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(by JULIA)
j HA-0800 AT-2680
Mrs. Joseph T. Taylor, of 2859 Mi
ami St., has just re:urned from a trip
in the East. Site was gone abr ut ten
While away. Mrs. Taylor visited in
Indianapolis. Indiana with frien's.
In Colum1 us, Ohio, she attended thr
Convention of tue Womens’ Society of
Christian Service of the Methodist
Church. It was a very inspirational
meeting with over 4.500 women in at
tendance. Whi'e in Co'umbus. she vi
sited with a very good friend, a former
Omahan, Mrs. Mattie Kirtley.
She was entertained at many lovely
events. Among them dipn»- Parties.
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Feen-a-mint at bed-time—exactly as
directed. Next Morning feel like a
E. McGILL, Prop.
2423-25 NORTH 24TH ST.
Blue Room Open 8 p. m. to 1 a. m.
Open for Private Parties from 2 to 7pm
—No Charges—
Free Delivery from 8 a.m. to 1 a.m.
JAckson Wll
Bonded Liquors
Sate* it 'ZSKSezs’iL asr i«.nt - -
drives, breakfasts and a reception.
Mrs. Taylor also visited St. Louis for
a few days. She was accompanied
f-om Co'umbus by Mrs. Ethel Hoard
Mrs. Corrine Thomas, Mrs. Lucille
Holman and Miss Edna Jackson all of
St. Louis.
* * *
Long school is now in the midst of
a good citizenship drive. Each room
mother gives a treat to her room for
good citizenship such as a party or a
hike. The treat is a surprise to the
1 youngsters.
* * *
Miss Azelea Galloway
Married in Dallas
Miss Azalea Galloway was married
Monday, April 29, to Mr. Leo I. Wal
ker in Dallas, Texas.
Mrs. Walker is the daughter of Mrs.
Anna Grey of Dallas, a sister of Mr.
Boyd V. Galloway of 2814 No. 28th
St. in Omaha, and the neice of Mr. C.
C. Galloway of the Omaha Guide.
Mrs. Walker has taught school in
Dallas for a number of years.
Mr. Walker, who is a certified pub
lic accountant, is vice-president of the
Excelsior Life Insurance Company, one
of the largest in the South.
The meeting of the Merry Makers
was held at the home of Mr. and Mrs.
Herman Franklin, 2214 Franklin Plaza.
The meeting was called to order by
the president and the purpose of the I
r —
... ffmvmt#
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ral looking color (black, brown,
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ly—won’t rub off or wash out—
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I manents and stylish hairdos ...
known and used for 45 years. Your
dealer will give your money back
if you’re not 100% satisfied.
Shampoo Before Applying
Larieuse Hair Coloring.
CAUTION: Use Only as Directed on Label.
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the John A. Andrew cinic at Tuskegee institute held in April for the first time since the early war years. Regarded as one of the best of the refresher, post-graduate clinics avail
-able, the program this year was unusually brilliant. Among those seen in the front row, left to right, are Doctors Lucas, Chicago, Brewer, Columbus, Ga.; Walwyn, Tuskegee
Link, Tennessee; Chenault, secretary; Dailey, Giles, Smith all Chicago; Dibble, Tuskegee; Howard, Mound Bayou, Johnson, Atlanta and Josey, Augusta, Ga.
Club was given by the members. Min
utes were read by the asst, sec’y and
approved by members. Business was
discussed and the meeting adjourned
A game of “Truth or Consequences”
was played with each member partici
pating. Refreshments were served and
a good time was had by all.
The next meeting will be held at the
home of Mr. and Mrs. E. Devereaux,
1410 No. 23rd Plaza. We would like
to see more members present at the
next meeting if possible.
Herman Franklin, pres.
Elizabeth Gray, Asst, sec’y
Jean Deverealr, rep.
At the next regular meeting to be
hij.d (Thursday May 16, installation
of Long School’s new officers will be
* * *
The Room Mothers are planning to
end the school year with a social ga
thering to be held among themselves.
The affair will be held at the YMCA
on Thursday, May 16.
May 6, 13 room mothers attended a
lecture by Dr. Osborne at the Omaha
* * *
On last Tuesday evening five out of i
town guest were entertained at a cock- j
tail party given by Mr. and Mrs. E.'
W. Killingsworth of 2617 Erskine St.'
Guests of honor were Mr. and Mrs.
Jesse Culbertson of Portland, Oregon,
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Davis also of Port
land and Mrs. Lovejoy Crawford of
Boston, Mass. Mrs. Crawford is a for
mer Omahan. About thirty other guests
were present.
* * *
Mrs. Pearl Wilson of Minneapolis,
Minn, is visiting with her mother, Mrs
Mary Faucett of 3231 Corby St. She
has been in Omaha for two weeks and
plans to remain here for about another
* * *
Stricken suddenly after returning
home from church last Sunday, Mrs.
Amelia Lewis, 2513 Wirt has since
been confined to her home, but at this
time is recovering from her serious ill
Mr. Sylvester Stroud will be pre-1
sented in a piano recital by Zion Bap
tist Church on Thursday evening May]
23, 1946 at 8:15. The recital will be
given at the church at 22nd and Grant
* * »
The Modernistic Social Club enter
tained Wednesday morning at 10:00
with a breakfast at the home of Mrs.
George Fitzpatrick of 2509 Florence
Blvd., Mrs. Julia Crawford of Boston
Buy your Poultry at the|
Nebraska Poultry I
2204 North 24th Street |
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No eternal pot-watching
—you can have the afternoon off while
your electric range automatically prepares
dinner. And fast? You’ll be surprised!
A flip of the switch, and food starts to
cook in a matter of seconds.
Electric cooking is
thrifty, because there’s
no waste heat. You get
exactly the amount you
need, and it goes into
the food, where it be
Longs. i ou save on toods, too, because
they shrink less and go further. Food fail
ures disappear, because electric cooking gives \
CERTAIN results, and you’ll save on
cleaning and redecoration, because it’s per
fectly dean.
Plan To Make An '
the Heart of Your
and Mrs. Pearl Wilson of Minneapolis
Other guests were Mrs. Harris and Mrs.
Lula Roundtree.
The breakfast was a very lovely aff
air. The table was decorated with
spring flowers and candies. After break
fast pictures were taken of the group
in the backyard of the hostess.
* » »
Don’t forget to come to the Benefit
Concert at Tech High School auditor
ium May 16, 8 pm., presenting Rosie
L. Jones, contralto and dramatic read
er, Lee Haney, soprano, and Robert
Malone, accompanist. They all are
Carnegie Hall artists of New York.
Buy a ticket and send some chid to
camp this summer. Tickets will be sold
at ticket office, the night of concert.
Mrs. G. Brooks, Chairman
Mr. Nat Towles is back, in Omaha
with his family at 2626 No. 24th St.,
after being on tour for about 4 mon
ths. While gone, Mr. Towles and his
orchestra toured the East and the Sou
th. Among the places they played to in
the South were New Orleans at the
Mardi Gras, Nashville, Birmingham,
and most of the other principle cities.
Among the thratres in which they play
ed in the East were the Royal Thea
tre in Baltimore, the Apollo in NY,
the Howard in Washington, D. C. and
the Paradise in Detroit. Mr. Towles is
to be in Omaha for about three weeks
'before he returns to the East.
* * *
Miss Marjorie Jean King, daughter
of Mrs. Margaret King, 2606 Decatur,
was given a party on her 8th birthday
Sunday May 5. The children had an
enjoyable afternoon playing games.
They also had a little program. Refresh
ments were served afterwards. She re
ceived many lovely gifts.
* » •
The Timekeepers’ Club of the YW
CA of which Mrs. Geraldine Melford
is president, had a dinner meeting on
Wednesday evening, May I. The meet
ing was held at the Cozy Grill. Mrs.
Roberta McCloud, program chairman,
was in charge of a very interesting
and enjoyable program, and Mrs. Mel
ba Sumlin had charge of the worship
part of the evening. Little programs in
the form of clocks in keeping with the
Cluib name were very clever. A very
inspirational and entertaining evening
was enjoyed by all who attended.
» 9 —
The Eureka Art Culb met Wednes
day, May 1st, at the home of Mrs. Geo.
Fitzpatrick, 2509 Florence Blvd. with
the president, Mrs. Jessie Oglesby pre
siding. Business was transacted and
plans were made for the Federation to
be held in Omaha in June. The meet
ing ended with unfinished business and
a call meeting was called by Mrs. Grey
ehiirman of the Board of Trustees,
which was held Tuesday, May 7, at
the home of Mrs. Mae Jackson. 2219
Ohio St. The club members then spent
40 minutes on their art work. A lovely
luncheon was served by the hostess.
The next regular meeting wiff be
held at the home of Mrs. Mayo, 2801
No. 24th St. Wednesday, May 15.
* * »'
A Mother’s Day tea by the Welcome
Circle of Zion Baptist Church will be
given Sunday afternoon, May 12. The
• tf 3» will be held from 4 to 7 pm. at
the home of Mrs. E. W. Killingsworth,
2617 Erskine St. Mrs. Cleo Riddle is
in charge of the tea.
Mr. ad Mrs. Alphonso Wesley, 2726
V jurdette took a week's vacation re
cently, visiting their mother, grandmo
ther and relatives in Oklahoma City,
Langston, and Ida Belle, Oklahoma.
Many parties were given in their honor.
They were accompanied by Mrs. Ed
ward Poindexter and Charles J. Mc
* * *
William Poindexter of Joliet. 111., is
visiting his mother and relatives at
2208 Seward Plaza.
* * *
The Friendly 16 Bridge Club met
Monday, May 6 at the home of Mr. C.
Leffall. The president opened the meet
ing for business at 8 pm. The Club
had a few brief remarks from the pre
sident then there was a round table
discussion by all members present. Af
ter this business session the Club play
ed 16 hands of bridge with Mr. Penn
and Mr. Chester Bennett winning the
high score.
Mr. E. Avant and Mrs. J. Gizzard,
who have been on the sick list, fe now
up and about.
The next meeting will be held at
the home of Mr. A. J. Leffall, 2877 Ma
ple St., Monday, May 13 at 8 pm.
Mr. Wm. Penn, Pres.
E. A. Brookshire, rep.
* * *
Mrs. Thelma Hancock, 2402 INo. 27
Ave., has two daughters of school age.
Miss Nadine who is 16 and a junor at
Central High School and a young® dau
ghter Miss Thelma, who attends Ho
ward Kennedy. Mrs. Hancock is also
active in community life taking i spe
cial interest in the activities havhg to
do w;ith children. Mrs. Hancock r the
director of the Day Nursery a' the
Fotenelle Apts, where she is doing a
beautiful job with her staff of sssist
ants in caring for small childrtn of
working mothers. Mrs. Hancock is also
an important figure in the Teen Can
teen which is held on Friday nghts.
She also gives her time to activitfes at
the \ WCA and Urban League. Ii ad
dition to taking care and trainitg of
other children in the community She
is also a member of- Zion Baptist where
her children attend.
* * *
Mrs. Leella Simmons of 2922 Grant
' St., is the mother of five children, Em
ma 13, Barbara Jeane. 10. Esterlee, 8,
Leela. 5, and Albin, 3. The four old
est children attend Howard Kennedy
School. Besides her own children, Mrs.
Simmons has an adopted daughter,
Mrs. Dorothy Clark, 2210 Seward Pla
za, who in turn has four small dau
ghters of her own and a step daughter
Mrs. Alice Preston, 2322 Paul St., who
has one son.
Mrs. Simmons believes that the rais
ing of her children has been a broad
ening experience for her. Rearing chil
dren of her own has given her a grand
background for the wonderful job as
president of the Howard Kennedy PTA
Mrs. Simmons has served as the pre
sident of the Howard Kennedy PTA for
the past two years and has also been
chairman of Health and the Youth
Protection chairman.
In the recent election held at H. K.
school, Mrs. Simmons was elected as
treasurer, and she also remains Health
Chairman for another year.
* * *
Rodney Howard McKinney of Oak
land, Calif., nephew of Miss Dorothy
Watson, 2015 Grace St., Omaha, cele
brated his 3rd birthday May T. We
wish for baby Rodney many more such
happy birthdays.
The North Side Beauty School gave
a luncheon at Neal’s Cafe on May 7.
Those present were Hazel Waihwright,
instructor; Juanita Mosley; Bettie
Cook; Doris Reynolds; Codasha Jam
erson; Mrs. Ruthgale Gilliland; Ethel
WcWhorter; Ethel Biddix. Gwendolyn
Turney; Mary Alyce Chilton; Kamilla
Mennoy; Rachel Cole; and Thomas W.
Soft candTe-light burned as the char
ming waitresses served the ladies in
white. Absent from the luncheon was
Margaret King, Eunice Tapley. Buel
lah Ellis, and Dorothy Townsend.
Mrs. Della Scott, 2118 No. 27th St„
is mother of seven children. Her two
oldest children, Clare Belle 16, and
Chester 15, attend Central High School
and Betty Jeane 13, Florence May 12,
James Allen 10, and Leo 8 all attend
Long School. The baby, Leonard, is 2
years old.
Mrs, Scott was recently elected pre
sident of the Long School PTA for the
coming year. Mrs. Scott and her chil
dren attend Bethel AME Church, where
she teaches Sunday School in the Be
ginners Class. She also belongs to the
Pastor’s Aid Club.
* * *
Mrs. Ben Whiteside, 3007 Ohio St.,
one of Omaha’s well known mothers,
has three children. A daughter and
two sons. Her daughter, Mrs. Susie
Williams is the wife of Atty. Ray
Williams and is a well known figure
in Omaha’s social and community life.
The Williams have a daughter Sandra
Sue who is five years old and will be
gin her first year at Howard Kennedy
School in the fall. One of Mrs. White
side’s sons is Mr. Kenneth Whiteside
who works for the Union Pacific RR.
Her other son Harrold, a veteran of
World War II, is a charter member
of the Amvets organization.
Mrs. Whiteside is the Mother of the
Church of God, 24th and Blondo, hav
ing founded that church here in Oma
ha. She was instrumental in the plan
ning and completion of the beautiful
church building which was recently
finished. She is a Deaconess in that
church and president of the Mission
Jfc * a
Mrs. E. M. Forrest, 2518 Lake St.,
is the mother of five children. Four
girls and one boy. All four girls were
graduates of Central High School. Son
James is a student there at the pre
sent time. He recently appeared on a
well known local radio program. Miss
Audrey Forrest, Mrs. Forrest’s young
est daughter, is a student of Omaha
University where she is majoring in
Sociology. Three other daughters, all
of them married are; Mrs. Elma Lloyd
wife of Clinton Lloyd, who recently
moved into her new home at 1706 Lake
The Lloyds have a small daughter, Pa
tricia Yvonne who is 4. Mrs. Ruth Dor
sey who is married to Mr. Raymond
Dorsey, who have a three-year-old son,
Raymond, Jr. The other daughter Mrs.
Faye Daniels in married to Pvt. James
Daniels and has two children, Richard
Earl, age 3, and Alesta, age 7 months.
All of the Forrest girls are accom
plished musicians. Miss Audrey For
rest and Mrs. Lloyd being talented
pianists and Mrs. Dorsey and Mrs. Dan
iels accomplished singers. Besides her
family interest, Mrs. Forrest is active
in church work.
* » *
Mrs. Jimmie Seay, 2892 Maple St.,
is the mother of eight children and
says she has enjoyed rearing every one
of them. The oldest, James E. Seay,
a former pilot-mechanic in the Army
Air Forces, and now is printer for the
Guide, is married to Mrs. Joy Seay,
the former Joy Jordan, and they have
a small daughter, Gwendolyn, age 4.
The rest are girls who are respectively
Mrs. Claudia Gant, mother of one son
Larry, age 2, is receptionist at The
Goldstein Chapman Store in Omaha;
Mrs. Corrinne White, wife of Mr. Clyde
White, 2212% Locust, is mother of a
son, Ted Arthur, age 2; Mrs. Veola
Dryver. wife of Cpl. Herman Dryver,
a former student at Omaha University
and an accomplished artist as well
as singer and choir director of the Mt.
Nebo Baptist Church, is the youngest
married; Louise Seav, a junior at Tech
High School and Ella Jean, a sopho
more; Beverly Ann, of Howard Ken
nedy, and Sharon Kaye, age 4 complete
the family.
Besides the rearing of her younger
children, Mrs. Seay is active in the
• • •
Ttip Call'o" Ml Girls Club met at
the home of Miss Helen Jean Gray on
May 6th at 4 pm. Miss Gertrude Brown
became a new member of the Club. A
luncheon was served by the hostess
after the business meeting.
The nert meeting will be at the home
of Miss Beverly Davis.
Helen Jean Gray, pres.
Dorotha Baltimore, rep.
Young Women’s Club
Elects Officers
Last Sunday afternoon, the Young
Women’s Friendly Literary Guild of
Zion Baptist Church, met at the home
of Mrs. Olive Davis, 2421 Ohio St.
The meeting was called to order
'at 4:10 with the sponsor, Mrs. A. R.
Hawkins, presiding. Following prayer
new business was introduced and Mrs.
Olive Davis read the constitution and
explained the by-laws, also the purpose
of this Club. This was unanimously
accepted and special recommendation
was given Mmes. Dorothy Greer, Eva
Mae Davis and Olive Davis, the com
mittee who drew up these laws.
Next came election of officers and
the following will serve for the en
suing year: Olive Davis, pres; Thel
ma Tucker, vice-pres; Eva Mae Davis,
sec’y; Mildred Pierce, corresponding
sec’y; and Pauline Williams, financial
Committee chairman were elected as
follows: Isabelle Powell, sick; Mau
rice Patterson, social; Evelyn Beck,
membership; Dorothy Greer, program;
and Zella Brauters, nominating
Out of a desire to become better ac
quainted, thereby encouraging a more
friendly attitude toward one another,
culmates the organizing of this Young
Women’s Guild.
Pastor F. C. Williams regretfully
was unable to attend, having been
called to another meeting.
The Club will meet every second
and fourth Sunday afternoon from 4
to 5 o’clock, and hostess next week
will be Mrs. Zella Brauters, 1414 No.
23rd Plaza.
“Whatever we pretend, the fact re
mains that e'ach of us should be each
others friend”.
Thelma S. Polk, rep.
Alphonso Davis Post 1364
The Alphonso Davis Post No. 1364
Veterans of Foreign Wars will install
its newly elected officers May 15. 1946.
At the Masonic Hall 26 and Blondo
This will be a gala affair, the public
is cordially invited.
There will be music and refresh
ments. Don’t miss this affair.
Remember the date May 15th pro
gram starts 8 pm.
Willis W. Gray, commander
Fred Starms, adjutant
A great treat is in store for the mus
ic lovers of Omaha on Monday even
ing June 17th when the Great Lakes
Double Quartette makes its initial ap
pearance in our city under the direc
tion of Prof. E. Wayman Hathcock.
This Choir has the distinction of every
member being a university graduate.
They have stayed together while in
the Navy and now through much sac
rifice have decided to stay together in
the post war period. These artist3
have been the guests on program of the
Dept, of Interior at the presentation of
Marian Anderson Mural, Washington,
D. C., guests of the Cleveland Navy
Day Celebration, or two years they were
• Brick Siding — • Asbestos Siding
• Roofing
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Omaha -PHONE- Council Bluffs
KE-5482 2687
R. M. Frasier, Manager.
featured on the “Meet your Navy broad
casts”. They have appeared on all ma
jor networks and marry independent
Y News
i -
I Despite the heavy showers Thursday,
| May 2nd, a large audience listened to
! an inspiring talk given by CoL Ross
Greening at the Near North Side YM
CA.. CoL Greening, a former member
of the original Tokyo Doolittle Raid
ers, and Prisoner of War In Stalag
Luft 1, related many of his experiences
during the war, with emphasis placed
upon the fact that “Tolerance and Ap
pdreciation” for fellowo men would go
a long way towards preventing World
War ITT. Music for the evening was
rendered by the Choral Ensemble “Im
perialist” under the direction of Wal
ter Biell.. As usual this Ensemble held
the audience spellbound as they sang
their selections.
An enthusiastic crowd was on hand
Sunday, May 5 at 3:30 pm. to hear
Father E. J. Flannagan, founder and
Director of Boys Town, bring a mes
sage of hope and inspiration to the
citizens of this community. Father E.
J. Flannagan paid glowing tribute to
many outstanding Negroes and the con
tribution which they have made to so
ciety. He also gave special praise to
Kenny Morrison Mayor of Boys Town,
an outstanding athlete and musician.
The program was sponsored by the
Community Employment Council' of
which Welton Hogan is president.
Monday, May 6th, the Nebraska YM
CA staff meeting was held in Lincoln,
Nebraska. Many interesting subjects
were discussed such as: Roundtable
Review- of YMCA; Plans for Spring
and Summer Program; Review and
Discussion of Association Goals for
1946 adopted by the Area' Council;
Leader’s Club Training program and
procedure; Young Mens’ Program and
the Integration of Returned Service
BTffr Bang! Bopp!..Fists flew thick
and fast at the boxing event held at the
“Y” on Wednesday evening, May 1st.
Those from the ages of 6 to 60 enjoyed
every moment of these thrilling bouts.
It was quite a picture to see these lit
tle youngsters exhibit their fistic abili
ty. This event attracted a large crowd
who enjoyed the evening’s entertain
ment. The following are the results of
the bouts:
Roy Faulkner decisioned Manor Beas
ley; Leonard Hudgens decisioned Os
car Beasley; Lawrence Harding decis
ioned Perry Ray; Alfred Allen draw
Jimmie Williams; Herbert decisioned
David Triplett; Louis Wilson decision
ed Warren Wilson; Lawrence Jennings
depi^IHed Hercules Sheppard: Ed
ward Barris decisioned Sonny Ward;
Kippy Triggs draw Leon Binns; Lee
Graham decisioned Corny Roundtree;
George Battles draw Harold McDon
ald; Rolland Jakes decisioned Malvern
Beeks; Sam Williams TKO Gerald
Baugh; Doris Ann McGill..Rope Skip
ping; Bobbie Battle and Buddy Mc
Rae Timing exhibition.
Winners of these bouts were award
ed War Savings Stamps and a mem
bership into the Near Northside branch
YMCA. The Dollar Savings Stamps
were contributed by Iroquois Lodge
No. 92 IBPOE of W. Losers of the
bouts were awarded a membership to
the “Y”.
Matchmakers were Leonard Hawkins
and Buddy McRae. Tex Boddie. .Ref
eree. This affair was sponsored by the
Urban League, YMCA, Hillside Pres
byterian Church, Woodson Center, City
Recreation, and the YWCA.
PTA To Install Officers
Tuesday, May 14, at 2 pm., Howard
Kennedy will hold its last regular
meeting of the year. At this meeting
new officers for next year will be in
Afterwards the first meeting of the
Summer Health Roundup will be held
for pre-school children. The program
will be in charge of Mrs. Grace Pin
ckney and Mr. Warner of the School
Health Service. Mr. Warner will be the
speaker. They will bring with them a
movie suitable for mothers of pre
school children. The pre-school chil
dren will be served and entertained in
the Kindergarten room by the teacher
Mrs. Lula Jones.
Also the Boy Scout chapter will be
presented to Howard Kennedy by one
of the District Chairmen of the Cov
ered Wagon Council.
The PTA will serve refreshments af
ter the meeting.
F. & A.A.Y. Grand Matron of
Masonic Shrine of Jericho of
N. J. Stops Over in Omaha
Mrs. Josephine Maxine Walker of
HackensaTk, New Jersey, National
Grand Matron of the F & AAY Mason
Heroine of Jericho stopped off in Oma
ha, after visiting the Conrts of Colorado
She was the guest at the home of Mr.
Robert A. Falls, N. D. D. G. M, 1302
No. 26th St.
She ejoyed her short visit in our city
and hopes to return in the near future.
By H. W. Smith
We find ourselfes on the eve of an
other Mother’s Day. We should in a
true and loving way pay a very earn
est tribute to the one who at all times
in our early lives cared for us when
we could not move ourselves from one
place to another; tribute to the one
who looked into onr little faces with
a smile and caressed us with a sweet
kiss; tribute to the one who walked
the floor with us at night when we
were fretful with colic and in need of
special care. May we never forget our
very dear and loving mother and think
of the mottoes that are framed on the
wall: God Bless our Home. .Tn God
We Trust..Kind Words and Welcome
to AIT. .Love One Another. .What is
Home Without a Mother?
President Truman gave very quick
and sharp replies to newspaper repor
ters at the weeks press conference on
Thursday, May 2.
Mrs. Gonzales of Pomona, Calif, was
riding in an auto which was struck by
a train and 20 railway cars passed over
her. Afterwards she was helped to her
feet she told train men to call her
home in Ontario and telT the folks she
had lett the gas stove Darning.
Willis Brown, aged 9 years, was hit
! and knocked unconscious on Friday,
May 3. He was chasing a ball at I6th
and Boyd Sts.
Gov. Ellis Arnold of Georgia told
Democratic leaders on May 2 that un
der the old state law white primary in
Georgia has gone and any man not
willing to uphold the aw is not wor
j thy of democratic citizenship .
Two men were killed in a plane
I crash May 2, near Grand Mount, la.
The plane was flying at low altitude
and crashed into a tree.
The American Smeltering Co. Omaha
has rejected the 18 and one-half cent
wage increase for employees.
Fifteen persons were killed in traff
ic accidents in Nebraska in April ’46.
US Navy has given up the search
for men lost in the Pacific.
US Sen. Wherry told a group of
small business men in Chicago, if a
plan was suggested, a trade associa
tion might well take over such a job,
it would formulate an intelligent plan
to guide and control price relationship
in such a way to eliminate government
Mrs. Virgiia J. Riley told Judge Sa
bath in Chicago the second spanking
from her husband called for a divorce
and it was granted.
A six year old boy was badly burn
ed in the face and eyes. He was play
ing near a trash pile and a bottle ex
ploded and flying glass struck him in
the face in Omaha.
Heavyweight Champion Joe Louist
weighs 224 lbs. and Billy Conn 195.
They both posted $5,000 bonds with
the Athletic Commission in New York
May 3rd.
The Wall Street Journal of May 2
3 stated that the CIO and the AF of
L have over a million members in the
south and increasing steadily.
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