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    U. S. Negro has Unprecedent Opportunity in Frisco Parley
The precedent shattering World
Security Conference opened in San
Francisco edneaday afternoon, with
delegates from Haiti, Ethiopa, Li
beria and India participating. Also
significant was the large represent
ation from the lattin-American
countries who, in working for world
peace, hope to lessen the influence
of race in the settlement of world
Dr. Mary McLeod Bethune, Pres
ident of the National Council of
Negro Women, has been appointed
by the State Department of the
United States as a consultant to the
Conference. She Is working with Dr.
W E. B. DuBois and Walter White
In the presentation of the Negro's
vew point at the conference. In ad
dition to these representatives, var
ious church and national groups
have unofficial observers on hand.
In response to requests from NN
PA correspondents. Dr, Bethune is
sued the following statement to
"The Negro In America ha» an un
i _
preeedented opportunity in the San
Francisco parley on World Security
to lift his sights to encompass a
world view of the problems of peace
and to think in unison with the re
presentatives of forty-six nations
ou the most effective means of set
tling national differences, of ad
judicating all national and inter
national grievances of his own
status in America.
Through this Conference, the Neg
ro becomes closely allied W'it,h all
the darker races of the world, but
more importantly he becomes inte
grated into the structure of the
peace and freedom of all people
every w'here
I am particularly interested in the i
trend of thought of the darker peo-^
ides of the world who are no longer
a numerical minority. One of the big
questions of the Conference will be
how best to set up machinery for
the inclusion of all small and de
pendent peoples whose status is un
determined, yet whose voice is need
ed in clinching a durable peace.
It is heartening and unique that
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, Omaha, Nebraska
(we are, in contrast to the pattern of
all previous wa*x, striking boldly
while yet in the agony and suffer
ing of a war-torn world, for the de
sign of a lasting peace.
I am sending out a meditative
petition for wisdom, guidance, good
judgment and courage for all the
heads of our great nations who must
unitedly make the decisions at this
history-making World Conference."
eting off to a fast start with a
ten minute address from President
ruman in Washington paying tri
bute to President Roosevelt and his
farreaching constructive work for
peace, and a plea by Secretary of
StateStettinius, the Conference
knuckled down to serious business
on Thursday.
Among some of the serious quest
ions to be discussed, those of the
utmost importance to the darker
races are:
(1) The question of Colonial Pol
icy, which deeply affects Africa in
its relationship to such Kuropean
countries as Engand, France, Port
ugal, Italy Holland and Belgium.
(2) The principle of the “equal
ity of peoples", and an end to the
racial superiorly approach of some
(3) The future of India as a self
autonomous nation.
(4) Reconsideration of the prin
ciple of “Mandated” areas and the
advocacy in some quarters of what
is known as “international Trustee
With these questions already in
the hopper, it is anticipated that
American Negro opinion will weigh
heavily in discussions on these
Son Francisco and the entire Bay
Area has opened doors wide to the
consultants, observers and press re
presentatives, and others who are
getting the Negro point of view' a
So far, there has been a complete
absence of discrimination in the ar
rangements made by the State De
partment. Six Negro newspapermen
arrived in San Francisco via trans
continental trains which transport
ed over nine hundred representativ
es of the working press.
Negro consultants, observers and
Negro press are housed indiscrimin
American Negroes are expected to
play a vital role in making Amer
ica's participation in th eWorld Se
curity Organization a politica.
All the world knows that if ef
fective steps are to be taken now'
for the prevention of a 3rd World
War, America's participation in the
World Security Organization must
be assured. It is recognized around
the world that the Negro American
plays a vital role in helping to
shape American opinion.
One of the encouraging trends,
which indicates wide-spread Negro
interest are the World Security mass
meetings and community conferenc
es which Negro groups are sponsor
ing throughout the nation.
The Mandate System was first in
troduced in the world of internat
ional Administration by Prime
Minister Smuts of South Africa in
the early years of the formation of
the League of Nations. It was a
system meant to provide some form
of preferential authoritative right
in the administration of dependent
peoples by a major power who, in
turn owed a moral obligation to the
general assembly of the League of
Nations, and to which body the au
thorized power was under solemn
commitment to make periodical re
The San Francisco World Secur
ity Conference has under consider
1. The abolition of the Colonial
2. The introduction of a theory,
and practice, of international Trust
eeship of the Colonies. International
Trusteeship means that:—More than
one nation shall have the right or
shall have the given authority to de
cide on the type of administration
that will be best for a given Colon
ial Dependency. There is, however,
no provision so far whereby the
trustees of a given dependent terri
tory are obligated morally or polit
ically to a central body for the ad
ministrative operations of a native
population. The distinction, there
fore, is that under the Mandate
System a major power—as the term
Mandate indicates—was duty bound
to refer its final action and judg
ment to the extinct League of Nat
ions; wheras under the Internation
al Trusteeship or Collective Trust
eeship more than one power may
exercise administrative control of
Colonial Territories.
When called for a comment on
these questions General Smuts,
who is a delegate to the Conference
said, “ No comment”.
Empire of Ethiopia
Bitwodded Makonnen Endalkatau
Prime Minister, Atto Akbilou Hop
tewold. Vice Minister of Foreign
Affars, Ambai Wold Mariam, Vice
Minister of Justice, Blatta Ephrem
Twelde Medhen, Minister to the
United States, Emanuel Abraham,
Director General Ministry of Edu
cation, Getahoun Tesemma First
Secretary, Legation, Washington
Menasse Lemma, Director General
Ministry of Finance
Gerard Lescot, Minister of
Foreign Affairs, Vely Thebaud,
Minister of Interior, Justice and
Defense, General Alfred Nemours,
President of the Senate, Andre Lia
taud, Ambassador to the United
Clarence Simpson. Vice President,
Gabriel L. Dennis, Secretary of
State, Lemuel Gibson, Chairman,
Senate Foreign Relations Commit
tee, Colonel Moses N. Grant. Front
ier Forces Richard Henries Chair
» »
man. House of Representatives
Foreign Relations Committee.
Dr. Mordecai Johnson, President |
of Howard University, Washington,
D. C., Dr. Max Yergan, Executive
Secretary, Council on African Af
fairs, New York City, Dr. Ralph
Bunch, State Department Attache,
ashington, D. C. ,Dr. W. E. B. Du
Bois, Consultant, New York City,
Dr, Mary McLeod Bethune, Consult
ant. Washington. D. C., J. Finley
Wilson, Elks, Washington, D. C. j
United Nations’ Conference Opens
San Franesco, Calif —Delegates
of forty four nations attend the op
- '11^——“
| ening session of the United Nations
I Conference for world security In the
San Francisco war memorial Opera
' Houst last week. The delegates
were listening to the broadcast ad
dress of President Truman at the
time ths photograph was taken.
M. Molotov, chairman of the Soviet
deegation to »the United Nations
Conference in San Francisco, is
shown, (right) as he spoke against
selection of U S. Secretary of State
Edward R. Stettinius as permanent
chairman of the Conference. Ste
ttinius appears at left.
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P. M.—I have been reading your
column for some time and like it
very much. Please tell me what to
do? Should I continue with the man
I am going with now or go with
the one I stopped going with? The
one I stopped going with is about
20 ears older than me, or older, and
the one I a going with now is about
10 years younger.
Ans:—There is no love whatever
existing between you and either one
of these men. If it had been so, you
or one of them would have realized
it long before this time. They are
just friends and as long as you en
joy their company there is no rea
son why you shouldn‘t continue to
see them from time to time. If it is
a husband you desire, you should
seek new friendships among men of
your own age.
K. H.—My problem is this: I am in
love with a boy who recently was
jailed for nothing much and later
started drinking. He got drunk and
embarassed me to a point of my cry
ing by curing in my presence. He
now says that he will never let me
see him in this condition again. He
begs me to please forgive him and
try him noe more time. I really be
lieve this boy loves me but 1 want
to break him of this habit. My par
ents know of what he did and have
forbidden him coming to my house
until he stps. Must I continue seeing
him and persuade him to do better
or stop seeing him. He claims that
worry over me is driving him to
liquor and drink. He also claims
that if I break off from him he
will g ocrazy and do worse than he
has already. I love this boy so tell
me what do you think I should do?
Ans:—How utterly selfish of this
young man to accuse you of driving
him to drink. You are decent, and
self-respecting young lady with a
good reputation and if you were to
associate with him drinking and
cutting up as he does now, you
would soon lose your good standing
You are not driving him to drink
that's just his excuse for moral
cowardice. Your parents are wise
not to give their consent for you to
keep company with him while he is
behaving as he is at present. How
ever. they are broadminded enough
to believe that once he makes up his
mind to give up this habit, he has
the will power to stick to it. Con
vince him that he must make his
choice between you and his liquor,
you two can't mix.
A. M. D.—I am 23 years old, liv
ing with a man of 39 and love him ,
but I don't think he loves me. He
runs around with women and I
know it. Will we ever marry?
Ans:—Not as long as he has the
conveniences of marriage without
the responsibilities at his disposal.
If it is marriage and a home you
want, you had better make a change
right away. If you left' and became
self-supporting it would force him
to make a decision one way or the
S. L. L.—I am a young married
woman. I have been married 6 years
and my husband is good to me but
he is going with another woman
and seems like he cares for her. I
have decided to leave and go to an
other town. Will you please tell me
if it would be best for me to go or
Ans:—Stay right there in your
own home and compete with the
young lady who is trying to wreck
your marriage. Your husband may
be temporarily infatuated with her
at this time, but you know that he
has been in love w'ith you all these
years and has proven it until she
came along. You held his love in the
past and you can do it again, if
you will stick by the fight. It can't
be done by arguing with him as
that would be poison to your mar
riage. But if you are, kind, effect
ionate and tender in his presence,
looking your best, at all times get
ting out and enjoying life as he
likes to do, it shouldn't be long un
til he realizes that he has a wonder
ful companion right there in his
1 own home. The less said about the
other woman, the better.
Nebr. Tuberculosis Seal
Sale Shows Increase
Pr. J. Harry Murphey, President
of the Nebraska Tuberculosis As
sociation, announced at the close of
the fiscal year March 31, a total of
$122,572 SO realized from the 1944
Christmas Seal Sale in Nebraska.
An increase of $19 796.46 over the
■1943 Christmas Seal drive shows
how generously the people of our
state responded to the battle on the
home front in fighting tuberculosis.
Ninety-five cents out of every
dollar contributed stays in Nebraska
for the promotion of educational
work in prevention and early diag
nosis of the disease, skin testing
programs and other health activit
ies. The other five cents Is sent to
the National Tuberculosis Assiciat
ion for consultation and research,
said Dr Murphy.
During war times the threat of a
rise in tuberculosis is now being
felt and in order to combat this
rise we must work harder to com
“Let him live with my in-laws
for a month!”■—London citizen on
how to punish Hitler.
“I won’t let myself spend more
than $100 on a dress.” — Mrs.
Frank Sinatra.
“There is a bottom to every
barrel, even America’s.” — Sen.
Vandenberg, Mich., on world
Lend-Lease in postwar.
“Our objective should be to
create an economic framework
within which a minimum of gov
ernment intervention would oc
cur.”—Dr A. F. Hi.rrichs, U. S.
Dept, of Labor.
“Government guaranteeo? jobs
would mean both the death of
liberty and eventual impoverish*
ment.” — Henry Hazlitt, New
York editor.
“I have yet tc meet one GI who
believes in strikes.”—Pvt. Robert
Stone, former int’l rep., United
Auto Workers, CIO, now fighting
in Europe.
pletely eradicate the dread disease
from Nebraska, said Dr. Murphy.
Petain Ready to Sur
i render to French
: Officials
Switzerland. Soundphoto, Radio -
photo—Marhal Henri Philippe Pe
tain who was Chief of State of
France during German occupation,
is shown as he entered Switzerland
at St Margrethen to pass through
that country on the way to France
Petain will go to Paris to stand his
trial as a collaborator A report
current in Paris said that Petain al
ready has surrendered to French
Hines Refuses to Drop
GrI Race Query
Washington (C) Veteran Ad
ministrator Hines has very bluntly
said "NO" to the request that he el
iminate questions of race on the ap
plication form for GI business and
housing loans.
Sometime ago Hines had protest
ed that the V A w-ould have “free
dom from discrimination and free
dom from obstacles and prejudice”
for the one million Negroes in the
war. Now he says "The lender re
quires adequate information for his
purposes in addition to that which
would be necessary for government
purposes only. Of course, you real
ize that few persons would lend
money without being fully informed
of all the facts which the lender
considers relevant.”
Rep. Douglas Says
‘Getting Rid of Poll Tax
Is Woman’s Job’
Washington. D C. (C.N.S.)
The lady from California, pretty
Helen Gahagan Douglas, has just
written a pamphlet soon to be dis- |
tributed expressing the view that |
getting rid of the poll tax is a wo
man's job.
One of the nine women elected to
the 79th Congress and wife of Major
Melvyn Douglas, former film star,
Mrs. Douglas writes: “ No woman |
e he ?n isolationist today. Every
woman his menfolks somewhere on
Colonel John Feogin, Commanding Officer of Tonopah Army Air
Field, Tonopah, Nevada, poses against the background of sand and
Joshua trees with some of the ice skating troupe who appeared
there through arrangements made by Mr. Wolter S. Mack, Jr.,
President of Pepsi-Cola Company, to bring some fun to the Air
Corps men pining for lack of entertainment so far from home . . .
show was put on in an airplane hangar with mobile ice tanks and
other equipment transported fror.i civilization to the hot sands of
' ■ ■ .. ■ i" ——1—
IN the groove, both music-wise and
friendship-wise, is what this pic
ture seems to say. The soldier with
the horn and his buddy symbolize
real democracy that. cuts across
race barriers. After all, that’s the
cause they’re both fighting for.
Many instances of forward steps
made in good race relations by USO
during the past four years are re
counted In a pamphlet entitled "Ex
periments in Democracy," from
which this picture is taken. Just
published by the USO Division ot
the National Y.W.C.A., it has been
distributed to all USO Clubs where
the YW has staff.
In effect, the booklet says — de
mocracy can work if we work at it.
The boys shown here are doing just
the world battlefronts.” Boldly shi
says that women's part in the Nat
ional government is to restore de
moeracy at the polls to those south
ern states where a dollar sign stil
hides the ballot box.
“Here is a job that will not wait’
she cites in ‘A Woman's Fair Quest
ion,’ the title of her brochure, "t(
insure democracy for all American;
when they lay off their uniforms ir
order that they may use democrat!;
processes to fashion the post wai
world they want and rightly de
Throw Picket Line
Around Yankee Stadium
New York (C) The Yanke;
Stadium was picketed this week bj
20 people in protest against Jin
Crow in baseball. The league foi
Equality in Sports and Amusement;
is planning to have a picket line er
masse of 500 people on Sunday. Th<
League thouroughly beleives “If w<
can fight together we can play to
Baseball League
Begins Season
New York (C) The Negro Base
ball league got off to an earlj
start Sunday April 20th at the Pole
Grounds when it opened the sea
son with the New York Cubans fac
ing the Baltimore Elite Giants in a
double header. The veteran catcher
Jose Fernandez, will again manage
the Cuban Stars. This marks his 2o
Mike Jacobs Trying Not
To Worry Over Losing
Ray Robinson
New York (C) The Army is
once again claiming Ray Sugar
Robinson for the duration. Yet
Promoter -Mike Jacobs is ttying not
to shed any tears over losing his
best performer in the welter and
milldeweight division for the durat
Know Your State
Traffic Laws. ..
Don't overcrowd your car. A five
passenger auto will carry five peo
ple comfortably. To carry seven or
eight means not only discomfort
but danger as well. Especially is
this true when more than three
persons ride in the front seat. The
state law asks that you have not
more than three In the front seat
of your ear
Do not permit anybody to ride the
running boards of your car. A sud
den jolt, a quick turn or a sudden
■ stop may throw them off into the
path of other cars. The state law
prohibits the driver of any car
from permitting anybody to ride on
I the running boards.
Watch for next week's traffic law
tip, as it's smart to be safe.
Sports Equipment for
Prisoners of War
Sporting equipment for prisoners
of war is a matter of international
shopping in these days of shortages
according to a report received by Mr
Roy Page from the National War
Fund, which finances War Prison
ers Aid with assistance of the con
1 tributions to Omaha's United \. ar
and Community Fund,
Soccer balls for prisoners of war
in Germany were recently provided
by War Prisoners Aid, Y.M.C.A., the
report said, by buying the leather
! casings in the Argentine and the
rubber bladders in Brazil. The as
sembly was made in Switzerland.
Ping-pong balls were procured in
great quantities in Sweden for the
use of prisoners of war, and other
athletic equipment is picked up in
neutral markets all over the world
in order that the men in prison
camps may have recreational mater
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»«»* —rkl k, 1 A t Wkt M.-W MM to .Ul, 7~
•m*. UK 1M* to..|IM. A**.. Cklito. At, *