The Omaha guide. (Omaha, Neb.) 1927-19??, May 19, 1945, Page 3, Image 3

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Kb I stopped in at 1"0S North 24th j
Street, known a* the Taylor Barber
Shop, everyone seemed to be Jubil
ant and happy and I asked what
was the matter and they said with
a loud voice. "Pay Day!" Our peo
ple seem so happy on pay day
At 1*1* North 24th Street, I notic
ed a crowd standing in front of the
door I stopped and made inquiry
and was told It was a rummage sale
They had the door shut to keep
.-.them out The crowd was made up
of women and children
Mr Will Pierce of J11S R street
has been working at the Swift and
Co . packing plant for **i years
Mose of the time in the beef casing
On his way home he nad a misfor
tune.—he fell and knocked a scar
on the back of his head which caus.
ed him to stay home for two weeks
Mr* Pierce la working at Cudahy
Packing plant in the beef dept She
came home and reported that *he
had made sixty-four hours and still
going strong, w-aiting for sixty
four more
Mr and Mrs l.tbeon of 2904 De
catur have a lo’-ely family They
“Hep Sation” Variety
Unit To Play Tour
of One Niters
A new unit "'Hep-Saltans of
194S." starring the * dancing Nich.
ola* Brothers, will start *ouih a_
bout July 1st for a tour of one
nighters w hich v ill extend clear to
the West Coast
In addition to Harold and Fayard
Nicholas, dancing stars of 20th Cen
tury-Fox pictures, the unit will in
clude the 11-piece orchestra of I»ix_
xy filllespie. Esquire Magazine's
All American Trumpet Star, tfie
comedy antic* of Pstleiwir. and
Jackson and the song* of lovel*
June Eskstine. who is. Incidentally
Billy Eckstiue's wife
“Hop Nations ' will offer, in addi
tion i* this well-balanced variety
shown, an evening of dancing to the
music of the (liliespie orchestra
have five cnildren Two of the
children are in school They have
a baby girl two weeks old. Mr.
Gibson has owrked for Watson
Bros , for two years and says that
he likes his job
Mr Albert Galloway, of 1422
Charles St , reports that he has
been a reader of the Guide for
many years and he thinks it is
much improved 1 like it better all
the time I don't see how I could
do without it. I shall continue to
t.iKe the Cu'de.
Mr Taylor of 2S59 Ohio reports
that the Pastor, Rev. St Clair is
out of the city and will be gone for
about two weeks Rev. F C.
Goodlett is in charge He was for
merly the pastor of Pilgrim Baptist
Church We had a good service
ami everyone enjoyed the service
The BYPU is on the boom You
a re a! ways welcome
Rev G D Benson of 2607 Deca.
tur Street reports that on Sunday
night May 6th, they had a great
meeting Everyone enjoyed the
services Rev Benson has a nice
home There are two in the fam
ily. he and his wife. You are al
ways welcome to the services
Mrs Della Littlejohn wishes to
thank all her friends for the kind
ness that she has received from
them while she was in the hospit
The Interdenominational Pastors
Wives Council met at the home of
Mi'S Mattie Fort, 2622 Charles St
Wednesday. May 2, at 1:00 Pm
A very tasty luneh was served to
the 14 ladies present Next meet
ing will be Wednesday. May 16 «t
1:00 PM . at the home of Mrs Man.
illia Copeland. 105 North 16th St ,
Council Bluffs, Iowa
Ladies remember your "Secret
All Pastor’s wives are welcome.
Mrs Mary Goodlett, President,
Mrs Kathryn Steele, Reporter
Misses Julia and Jerry Williams
of 170S Third St , were week end
guest of Misses Francis and Vern
• »
• *
| 20*
I ncTutc
[ Directed and Written
[ for the Screen by
1 ceqice SEAien
I Produced by
'<> 1 ‘ .
is the modern fuel for
■ II_I
alle Bowie of 2121 Maple St , on
last Saturday. May 5th
Mrs Elizabeth Parks of 1706 So
3rd St., is somewhat improved at
the present. We hope for her a
speedy recovery.
Mrs Daisy Sorrell of 212C Cald
well St., is a member of Pleasant
Breen Baptist Church. She reports
that she has been working at the
Martin Bomber Plant and at the
Paxton hotel and has uit both. She
is staying home and going to raise
a few chickens and take it easy.
Mr Sorrell works at the Armour
Packing Plant.
Mr and Mrs Bythw'ood of 2735
Caldwell entertained their tittle
daughter with a rurprise party last
Sunday the 6th of May. Ice cream
and cake were served All enjoy
ed a good time.
Mrs Cheesebaugh of 2735 Cald_
well reports that she will leave for
Memphis. Tenn . soon to visit her
mother Mrs. Ida Whiltield. whom
she hasn't seen ‘in a year. Mrs.
Cheesebaugh will return after June
Rev Roxey Morris of 2624 Cald_
well has prayer meeting every Wed
nesday night and spiritual adviser
at 8:00 pm You are always wel
come Mrs Morris is a constant
reader of The Omaha Ouide and
thinks it is much improved.
Mrs Hattie Logan of Lexington,
Kentucky was a visitor of Mrs.
Lillie Cawthorne of 2626 Caldwell.
She also visited with her brother
and his wife, Mr. and Mrs Hub
bard of 2630 Blondo. They return
ed to their homes the last of the
Rev. Adams of 1313 North 26th
St reports that last Sunday, May
6th at 3:00 pm., the Paradise Bap
tist Cuhrch had a great meeting
and everyone enjoyed the services
They had as their church guest, 15
visitors from the Grace Bible Insti.
tute Mr. and Mrs. W B Sam.
uel of Chicago were a weekend
guest of Rev. and Mrs Adams.
They left Monday for Sioux city
for the Western District Associat
ion meeting.
Mr and Mrs James Blythevvood
of 2735 Caldwell entertained Rev.
and Mrs Robinson of Gary, Indiana
Rev E. F. Ridley and Mrs. Thom
as of 918 North 27th St., All had
a lovely time Rev. and Mrs. Rob
inson returned home last week.
Mrs Hattie Womack of 2522 In
diana avenue, is still confined to
her bed She has been ill for some
time Mrs Womack seems to im
prove very slowly. She is a mein.;
ber of St. John AME. Church We
Wish her a speedy recovery.
Mr. Samuel Mills of 2707 Miami
St. has been confined to his home
for a month with pneumonia, but he
seems somewhat improved at this
writing. Mr Mills worked at the
Martin Bomber plant and is a mem.
ber of Pilgrim Baptist church. He
is under the care of Dr Herbert
Mrs. Roxie Austin of 2518 Decat
ur reports that she attends Church
every Sunday and expects to con
tinue She s a member of Pleasant
Green Baptist Church knd wants
everyone to know that she is work
ing for Heaven and stays close to
Jesus. She wished everyone would
turn to the Lord and serve Him.
She Is a great lover of The Omaha
Mr. Leon Crawford of 2502 Deca
tur is a waiter on the Union Pacific
He has held the job for 8 months
and he says that the longer he stays
the better he likes his job Mr
Crawford has five children, all boys.
He has to use the strap sometimes
The kids really keep him busy
Mr and Mrs J. S, Purler of 251;
Decatur own their own home and
are doing nicely They have two
children, one girl in school and a
son in the army. Mr. Porter has
been working for the railroad for 3
years in the Pullman service
Mrfs Rebecca Wright of 2731
Seward has a family of two and a
granddaughter. The granddaught
er is in school. Mrs. Wrght re.,
ports that she is in good health
She is having some dental work
done and that gives her a bit of
John Gilbert of 2708 Seward St
is somewhat ill at the present with
pneumonia. He has been working
at the Allied Mills for three years,
and expects to return to work in
the next two weeks. Mrs Alice
Marshall says her health is ime at
the present time.
Mr ant Mrs. Marshall of Austin.
Texas is visiting their mother. Mrs
Manda Harris of 270S Seward St
Mrs. Marshall says their stay in
our city is indefinite. Mrs Marsh,
all reports that Texas is fire and
everyone is doing nicely She says
she likes Omaha fine and might stay
Mrs Edith Curtwright seemed to
be very busy these days When the
reporter stopped by she didn't have
time to say good morning She
was busy cleaning house. Mrs
Curtwright has a lovely home and
she is a widow too Always busy
Mr and Mrs. Gray of 2620 Deca
tur have a comfortable home They
have one son in me Service He
has been in Franoe for one year
Mr Gray does merhanical work at
the Simplex Motor Co He has beer
working there for 3 years, and Is
doing nicely
Mr and Mrs Waller of 2504 Si.
stree has 3 children One in school
and the other two are at home
which keeps Mrs Waller very busy
Everyone seems to be !n good
helth Mr Waller has been work
ing at Swift and Co , for 3 years
Mr and Mrs Tommy Deck of
2622 Decatur have a lovely family
of !* children Two of their sons
were discharged from the army and
are now working in Omaha Mr
and Mrs Beck moved to Omaha
from Mississippi about a year ago
Mr Beck works at Armour Packing
Plant and Mrs Beck stays home and
takes care of the childrc.t
Mrs Eliza B Carroll of 2618
Hamilton street, reports that her
cousin Mrs Elizabeth Stone is liv-j
Brilliant author of the ^ '/?
®©©&GY WD£$@K),
V Vtimegoes by'tothetopof
ing with her Mrs Carroll is a
member of Bethel AMR Church in
Council Bluffs. She did not attend
church last Sunday but will not
miss the Mother's Day services Sun
day. We have a Bible reading ev.
ery Tuesday, ome out, you are wel
While the reportCer was walking
down the street he noticed Nat
Towles’ car coming down the street
Mr. Towles has some good news for
us I know because he does extens_
ive traveling and should know all
the answers.
Mrs. L George of 2*31S Decatur
called the reporter of the Guide by
her house and paid on her account
and says she wants to keep this ac
count straight because she wants
to continue to get the Guide it
is a wonderful paper and sne lines
it very much
Mr Eddie Jones. 2424 Maple St
has a family of one girl Mr
Jones has worked at Armour Pack
ing plant for 15 years. He owns
his home and is living comfortably
Miss Alice Jones, the daughter of
Mr and Mrs Jones is now in the
University at Langston, Okla. and
will return home this summer when
school closes
Mr. and Mrs. Danas Galbreath,
of 2506 Decatur are working Mr
Gilbreath works at the Armour Pack
ing plant while Mrs. Gilbreath does
day work and takes care of the
children. She reports that her dau
ghter will Visit them in June and |
might make Omaha her home while]
her husband is overseas.
Mr I. Pharr of 2206 North 27th
Street, who has be<f nwith the Pul!
man company for 23 years, is now
seeking to get his retirement pa.
pers. He has served the Company
in an honorable way, and there has
never been any complaints or charg
es against him
Mr Pharr has a family of three
two daughters and one son He
has a comfortable home Mrs
Pharr stays home and takes care
of the grandchildren.
Mrs Josie Cowan of 963 North
25th Street reports that her mother
Mrs ones of 2405 ‘Charles street, is
on the sick list at present. Mr
Cowan works at the Swift Packing
plant and Mrs. Cowan works for
the Fairmont Creamery. Mrs
Cowan was eating her breakfast
when the reporter called
Mrs Holloway of 2513 M street,
ha slived in Omaha since 1S23. She
is a member of Bethel Baptist
Church and her husband works at
Armour Packing plant. They are
well pleased with our present con.
ditions They attend Church reg
ularly. Mr. and Mrs Holloway ad
-mire the Guide so much
Mrs Irene M. Oliver of Los An
geles, Calif , is here with her
niece Mrs Dora Blueford. during
her illness for an indefinite stay
Mrs. Blueford fell and fractured
her ankle, on January 26. 1545
Mrs Oliver is a former Omahan
W e are having a pleasant visit
with Mrs Altha Riley, the Prophet
Hess' sister who is a missionary of
the Southern Mission Baptist ehureii
of East St I»uis, 111 We regret
the ending of the two weeks she
has been in our midst She gave
several interesting lectures to the
mothers and missionaries She has
a very pleasing personality We.
the members as well ns our pastor
will miss her when she goes. Miss
Lillian Anderson and friends will
i serve a chicken and f sh dinner for
our pastor in the parsonage Satur
day, May 26 Gratitude of bless
ings God has wrought through his
prayers Public is invited. 2731
Blondo St
Mr Miller of 2S05 Grant St , has
been working at the Martin Bomb,
er plant for three years and says he
is most delighted with his job and
expects to remain there He has
taken his vacation and enjoyed it
very much Mr Miller and his
daughter are taking care of the
Mrs Madie Medlock of 2625
Grant St . reports that Misses Hat
tie Medlock. Chaline Henderson and
L C White have a wonderful quar
tette and they make it their bus'
ness singing at the different chur_
ches They are real entertainers,
and they also sing at white church
es .
Mr J W Hadley of 953 North
25th St., seems very busy cooking
dinner Mr Hadley has a five
room house and being a bachelor,
he has his own housework and
cooking to do.
Mrs Jenkins of 2712 Franklin St
has 7 children. 4 attend Long school
Mr Jenkins is still working at the
Packing Co Their son who was *r
the army is out working and doing
Mrs Darling of 2618 Franklin St
reports that she stayed home Sun
day all day on account of the rain
hut that she shall be out next Sun.!
day and attend her church.
Mrs. Darling is in fine health and
reports that she really admires the
Chatter Box column in the Omaha
Mr. Robert Cooper of 927 North
25th St., has been hone from work
4 months on account of illness Mr
Cooper worked regularly until he
taken sick He reports that he is
on the mend at the present and
feels better. t
Mrs. Robert Roote of 946 North
25th St., is expecting her husband
home very soon on a furlough Mr
Moore is stationed in North Caro
Mrs. C L. Mercer of 2016 Burt
has been confined to her bed for
sometime She is a member of the
Cleaves Temple Church. Mrs Mer_
cer is anxious to get up so she can
attend her Church. She has a lady
attendant who takes very good care
of things while she is ill Mrs
Mercer loves visitors so drop in any
time and have a chat
Mrs. Mittie Rose of 928 North
25th St., has been sick for about 5
weeks and confined to her bed> but
seems to be improving Mrs Rose
brother, Mr. Frank Kirtley is also
confined to his bed and has been for
a week
Mrs. G A Cooper who resides at
2012 North 22nd St., will leave the
city the 17th of May to join her son.
Rev. E L. Cooper in New Orleans
She will attend his fifth annivers
ary after which she will accompany
him to Pensacola. Fla , where he
will wed Miss Hazel Haze, secretary
of the Booker T. Washington High
School of that State
They are planning to return to O
maha and run a revival at the Para
dise Baptist Church of which Rev.
C. C Adams is pastor
M/Sgt. Sherman Coper of 2012
North 22nd St was wounded in ac
tion in the Pacific area. His con.
dition is improved and he is now
able to use his right arm again
Mrs Lillie Frye from Lawrence.
Kansas and Mrs Ina Gunter from
Oklahoma City. Okla ? spent Moth
ers' Day with their sons Mr Ches.
ter Gunter and Mr. Frank Mosley
They were entertained by Mr. and
Mrs Elmer Gant and Mrs. J A
Crumbley. They boast of having a
very enjoyable time. They left
Tuesday for their homes in Kansas
and Oklahoma.
Mr Eubanks of 959 North 25th
St . has been in the hospital for two
weeks Mr Eubanks had two of
his fingers amputated He is home
now and doing fine Mrs Eubanks
is in the best of health
Mr and Mrs. Bolden of 2615 Blon
do have lived in Omaha for sixty
years She reports that they own
their own home. Mr Bolden works
at the Martin Bomber plant He
lias been been employed there for 3
years. They have two daughters.
Mrs Mildred Johnson and Mrs Al_
ice Vivian Mrs. Bolden expects to
visit them in the near future.
Mrs Alberta Michael of 2115 N
27th St . has lived in the same place
for 22 years She is a beautician
and has been in the business for 26
years. Mrs Michael reports that
she finished her course in Pitts
burg!^ Penn , Business is fine. She
has a nice home and is living com
fortably .
Mrs. Marion Temple, of 2619 Blon
-do has been on the sick list for
over a year, but at the present she
is feeling better She is a member
of Clair Chapel and longB for the
day that she can attend Church
Mrs Temple's sister and husband
room with her and are doing well
Mrs Isadora Wilson of If 10 N
26th St. is a member of Cleaves
Temple and attended Church last
Sunday and enoyed a good sermon
Mrs. Wilson’s husband is in the
army He is stationed in West
Point. New York He has been in
the army two years Mrs Wilson
is expecting him home next month
on a furlough. She V6ngs to see
Mrs Anna Mae Harris of 2210 X
27th St , reports that she has been
sick for over a year but seems to
be on the move upward Mrs
Harris reports that her husband vls_
ited her from St Paul, Minn . and
was in the City three days
First Lt Oliver Lewis and Mar
garet Lewis were here in the city
also, their stay was short hut very
Mrs Burke of 2206 North 27th
St > reports that she attended
1 Church Mothers' Day at Bethel AME
Church and enjoyed the services
very much Mr Burke is still
working at the Smelter and is get
ting along nicely Mr and Mrs
Burke have one son, 5 years old
who keeps her busy.
Mr and Mrs I. S. Pharr of 2206
N'orth 27th St . have a very com.
fortable home and they have one
daughter, Mr Pharr has worked
for the Pullman Co., for 25 years
and ig expecting to take his vaca
tion on May 16th He w-ill visit his
old home. Camden, Alabama and
then to Mobile, Alabama after which
he will return to Omaha.
Mr Boyd V Galloway who un
derwent a minor operation is gett.
ing along nicely after his release
from the hospital, where he had his
tonsils removed Mr. Galloway is
a airplane engineer at the Martin
Bomber plant, and a motion picture
operator at the Ritz theatre and
look-out man at the Omaha Guide.
Mrs. Helen Simpon of Sioux City,
Iowa was visiting with her aunt.
Mrs. Henry of 2717 Rake St Mrs
Simpson was entertained by friends
while in Omaha\ She left Monday
for home \
Rev and Mrs. J E Wade have
gone to Perry > Okla . for a visit
with his sister and brother_in-law.
Mr and Mrs. John Smith. The
Wades plan to stop in Kansas City
on their way home and visit with
Mrs Wade's cousins’ wife, Mrs Al_
len S. Gordon Pfc. Allen Gordon
is in the Pacific.
Mr. Chris Green of 945 North 25th
St has been sick for three years,
aijd is still confined to his home.
Mr. Green seems to improve very
slowly At the present Mr. Green
reports that he feels fairly well.
Miss Josephine Wise of 946 North
25th St., had a birthday party on
May 9th She had as her guest.
Miss l Moore and Miss Johnson
her mother and sisters Cake, sand
wiches and ice cream were served
She erceived a present from her boy
friend overseas. Every-one had an
enjoyable time.
Mrs Rose Ware of 940 North 25th
St _ says that she is a constant read
er of the Guide and expects to con
tinue Mrs. Ware thinks the pa
per is much improved
Mr Alv'in Griffin of 2914 North
25th St., is very busy cutting the
lawn at 2417 Decatur St Mr
Griffin reports that his health is
not so good aDthe present, he never
goes to bed but that he always com
Mr. C. Cain of 2903 Decatur St .
has been employed by the Union
Pacific Railroad for 10 years as a
cook and he reports that he likes
his job fine. They have three
children in school
Mr. Percy Phifer of 2816 Decatur
who expects to make Omaha his
home is working at Swifts and Co.
Mr Phifer reports that just as soon
as he can find a house he is going
to move his family from Youngs
town Ohio.
Urban League Jottings
The AWVS . who sponsor the
Youth Center dances at the USO
every Tuesday night, have been col.
lecting clothing for salvage in the
current drive They- also sponsored
a book review at the YWCA. Sun
i day May 5th at yvhich Mrs. Alton
[Good reviewed Richard Wright’s
“Black Boy.” and autobiography.
Mrs Grace Bradford is chairman of
the group
Troop No. 62, 63 and 200 partic
ipated in the international field
day- for Girl Scouts at Elmwood
park all day Saturday- May 5th.
An active Club of youth that
meets at the Urban League is To
morrow’s World. They express a
desire and do something about the
plight that Dark America finds it
self in. Officers of this group are
Dorothy Watson. Pres ; Dorothy
Lawson Vice Pres : Nolene White
side, Secy; Jack West, Correspond,
ing Secy; and Doris McGill and
Bobby Montgomery, Co.chairmen of
the Entertainment Committee
Sponsors of the group are the Rev
J C Williams. Mrs. Thomas Jones,
and Rev. J E. Blackmore
A younger group of boys have ex
pressed a desire to organize into a
self improvement club that will de
velope their ability at speaking, de
bating and knowledge of civic af
fairs Among those present at the
first informal meeting were Rol
and Jakes, 2115 North 27th St . Sam
Williams, 2430 Lake St., Maceo
Brown, 1914 Grace St., and William
Hamms, 2616 Grant St.
A group of high school age boys
consisting of Thomas Upcher 2420
Wirt St . Booker T. Holloway. 2304
North 26th St., Arthur Ewing 114
North 43rd St , Vernon Newt, 2915
North 28th Ave , and Floyd Cloud,
2003 Lake St., expressed their in.
tention of organizing into a Club
for a like purpose and are planning
a debate squad and glee club
We are still much in need of man
power to service the scout troops
and cub packs for this area If
jou are interested in becoming a
scoutmaster. Troop committee men
Cub mothers or Cub committee,
women get in touch with Arthur B
McCaw at the Urban league WE
Mr Du ward R Crooms. Mrs
John Albert Williams, Mr H W
Smith, Mr Wilson and Mr Snell,
of the NAACP Board journied to
Council Bluffs to attend the branch
meeting in Council Bluffs last Sun
day May 6th. They reported an
enthusiastic meeting
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According to Mrs Ruth Wiles
Executive Secretary of the Group’
Work Division of the Council com
plete information concerning loca
tion, length of season, medical tare
free and pay camps and sponsoring
agencies for the 15 youth camps in
the Omaha area is on file in the of_
fice of the Community Welfare
Council, 736 World Herald building'
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mer may have all their questions
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