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★ ^ ★ FRIDAY. MAY 31. 1947 OUR 20TH YEAR - No. 17 <S«K?’Si^*!5»Kl3 Wi*
ELK' <SE EtO. 92 DONATES $500 TO TMCA BLDG. f . '
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Milton Eo Johnson Accepts Chairmanship of
Initial Gifts Committee for YMCA Program
Goal for New
Buiidincr Set
at $20,000
Atty. Charles F. Davis, chair
man of the Committee of Manage
ment of the Near Northside
Branch YMCA, announced this
week that Milton E. Johnson, pre
Milton E. Johnson . . . .Chairman
of Initiol Gifts Committee for
Y. M, C. A. Expansion Program.
sident of the Carver Savings and
Loan Association and owner of the
Johnson Drug Company, has ac
cented the Chairmanship of the
Initial Gifts Committee for the
YMCA Expansion Program.
The Omaha YMCA has estblish
ed a goal of $598,000 as a mini
mum needed for the major expan
sion program. Of this amount
$100,000 has been allocated for the
building of a permanent branch
near Burdette Park for this com
munity. It is planned that the
building will be a community type
social building with lobby, social
rooms, craft shop, club rooms, all
purpose room with stage, kitchen
ette, etc.
The goal for the Near North
side Branch has been set at $20,
000, and the Initial Gifts Commit
tee under the leadership of Mr.
Johnson has agreed to be respon
sible for $10,000 of the goal with
tAe balance to be raised when the
city wide campaign is launched.
At the first meeting of the cam
paign workers on Monday at the
Hlks Hall, the group was greatly
encouraged over the first contri
bution of $500 from the Iroquois
Lodge No 92 of which Charles F.
Davis is Exalted Ruler.
Individual gifts of $200 each
were made by the persons present j
with the result $3,000 was report
ed the very first night.
The following persons are busy
now contacting individuals for
contacting individuals for contri
butions or pledges of $200 or,
more: Messrs. Milton E. Johnson
Earl Wheeler, James Jewell. Fred
Dixon, Charles Davis, Ralph
Adams, Dr. D. W. Gooden, and
Rev. E- B. Childress.
Maxine Cooke Sentenced
to One Year in Prison
Miss Maxine Cooke was senten
ced to one year in the Women’s
Reformatory at York by District
Court Judge English after she ad
mitted taking a $150 ring from the
home of Mr. and Mrs. H. Henry,
2426 Ohio st.
Milton Dixon was sentenced to
one year in the reformatory Thurs
day, May 22. after pleading guilty
to setting fire to a house with
attempt to defraud an insurance
company. He had plead innocent
to a charge of first degree arson
When the lessor charge was filed
he pleaded guiltyy. He said his
father, Alonzo Crum, 1914 Char
les st., owner of the house and his
father-in law helped him plan the
fire. Dixon was severely burned in
the fire.
Crum will go to trial later fac
ing a first degree arson charge.
! Sandall Announces
Meeting In Omaha
Brewing Indusary j
- I
Charles E. Sandall, state di
rector of the Nebraska Committee.
U. S. Brewers Foundation, announ
ces the committee's ninth annual
convention will be held at Hotel
Blackstone, Omaha, June 5. All
beer wholesalers and representa
tives of breweries ding business in
NNbraska are invited, and an at- ’
tendance of 120 is expected.
State Senator Fred A. Mueller'
will be a principal speaker, devot
ing his chief attention to the pub
lic’s view of the beer industry’s
self policing program. Past activi
ties in the field of beer industry
self regulation, with plans for the
future, will be reviewed by State |
Director Sandall in his annual re
port. Other speakers include
Mayor Charles W. Leeman of
Omaha, and James R. Nicholson,
Foundation director of group re
Charles B. Schmidbauer, Omaha,
executive board chairman, will pre
side at the general meeting June 5,
and also at a meeting of the board
on the previous day. Other board
members are: Arthur C. Storz and
Walter J. Singer, Omaha, Jere
Newton, St. Louis. Harold Gumb,
Fremont. C. A. Byrnes Grand Is
land. Edward Essay, Alliance, and
L. M. Kalin Lincoln.
3ioneer Church
Member Dies
Mr. John Woodson, long time
member of the Zion Baptist church
of Omaha passed on Monday May
19. He was sitting down talking to
a friend while his wife was fixing
breakfast when all of a sudden he
dropped off to a peaceful sleep
in a world more pleasant than the
one he had experienced during his
short time here.
He had been a faithful member
of the ion Baptist church for many
years working and serving in
various church clubs and auxili
He is survived by his wife, Mrs.
Ada Woodson, a member of Zion
Baptist church; his son. Mr. Leon
Services were held on Thursday
at 2 p. m. from the ion Baptist
church. Rev. F. C. Williams, offi
ciating. Burial at the Forest Lawn
cemetery. Myers Mortuary was in
charge of burial.
Mr. and Mrs. J- Woodson reside
at 2211 Grant street.
Mrs. Joisetta Johnson, 1004
North 24th st., passed early this
week.leaving a host of relatives
and friends.
Participating in the United Ne
gro College Fund ceremonies at the
Rainbow Room, Rockefeller Center
launching the 1947 nation-wide
campaign in support of 33 Negro
private colleges were I. to r. John
D. Rockefeller, Jr., chairman of
the national campaign advisory
committee; Harvey S. Firestone.
Jr- president of the Firestone Tire
and Rubber Company; Andrew W.
Robertson, chairman of the West
inghouse Electric Corporation;
Frank M. Totton, national camp
aign chairman and vice president
of the Chase National Bank: and
President Albert W. Dent of Dill
ard University, New Orleans. The
national goal is $1, 300. 000 and
is being sought in 60 cities and
college communities.
Photo Ranson.
Chicago School District
Holds Interracial Festival
New Eight-Unit Vet
Housing Project Set
Approval of an eight-unit rental
housing project in Omaha for
World War II veterans and their
families was announced today by
State Director Holger P. Holm at
the office of the Federal Housing
The project, to be called Central
Apartments, will be erected by
Central Builders, Inc., at 120
North 32nd avenue, Omaha, and
will be financed by the Service
Life Insurance Company with a
mortgage of $33,000 to be insur
ed by FHA under Title VI of the
National Housing Act. It will be a
21a story structure containing 8
units of 2, 3 and 4 rooms.
This brings to four the total of
veterans’ multi-family rental
housing projects in Nebraska ap
proved under the new FHA pro
gram. Mr. Holm said. They will
provide 44 new dwelling units to
be financed with FHA-insured
mortgages totalling $261,300.
Professor Quiz, radio's famous
quizmaster, visited Jacksonville
Fla., recently and paused at Stan
ton High school to stage a quiz
visit with students there. Grand
prize winner, with a perfect score,
was Miss Priscilla McLendon, 16>
who is shown above receiving her
gold wrist watch from the genial
'500 Colored and
White Youth Blend
Voices In Song
CHICAGO, HI.—Interracial co
operation dropped from the clouds
and became a reality last week as
approximately 500 colored and
white yyouths from nine schools in
district four combibned their
young voices under the direction
of both colored and white con
ductors and accompanists.
Scene of the music festival, the I
first since the otbreak of the war. j
was the LaFayette school audi- '
torium on the northwest side of i
the city- Top officials of the public
school system were enthusiastic
over the splendid showing made
by the boys and girls. Mr. Leo G.
Herdeg, district superintendent,
exclaimed, ‘‘I feel like saying
Dr. Helen Howe. director of |
mupic for the city of Chicago,
spoke with deep conviction at the
conclusion of the program about
her new appreciation of the uni
versality of music. Mrs. Kathleen
R. Lane, music supervisor over
the participating school, declared,
after conducting the closing num
ber, “I Hear America Singing,”
that she had no fear for the fu
ture of America as long as young
Americans continue to cooperate
as they had done in putting over
the program
Emerson School, headed by Miss
Elinor C. MeCollom, received
spontaneous and sustained ap
plause from the audience for vivid
renditions of “De Gospel Train.”
‘ Were You There,” and two sel
ections of choral poetry.
Tech Chorus Represented
at Goorfallows Festival
The World Herald Goodfellows
announce that the Tech high cho
rus is to appear on the program
of the Music Festival at Creigh
ton stadium, Thursday, June 12
This group is featuring “The Hal
lelujah Chorus” from the Messiah
under the direction of Noblbe Cain.
The Goodwill chorus will be fea
tured under the direction of Mr.
Walter Bell.
Main attraction along with many
other outstanding chorus are
Lanny Ross of stage, radio and
movie, and Olga San Juan, singer
and dancer renown.
Art Collection On
On Display At
Joslyn Memorial
Omaha will be host to the En- i
cyclopaedia ritannica Collection. !
of Contemparary American Paint- J
mg when the 127 famous pictures |
go on view at the Joslyn Mem- I
orial Art Museum from May 29
through July 1. Plans for the ex
hibition, announced by E. H.
Powell, Britannica president, were
made in cooperation with Eugene
Kingman, director of the gallery.
Omaha wnll be the only Nebras
ka city in which the collection will
be displayed on its present itiner
ary. Britannica plans to show the
collection for several more years
in the United States, and then j
may take it to Central and South !
America, and possibly Europe,
Powell said. After the Omaha ex
hibition the pictures will be shown
next ih Wichita.
The Collection was exhibited for ^
the first time in Chicago in April,
1945. Since then it has been shown
successively in New York, Boston,
Washington, D. C, Dayton, Pitts
burgh. Syracuse, Cincinnati, De
troit, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, In
dianapolis, Kansas City. Missouri, j
St. Louis and Davenport.
Mr. Kingman and Britannica
officials are making plans for the
opening ceremonies in Otnaha,
which will include a preview for
the press, radio, educators and
trustees and staff of the Gallery
and the general public Thursday
evening. May 29.
Jeff Dorsey, 34, of 3107 R st.,
was cut by Otis Jenkins, 23, of
2516’i Q st The incident occurred
over a card game argument be
tween Dorsey and Jenkins.
Jenkins was booked Monday on
a charge of assault and battery.
Dorsey was released after treat
ment at Doctors hospital for his
shoulder wound, bbut he was book
ed for drunkeness.
George Lacey King, 15 years,
2316 Seward Plaza, died Saturday,
May 24 at a local hospital. He
is survived by his father, Mr- Har
old King, Milwaukee, Wis.; mother
Mrs. Elizabeth King; two sisters,
Janet, Margaret; five brothers,
Harold. Paul. Bernard, William,
Richard; grand mother, Mrs. Sadie
Smith, all of Omaha; grandfather,
Mr. George Hunter, Kansas City,
Funeral srvieces were held Wed
nesday afternoon from Thomas
Mortuary with Rev. E. D. Johnson
officiating, burial Mount Hope
Make First
Gift in Drive
for New ‘Y’
Attorney Charles F. Davis ex
aulted ruler of the Elks Iqurious
lodge No. 92, possesses a leader
ship that is appreciated by the
whole of Omaha. Through Atty.
Davis’ leadership the Elks ledge
a few months ago raised the sum
of $1000. for the Children’s Hos
pital, with his loyal members and
Co-workers of the Elks lodge.
The Elks lodge now takes the
lead again by heading the list of
the $100,000 dollar Y. M. C. A.
bldg, campaign, in heading the ex
ecutive secretary a check for
$500.00 from the treasury of the
Elks lodge.
Believe me this is just the be
ginning, we feel sure in the heat
of this campaign, when he calls for
a drive by the members the Elks
lodge N. 92. the above figure will
be increased.
Application for
Sugar Ration
Books By Letter
Application by letter may be
made for sugar ration books for
infants, persons discharged from
the armed services, and for re
placement of mutilated ration
books. The Sugar rationing Ad
ministration announced today.
Heretofore, these applications
were required to b filed on OPA
Forms R146 and R194. Today's ac
tion, effective May 12. 1947, has
l>een taken to speed up the service
to applicants and to reduce the
work load of the curtailed field
offices, SRA said.
Applications for replacement of
mutiliated ration boboks must be
accompanied by the mutilated
No change is made in the re
quirement of a formal application
for replacement of lost or stolen
ration books, except that a new
form—combining OPA Forms
R146 and R194—is provided. The
combined form is SRA Form R218.
Letters requesting new ration
books or replacements for mutil
ated books should be sent to SRA
branch offices and must contain
the applicant’s name and address
a statement that the applicant is
an infant or a person discharged
from the armed services; or a
statement that the ration book has
been mutilated
Max Yorgan Hi-Y Clubs
Sponsor Basid Concert
tvTh® Max Tergan Hi-Y club of
the Near Northside Branch YMCA
together with the five Hi-Y Clubs
in the Omaha high schools will
present the Sioux Falls. South
Dakota high school band in con
cert at the Masonic Temple Sat
urday evening, May 31, at 8:00
o’clock. This symphonic’ band is
made up of 50 high school girls
and 25 high school boys under the
direction of Arthur R. Thompson.
Mr. Thompson has built this
band, in 18 years time, to one of
the nations oustanding symphonic
bands. Bob Brown, Hi-Y Council
president, said. They have been th'
official band of South Dakota on
several occasions. While playing
at the New York World Fair, they
were chosen as the band to play
for the King and Queen of Eng
land on their visit to the United.
The Sioux Falls band, Bob
Brown said, not only plays ex
cellent music but also has a num
ber of novelty acts. Their motto
The Hi-Y Clubs as part of the
YMCA. are assumin a share of
local YMCA World Youth Fund
Obligations, Bob Brown said. Pro
ceeds from this concert will go to
ward the Hi-Y’s part of this
obligation, he said.
Texas Property Damage
Nearly Forty Million I
The Texas City damage where
some 125 Negroes along with more
than 400 whites lost their lives
in one of the worst fire disasters
of all times is reported by the Fire
Prevention and Engineering Bur
eaus of Texas and the National
Board of Fire Underwriters to be
close to 33 million dollars.
Property damage alone will run
close to 32 million dollars.
At the first Omaha Hi-Y clubs
of the city of Omaha Coronation, j
Wednesday, May 21, at Peony ,
Park ballroom. Miss Jean Pierce,
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C. W.
Pierce, was crown Max Yergan
Hi-Y Queen. Each Hi Y chose a
Queen to reign over its respective
club. Miss was chosen to reign
over the Max Yergan.
Miss Pierce is a senior gradu- |
ating this June from the Central
bigh school She is just 16 but has !
made an outstanding record as a ,
scholar at Central besides being
one of the popular young ladies
of Central.
She sings in the Pilgrim Junior
choir, captain of the Junior Usher
Board, members of the YW, and
various other clubs.
Mr. Bruce Maypeer of 22161
North 27th ave., is home ill.s but
is reported feeling much better.
Mr. Maypeer is employyed by the
Missouri Pacifi/c railroad round
Attorney Charles F. Davis, ex
alted ruler of the I. B. P. O. E. of
W.t Iroquois Lodge No. 92 of Oma
Sudden Death of
Bertha Adams
Shock Community
The sudden death of Mrs. Bertha
Adams, 2419 Maple st, was a dis
tinct blow to the St. John's AME
church where she was a long time
member and the community at
large where she had participatd
in many civic advancement. She
was a member of Class 7 of St.
John’s church.
She leaves to mourn her, a hus
band, Mr. T. Adams, a daughter,
Mrs. Grace Bradford of Houston,
Texas, a son in law of Houston,
Texas, Gaines Bradford, a grand
I son, Gaines, Jr.
Others a sister, Mrs. E. Burnett
and brother, Mr. L. Steele of New
York. Niece A. B. Rucker, nejhews
R. A. Rucker, Larry Burnett of
California and grandniece and
nephew Beverly and Charles
I Rucker.
Mrs Adams was buried from the
St. John's AME church on Mon
day, May 26, at 2 p. m. The Rev.
E. B. Childress of the St. John’s
church delivered the sermon.
.— - - -
Mr. Clark Washington. Jr., 2224
| Lake street, filed suie Wednesday,
May, 21, in District Court against
t T. W. Eagles Lumber Co- and Wil
I liam P. Reed, a driver for the
I company.
| The suit was filed as result of
of the death of his son, Clark 3rd,
in an accident at Twenty-second
and Lake streets, on March 28.
Mr. Clark Jr. is asking that the
company and its driver, Mr- W.
Reed pay $25,000 dollars.
Receives Scholarship
Friday, May 23 at the Tech High
June graduating exercises, Miss
Cosetta Eubanks. 17, 3705 Daven
port, was awarded the Ted Da
mask Essay Award. Miss Eubanks
recent won an oratory on the Con
stitution sponsored by the Elks
Lodge No 92. She was also receiv
ed an award from the North Oma
ha Civic Group.
~*Ha and Irma Green divided a
$75.00 scholarship from the North
Omaha Corority. These young
ladies are the twin daughters of
Mr. and Mrs. Greene of 2516 Wirt
Mrs. David Russ. 2864 Grant st.,
was operated on Tuesday. May 13.
at the St. Catherine hospital. She
is reported by hospital officials as
doing very nicely. They hope to
have her up and around shortly.
Mrs. Russ is the wife of Mr- D.
Russ. They have several boys,
too, like their father are wishing
for their mother, a speedy recov
Mrs. Esther Lampkin, 21, of 2624
North 30th street, was confined to
the Doctors hospital on last week.
While alighting from a bus at 30th
and Miami sts. she struck her head
against a lamp post on Wednes
day, May 21st.
She was immediately rushed to
the hospital where it was found
she suffered head and body bruis
Allen M. Anderson, formerly of
Fargo, N. D. received a one year
sentence to the Men's Reforma
tory at Lincoln. He was employed
part time at the Louis Sommer
home, 420 oNrth 64th st. eH con
fessed taking $400 in cash and
Appeal for
On Radio
ST. LOUIS, Mo. (Special)—An
appeal for repentance and faith in
the Lord Jesus Christ was issued
today byb Dr. Eugene R. Berter
mann, director of radio for the
Rev. Dr. Eugene R- Bertermann
The Reverend Doctor Eugene
R ertermann, Director of Radio of
the Lutheran Hour, and Summer
guest speaker on Bring Christ to
the Nations on Sundays, June 1
and 8.
Lutheran Hour, in a special Pente
cost address on Bring Christ to the
Nations heard over the Mutual
Broadcasting System and affiliat
ed stations.
Dr. Beriermann asserted: “Never
before in the one hundred and
seventy-one years of its history
has our nation as urgently needed
this appeal for repentence. Be
, cause Holy Scriptures assures
assures America, ‘Righteousness
l exalteth a nation but sin is a re
; proach to every people,' this God-,
blessed land desperately needs the,
j contrite, repentant spirit for Its*
national sins. If our nation would
; continue to enjoy the outpouring
i of the Almighty’s benediction
which has made ours the most
i richly blessed of all lands, it must
humble itself before the Almighty
1 and sontritely confess its sins,
without doubt or evasion.’’
The radio speaker asserted that
in keeping with the Pentecostal
ideal that "every man” should hear
the Gospel “in his own language,”
the Lutheran Hour is now broad
: casting in six different languages:
1 English, Spanish, Portuguese,
! Afrikaan, Arabic and French.
I “And yet all this is only the be
ginning. In a mighty win the world
for Christ campaign the Lutheran
Laymen’s League, sponsor of the
| broadcast, has set itself the goal
of using 'every available and suit
able station on earth for the pro
clamation of Christ’s eternal Gos
pel,’ to bring the everlasting Word
to scores of new lands in dozens
of new languages. Mihty oppor
tunities beckon in Europe and the
Far East. Programs are in prepar
| ation in German, Finnish. Slovak,
and other tongues, to help come
ever nearer the goal ‘that every
man’ may hear the Gospel ‘in his
own language-’ Pray for this
mighty radio mission for the Re
deemer, asking that the Holy
Spirit may help it march forward
constantly for Christ to the glory
of His name, to the proclamation
of His Gospel and to the salvation
of preciously-bought immortal
Mrs. George D- Coursey of In
dianapolis, Ind., the former Letta
Lewis of Omaha, is visiting her
mother, Mrs. Harry Lewis of 2701
North 25th st. Mrs. Lewis will re
turn ti Indianapolis, to reside with
her daughter. They plan to leave
Julyy 1.
Today is Memorial Day, the day we mourn in memory of those who gave
their all to preserve Peace and Democracy. We must maintain that peace!