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    Church News
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The Salem Bap ist Church
28th and Decatur St.
Omaha, Nebraska
Palm Sunday was observed
i 1 a big way Sunday at Salem
piritually, Paster Wade tak
i ig his text from St. John’s 12
' hapter 14-19th Verses, gave
t ie vast 11 A. M. audience a
t ictorial view of Christ’s triu- ,
•iding ass colt, as they threw!
1 ranches and palm leaves in
the way.
The S. S. and B. T. U. were'
both well attended dud will
I ave an old fashioned egg hunt j
r id Easter program at 5 :30 p.
l Sunday, March 28th, at
" hich time we will expect all
children and dept, workers pre
r nt Salem and Morning Star
■re guest churches of pleas
r ’t green at 3 p.m., participat
: g in Pastor J. H. Reynolds’
r iniversarv, Rev. Wa le being
e speaker, choosing this sub
; ct (thy Kingdom come, St.
■itt.. 6:10) thrilled the capac
’ y house with a soul stirring
; egsage.
To further prove his popu
' >rity here after nearly four
•ars of pastorage in the city,
; has been selected by the
istor Rev. J. L. Braggs to
nduct their revival o f the
ew-Hope Baptist Church. 26
"h at Seward St. 1 eginning
. onday evening, March 29th.
The Junior Church, and the
c oir in charge of the services
• ! day secured the Rev. E. .
Small, Missionary from the
Panama Canal Zone for the
f ). m. message his subject by
t 2 increasing of knowledge.
’ » shall do greater things,
\ dich was very inspiring.
All dep’ts. are progressing
r 'ely, and the mission is show
i- f marked progress under the
I. adership of Mrs. Beulah Wa
r’ ington, at well as the young
•mens league with Mrs. Am
:• Glover as president.
The public is cordially invit
j 1 to attend Easter Services at
Salem, Pastor Wade will be at
h ; best, and urges all dress
v ur best at 11 a.m. The no
t o choir will present an Eas
t r Cantata at 8 p.m. which
] omises to be a real trgat, with
I , s. Elma Ware in Charge.
Her’s wishing for you a hap
py Easter, and hoping to make
i one for you; the friendly
1 le church on the hill, Rev.
J. C. Wade pastor,
Mrs. Mattie Hodge —Rep.
The Cap and Gown Club
r t Sunday, March 21, at the
: cs Hall. The meeting was
< a by the president, Dt. Ben
i ta L. Cleveland with our
i .to,, and prayer was lead by
. Josephine Merritt.
Cinal report was made on
t 3 Valentine party by the
l airman, Dt. Margery Clay
t n, and Dt. Mary Criver. Stu
■fc .its from various high school
l. .. e been chosen to partici
pa e in the Contest. It will be
held April 23rd, 1948 at the
Elks Hall.
Dt. Bennetta L. Cleveland
Dt. Marjorie Clayton, sec.
Dt. Vivian Hall, reporter
Hq. 20th Air Force, Guam,
March 4, 1948—Technician 5th
C ade, William M. William is
a 20 year old soldier from Om
a' a, Nebraska, stationed here
( . Guam with the 1918th En
f eer Aviation Co. and oper
Tabernacle Church of Christ |
(Holiness) U. S. A.
2508 Franklin Street
Omaha, Nebraska
Rev. Joseph H. Jones
Sunday”, Our pastor brough*
i wonderful message, filled
with divine truths, the ext wa~
tom nart of the 12th verse of
the 15th chapter of St. John’s
“Behold Thy King Cometh”
he used for a subject: “Honor
ing Christ as King”.
Rev. Jones proved that the
multitude, on Palm Sunday
pread branches and Garments
u the way as Christ rode into
Jerusalem, this was an orient
1 cu tom or method of expre
in: homage; but we mav
honor Christ through good de
als done to others in his name
ve may honor Him when we
ve lives that are Christ-like
nd pHaseth Him. To do other
vise is to dishonor Him and
ring reproach upon his cause,
you may know Rev. Jones
pa tor of the newly organiz
'd Church of Christ (Holiness)
id believe me. v. h . n I sav
1 rt the Church is ] "ogress t g
’rstor and his associates. Our
i itors last Sunday, were Mrs.
i' erta McKinzie, 2607 Deca
ur St.. Omaha, and Rev. M.
. Steele, 2322 X. 25th St. Om
aha, Rev. J. \Y. Goodwin bro
ught the message last Sunday,
at tiie evening services, this
was an inspiration to all that
were present. The Rev. M. L. |
Steele will lie our guest speak- i
er a: the Evening service, Sun.
March 28th, 7:45 P. M. You
are always welcome at Taber
Financial report for Last
General Offering .$19.20
Bldg. Fund Total .$45.25
Record Offering 3-7-48. .$39.(>3
Attendance Record
Record Attendance 3-7-48.102
Elayne Green, Clerk Rev. O. J.
Burckhardt, Reporter.
Hear A. Philip Randolph
Hear A. Philip Randolph at
Zion Baptist Church, Sunday,
March 28th, at 3:00 P. M. No'
collections. No admission. Ev
erybody welcome.
Prevent Heat Leaks
Prevent heat leaks by use ot
weather stripping, storm sash, insu
lation, and caulking to close cracks
around windows.
ates a bulldozer. He attended
the construction technicians
school while in the service and
received his military occupat
ional Speciality unmber for
construction work.
T-5 William enlisted at Ft.
Leavenworth, Kansas on the
6th of March 1946 and has but
one year to go. Previously sta
tioned in El Paso, Texas he
came overseas last year and
was assigned to the 20th Air
Force in June.
Hs mother, Mrs. James H.
Williams lives in Omaha, Neb
raska where T-5 Williams
went to Technical High. While
in high school he was a mem
ber of the “T” Club.; and upon
graduating he went to work
for John Opitz as a parts man.
T-5 Williams lists his hob
by as “making things”. He has
orve brother James, also of
Omaha. ... ..
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& i r will give your money back if you’re not
1 - To satisfied.
Hiv? an easy, professional application at your
fc -5te beauty shop or buy Larieuse at any
Gw. aetic department or drugstore.
hkm' ; ' ■ -■ ■ '■ -
30th and Corby St.
H. H. Schauland, Pastor
Sunday School 10: A. M.
Worship 11 A. M.
A happy Easter to all in the
name of our risen and glorified
Savior! Next to Christmas A
happy Easter in no doubt the
happiest festival of the church
vear. Easter brings us the mes
sage of the angel: “Christ is
risen; death and the grave are
defeated.” It reminds us of the
words of Jesus : “Because I live
ye shall live also.” In view of
these facts we understand why
Ea ter is such a joyous occa
sion for all Christians.
Like Christmas* so Easter
has been commercialized. A
grocer had decorated his win
hnv with Easter lilies and
on ted this sign above them:
“Christ has risen! Our prices
'■ave no*!” Our Easter joy
must be centered in the risen
Chri 't. And if that fact means
anything to us, it will move uc
to be zealous witness-bearers
tor Christ. May that be the
friut of our Easter celebration.
In keeping in tradition of
F.aster spirit some of the chu
rches o’ Omaha have united
in .Sun rise service, which will
be held at Cleaves C. M. F.
Church, 25th and Decatur St.
at 6 A. A!. Rev. J. W. Bietson i
win bring the message.
rs The public is cordially in
vited to attend.
Tabernacle Church of Christ
2608 Franklin Street
Omaha. Nebraska
Rev. Joseph H. Jones, Pastor ,
Rev. J. W. Goodwin, Assistant
Rev. O. J. Burckhardt, Assoc
iate Pastor
9:45 A. M. Sundav School,
Mrs. Elayne Green, Supt.
11:00 A. M. Morning Worship
6:30 P. M. Holiness Young
People Union, Mother
Peace, President
7:45 P. M. Evening Worship
3 :45 P. M. Monday Child Ev
anglist Class,
8:00 P. M. Tuesday Senior
Choir rehearsal, Mrs. Ma
ud Hogan, President
7:45 P. M. Wednesday Bible
Instruction and Group Re
6:30 P. M. Thursday Junior
Choir reheasal, Miss Mit
rethia Dixon, Pres.
7:45 P. M. Friday Prayer and
Praise Service
You are always welcome at
NIGHT AT 8:00 P. M.
The Senior Choir of St.
John’s under the able direction
of Mrs. Pearl Gibson will pre
sent the Seven Last Words in
Song on Easter Sunday even
ing March 28th at 8:00 at the
This hardworking auxiliary
of our church has been zeal
ously working for sometime in
the preparation for this pres
entation. They have spared no
time rehersing.
Soloist for this outstanding
presentation is as follows:
Mrs. Venus Starms, Mrs. Bl
anche Moore, Mrs. L. Huston.
Mr. Kenneth Myers, tenor and
Mr. H. L. Preston Bass.
Members and friends your
presence is hdartlv solicited.
Easter Sunday night, March
2 8 th to this presentation.
Won’t you come out?
The Junior Choir directed
by Mrs. B. J. Childress will
present a Pre-Easter service on
Good Friday at 8:00 p. m. sh
arp at the church.
I hese progressive i oung
People and their directoress
have planned a glorious spir
itual service for many mem
bers and friends of St. John’s
on ths night Friday, March 26
1948 at the church. They will
be looking forward to an ex
cellent attendance.
The Sunday School presents
its Easter ervice Sunday after
noon, March 28th, at 5 :00 p.m.
at the church.
These children of ours de
sire the parents and friends of
the church to come out and
encourage them in their ser
vice honoring the Risen Chri
Young People attending our
Allen Christian Endeavor each
Sunday afternoon at 6:00 p.m.
Grow spiritually as well as
physically by attending these
Mothers send or bring your
children to Sunday School ev
ery Sunday morning at 9:30
a. m. Attending our Morning
service atll a.m. Our evening
service at 7:30 p.m. Visitors
and friends are always wel
come at St. John’s the friend
lv church at 22nd Wills Ave.
Cpme and worship with us
won’t you.?
Cleaves Temple C.M.E Church
25th and Decatur St.
C. P. Ra nss, Pastor
Jeanie English, Reporter
We were honored to have
the Men’s chorus sing for us
again this morning. We always !
enjoy hearing them.
Rev. Raines urged us to put
ourselves in the position to 1
vote, then when the time c©tnes
we should vote.
We are having early service
here Easter Sunday morning
at 6:00 a. m. Rev. Bletson will
be the speaker. There will also :
be our regular 11 a. m. service.
' hir speaker will be our pastor.
Plan to attend the earlv ser
vice and stay forbreakfast ser
ved in the first unitly ofthe
church by the Usher Board
from 7:00 - 10:30 a. m.
The sermon delivered by our
Pastor this morning was taken
from the 84th Psalm 2nd verse.
“Mv soul longeth. yea, even
fainteth for the Courts of the !
Lord; my heart and my flesh i
cr:eth out for the living God.”
Theme: Title Quest of the Soul.
Quest means to search, to long,
or to seek for.
“The last Sundav that pre
reeds the first full moon that
'alls on or nf'er March 21st is
Palm Sunday, and Easter is
the fir=t Sundav that comes
after the first full moon that |
comes on or after March 21st.
Rev. Raines delivered a very ,
inspirational sermon this mor- '
ning, closing by singing, with
the aid the congregation,
“Something Within.”
22nd Willis St.
Rev. E. B. Childress
Mason Devereaux, Jr. Report.
A beautiful Palm Sunday of
1948 found our minister Rev.
Childress delivering one of his
inspirational Christian serm
ons. His subject of his glori
ous message paying homage
to the Rising Savior was the
Suffering Christ. His text
Mark 14, chapter and 34 ver
se. The thoughts for the day
was as follows; “There is no
way out of the program of God
other than by the accomplish
ment of the program, When a
man’s right, he is right, when
he is wrong, his conscious tells
him so, and if a man doesn't
know what it is all about; he
cannot be a leader of men’’.
Accassiorj 3 Edward Sayer
from Alliance, Nebr.
Let us prgjv for the sick
throughout the week whoever
they maybe wherever they
Mrs Dorothy Glenn, who
has been ill for the past two
manths, is much better, and
returned home from the hos
pital Wednesday.
^ Mr. L. L. McVay of 2808
Corby, is very sick in Doctor’s
Hospital, His condition was
still serious, as of Tuesdav
night. Me McVay is active in
church and social life. He is
Insist On Clean
Records In Beer
It is well to keep in mind that
only past good performance
entitles an applicant to a beer
selling license.
The brewing industry realizes
that its effort to keep beer re
tailing on a high plane can be
made fully effective only when
the privilege of selling beer is
given to those who will not
abuse the privilege.
A retailer whose past perform
ance shows he has a lack of
proper regard for the public in
terest — who carelessly or de
liberately violates the laws and
general rules of good conduct
— has proved himself un
worthy of a license. He should
be replaced by a reputable citi
zen who has the proper attitude
and ability.
Should you know of a tav
ern-keeper in your community
who does not measure up to his
responsibilities, now is the time
to act. Report it fully to your
local licensing officials.
□ United States
Charles E. Sandall, State Director
710 Firat Nat'l Bank Bldg , Liacola
Their goal, 250,000 dollars . . . seated (left to right). Dean W. W. Burr,
Harry B. Coffee, Perry W. Branch; standing (left to right), J. Francis Mc
Dermott, J. L. Welsh, John E. Curtiss and E. P. Barnes.—Journal-Stockman
To help Nebraska boys and
girls become better citizens is
the purpose of an active mon
ey-raising campaign now be
ing waged by the Nebraska
Department of the American
Legion, according to state
ments made last week by mem
bers of the sponsoring com
mittee conferring in Omaha.
Previously, on March 15, the
Legion officially launched the
drive on its 30th anniversary.
A goal of at least $250,000 was
set. The money will be given
to the University of Nebraska
for the construction of a Ne
braska Youth Memorial build
ing on the College of Agricul
ture campus.
Governor Yal Peterson pro
claimed the inaugural day of
the drive “Nebraska Youth
Day.” Peterson urged every
person in the state to support
the drive as far as possible.
Observers pointed out that
the drive was unique in that
the Legion wanted to “give”
something to the state of Ne
braska. Participating in youth
and agriculture activities on
the College of Agriculture of
campus hailed the porposed
gift as a vitally needed struc
ture. Legion committee mem
bers said that the facilities now
used for such group meetings
as Cornhusker Boys’ State and
the annual 4-H Club week are
wholly inadequate.
Nebraska’s Depa rtment
Commander E. P. Barnes, of
Omaha, declared, “The Legion
| w ishes to provide a much need
led 'building for the youth of
Nebraska, where thousands of
. of Nebraska youth will be in
structed in Americanism
through such training pro
grams as Cornhusker Boys’
State, 4-H Club activities, vo
cational agriculture and other
youth programs.”
Dean W. W. Burr of the
College of Agriculture stated.
“We sorely need such a build
ing to serve Nebraska’s two
greatest assets — youth and
agriculture. The vision of the
American Legion in conceiv
ing this program has "drawn
the commendation of leaders
in all phases of life in our
Mrs. Mary Smith, 62, 2436
Decatur Street, died Thursday
March 18th at a local hospital.
Mrs. Smith had been a resid
ent of Omaha thirty years and
a member of Pilgrim Baptist
Church and Princess Ozel Ch
apter No. 11, Order of the Ea
stern Star. She is survived by
a sister in law, Mrs. Mattie ,
.Carter, <Omaha. Funeral ser
vices w^re held Tuesday after
noon from the Pilgrimi Baptist
Church wth Rev. Charles Fav
ors oficating, assisted bv the
Rev. J. W. Rodgers, Rev. Fos
ter Gondlett. Princess Oztel
Chapter No. 11 was in charge
of the Eastern Star rites with
Sister Vassie Harrold, W. M.
and Brother Floyd Buckner
W. G. P. acting Worthy Pat
ron. Pall bearers, J. W. Porter,
Guy Wiley, Charles Duffy,
Doc Bowen, L. Young, R. C.
Stewart. Burial was at Grace
land Cementery with arrang
ements by Thomas Mortuary.
Mrs. Mildred Jackson, 30,
1826 North 23rd Street, died
Saturday March 2th at a local
been a resident of Omaha for
hosptal. Mrs. Jackson had
been a resident of Omaha for
most of her life and was a me
mber of Pleasant Green Bap
tist Church. She is survived by
two children, Dorothy and Jos
eph Jackson, parent Mr. and
Mrs William L. Higdon. The
body is at Thomas Mortuary.
Mrs. Lulu Bynum. 49, 1204
North 25th Street, died Tues
day March 23rd1 at a local hos
pital. Mrs. Bynum had been
a resident of Omaha nineteen
years. She is survived by her
husband, Mr. William Bynum,
Omaha, daughter, Mrs. Viola
Lewis, Brickeys Arkansas, and
brother, Mr. Samuel Bell, of
Chicago, Illinois.
Funeral services will be 2
o’clock Saturday afternoon at
Thomas Mortuary. Burial will
be at Forest Lawn Cemetary.
also the organizer of the spring
musical that is giken every
year. He is also a member of
St. John’s Church. Mrs. Dew
ey Emanuel, sister of Mrs. Me
Vay flew in fro mDenver, Col
orclao, last night.
Heavy Eaters
People in the United States are
eating 8 per cent more food per per
son this year than in 1941 and 16
per cent more than the 1935-39 aver
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St. Philips Episcopal Church
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invites you to their Annual
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be served from 8. A. M. to 10:
30 A. M. Easter Morning. If
you wish to reserve a table for
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Mrs. T. P. Mahammitt, WE.
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