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The time is far spent for Sum
mer activities under the Sponsor
ship of the Alpha Omega Club to
6e under way.
Boy- have talked about It, girl'
have dreamed about it; so now we
have decided to do something
about it. o q
If you are 18 years of age or
o'.der ' not over 30 >. a high school
graduate, (prefer University sfu
dents) you are eligible for mem
bership in the Alpha Omega Club.
This wiil be the third summer of
activities and though we are mak
ing a late start, we intend *<■I
cram load3 of fun and frolic into
the weeks left in July and Angus*.
If you are not a member and are
interested in joining call
We. 1685 and leave your name,
add re v end telephone number no1
ing a late start, we intend tette
WE. 1685 and leave your name,
not later then Friday.
ALL members or potential mem
bers are asked to be on hand at
the home of the President. Floren
tine V. Goodlett, 2726 Binney st. '
at 5 p. m. for a special meeting
for presentation of the activities
and election of officers.
Bring 25 cents or anything good
to eat for a dutch spread (25) j
The reopening of the Y. M. C, A.
pool on July 16 marked the begin
ning of an intensive swim cam
paign for boyrs which will con
tinue through Aug. 30. The “Y-’
activities and though we are mak
nnd the City Park Commission
are sponsoring this program.
Ralph Leake Jr., Dan Holub, Jim
Anderson and Maxine Paulson are
instructors for the various divis
Thirteen specialized classes have
been organized with total enroll
ment of 215 persons. All classes
include 30 minutes of supervised
instruction and 15 minutes of re
creational swimming.
Renovation of the “Y” pool has
just been completed. A Duo-Filter
system, the first of its kind in the
country, has been installed. Water
m the “Y” pool is now as pureas
drinking, and all requirements of
the city and state health depart
ments have been met.
.— .t , —r
Do you remember back in 1940
when the public was so well en
tertained with plays presented by
the Muse Drama Guild? Well, we
are sure that you will be happy to
know that the group has now re
organized, and entertaining plays
at the Omaha Urban League.
Sunday, July 13, the Drama
Guild held an open air meeting
and picnic at Carter Lake. Each
member brought along his or her
family and loads of ideas for this
coming season.
xThe election of officers was as
Harvey Carter President
Dell Moore Vice-president
Lottye Wright Secretary
Robert Myers Treasurer
Raymond Gordon Stage mgr.
Lawrence Lewis Publicity mgr.
M. Taylor Business mgr.
Watch this page for news of the
casting dates for the first pre
Season tickets will be available
Mrs. Bettie Elizabeth Hodges,
75 years died TiiiSday July 8 in
a Council Bluffs hospital. Mrs.
lodges homo was at 1513 Eighth
avc.. Council Bluffs and she had
neen a resident of th-t «ty wentv
j**arr She was th wi'.om of the
'ate V. dicer Hodges. She is sur
vived by two daughters, Mrs.
Laura McDonald Minn. Minna.,
Mrs. Ella Calhoun Council Bluffs
three grand children, Mr, George
D. Creighton, Mrs. Watuieta
Westbrook, Omaha Mr. Charles
McDonald, Minn. Minna., four
great grand children and other
relatives. Funeral services were
hid Friday morning from Thomas
Funeral Home with Rev. J. H.
Reynolds officiating. I’all bearers
were Mr. Otis Johnson, Mr. Henry
Johnson, Mr. Bill Brown Mr Will,
iam Leonard, Mr. Paul Hayes,
Mr. Carl Monroe. Interement was
at Prospect Hill Cemetery.
“Y. M. C. A. swimming pool,
with brand new filtration and
chorination equipment, should be
ready Wednday, July 16, announc
ed W. H. Mead General Secretary
today. The plumbers finished
Monday. Monday night or Tues
day theyare required to fill the
. ool ar.d test the new equirpment.
More definite announcement will
be made Tuesday .
The equipment, consists of a dual
diatomaceous earth filter unit,
"he one at the Omaha Athletic
Club, put in last year, has one
fi’ter while this has two This
equipment is of the last type pool
filtraton equipment on the
market today. This filter until
when operated at its designated
150 gallon per minute flow rate,
will product water equally as clear
as distilled water. *
The entire contents of the pool
will be recirculated one even*
eight hours. The recirculation of
this water means that it is filtered
and rechorinated.
In addition to the new dual filt
ers, a new hypochlorinator is be
ing installed. This hypochlorinator
is a pedestal type ejection feed
with capacity great enough to
chorinate the water during the
heaviest bathing load with a w'd?
margin of safety.
This equipment meets the new
Health Department regulations
All cross connections between city
water supplies and sewers hav •
been eliminated. New distribut
ion inlet fittings have been install
ed which will distribute the fresh
ly-filtered and chlorinated water
being returned to the pool, evenly
over the shallow end of the pool
and thence move to the deep end
where it is taken out of the pool
and returned to the filters.
This equipment when operated
properly will produce a swimming
pool water equal to the purity of
safe drinking water.
YMCA Notes
Sanford McConnel, of 2417 Em
mett st., and Lammier Brown of
2301 N. 27th st. were the first two
boys to register for attendance at
Camp Strader located at Crete
Nebraska August 24-31st. The
preiod at Camp has been arranged
by the Near North Side Brach
Y. M. C. A. for the Omaha “Y”
Community Braches with 35 boys
to attend from this Branch and 15
from the other Branches.
The Camp is owned by the Lin
coln YMCA and is located on the
Blue River to the south west of
Crete Nebr. Other boys who have
registered are, James Jackson,
Kermit Anderson Edward And.
Perkins, Norman Carpenter, Fred
erson John Henry Watkins, James
erick Jackson, David Miller, Mari
an Collins Charles Watkins and
Fred Lawson. Your summer va
cation will not be complete unless
you attend Camp Strader.
The Physical Education Com_
mittee under the chairmanship of
Marty Thomas met on Wednesday
night to discuss the closing of the
softball leagues, presentation of
trophies, forthcoming track tnd
field meet, and the setting of a
city-wide tennis tournament. This
committee is one of the most act
ive in his work and has done much
to improve the calibre of recreat
ion w’ork in the community.
It was a happy and joyous re
reunion at the Jackson's resident
2529 Seward. Mrs. Annie Jackson
had with her for the past twfl
weeks a daughter, Mrs. Mable
Timberlake, and a son, Charles
Jones from Cleveland, Ohio. She
had not seen her son for 41 years.
Another son, Robert Lee Jackson,
St. Paul Minn, was here for a
brief visit also.
Among the many affaires, Mrs.
Timberlake was entertained by
Mrs. Jean Bryant, 3121 Corby;
Mrs. Hazel Taylor, 2609 N. 27;
Mrs. Johanna Orcher, 2532 Seward
Mrs. Attlean Morrow, 3022 V st;
Mrs.Larvia Brown 2316 N. 27 av.;
Mrs. Anna Turner. 2216 Charles;
and Mrs. McAlester 2427 Emmet.
MARRIAGE licenses
Edwin Styles. 2324 N. 22 21
Peraline Spacht, 2023 N. 24 21
Walter Lenton, Chgo., 111. 25
Florence A. Murrell, 2423 N. 24
Omahan Visiting
in Dallas, Texas
Evangelist Marie Wright is vis
iting triends inDallas, Texas and
relates that she is having a won
derful time, regardless of the tre
mendous heat.
She has been the house guest of
Mr. and Mrs. Thompson for the
past three weeks. They reside at
2718 Gay st. Their hospitality was
She is now’ visiting with Mr. and
Mrs. Alvin Owens, 2826 Metro
politan ave., Mrs. Owens will be
remembered by many Omahans
as Miss Florine Gonzales from
Dallas, Texas.
As to date, Mrs. Wright ha3 no
definite as to when she will re
turn home.
Urban Lea3ue
Details and plans for conducting
the Near Northside Eusiness and
industrial Survey have been coom
pleted and the actual work will
get atsarted this week. The Sur
vey, orgiinating from delibrations
of the Urban League’s Industrial
Committee, will be conducted
under the sponsorship of a special
Near Northside Eusiness and In
dustrial Committee, will be con
ducted under the sponsorship of
a special Near Northside Business
and Industrial Survey Committee.
Mr. Milton Johnson, Phamacist
and businessman, Mr. Robert My
ers, funeral director is chairman
and co-chairman respectively,
others members of the committee
are: Mr. James C. Jewell, Mr. Art
hur McCaw, Dr. William W. Pee
bles, Mr. R. H. Spiegal, Mrs. Car
rie II. Euford, Mr. William Sones,
Mrs. Christine Althouse and Att’y
Charles F. Davis.
Gathering factual information
about business and economic con
ditions in the Near Northside area
was born out of a desire toaidin
the improvemen to cf the indus
trial and economic life of the com
muity, it was learned in an inter
view last week with Mr. Milton
Johnson. Mr. Johnson further em
phasized the fact that no factual
data on the economic and industri.
al conditions on the near northside
has bee gathered since 1&32 when
it was done, then by the Urban
League. Mr. Johnson sees a wide
productive use of such fact
material. He said it might indicate
the following: the need for addit- i
ional businesses to serve the com
munities for pouth and adults;
stimulate concerted and unified
action by business men in the in
terest of better businesses and im
proved community services.
The Committee (held its first
meeting last Wednesday, July 15,
at the Urban League.
The Committee requests all
businesses in the community co
operate with their interviewers.
The Waiters
1 Waiters Key Club extends a
- friendly welcome to all.
Goldie Davis enjoyed a very fine
two week’s vacation.
Mr. Frank Hughes is topping the
service at the Highland Club.
Bro. John Evans is top man at
the Rome Hotel, going good.
Mr. Hiram Greenfield and Mr.
J. C. Donley are wide awake front
door men at the OAC—on the job
at all times.
Musician, Head Waiter, and
quick-stepping Crew are serving
with a smile at the Happy Hollow
Club and How.
Mr. Mayberry was sighted on I
North 24th st., afternoon, Julyl3
with two charming young ladies
Mr. Louis Slaughter, the w:ry
lightweight assistance party man
to Ex-Lt. Glover Scott at the O. A..
C. is on the job after a two week’s
If the Waiters’ Column doesn't
please you, tell H, W. Smith: if
it does, tell others.
Mr. Jackson Kidd of 4808 Jeff
erson st.. Richmond, Calif, arrived 1
in Omaha on July 11 made a very
pleasant call at the Guide office
with his charming daughter, Lu
cille. Mr. Kidd, formerly lived in
Omaha. He left on Tuesday even
ing, July 15.
Matridee Ward with the very
wide awake assistants, Mr, Ross
Fountain, Capt. Fashion plate
Mitchell, and Streamlined party
man Glover Scott, and Capt. Mc
Farleend, with the Ice Cream ser
ving with a smile.
taga nre Ton ■—
For many years deaths^ In the
United States due to fire have been
• t/oroiTina orannH 10 000 o voo»
hillside Presbyterian
2760 Lake St.,
rt'v. Lnas. Tylcr, paastor
Sunday Scnooi 9:dU a. m.
Sunday Service 11:00 a. m.
Theme of Sermon: “Our Re
sponsibility for our Youth." Come
out and worship where a warm ,
welcome awaits you.
Thelma Newte, Reporter
-, ■
22nd Sl Willis avc.,
Rev. E. B. Childress
Mason Deveraux Jr.,-Reporter
Hen’s Day at St. Johns of 1947 j
saw the Rev. Fred Hughees, Edit- '
or and Chief of the Western Re. j
corder set the church on fire with
all-God powerful spiritual mess
age at the 11 a. m. services. Hi3
ferfcant sermon thrilled his cap
acity congregation to no end. The
subject of his most Holy message.
“Jesus the Giver” and his thoughts
of the day that left an impact on
all his listeners was as follows:
Jesus lives is a living personality
and is noly a fact buta living fact.
A man that looas Jesus in the eye,
he will not remain the same man
and a man knows if Jesus lives
in his heart.
Visitors: Mrs. Fred Hughes; Mr.
and Mrs. Fred Means, 1^15 6th av.
Council Bluffs; Thelma Burrell
Bassett. Formerly Omaha, Des
Moines la.; Mrs. Alice King Ever,
green, Ala., Pleasant Grove Ala.;
Mr. James McIntyre Evergreen
Baptist, Birmingham, Ala.; Mrs.
Myra B. Meeks Evergreen, Ala.;
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Lillard, 2923
Erskine; Mrs. Ludie Scott, 2871
Maple; Mr. Charles Abram, Cleves
Temple; Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Lee,
Lewrence Kansas; Mr. and Mrs.
William Blair, St. James A. M. E.
St. Paul, Minn.; Mr. and Mrs. L.
S. Williams. St. Andrews Sacra- i
mento. Calif.;; Miss Mable Thom
as St. Andrews, Sacrmento Calif.:
Mrs. Viola Steward, 2032 8th st.,
Council Bluffs; and Miss Christine
Stugher, Tulsa Oul3a, Okla.
At the 7:30 p. m. service the
Rev. Bruce Hadley, Executive
Secretary of the Omaha Church
delivered a message from Mat
thew 13 chapter 24 verse entitled.
"Sowing Good Seed".
The Junior Steward Board will
have their first service since their
organizing meeting on Sunday
afternoon at 3:30 p. m. at the
church. They have chosen as their
speaker for this asuspicious ocass_
ion the Rev. Mosely of Mt. Nebo
Baptist Church.
The Sunshine Charity Club and
its president, Mrs. H. Adams, sin
cerely thanks all persons that
came dut to hear Rev. R. R.
Brown on Monday,
The Watchmen Club and is pre
sident, Mr. B. A. Howell, heartly!
thank the many members and
friends of St. Johns that contri
buted in any way to the success
of the Annual Men’s Day, Sunday,
July 13. Your warm support was
appreciated by the Watchmens
Club and its officers. May God in
crease their storehouse of riches.
Let us not forget to turn in our
request numbers to Mrs. Pearl
Gibson, Choir Director, or any
member of the choir for the mon
thly all-request program, Sunday
July 27 at 7:30 p. m. Let us not
only turn in our request numbers
but plan to attend and bring a I
Monday July 21, The Youth for'
Christ will put on their Ortorical
Contset and Musical Review. Con
testants for this event have enter
ed from various churches in the
community. Prizes of $5, $2, and
$1 are to be given to the winners.
As the day wears, according to
John Orduna, sponsor interest has
reached a high pitch and all the
entries are ir.ady and rul ing to go.
They Yo. h of Chris,t solht the
support of the members and
friends of St. Johns by being pre
sent on this night.
Mothers send your children to
Sunday School every Sunday
morning at 9:30 a. m. attend our
morning services at 11 a. m„ our
evening services at 7:30 p. m.
\isitor-5 and friends are air.ays
welcome at St. Johns, the friendly
church at 22r.i and Wiilij ave.
Gome and wr..- hip with us. vnr’t
The Women of the Church have
already begun the ball to rolling
for their Annual Women's Day,
Sunday, August 3. Mrs. Pearl Gib.!
son urges all women interested in
singing in the chorus firm the
Junior division up. come in and
join in this great history making '
effort to come.
Let us pray for the sick
througout the week, whoever,
they maybe or whereever they
The Membership Committee of
the NAACP held a very interest
ing and well attended meeting on
July9. The next meeting will be
held at the UrbanLeague on Wed
nesday evening, July 23. ^
New Arrivals
Mr and Mrs. Paine, 2867
Binny st., announce the arrival of
a son, Anthony. Baby Anthony
waas bom at the University hos
piatl on July 1, at 12 noon. Baby
Anthony’s grandparents are Mr.
and Mrs. Clarence Nelson and
Mrs. Mattie Crump.
Mr. and Mrs. Roosevelt Caw
thome, 3320 Emmet, announce
the arrival of a son, Herbert Leron
at Doctor’s Hospital on June 30,
at 8:25 p. m.
Mr. and Mrs. Cawthome have
three other children. They are
Edythe Odrene, 6; John Edward.
5; and Elsa Frances, 15 months.
The grandparents of the children
are Mr. Herbert Mayberry and
Mrs. Rosa Cawthome.
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Kercheval
3026 Emmet announce the arrival
of a son, Thomas Michael, at St. :
Joseph’s Hospital on July 1. at j
3:20 a. m. Baby Thomas Michael
weighed nine pounds at birth.
Mr. and Mrs. Kercheval have six
other children. They are Marilyn
Jean, 10; Leonard Gungadin, 9; i
Rose Mary 8; Minnie Yvonne, 6;
Steven Edward 4; and Sheba Ann
2. The grandparents of the child
ren are Mrs. Adeila Preyor and
Mr. Albert Kercheval.
•- I
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Turner,
2604 N. 25, announce the arrival
of a daughter, Maxine Gwendo
lyn at the Methodist Hospital on
July 5 at 6:20 a. m, Baoy Maxine
Gwendolyn weigher nine pounds
and five ounces at hirth.
There are three other children in
the Turner family. They are Eve
lyn Jean 8; Emma Louise, 7; and
Leonard Vernett Jr
Mrs. Althea Anderson is the
grandmother of the children.
Sergeant Harry A. Rhodes, 71
: cars, died Thuruay at his home
949 North 2fih st. Mr. Rhodes
first enlisted in l-c army in l-y»
for the Spanish American War
and served through World War 1
as a Sergeant with Troop A Army
Sergeant Rhodes retired and had
been a residen* of Omaha twenty
years. He is ourived by a sister,
Mrs. Grace Cartnail, Fredrick
Maryland, nephew and other re
latives. Funeral services were held
Friday afternoon from Thomas
Mortuaary with Rev. J. W. Rod
gers officiating assisted by Rev.
G, E. Bivens. Pall bearers were: j
Mr. Richard Gorhorm, Mr. Robert
F. Quillan; Mr. J. W. Hadley, Mr. ^
George Bivens, Mr. Henry John
son Mr, Foster Stone. Military
service and burial was at Forest
Lawn Cemetery.
Mr.Hider Julius Humphrey, 79
years, died Tuesday July 8 a 2004
Lake st., at the home of his foster
daughter, Mrs. ColXen Craaddock.
Mr. Humphrey was a retired hotel
waiter and had been a resident of
Omaha forty-five years and was
member of St. John's A. M. E.
Church. He is survived by a fost
er daughter, Mrs. Colleen Crad
dock, two cousins Mrs. Hazel Wal
ton, of Omaha; Mrs. Blanch Driz*
zle, St. Paul Minn, and other re
latives, Funeral services were held
Saturday afternoon from Thomas
Mortuary with Rev. E. B. Child
ress officiating. Tall bearers were
Mr .J. W. Headley , Mr. Will Har
ris Mr, C. W. Lea; Mr Howard
F<»rrcli; Mr. D. Lunday; Mr. L. B.
Thomas burial was at Forest
Lawn Cemetery.
Mr. and Mr*. L. V. Gray of 2524
Patrick returned home last week
from a very lovely visit with their
daughter and son-in-law, Mr. and
Mrs, Clay in Gary, Ind. They
brought their two grandchildren
back with them.
Secret of Pie Catting
To cut pie easily sprinkle granu
lated sugar over the meringue
topped nie
Fillipi Coal Co., 1110 So. Saddle
Creek Road, has been in the same
location for many years, serving
the public with the best that can
be found in high grade fuels. Most
cautious service; never too cold or
too wet to deliver your coal. An
order will convince you. Fine gen
tlemen to deal w;th. Try him.
Anderson Motor Sales, 2214
Harney, are always ready to ser
ve and to give you value, rec'd for
your money. We always try to
please our customers and shall
continue along that old line of
honesty. When in need, see us and
you will be convinced. Thanks.
138 So. Main st. When you go to
138 So. Main St., you cannot help
feeling that you are at your own
home—the most nicest and court
eous people you ever met and you
are surrounded with a fine lot of
first-class drugs, cigars, and ice
cream and candy. Hushaw Drug
Co., 138 Main St., Council Bluffs.
5515 is the beauty spot on Cent
er st. There are all makes of boats
run by gasoline or you can papple
them yourself, a beautiful place
to behold. He has also some of
the most finest Trailors. One
would think they are at home
there ;s nothing but comfort and
pleasurein store for you, when
you purchase one of these from
him. Come out and take a look.
At4104 Grand ave., you will meet
a couple in the persons of Mr. and
Mrs. Rodgers, who have a nice
shop, prepaared to cover your car,
which will wear and look more
beautiful, cover your auto seats
or fix any and all kinds of lining
for yuor car. He is perfect in his
line of work. If you fail to patron
ize him, you will make a great
mistake. See him and be convinc
i Cd' __
money’s worth at his place.
Stop in see him. You wil be sur
prised. Thanks for your past past
patronage and friendship. Call a
4136 Grand ave., one of the most
fines and up-to-date drug stores
in the city. Everything in first
class drugs and an expert in fill,
ing your prescriptions. Your are
always welcome in his place, when
you are in the noth part of town
stop by, or go from where you
live and see him, a fine gentel
Wes Side Garage, General Re. i
pairing. Used cars bought and sold
5638 Center st. When you have
car trouble nad don’t know what
to do or where to go, make your
way to 5638 Center st., and I am
sure you will leave his place stais
fied and smiling. He can repair
any and all makes of cars. High
est price paid for your old car and
will sell you a new one.
Mr. Clarence Larson, 5510 Cent
er, carries a. nice line of groceries
and ice cream, or soda pop, or
anything you wish in the grocery
line. Mr. Larson has a nice sani
tary place of business, thanking
his customers for their past pat
ronage. I shall do all in my power
to give you your money's worth,
which is my daily study and prac.
tace. Thanks.
Mr. Grau, secretary to Mayor
Leeman, has many friends in
Omaha. If he continues in the fut
as he has in the past, he wil have
many more. He is a man anyone
can talk to and is always ready
to answer you properly—very ef
ficient and filled with joy and ex.
pectations. You will hear more
about the City Hall in my next
Mr. E. S. Wood, president of the
Oxv/eld Actyline Co. 56 and Center
Mr. Wood is a man of broad ex
See Bailey First
( OFFICE—2209 NO. 22ND S’ <
I —PHONE—AT1154— j
Billiard Parlor
1522 North 24th Street Omaha, Nebraska
—Telephone—JA 9082—
Classified Ads Osl hesui'j
car line. Fine for working couple
or man. Call HA 7059
FOREIGN JOSS Men Women gov.
and private listings, hundreds skill
de classifications. 16-pages accur..
ate information SI.00, postpaid....
Satisfaction guaranteed.FOREIGN
JOBS, INC., Baltimore 1, Maryld.
i.Ai.uinito * llcanehs
V401 North S4«h 5t HE. U»SC
FOR RENT—cool furnished room.
For single working women,
no cooking. JA 0699.
30th St., JA. 8946. Our Chicken
Dinners are Something to Crow A*
bout. Robt. Jones, Propr.
New & U*ed Furniture
Complete Lme—Paint Hardware
YVe Buy, Sell ana Trade
1611*13 North 24tb— 24th .*• ' -'a
—YVE1 *r 2224—
"Everythmg i r The H
Call before 9 or after 5.
I -_
! perience and foresight. It is quite
| a pleasure to talk to him. He has
j had many experier^fcs and has
• many friends. I wish"'e had more
j men of his type in our city.
Dr. H. V. Nothomb, veteranar
ian, 6919 Dodge st., has practiced
30 years and has many friends.
' He_savs h3 expects to create more
My method of practice, sincerity,
and honesty, will always live when
I am gone. The Dr. is a fine man;
it is a pleasure to meet him and
his family. You are always wel
Omaha Authomotive Co. is
prepared to sell you anything
needed for your car.
Electric services and supplies. We
understand the business and it is
a pleasure for us to serve you and
to supply your needs. Handy to
all. 2321 Harney st. Tel. AT9538.
Central Park Variety Store,
4201 Grand ave., seems to have
in stock any and all things you
wish. When he says variety, he
means just what he says, and his
store is what the name implies. A
very nice young couple to meet,
and it is a pleasure for them to
please you. They are seeking to
make friends by giving you value
and courteous service. See them
Obies Food Mkt., 1024 So. 10 st.,
one of the nicest grocrey stores
on 10th st., carries a complete
line of groceries, meats, veg
tables and etc.
Mr. Obies invites all of his
friends and the public to visit his
place of business, one of the fin
est buisness men you ever met.
You can certainly get money’s
worth at his place. Stop in and
see him. You will be srprlsed.
Thanks for your past patronage
and friendship. Call again.
Eugene Skinner chairman of the
Tennis Club received an invitat
ion from the Kansas City Tennis
Club of Kansas Mo., to participate
in the 16th Annual Missouri Val
ley Open Tennis Tournament,
August 6 to 10th inclusive. This
tournament is sanctioned by the
American Tennis Association. The !
Club will be represented at this
In the matter of the estate of
Caroline Maupin, deceased:
All persons interested in said
matter are hereby notified that on
the 16th day of July. 1947 W. B.
Bryant filed a petition in said
County Court, praying that his
final administration account filed
herein be settled and allowed, and
that he be discharged from his
trust as executor and that a hear
ing will be had on said petition be
fore said Court on the 9th day of
August, 1947 and that if you fail
to appear before said Court on the
said 9th day of August. 1947, at
9 o'clock A. M., and contest said
petition, the Court may grant the
prayer of said petition, enter a
decree of heirship, and make such
other and further orders, allowenc
es and decrees, as to this Court
may seem proper, to the end that
all matters pertaining to said
estate may be finally settled and
Robert R. Troyer
3t—July 7—Aug. 2, 1947
Note Is The Time To Get
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2407 Lake Street
* — 1 ——m—
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Nite & Day
2042 North 21st St,
Deliveries Made—Small Fee
Charge for the same.
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For Rent or ’ —
| 2031 North 24th St. AT-0459 i
lltmilUIIHIMliUitltllllllllliilMlMniini,.... ——— -■■■1 _
Look for
| Noodle Giblet Dinner
| Noodle Chicken Dinner I
New Low Prices w !
At All Grocers
1 Cooperative with President Truman's Program •
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Hurry Back Lunchroom
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ke sPecmllze in homemade Chili, Fresh Hamburger
ChiU Mac, Hot Dogs with Chili and Relish
We invite you to try our Bef f Stew, Southern Style.
We are just around the corner from 24th and Lake Street at
2229Lake Street. Phone JAckson 9195
2229 Lake St. JA 9195
J. Mason and E. Washington, Props:
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