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    | The Omaha Guide i
w^Publishca Every Saturday at 2)20 Grant Street SUBSCRIPTION RATE IN OMAHA mL
llkEntered as Second Class Matter March 15. 1927 j SIX MONTHS .$1.75h|
Ufat the Post Office at Omaha. Nebraska, under | 1HREE MONTHS .$l-25|||
Wi Act of Congress of March 3, 1879 j M
C- Callowty,_ Publisher and Acting Editor 2 ONE YEAR . $3.50 Jl|
li - % SIX MONTHS .$2-0<’«*
B All News Copy of Churches and all organiz- | m
mations must be in our office not later than 1 :00 a National Advertising Representatives- M
Mp. m. Monday for current issue. All Advertising i f.w.-ppp. ,,Cm,n,Di:DC „
IK Copy on Paid Articles, not later than Wednesday % INI ERST ATE LNITED iEWSPAPERS, In
JMnoon, preceeding date of issue, to insure public- s 545 Fifth Avenue, New York City, Fhone:— B
■Ration. 4 MUrray Hill 2-5452, Ray Peck, Manager.
Editorial: "Will His Efforts Ever Be Appreciated?”
i - *
Greetings Gaits! Again Chatterbox
starts her tour of the year. First we
gaze upon the gals and pals of tomor
row. --I,.;.
Boom!! So B. O. Plenty and Mr.
Dacy have turned their tables and it
looks like G. C. has too!
Zip-zing-zany!! Went to the big hop
given by the Softball Bobcats Team.
Nice going if 1 must say so myself!!
What is C. B. trying to do for her
self?? I'll bet it’s going to be a big
surprise when she finds out none of
her friends mean her no good. Hey
Back. .Muggs Burton is back look
ing the same. Good deal kid. because
Johnnie is her name!
Hubba! Hubba!. .Wonder why a cer
tain Bobby B. stayed in a certain ph.
booth and why did he not mant any
interruptions? We wonder could he
have been by any chance chattering to
the lucky girl friend W. Brown!!
(Strange )
Happy Birthday of the month..Na
dine Manley also sister Charlotte.
Cover Girl. .Mary Carter; her hobbies
sewing, singing and dancing. She is
about 5ft 2 in. weighs about 112 and
we’ll be addressing her as the To Be
Mrs. Matthews! Above all Mary is
friendly to everyone.
POME..I’ll bet when you first be
gan to read this you thought that it
was a poem. Isn’t it funny how peo
ple go on reading anyway when they
know they are being fooled??
Wonder. .Wonder why little Push is
walking around in a soldiers hat and
dress jacket and after the way he
tried so hard to get out? You know
Jack it seems awful fishie to me (no
hard feelings )
.1 Why did HS call Blank Sat nite
and ask for a date and didn’t have
enough money to finish the bill. How
did you feel kid? You guess this one!
Ladies and Children’s Work
A Specialty
Home on Leave..Bert Tape; Clar
ence Headly; Roland West and Bert
Congratulations to Inola Joyce Mo
ore who won the oratorical contest last
week at the Elks Lodge. We are very
proud of you kid (a Centraite of
course). Also congratulations to June
McClain who is very happy with her
husband and daughter, Sandra Mc
Clain; also Renonia Sales and daugh
ter Mary Ann Sales.
EASTER BUNNY..Well folks, very
sorry to disappoint you about the Big
Easter parade but I didn’t get to see
Enough folks. Those I did see were
very becoming.
Kat Manley in her two-piece green
with brown accessories.
Celestine Glover in a complete out
fit and shortie coat.
Evelyn Jennings in a three piece fu
schia and black suit. Fuschia shortie
Margaret Faison sister Dorothy Jean
Amelia Orduna in her grey, Lorraine
Jackson in her blue, Dorothy Lawson
in her two tone blue, C. Box in her
green with black accessories, Johnnie
Mae in her blue and white, Ruth and
Bar Booker in their black, Helen Wa
shington in her green and others.
Take it or leave they left it!
I hear the Junior Bobcat girls beat up
the so-called Barbara Gray gang. Dor
othy Faison leads with a right upper
cut beaning June, .followed by sever
al other girls in the Bobcat crowd. I
also heard they won. Good deal girls.,
that’s the spirit! Poor Barbara.
Well kids its only four more weeks
until schools’ out so let’s not forget the
ball games every Monday and Thurs.
at the Northside Ball field 22nd and
Burdette. The Bobcats struck again
today Monday with a score 11 to 4.
Daniel see coat •
Daniel like coat '
Daniel Ware.
Boby see white '
Bobby don’t like white
Bobby Brown
Nadine like girl
Nadine like boy
Nadine Manley
Bill see wire ;
Bill don’t like wire
Thrifty Service ?
7c For Each Additional lb...
• This Includes t+ie Ironing of all FLAT-WORK with Wearing
Apparei Returned Just Damp Enough for Ironing.
Emerson:- Saratoga
t 2324 North 24th St.WE. 1029
Claretta 9ee field
Claretta don’t like field
Claretta Lott
William see check
William cash check
William Peyton
Barbara see Frenchman
Barbara don’t like Frechman
Barbara Scott
Victor see coal
Victor see fire
Victor Wilburn
Mary see Corn
Mary don’t like corn
Mary Curren
Kenneth see cracker
Kenneth like cracker
Kenneth Graham
Jean see needle
Jean see thread
Jean Pierce
Wallace see pencil
Wallace see pen
Wallace Wright
Louise see river
Louise don’t like river
Louise Seay
Cleveland was pvt
Cleveland was cpl.
Cleveland Marshall
Juanita hang dress
Juanita hang coat
Juanita Hanger
What Omaha needs..
1. More men (fine)
2. Better women B
3. More places to go for teen agers.
4. A better ball field
5. Better streets
6. Less tax
7. Most of all to get the insects out
of the Ri. .z! (smile )
Who were the certain boys who were
shooting craps under the bleachers at
the ball field Monday?
. .ump on top
. .oooh what a man
..ot have a bite
. .ot me brother I’m sticking
. .eed to sleep more
..s editor by far.
. .njoys dancing with Boss
.. ight as well stop
..ble to laugh with the gang
. .very one must eat
. .p and down went the ball
. .ead over 70 books in %
. .o much for a dime
. .h my aching head
..aomi had better be good
Next week names..ha! ha!
Boys and girls don’t forget the Rose
la Telia next door to the Omaha Guide
Kids so I hear Clyde Frampton one
of Omaha’s former navy lads will be
coming home June 1st. Good deal!
Is there anything between B. J. and
B. B.? We wonder !
What is L. H. trying to pull??? A
Dagwood stunt!!
To the two Gs your column is much
too short! ha ha! (M. H. F.)
Surprise.... R. Booker, H. Washing
ton and Barbara B. have a job making
good money!!
Nice people to know—Miles Lee; J.
To The Readers of Negro Papers
and Periodicals of Omaha...
We Are Striving To Establish A
Negro News Stand and Paper Route in
our City for the Benefit of our Readers
of these Papers & Magazines.
Also We Are Interested in Giving
our Negro Boys Something to do During
Their Spare Time After School. We
Believe by Starting A Paper Route. It
Will Help To Retard Juvenile Delin'
quency And Give Them A Chance To
learn To Earn Money To Meet Their
Present Needs and Future Independence.
Buy Your Papers and Magazines
From Your Negro News Boy.
2416 Lake St. JA-3328
C. Hunter; Betty White; Muggs Bur
ton; Thelma Pruitt; Scrappy; Bus
ter; Doris Manley; Amelia Orduna;
Anna Mae; Evelyn Bishers; John Net
tles; Mary C. and others.
Match the first letter of your name
to that in column 1 and your last
name to that in column 2. Put them
to gether and that’s you brother!
Ambitious Angel
Beautiful Baby
Charming Cutie
Dizzy Dope
Eager Egoist
Flirtatious Faker
Gracious Genius
Happy Ham
Ignorant Infant
Jealous Jerk
Keen Kitten
Lucious Louse
Modem Monkey Face
Nutty Number
Odd Operator
Pretty Package
Queer Quack
Restless Romantic
Stupid Sophisticate
Tasteful Trouble
Unique Unicorn
Vivacious Vamp
Wonderful Wolf
X-cellent Xerus
Youthful Yokel
Zestful Zany
Well gang—I guess I’ll close for
nothing happened of any interest.
Until next week.... Doris
By C. C. McDonald
Mrs. Leona Vleck 5212 So. 24th St.
is still in the flower and garden bus
iness and has in a new stock of nice
flowers and anything needed in the
garden. A most beautiful spot to be
Mr. John Eckstrone is a candidate
for sheriff of Douglas County. He says
is elected, he will give, all a square
deal. He is running on the Republican
ticket and lives at 6611 Spencer St.
When you are traveling and have
trouble with your auto you will be
delighted to stop at 5248 So. 24th St.
Mr. Bartlett always is ready to sell
you a nice used care and fill your car
with gasoline and oil. Try him!
Faulkner Florist, 4308 Leavenworth
has one of the nicest florist shops in
the city and he invites his many many
friends to stop by and look his place
over. You are always welcome. He has
many kinds of flowers to choose from.
Mr. Herald L. Kobbs, 3807 Leaven
worth St., invites the public to stop
by his place. He is a young man in
business operating a furniture store.
Just to look in his store one would
think he has been there many years.
A fine man to meet and a lot of good
furniture to choose from at reasonable
Mr. E. T. Sawyer, 3702 Leaven
worth has one of those nice gas sta
tions and it is quite a pleasure for
him to fill your car with gas and oil
and do many other necesary things to
your. Service with a smile.
528 North 33rd. St. you would be
surprised to kow that such nice store
was on 33rd St. A fine lot of goods
and the most couteous service it is a
pleasure to enter their place of bus
Mr. Ray Pope of 4107 Dodge has
just moved into his new place of bus
iness, radios, all and every kind of
attachments. He reports that he will
soon have fridgidairs and the very
nicest kind. Stop by and look him
The Benson Fur Co. 5922 Military
Ave„ sas in a very classy variety of
furs and sis prices seem to be very
reasonable anytning yoo wish in the
home can be foond in his place.
City Auto Service, 2524 Leaveworth
St. can serve yoor car anytime or day
or night always glad ot see you and
take care of your car troubles. Gas
and oil and patihes for your tubes.
Ace Vacuum Store, 115 No. 16th St.
has all the vacuums you are looking
for to take care of your home, parlor,
and kitchen. You can always find what
you are looking for in his place.
Phone JA 0620.
The Serlet Standard Service, 3003
Dodge St., just got back home from
the army servini their country and are
i now ready to serve yon with gas and
I oil and repair your car.
TULSA. Okla—Wah-Sha-Mi-Tsa-Ha
(above ) Indian woman artist and pro
prieter of a large cattle ranch near
lairfax, Okla.. has been nominated to
the Osage Tribal Council, the first
woman to hold this honor in the more
than 100 years history of the tribe.
The 8 members of the Council admin
ister the affairs of the Osages, one of
the richest in the nation because of
the many oil wells in the vast Osage
domain. The woman nominated to be
a Chief is known as Lily Maggie Bur
khardt. The election is June 6th.
W ASHINGTON, D. C.-Soundphoto—
Shielded by umbrellas, President Har
ry S. Truman, and Miss Margaret
Truman arrive at the Washington Ca
thedral, where they attended the ser
vices for the late Chief Justice of the
US Supreme Court, Harlan Fisk Stone
They were accompanied by Mrs. Tru
man, (not shown in photo ) and the
Fleet Admiral Wiliam D. Leahy, on
right of photo.
To enable the electrical industry to
better serve the public, the Nebraska
Iowa Electrical Council recently an
nounced a basic sales training course.
The training provided will fill a vital
need in reawakening good salesman
ship designed to completely serve the
public interests and promote better
public relations.
The necessity of such training at this
time is obfious because operation dur
ing the past few years was limited to
I uemaiiu uuyuig, wun a consequent loss
of good sales and merchandising ha
bits. All people in the electrical indu
stry have been invited to participate.
The subject matter is talor-made for
the electrical industry and covers ba
sic buying decisions and motives.
Sound and discussion films used in
the course were prepared by the Voca
film Corporation, who, during the war
j years played an important role in pre
| paring visual training material for the
, Navy. As a result of this broad experi
, ence, the text material and films for
the sales training course is based on
the latest techniques for mass train
The course is made available for the
cost of material only. Preliminary re
gistrations indicate that 150 to 200
persons will be enrolled for the open
ing sessions starting May 6th. To de
rive maximum results from discussion,
classes will be limited to twenty train
ees. Separate classes for retailers, con
tractors, wholesalers, and manufactur
ers will be held to accomodate all peo
ple. Leadership for the classes is being
drawn from the best local talent.
— By Al Sparks ——
24th and Charles:
Ques: “Mr. Wbachaname, do you be
lieve that the FEPC legislation is
Ans: “Yes, if properly handled”.
Ques: “By properly handled, you
mean.... ?”
Ans: “Well legislation of this sort
can't be handled... .say like traffic
laws, for example, because it is deal
ing with anotner side of human nat
Ques: “Just how in your opinion,
could it be worked, to be successful
with the other side of human nature?”
Ans: “The average human being, not
including Bilbo and his likes, has no
inborn desire to be unjust toward his
fellowman. This same human being is
-affected by customs, traditions and
precedents. The FEPC offers an ave
nue to by-pass the custom of race and
color restrictions in employment, that
are practiced more because of prece
dent than genuine hate or prejudice.
In addition there is the big education
al task o eliminating the feeling of
mutual uneasiness and unfounded dis
trust whch grows out of not knowing
and therefore not appreciating the
good merits of the other fellow.
Al says: “That is one man’s opinion.
Read the May 3rd American Magazine
for another man’s opinion”.
* * •
Say Neighbor
Say Neighbor, did you notice that
editorial about the Carver Loan Assn.
I sort of liked it, because it brought
out something I’ve been thinking but
couldn’t express in words. Capital and
Labor is the bulwark of present day
civilization. eW have labor in abun
dance, but are on the short end of
capital. It takes more than a hundred
thousand dollars to make a poor or
dinary everyday man of leisure... .so
, to be PRACTICAL... .We can well
afford to encourage the investment and
circulation of capital within our com
munity. ...
* * *
And, Lawrence Lewis’ Dramatizati
on of 24th St. Lawrence has been wri
ting columns for the Guide since 1940.
Remember the verbal battle he and
“Dub Sheer” use to use; and his
wTitings from India and the Burma
Road? L. L. will keep you well post
ed on what’s new on 24th Street.
» * *
And, say ladies did you notice those
Easter Sketches? Quite an innovation.
Never seen a woman who wasn’t in
terested in beautiful clothes. Wonder
why they buried the Sketches in 3
pint headlines? Ed. Note; 3 Point Al,
not pint,
* * *
Teacher: “What student was so
rude as to laugh out loud.”
Student: “I laughed up my sleeve,
but there’s a hole at the elbow.”
Red and Black
* * »
Welcome back Chatter-Box. You are
to the young journalistic field what
Che Ink Spots are to music and the
Nicholas Brothers are to the stage.
* * *
Jitter: “You’re a marvelous dancer.
Did you ever take dancing lessons?”
%ig: “No, but I’ve watched many
wrestling matches.”
24th Street Retreat:—
“We’ve known each other for only
a few seconds, but we are not stran
gers.. I don’t know why, nor where,
but in spite of your too,
have experienced disappointment in
love, the same as I”.
She smiled with a mixture of sym
pathy and understanding as the vari
colored rays of the neons silhouetted
her features against the mural back
drop. “Yes. perhaps we are children of
despair..of another world, living by
the seconds, instead of hours; but
since we are detained in this one,...
well, we are bound to observe its cu
stoms.” “But we are in our own world
now”, he pleaded. “We might never
meet again, .though our sorrows are
alike; they will probably lead us to
distantly separated places”. “That is
perhaps even more truer than you
would think”, she said as she permit
ted him to caress her hand fleetingly
as she prepared to take leave. You
see she continued, “The War has off
ered strenuous competition to my love
life, irst he was in Maryland, then in
Florida, then Arizona and finally,
across the seven seas. But now with
it all over I am going to California
to meet and marry him.”
* * •
That man Bilbo: Whose artistry in
the dispensation of Race and Color,
Hate has seldom been equalled. Don’t
try to laff him off. The poison he uses
is too potent. Dispite the undemocra
tic methods used by he and his ass
ociates to spread hate, their conten
tions are not too often effectively chal
lenged. Why can’t the fillibustering
be stopped? Bilbo and his clan picks
out all of the disadvantages and faults
which are brought about by segrega
tion and converts them into argument
against legislation intended to elimin
ate these disadvantages. Top that if
you can.
This state can contribute much to
the nation by injecting a good dose of
Nebraska governmental philosophy in
to federal affairs. Gov. Dwight Gris
wold declared Sunday.
Pointing out that Nebraska has the
lowest per capita state tax rate in the
nation, the Governor said our state has
still been able to develop such pro
grams as soil conservation and weed
eradication without “hiring vast num
bers of governmental workers and with
out running our costs up to the sky”.
“Five years ago”, Griswold said, “we
had 21 soil conservation districts here
in Nebraska covering 2% milion acres
and today we have 71 districts cover
ing 30 million acres.
“In 1940, we had 16 weed eradica^
tion districts covering a million and a
half acres. Today, we have 50 districts
covering almost 10% million acres and
6% million additional acres are now
being organized.
“These are important thinge for out
agricultural state and we have beer
able to expand them and still keep oui
i percapita tax rate the lowest in the na
a-:-n- ■■ .1 r
anfTT u'rmm
ji* i uAjth (f KECK
NAPERVILLE, ILL.—Terrific im
pact by collision of two crack pas
senger trains of the Burlington Route
stripped the roof of one of the all
metal passenger cars. Debris anil wrec
kage were scattered widely. This ac
cident to be the worst in midwest
railroading, took a toll of 47 lives and
injured 85.
NEW YORK., -Soundphoto—W’hile
the Big Four conferences, in Paris face
many difficult problems involving trea
ties and claims and boundaries, the
Turkish situation presents future com
plications. In the dark areas shown
are the buffer states of the Near and
Middle Eeast. Here the strategic and
economic interest of Russia and the
western powers meet. Russia’s claims
on Turkey are considered by many to
be filled with possible dynamite. The
Iranian troubles have already become
familiar to the UN and the British
interest in the affairs of Greece also
have befen widely front paged. Control
of the Dardaneles is a vital issue and
Russia has sought to press claims on
Turkey’s eastern frontier. Arrows on
the map show how use of the Straits
cuts 3,000 miles from the supply line
to Russia.
CHICAGO, 111., April 20—Charges that
Washington agencies responsible for the
administration of the G. I. Bill have
failed to give equal service to minority
veterans will be carried to respective
agency chiefs by a committee, headed by
Charles H. Houston, Washington atty.
and former member of FEPC, it has
been announced by the American Council
On Race Relations. The committee, com
prised of representatives of national vet
erans* groups and organizations interest
ed in minority problems, is acting on pro
! posals drafted at a national emergency
Conference on Minority Veterans* Pro-1
blems called April 15 in New York by
the American Council.
Insurance Agency
fca^ate. Rentals, Insurance,
2424 BRISTOL ST. JA-6261
We wish to Announce $
G & J Smoke Shop
2118 NORTH 24th Street
Everything in the Line of
; .^Jackson & God bey, Props.^ !
invites You . . .
To visit their place and to Browse
around on the leave* of its Thous
ands of Books and Magazines to
your Heart’s Content. No Obliga
tion to buy. So Come. The name
The address, 4606 SOUTH 24TH
Paint — Roofing
2920 *L’ St MA-1200
I Johnson Drug Co.
2306 North 24th
If the functional “middle-age"
period peculiar to women causes
you to suffer from hot flashes, ner
vous tension,-, irritability—try fam
ous Lydia E. Plnkham’s Vegetable
, Compound to relieve such symptoms.
Plnkham’i Compound is one of the
1 best known medicines for this pur
pose. Abo » grand stomachic topic!
_Y 1 '30—d
Resolutions drafted by the conference
urged investigations of the policies of all
government agencies charged with ad
ministration of the Cl Bill of Rights, and
asked the American Council to arrange
appointments with government represen
tatives to follow through on the con
ference’s resolutions.
School of
I Culture jj
I Terms Can Be Arranged !
' 2511 North 22nd Street <
“Call Us First”
T lUllllllllllllllllllllUllllflflllllllllllNM
formerly at 24th
and ErsldneSt.
514 N. 16th ST.
For quick rebel from itching caused by eczema,
athlete's foot, scabies.-pimples and other itching
conditions, use pun. coding, medicated, liquid
D. D. D. PRESCRIPTION. A dv'or* formula
Greaseiess and stainless. Soothes, comforts and
quickly calms intense itching. 35c trial bottle
proves i t, or money back. Don’t suffer. Ask youi
druggist today for 0. 0. D. PUSCUPtiom.