The Omaha guide. (Omaha, Neb.) 1927-19??, February 28, 1948, TWENTY FIRST ANNIVERSARY EDITION, Image 5

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    _y It's an automatic
that plays 50 minutes of uninter
rupted recorded music by pressing
the single-button control.
But you can LIFT OUT the radio
and plug it in anywhere.
It’s a real 2 in 1 instrument! Stunning air-stream cabinet in
rich, dark mahogany or toasted blond mahogany finish.
This sensational set will bring them home for their ' j
after school fun..f' $99.85
. — 1
^ student wants a 1TT| t lEWtlT
Westinghouse UTTLt JtWtL
Here', a console beUevef Sryled on M (
I sides, If b,s a " 21 . aces. Green and B».d
Small, smart and powerful . . . the ideal radio for bookshelf,
mantel or table . . . rich mahogany veneer cabinet . . . easy-to-see,
easy-to-tune dial . . . big radio performance that will wow the
whole dormitory, at a small radio price that won’t upset the budget.
. r \
/kter> ..(WtfyOl///6U./ Westinghouse1
. _ -—
SOUTH OMAHA_24th and “O” Streets
ouucs oi lomorrow
Air conditioned shoes are now
available for industrial footwear for
workers who have athlete’s feet or
blisters. The insole is made of fine
plastic meshlike material. Every
atep pumps air into the shoes. An
Austrian shoemaker has announced
electrically warmed shoes. A small
battery fits into a cavity in the heel
and keeps the shoe constantly
warm. Eighty-five per cent of all
the 20 million cattle hides consumed
annually in the United States are
used in the manufacture of shoes.
Plow Under Cornstalks
Plow under those cornstalks, Is
the advice of soil experts. Like other
crop residues, cornstalks are im
portant in helping rebuild organic
matter. A ton of cornstalks is esti
mated to be as effective as three
quarters of a ton of fresh manure
for organic matter. Cornstalks also
are a source of nitrogen, phosphorus
and potash. Returning crop residues
should be a part of every good soil
management plan. Liming and use
of fertilizer are other vital prac
New Oyster Stuffing
Oysters long have been trading
their shells for the protection of a
tin can so they might move into the
markets of the world. Now they’re
teaming up with bread and season
ing to make their bow as a stuffing
lor use with fowl, meat or fish. The
■ meal planner merely has to empty
the contents into a bowl, fluff with a
fork and the stuffing is ready. Be
sides oyster slices, this dressing
contains bread crumbs, salt, butter,
nut meats, ham and bacon fat, suet,
sage, onions, curry and pepper.
Add Tears to Life
Proper oiling of electric motors
will add years to their lives. Now
is a good time to make a check on
the alignment of the bolts and to
clean dirt and dust away from the
ventilation holes of the motor. If
you don’t have a delayed-action
fuse to protect the motor against
overloads, it might be a good idea
to install one. All in all, a motor
theckup right now may save you
hours of time and trouble later on.
22nd Willis Ave.
Reverend E. B. Childress
Mason M. Devereaux Jr.—reporter
Presiding Elder John Adams in his
quarterly message to St. John’s on
Sunday February 22, 1948 said, “He
that places a bearer in front of his
brother isn’t in harmony with God’s
prdferam. The program the church
must reach the innermost boundaries
of the earth, No man helps his pastor
or any other man when he tries to
make the pastor ^narrow, closing with
the following impressive thought That
their is more peaiousy, envy, greed,
! lack of community spirit in our com
' munity and city than any other com
munity or city similar in size.
visitors: Miss T. Berry, 1840 N. St.
Lincoln, Nebr., Miss M. Mclean, 908
Matherisn Wichita, Kans., Miss E.
Edwards, 2420 P. St. Lincoln, Nebr.,
Mr. D. Hayes Valentine, Nebr., Mrs.
M. C. Coggs 2052 You St. Lincoln,
Nebr., Mrs. T. Hancock 2402 No. 27
Ave. City, Mrs. K. Shonas, City, Miss
J. Miller, 2212 Ohio St. City, Miss C.
Dudley, 2902 No. 25 St. City, Miss F.
Perry, 958 No. 26 St. City, Miss M.
Franklin, 2625 Decatur St. City, Miss
Della Mae Jones, 2207 No. 25 St.
City, Miss E. P. Brown, 2924 No. 24
St. City, Miss J. Goodlett, 2726 Bin
ney St. City, Mrs. G. B. Lennox, 2527
Patrick St. City, Mrs. L. P. Skinner,
2207 Wirt St. and Mrs. A. M. Mc
Millan, 2892 Miami St.
Let us pray for the sick throughout
the week whoever they may. be
wherever they may be.
Give now and give generously and
graciously won’t you? Our Building
Fund Victory Drive Rally closes Sun
day February 29th. Your contribution
will mean a bigger, better, and great
er St. John’s serving all the peoples of
the community. Let your conscience
be your gj^ide and give liberally..
Mr. L. L^McVey and the Good
will Choir are to be congratulated for
the splendid 6th Annual Goodwill
Spring Musical Choir Service Sunday
Febr. 22nd. The excellent response in
attendance and support we are sure
made you all very happy and pleased,
for we enjoyed the service and espe
cially the address by Reverend E. B.
The Sunday School is now holding
its Easter rehearsal under the direc
tion of Mrs. E. B. Childress Saturday
afternoon at 1 p. m.
The Allen Christian Endeavor is
pelading for additions members from
our Young Peoples group.
All the members of St. John’s are
urged to come out and hear Dr. E.
Booker Tenor from Philadelphia, Pa.
on Friday February 27th at 8 p. m.
at the church.
Rivers of Milk Used
More than 60 million quarts of
fresh milk and cream now are be
ing used daily by American con
Pointing for Service
Rapid service at your fingertips
soon will be available by newly de
veloped vending machines. The de
vices are equipped with an electric
eye which enables the customer to
get delivery merely by inserting coin
and pointing finger at the product
he desires.
Young Go First
Many young birds, including
those of the Red-Wing, migrate
south before their parents, thus dis
proving the old adage that the adults
guide the young on their first south
ward flight. In other species the mi
grating young and adults remain in
family groups. Canada geese fol
low this patter, the families com
bining into large flocks but retain
ing their unity. With no calendar or
compass to guide them, birds set
forth along ancestral routes each fall
at much the same time for their
southern wintering grounds and re
turn as punctually each spring.
25th and Decatur Streets
C. P. Raines, Pastor
Jeanie English, Reporter
Rev. Raines and Choir exchanged
pulpits and choir stands with Rev. J.
C. Wade and choir, of Salem Baptist
church, this morning. We heard some
inspirational singing and enjoyed a
fine sermon by Rev. Wade and choir.
His sermon was taken from St. Mat
thew 22:42. Jesus is more than a
community boy. He is the first and
last of all that is noble and sublime.
Without Christ there is no Christian
ity. The word of God will stand for
ever. Jesus is the word of God. Jesus
is more than a psychiatrist, more than
an oculist, and more than a philanthro
pist. He is the last word in oratory.
Jhe spirit w’as really with us. All |
the pews were filled and I hardly think
there was one present who did not
feel the presence of God.
There were several visitors present,
please return.
Let us remember to pray for and
visit the shut-ins.
You and your friends are invited
and urged to attend the Leap Year
Supper sponsored by the Pastor Pride
Board on Friday, February 27, 1948.
Hrs. 8-10 p. m.
Plan to attend a Pre-Easter Tea
given by the Forward Step Club, Sun
day, March 21, 1948. Hrs. 3-7 p. m. in
the church dining room.
Need Running Water
Running water still is lacking in
75 per cent of the farm homes of the
nation. Only 5 per cent of city homes
lack running water. A farm family
of five with a fair amount of live
stock uses about 300 tons of water in
a year if they have to pump and
carry it by hand. If the farm had
running water and electric pumps
the same family would use probably
twice as much water and have none
of the effort of transporting tons of
water by hand.
McDonald reporting
Broadway Appliance, 3562 West
Broadway, Council Bluffs, la. We sell
gas and electric stoves, all kinds of
electrical appliances, radios, clocks,
irons, toasters, washing machines. We
service all kinds of electrical appli
ances. Phone 3-6311.
Mrs. Hazel Chinn Black, who oper
ates a beauty parlor on 24th and
Charles, wishes to inform her many
patrons and the public that she will
be in charge of the business after the
first of March. Mrs. Black asks her
friends to continue to see her when
you are looking for beauty. 1408 No.
24th street.
Furnace Co., 1502 North 24 street,
are prepared to do anything for your j
furnace and would be glad to sell you j
a new one. You are always welcome in j
his place, and he is glad to see you j!
always. Give him your furnace trou- |
bles. Call any time. You are welcome. |
Oh, Boy, when you need anything |
in the janitor line, it will pay you to jf
see him. He can furnish you with any- |
thing you need. Chemical Product Co., {'
3016 North 24 street. He is a fine |
limn IU incci ctuu. iaiK iu, anu lias ttr * cittvt/'tavt tv - . -
evemhing you want. ^public tax nation hiiTby «”oK o“fe wM-^b'^oyS! 1
Mr. Emil Ceimak, th eold reliablende a presidential veto. Shown here, after the bill waTnaJIl0 IL 1
druggist, 1264 South 13th street, isJ*f« to ***& Charles A. Halleck, (R) Ind., BouJe Majority
still doing business and is prepared tojn~ coneTa^ilntoH°h!r*lnuts°n- (£) Minn., who sponsored the Mil, be*
, 1 c J ,,,U congratulated by Speaker of the House Joseph W Marti* /in
take care of your needs. When youMass It .3 estimated that the bill will cut income £xes six Ind <i»! 1
need anything in the line of drugs,'la^ billion dollars in 1948. j
see You are always
1 Coquette
6 Instrument
used to de
compose light
1 Shrewd
.2 Trojan hero
.4 Molten lava
.3 Verily
I J Youth
17 Artificial
|8 To stain
tO Energetic
13 To exist
15 Pronoun
16 Skill
17 Complicated
state of
12 Unit of
resistance ,
14 Egyptian
15 Difficulty
16 Assistance
18 Faroe Islands
19 Deed
II Agitated '
14 Young goat
16 55
47 To leave
18 To disown •
52 To seize
55 Symbol for
56 Prefix: not
57 Latin: haill
59 Compass
80 One who sells
small wares
82 Ambassador
54 Slang
65 To eat away
1 To criticize
2 French
3 Evergreen
4 Tall grass
5 Shallow
6 Magnificent
7 20 quires
8 Country in
Solution In Next leant. ? 1
I ■
No. 29 '
9 Symbol for
10 Where the
defeated the
11 Rude fellow
13 The sun
19 To recede
21 Nothing
22 Ancient
Scottish tax
24 Period of
27 Man’s name
28 Common food
29 Poem
30 Mischievous
31 To lubricate
33 Convened
37 To excavate
40 Gratuity
42 Indehiscem
43 Vast e •
45 Stupid person
48 Edge
49 Agent
50 Enumeration
51 At any time
53 Poker stake
54 Industrious jf
58 The self *
61 Note of seals
63 Colloquial: ]
paid notics ^ i
<£ I
Answer to Pnxsto Number £f
m|i|l|e[ IaIbIeItI |d|o|nI !
0 mMr 0 0 DBBn A B ‘
a Tbi i a mbth I c|aD '
etc hBBd q a lBSt o n
N. 0. M. B_ AMb R _0 wIBn _I J
2 _R E N C[>Mc ARDS 0 y’
R. I ■31 |M AVIS
~p|T eBBdIi|a|lBBa _t i v
i n nMs i v aW~r ;;
[i|A _D !R IR L eTh jJ |
ir|rIe| |b|o|n|e| 1l1a1t1«1
Series H-41 j j
‘ i
.■■■■■ '«?
Tax Slash Bill Passed
New 6-Tube Automatic
i^Sr /^V/with MIRACLE tone arm
' -*'■■. ' rf'.-J-SSj} A new thrill in record listening, made possible by
•ifflMyjgMwBAQ'liwHBPWBAHfiABliHBUBiMij^g Admiral s Miracle Tone Arm. Uses no coil, no
special tube. Even
aHQH rx J \ J7^FTTTTTr^. oldest records come to life with vivid brilliance
\ | V*!' L| ^X I 1 I'M j j* j unmarred by needle scratch, “talk-back,” or other
-. Sh. disturbing surface noise.
§Pf • Automatically changes records in 3>/2 seconds
• New, improved changer plays up to 12 records
KJ A | T T I wm B JHA * 6-tube Admiral perfected superhet radio
„ ” $:'■ ■ A A JB • Automatic bass compensation for tone balance
• Stunning cabinet with French Gold grille
rv //*
SOUTH OMAH/ 24th and Streetg