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Westinghousei^S Comforter
with the Automatic Watchman Control
Why? Because they’re snugly covered with a lush,
soft, lightweight Westinghouse Electric Comforter
Is:: the bedcovering for warmth without weight;
This one Comforter is all that’s ever needed even
on the coldest night. Once the Automatic Watch
man Control has been set it maintains the selected
warmth the whole night through regardless of
ehanges in room temperature.
Top is of quilted rayon satin, in Rose, Blue or
Green with matching underside of noashp spun
rayon faille that anohors Comforter to the bed;
Outer cover dry-cleans beautifully::: Inner warm
ing sheet of preshrunk muslin is easily fsasovabl*
for washing. Approved by Underwriters’ Labora
tories, Inc. 72" s M'i ttkme hi asnpig task ini
t -
Dainty “powder boat" control
automatically compensate* far
change* in room temperature!
Woo’t slip 'off the bed. The
underside of spun rayon feMle
clings to the sheet.
Make* bedmaking ea*y . , ,
fasti Only one bedcoveringl
No apreld is ever needed.
_ -a*
5021 SO. 24th MA.3600
red rose1 corsage sang “Because.”
Miss Childs, in a powder-blue
gown with a bustle back and red
rose corsage, sang “I Love You
Truly.” Little Misses Patsy Parr
and Sharon Besse were flower
gtfrls, and little Henry Avant
ring bearer. t
Mrs. Orduna chose a aqua
blue crepe dress for her daugh
ter’s wedding. Mrs. Donaldson
wore a dress of long sleeve grey:
crepe. Both had a red rose cor
, sage.
The reception was held at the
Y. W. C. A. ,’at 7:00 p. m.
TCattlers Won’t Ten
Popular supposition has it that
the number of rattles borne by a
snake indicates its age in years. A
new rattle is required each time
that a snake sheds its skin and sev
eral rattles may be added annually,
the California Fish and Game com
mission reports. The studies indi
cate that young snakes in their year
of growth gain, besides the original
button, two to four rattles. Medium
sized snakes, during their second or
third year, often gain two rattles
annually. Adults most frequently
add only one rattle a year, but
sometimes gain two.
This tantalizing spice cake with a creamy fudge frosting is one you can
make on your busiest day. It’s a tested recipe, made the Ohe-Bowl way
which means your cake is mixed and in the oven in five minute* The
frosting, too, is a “quickie.” Just try it and see.
When you taste this feathery-light, tender cake wfth its subtle blend
of spices and luscious smooth frosting, you’ll marvel at how quickly
you were able to turn out such a masterpiece. It will be a family favorite,
bo clip the recipe now.
Tropical Spice Cake
2 cups sifted cake flour h teaspoon nutmeg
lH cups sugar ‘ h teaspoon cloves
2% teaspoons baking powder h cup Spry
(tartrate powder, 4 teaspoons) 1 cup less 2 tablespoons milk
1 teaspoon salt 1H teaspoons vanilla
1% teaspoons cinnamon 2 eggs, unbeaten
out Hour, sugar, DaKing powaer, sail ana spices into mixing dowi. urop
n Spry. Add 24 of milk, then vanilla and beat 200 strokes (2 minutes
oy hand or on mixer at low speed). Scrape bowl and spoon or beater. Add
remaining milk and eggs and beat 200 strokes (2 minutes by hand or
on mixer at low speed).
Bake in two square 8 x 8 x 2-inch Sprycoated pans in moderately hot
oven (375° F.) 25-35 minutes. Spread White Fudge Frosting between
.ayers and on top. Decorate with chopped nuts or {fccan halves.
White Fudge Frosting. Melt 2 tablespoons Spry and 1 tablespoon but
ter in CUP scalded top milk. Combine 3 cups sifted confectioners’
3ugar and J4 teaspoon salt. Pour hot milk over sugar and sa c and stir
until sugar is dissolved. Add 1 teaspoon vanilla and beat until thick
j enough to spread.
Child Health Services
The National Foundation for In
fantile Paralysis has given more
than a quarter of a million dollars
to the American Academy of Pe
diatrics for study of child health
seirvices in the United States.
Give Plants Milk Bath
A milk bath will brighten up ivy,
philodendrum and snake plants if
the look a bit dull. Dip a soft
cloth in skimmed milk and lightly
rub the surface of the leaves that
appear dull, is the -klvice of Cor
nell specialists.
25th and Decatur Street
C. P. Raines, Pastor
Mrs. Jeanie English, Reporter
This morning Rev. Raines and.
Rev. E. H. Unvert of Trinity
Methodist Church changed pul
The sermon by Rev. Unvert was
from Ephensians 3:14-25. Theme:
Filled with the Fullness of God.
It is going to take more religion to
put out the fire of sin, and accom
plish more brotherly love. We
need to be led by the spirit of God
We profess to be Christ-like, yet
we are not filled with the spirit.
To be filled with the fullness of
God is a, continuous process. The
Great Heros of the faith believed
in prayer. We should spend more
time with God in prayer. When a
bucket is already full, you can t
put any more into it. Maybe some
things will have to go out of our
lives before God can get in. We
are agraid to empty ourselves of
the evils in us, so that God can
come in. Let us not be agriaiaat
ed, let us be filled with the full
ness of God.
we enjoyed the sermon by Rev.
Unvert, and pray for more broth
erly understanding among races.
Visitors are always welcome.
Please return. I
Let us remember to pray for
the shut-ins.
You and your friends are urg
ed to hear- Mr. Rowland W. Hay
nes, President of the Omaha Mun
icipal University speak on “the
Palestine Situation—its effect on
Christianity and World Pease” on
Sunday February 15, at 3:30p. m.
Mighty Hippopotamus
Second only to the elephant in
size, the hippopotamus often weighs
more than four tons. With a life
span of more than 40 years, the
hide becomes also two inches thick,
alone weighing as much as 500
pounds. It can walk for miles on
the bottom of a stream, coming up
for air every six or seven minutes.
Audience Thrilled by Colorful
Victory Tea
The Sunday School Victory Tea
Sunday February 8, 1948 proved
to be one of the most colorful
events yet presented this season
at St. John’s Church by our
young people. The Junior Choir
and its directress, Mrs. B. J.
Childress in their raptious colors
blended perfectly with the beaut
iful red and white Valentine
•color scheme. The hostess, as
sisted, sponsors were also array
ed in their various colors adding
to the gayety of the tea as they
flitter about seeing that those
that attended were well provided
with refreshments etc.
The Junior Choir under th
direction of Mrs. B. J. Lmtdress
opened their very fine musical
service with the Negro National
Anthem, Cleone Harmon sang
Bless this House, Let Us Get on
Board Children by the Junior
Choir, Vocal solo by Francis
Steal Away, vocal solo by De
loris Taylor, Instrumental Solo
Mickey J. Harris, and vocal solo
by Silla Childs assisted by the
Junior Choir. A thought in song
End of the Perfect Day and the
introduction of the Sunday
Sc h o o 1 Superintendent, John
John Orduna thanked the fol-'
lowing for their part in the pre
sentation of this Tea, Mrs. B.
Moore, Mrs. R. Nails, Mrs. B. J.
Childress and Jr. Chojr, Host
ess, Service, and the host of other
Reverand Childresss received
the presentation of $66.70 pro
ceeds above expense made from
this tea, by Lois Ann Artison the
highest ticket seller for this tea
who in turn was presented a box
of candy for her untiring efforts.
Mrs. Childress das presented a
deautiful floral bouquet of flow-J
ers. j
. .Miss Amelia Orduna Wed to
Edwin Donaldson ....
Miss Amelia Orduna, daughter
of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Orduna,!
and Edwin Don,aldson, son of!
IMr. and Mrs. Dan Donaldson,
were married Saturday, January
31, at 4 o’clock at 3t. jonn A. M.
E. Church.
The Rev. E. B. Childress
officiated the ceremony before
the alter lighted with two floor
length seven branched candlebar.
Mrs. Ruth Downing was organ
The bride wore a gown of
white slipper satin made with r»
sweetheart neckline, which was
edged in seeded pearls, fitted
bodice, and a full skirt ending in
a three yard train.
Her illusion veil was finger-tip
length writh a crown of seeded
pearls. She carried a cascade
bounquet of white roses and
white carnations with showers.
Miss Evelyn Triggs, Miss Mes
salonia Pruitt, and Mrs. Doris
Orduna, sister-in-law of the bride
all wore1 pink gowns with match
ing veil and headdresses, and
carried blue colonial bouquets
with red snapdragons, rs. Doro
thy Brantley was Matron of Hon
or for her sister. She wore an
aqua gown with matching veil
headdress. She carried a jonquil
cascade bouquet.
Harold Donaldson, brother of
the bridegroom, was best man.
Ushers included Henry Donald
son, brother of the bridegroom,
Paul and John Orduna, brothers
of the bride, and William Cunn
ingham, Jr.
Miss Kathryn Wilburn, attired
in a powder blue gown and a
corsage of red roses, attended
the family pews and bridal party.
Misses Nadine Manley and Jan
et QiAJds |Wrere candle-linghters
and soloists. Miss Manley attir
ed in a yellow taffeta gown and)
Beer Retailers:
When in Doubt
Do Not Sell!
In Nebraska, the law forbids
the sale of beer to minors
under age 21.
Every retailer must refuse to
sell beer to anyone who is not
of legal age to make the pur
It is to the beer retailer’s high
credit that when in doubt he
does not sell.
Likewise, the beer retailer
merits cooperation from the
public. Do not ask him to sell
beer contrary to law—and do
not object when the retailer
“leans backward” to be sure he
is right.
Citizens can help us by report
ing to this Committee, in con
fidence, any fact involving the
sale of beer which violates the
law or the sensibilities of the
public. Then, after thorough
investigation, such steps will be
taken by this office as seem
I United States
Charles E. Sandall, State Dlrecto
710 rim Nit’l luk BMf., Llacala
LIGHTER osYouS/eep
J-Or. FRED Palmer's
Skin too dark. unsightly? Try Dr. FRED
Palmers Skin Whitener tonight Caution: use
as directed. Lightens skin, acts on externally
caused Pimples and blemishes. 25c and 50c at
drug stores. Satisfactory results or money wi,
?£LTRWL ^ ,0c lorP°‘,ae»' handling to
Or. FRED Palmer’s, Dept E, Box 2S4. Atlanta, Ca.
I _
WE-1049 OR JA-1155 ^
Looks Like Ijoo.oo!
Watch them gasp
when they spy you
in this massive
tys oety you to tell it apart from
rings costing many times as much. Flashy
simulated diamond, rich yellow or white
gold color effect. What value for only
97c! SEND NO MONEY. Pay postman
97C plus postage. Money back guarantee
in to days. Order NOW) MELROSE CO.
Dept. 55, Box zt6, G.P.O. Brooklyn i,
tJrw York,
Gray, drab hair can make you look older—
discourage invitations to have a good time be>
cause men think you're too old. Don’t take •
chance with your romance. Give your hair rich,
natural looking color and beauty with Larieuse.
Your friends will approve.
look years younger
Color Your Hair This Easy Way i
To give your hair 1
H new, rich, natural
M lookingcolor(black, I
111 brown, blonde)start 1
if* using Godefroy’s I
J " LarieuseHairColor- I
I Ins NOW... acts \
■ quickly —goes on
, cvemy, easily — »,
won t rub off or wash out—unaffected by heat
“ Permits permanents and stylish hairdos . . .
known and used for over 50 years. Your
dealer will give your money back if you're not
100% satisfied.
Have an easy, professional application at your
favorite beauty shop or buy Larieuse at any -
Cosmetic department or drugstore.
Indians Popped Corn
Popcorn was raised by the Indi
ans long before Columbus arrived in
the Western hemisphere. It became
an important commercial crop
about 1880. Formerly it was sup
posed that the popping of corn was
caused by the volatilization of oil
in the grain. The explosion is due
simply to the formation of steam
within the grain when it is heated
—neither air nor volatile oil, experts
say, is concerned in the process.
Popcorn with a louder “pop” has
been developed.
Ties Now Live Longer
Back in 1915, railroad ties had to
be replaced after five years of
grinding and pounding under the
wheels of heavy trains. The 1947
model crossties, however, hardened
and preserved with creosote by im
proved methods, are good for SO
years. Stretching the life of a tie
sixfold saves considerable as it
costs more than a dollar, not count
ing labor, to renew each tie. There
ere are nearly 1,300,000,000 ties
constantly wearing out on all the
railroad lines in the United States.
' - ---— ■ m
2^? Radio-Phonograph
y^A^*^. _ - -
Has Plenti-power, Rainbow Tone FM, two tfetfC
wave bands, the amazing Electronic Feather, the
' Automix Record Changer which plays 10 and
12-inch records intermixed, Signal Light Control,
twin record compartments, two speakers ,
exquisite bow-front cabinet in matched is \ ^
. veneers — a magnificent possession!
IJT-"'1‘ I II llli in _a
...THE 166’ll marvel at true-to-life PI end-power reception
\ ... Rainbow Tone FM, the quietest, most
sensitive FM ever made for home use . . . the
amazing Electronic Feather tone arm which
eliminates needle scratch without loss of musical
highs . . . the new Automix Channel •*** olavs.
; ^ lO aud 12-inch records intermixed. §379 95
Only 914” x 6" x 6"—ideal for crowded table topa /
... power and tone you’ll have to hear to believe. ' S&6.95
Completely enclosed on all sides . . . retractable,
disappearing handle that makes it easy to carry from
room to room. Ivory and gold, green and gold.
* MARK EXT 3600 5021 SO. 24113.