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    “Events and Happenings of Social and. Local Importance”
g - ^
Social-Local News
Just Call HA-0800 to publish your local nrn in your
Newspaper—The Greater Omaha GLIDE.
The Protective Order of Din
ing Car Waiters, Local 465 an
nounced their annual Christmas
Party for 200 children under 10
years old on December 23, 10:30
a. m. at the Ritz Theatre, 2031
North Twenty fourth Street.
There will be appropriate mo
rohnson Drug Co.
2306 North 24th St.
WE 0998 I
vies and Christmas candies, nuts
and oranges for all children. Ad
mission will be granted only by
ticket. Tickets can be secured at
| the Urban League, 2213 Lake St.
The Near Northside YMCA, the
Northside YWCA, the Urban Lea
gue and the Ritz Theatre are co
operating with Local 465 in spon
soring this party.
Mr. Boyd V. Galloway of the
Omaha Guide is donating his ser
j vices by operating the projecting
Leo Bohanan, executive secy.
Urban League
Don’t let
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!• **■■>■•»*» *' r.(MT«- ' « «»• -*—• .-W 1 V ~»r>
I met at the home of Mr. and
Mrs. Marcy Bryant, 2021 North
Twenty - first Street Saturday,
December 7th with all members
present. Election of officers fol
lowed the business meeting and
plans were completed for the
annual party to be held December
26th at the Masonic Hall.
Officers of this club are: John
T. Davis, pres.; Cleone Murrell,
sec’y.; James C. Brown, treas.;
Marcy Bryant, Sgt. arms; and
Helen Brown, reporter.
* * •
Princess Oziel Chaper No. 11.
Order of the Eastern Star held
their regular meeting December
6 at the Masonic Temple Twenty
sixth and Blondo Streets. Election
and installation of officers for the
ensuing year, are as follows:
Worthy Matron, Louise Adams;
Worthy Patron, Rev. Charles Fa
vors; Associate Matron, Vassie
Herald; Secretary, Mable Bon
ner; Treasurer, M. B. Gooden; Con
ductress, Irene Moton; Associate
Conductress, Willie White. Offi
cers appointed: Warden, Jessie
Moore; Sentinel, Anna Lee Hold
er; Assistant Secretary, Ethel
Killingsworth. Officers appointed
on the Star: Ada Vaughn; Ada
Perrine Ross; Ruth Gonzella Sa
pho; Ester Mattie Carter; Martha
Pinkie Anderson; Electa. Com
mittees : Investigating Commit
tee chr., Ada Woodson; Sick Com
mittee chr,, Ada Vaughn: Pro
gram Committee chr., Mattie Car
ter; Pianist, Ada Woodson; Asst.
Pianist, Geneive Gaston; Instruc
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k -
r 5
| Watson’s j
School of
I Bcautv |
! Culture 1
} Terms Can Be Arranged |
| 2511 North 22nd Street [
— JA-3974 —
r-jr " » w ar \ w m i
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tor, Viney Walker.
Mrs. Louise Giles is home from
the hospital and is improving. Mrs.
Lucendia Davis and Mrs. Ella
Wiley are also improving. Offi
cers were installed by our past
Worthy Patron, Mr. Floyd Buck
ner. Rev. and Mrs. Bletson were
Louise Adams, Worthy Matron
Mable Bonner, Secretary
Ethel Kinningsworth, asst. secy.
* * *
Leaves To Attend
Funeral of Brother
Mr. Horace Clark and Mr. Her
bert R. Clark left Tuesday morn
ing to attend the funeral of their
brother. Prof. F. Leslie Clark,
retired principal of Douglas School
in Kansas City. Missouri, who
passed away Sunday momine at
Wadsworth, Leavenworth, Kan.
* * *
Cap and Gown Club To
Give New Year Party
A New Year Party to be given
by the Cap and Gown Club of
Cherokee Temple- No. 223 is to
be Wednesday. January 1st. 1947
at 4 o’clock at the home of Mrs.
Jessie Montgomery Brooks.
* * *
Mrs. Minnie Wright
Returns from California
Mrs. Minnie Wright of 2520 No
25th Street has returned from Lo?
Angeles where she spent a month
The first week she was the guest
of Mr. and Mrs. Beck. The remain
der of the time she was the guest
of Mr. and Mrs. S. Whitney.
Mrs. Wright met Mrs. Whitney
in Indianapolis in 1938. Among,
those she had the privilege of vi
siting were Mr. and Mrs. J. D
Lewis and Family, formerly of
| MY WAY |j
“I just don't see how the chil- |
dren will have much of a Christ- |
mas this year. Dad is sick in the
hospital and what little we are
making we use up before we get
it in order for the children to re
main alive. Tom needs shoes now.
His feet are almost on the ground.
It is almost an impossibility for
the children to have much this
year”, rthe mother said to he
eldest daughter while standing
before the coal stove early one
There were only ten-days be
fore Christmas and things did
look dark for the Adam’s family
' this year. The only one of the
family that knew it was going to
be a Merry Christmas was little
Paul. Paul was only six years old
but he had written his letter to
Santa Claus and he believed that
Santa would bring all the things
he had asked for.
“We’ll have to get Paul some
thing”, the eldest daughter in
formed her mother. “The older
children might understand, but
not Paul. He believes in Santa
Claus and there is no way to
make him understand differtrt.”
Four days passed and then Paul
was out of the first grade for a
glorious week. Christmas vaca
tion was here and Paul was hap
py, because he could help with
the Christmas tree. He had al
ways wanted to help decorate the
Christmas tree, but last year he
was too small. This year mother
said he could help and he had
been looking forward to it for the
past year.
Paul would often go uptown
with his older brothers, looking in
the store windows at all of the
beautiful, shining toys.- He would
say to his older brothers: “I ask
ed Santa Claus for that, and I
told Santa Claus that you wanted
that,” pointing all the same time
in the window.
“You still believe in Santa
Claus,” the brother of ten asked
“Of course,” Paul answered.
“Say Mister,” P&ul shouted to a
man towering over him, “There
is a Santa Claus, ain't there?”
“Don.t say ‘ain’t’.” the brother
of ten shouted at Paul.
“Young man let me tell you
something and if anybody tells
you different they are are wrong.
There is a Santa Claus and he
will visit your house as well as
mine on Christmas Eve. You just
believe there is a Santa Claus and
he will bring you what you want
for Christmas. What do you want
for Christmas?” the elderly gen
tleman asked Paul.
Paul just remained silent look
ing at all the toys m the window.
“Tell me what you asked Santa
Clau to bring you?” the man in
quired further.
Paul finally realized the gentle
man was talking to him, “Oh, I
asked Santa to bring skates for
Jimmy; a sled for Elmer: and an
iron for mother. I asked him to
bring all of us something and he
will bring them.” Paul said.
“Sure he will bring them'’, the
gentleman said as he walked
When the boys finally arrived
home from their window shopping
the food was already on the ta
ble. Combread and beans with
plenty of onions. It was just what
the boys liked. They washed hur
riedly, ' rushing to the table, yell
ing in unison, “Mama. I’rr. hun
gry.” Before she could answer
their plates were on their way to
being emptied. A
“Is daddy coming home for
Christmas,” Paul asked him mo
’ We all hope so, Paul.” the mo
ther answered, wiping his mouth
all the same time. “You children
mustn’t stay out so late. All of
you get ready to go to bed.”
“Can’t we listen to Captain
I *——nrt—nmnmn—— _
" White Christmas” Will Be Feature
of YM-YWCA Program.
\Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity
! Convention To Be Held in
i Columbus, Ohio Dec. 21
All of Columbus is anxiously
' awaiting the 32nd Annual Con
vention of the Alpha Phi Alpha
Fraternity starting December 27
and running through the 31. The
biggest event planned for the en
tire convention is the public meet
ing, to be held on Sunday, Dec.
29 at Memorial Hall. The meet
ing will be featured by the pre
sence of such celebrities as Paul
Robeson, famous actor and sing
er; Dr. Channing Tobias of the
Midnight before we go to bed?”
the eldest son of twelve asked.
“Oh, I guess so, but after that
all of you must get ready for
bed", answered the mother.
“.. I've got enough money too
buy Paul a scooter,’’ the eldest
daughter told her mother just two
days before Christmas. "I’m go
ing to get it for him today. We
can buy the other boys some toys
later on if we have the money. If
we don’t, we might be able to get !
some checkers or something that
we can afford.”
The children were all in bed
and as the mother and daughter
sat before the stove, huddled to
gether, getting the last heat be
fore the stove went out for the
night, they were talking softly,
almost silently. So much to think
about and so little to do it with.
Their bodies were tired from
the jobs that consumed so much
of their time. Minds mixed up,
not knowing just where to turn.
The eldest daughter was sombing
her hair, letting it fall lazily over
her shoulders. Her mother just
remained silent, pushing her feet
further under the stove while the
fire slowly died out.
A sharp knock sounded at the
door. The eldest daughter arose
slowly,/ almost half-asleep, and
walked to the door. Opening the
door part way and asking, “Who
is it?”
"..rm a tnend ot your son.
May I come in?”, the-man asked.
“Please do.” the daughter said
as her mother hurriedly got up
and walked into the other room.
After making excuses for her
appearance and the appearance of
the house, she asked the gentle
man to sit down on one of the
good chairs.
“I met your brother the other
evening and we had quite a chat*
about Santa Claus. I had planned
on coming Christmas Eve but in
order to be home with my family
I must leave tonight. I brought a
I do hope you will accept them.”
the gentleman said.
“It will make the children very
happy. Oh mother, mother come
here, come here!” the daughter
cried excitedly.
Her mother walked slowly out
of the darkened room, half-shy
and yet proud of herself and her
children. She smiled at the tall,
well-dressed gentleman, bidding
few presents for the children and
him good evening. He returned
her smile and walked out of the
door, talking to a man who had
accompanied him.
They began bringing in toys,
candy, and fruit. Time after time j
they walked in and out of the ;
door. The mother and daughter
just stood silently as if in a
trance. The men finally finished
bringing the many gifts and pre- |
sents. The mother walked up to '
the men, tears forming in her
eyes, and said brokenly, “If only
dad could be here to see this. W ho
shall I tell the children brought
them these gifts?”
The tall gentleman just smiled,
saying, “Just say Santa Claus
brought them. It was the greatest
pleasure that Santa Claus has had
this year. Both of you ladies just
sit down and I’ll bring in your
As the men came back through
the door both of the women jump
ed to their feet. It was dad. They
ran to him, hugged him, kissed
him almost overcome with emo
tion’ “Oh dad, you’re home,” his
wife sobbed.
During all of this excitement
the men had walked out. None of
them came out of the trance until
they heard a motor start up. They
just remained grouped together
until they heard the car pulling
“..Dad what are we going to
tell the children when they come
downstairs tomorrow? They know
that tomorrow is Christmas Eve.
We cannot hide all of these gifts.
There are just too many”, said
the eldest daughter.
Dad just smiled and said, 'They
will understand. We'll just tell
them that Christmas came early.”
--— —
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Mrs. Rose Lucky Johnson formerly operated a Beauty
Salon at 2408 Erskine Street
Phelps-Stokes Fund and Dr. Ray
mond Logan of Howard univer
sity. An unusual fact is that this
meeting will be open to the public
and will be free of charge.
Another big feature of the con
vention will be the public meeting
to be held on Friday, December
27 at East High School. Addres
ses of welcome will be given by
the Honorable James S. Rhodes,
mayor of Columbus. Dr. Howard
Bevis, President of Ohio State un
iversity and Albertus B. Conn, as
sistant Attorney General of the
State of Ohio. The main addreso
will be given by Dr. Charles H.
Wesley, president of Wilberforce
university and former general
president of the Alpha Phi Alpha
fraternity. This meeting is like
wise free of charge and will be
followed by a public reception.
It is planned to have the pres
ident of the fraternity, Attorney
Belford V. Lawson, of Washing
ton. D. C. to speak on the “Tenth
Man”.. a program of the Urban
League and to be broadcast on
Saturday, December 2Sth at 12:45
p. m.
In attendance at the convention
will be delegates from all over
the United States, including manv
college presidents and leading ci"
tizens of the nation. While it is
not definite at this time, it is
expected that Congressman Wrn.
Dawson and Congressman A. Clay
ton Powell, both members of the
Alpha Phi fraternity will be pre
sent at the convention during
some of the sessions.
While the coal strike had the
host chapters somewhat worried
for awhile it is settled, plans are
| going ahead as before to plan for
| the largest number of delegates
I that have ever attended an Alpha
In addition to the Alpha men
making plans for the entertain
; ment of the wives of the visiting
delegates and their calendar is
; well arranged and crammed full
I of those who wish to participate,
i T h e projects planned include
I tours, luncheons, cocktail parties,
| bridge and many other things too
! numerous to mention.
The housing comipittee has its
hands fullin making sure that
every delegate and his wife will
be accomodated. And Alphas from
all over the country are being
urged to make reservations at ho
tels without delay. However Mr.
Kenneth Morris, chairman of the
housing committee says that all
delegates will be taken care of,
nevertheless if any person can ac
comodate delegates, to contact
him immediately at Convention
Headquarters. 681 East Long St.
or at the Spring Street YMCA.
The General Chairman of the
convention, Maceo Hill, says that
a full program of the convention
will be announced at a later date
and that many good things are in
store for the delegates and their
many friends, not yet announced.
Here Is Your |
Opportunity To Help \
A Homeless Boy_\
\ou know what a tremendous job Father j
Flanagan's Boys Town is doing to give ^
shelter to homeless bovs.
Now, more than ever, Boys Town is in I
serious need of your gifts. The way must i
be prepared for America's youngest war 1
casualties—boys orphaned by war, boys >
disowned by war's broken families.
Here is your chance. Your donations, large
or small, go a long way towards saving
youngsters from unhappiness and
uncertainty. Your gifts help them feel
wanted again . give them hope for the
future. And giving to Boys Town brings
satisfaction to vou.
—So open up your heart and help a home- j
less boy. Give to Boys Town! I
Boys Town deserves your support. Visit it.
See for yourself the happiness and good your
gifts are making.
A Friend of Boys Town. \
SUNDAY. DEC. 22—5:00 P. M.
YM-YWCA, Northside will pre
sent its Christmas program of
carols, the story of “The Other
Wise Man” and the poem “The
Night Before Christmas" on Sun
day, December 22, 1946 at the
YWCA Northside building. Bas
kets of groceries are to be given
to unfortunate families will also
be a feature of this program. Mrs
Addie Foxall Hinton and her
group singers known as Club Sin
ombre will sing the carols over
the public address system to the
community. Miss Frances Bell,
who a member of this group, will
be the narrator. The public is cor
dially invited to this affair and it
promises to be interesting as well
as impressive.
The Timekeepers held their re
gular meeting December 11 when
a very interesting book review
was given by Mrs. C. C. Reynolds.
She reviewed the well-known no
vel “The Street”.
Cleaves Temple Royal Matrons
held a tea in the building Sunday
December 15. Mrs. Lucy Mae
Britt is the president of this club.
The Quack Club held its annu
al Chrismas Dance at the Amvets
Club on Monday night, December
16. The members of the club were
beautifully gowned and wore wrist
corsages of violets, mums and
baby breath. Mrs. Anna Mary
Kennedy, president and Mrs. Mil
dred Bailey, chairman of the So
cial Committee, greeted the num
erous guests as they entered the
ballroom. The crystal ball at the
Amvets Club lent the air of a
festive ball to this party that was
enjoyed by all who attended.
By H. W. Smith
We are just four days from
the greatest day of all days..
Christmas Day. This a very sacred
o.nd joyful holiday and we all
look forward to the true love of
the Fatherhood of God and the
brotherhood of all mankind. We
should pause and close our eyes
and earnestly thank God that we
are living on earth that was made
for all and let’s join in singing..
Peace on earth and goodwill to
all mankind..
® Read The Greater
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