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Pear Put on Airs in Lime-Pear Pie
(See Recipe Below)
Colorful Fruit Desserts
We may like meat and vegetables
prepared the same way day after
aay, dui mere s
at least one type
of food in which
we like plenty of
variety. Yes, des
serts, of course!
Now that the war is over and we
can go back to many of our fa
vorite foods, with rationing permit
ting, we'll still have to hold of? on
desserts that still take it easy on the
sugar canister.
My advice to you, in this matter
of desserts, is to concentrate on
fruits, both fresh and canned. They
contain sweetening and will not re
quire too much extra sugar. Then,
too, there are lots of time-saving
tricks you can apply to dessert mak
ings, like chilling them or using
biscuit mixture.
Select several of these desserts
and do try them on your family.
Serve them and be proud:
Peach Crunch Cake.
(Makes 1 cake, 7x11 inches)
V4 cup shortening
% cup light corn syrup
1 egg, beaten
1 cup sifted flour
l'/t teaspoons baking powder
% teaspoon salt
1 tablespoon orange juice
1% cups sliced peaches
Sugar Glaze:
2 tablespoons sugar
2 tablespoons light corn syrup
1 teaspoon grated orange rind
% teaspoon salt
Cream together shortening and
syrup. Add egg and mix well. Sift
together flour, baking powder and
salt. Add flour
mixture to cream
ed mixture alter
nately with orange
juice. Spread in
paper - lined pan.
Lay sliced peach
es in diagonal
rows over batter, letting slices over
lap slightly. Drizzle sugar glaze over
peaches. Bake in a moderate oven
(350-degree) about 55 minutes.
Note: Mix ingredients for sugar
glaze in order given.
Peach Puff Pudding.
(Serves 4)
VA cups milk
1A cups bread cubes
VA tablespoons melted butter or sub
1 egg beaten
M cup honey
% teaspoon salt
1A teaspoons grated orange rind
1 cup diced peaches
Scald milk and pour over bread
cubes. Let stand for 10 minutes. Add
melted butter or substitute, egg,
honey, salt and peaches. Pour into
individual greased casseroles. Bake
in a moderate oven (350-degree)
about 45 minutes. Serve with milk
or coffee cream.
Lynn Chambers’ Menus
Country Fried Steak
Mashed Potatoes Cream Gravy
Tomatoes Stuffed With Corn
Peach, Grape and Melon Salad
Hot Muffins Honey
•Lime-Pear Pie
•Recipe given.
If you’re looking for something dif
ferent and colorful in fruit desserts,
you’ll find this lime-pear pie just
the thing. It uses a cookie crumb
crust, which is fat-saving, lime gela
tin and bottled gingerale. Only five
pear halves are needed:
Lime-Pear Pie.
(Makes 1 8-inch pie)
1% cups finely crushed cookies (va
nilla wafers or gingersnaps
4 tablespoons melted fat
I package lime-flavored gelatin
'A cup hot water
1A cups gingerale
1 tablespoon lemon juice
5 pear halves
14 cup shredded coconut or nut
meats, if desired
Combine cookie crumbs with
melted fat and mix well. Press mix
ture firmly in an even layer on bot
tom and sides of a well-greased pie
dish. Chill.
Meanwhile, dissolve lime gelatin
in hot water. Add gingerale and lem
on juice. Chill until mixture begins
to thicken. Pour a layer of the
chilled gelatin mixture into the shell.
Cut pear halves in two and ar
range, pit side down, in star shape.
Cover with remaining gelatin mix
ture. Sprinkle edges of pie with
coconut or nut
meats. Chill in re
frigerator until
There’s no need
to try commando
tactics to get the
family to go for
these fruit des
serts. This apple
dessert is made all the more nour
ishing because it uses both oatmeal
and peanut butter and has a de
lightful nut-like flavor.
Apple Crisp
(Serves 4 to 6)
5. medium-sized apples
Yz cup water
1 tablespoon lemon juice
Yi teaspoon nutmeg
Yz teaspoon allspice
3 tablespoons flour
Yz cup rolled oats
Yi cup brown sugar
M cup peanut butter
2 tablespoons melted butter or sub
Pare and core apples; slice. Ar
range in baking dish. Add water and
lemon juice. Sprinkle with spice.
Blend together flour, rolled oats,
brown sugar and peanut butter.
Add butter. Spread over apples.
Bake in a moderate (350-degree)
oven for 40 minutes. Serve hot with
milk or cream
Pears coming into season right
now will make a delectable dessert
when baked and served with a sour
cream mixture:
Toasted Pears.
(Serves 4 to 6)
6 large fresh pears
3 tablespoons lemon juice
V* cup sugar
% cup melted butter or substitute
ZVi cups corn flakes
1 teaspoon grated lemon rind
cup powdered sugar
1 cup sour cream
2 tablespoons lemon juice
Peel, halve and core pears; re
move stem strings. Dip at once into
lemon juice to which sugar has
been added. Dip in melted butter.
Roll in crushed cereal flakes. Ar
range cut side down in a shallow
baking pan. Bake in a moderately hot
(375-degree) oven for 20 to 25 min
utes or until pears are tender but
not soft.
To make the lemon cream sauce,
beat powdered sugar into the sour
cream and flavor with the lemon
Peaches may be used in place of
pears, if desired.
Released by Western Newspaper Union.
By Lillian B. Stormt
The pre-cooked special baby cer
ials have added vitamins and min
rals and are very nutritious. They
ire attractive to insects, much the
ame as whole wheat flour is more
ubject to insect infestation than
s plain white flour. Placed on a
•antry shelf with other cereals,
mu may find that insects will
eave the less nutritious foods in
•reference for these more nutri
ious ones. They should be stored
n a dry place, not too warm. Espe
:ially after the package has been
ipened, it may be best to keep it
n the refrigerator.
The canned baby foods, also
anned evaporated milk, are steril
zed and will keep almost indefi
litely before opening. All canned
mods should be stored in a cool,
Iry place. Food in glass jars
ihould be stored in the dark be
muse light destroys one of the
ritamins, riboflavin, very rapidly,
rhis also applies to milk in glass
When baby first begins to eat
:anned strained vegetables and
fruits, only part of the car. may
ie used at a meal. As with can
ted milk, the can or jar has been
sterilized when the food was pack
id and is a perfectly safe con
miner. The top of the can should
washed before opening, then
‘.he unused portion may be left in
:he container (either a tin or glass
iar), carefully covered and re
If there is no refrigerator, do
tot attempt to keep canned milk
>r baby foods after the can has
>een opened. Use for some other
nember of the family, as in a
reamed soup. Canned foods are
ooked foods and need the same
are and treatment as other cook
d foods.
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Sugar-Shy Gingerbread
With sugar scarce, are you at wit's end to know what to have for
dessert? Then you’ll love this Sugar-Shy Gingerbread that takes only
% cup of sugar and % cup of molasses to sweeten a large loaf. Its
spicy goodness and moist, tender crumb make it grand eating just as
it comes from the pan.
Here are 4 different ways to dress it up, according to the ingredients
available. Serve it wdth custard sauce, stewed fruit, or sandwich style
with cream cheese and a little grated orange rind for the filling. For
extra-special occasions, top it with ice cream. And if your women’s
club or church has a supper on the calendar, make an extra pan to
take along.
A Grand Idea for Parties, Home or Church Suppers
Sugar-Shy Gingerbread
2JJ cups sifted all-purpose flour 1 teaspoon ginger
cup sugar 34 teaspoon cloves
\ teaspoon soda 34 teaspoon nutmeg
1 teaspoon baking powder _ 34 cup Spry
(with a tartrate powder, 1 cup water
use 2 teaspoons) 34 CUP molasses
34 teaspoon salt 1 egg, unbeaten
134 teaspoons cinnamon
Sift flour, sugar, soda, baking powder, salt and spices into mixing
bowl... Drop in Spry... Add % cup water, molasses, and egg and
beat 100 strokes... Scrape bowl and spoon often throughout entire 1
mixing... Add remaining water and beat 100 strokes ... Bake in 10
x 10 x 3-inch Spry-coated pan in m oderate oven (35Q°F.) 45-55 minutes.
On dress-up evenings in most
towns there is considerable bed
room muttering from the distaff
side about the quality of harness
that goes underneath the feminine
finery seen by the outside world
Has been ever since the War Pro
duction Board decided rubber, cot
ton and steel strips could be put t»
somewhat more rugged combat ust
than they would get in foundation
garments- So naturally there was
matronly hope that Army releases
of large amounts of cotton and rub
ber would enable manufacturers to
correct matters- Feminine anticip;-*
tion was further whetted by a wide
ly publicized WPB statement to ths
effect that twoway stretch girdles
would be back by November.
The trouble with OPA pricing in
this reconversion period is literally
the same fault founid in wartime
corhetry—no stretch.
In practically every field, apparel
automobiles, foods, gadgets, building \
materials, that fact shows again and
again- All production costs are up,
especially labor costs, and the OPA
partially recognizes this. Yet man
ufacturers are not being permitted
to make those price adjustments j
necessary to profitable business and
the sort of volume production w-hich
makes jogs.
Until the government forces OPA
to adc! the sort of elasticity that is
needed obth in feminine fashions and
the national economy, reconversion is
likely to be slow
There is not much logis in deny
ing people things they did without
while victory was in the making.
Why stave off the prosperity that
comes when there is a demand for
goods, a willingness to make them,
money to buy them, and a great
need for the jobs those factors ere'
Then came disappointment. The
Corset and Brassiere Ass. of Am
erica openly declared that no such
supplies wuold be available in any
thing like volume qcantities. Dis-1
appointment could be traced back to
that perennial disappointment, the
OPA- Foundation makers said,
“While manufacturers are now freed
from regulations which formerly re
stricted the buying of materials, they
are not freed from price regulations
which determine the types of garm
ents they may produce-”
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H. W. Smith’s Weekly
If you have any news about waiters, or anything
pertaining to them or their routine of living, call
H. W. Smith—HA-0800 and give him the news...
Blackgtone hotel waiters going
Fontenelle hotel waiter^ serving
with a smile.
Waiters at the Hill hotel very
much out in front.
Regis Hotel and White Horse Inn
quick stepping on the service.
Paxton hotel waiters serving at
all times. servingly.
Omaha Club waiters with Captain
Earl Jones doing a very fine job
on service.
RR boys giving quick, efficient
service on wheels to the traveling
John Q public.
Read The Omaha Guide for 11
the latest news!
Matridee Warj of the OAC a
very busy man as Capt. Mitchell is
on his vacation and Capt. Sones,
and Capt. MacFarland re on the up
and go on looking after the serv
ice to the very fine members and
their friendg. All waiters and
waitresses are Uging every effort
to please the members and their
many guest at all times.
Don't forget the monthly meeting
of the NAACP at the Urban League
on Sunday afternoon October 21st
at 3:30 pm.
We should at all times take time
out and give a serious thought to
the accomplighmentg of an effort
that has been in force for many
years and that all of the race
should len,j a helping hand to the
well qualified members of our race
who have achieved much along this
educational effort. They are:
Mrs. Robbie Turner Davis, Mrs.
Linda Skinner. Mrs. Ione Hanger,
Mrs. Gladys Ervin. Mrs. Alton
Goode, Miss Blair, Mrs. Booker,
Mr. Travis Dixon, Mr. Eugene Skin
ner (on leave), Mr. Wanasee Flet
cher (on leave to military duty).
_ I
Washington, DC_Copies of the
resolution adopted by the NAACP
Board of Directors at its Septem
ber meeting strongly disapproving
S. 1171, the Federal Industrial Re.
lations Act, were presented to its
sponsors, Senators Carl A. Hatch.
(D„ N. Mexico) and Joseph H. Ball
(R., Minn.,) by Leslie Perry of the
NAACP Washington Bureau last
week. Senator Harold H. Burton,
(R. Ohio) the other co-sponsor was
recently given a geat on the bench
of theAUnited States Supreme court
The bill propoxes to gcrap the
National Relations Board to handle
controversies between labor mil
The NAACP listed the following
objections to the bill:
(1) The right to strike would bo
more seriously limited in peacetime
under this bill than it \vas in time
of war.
(2) The salutary estrictiong of
the Norris-La Guarilia Act against
labor ipjunctions by federal courts
would be relaxed an 1 largely set a
(2) The bill is „ i drawn as to
exclude from federal regulation
great numbers of industries and
enterprises over which the Nation
al Labor Board now exercises jur
isdiction with the 8anctlon of the
Supreme Court.
(4) Union "influence" upon and
"interference" with the detection of
a bargaining representative is pro
hibited, thus opening the way for
undue restriction of proper union
activity of labor organizeis
(5) Although the bill contains i
a desirable prohibition of a closed
shop where Negroes are excluded
from union meirbership, it appar
ently would permit a closed shop:
with Jim Crow and "Auxiliary” Ne
gro localg. Moreoveri a labor or
ganization which excludes Negroes
altogether may become the "exclus
ive bargaining agent” for these ex
cluded Negroes inder the bill.
Negro railroad men_ among others,
know the consequences of such an
The NAACP indicated that it
would testify in opposition to the
bill when hearings are held on it
by the Senate Education an<j La
bor Committed. . Organized labor
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