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    YMCA Notes
The Near Northside Branch YMCA
i-hat taken over the Omaha Urban Lea
gue gymnasium facilities from Oct
obet to March. To take care of the
expense of renting this gymnasium
a Small gym fee will be charged each ^
paitiS pant according to his age: up
to 15 years of age 50 cent, 16-20
years $1.00 and all over 20 years $1.50.
Gra-H Clubs in Long, Kellom,
Howard Kennedy, will get under way
this week and plan their fall and win
ter programs. Urge your son to be
r-unae a member of the club of his
■•(Stool. y’ !
The Annual Nebraska Laymen's
Conference; wjj)| be held at Camp
Sheldon Co’umLus Nebraska on Sun
day October 5, 1947. Mr. H. B. Rogers
and Mr. Harper Glezen, of the West
Central Area Council will be on bard
to lead discussions on YMCA Fin
ancing and Community Chest Rela
tionships; Our YMCA ,n Nebraska
and Our Area and National Projects.
The Near Northside Branch YMCA
expects to have four delegates in at
tendance at this conference.
Contribution to “Y”
The 'Ernest Evans War Mothers of
which Mrs. Mrs. C. Crumbly is presi
dent and Mrs. Minnie Dixon recording
aecfetary presented the Branch with
a lovely bookcase this week. The staff
and the Committee of Management of
the Branch wishes to thank this fine
group of women for their lovely con
The Ideal Improvement Club will
hold their regular monthly meeting
at' the Masonic Hall, 26tk and Blondo
Streets at 8:00 p. m. oh Wednesday
Ocotber 8, 1947. Matters of import
ance to be discussed at this meeting
not only concern the members but
al! the community. You are urged to
come and bring a friend with you.
A. R. Goodlett, President
Russell E. Reese, Recording Sec'v
Lhw on a Potato
On* potato will lupply 100 calo
ttes or about one twenty-fifth of the
amount of calories recommended for
the average adult for daily con
sumption. However. 11 is essential
that r baiancod ration be utilized
Beer Retailers
i The great majority of beer
retailers in Nebraska are them
selves among the strongest
champions of beer industry
They know their own reputa
tion and business future may
suffer if a few fail to recog
nize the responsibilities of a
beer license. They endorse the
work of the Nebraska Com
mittee and the brewing in
dustry in:
t _ 1. Promoting among beer
retailers a better under
standing of clean and
lawful practices.
2. Supporting legal author
ities in elimination of
undesirable elements
^ from the beer industry.
The brewing industry, through
the Nebraska Committee, has
practiced Self-Regulation in
the state for nearly ten years.
It has the support of state and
local governing bodies, the
public generally, and all
branches of the brewing in
United States
Charles £. Sandal!, State Directoi
7>o First Nat’l Bank Bldg., Lincola
Mr. J. D. Hines at 2523 Q st„ oper
ates a well-stocked clothing business
suits, coats, etc., that will fit any
size man at the most reasonable pric
es in town anywhere, When you are
looking for a bargain in clothing
come see Hines first for his goods
is priced to suit his customers.
Macks Used Car Lot at 24th Deer,
Park Blvd. has some of the best look
ing ased cars in town. They sell at
the most reseasonable prices too. They
can supply with just about any make
of car you 90 desire; just come in
an give them a chance to serve you.
Louis Albert 35th st. Levenworth
st., operates one of the finest grocery
stores in town. He is usually on hand
to meet his many customers. He car
ries the finest in groceries, eats etc;
at the low prices you are looking for
when shopping.
Mrs. Maude Finney 3801 Levens
worth st., a fine business women op
erates her own drug store. She car
ries the best in sodas, ice cream,
drugs, etc, is served at all times.
Mrs. Finney extendes a welcome to
all to stop in and let her fill your
drug needs.
Robs Furniture 3805 Levensworth
has some of the finest first class fur
niture in town. Cne is surprised t.v
find such a place hidden away on
Levensworth st. yet it does exist and
you will find a young fellow willing
and ready to serve you if you care
to come in when in the vinicity. You
are welcome at all trines.
Before the winter months set in
get your window washing done now by
a reliable window washing service
There is nothing like clean sparkling
windows during the holidays such as
Thanksgiving etc. Don’t worry and
fret over the dirty windows or work
yourself to death just call in al2208
Cumings st. and let them do. the job
for you.
The Kenwood Bakery 4508 N. 30.,
has some of the best bake goods to
sell in town. Their bagers are in a
class by themselves due to the fine
pastry that they put out for the many
customers that come to this establish
ment. Buy your bake goods and other
goodies from the Kenwood Bakery.
See Mr. Gretchel at 4519 N. 30
if their is anything you need in hard
ware. He hasever ything you need in
this line. His reputation for having
everything in the hardware line is
far and wide. See Gretchel for your
hardware today.
Mrs. Lockwood 4506 N. 36 st., op
erates a fine 5 and 10 cents store.
Seh keeps everything spic and span
about the place, and she is always on
hand to serve her many customers
and friends that drop in for a chat.
When you are out her way, drop
in and see her nice line of goods.
Mr. and Mrs. Hopie M. Bronson
2514 Decature st., were the past week
host and hostess to Mrs. Partee Pitts
and son George from Los Angeles
California. MVs. Bror*on and Mrs.
Pitt were school chum in little Rock.
While in the city Mrs. Pitts and her
son were entertained by a Bingo
and Theater party along with a tour
about Omaha, South Omaha, Boys
Town, and Council Bluffs. George at
tended the Kansas City and Clown?
baseball game and two out-of-town
football games. The climax to their
entertainment came Friday evening
when open house was held in their
honor at the home of the Bronson's.
Guest were as follows: Dr. and Mrs.
G. B. Lennox and daughter, Dr. and
Mrs. Gooden, Mr. and Mrs. Orville
Jones, Mr. and Mrs. Herschal Monto
mary, Mr. George Litmon, Mrs. John
nie Jordan, Mrs. Helen Reed, Mrs.
Goldie Williams, and Mr. and Mrs.
Thomas Mosley. Mrs. Pitts and her
son return to California Saturday
evening by way of the Los Angeles
Knockabout Chairs
If you have knockabout chairs in
the sunroom or on “sabbatical
leave" from the summer porch and
|heix appearance is not everything
you desire, consider making simple
slipcovers for them. Use strong fab
rics like ticking or oilcloth in fast
colors, so they can be tossed regu- i
larly into the washing machine.
World’? Ftrsf Champ
James Figg. who won the crown
as bare knuckle champion in 1719.
Wanted woman Waitress steady position
Top Wags paid and insurance
Age — 18 to 25
Apply Miss Betty, Rome Hotel, 116th and Howard Sts.
^a—■——— ———
Must be reliable and experienced. Best Wages. P. P.
Apply to— '
at the Rome Hotel, 16th and Howard* Streets
MARCH 3, 1933, AND JULY 2, 1946
Of The Omha Guide published Weekly
at Omaha, Nebraska, for October 1st,
1947. State of Nebraska, Co-unty of
Douglas, Before me, a Notary Public
in and for the State and county afore
said, personally appeared Mason M.
Devereaux, Jr., who, having* been duly
sworn according to law, deposes and
says that he is the Business Manager
of the The Omaha Guide and that
the following is, to the best of his
knowledge and belief, a true state
ment * of the ownership, management
etc., of the aforesaid publication for
triweekly newspaper, the circulation),
(and if a daily, weekly, semiweekly or
the date shown in the above caption,
required by the act of August 24, 1912,
as amended by the acts of March 3,
1933, and July 2, 1946 (section 537,
Postal Laws and Regulations), print
ed on the reverse of this form, to wit:
1. That the names and addresses
of the publisher, editor, managing edi
tor, and business managers are:
Publisher C. C. Galloway 2420 Grant
Street, Omaha, Nebr. Editor (Acting)
Mason M. Devereaux, Jr. 2420 Grant
Street, Omaha, Nebr. Managing editor
None. Business manager Mason M. De
vereaux, Jr. 2420 Grant Street, Omaha,
2- That the owner is: (If
owned by a corporation, its name and
address must be stated and also im
mediately thereunder the names and
addresses of stockholders owning or
holding one percent or more of total
amount of stock. If not owned by a
corporation, the names and addresses
of the individual owners must be giv
en. If owned by a firm, company, or
other unincorporated concern, its name
and address, as «t:i as those of each
individual member, must be given.)
C. C. Galloway 2420 Grant Street,
Omaha, Nebr.
3. Thai the known bondholders, !
mortgagees, and other security hold
ers owning or holding 1 percent or
more of total amount of bonds, mort-•
gages, or other securities are: (If
there are none, so state.)
Mr. Dudley H. Chapman 617 Sc. 17
St. Omaha, Nebr.
4. That the two paragraphs next
above, giving the names of the owners,
stockholders, and security holders, if
any, contain not c.ity nie list of stock,
holders and security holders as they
appear upon the books of the company
but also, in cases where the stockhold
er or security holder appears upon the
books of the company as trustee or
in any other fiduciary relation, the
name of the person or corporation for
whom such trustee is acting, is given;
also that the said two paragraphs con
tain statements embracing affiant’s
full knowledge and belief as to the
circumstances and conditions under
which stockholders and security hold
ers who do not appear upon the books
of the company as trustees, hold stock
and securities in a capacity other than
that of a bona fide owner; and this
affiant has no reason to believe that
any other person, association, or cor
poration has any interest direct or in
direct in the said stock, bonds, or
other securities than as so stated him.
5. That the average number of cop
ies of each issue of this publication
sold or distributed, through the mails
or otherwise, to paid subscribers dur
ing the twelve months' preceding the
date shown above is 2,194
(This information is required from
daily, weekly, sbmiweekly, and tri
weekly newspapers only.)
Mr. Mason M. Devereaux Jr., Gen.
Mgr. (Bus. Mgr.) J
Sworn to and subscribed before me
this 1 day of October, 1947
Joseph, J. Belitz
My commission expires Feh.
8, 1953
zsrvj at weuaiag
, The wearing'of something blue at
file wedding wa« ancient Israelite
custom which suggested a blue rib
bon for the bride—blue being the col
or Of IHiritv ]ove
‘r-~ ~~-N
lake shoe service
■Vote Is The Time To Get
Your Shoes Rebuilt!
Quality Material & Guaranteed
Quality Work
2407 Lake Street
l - .>
Hew women and girls
may get wanted relief
frmm^unctional periodic pain
e^rdui is a liquid medicine
which many women sav has
hreupht relief from the cramp—
like aguy and nervous strain
of fuMtional periodic distress.
Here’s hew'it'may help:
1 . Taken like a tonie, it
should stimulate appe
„, *»te, old digestion,*
thus help build reslst
'* ante for the "time” to
f •.Started 3 days before
“your time”, it should
hepa relieve pai* due
to purely, functional
periodic causes.
Try CaxduL If it helps,
yeti'll be glad y®u did
k _ 4_
Editor'a Not*:- Subait your yrobloas for publication to ABBE'
WALLACE, la ear* of this newspaper. Civ* your full naao, ad
draas and blrthdata. For a "private reply" send Abbs * a ataapod
aavelepo and tsaaty-flve oeata tor *»• ef Bis now and inspirlat
■LB9B0NS FOR HAPPIER LITXM,* Tour letter will be treated
eeafldoatlally. Bead 25 wests la eeia, staape or aonoy order.
Address year letter tas The VMS' WALL ACS Service, la ear* ef.
L. M. C.—I am 19. considered very
good looking and a fine dresser. My
manfriend is past 50 but he is nice
and sweet. He gives me anything 1
want but here of late he is insisting
that we get married. I know I am too
young for him. What do you think?
Ans: Grandpop is too old for you.
He pleases your vanity with his fine
gifts but he isn't the man to make
you a huband. He's wasting his
money and you’re wasting your time.
Refuse his presents and break away
from him so that you ean encourage
the single fellows ground your own
D. C.—Three years ago I made a long
train trip to visit my husband in camp
Enruote I sat with a very entertain
ing fellow whom I enjoyed immensely
He showed me every consideration.
Upon parting, he handed me a card
and begged me to correspond. I didn’t
write him but here of late I have
been wondering if it isn’t; he that
I sincerely love. 1 must confess my
husband is wonderful to me.
A ns: To be painfully frank, yon
are acting very silly. The man
hasn’t given you a second thought
and he surely was never in love
with you. Why make yourself mis
erable by harboring dreams of this
man? Turn this emotional excess
your husband’s way and the results
tvill be most gratifying.
W. M.—I worked at a cafeteria for
six years and last week I mad with
the cook and quit. Now T realize that
I made a mistake. Should I go back
and talk to the bc6S?
Ans: By all means do. Your work
has been very satisfactory and ha
will give you another chance if you
contact him immediately. It’s good
business to get along with your co
workers regardless of how you may
feel about them.
R. C. M.—We have been married 10
years and here lately he hasn’t been
coming in as early as he should. He
says he stops off for a beer but I
have my doubts. We have three kids
and I don’t intend to let him get
started putting anything over on me.
Should I pack, take tny kids and
A ns: No. Looking after yourself
and children would be quite big
responsibility and you would find
yourself in dire ciraumstances if
you tried it. He isn’t guilty of any
wrong doing you’re jumping
at conclusions. Wipe that smerk
°ff your face and be ore sociable
and entertaining and he will want
to come home to you. 1 recom
mend that you send for Happier
Living Lesson No. b, How to Hold
Man, price 25 cents. It will help
S. M. S.—I am a veteran of War 11.
My mother is my trouble. It seems
that she wants me to stick at home. I
wanted to go back in the army but
she refuses to give her consent. I
wanted to go to a trade school out
of the state and she said that was
too far away. She seems satisfied if
I work and bring in a little pay
check each week of about $20. 1
wpiild rathe*- ^ommit iuicide than
tolerate this life. Tell me something,
<— ~~ ~~ :
“/f Pays To Look WeU”
Ladies and Children’s Work
A Specialty
2422 Lake Street
Ans: You’re a man now think :
and act as one. It’s not unusual
for a mother to want her son by
her side but you are approaching
25 years of age and you must begin
thinking for yourself as you won’t
have her to think Jor you always.
You definitely need to return to
school and compidfo yopf
school and complete your educa
tion or go to trade school. Make
your choice and carry out your
t. M. S.—I have been going with a
nan recently to whom I am attracted
ind he has' asked me to marry him.
rlowever, I am educated, have high
deals and cater to the people of my
>wn class. He's fine and good but
or some reason I can't seem to for
tet that he comes from a poor, un
educated family and I am afraid that
t will cause trouble later. Am I right?
Ans: Yes you should not take him
as your mate unless you can ac
cept him as your social equal.
Amarriage can’t survive when one
mate feels vastly superior to the
other. You really do not love the
man, feeling as you do about. It’s
best to call it quits now.
Secret of Pie Cutting
To cut pie eerily grrinfctc rrami
over the!::<;ue
.s-u iJii..
—- ■ ■ - ■' —■ --.-i - -■ ■ ■ »
Free Delivery
Duffy Pharmacy
24th & Lake St*.
. PHONE JA 4635
formerly at—
24th and Erskine
516 North 16th
We * Once More
Edholm & Sherman
24t i x/orth 24th St. Phone WE 8055
“We Appreciate Your Trade”
*4th & LAKE AT. 4248
HOLLYWOOD — Supreme Record
ing Company announced this week
that it had signed Pee Wee Wiley.
T-Bone Walker’s cousin as the first !
blues shouter to be put under a long
term contract by the company.
A big publicity build-up is being
planned for the new singing find.
Bobby Pittman, Supreme’s senti
timental singing star whose first plat
ter “Don’t Mentoin Love To Me”
coupled with “Deep In a Dream’’ has ■
made him not only the nation’s fav
orite but the disc jockeys’ as well,
has two new deleases titled “If I
Had You” and “I Had To Give You
Up,” which will add immeasureable
ly to his fast growing popularity.
Population in Palestine
Since 1940 Palestine’s Jewish pop
ulation has jumped from 163,000 to
630.000, immigration and natural in
creases being about equal These
figures are about 1? times that of
1919. The Arab population is ap
proximately 1.110.000.
Real Estate Loans. Low Interest
Rate. Promptly mad*. ANY
Mtge Co, 234 6 Brandeis TVwater
F. C. Watters Secretary
\ Contractor .. j
| See Bailey First
( • retaining walls r }
( OFFICE—2209 NO. 22ND S. (
( —PHONE—AT1154— J
^ A— * A A^ A ■N
A revision of telephone rates to meet greatly increased operating costs
was approved by the Nebraska State Radway Commission in its order of
September 30. New rates for local servi will be effective with bills datd
November J. Changes in long distance rates will be efie« liw November J
This is the first general adjustment in prices in more than twenty
years. In the same period higher wage rates and huge advai ces in ma
terial costs have made it increasingly difficult to keep business
in a healthy financial condition. So there was no alternative to a re
pricing if we were to make ends meet.
1 be rales now authorized are the lowestt practicable under present
conditions and we hope they will be sufficient to establish the sound earn
ings ' osition that will enable us to obtain from investors the large
amounts of money required for much-needed plant additions^ .
It is our aim to make a eompletelyy adequate service available at
reasonable cost to all who want it, when wanted—in cities, on farms and
ranches—a better service than ever before.
We’re working at top speed to provide mo^'e and better tele
phone service to more people. Since the war we have spent $7,300,
000 in Nebraska principally to meed backed up demand. (>u.< con
tinuing program now calls for new or enlarged buildings in many1
cities or towns. It will include installation of hundreds, of miles of
1 ong Distance Circuits, additional Switchboard Posltioi ► —
dial switching equipment, cables, and other facilities in greater guan
titics than ever before.
The dollars to pay for this expansion—some $20,090,000 in
the next few years—come not from the money wej take in for tele
phone service, but from the investments of thousands of people will
ing to put their savings in a going business in ahealth/ condition.
Take it
For ease... for convenience...for relaxation...
for downright travel pleasure...go by
Union Pacific. You relax in air-conditioned
comfort. Regardless of weather, good or bad,
you know you’ll get to your destination.
You’re not tied down...can roam around as
&ou please...partake of tasty, carefully prepared
meals in the diner. You arrive feeling com
pletely refreshed. It’s a real vacation.
For information and reservations see your local £
Union Pacific Ticket Agent.
4%otu/ of the c>//iea*H/Ut£M