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Sammy Lee from Indo-Burma,
China received his discharge a few
days ago. He was overseas for 20
months. He plans to rest a couple
weeks then start to work.
Mrs. Prinola Turner of Muskogee,
Okla. is in our city visiting Mr. Wm.
Turner of 2838 Seward St. Her stay
is indefinite. Mrs. Turner reports
that she likes Omaha fine and ex
pects to return again.
Pfc. James Wilson, stationed at
West Point, New York, visited his
wife last week. He was here on fur
lough for nine days. Mrs. Wilson re
ports that they had a time of their
lives while he was here. Mrs. Wilson
will leave the latter part of this week
for Oklahoma City and will be gone
for two weeks.
Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Coleman of
5302 South 29th St. has a family of
three, two boys and one girl. The
oldest boy goes to school. His name
is Ronald Coleman. Mr. Wm. Cole
man is a policeman and says he likes
his job fine.
Mr. A. B. Hollingworth of Jack
son, Mississippi came to ou rcity
three weeks ago. He has four broth
ers here. Mr. Hollingworth has
started working for the N. B. P. Co.
and is expecting his wife soon. They
intend to make Omaha their home.
One of his brothers works on the
Burlington as a train porter.
Mr. Crawford of 2518 Caldwell St.
is busy repairing his apartments. Mr.
Crawford has four apartments and
they really keep him busy. When the
reporter passed by he was cutting the
grass and panting, also speaking of
the hot weather. He said he could
hardly stand it but he kept going.
Mrs. Hazel Browne of Des Moines,
Iowa, leader of the Church of Light
Spiritual is visiting Mrs. Lillie Cath
ran of 2622 Caldwell St., Omaha,
Nebr. Phone At. 5576. Mrs. Browne
is a gifted Spiritual Reader. With
Mrs. Browne will be her daughter,
Miss Mariana.
N. A. A. C. P.
The membership committee of the
Omaha branch held a very interest
ing meeting on Tuesday evening,
July 3rd and all reports showed a
very large increase to reach the goal
of two thousand members and we are 1
hoping to have a meeting at Paradise
Baptist Church on 23rd and Clark
St. on Sunday, July 15th at 3 p. m.
Everyone should attend and bring a
friend as the N. A. A. C. P. is doing
great work.
Mr. N. M. Thomas and grandson,
Ernest Carter, Jr., have returned
home from their vacation visiting the
brother of Mrs. Thomas, Mr. James
Harris, who resides in Chicago, 111.
They expressed themselves as having
had a most enjoyable trip. Ernest, Jr.
took his first trip by train with his
grandmother to Denver when he was
2 years old. Since then he has been
to Oakland, Calif., Denver and Chi
cago with his grandfather. He looks
forward to vacations and is very
elated over them. Ernest, Jr. is 5 years
old and the son of Mrs. Versie Car
ter. He is in the first grade.
_. k
Hotel and Club Pickups
Paxton Hotel head waiter’s on vaca
tion and small waiters from Atchison,
Mrs. Alford of 2004 N. 28th was
very busy when the reporter passed
by. She was very busy cleaning and
painting the house. Mr. and Mrs. Al
ford have a 13-rooin house with only'
2 in the family. Plenty room to spare.
They are making a very nice house
of it. They have a real comfortable
Mr. and Mrs. L. Vaughu of 2516
Blondo have made some improvement
on their home and it looks a deal
better when the reporters passed by.
Mrs. Vaughu was giving the house a
good bath while Mr. Levanghn was
doing the painting and sure is a good
, Mrs. Miami Taylor of 367 Lucy
Ave., Memphis, Term., is the guest of
Mr. and Mrs. Leon Whidloy of 2130
N. 28th. She also has with her their
little girl by the name of Shirley
Taylor, the granddaughter of John
Wilson, who has many friends in
Omaha. They will leave for their
1 home at 5:45 p. m. We sure enjoyed
our visit.
The Brotherhood Club of Clair
Chapel will have the installation
of Officers on Sunday afternoon,
June 17th. We invite everyone to
attend and bring their friends and
enjoy an afternoon of fellowship.
Mr. Richard Love of 2425 Erskine
St. came here from Tulsa, Okla.,
about 7 months ago and since being
here has worked in Fontenelle Hotel.
But at present is confined to his
home. Has been for two weeks but is
expected to be on the go again. I feel
some better at present.
Mr. N. Irey of 2015 Grace St., Apt.
No. 2. Mrs. Irey has been sick for
some time under the care of Dr. Len
nox. Mrs. Ivey reports that she im
proves very slowly. However, I feel
encouraged and hope to be up soon.
I am really thankful for my condition.
As their first formal events, the
Sub-Deb Club presented a corona
tion Ball on July 5th at the Y. W.
C. A. All the girls of the club took
part in the Coronation and crowned
Miss Lois Brown as Queen Melody 1.
Ladies in waiting were Miss Louise
Perkins and Miss Aleasta Carey. Re
freshments consist of punch and
cookies. The girls and boys look very
nice in their formals and tuxedoes
and all seemed to have spent a very
enjoyable evening.
Kathayn Wilburn, president; Mrs.
J. E. Davis, sponsor; Della Jones, re
Rooms 307-8 Maryland Building,
1410 H Street, N. W.
Washington 5, D. C.
Francis J. McConnell, President
Dear Friend:
For several years, as explained
in the article in our enclosed May
Bulletin (page 6), Catholic influ
ence has killed bills providing Fed
eral Aid,— (but not imposing Fed
eral Control) — to public tax-sup
ported schools,— because funds
were not provided for parochial
Both the American Federation of
Labor and the Congress of Indus
trial Organizations have backed
Catholic authorities.
In post war years there will be
great need for Federal help for
public schools, particularly in ru
ral areas.
It is almost certain that the
Mead-Aiken bill permitting funds
to go to parochial schools will not
The great danger is that the bill
of the Senate Committee on Edu
cation (S. 181), which does not
permit use of Federal funds for
non-tax-supported schools, will be
defeated by Catholic influence.
That would mean children who
most need school opportunities
won’t get them.
1. Write both your U. S. Sena
tors and Hon. Brent Spence, Chair
man, House Committee on Educa
tion, to insist on aid to tax-sup
ported schools without funds for
parochial schools, and get others
to write.
2. Get organizations of which
you are a member, to adopt reso
lutions to this effect; send copy to
both your U.S. Senators,—to read
into the Congressional Record,—
and also get published in your lo
cal paper.
We must not, under the stress
of war conditions, abandon the
sound principle of complete sep
aration of Church and State.
Yours sincerely,
Benjamin C. Marsh,
Executive Secretary.
I The Way I
to Foot Comfort I
Health Spot |
Shoe Shop !
1622 Harney St. 1
Omaha, Nebraska ff
SHOES for... I
Men, Women and Children 1
Hello Kids,
Again we bring you the news of the
week. Sorry to have disappointed U
last week but it will not happen
again. Ran to L. A. and forgot my
bags! Ha, ha.
In the Spotlight
The Blue Streaks as usual lost an
other game. They played the Bomb
ers—score 8 to 3—nice going girls
but you’d better watch second base
man (also) watch for the new right
BING—The party for Lewis Cur
ren Saturday night was strictly fine
except for a few errors (some of the
boys had a scrap but it didn’t last
long and after words apologized.'
Have U Heard?
Johnnie Mae’s cousin is here look
ing great, you ought to meet her if
you haven’t hay jitterbugs.
Fresh up, keep smiling two-thirds
of the 7 Up will be leaving Friday
the third. You’ll be gone in spirit but
not in mind.
Mop Mop the wimming Ideal of the
canteens was Shays and who was
caught in the pool up in arms. Could
the yhave been swimming, dancing
or loving, hay J. M. B. and B. R.
Among the crowd were as follows:
Yonetta H., Udoxie S., Odessa, Jean
R., Ruth S., Ruth B., Doris, Betty D.,
Ellwise Frank, John, Bates, Dasie,
Billie, Little Jinnings, Gaiter, Yonda
M., Marie W., Harold Biddix Fothers.
We really had a grand time.
flash! flash—lhe birthday party
given in honor of Harold Matthews
last week was on the ball, every one
had plenty to EAT and drink. He
also had some lovely gifts.
Going, Going, Gone—At last F. C.
and L. C. are gone. They left Friday
at 3. Bye ad good luck, boys and
come home soon.
Zip—The canteen gave a bingo
party Friday and C. W. won 9 neck
ties. On the box it had something
for the neck (9 pieces of rope) smile.
Something for the BOX.
Tip Tip—Who was caught tippin
about 4:30 last week and was caught
by making so much noise opening the
bedroom door. Hay Jerry.
Heard: A certain chic told me
about a week ago that she was liking
Buster Robins awful well. Her name
is T. M.
Will blank take really take over
when F. C. leaves for the army or
was he just sounding?
A studd was complimenting Jean
Gooden and Naomi Downs’ ability
to look so fine in’ their clothes.
Knowing everyone is going to be
at the Cocoanut Grove the 8th and
hear that fine band swing out the
blues even Chatter Box will be there.
Speaking of music, that Honey
dripper seems to be all ru. Stuffy is
also fine.
Flash—According to the Sunday
school picnic we will be watching out
for couples (if you know what I
On 24th and Grant we spotted and
gazed upon Bob Dodges, former
Omahan, who now is visiting up in
Des Moines. Maybe he is reporting
to local draft board. No doubt!
Don’t worry about M. F. at the
Grant Street Drug Store. Bob Floyd
picks up on his daily chores and
Pearl leave from there.
And now across to the Tuxedo—
wonder why all of a sudden the boys
stop going to the Tux was it because
of the canteen or was it because
they couldn’t do any better (money)
We received a card from Ella
Marie Cain, who is now in Bitely,
Mich. She will not be home soon
but she is having a fine time and
said Hello to old Pats. Her address:
R. R. I., Bitely, Mich.
Dope — There’s a certain studd
around the streets that is running
with the Fox—and playing with the
hounds. And pity him if he gets
caught—make up your mind kid!
Late but straight so Margaret Epi
son and Arnold Biddix have called it
3uits for the last time—good deal.
Back — Delores Jackson is back
looking great.
Meanwhile—The Canteen is com
ing one — Monday and Tuesday— |
Center—Men’s Thursday — USO— j
Friday—SPT at the Y. Come one, |
x>me all. Let’s jam up right.
Girls—Stop street smoking!
Boys—Stop your profanity!
Baby Ownes is tired now and he is
loing just what he can—
Buckie has a black eye and won’t
Mr. Arthur Campbell, age 84 years
lief1 ur.; :<peciediy at his home, 933
North 25th street. Saturday, July 21.
He apparently was in his usual health
and had attended the Grand Lodge
anlv two days before his passing. He
had been a resident of Omaha 46 s
years and was retired. His wife, Mrs. J
Hattie Campbell preceded him in j
death, having passed two years ago. i
Mr. Campbell is survived by one
son, Mr. Arthur Campbell, Seattle,1
Washington, step daughter, Mrs. Wi
noma Mims, Minneapolis, Minn. Fu
neral services were held Wednesday
tell where she got it (I know don't I
0 Buckie;.
Who Dood It
' What waiter took off his glasses to
! fight a small boy and now he can’t
see at all?
Wonder who the new cat Mary
Carter now going around with. If
he’s as nice as he looks watch out
The party given by Pauline Berry
Tuesday was great. Everyone had a
nice time.
Mop mop—Baby Lewis, one of the
Tupers made 2 home rimers Sunday.
Also Clarence Hill came in with 1
and our charming young lad Buster
struck out 3 times ha ha (his girl was
there too).
And Now for Our Screen Album
Between Two Women.Buster R |
Brewster Boy .Wm. Payton j
The Mammy’s Curse.H. McDough |
To Have and Have Not_Doris Ann
Where Do We Go From Here. Frank
One Body too Many.Robert Bates
A Royal Scandal.Tillie
Marriage is a Private Affair.Gidda
Mob Hill .Doris Perkins
Dillinger Comes Back ..Frankie Brown
There’s Something About a Soldier
Dotsie W.
On to Tokyo.Lewis Curren
The Good Old Days.
Billie Cunningham
Meet Me in St. Louis.Evert R.
Keep Your Powder Dry.
Matsolonia R.
Hangover Square.Papa Iwert Dick
Bring on the Girls.Harry Lewis]
Jan'ce .Betty Bryant
It’s a Pleasure.Jean Rudd
Til We Meet Again.Vivian Turner
I Love a Mystery.Jerry Slaughter
Youth on Trial.Imogene Perry
The Clock.Irma Pettis
The Enchanted Cottage.rPearl F.
Along Came Jones.Betty Stewart
The Thin Man Goes Home..Harold B.
Ware Wolf ...Nona Mae R. (loud talk)
Cabin in the Sky.Ellyce Allen
Wrecking Crew. The Rock Lita Beay
Ruf Tuff and Ready.Pauline
Forever Yours.Ruth F
The Com Is Green.Virgil M.
Nobody’s Darling.Nadine H.
Kismet .Ruth Booker
The Support.Bob Rodgers i
Faces in the Dark....Willie D.
Take it or Leave it....June St. Clair
Chance of a Lifetime.Edsel
My Buddy.Clarence H.
Pride of the Plains.Evelyn J.
Prisco Sal.Margaret F.
What a Blone.Louise S.
Star Bright.Odessa S.
Up in Mabel’s Room.Butter Cup
Swing Fever.Lorrain Jackson
Babes on Swing Street.Delores G.
Counter Attack.Helen Washington
A Tree Grows in Brooklyn—B. Scott
National Velvet.Mary Carter
Three is a Crowd.Betty Fuller
Zombies on Broadway.
Margaret Fowler
Diamond Horse Shoe.Johnnie N.
The Great Mike.Cleveland M.
Double Exposure .Isabel H.
In Society.Gladys Coleman
A Million Dollar Baby....Johnnie Mae
The Good Old Days ...Marcelline F.
Summer Storm .Jean Rudd
Nothing But Trouble.Billie W.
San Diago Here I Come.Dorcas
In Old Okla.Marie Wright
Green As Com.Betty Davis
Riding High.Von Richard
111 Remember April.Jean Pierce
This Man’s Navy.Deacon (C. F.)
Flame of the Barbary Coast.Tony
Circumstantial Evidence .Jack M.
Back to Bataan.Johnetta W.
Vally of Decision.Billie Cunnham
A Medal for Benny.Vera M.
The Woman in Green.Anna Mae
Here Comes the Waves. Ruth Curren
A ong to Remember.Chicken
So Proudly We Hail.Vivian T.
Main Street After Dark.Fred Lee
Blood On the Sun—
Yours Forever—
The Unseen.Harold Matthews
To Have and Have Not....Doris (Dick)
That’s all this week. If I forgot
you this week you’ll be in next—
Guess Who!
Height—5 ft., 4% inches.
Hair—D. Brown.
Hobby—Eating, sleeping, dancing. I
Pet Peeve—To have a nice vaca
Last week’s guess who was Levan !
That’s all this week.
Bye now.
afternoon from Thomas Mortuar>',
with Res-. E. F. Ridley officiating.
Masonic rites were in charge of Res
cue Lodge No. 4, W. P. Burrell. Wor
shipful Master. Burial at Forest Lawn.
Prophet Hess, Pastor
I was glad when they said unto
Me let us go to the House of the
Lord. During these critical times j
everyone should find their way to
-- -- ,
. Her3 r "rmino f-ndvrehes to -
•v~ Serve with Spicy £ced Froth ■&
Sandwiches, instead of hard-to
get sweets, so often accompany
tinkling drinks nowadays that
everybody is on the lookout for
novel bread-and-spread combina
tions. Domino style, open-face sand
,wiches, made of bread spread with
cottage cheese, the numbers dot
ted on with raisins or currants,
are a decorative choice which be
cause of the dried fruit, have a
sweet tooth appeal, too. You’ll find
that they’re especially tempting
i served with Spicy Iced Froth, made
i with whipped evaporated milk and
caffeinless coffee, so that everyone
can have refreshing extra glasses
without worrying about wakeful
, hours later on. Be sure to "perk”
! the decaffeinated coffee, if you
make it in a percolator, longer than
the ordinary kind, from 15 to 18
minutes, to bring out its rich coffee
flavor. Make it fresh, chill it quick
ly. and then pour it over ice. Cin
namon or nutmeg is suggested to
spice the iced froth. A sprinkling
of allspice is another appetizing
taste combination with coffee fla
vor that you might try for variety’s
sake. If you prefer to use whipped
cream, follow a simple recipe call
ing for the addition of granulated
gelatin to thin cream. This whipped
cream can be kept on hand in the
refrigerator ready to use for sev
eral days.
When you make the dominoes,
trim sliced bread of its crusts, and
cut each slice in half. Be sure the
cottage cheese spreads easily It
can be made »pr, * by be»‘
ing tP > JIUW_ a:1;
The dominoes are made of white,
bread, whole wheat, raisin, or nun
Iced Froth
1 cup evaporated milk r
Vi teaspoon vanilla
Cinnamon or nutmeg
4 cups freshly made, hot'
decaffeinated coffee
Chill evaporated milk thoroughly.
Then whip rapidly until stiff. Add
vanilla. Place in serving cups, fill
ing half full. Sprinkle with cinn^,
mon. Fill cups with decaffeinated!
coffee and cracked ice. Makes ft
How to Whip l,ight Cream
1V4 teaspoons granulated gelatin i
2 tablespoons cold water
1 cup light cream*
Few grains of salt
Place granulated gelatin in small
bowl; add water and mix well.
Heat over boiling water until gela
tin is completely dissolved, stirring
constantly. Remove from boiling
water. Add cream and 6alt. Place
in bowl of ice and water and whip
immediately with rotary egg beater,
5 to 7 minutes, or until mixture,
begins to hold shape around side!
of bowl. Remove from ice water.;
Stir gently with spoon until smooth.
Serve. i
This whipped cream may be
stored in refrigerator until needed.:
Mix thoroughly before using.
Note: If desired, chill mixture
in refrigerator Instead of ice water.
When mixture Is thickened, beat
until light and flufTy. Return to re
frigerator to set slightly Before
tisi"? stir with spoon.
n 2 or 3 days old whips
t’v than fresh cream.
TANKERS IN ITALY—Trainees man a light tank on the ground)
of the Armored School Detachment, Replacement and Training Com
mand, in the Naples area, Italy. Although the Boche has been
whipped, there is still the Nip to be subdued. Left to right: Pfc.
|Dewey McClain, Jacksonville, Fla.; Pvt. Hulet MacHenry, Salina,
|Kans., and Pfc. Lester Baker, Alexandria, La. (U. S. Army Signal
.Corps photo from Bureau of Public Relations.)
■ '__;
Menses for Sale...
2403 Florence Blvd.—7 rooms. Modern
2101 Locust—9 rooms, 2 baths—$5,000 including
Furniture—Terms, CALL—
—Real Estate—Rentals—Insurance
Notary Public
2424 BRISTOL ST. JA 6261
Omaha, Nebraska j.
Finlay Ice Company, Inc.
24th at Seward I Sure and Watch for
Finlay Ice Co.’s....
Which Pass Your Door Every 3 Hours
Finlay’s Yellow Trucks will keep you Refreshed,
and your Food Fresh for the season.
or Call WE-0232 for Service
-when Your Ice Box Needs Icing—Pure, healthy
Ice, made right here at your door, at 24th and
Seward streets—or Stop By when you want to
try Finlay’s Pure Ice—Remember Our Phone
number is WE. 0232.
We Appreciate Your Past Patronage and We
are always yours for Prompt, Courteous Service
to all the people, all of the time.
24th and Lake Sts.
l'ri‘c !•••*; ri —
WE. 0609
»MiiinMimmmimnii;i>’ niiimnin
Ladies and Children’s Work
A Specially
2422 LAKE ST.
I Attention! I
! Feel Old? Get Real Pep I
j Lack Ambition to Bo Placet A Da Things? I
! Use Original A Genuine Pep-O.Tabs !
, help naturei new pepi*
I_MANLY VIGOR! Scientific!
■ Prescription prescribed by doctora tor men I
1 over 30 years of age. Absolutely harmless. I
2 Thousands of happy and satisfied customers 2
I over past 2$ years have told ut and others I
1 how grateful they are about using Pep-O- I
2 Tabs. Comes In plain wrapper—200 Tablets. I
| 30 days’ supply, $3.00—or 4C0 Tablets. SO |
| days, eupply. $5.00. Sava $1.00. Money with |
for both parties. Relieves asthma,
colds, pains, bronchitis, sinus and
nervous disorders. Send $1.00 for 8
oz.; 50c-3 oz-; 25c-l oz.; Pay postage
on delivery. FISHER'S FAMOUS
FORMULA 77, 914 E. Long St.,
Columbus, 3, Ohio. Agents Wanted.
Classified Ads Get Resuits!
Houses for Sale—2403 Florence Blvd., 7 rooms,
modern $3,750 terms; 2101 Locust, 9 rooms, 2 baths
$5,000 including furniture, terms—Call
Malier-Kelleher Insurance Agency, Real Estate,
Rentals, Insurance, Notary Public— 2424 Bristol
St., Omaha, Nebraska, JA-6261.
Wanted Office Girl for
steady position, call WE.
BIG SALE—Overcoats, all sizes
Shoes, No Stamps; Ladies Dresses
Rugs, Beds, Gas Stoves and Oi
‘‘We Buy and Sell" —
TEL. AT. 1154 1715 N. 26th ST,
modern house, 2106 Maple at a
bargain price. Only $3500.00.
Down Payment $1000.00 cash.
Balance like rent. Double
garage in good condition. Call
GL-2607 Evenings.
lady too help in resturant.
2513 N Street. Phone MA.
i 11 sn~»
We Are An Essential Industry
Ja. 0159 18th and Marcy
2022 Lake St. WEb*ter 2022
Laundries & cleaners
2401 North 24tli St WE. 0053
1324 North 24tli St. W'E. 102#
c- HA-0800
Crosstown Dresss“Pakins
You can get hand tailored suits, dresses, 1
and slacks designed to suit your personality B
by an experienced Lady Tailoress. We f
Specialize in stout figures." .Men and Ladies J
general repair work done. We also special- B
ize in Tailored shirts. M
Mable L. Williams, Proprietress... ■
^^WOramSTREET- - f
WAKEFUL NIGHTS —how the time drags!
Minutes seem like hours, we worry over things
done and left undone. After such a night, we get
up in the morning more tired than when we went
to bed. Nervous Tension causes many a wakeful
night and wakeful nights are likely to cause Ner
vous Tension. Next time you feel Nervous and
Keyed Up or begin to toss, tumble and worry after
you get to bed — try
* (Liquid or Effervescent Tablets)
DR. MILES NERVINE helps to ease Nervous Tension — to permit re
freshirig sleep. When you are Keyed Up, Cranky, Fidgety, Wakeful, take
Dr. Miles Nervine. Try it for Nervous Headache and Nervous Indigestion.
Get Dr. Miles Nervine at your drug store. Effervescent Tablets, Large
Package 75*, Small Package 35*; Liquid, Large Bottle $1.00, Small Bottle
25*, both equally effective as a sedative, both guaranteed to satisfy or
#your money back. Read directions and use only as directed e
SBBJga m