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    The Waiters
R R Boys are serving on wheels
with a smile.
Waiters Key Club extends a wel.
come at all times.
Waiters at Hie Hill Hotel are
very much on the job with ser
Waiters at the Regis Hotel and
White Horse Inn are going good.
Blackstone Hotel Waiters are
quick stopping on service.
Paxton Hotel Waiters are pro
gressing and improving at all
Musicans, Headwaiters and
wide-awake Crew at the Happy
Hollow Club.
Legion Club Headwaiters and
Streamlined Crew are doing a fine
job of service.
Capt. Earl Jones and the Crew
at the Omaha Club are in the
front line on service.
Mr. Joe Brown is well rested up
after a two weeks vacation.
Mr. Mitchell, from the West
Coast, is now one of the O. A. C.
stars in the Cocktail Lounge, en
joying a two weeks vacation.
The Jolly Mates Club met at the
home of Mr. and Mrs. Robert
Robinson, 2624 N. 24 at., Saturday
July 19, with most members pres
A final check was made up on
the wist tournament which was
held recently at the Masonic Hall
It turned out to be a complete
Plans were made for our Annual
picnic to be the second Sunday in
August. ,ifi
We truly nope for our Annual
Picnic to be the second Sunday in
We truly hope Mr. and Mrs.
Curtwright are able to be with us
at our next meeting. Illness in
their family has made it imposs
ible for them to meet with us in
several meetings now.
After the business meeting was
adjourned Mrs. Robinson served
a most delicious plate lunch, and
the remains of the evening was
spent in playing games and chatt.
Our next meeting wil be at the
resident of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur
Rone. 30th and Wirt st.
John Davis, president.
Live on a Potato
One potato will supply 100 calo
ries or about one twenty-fifth of the
amount of calories recommended for
the average adult for daily con
sumption. However, it is essential
that a balanced ration be utilized
This Week
A baby boy weighing les than
two pounds born in a Harrisburg,
Pa. hospital on July 17 amazed
the Doctors by rallying to the
point where they gave him an ex
cellent chance to live.
Ethiopia turned down a United
Nations offer for aid in Recon
struction of her war-torn area.
On July, the Ethopia foreign
office said .Ethiopia has already
made considerable progress in re
Read the Omaha Guide.
Mr. Bermurel Iner in Los Ange
les, Calif., though he had located
his dog when Mr. Vic Thomas let
the dog bark through the tele
phone. but he found out the dog
was not his. On July 17.
The 72 motorized covered wag
ons caravan completed its first
days journey from the Missouri
nver and arrived in North Platte,
Nebr. Thurday night, July 17.
A herd of 22 steers were sold on
the Omaha Market for $32 per
! hundred on July 17.
The U. S. Civil Service Com
mission reported to the U. S. Con
gress that during the nine m :n
ths ending March 31, at least
241 and probably 311 federal em
ployees were found ineligible for
loyality reasons to hold their jobs
This was announced on July 17.
A Charleton, W. Virginia lady
lady left a wooden saw horse a
long the curb everytime she rove
her car away. She said she would
not do it any more when police
Sgt. Bernard Sims, on July 17.
made a personal protest.
Mrs. Paul N. Price of Toledo,
! Ohio, waved to her husband in
’ a small plane Sunday afternoon,
July 20 from a suburb of Toledo.
Then she heard a crash; the plane
crashed across the street and kill
ed her husband and her brother.
A nine year old girl accidently
hangjd herelf in Buffalo, N. Y.
Sunday, July 20. She was in full
sight of her five year old orotlier
i U. S. Army are enlisting Negro
soldiers again.
Tlie Sheriff of Brunswick, Ga.
' was exonerated for killing eight
I Negro convicts.
Pile of Cement
Grand Coulee dam contains
enough cement to build three Great
Using Rat Skins
The skins of rats are used to
make pocketbooks and tobacco
First Book Matches
John Walker, English pharmacist,
made the first book matches in 1827.
‘Sweet Sea’
The Amazon river is sometime*
mown as the “sweet sea.”
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r 1 «
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New Arrivals
Mr. and Mrs. Chester Tar box,
1722 North 21 st., announce the
arrival of a baby daughter, Gen
evieve Ann at St. Josephs Hospit
al on July 9 at 7:48 a. m., weigh
ing eight pounds one ounce.
The Tarboxes have a son, Mich
ael Thomas, 2.
The grandparents of the children
are Mr. and Mrs. Lester Nowak,
Greely, Nebr.
Mr. and Mrs. John Orduna, 2702
Maple, announce the birth of a son
John Henry Jr. Baby John Henry
weis born at Doctors Hospital on
July 8 at 10:31 a. m. and weigh
ed seven pounds, twelve and one
half ounces.
Mrs. Orduna is a member of
the Junior Chair at St. Johns
Church and the Senombrie Choral
The grandparents of Baby
John Henry are Mr. Eind Mrs.
Henry Orduna and Mr. and Mrs.
Dana Manley.
Mr. and Mrs. William Brown,
2823 Franklin st., announce the
birth of a son at St. Josephs Hos
pital on July 8, at 3:10 a. m. ,
weighing six pounds, one ounce.
Their son’s name is .Larry Tyron.
Baby Larry’s grandparents are
Mr. and Mrs. Leverette Brown
and Mr. and Mrs. Wilber Douglas.
Mr. and Mrs. Eddie Wolf, 2312
North 21 st., anounce the birth of
a son, Raymond. Baby Raymond
was born at home on July 2 at
11:45 p. m. and weighed pine
The Wolfs have three other
children. They are Pearlie, Lillie
Bea, and Charles.
The grandmothers of the child
ren are Mrs. Dora Chapman and
Mrs. Henry Wolf.
Mr. and Mrs. Marcus McGee,
2517 Spence st., announce the i
birth of Eidaughter, Leanna
Carol. Baby Leanna was born at
the Methodist Hospital on July 12
at 8 a. m. Eind weighed eight
pounds, one and one-fourth oz.
The McGees have four other
children. They are Ruth, 15; Shir
ley, 12; Marvel, 10; Marcia 2.
The grandmother of the children
is Mrs. Eva Lawson of 2535 N.
19th st.
Mr. and Mrs. John Murphy, of
2923 Burdette st., annouce the
birth of a son.
Mr. and Mrs. Harold Cook, of 2224
Charles st., announce the birth of
a son.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Williams.
2618 N. 21 st.,announce the birth
of a baby daughter.
Mr. and Mrs. David Reid, 3237
Miami st., announce the birth of
a baby son.
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Powell,
1824 N. 27 st., announce the birth
of daughter, Joyce Ellen. Baby
Joyce Ellen was bom at home 1
on July 16 at 1:17 a. m. and
weighed seven and one-half lbs.
The Powells have five other
children. They are Raymond Jr., 8
Frank, 6; Thelma Jean, 5; Joan
4; and Edward, 2%.
The gradmothers of the child
ren are Mrs. Ella Powell and Mrs.
Rose Porter.
Mrs. Gladys Wilson, 54, of 930^
North Twenty-seventh st., died at
a local hospital on Wdnesday,
July 16. Services wereheld Satur
day, July 19 at 9 a. m. at St. Ben
edict's Church. Burial was at Holy
Seculchrs. Rosary was recited at
Myers Chapel Friday at 7 p. m
John L. Stovall, 64 of 2805Vi
Q st., died Monday at the Veteran
Hospital in Lincoln, Nebr. He is
survived by his wife, Mattie and
a daughter, Mrs. Eloise Harris of
Kansas City, Mo. Services was
held at 2 p. m. Thursday July 17
at Myers Funeral Home; Burial
was in the Soldiers’ Circle at
Forest Lawn.
Mrs. Bertha Hawkins, 2210 Ohio
st., will be the hostess for the
next ten days to her cousins, Mrs.
Gladys Morrison and Miss Jacky
Morrison of St. Paul, Minn.
Mrs. Gladys Morrison is employ
ed at the Western Electric Co; and
during her spare time, she likes to
read, go to movies, dances and etc.
Miss Jacky Morrison attends
Mechnical high school, where she
is a senior. She likes to Jitterbug,
sing, design clothes, read and go
bicycle riding. Among the many
clubs she holds membership, she
likes the Jive Five best. She plans
to attend the University of Minn
majoring in the field of psych
Eye Girl’s Worm
To tempt potential husband?
many maidens in the Orient, espe
cially in Asia Minor, build up nice
! dowries by weaving rugs. With
| their earnings they buy perforated
gold coins, which they wear as
necklaces around their necks so
that a young village buck, at a
glance, can evaluate a gUTs worth.
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business, it has always been my
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furnish them with the very best
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thank our many customers for
aiding inbuilding up a nice trade
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st. When your shoes begin to be
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24 st., one of the nicest up-to
date Drug Stores on the north
side. You wil be able to get any
thing you are looking for in first
class drugs. The owner, Mr. R. D.
Spredier, welcomes his many
friends and the public to stop by,
wh$n in need of drugs, sodas,
cigars and tobacco or any other
article used in the home.
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Pharmacy, you wil find a first
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--— I
Close co-operation between the
Omaha School Board and the
Parks and Recreation Commission
is needed to give Omaha children
the proper chance for recreation.
Parks and Recreation Supt.
Ralph McClintock offered that op
inion Saturday. He added that he
feels sure the co-operation will be
Most schools are located near
the center of neighborhood popu
lation, Mr. McClintock pointed
out. Playgrounds should be sim
ilary situated, he said.
The recreation director said the
commission and the School Board
might well co-operate in these
1. Obtaining playgrounds near ,
2. Joint use of the playgrounds
as well as toilet and storage faci
lities in the schools. _
“It would mean that the kids
would have full use of the play
grounds for the nine months they
" ""'’ool,” he said.
Putting playgrounds as close as
possible to schools would mean
some change in the City-Wide
Plan for park development, Mr.
McClintock added.
Racial and internation lines
melt as Girl Guildes and Girl
Scoouts from 20 foreign countries
and every state of the union get
to now each othr at the 35th An
International Girl Scout En
campment, meeting at Camp,
Barree, Barree, Pa. The Confer
ne is devoted to furthering in
ternational friendship and peace.
Girl Scouts attending the En
campment pictured above, (top
left) Doris Jean Ganges of West
Chester, Pa., (top right) Dolly
Sampson of Guadeloupe, French
West Indies and (bottom right)
Sodra Klaragaton of Karlstad,
Masons Celebrate1
100th Birthday
The Ancient York Masons will
celebrate their 100 birthday by
holding a Centennial Celebration
in the month of August in the
city of brotherly love Philadelphia
The dates this gala affair is
August 22d to August 25th.
According to plan of this or
ganization along with the numer
ous business meetings there will
still be lots of time for out-of
town guest to meet the many
famous stars that will be at this
All organizations affiliated with
Ancient York Masons and friends
are urged to send greetings if
they are unable to send a repres
entative, but if you can plan to
attended this Centennial.
Friends and foes of the propos
ed Municipal Auditorium site will
have a chance to speak their
pieces July 29.
The City Council Tuesday set
that date for a public hearing on
an ordinance which would con
demn the two square blocks
bounded by Seventeenth and Nine - i
teenth sts., and Chicago st. and
Capitol ave.
The Auditorium Commission has
recommended condemnation to
clear the way for the Auditorium.
The Council has approved the or
dinance on first and second read
Mrs. Letitia S. Paul, 78, of 3002
Lake st., died at a local hospital
on Monday, July 14. Services
were held at Fitch & Cole Mortu
ary She lives to mourn her hus
band, Victor H., of Omaha.
Mrs. Georgia L. Borders, 70, of
2622 North Twepty-fifth st., died
at home Saturday morning, July
Services were held Tuesday,
July 15, at 1:37 p. m. at the Im
manuel Community Church with
the Rev. E. F. Ridley officiating.
Burial was at Forest Lawn.
She left to mourn a son, Maurice,'
of Omaha.
at Luncheon
Mr. James L. McIntyre and
daughter, Mrs. Myra B, Meeks,
of Evergreen, Ala. were enter
tained at a luncheon at the home
of Mr. and Mrs. Donald Clark,
2856 Coby st., on Tuesday July 15.
Mrs. Clark served a delicious cold
plate, which was enjoyed by all
Other guests present were Mrs
Alice Watkins and Mrs. Marietta
Mr. McIntyre and Mrs. Meeks
have returned home and thank
many friends who helped to make
their visit a joyful one.
DrNLcholas Murray Butler, pres
ident emeritus of Columbia Uni
versity, in a letter to the New
York Times opposes admission of
Hawaii to statehood, saying that
“to admit one or more of these
distant territories to statehood
would be he beginning of the end
of our historic United States of
Dr. Butler also opposes ‘like
action contemplated first for Al
aska and then for Puerto P.ico,”
and says: %
“We should soon be pressed to
admit the Philippine Islands, Cuba
and possibly even Australia.”
Dr. Butler suggests that Alaska,
Hawaii, and Puerto Rico be et
ablished “as independent nations
by diplomatic action.”
Lime Essential
Lime is essential on acid soils for
proper growth of many crop sod
pastors plants. Ts promote this de*
dred growth, suflcient lime should
be applied to change the acid condi
tion to S 'near neutral point. Under
most conditions* in the upland area
he addition of Hme to the. soil also
provides calcium for plant growth.
Commercial fertilizer, incorporated
with the soil management practices
previously mentioned, is eesentlaT
Cor continued high crop production.
Every crop harvested fee grain,
forage or other use removes plant
food from tiie soft. Soils under coo
tmo^jus cropping systems, coupled
with erosion, lose their' plant nu
trients faster than they can be re
placed by nature.
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NEW YORK,—The National
Association for the Advancement
of the Colored People restated
its uncompromising opposition to
any attempts to establish Jim.
Crow veterans’ hospitals today
when Roy Wilkins, NAACP as
sitant secretary, notified Rep. Ed.
ith Nourse Rogers (R-Mass.) of
the Association’s stand
In a message wired to the con
gresswoman, who is chairman of
the House Veterans's Affairs
Committee, Mr. Wilkins stated,
“The National Association for the
Advancement of colored People
has noted in the press that the
House Veterans’ Affaires Com
mittee has approved a bill to est
ablish a hospital for Negro vet
erans in Franklin County, Vir
ginia. We wish to reaffirm our
opposition to the policy of hospit
als are on a non-segregated basis
The hospitals on the fighting
fronts during wartime werenon
segregated. If all men who fought
and were wounded for their
country during wartime could be
treated without segregation sure
i !y our Government should not
adopt a policy of separating them
on the basis of color in veterans
hospitals dring peace time. We
believe that such a policy nullif
ies the goal which the allied coun
tries fought to achieve namely
the destruction of the armies de
dicated to the master race theory.
We urg; yo ir Committee to re
consider its action and tc disa.
prove any policy calling for the
segregation of veterans on the
basis of racj and color ”
Handled Many Timtt
Iron ore is bandied five time*
I from the time it is removed from
! the earth until it emerges from the
| furnace as liquid metal.
Only Huguenot Church
, Only Huguenot church in Amer
ica is at Charleston, S. C. It was
founded in 1687.
t _
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In the matter of the estate of
Caroline Maupin, deceased:
All persons interested In said
matter are hereby notified an
the 16th day of July, I94T W. B.
Bryant filed a petition in said
County Court, praying- that bis
final administration account filed
herein be settled and allowed, and
that he be discharged from his
trust as executor and that a bear
ing will be had on said petition be
fore said Court on the 9th day of
August, 1947 and that if yon fail
to appear before said Court on the
said 9th day of August, 1947, at
9 o’clock A. M., and contest said
petition, the Court may graft the
prayer of said petition, enter a
decree of heirship, and make snch
other and further orders, aOowene
es and decrees, as to this Court
may seem proper, to the end that
all matters pertaining to said
estate may be finally settled and
Robert R. Troyer
3t—July 7—Aug. 2, 194T
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