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    Church News i*
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ttarch of the Living bob
2316 North 25th St.
Elder Steele, Paster
Ann Oliver, Reporter
Sunday School 9:30 a. m.
Morning Worship 11 a. m.
Evening Worship 8 p. m.
Jft. Kebo Baptist Church
2211 Pinkney St.
Rev J. P. Mosley, Pastor
Christine Phillips, Reporter
Sunday School 9: SO a. m.
Morning Worship 11 a. m.
BTU. • p. m.
Evening Worship 8 p. m.
Sr. Mission Tuesday 8 p. m.
Prayer Service Wed. 8 p. m.
Salem Baptist Church
28th and Decatur Sts.
Rev. J. C. Wade, Pastor
L. A. Henderson, Reporter
Sunday School 9:30 a. m.
Morning Worship 11 a. m.
BTU. 6 p. m.
Evening Worship 8 p. m.
president Mr. A. R. Goodlette
He urges all club members please
The Watchmen will meet on
Friday Sept. 18 at 8 p. m. at the
Hillside Presbyteerian Church
30th and Ohio Sts.
Rev. Charles E. Tyler, Pastor
Mrs. T. Newte, Reporter
Sunday School 9:30 a. m.
Morning Service 11a. m.
Visitors are.always welcome
Church of God
2025 North 24th St.
Elder S. S. Spaght, Pastor
Alice Britt, Reporter
Sunday School 9:30 a. m.
Morning Worship 11 a. m.
Evening Service 8 p. m.
Christ Temple Church
of Christ (Holiness)
2124 North 26th St.
Res. 2122 North 26th St
Rev. O. A. Askemeese, Pastor
Velma Shearron, Clark
26th and Hamilton Sts.
Rev. Dan Thomas, Pastor
Mrs. Pinkie Oliver, Reporter
Sunday School 9:30 a. m.
Morning Service H a. m.
YPVW 6 p. m.
Evening Worship 7:45 p. m.
Zion Baptist Church
2215 Grant Street
Rev. F. C. William*, Paata*
Banda* School a. n.
Momiag Wont ip UN 4 *
BTU. 6 p. m.
Evening Worship 7:45 p. at.
EInion Memorial—The
Methodist Church
3223 U Street, South Omaha
Rev. A. L. Hook, Pastor
Sunday School, 9:3$ a. m.
BTU, 6 p. m.
Evening Worship, 8 p. m.
fellowship Baptist Church
1839 North 24th St.
Rev D. A. Campbell, Pastor
Sunday School 9:45 a. m.
Morning Worship 11 a. m,
BTU. 6:20 p. m.
Church of God in Christ
2318 North 26th Street
Elder V. M.Barker, Pastor
Sunday School 10 a. m.
Morning Worship 1-1 a. m.
BTU. 6:20 p. m.
Church of the Living God
Evening Worship, 7:45 p. m.
2412 Parker St.
Rev. S. K. Nichols, Pastor
Rose Oliver, Reporter
Sunday School 9:45 a. m.
Morning Service 11: 30 a. m,
BYFTJ. 5 p. m.
Evening Worship 7 JO p. m.
YPWW, 6 p.m.
• .
Church of God in Christ
Elder G. P. Benson, Pastor
1710 North 25th Street
Sunday School, 10 a. m.
Morning Worship 11 a. m.
Mt. Calvary Community
Grant at 280) Street
Rev. R. W. Johnson, Paatas
Miss Hatter, Reporter
Sunday School 9:30 a. m.
Morning Worship 11 a. m.
Evening Worship 8 p. m.
SL John ~AME Church
22nd and WHlis Avenue
“The Friendly Church”
Rev. E. B. Childress, Pastor
Mason Devereaux, Jr, Reporter
j 9mtty Schoold 0 JO a, m.
j Honda* Worship 11 a, m.
•. Union &:30 p. m. „ *
Evening Worship 8 p. a,
David Spiritual Temple in
Council Bluffs, Iowa
1720 Avenue A
Circle Meeting Eevery Monday
Evening 8:30 p. m.
Prophecy and Healing
Seven Day Adventist Church
2760 Lake Street
Elder P. W. McDaniels, Pastor
Sabbath School Saturday
9:30 a. m.
Morning Worship 11 a. m.
Vesper Service Friday even,
ing 7:45 p. m.
Wednesday Prayer meeting
7:30 p. m.
■Church of God in Christ
1207 South 13th St.
Elder D. M. Watson, Pastor
Iodell Watson, Reporter
YPWW. 6 p. m.
Evening Worship 7:45 p. m.
Calvary Baptist Church of
Red Oak, Iowa
608 Grimes St.
Julia Keene, Reporter
Sunday School 10 a. m.
Sunday School 10 a. m.
Morning Worship 11 a. m.
BYPU. 6:30 p. m.
Evening Worship 8 p. m.
Prayer Meeting Wednesday
Mt. Moriah Baptist Church
24th and Ohio Sts.
Rev. David St. Clair, Pastor
F. Burroughs, Reporter
Sunday School 9*0 a. m.
Morning Service 11 a. m.
Rev. Goldsmith, Pastor
Sunday School 9*0 a. in.
Morning Worship 11 a. m.
Evening Worship 8 p. m.
independence Community
am nan na Avmm
Rev. IS. ». FtlDey, Pastor
Bethel Baptist Church
30th and S Street
South Omaha
Rev. M. C. Williams, Pastor
Morning Worship 11 a. m.
St. Benedict Catholic Church
2423 Grant St.
Father Moylan, Pastor
Low Mass 7 a. m.
Children’s Mass 8:30 a. m.
High Mass 10 a. m.
Clair Chapel Methodist
22nd and Miami Sts.
Rev. C. C. Reynolds, Pastor
Mrs. Viola Buford, Reporter
Allen Chapel AME Church
25th and R Streets South Omaha
Rev. Fant, Pastor
Mt. Olive Baptist Church
3010 R Street, South Omaha
Rev. W. M. Clayton, Pastor
Mrs. Jeannette Thompson, Rep.
Sunday School, 9:3$ a. m.
Morning Worship 11 a. m.
Evening Worship, 8 p. m.
BTU, 6 p, m.
Bethel AME Church
2430 Franklin Street
Rev. Herbert W. Bletson,
Telephone JA ckson-3561
Church of God in Christ
2712 R Street, South Omaha
Elder A. E. Johnson, Pastor
Sunday School, 10 a. m.
YPWW, 6:30 p. m.
Prayer Band, Tuesday night
Bible Band, Wednesday night
Sewing Circle, Thursday after.
, noon at 2 p. m.
New Hope Baptist Church
26th and Seward ts.
Rev. L. R. Bragg, Pastor
Mrs. Ada J. Fields, Reporter
Sunday School 9:30 a. ra.
. Morining Worship 11 a. m.
B. T. U. 6. p, m,
BTU 6 p, m.
Evening Worship ' ) p. m.
Prayer Meeting V Inesday r‘
8 p. m.
Junior Church 8 [ e.
Visitors are always elcome.
First Mission of the Ged
Sent Light
Prophet Hess, Officiator
Ora Robinson, Reporter
Sendees Sundays, Tuesdays
and Thursday nights at 8 p.m.
Private Reading Daily at
2010 North 23rd Street.
Pleasant Green Baptist
27th and Franklin Sts.
Rev. J. H. Reynolds, Pastor
Sunday School 9:30 a.m.
Morning Worship 1*1 a.m.
BTU 5 :30 p.m.
Evening Worship 7:30 p.m.
Prayer Meeting Wednesday
night 7:30 p. m.
St. Philips Episcopal Church
1119 North 21st St.
Rev. S. G. Sachez, Pastor
Mass 7:30—9:00 a.m.
Church School 9:45 a.m.
Hope Lutheran Church
30th and Corby Sts.
H. H. Schauland, Pastor
Sunday School 10:00 a.m.
Morning Service 11:00 a.m.
Apolostic Church of Christ
2518 Cuming St.
Elder Milton T. Wilson,
Sunday Morning Worship
11.00 a.m.
Sunday Evening Worship at
3 p.m.
Prayer and Preaching Tues
day evening 8:00 p.m.
Bible Class, Friday evening
at 8:00 p.m.
All are welcome.
First Baptist Church
South Sioux City, Iowa
500 West 10th Street
Rev. D. A. Campbell, Pastor
Sunday School 9:30 a.m.
Morning Worship 11 a.m.
BTU 6:00 p.m.
Evening Worship 7:45 p.m.
Church of God In Christ
2230 Ohio Street
Rev. J. C. Crawford, Pastor
Worship 3 p.m. each Sun
day, Tues., Thurs. nights
Pilgrim Baptist Church
25th and Hamiltn St.
Rev. Charles Favrs, Pastor
Msr. Ed. Dortch, Reporter
Sunday School, 9:30 a.m.
Morning Worship 10:45 a.m.
BTU 6:00 p.m.
Evening Worship 7:45 p.m.
Allen Christian Endeavor
League 6:30 p.m.
Cleaves Temple CME Church
25th and Decatur Sts.
Rev. Raines, Pastor
Sunday School 9:30 a.m.
Morning Warship 11 a.m.
Epworth League 6:00 p.m.
Evening Service 8:00 p.m.
Allen Chapel AME Church
5233 So. 25th St., So. Omaha
Rev. Y. B. Brooks, Pastor
Sunday School 9:30 a.m.
Morning Worship 11 a.m.
Morning Star Baptist Church
20th and Burdette St.
Rev. Z. W. Williams, Pastor
Sunday School 9:30 a.m.
Morning Worship 11 a.m.
BTU 6:00 p.m.
Evening Worship 7:30 p.m.
Interdenomnational Church
1710 North 27th St.
Rev. W. S. Farmer, Pastor
Sunday School, 10:30 a.m.
Morning Worship 11:30a.m.
Prayer Service Thurs. 8 p.m.
One o£ the most unique cul
tural events of the season was
presentedby the Alpha Kanpa
Alpha Sorority Sunday, May
2nd, 1948, at the Hope Luthe
ran Church. The intimate,
cozy atmosphere of this beau
tiful church provided a perfect
setting for the Patron Book
Review Tea. Miss Margaret
Fisher, a well known Attor
ney and former member of the
Urban League Board, gave a
masterly review of the Great
Rehearsal—the story behind
the writing of our own great
Leo Bohanon, Executive Sec
reary of the Omaha Urban
League, was very refreshing
in the Natural History of
Nonsence. The large audience
was most appreciative of these
Mrs. D. Howard Farrell, the
President of the Community
Playhouse, as the last review
er in the series, made Gus the
Great live for a capacity aud
ience. Since the most import
ant events in Gus’ life came
in the 1900's Mrs. Farrell wore
a gorgeous, authenic costume
of this period.
The entire program was a
rare and unusual treat for lov
ers of good books and good
literature. Music was furnish
ed by Sorors Camielle Lewis,
and Ruth Norman and Ivy
Leaf Nadine Hancock. Sorors
Robbie Davis, Ruth Thomas,
and Evelyn Trigg presided
during the afternoon. Sorors
Gladys Erwin, was General
A. Warren Johnson, of the
Omaha Y’s Men’s Cllb, was
elected president of the West
Central Area Young Adult
Council meeting in St. Louis
April 24th-25th to formulate
educational and recreational
programs for persons in the 21
35 age group. Mr. Johnson will
represent over 3.000 young a
dult clubs of 40 YMCA’s in
this area on the National YM
CA Council.
tie is the son of the late A.
W. Johnson. President of the
Live Stock National Bank.
Daylight Saving Tim*.
Daylight saving time is a menace
to the health of school children,
according to Dr. John P. Turner,
Philadelphia board of education. He
stated that school children are get
ting only six or seven hours* sleep
and many are suffering from nerv
ous reaction because of fast time
Clair Memorial Methodist
22nd and Miami St.
Rev. W. D. Lester, Minister
Rev. C. E. Hayes, Pastor
Sunday School—9 :30 A.M.
Morning Service—11:00 A.M.
Evening Service—7:30 P.M.
Extends a friendly welcome to
Tabernacle Church of Christ
(Holiness) U.S.A.
2608 Franklin St.
Omaha, Nebraska
Rev. Joseph H. Jones, Pastor
9:45 A. M. Sunday School,
Mrs. Elayne Green, Supt.
11:00 A. M. Morning Wor
6:30 P. M. H.Y.P.U., Mme.
Perfect Peace, Pres.
7:45 Evening Worship.
3:45 P. M. Monday, Child
Evanglist Class at the
8:00 P. M. Tuesday, Senior
Choir Rehearsal, Mrs. M.
Hogans, Pres.
7:45 P. M. Wednesday, Bible
Lesson and Group Report
6:30 P. M. Thursday, Junior
Choir Rehersal, Miss M.
Dixon, Pres.
7:45 P. M. Friday, Prayer &
Praise Service.
30th and Corby St.
H. H. Schauland, Pastor
Sunday School .. . 10:00 ,A.M.
Sunday Worship .. 11:00 A.M.
Howard Kennedy School <»
By Leveme Hancock
Monday, April 19, Mr. Bro
dus, custodian at Howard Ken
nedy School, was cut above
his left eye when a door was
pulled shut by the suction of
the wind. The window broke
and a piece of glass flew and
struck him.
Jane Billingsley of Howard
Kennedy, an eight grade stu
dent received a dollar and a
membership card to the Geor
ge Washington Club fro the
Omaha National Bank. On
April 23, 1948, Miss Billings
ley found a purse containing
two dollars and sixty cents.
She returned it and became a
member of the George Wash
ington Club.
Betty! King and Jan Billing
sley are to attend a tea giv
en May 16, 1948 by the Busi
ness and Professional Wom
en’s Club. Nelson Barber and
Lamar Crockett will attend
the luncheon given by the
Rotary Club, May 6, 1948.
“I do all my talking in the
ring. I let my dukes chat for
me, because I hate bragging.”
That’s how Joe Lewis starts
the story of his life, written
especially for the June issue of
From there Joe goes on to tell
i the story of his great fights
and how he has managed to
hold on to the championship.
Together with this autobio
graphy of the world’s greatest
fighting machine, OUR WOR
LD'S June issue, now on the
stands, featurers a 16 page sup
plement, in part color, of Joe
Louis and his wife Marva.
Almost every phase of Joe’s
eventful life is covered;—his
ring career, his social life, and
his career in the army. The
feature covers every one of
Joe’s important fights, with a
breakdown of attendance, Joe’s
purse, date ad place of the fight
It is a full-blown record of the
Brown Bomber’s life and ap
parently a “must” for fight
fans who want a ready-made,
readable souvenir of Joe’s car
For the first time in any
magazine, Marva Louis Bar
row tells how it “feels to be
the wife of a world champion ”
In full color OUR WORLD
reproduces picturers of Marva
and the two kids, Jackie and
But this is only the Joe Lou
is supplement of this book. In
addition OUR WORLD fea
turers a public service article
on alcholism, and a bang-up
five page story on California
For fight fans, male and fe
1 male—and for women who are
I just interested in women’s fea
turers—OUR WORLD’S June
| issue is MUST reading.
i The United States surpasses
any other country in the world
in the development and use of
Diesel motive power. In fact,
one railroad comany in the
United States has more Diesel
horsepower in service than is
used by all the railroads of tha
world outside of the United
States. t . (
Van Buren Grant
Mr. Van Buren Grant, age
44, of 2804 Binney street, died
suddenly April 28th while on
his job at the Blackstone
Hotel. Mr. Grant who was a
waiter had lived in Omaha for
the ast eight years. He was a
member of the Elks Lodge,
Irquois No. 92, I.B.P.O.E.W.
A sister Mrs. Izella Moore,
of Kansas City, Missouri, sur
vives Mr. Grant. Services
were held Thursday afternoon
May 6th from the Thomas
Funeral Home with Rev.
Charles Favors, officiating.
Final services and burial were
held in Kansas City, Missouri.
William Theodore Jefferson
Mr. William Theodore Jef
ferson, age 44, of 2313 Seward
Plaza, died Tuesday, May 4th
at a local hospital. As a resi
dent of Omaha for thirty years
Mr. Jefferson had been em
ployed by the Wilson Pack
ing Comany for 19 years.
Survivors include a wife, Mrs.
Betty Jefferson, one daughter,
Pauline, two sons William Jr.
and Rodger Phillip all of Om
aha, five sisters, Mrs. W. C.
Edson and Mrs. Estella Tetus
of Omaha, Mrs. Ethel Bowers
of Grand Rapids, Michigan.
Mrs. Elizabeth Anderson of
Kansas City, Kansas, Mrs.
Nancy Lee of Dallas, Texas.
Funeral services were held
Saturday afternoon May 8th
from the Thomas Funeral
Home, Rev. Charles Favors
officiated. Burial at Forest
Lawn cemetery.
Robert Campbell
Mr. Robert Cambell of 2115
Grant Street died Wednesday
at a local hospital. He was 65
years of age. Survivors include
two sisters, Mrs. Cordelia Neal
of Pueblo, Colorado, and Mrs.
Bertrpde Brazos of Denver,
Colorado. Commital services
were held Tuesday morning
May 11th at 10:00 o’clock at
Mt. Hope Cemetary by Alder
N. J. Allen. Arrangements by
Thomas Funeral Home.
Celebrates Sixth Anniversary
Rev. David St. Clair of Mt.
Moriah Baptist Church. 24th
and Ohio Streets, celebrates
his 6th anniversary as pastor
Sunday, May 9th, Mother’s
Day. Rev. J. C. Wade preach
the sermon at 3 p. m.
Nathaniel Ware
Mr. Nathaniel Ware, age 33.
of 2321 No. 27th street, died
Thursday, May 6th, at the
Veteran’s Hospital in Minne
apolis, Minnesota. He is sur
vived by a wife, Mrs. Elma
Ware, a daughter Janet and a
stepson, Franklin Porter all
of Omaha, a mother Mrs. Gus
sie Ware of Aberdeen, Mics
issippi, six sisters Mrs. Iola
Springer, Mrs. Leona White
of Aberdeen Miss., Mrs. Jose
phine Mitchell of Chicago,
111., Mrs. Aldora Cunningham
of Kansas City, Kansas, Mrs.
Anna Pearl Wise and Mrs.
Irene Rooks of Omaha. Three
orotners uaivin ana James
of Omaha, and Albert of Ab
edreen, Miss. Funeral services
were held Monday afternoon,
May 10th, from Salem Baptist
church with Rev. J. C. Wade,
officiating, assisted by Rev.
Z W. Williams, Rev. Charles
Favors, Rev. J. H. Reynolds,
and Rev. W. E. Fort. Roose
velt Post No. 30 of the Am
erican Legion was in charge
of military rites. Final rites
and burial were held in Aber
deen, Mississippi.
Call now at O’Conners 3318
North 24th Street and store
your fur in his cold storage
vaults. The lowest price in the
Whj. VbiighJboU
By Bnx Paulsor
T,Tfr. ...» - I VVT' ’
“Government sniping at business
fer inflation is like the feller whose
dog killed sheep. To stop it... he
went and Bhot the sheep! I”
A powder which can pro
duce a cup of coffee “hardly
distinguishable" from the or
iginal brew is the latest.
De-icing system reported to
be of great value for preven
tion of ice or frost formation
on aircraft vessels, or other
moving vehicles has been pat
ented by a Chicagoan.
Cold Storage
The Lowest Rate
*5,00 Cleaned & Stored
Phone—PLesant 9310 3318 North 24th St.
Rivers of Milk Used
More than 60 million quarts ol
fresh milk and cream now are be
ing used daily by American con
Speed of Red Fox
The red fox is much faster tha»
the grey fox. He has been known to
cover a given distance at the rate of
30 miles per hour.
Orchard & Wilhelm Co.
STORE HOURS: Monday* 9:30 to 8:30. Other Day* 9:30 to S
Another Shipment
of Those Handy
Vinyl Garment Containers
In Three Useful Sizes
In Four Lovely Designs, Pictured
Made of Genuine Vinyl Film and High Count Chintz,
Sturdy Top and Bottom Frames with plated Multiple
Hook Hangers, Zipper Closure is easy to open, and
dust tight.
57-inch ... 16 Garment Jumbo Bag.....3.89
57-ineh ... 8 to 12 Garment Size.3.49
42-inch ... 8 to 12 Suit Size.2.98
■SEND NO MONET- Pay aoftwow on dalhrary plus chargot.
|H K. COMPANY, D. 12 Box >163, Richmond, Vo.
Whym an Mr
toff M; looking
Aim quant? honan
hair Hat ftamoor
tm yout hob-do
aad ref b a aat
anl looking aad a
eufly attached?
State color or aad
ample of tow hair
Launderers and Cleaners
2401 North 24th St. WE 6055
FOR RENT: Floor Sanders,
Waxers, Wallpaper Steamers
Guaranteed Repair Service
on all appliances.
All Makes Elect. & Hardware
4040 Hamilton WA. 4668
| AtrtL fcSIAit LUAA3
234 Brandies Theater Bldg
WANTED: Burnt, wrecked,
dilapidated cars and trucks.
Call Consolidated Auto Parts,
AT 5656 or call at 2501 Cum
ing St.__
Girls Everywhere Are Praising
This 2-Way Help. Try It!
What to do for woman’s oldest
problem, functional monthly pain?
Many a girl and woman has found
the answer in Cardui's 2-way help.
You see, Cardui may make things
lots easier for you in either of two
ways: (1) started 3 days before
“your time” and taken as directed
on the label, it should help relieve
functional periodic pain; (2) taken
throughout the month like a tonic,
it should improve your appetite, aid
digestion, and thus help build up
resistance for the trying days to
come. Cardui is scientifically pre
pared and scientifically tested. If
you suffer “at those certain times”,
get Cardtji today.
‘''Jfo tenant ta I006 youn 6e4tfm
*tt£ natural hair attachments
Oft AtkWt-OFF AGAIN Hofr Do**—to amt all ottoriowj
1 $4.50
Latest Creations ,
Easily Attached
> Human Hair— •
«w*»0» A/I Sioc/es ' "
Just send sample of tom mas
Pay Poltroon FwU Aiiiuuat am Ddht
5B7 HTM AYL Oooti WSJ NEW YOtt 17, R. Y, BaptA