
Guaranteed Repair Service
on all appliances.
All Makes Elect. & Hardware
4040 Hamilton WA. 4668
FOR RENT—A room for
rent to men only. Call PL91t>0.
234 Brandies Theater Bldg
WANTED: Burnt, wrecked,
dilapidated cars and trucks.
Call Consolidated Auto Parts,
AT 5656 or call at 2501 Cum
ing St.
FOR RENT: Floor Sanders,
Waxers, Wallpaper Steamers
; f
LONG a favorite on the Italian
dinner table, zucchini, ingenue
member of the squash family, is
now gaining friends throughout this
country. Especially popular in Hol
lywood as an accompaniment to
spaghetti dinners, zucchini also
teams well with a meat or all-vege
table meal. To prepare the Cali
fornia way, slice zucchini horizon
tally, add thinly sliced onions, a
can of all-tomato cooking sauce, and
top with cheese. It's ready to serve
almost as soon as the fire is lighted.
Zucchini—Hollywood Style
1 pound zucchini (or any summer
2 t<> 4 medium-sized onions
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/8 teaspoon powdered basil, if
1 bay leaf crushed, if desired
1 (8 oz.) can all-tomato sauce
1/2 cup water
1 to 2 tablespoons butter or margarine
Cheese, if desired
Wash and slice the zucchini
(rather on the bias for attractive
serving). Add onion, thinly sliced,
seasonings. tomato sauce, and wa
ter. Cover, cook quickly 5 to 10 min
utes until vegetables are soft. Add
1 to 2 tablespoons butter or mar
garine. Top with grated cheese or
bits of snappy American cheese be
fore sending to the table, if desired.
Serves 4 to 6.
Spaghetti—California Style
3/1 cup chopped onion
1 clove garlic, minced very fine
1 green pepper, chopped
4 tablespoons oil or drippings
1 pound ground beef
1 (S-oz.) can all-tomato sauce
1-1/2 cups water
2 teaspoons Worcestershire
1 teaspoon salt
1/4 teaspoon pepper
1/2 cup grated sharp cheese
1 S-oz. pkg. spaghetti, cooked
Lightly brown onion, garlic, green
pepper in hot oil or drippings. Add
meat, stir till meat loses color. Add
'omato sauce, water and seasonings.
Simmer about 30 minutes, then stir
cheese into sauce. Pour part of
sauce over hot spaghetti, use re
mainder at table. Serves 4 or 5.
This delicious sauce may be made
ahead of time and reheated for use.
Try it—and watch your family grin
with pleasure!
3006 No. 24th Street PL, 1260
xzrznr, r'&r^rzz/2r-y\nr-)tvt _••
AdAUnit Co.
2510 No. 24th Street PLeasant 9116
lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllUllllllllltlllllll III II him *■«■■ IIU .
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evenly, easily —
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problem, functional monthly pain?
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L“your time” and taken as directed
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