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    "Next Door” By ted shearer
comKgyTAL rsAtmigB
“Ah-h-h It’s just Pop—The ladder fell and he’s
Now hanging from the chandelier.
The Order of the Day still is.. ..
• With thanks for V-E day
still in our hearts, America turns toward ^
the Far East to concentrate 6n another ■
savage foe... measuring the Jap for the 1
knockout blow. '
All through the fight, and even after
final Victory, ",Full Speed Ahead” must
remain the order of the day. For there
is an equally vital job ahead—building
a sound, solvent post-war America—
guarding against the pitfalls of economic
strife, depression, and unemployment—
holding fast to the principles which have
made America great.
America will heed the call—and trans
portation will play a vital part in the
building job which lies ahead. We of the
Burlington will be working with our fel
low-Americans in friendly cooperation
for a just, lasting, and prosperous peace.
General Agent Paas r Dept. General Agent Freight Dept.
Farnam at 19th 1004 Farnam St.
Grand Opening
—of The—
Coconut Grove
—“Finest Club in the Midwest”—
I Mill III III ■ I VKi ..mi i
24th & Miami
Aug. 8
Admission $1.50
(plus tax)
y —-1 1 ■■ ■■ ■ -
Encourage your white neighbors to subscribe
to THE OMAHA GUIDE and learn what the dark
er one tenth of the American population is think
ing and doing.
Paying Parliament
President of Harding College ^
Searcy, Arkansas
E* -~
HOW would you like to be elect
id to the board of governors of
be finest country club you ever
law? Unless you are an excep
donal person, you can’t afford
luch a job. It would use a lot
if time and there’s no salary con
lected with it. Helping to boss
i lovely palace in the middle of
» big playground is fun (I
imagine) but it’s an expensive
7A rich country club is prover
bially well managed. It does not
need to economize and cut cor
ners, but that’s only part of the
story. It is governed by men of
singular ability with spare time,
who like their club and take per
sonal interest in it. They have
no better minds than men who
bustle for business and use their
wives for stenographers, but ex
cellence thrives on deliberation.^
Deserve* BY THE WAY, Mrs.
A Raise Harry S. Truman used
uutr- - to serve her husband
as secretary when he was sena
tor from Missouri. The President
told it himself to the press while
be was discussing the proposal
to allow additional expense pay
to representatives. It would be
hard to find stronger testimony
that members of the Congress of
the United States need better
compensation for the work they
t In every practical sense, mem
bers of Congress have been elect
'd to the board of governors of
the world’s grandest country —
a country club. They repre
sent important segments of peo
ple who have chosen them to help
boss (not a playground) the most
influential power under the shin
ing sun, and until early last June,
they got $10,000 a year — pay
for a junior executive, s'
f A. _ _
Position! ONE OF Americans
of Trust i ugliest habits is criti
cizing Congress for
shortcomings that result directly
from being poorly paid. No one
man can study all the profound
issues congressmen must vote on,'
and no $10,000 man can afford to
pay experts to digest them. Often
congressmen use precious hours
doing chores for people 1 back
home because they can’t afford
enough competent assistants. J"
j? Many- solons labor intemper-i
ately. Rep. Doughton, who is past,
81, rises regularly at 5:00 a.m.,1
and starts his 12-hour day at
6:30; this after 34 years in the
House and 14 years chairman of
the Ways & Means Committee.
What $100,000 official of industry
claims to be worth more to his
firm than Doughton is to his state
and nation? American legislators
are top-flight, except in pay.
& •
* Must we send rich men to Con
gress because poor men lack
funds to finance the job? Do we
want incompetents on Capitol
Hill who never could earn so
much anywhere else? The answer
is “no” of course; America can
afford the best. Then congratu
late your congressman'on this in
crease and don’t let him wail 20
years for the next one.
BILL SEFTONJ.op u.s.c,piRST man in C
HISTORV To VAULT 14 ft. 8'AlN. . '
V. AND THEN 14ft. 11/N. J
X <
To the BAR SET
AT FT. 11 ihl.
I ••-I
■12 BILL
fiy s/x
! Tied him each time/
> V
| Bill. <£T THE
I % 73/e VAULT
C g HiS 3rd
>A« * * TRy /
. ■1 JKt- '■*
} “Give us Home Baked Goodies” '
■ Say Servicemen on Furlough
IT’S happy furlough time for thou
sands of boys in the service, and
high on their dream lists of “What
I want most when I get home” is
the warm, sweet, heavenly smell
of home-baked goodies fresh from
the oven. Whether your own son
or sweetheart is one of the lucky
ones enjoying leave or whether you
are playing host to boys assigned
from the U.S.O. or Red Cross, it’s
a challenge to you to make those
dreams come true. Now is the time
to make a glamour cake and a batch
of luscious cookies, then skimp
later on sweetening and shorten
ing, if necessary to balance your
ration books.
To do pioper honor to the dreams
of the boys on furlough, you'll want
to bake the yummiest treats pos
sible and you’ll want to pick your
recipes with special care to make
your use of materials pay maximum
dividends of joy. To insure lovely
even grain and melting tenderness
:o- your furlough cakes, it’s a good
-•■iaa to use cake flour; you'll find,
;oo, that mix-easy method recipes
will help even an amateur cake
maker achieve perfect results with
half the usual beating time. When
sugar is short, you can provide the
thrill of a lavish frosting by utiliz
ing a prepared chocolate pudding,
for instance, as a topping or filling
or by making a corn syrup or jelly
frosting. Here is a mix-easy cake
recipe that calls for a little sugar
and promises big dividends in taste
appeal for the eager boys on fur
Delicate Furlough Cake
t cups sifted cake flour
(2‘i teaspoons double-acting
baking powder
% teaspoon salt
m cups sugar '•*•3
3 egg whites
H cup vegetable shortening S'
:ii cup milk
1 teaspoon vanilla _
f.AIix by hand or with electric
r.': ;■ at low speed.)
. noucence. measure into sift
Fertilize Grapes
Grapes like any other crop will
never grow' unless the vine has
plenty of fertilizer. Apply one or
two pounds to a vine, depending
upon your fertilizer program of the
last few years. This rate is for
ordinary garden fertilizer such as a
5-8-7 or a 5-1-5. The latter is the
analysis of the present victory gar
den fertilizer.
er with baking powder, salt, and 1
cup sugar.
Beat egg whites until foamy. Add
remaining % cup sugar gradually,
beating only until mixture will hold
up in soft peaks; set aside.
Have shortening at room temper
ature; mix or stir just to soften.
Sift in dry ingredients; add milk
and vanilla and mix until all flour
is dampened. Then beat 2 minute*.
Add egg white mixture and beat
1 minute longer. (Count only actual
beating time. Or count beating
strokes. Allow 100 to 150 full
strokes per minute. Scrape bowl
and spoon or beater often.)
Turn batter into two 8-inch layer
pans, which have been greased,
lined on bottoms with waxed paper,
and greased again. Bake in moder
ate oven (375°F.) about 25 minutes.
This cake may also be baked in
10xl0xl2-inch pan in moderate oven
(375°F.) about 30 minutes.
Corn Syrup Substitution: Use Vi
cup corn syrup and % cup sugar
in above recipe. (Measure V2 cup
sugar into sifter and use M cup
sugar in meringue.) Decrease milk
2 tablespoons. Combine syrup with
milk and vanilla.
Stone Jar Molasses Cookies
3 cups sifted cake flour
2 teaspoons double-acting baking
1 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon ginger
1 cup molasses
Vz cup shortening
’,<[ teaspoon soda
Sift flour once, measure, add
double-acting baking powder, salt,
and ginger; sift again. Heat mo
lasses, remove from fire; add short
ening and soda. Add flour gradually,
mixing well. Chill until firm enough
to shape. Roll in %-inch balls. Place
well apart on greased baking sheet.
Press flat with bottom of glass cov
ered with damp cloth or cut with
floured cookie cutter. Bake in mod
erate oven (350°F.) 15 minutes. Re
move from pan: cool. Makes 4%
dozen. _ __
Cooking Fish
Moderate rather than high tem
peratures should be the rule regard
less of the cooking method used for
fish. This applies even to steaks
and fillets, which are frequently
broiled. Brush them with melted
fat, turn them once only and avoid
overcooking, which usually results in
dryness and loss of flavor.
2***____.- ..-r'te :.iaaafifcfa.jaK4- jitfflfc
IT is a question as to whether Rex *
Ingram is De Lawd, the Devil, or a *
gentleman. Being but of mortal mold
he could hardly aspire to the ever
lasting magnanimity of the Omnipo
tent: because he is so engrossed in
helping his fellow human beings, you
could never ascribe to him the quali
ties of Satan; yet, in the traditional
interpretation of the term gentleman,
j Rex couldn’t be classified as the over
polite, over-groomed namby-pamby
the word has come to signify. Ingram
is just a big, full-living intelligent
human being. However, millions have
come to know him as De Lawd in
“Green Pastures”, as the ingenious, j
devil-may-care Sergeant-Major in [
“Sahara" and as the soft-spoken, well
dressed gentleman’s gentleman in
“The Talk of the Town.” The last two
vehicles were Columbia pictures, in
which he was featured. Ingram always
manages to adapt himself to the. role
he is to portray with convincing ex
cellence, hence the controversy as to
what the real man is like.
We know that where an actor as
versatile as Ingram is involved, the
controversy must continue because of
the broadness of his creative imagina
tion and dramatic ability. For in
stance, in his next vehicle for Colum
bia Pictures, “A Thousand and One
Nights” in which he has a featured
role, Ingram plays the part of a mon
strous, ferocious giant, the like of
which you have never seen before. It
is a spot fit for an actor of Ingram’s
talents, taken from the substance of
oriental folklore and conjured by
camera magic to more than equal the
finest fantasies of the Indian fakirs.
The cameras transform Ingram to
three times human size, able to with
1 stand right-handed sword-thrusts, lift
full-grown men by his finger-tips, and
able to tantalize his victims all the
while with effortless jibes. It will be
impossible for millions not to think of
Rex as a terrible giant until they see
him.again in another role, maybe as
a priest, a poet, an emperor, or as a
lowly southern share-cropper.
Ingram’s very presence in the theatre
k a contradiction. He was born on the !
Robert E. Lee oa “01 Mia River" .]
between Natchez and Somewhere. He' !
graduated from Northwestern Vaster.', ’
Ingram plays the
giant in Columbia's
"A Thousand and
One Nights". j
I ,
■ Ingram gave his life as the Sudanese
Sergeant-Majorin Columbia's "Sofioro".
Rex was the talk ef the town when he appeared as a
dignified, intelligent butler in "The Talk of the Town".
A typical photo of
Ingram, the roman
ticist, with mous
tache and beard.
"Let there be firmament," thundered Ingram, portray
ing "do Lawd" in the stage play "Green Pastures".
city with a degree in medicine and
the Phi Beta Kappa key far high scho
lastic honors—is not a doctor, nor does
he profess to be a scholar. He is six
feet, two and one-half inches tall, was
a four-letter man in college athletics,
1 ‘ but lays no claim to bein.^ ^ athlete.
> ( He doesn’t sing or dance profession- ,
j ally; he’s just an actor, he emphasizes,'
P and the records bear him out. He has
‘f appeared in such important stage ■
j playsas‘‘Porgy,’’_“One In a Lifetime.’V
“Obing Home," “Stevedore,” “Beale
Street” and “Drums of the Bayou.”
Rex has appeared in scores of movies,
among which were “The Ten Com
mandments,” “King of Kings,” “The
Wanderer,” “The Big Parade,” “King
Kong," “Sign of the Cross,” “Em
peror Jones,” “Trader Horn,” “Four
Feathers” and “Captain Blood.”
fc* Here is your Rex Ingram in a nut
f shell—our finest character actor and
| one of the most romantic citixens in
fc*.—— --_J[
Uncle Sam's land. Here's the man
whose name has been box-office for a
long time anc*#: growing bigger every j
day. Incidentally, box-office is what the
producers at Columbia were thinking
about when they cast him successively
in “Talk of the Town,” “Sahara,” and1
the Technicolor “A Thousand and One
Nights” soon to be seen in your neigh
I borhood theatre, Here’s your Ingram.
| It’s up to you to decide whether he’s a
• 1**“” "L*wd” or a better “Devil," /
lfea»r-f-- >ai scon associate
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You fire Next* (
117 Satisfied customers in Bedford Park Addition, g
Let us build that new home for you. We use m
only skilled workmen and the very best of ma- (
terial at pre-war prices, with three government g
inspections. yg gg %
Realty Improvement I
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great mixer among his people is now at the corner
of 11th and Jackson with E. H. Camel. Headquar
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Remember the location, 11th and Jackson. Mr. Jim
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if you’re out for a drive and you want some high
Home Grown Strawberries and many other high
class vegetables or fruit just stop by 11th and Jack
son and see Mr. Jim Springer.
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class vegetables. Open all night. Stop by, we never
dose. For information about stock on hand call
* f
for General Warehouse.
We are essential
Omaha Paper Stock
JA-0159 18th & Marcy
By Lillian B. Siomu
There are two aspects to the im-j
portant matter of feeding, your
baby. First, is the food itself —■'
that it be nutritionally adequate to<
meet the needs of any individual
infant. Your baby has a definite
requirement to meet his needs.
Your doctor should determine what
foods are necessary and when
those which are added from time
to time should be given. It is high
ly desirable for you to know when
:ertain foods are given so that you
will realize the importance of main
lining the schedule.
Second is the technique or meth
od of feeding your baby. This is
almost entirely your concern.
The> basic consideration for you]
s to see that your baby develops)
food habits of eating. This is de
pendent on his enjoyment of eat
ing. If mealtimes are happy, if)
be is allowed to eat to satisfy his
hunger and thus receive pleasant
sensations, he will unconsciously
learn to eat the foods he should.
Allow for variations in appetite1
and do not be concerned if he
doesn’t eat as much as you think
he should. Forcing or urging will
take away his independence and
deprive him of the chance to de
velop on his own initiative.
A happy baby will eat what he
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learned from me how
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your good times, take
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