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E. McGILL, Prop.
1423-25 NORTH 24TH ST.
Blue Room Open 8 p. m. to 1 a. m.
Open for Private Parties from 2 to 7pm
—No Charges—
Free Delivery from 8 a.m. to 1 a.m.
JAokson 9411
Bonded Liquors
School of
Terms Can Be Arranged
2511 North 22nd Street
— JA-3974 —
+ ■" 1 ™ 1 '
A few weeks ago I spent the
week-end with Mary Jones — a
triend who lives on a farm about
JsOO miles from us.
After Mary had taken my things,
she told me she would call her hus
band in from the barn. Then, she
simply walked over to a table in
her kitchen, pushed a button on a
small gray box, asked her husband
to come in, and I heard him answer
“right away!” Mary explained that
it was a “Utiliphone” — an inter
communication system connected
with the barn. It looked like a
tiny radio and Mary told me that
it was the greatest time saver and
convenience she’d ever discovered.
1 certainly
agreed with
her and de
cided to install
one in my own
kitchen — if
the cost were
not prohibitive.
Mary told me
that her com
plete set—her
box in the kit
chen and the
one in the
bam — cost no more than a small
tabie model radio!
Just then Mary’s husband came
in and joined the discussion. I ask
ed him the name of the company
making the “Utiliphone” so that I
could write and inquire the name
of a dealer in my city. He gave it
to me — the Electronic Labora
tories, Inc. of Indianapolis, Indiana
... so I wrote to the company that
Well, less than a month later I
have a Otiliphcr* in my home! I
have »» op<.-ciai connection between
the kitchen and the children’s play
room . . . and a switch that is al
ways “Open” — so at all times I
. can hear the children . . . and
another communication system
from my front door to the kitchen.
In the very short time this system
has been installed it’s paid for it
self in the time I’ve saved.
We Are Once More
Edholm & Sherman
2401 North 24th St. Phone WE-6055
“OUR Chicken Dinners Are
Something to Crow About.”
JA. 89462722 North 30th St..
Neighborhood Furnace Co.
2511 Charles Street
- — ‘
s— ■ — .— — — ——■ ^
Bowl Tour Cares Away
N 2410 Lake St. JA. 9303
'' OPEN FROM 5 to 1 Week Days
” ” 3 to 1 Sundays
Prizes Given Atcay each Saturday Night for Highest
Scores of the Week.
“We Appreciate Your Trade”
384th & LAKE AT. 4248
* '
1608 NORTH 24th ST. JA. 0858
7 exaco Service
• GAS and OIL
“JET? Appreciate Your Trade”
30th & Wirt Sts. AT-9760
Free Delivery
Duffy Pharmacy
24th & Lake Sts.
Gas on Stomach
Relieved in 5 minutes or
double your money back
| When excess stomach acid eauses painful, suffocat
ing gas. sour stomach and heartburn, doctors usually
prescribe the fastest-acting medicines known foi
symptomatic relief—medicines like those In Bell-ans
! Tablets. No laxatire. Bell-ans brings comfort In •
1 Jiffy or double your money back on return of bottlf
) to us. 25c at all druggists.
“Events and Happenings of Social and Local Importance”
SociaULocal News
1 llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllillllllllllllllllilllllllllll
Mrs. Corrine Jamison, 2520 In
diana Ave. left Tuesday at 7:30
for a spring vacation with her
sister Miss Rosalie Moss, 3113 S.
Wabash Ave. Chicago, HI.
Sunday, April 27th, 1947
Cleaves Temple C. M. E. Church,
25th & Decatur Street
Rev. C. P. Raines, Pastor, Jeanie
English, Reporter.
Sunday School—9:30 A. M.
Morning Worship—11:00 A. M.
The Senior Choir was in place
and sang beautifully as usual. The
Children’s Choir sang “Lord Send
Me’’, led by Joyce MsKinney, dir
ected by Mrs. Wright. The young,
sters were present in a large num
ber and looked very nice in their
white robes. Their song was fol
lowed by a selection by the Junior
Choir, also directed by Mrs Wri
The sermon by Rev. Raines was
from Chapter 3, the 4th verse of
the Book of Revelation. “Thow
has a few names even in Sardis
which have not defiled their gar
ments; and they shall walk with
me in white for they are worthy.”
Dynamic Christian living. Every
one that believes and have faith is
ushered into the Christian family.
There are many Christians that
believe in Christ, believe that our
Christ has been in this world, but
they do not live accordingly.
The text was taken from Chap
terl, the 9th verse of the Revel
ations. John established the seven
churches in Asia Minor. Jesus and
the deciples had attempted to
teach the people of Asia Minor
Christianity, but were hardly suc
cessful. God called John. The
church and all organizations have
its weak members. The church has
never been perfect and never will
be. When Christ chose his decip
les one of them was the devil, but
why should we be confused about
that? Some church members have
not defiled their garments. As we
look at ourselves, are we to be
inthe number who has defiled our
garments or are we to be in the
number who have defiled their
garments. As we look at ourselv
se, are we to be in the number
who has defiled our garments or J
are we to be in the number who
have not defiled their garments. I
One day those who have not defil
ed their garments will walk with
Evening Worship—8:00 P. M.
The sermon was by Reverand C.
L. Alford, his theme was “The
Way of the Cross" taken from the
16th Chapter of the Acts Apostles
the 29th and 30th verses dealing
with the life of Paul and Silas.
Epworth League—5:30 P. M.
Evening Worship—8:00 P. M.
Visitors are always welcome in
our services.
May4th—Rabbi Mowshowitz
May 6th—May Queen Contest
May 7th—Mother-Daughter Ban
May 16th—Roscoe C. Simmons
Ping-pong paddles—the gift of
the Young Women’s Progressive
Club of Pleasant Green Church
are the pride of the boys and girls
of Charles Street Center. Ping
pong has taken on new life. Many
thanks to these swell ladies.
The Dukes and the Duchessess,
a teen age club held their regular
meeting on Monday afternoon at
Charles Street Center after the
regular routine of business. Mr.
Voyal Watson was introduced by
Miss etty White as guest speaker
for the afternoon. Mr. Watson's
topic was “Good Grooming”. It
was most interesting to the group.
Delicious refreshments were ser
ved at the close of the meeting.
Mrs. Doris King is sponsor for
the club.
BOW'EIS Appliance Co.
• New Units, #New and
Rebuilt Refrigerators &
“Guarantee^ Repair Service—
Quality Workmanship—We
Solicit Your Trade”
Phone AT-2003
v -
i'nrou&h a pious life
j.nd by a rational use of
he Psalms, you may ob
ain the grace of God.
he favor of Princes, and
he love of your fellow*
nan,” says the author.
Here are some of the
imazing things he tells
vou about: Pslam to re- i
•eive Instruction or In- I
■ii-uu through a Dream or \ lsion, 1
■salm to escape danger. Psalm to be
ome safe from Enemies. Psalm to
receive GOOD after committing a
heavy sin. psalm to make you fortun
ate iu everything you try to do.
Pslam to free yourself from Evil Spir
its. Pslam to make peace between
Man and Wife.
Now you can carry the Bible with you
at all times. (Smallest Bible in the
World). Many people feel that this is |
of great value in obtaining things you
Send No Money ££■£* 7T
dress Today and pay postman only $1
plus postage on delivery. I positively
GUARANTEE that you will be more
than delighted within 5 days or your
money will he returned promptly on
request and no questions asked. Order
at once.
1472 Broadway. Dept. 122-A, N.Y. 18,
New York
I We wish to Announce f
G & J Smoke Shop l
2118 NORTH 24th Street l
Everything in the Line of f
Jackson & Godbey, Props. (
Tony’s Auto Service, 3702 No.
30th wishes the public to know
that he is now prepared to put
your car in running order. He can
fix any make of car, bring your
car troubles to him.
Sharpiro Variety Store carries
a complete line of merchandise.
Anything you need in the home.
Prices reasonable. All ready to
serve you. You can see me at any
time at 3423 No. 30th St.
Shop at Florence Refrigeration
& Washer Company. Everything
you need in the line of eletric ap
pliances. Courteous service to all.
Come by and look at this first
class electric store
Dali Drug Store, 6602 No. 30th
Street invites you to visit his
place. He carries everything in the
line of drugs. A fine young man
to deal with.
Savemore Super Market, 66l8
North 30th is just what the name
implies. It is one of the leading
grocery stores in the city. The
proprietor will meet you with a
smile, welcome you to his place
of business and serve you with a
smile. Courteous service to all.
Free doughnuts and coffee to all
of his customers on Saturdays.
Come see for yourself.
Steve Parnell better known as
the radio man, can fix any and
all brands of radios and it won’t
cost you a fortune. You would be
suprised to know the radios he
can fix, even if it seems that the
case is hopeless, but Steve can fix
it. See him, he will serve you with
a smile. Try him oiice.
Northside Bank, 4514 No. 30th
Street one of the busiest spots in
Omaha, always crowded with such
fine people to meet and money
always moving. You would think
a storm was raging at times. Mr.
A. Hall, the president of the bank,
has many friends and stands
ready to add many more when in
need of cash See him, always at
your service.
The Savemore Hardwhere store,
carries a complete line of hard
ware, rated as No. 1 among the
very best hardware stores in Om
aha. A real nice place to go. When
in need of anything in hardwares,
paint or varnish, see him.
Taylor H. Snow, at 5002 No. 30
Street, has a real nice office and
a active practicing attorney, when
you need a lawyer see him, he is
prepared to take care of your le
gal troubles. Stop anytime and
chat with him, service with a big I
The Friendly Sixteen met at the
home of Sam Wead 2123 North
28th Street P. Atkins host. The
meeting was opened by thp presi
nt business of importance. It was
discussed. Three or four hand
changes of bridge were played. L.
R. Turner won with high score.
The meetin adjourned to meet at
the home of Chester Bennett 3031
Emmet Street.
Emmet Avant,
President •
Otto Pruitt,
How Minors
are Prevented
from Breaking
the Law
Minors in Nebraska face a fine
of up to $50 if found guiity of
purchasing alcoholic beverages
through misrepresentation of
To discourage minors from at
tempting misrepresentation this
Committee provides retailers
with “Sworn Statements”
which must be signed in doubt
ful cases. The $50 fine for
misstatement is emphasized.
The tavern keeper risks revo
cation or suspension of his li
cense ... the minor risks prose
cution ... in case of sales to
minors through misrepresenta
tion of age.
This is but one of many ser
vices to the public by the brew
ing industry of Nebraska in
aiding law observance. It typ
ifies our desire to keep the re
tailing of beer on the same high
plane as the retailing of other
□ United States
Charles E. Sandall, State Director
710 First NatT Bank Bldg., Lincoln
For quick relief from itching caused by eczema
athlete's foot, scabies, pimples and other itching
conditions, use pure, cooling, medicated liquid
D.D. D. PRESCRIPTION. A d<k or'8 formula
Greaseless and stainless. Soothes, comforts anc
quickly calms intense itching. 35c trial bottle
proves it, or money back. Don't suffer. Ask youj
druggist today for D* D. D. PRESCRIPTION
Improved 11
Uniform jj!
International II
!-:• LESSON ->
Of The Moody Bible Institute of Chicago.
Released by Western Newspaper Union,
Lesson for May 4
Lesson subjects and Scripture texts se
lect#) and copyrighted by International
Council of Religious Education; used by
| Permission.
LESSON TEXT—I Kings 12:1-S. 12-1S,
19. 20.
MEMORY SELECTION—a man’s prid«
■hall bring him low; but he that is of a
lowly spirit shall obtain honor.—Proverbs
"He did evil, because he pre
pared not his heart to seek the
Lord”—this is the divine epitome
of the life of Rehoboam the king as
given in II Chronicles 12:14.
The destiny of the people hinged
[on the choices of their ruler, so they
Cent down into confusion and sin
jcause of his bad leadership.
Here we have magnified anew the
;great importance of making right
decisions for ourselves and for their
(influence on others.
Life is full of choices, and the
decisions we make determine our
destiny both in this life and in the
life to come. Since the great issues
Pf our life may hinge on the siml
jplest of choices, it is obvious that
we need guidance at every point
and in every moment of life.
The picture before us is astonish
ingly up to date. People were cry
ing for relief from tax burdens. One
group of leaders counseled modera
tion; another group said in effect,
tax them all you can and keep on
spending. The king, who in a mon
archy had the final decree in his
power, replied to the plea of the
people with sarcastic indifference
to their need, and the ten tribes
I. A Friendly Request (w. 1-5).
Governments exist for the people,
no', the people for th* government.
Political leaders seem to forget this
axiom rjd begin to rul® as though
they need not listen to the reason
able pleas of the people. Tax bur
dens rise, regimentation of the life
of the nation takes place, and i
sooner or later the people rise to
overthrow the government. It hap
pened in Rome; it was back of the !
French Revolution; it brought an-1
uprising of the serfs of Russia; it
:an and will happen elsewhere if
men who rule do not listen to,
Rehoboam made at least one
wise decision—to wait three days
before speaking and to seek coun
sel. He needed this, for having been
[broughf up in the palace of Solomot
i without proper training for hi!
place as king, he was quite unabl#
to make immediate answer to theil
request. Incide*- v, we note thal
much of the fo. of Rehoboam ia
chargeable to the neglect of his
father to rear him properly. May
that terrible thing never be said
about you and me regarding our
II. An Arrogant Refusal (vv. 12
The picture of the two groups of
advisers is a most graphic one and
should afford the teacher an excel
lent opportunity to show young
Jpeople especially, how important it
.is to heed the counsel of their
elders. Even so, youth stands today
at the fork of the road. Let us in all
kindness, love, and tact seek to help
them choose the right way.
Note the arrogance and pride of
the young men and their king. They
were not content to make a simple
denial of the request. They did not
have sense enough to temper the
bitter disappointment of the people
by an expression of regret. No, they
had to use the foolish whip of caus
ftic words and harsh judgments—
what folly! Let us learn a needed
lesson from their failure.
III. The Inevitable Revolt (w.
19, 20).
There is a limit to what men and
women can bear—an end to their
patience and their loyalty.
People, long submissive, ulti
mately come to the point where
they think, and when they do, dicta- \
torial rulers tumble from their self- I
made thrones. Would that the I
people of the earth realized the I
power which they have and that
they would use it for the glory of
Rehoboam felt the power of the
people who revolted, others have
followed him, for it is still true in
the world that the rulers "do evil"
because "they prepare not their
hearts to seek the Lord.”
Rehoboam, who had awaited the
arrival of this crucial hour in antici
pation of taking his place as the
king of the ten tribes, was ready,
and was at oace chosen as the
leader of those who withdrew from
the rule of the house of David.
Rehoboam’s sin brought this about,
but it was also in the counsels of
God (v.15).
Is it not a comforting thought to
recall that back of the confusion
which men have created in their
efforts to rule the world, God stands
in the shadows watching, watching
and waiting for that day when the
Prince of Peace, his Son and our
Bavious, is to come as King of kings
and Lord of lords to reign forever
and ever. Blessed dayl May it
come quickly!
Crosstown Cleaners
Telephone—WE 0989
• • •
_Clea ners— Dyers—T ailors—
2101 No. 24th St. Omaha 2, Neb.
HillSide Presbyterian Church
Services are being held at the
Sharon Seventh Day Adventist
Church 2760 Lake Street. Every
Sunday morning, 11:00 A. M.
The theme of the sermon will be
About Your Shadow”
We urge all members and our
friends to Worship with us where
a warm welcome awaits you. The
Choir will furnish wonderful mus
Rev. Chas E. Tyler, Pastor
Thelma Newte, Reporter
The Progressive 24 is making
plans for their Mother’s Day Din
ner on Sunday afternoon May 11
1947. Daughters and sons, why
not honor Mother by having her
as your guest at the Progressive
24 Mother’s Day Dinner?
The Watchmen will rehearse at
the church on Friday Mav 2 1947
at 8:00 p.m. * ’
The Minute Men and the Aux
iliary according to its President
Mr. A. R. Goodlett will meet
Sunday afternoon at 4:30 at the
home of Mrs. Mary Harris 2930
North 28th Str.
The church prays that our pas
tor’s wife Mrs. B. J. Childress
who became ill suddenly last wk.
end will be back in her place Sun
day, May 4th.
The Courtesy Club wishes each
Sunday and so, desires that a
member fill a memorial flower
basket and place it before the lec
ture as a honor to a loved one’
Mrs. Anna Jones, President.
youth of today
Youth of Today, what are your
seekings? What is your aim in
life ? Most of us could answer
these questions by saying “We
want to be a success in life,” but
then what is a successful life7
Jhe majority of us define a suc
essful life as a life that has been
used for the benefit of humanity
Undoubtedly this is the opinion
of every right thinking person.
As youth is up to us to take up
and carry on the great idea of a
life for the uplifting of humanity.
In order to do this we as youth
must first look out and see that
yesterday has pased away and
that today is a new day. A day
that abolishes the old traditions
and customs such as that a child
should be seen and not heard. To
day our Lord and Saviour Jesus
Christ is calling every man, wo
men and child all ages to ’ take
a stand in the name of rightous
ness and speak out as the spirit
of God moves you.
Today Jesus is calling the youth
to come forth and prove to the
world that if they but ask it shall
be given and that if they seek in
his precious name they 'will find
blessing unbound.
God is waiting to put out his
beautiful blessings of love, peace,
advancement, prosperity, and
other faithfully serving him. Hap
py is the youth that walks with
God and serves him. God will
make him a man amoung men,
and he shall not want for any
thing good.
By John Orduna
If you are seeking to serve God,
you are invited to come to the
youth for Christ meetings and
make a stand with other youths
like you that the spirit and power
of Almighty God might help you
as it has helped others. Youth for
Christ meets every Saturday eve.
at 7:30 p. m. to 9:00 p. m.
Mrs. R C. Price and members of
the Every-Ready Club desires us
through this column to sincerely
thank those who attended their
overwhelming successful “Even
ing In Paris-Royal Tea” Monday,
April 28th, 1947. The generous
support given is ddeply appreciat
ed and many blessings of good
cheer and happiness be in abund
Too their many friends of fellow
churches, members of St. John’s
others who participated or con
tributed to the success of this pro
ject they too wish for your show
ers of blessings and happiness
throughout the year.
Clair Methodist
Srvices were well attended last
Sunday at Clair. By their pre
sence, the members and friends
of Clair, gave Rev. Reynolds a
hearty welcome on his return to
Clair Church and Omaha for his
seventh year’s pastorat. Before
delivering his introductory ser
mon of the year. Rev. Reynolds
presented Mrs. Alberta .Tones, our
Conference Lay Delegate, who
who gave a very inspiring and
graphic report of the Annual Con
ference. She receoved many fine
compliments on her splendid re
port. Following Mrs. Jones report,
brief echoes of the Conference
were given by Mrs. Marie Robin
son, Versie Bailey, and Mrs. C. C.
Rev. Reynolds delivered a brief
but very inspiring and challenging
sermon on “Pioneering the Fut
He challenged the membership
to the greater possibilities of the
future for them personally and as
a church. There was one baptism
and one addition to the church
This coming Sunday, M!ay 4, is
Holy Communion and beginning
of Christian Family Week. The
pastor is urging every family of
the church, to atend the Morning
Service and to sit together for
Worship Hour. The pastor will
speak Sunday Night at 8:00 O’clo- i
ck on “Family Security.”
At 3 O’clock this Sunday after
noon. our Choir and pastor will
worship with Christ Temple.
Here’s a Magically Easy Cookie
Recipe the Children Will Love
> JT1HE children will be demanding
1 X something cool to drink now that
the weather is warm again. So be
i ready with thirst-quenching milk
| shakes when they come home from
; school; and tuck in a bit of nourish
' ment to help keep up their growing
i strength in the way of tempting,
l satisfying cookies. It isn’t hard to
) find time to keep the cookie jar full
if you learn the magic trick of mak
ing them with sweetened condensed
milk. No sugar, eggs, shortening or
flour is needed when sweetened
condensed milk is used for these
short-cut cookies. So they deserve
a top place in your quick-and-easy
recipe file. And the same basic
recipe can be used for half a dozen
kinds of cookies—made with corn
< flakes, bran flakes, coconut, raisins,
f dates or nut meats,
fe For a really gala occasion, team
!f the cookies with luscious home
made ice cream, using sweetened
1 condensed milk as the base. You'll
’ be assured of a magically smooth
and delicious ice cream, free from
Jj ice crystals, that will delight your
*2 youngsters.
Magic Six Way Cookies
2 1-1/3 cups (15 oz can) sweetened
3 condensed milk
1/2 cup peanut butter
Any one of the 6 Ingredients listed
<1) 2 cups raisins
(2) 2 cups corn flakes
(3) 2 cups bran flakes
' (4) 1 cup chopped nut meats
(5) 2 cups chopped dates
(6) 3 cups shredded coconut
Mix sweetened condensed milk,
peanut butter, and any one of the
six ingredients listed above Drop
by spoonfuls on greased baking
sheet. Bake in moderately hot oven
(3750F.) 15 minutes or until brown.
Remove from pan at once. Makes
about 30.
Magic Vanilla Ice Cream
(Automatic Refrigerator Method)
2/3 cup sweetened condensed
1/3 cup water
1-1/2 teaspoons vanilla
1 cup chilled cream or
evaporated milk
Set refrigerator control at coldest
point. Mix sweetened condensed
milk, water, and vanilla. Chill. Add
cream or evaporated milk. Mix
well. Freeze rapidly in freezing unit
of refrigerator until half frozen.
Scrape from freezing tray into
chilled bowl. Beat until smooth but
not melted. Replace in freezing
unit. Before mixture is completely
frozen, beat again until smooth.
Finish freezing. Serves 5.
y wca
The membership Commi 11 e e,
Mrs. Thomas Jones, Chairman &
the Publicity Committee, Miss
Dorothy Beck Chairman, are busy
making plans for the Annual Re
port meeting which will be held
at the Northside building on Sun
day, May 18th from 4:00 to 6:00
P. M. The theme for the entire
meeting will be “The Lamp Light
ers”. This promises to be a very
impressive and interesting Report
meeting. The unique way in which
reports an dnumbers will be giv
en on the program will be enter
taining. It is hoped that all for
mer members, old members and
new members will be present for
this affair. Watch for further de
tails about it.
The Annual Meeting of the tot
al Association will be held on May
19 at the Central building, 17th
and St. Mary’s Ave, at which time
a skit depicting the progress
which the Y. W. C. A. has made
in Omaha over a period of forty
years will be given.
On Sunday, May 11th, 1947, the
Mother's Council will sponsor a
‘‘Mother’sHour’’ at the Northside
building. All mothers attending
will have a candle lighted in their
Watch for announcement con
cerning the Art Exhihit which
buildig on the first Sunday in
June. This exhibit xwill include
paintings, pottery, free hand sk
etches and photography. Watch
for further details.
Cleveland, O, Apr. 9th—Thur
good Marshall, NAACP legal cou
nsel, will speak in Cleveland on
April 15th on Fair Employment
Practices Legislation at the Eu
. did Avenue. Marshall will present
| a progress report of activities in
the State of Ohio to effect pass
age of FEPC bills, and he will
analyze bills already enacted in
the states of Massachusetts, New
York and New Jersey, and those
pending in fifteen other states.
Since the legal staff of the NAA
CP plays a prominent role in the
fihting for national FEPC meas
urers, Marshall is one of the best
informed men in the nation on hia
The Rev. J. C. Mickle, Jr, Pro
gram chairman of the Cleveland
branch, ^AACIP an announcing
the Marshall talk, said he was es.
pecially happy to present the pro
gram at this time, since the Ohio
State campaign for FEPC legis
lation has reached a crucial stage.
State Senate hearings are now
being held on Bill No. 90.
Washington. D. C. Apr,19—John
Wesley A. M. E. Zion Church,
corner 14th and Corcoran Street,
N. W., will be the meeting place
of the 38th Annual Conference of
the NAACP here June 24th-29th
inclusively. All the business ses
sions and evening mass meetings
will be held at the church, of
which the Rev. Stephen Gill Spot
tswood is pastor. The Rev. Spot
tswood is also president of the
District of Columbia branch of
the NAACP, which will be host to
the conference.
Planned Comfort and Beauty
One of the objectives of planned home heating comfort these days'
is a blend of utility and attractiveness. Indicative of the t end is the
manner in which the upright model oil burning space heater shown at
extreme right, featuring beauty and practicability, fits into a room
arrangement designed by L. Morgan Yost.
With more than tnree million oil space heaters in use throughout |
the nation, the Oil Division, Institute of Cooking and Heating Ap
pliance Manufacturers, recently engaged L. Morgan Yost, outstanding
architect and home designer, to point up the possibilities of room
! planning in which oil space heaters play an integral part.
Mr. Yost’s ideas reflect his years f experience in the architectural!
! and home designing fields. He is author of a number of books on home
} design and contrioutor to several national magazij^os on homei
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