The Omaha guide. (Omaha, Neb.) 1927-19??, June 02, 1945, Page 4, Image 4

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    Pepsi Cola Company Makes Gift of Teen-age Club to
Negro Youngsters Living In New York’s Harlem
Company Has Always Maintained A Strong
Policy of Opportunity For Negroes
In Its Business Practice
Negro children living in New Cork’s Harlem have
been given a gay, airy, thoroughly equipped recre
ation center, to be enjoyed and run by themselves,
as a gift by Pepsi-Cola Company, through its Presi
dent, Walter S. Mack, Jr.
Pepsi-Cola Company is well known for the strong
polity it ha* always maintained ol*
opportunity for Negroes in its busi
ness practice. It includes in its
personnel a Negro Sales Director
Herman Smith The Company has
always insisted that its community
project# be for the benefit of all.
without regard to race, creed or col
or; these projects have included dob
Awards for young people finishing
school; Service Centers for Service
men and women; open air concerts;
a new scholarship program now op
erating in iiigli schools throughout
the country including special schol
arships for Negro studants in those
states with separata educational
systems; and many other generous
community activities
The Pepsl-Cola Junior Club of
Harlem, located at 121 Lenox avenue
<105 W 116th Street), in the third
tttii-uge center to be contributed by
the Company to the people of New
York City this year the other two
operating in communities in north
ern New York and Long Island re
All centers are run on it system of
self-government by tile youngsters
themselves, ranging in age from 15
to 19. through their own House
Council An adult Club Director
and a local Advisory Hoard of adult
neighbors assist in guiding the
young people, as problems arise
Each t Tenter also has the interest
and guidance of a Neighborhiod
Committee The Advisory Board of
the Pepsi-Col a Junior Club of Harl
em consists of the following, prom
inent in the City’s activities; dipt
ain Waller Sullivan of the 28th Pre
cinct; Lt Louis Chiahol.ii of the
32ud Precinct; Father Rollins Dod '
of All Souls Church; Mr I'red E
DeMendez, of the Hopkins Employ
ment Agency; Ptl Clifton Einhorn,
of the 28th Precinct; Mr Elmer Ca."
ter, of the New York State Unem
ployment Insurance; Dr Clarence
W Hogan; Mis* Cecilia si*unders. of
the YMOA ; Judge Hubei t T De
laney, of the Domestic Relations
Court; Mr Horatio S Hill of the
Baptist Educational Center; Rev
Father Fleming, of St Thomas the
Apostle Church; Mr Matthew Eder.
of the Harlem Board of Commerce;
Col Iaiopold Phillips, of the Harlem
Board of Commerce; Mr Frank A1
exander of the Uptown Branch YM
CA; Mrs Regina Anderson and
Mr Alvin Wilkes of the West Har
lem Social Agencies
AH three Centers were presented
by the Pepsi Cola Company to the
people of New York, oil the theory
that elulis of this type, operating as
they do from 4:00 in the afternoon
to 10 o'clock at night nil weekdays.
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TWO youngsters have great fun
at the Ping Pong tables in the
new recreation center presented as
a gift to Negro youngsters in the
Harlem community by Pepsi-Cola
Company, through its President,
Walter S. Mack, Jr. The Club,
located at 121 Lenox Avenue, New
York, is run on a system of self
government by the teen-age young
sters themselves; an adult Director
and Neighborhood Committee of
adults give guidance. The Center,
which operates late afternoons and
evenings, was presented by the
Company so that Harlem’s young
sters could have a place of their
own, with games, dancing, refresh
ments, and activities they would
enjoy in wholesome surroundings.
and from 7:00 to 10:00 on Saturdays*
would give young people a place of
their own where they could meet
and enjoy themselves in a whole
some atmosphere during their after
school recreation hours.
The plan is approved by The
Greater New York Federation of
Churches, an organization of most
of the large churches in the City of
New York, and also by New York’s
Welfare Council, which comprises
in its membership about t<00 social,
health and welfare organizations
operating in that city.
Commenting on the program and
plan of the Centers. Mr. Mack says,
“All civic-minded people are aware
of the fact that with so many moth
ers in war work, and so many fa
thers in service, young people have
had an intensified problem these
last few years which will be a
continuing one in the postwar per
iod of finding some way of
spending their recreation hours af
ter school with their own friends in
a healthy and enjoyable atmosphere
and in suitable activities. I am
sure that we all have sufficient
faith in our young people.the fu
ture of America to feel that if
they are given a place they chit call
their own, with games, dancing,
refreshments and activities they
enjoy, the so-called ‘youth problem’
can be simply and effectively met
through this practical answer to
their wishes and requirements, and
that is what we are trying to do
through the Pepsi-Cola Junior
Clubs We have built three, and
maintain them at our own expense,
as a demonstration to the comm
unity of a constructive program in
this direction The enthusiasm
with which the young people are
filling these centers, and the prac
tical lessons of good citizenship
which they are learning through
their experience in democracy and
self-ogevrnment at the centers,
have been tremendously gratifying
to all of us who have had a hand
in helping to build this program ”
The only requirement for mem
bership is registration by young
sters in the neighborhood of a Jun
ior Club, such application being ap
proved by a parent or guardian;
age range of 15 to 19; and abiding
by the rules set by the House Coun
cil of young people themselves
Youngsters pay dues of ten cents
a month, which go into the Club
Treasury funds and which are ex
pended for club parties and func
tions or similar use voted by the
young members
The Harlem Center boasts mirror
ed walls, and fluorescent and neon
lighting It is in gay red, white
and blue colors, and is equipped
You Are Cordially Invited... j
to Attend the Opening of The...
ifflobernistic Heautp Maloti i
at 2422 Grant Street
Sunday, and Monday, June 10 & 11, 1945
HOURS 5 p. m. until- \
—Doris Hawkins, Proprietor. {
Exterior View of the Pepsi-Cola Junior Club of Harlem
jl OCATED in New York City’s Harlem at i2i Lenox Aven^ this 3R«reataOT Center hMbwn^pre»OTt«rf
L as a gift to Negro youngsters in that eommumty by Pepsi-Cola /^Sngsters themselves; an adult
Dinfctor' and^ei^torhoo^Committee6 of Adults Pve^guidance^ The Center, which operates^late
TEEN-AGE boys and girls in New York’s Harlem crowd around the juke box, one of the features in the
new Pepsi-Cola Junior Club of Harlem. The Recreation Center at 121 Lenox Avenue, New York, has
been presented as a gift to Negro youngsters in that community by Pepsi-Cola Company, through its Presi
dent, Walter S. Mack, Jr. The Club is run on a system of self-government by the teen-age youngsters
themselves; an adult Director and Neighborhood Committee of adults give guidance. The Center, which
operates late afternoons and evenings, was presented by the Company so that Harlem’s youngsters could have
a place of their own, with games, dancing, refreshments, and activities they would enjoy in wholesome
with ping-pong tables, games, a
soft drink bar. a dance floor, and a
juke box.
Miss Ruth Juergensen, who is al
so Director of the Centers for Ser
I vice Men, donated and maintained
by Pepsi-Cola Company for men of
the armed forces in New York.
Washington and San Francisco, is
Director of the Junior Clubs. Miss
Eloise Peirsol, formerly Recreation
Director of New York Police Ath
letic League, (an organization form
ed by New York’s police to help
youngsters in recreation activities)
is Manager of the Pepsi-Cola Youth
New York-The NAACP pro
tested this week extension of the
Air Command’s jimcrow policy to
the exclusion of Negro airmen from
the convalescent hospital at Platts
burg Barracks. The announce
ment of this latest development
was allegedly based on an inter
view with four Negro patients who
claimed unhappiness because of
climate and inadequate social con
ditions The memorandum of May
13th from Brigadier General Ray L
Owens. Deputy Chief of Air Staff to
Truman K. Gibson, Civilian Aide to
the Secretary of War, pointed out
"During the early part of Febr
uary, this year, four (4) of th -
Negro patients were interviewed
and it was found that the Negro
personnel assigned there were very
unhappy in their situation due
largely to the severe winter clim
ate and to the fact that there is a
negligible Negro population in that
vicinity The total civilian Negro
population in the vicinity consisted
of one family.
"As a result of the above findings
the Plattsburg Convalescent Hos
pital recommended to the Personnel
Distribution Command on 10 Febr
uary 1945 that no more Xegrp pa
tients be sent to that hospital This
recommendation was accepted and
adopted as policy by the Personnel
Ladies and Children’s Wnrk
A Specially
2422 LA*KE ST
TEEN-AGE youngsters in New
York City's Harlem have fun
in their very own Recreation Cen
ter. Located in the heart of New
York City’s Harlem at 121 Lenox
Avenue, the Pepsi-Cola Junior Club
of Harlem has been presented as
a gift to Negro youngsters in that
community by Pepsi-Cola Company,
through its President, Walter S.
Mack, Jr. The Club is run cn a
system of self-government by the
teen-age youngsters themselves; an
adult Director and Neighborhood
Committee of adults give guidance.
The Center, which operates late
afternoons and evenings, was pre
sented by the Company so that
Harlem’s youngsters could have a
place of their own, with games,
dancing, refreshments, and activi
ties they would enjoy in wholesome
Distribution Command and put in
to practice "
In his letter to Secretary of War
Stimson, XAACP Special Counsel
ThSrgood Marshall hit the fallac
ious reasoning of the Air Corps in
setting policy to be adhered to in
the handling of all Negro per on
ne^ on the basis of race or color
He declared. “The explanation for
this policy is another exarnpl?
the fallacious reasoning of the A • ■
Corps All Negroes in the Ar
Corps eligible for convalescent t e-t
ment are excluded because of the
alleged opinions of four Negroes to
the effect that they are "unhappy
in the northern climate
“It is believable that the Air i'em
mand in charge of air bases with
Negro personnel in northern -<-?
tions of the United States as well
as in areas of other countries with
severely cold climates should sud
denly assume that Negroes are ‘un
happy’ because of the winter cli
mate at Plattsburg There is no
doubt that many of the white pa-,
tients from homes in lower Florida,
Louisiana, Texas and California
might be ‘unhappy’ in the winter
climate of Plattsburg This is the
same type of reasoning .used in a’
unsuccessful effort :< justify *eg
“"Hi'1* nrp. y of the Army A.r
Corps in excludirg Xeg ne« from
convalescent hospitals used by
white servicemen is \vu. out justi
fication. The determinat on of th
Army Air Cories to perpetuate and
extend its policy of s*gregati« .
will increase friction between the
races and is destructive cf fur e;
forts to win a just and lasting
peace. We therefore urge you as
New Canteen Lends a Hand to Harlem Youth
in New York City
WHEN the Pepsi-Cola Junior
Club of Harlem opened in that
comm?».ity recently adults were
"allowed in" on opening day only.
Located in the heart of New York
City's Harlem at 121 Lenox Ave
nue. the Recreation Center has
been presented as a gift to Negro
youngsters in that community by
Pepsi-Cola Company, through its
President. Walter S. Mack, Jr.,
shown here extreme left.
The Club is run on a system of
self-government by the teen-age
youngsters themselves, two of
whom appear in the picture. An
Adult Director and Neighborhood
: Committee of adults give guidance.
I The Rt. Rev. Msgr. Edward Rob
erts Moore, member of the Execu
tive Board of the Catholic Youth
Organization and Pastor of St.
Peter's Church, is seen here (cen
ter) discussing the Center’s pro
gram with Mr. Mack and the
youngsters while Miss Ruth Juer
gensen of Pepsi-Cola Company,
Director of the Company’s Youth
Center Program, looks smilingly
on. The Center, which operates late
afternoons and evenings, was pre
sented by the Company so that
Harlem's youngsters could have a
place of their own, with games,
dancing, refreshments, and activfr
ties they would enjoy in wholesoma
Secretary of War to Issue an order
countermanding the action of the
Air Staff in excluding Negroes
from Plattsburg and other conval
escent hospitals solely on the
ground of race.”
New York—Following failure to
receive a categorical answer to in
quiries made by the NAACP to
Truman K. Gibson, Jr., concerning
the exact wording of remarks at
tributed to him by the press on the
performance of the 92nd Division,
the Association’s Board of Directors
passed a resolution expressing lack
of confidence in the leadership of
the Civilian Aide to the Secretary
Complicated Economy
Casein prices offer an example of
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able in trade and industry, accord
ing to a recent report on the dairy
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ment of agriculture.
In order to increase steel produc
tion recently, more coke was
needed. To produce more coke, the
coke ovens had to be operated at
higher temperatures. This resulted
in the production of less phenol.
Phenol is used in glues which com
pete with casein glue. The restricted
production of phenol glue caused
prices of both phenol and casein
glues to rise. As a result casein
prices increased.
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baiting is frequently desirable, for
it makes the rat familiar with the
places where he will find food, and
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ing the material. Pre-baiting for
about one week before the poison is
to be added is considered desirable.
To Sort
Waste Paper
U. S. Referral Card
JA 0159
18th & Marcy
of War, The resolution as passed
read: “In view of Mr. Gibson’s fail
ure to answer categorically the
questions asked as to the accuracy
of the articles in the New York
Times and the New York Herald
Tribune; and in view of his state
ments as to the reports in the Nor
folk Journal and Guide, and the
Baltimore Afro-American; also, in
view of his lack of cooperation
with the Washington Bureau of the
NAACP; the National Association
for the Advancement of Colored
People expresses its lack of con
fidence in the leadership of Mr
Gibson ”
Mr. Gibson was asked if his re
marks at a March 14th press con
ference in Rome were correctly pre
-sented in the following paragraph
from ohn C. Smith's dispatch to the
New York Herald Tribune: "Mr
Gibson said he had tried to find out
why Negro troops so often ‘melt a
Jway’ in the face of the enemy.
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■right to walk out and work for
somebody else or for ourselves.
If we don’t like our public offi
cials, we want the right to walk
out on them—vote them out of
If we don’t like our union, we
should, I believe, have a choice
of other unions—or no union.
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we should have the right to get
a better one.
There has been a gradual dis
appearance in America in recent
years of our freedom to WALK
where a few stragglers will fall by
the wayside in other units, a whole
Negro platoon will sometimes get
panicky. .”
Mr. Gibson was also asked if he
was correctly reported in the fol
lowing paragraph also from the
Herald Tribune: "Mr. Gibson said
most of the 92nd Division officers
killed in combat have been Negro
officers, which he said reflected
more credit on their courage than
their judgment."
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