The Omaha guide. (Omaha, Neb.) 1927-19??, May 05, 1945, Page 8, Image 8

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    Ceiling Prices Not Cause
of Meat Shortage...
to the Congress is attached.
My hear Congressman,
t have been folowing in the
press the inquiry into meat sup
plies and black markets by a sub
committee of the Committee on Ag
riculture and forestry of the
Let me say at the outset that we
are convinced price ceilings are not
the cause of the meat shortaget and
that relaxation of price controls will
nol produce more meat. We will not
be misled uy any effort that may be
made to Justify on that ground the
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emasculation of price control
through amendment of the law.
The Impression conveyed through
reports of the subcommittee's in
quiry is that price ceiling regulat
ions are responsible for the present
scarcity of meat in retail stores. We
are given to understand that by
raising price ceilings, or by doing
away with price control altogether,
increased meat supplies would be
forthcoming and the scaracity re
lieved. It is reported that an am
endment to the price control law Is
proposed to require higher pricse
ceilings for meats.
Through our own inquiries we
learn that the over-all reduction in
meat supply at *be moment Is due
to a curtailment of hog production
las tyear, which in turn resulted
front the fact that reserves of feed
; grain supplies had been used up, and
some reduction in livestock numbers
was necessary.
The meat scarcity which con
fronts housewives at the butcher's
I counter is further aggravated by
black markets. That is plain to
anyone who cares to observe how
I meat is being marketed at the pre
1 sent time.
Neither of these causes of scarce
meat, it seems to me, points to
price control as the real source of
difficulty, or suggests that a rais
ing of prices will secure us relief
Plainly what we need is stimulation
of all possible production, accom
panied by adequate control of the
supply from the slaughter house
right through to the retail counter
where families buy their meat.
Because he as reported so con
cisely to this same subcommittee,
let me call your attention to the;
statement of Seoetary of Agricult
ure Wickard on March 2S last. In
the course of that statement, he j
"A general increase in livestock I
and meat ceilings is not likely to |
immediately increase the number
•f animals marketed In fact, it
might have the opposite effect,
' There is one cold hard fact that
must be faced: that is black mar
keting cannot be controlled by
price ceiling manipulations ”
"Insofar as pork production is
concerned, farmer are much more
concerned with support prices than j
they are with ceiling prices.
"Any break in ceilings w'hich
would result in an increase in meat
prices at retail should be avoided.”
Publicity emerging from the hear
ings conducted by the subcommittee
seems to point more toward relaxa
tion of price control than to strong
action against black markets One
Senator is quoted as condoning the
purchase of meat on. black markets
in the absence of meat available
through lawful channels If dis
sent from that view was expressed
in committee, it escaped my notice
in the press.
Surely these must be distorted
accounts of what the current in
quiry is leading to. It cannot be
possible, while our country is still
at war and our fighting men are en
gaged with enemy. --iat any comm
ittee of the Congress is willing to
lend itself in any degree whatso
ever to an undermining of public
morale here at home. Surely there
can be no intended purpose to ex
ploit our difficulties with respect
to a diminished meat supply, or to
suggest that relaxation of essential
wartime control should be propos
ed to ease these difficulties
Sueaking for myself and for the
millions of families within the large
family of CIO, I want to assure you
that we are prepared to undergo
all the inconveniences that may be
required of us in order that there
shall be no question of our ability
to supply the armed services with
the best of everything we have and
to meet our obligations to the ut
most for the relief of hunger and
starvation in Europe.
Avoidable difficulty in these home
front affairs is a different matter
We do not intend to stand idle
when profiteering adds its burden
upon difficulties already too heavy.
We do not propose to accept with
out challenge any unwillingness
or incapacity of governmental a
gencies or of the Congress to deal
firmly with home front problems in
the interest of the common good
We expect our government to in
sist upon equal sharing of what
ever limitation in supply is neces
sary We expect it to control the
distribution of supplies go as to
make unnecessary any participat
ion in illegal practice on the part
of patriotic and decent citizens. We
expect that those who dare to traf
fic for their profit in the bootleg
ging of the necessities of life be
apprehended and givn the treat
ment they deserve. They are crim
inalg under the law and scavengers
on the common cause. They should
be dealt with accordingly.
There is enough food, over and '
above military requirements for
all of us in this country, provided
it be properly shared and strictly
rationed. To perform only a part
of our vitally important obligation
to the hungry people of Europe we
shall have to maintain strict ration |
ing. We are fully prepared to do
what is necessary to make good the I
liberation of subect peoples for
which our fighting men have given
their lives.
Any attempt to exploit our small
difficulties in this country to weak- i
en our will to come through to vic
tory as a united people behind our
government must, and 1 am sure
will receive the rebuke of all good
citizens. We are a decent and pa
triotic people. We do not intend
that anyone shall seek to relieve
our minor hardships upon a con
trary assumption. Nor do we go
along with anyone who professes
his right to deprive his neighbor by
illegal means whenever he may
find it inconvenient or impossible
to come by his own share honestly.
Whatever the vexation we may
have t oface. we can take it We
are a people at war, and we intend
to act accordingly.
Price control must be continued
and fortified Puitioning must be
made fully effective These meas
ures are vital to war, and will be
no less so during the difficult days
of demobilization
All-out aid to American farmers
for another year of all-out record
production is what the present sit- I
uation requires. To that must be
Again, the mayor has made a
mistake in refusing to accept
the compromise on the power
problem offered by the Governor
and the legislature. Here is his
record to dates
1- He attempted to revoke the power company's franchise which has been
held by the United States Supreme Court to be perpetual.
2. He attempted to force a rate reduction as soon as the company was sold to
an Omaha group, although for years he had not attempted to reduce rates
when the company was owned by the eastern owners.
3. He has caused lawsuits to be brought against the power company which
have delayed public ownership.
4. He fought the repeal of L. B. 204 when it was apparent that it was un
workable. •
5. He fostered a condemnation ordinance calling for an election on May 15
and then upon the recommendation of a letter from E. F. Pettis, chairman
of the Brandeis-Pettis Committee, postponed the election and called for a
special election on June 26. This change of mind will cost you taxpayers
from $15,000 to $30,000.
6. At the Legislature, the Mayor and Council offended many Senators from
Omaha's trade territory.
added adequate controls of distri
bution, coupled with firm and unre
lenting attack upon black market
I ask you to stand with us and
with all the people of the country
against any proposal to turn these
home-front food problems, which
loom so small upon the face of a
world at war, into an attack upon
the essential safeguards to our na
tional strength.
Given A Full Report
For the first time since the organ
ization of the Douglas County Wel
fare Administration, The taxpayers
have been given a full report of
welfare activities, expenditures, ac
complishments and future needs.
The eight page report covering
activities of the Welfare Admin
istration for the year of 1944 has
been issued by County Welfare Ad
ministrator Philip H. Vogt and Ad
ministrative Assistant I.eslie F.
In the report, Administrator Vogt
commended the Board of County
Commissioners for setting up an
effective and business like organ
ization of the health and welfare
responsibilities of Douglas County.
Vogt also commended the private
agencies, represented and financed
by the Omaha Community Chest, for
carrying a large share of the burden
of health and welfare services In
the county.
Among the accomplishments cited
were: unification of all county wel
fare services under one administrat
ion: the organization of an admiss
ions department for the County
Hospital and Clearvlew Home, and
the establishment of a central bus
iness office.
The outlook for this year, ac
cording to the report. Is ra'ther dis
couraging. The biggest job in 1945
will be to keep the county institut
ions open because of the critical
shortages in personnel, supplies and
In the report, Administrator Vogt
recommended a more satisfactory
basis of financing because "county
relief and institutional services have
been operating below the minimum
of safety and efficiency.”
Other recommendations were that
the state of Nebraska should accept
full responsibility for tubercular
and mental patients, and that Doug
las County rearrange its facilities
to provide more satisfactory care
for the chronically ill.
Newsletter “What’s
Happening in
(Continued from pageJSgF’T)
man’s instructions to Hugh Fulton,
Committee counsel, were: "Don’t
smear. Don’t whitewash ” (Com
mittee member Homer Ferguson,
Republican, of Michigan, is likely
be a close adviser.
Policies versus Personnel: On the
surface, postwar domestic policies
may seem as much left of center as
Roosevelt’s. But attitude will be
much more conciliatory. Manage
ment of government will be in much
more conservative hands. Congress
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will carry much greater weight.
Southerners will play a larger role.
Washington is saying; "The North
ern New Dealers will get the
policies; Missouri and the South will
get the jobs."
HARRY HOPKI.YS, because of his
intimate knowledge of negotiations
with the Big Three, will continue
health permitting. Senator Barkley,’
Senator Connaly, Speaker Rayburn,
Houe Majority Deader McCormac,
will be important counsellors. Jesse
Jones will be influential.
Cabinet: Truman is being urged
by some to follow Coolidge's exam
ple and leave his predecessor's Cab
inet intact. Others warn him to
“clean house,” declare that every
time he makes a decision with
which one of the weak sisters in the
Cabinet disagrees, mental comparis
ons unfavorable to him will follow.
Despite reports, no decision is yet
Labor: Truman was known as a
“Railroad Brotherhood Senator."
(Kansas City and St. Louis are
strong railroad *owns.) Put both
AFD and CIO characterized his vot
ing as “100 per cent labor."
Although Truman is as pro-labor
as FDR, there will be differences,
Byrnes, perhaps the new power bel
hind the throne, would be President
today hut for CIO-PAC. Bob Han
negan. Democratic, chairman, re
sented repeated implication that
PAC won the election. CIO fought
Truman at Chicago. While Sidney
Hillman & Co. will never be snubbed
they will yeild dominant place to
favored AFL'ers.
Pearl Harbor: If “the truth a
bout Pearl Harbor” is as damaging
as is insinuated, l'ruman may ex
pedite exposure. Advisers tell him
he can get cred't for honesty and
courage by lifting the lid soon.
Smoke could then blow over before
Admonition to l.nlior; A word or
warning from a friend, Labor has
duties as well as rights. You must
elect and follow wise leaders of
proved integrity. Your contracts
must be sacred.
“Above all else, you must turn
in an honest day's work every day
you are on the job, for it is only
through production that you create
a higher standard of living that will
assure health and prosperity- to your
Government in Business; ‘‘To the
extent necessary-, and only to the
extent necessary, the government
should supplement private banking
where private banking is not able to
do the job (of financing reconvers
ion), but should not try to sup
plant it or to place the government
in control of business. Every effort
should be made to induce business
to obtain working capital through
the investing public and not by loan
from, or guaranteed by, a govern
ment agency.”
Monopolies: “Our industrial his
tory teaches us that once an in
dustrial empire has been created,
there is a strong tendency- for its
, management to seek to maintain the
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status quo by fair means or foul
rather than to embark upon new
untried and speculative undertak
ngx, which, after all is the only
sure means through which pro
gress can be made.”
Wartime Strike for Closed Shop;
(Discussing machinist's strike in
San Fracisco and Oakland) "The
government of the United States
has taken no position either for or
against the closed shop; the des
perate need of the United States
for ships ought not be used as a
weapon to obtain the closed shop
where for 25 years no closed shops
have existed.”
Hillman: When Sidney Hillman
as Associate Director of OHM oppox
posed award to lowest bidder to a
void jurisdictional labor dispute: "l
cannot condemn Mr. Hillman's po
sition too strongly. First, the United
States does not fear trouble from
any source; if trouble is threaten
ed, the United States is able to pro
tect itself. If Mr. Hillman cannot or
will not protect the interests of the
United States, I am in favor of re
placing him with some one who can
and will.”
Accounting of Fundx: "I think
the time has come when labor un
ions, cooperatives, and similar or
ganizations which have grown to
such vast proportionse during th
past few years are going to be re
quired to make an accounting of
their funds and what they do with
them for the benefit of the public
and in the pubic interest. There ix
no difference between a labor lead
I er with too much money to spend
f on an election and Mark Hanna with
j too much money to spend on an
Selection.” (Jan. US 1945.)
Again*! Controlled Economy: "I
l>ersonally am a firm beleiver in in
dividual incentive and I believe that
this country reached its present de
velopment as soon as It did largely
because there was free play for in
dividual initiative. I don't want
government officials, whether se
lected from the ranks of business
or not, determining who will pro
duce and how much will be produced
"The profit motive of our econ
omic sytem, I think, is superior to
any other system. We do not want
any part of the fear motive of nat
ional socialist states. But a profit
system does lead in some cases to
exesses which cause difficulties,
just as a dog that bite make it nec
essary for all dogs to be chained or
muzzled.” (Sept. 24, 1942.)
('oniiuiiiiiNni: * I beleive that if
there are any inhabitiants here who
beleive that certain forms of gov
ernment in Europe are better than
ours, they should be sent to those
countries they admire and not be
given an opportunity to overturn or
destroy our republic." (May 21
Illg Business; "I am not an ad
mirer of bigness. 1 have said on the
floor of the Senate that a thousand
insurance companies with J4 million
' each are better for the country than
one company with $4 billion. I think
that is true of steel factories, pack
ing plants, and grocery stores. I
want to do whatever I can to help
the small businessman—the big one
will take care of himself." (March
21, 1939.)
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