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    ‘Let’s eat folks!’
How familiar the ring of the merry voice....
how pleasingly welcome was mother's or dad’s,
“Come and get iti.”
But this years those words will have a tinge
of saddness for those whose empty chairs around
the table... .for those who are serving their coun
try on the far-flung battlefronts of this global
world.perhaps it’s dad, aunt Helen, uncle Bob
or brother Bill or sister Mary-perhaps they
may never again occupy their chair- •. .but when
you sit down to eat.... with every forkful, every
spoonful, every handful, every bite you take.
think of them.... have you done your part on the
home front for them.say a little prayer for
those boys and girls of ours who are not with us this
season.whose absence grimly reminds us that
we are at war.that we here in America owe to
them much... .that they stand between us and our
enemies. .. .fighting for the very foundation of the
day for which we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ
who exemplified the ti*ue way of life... .and which
they do battle to preserve.
To these dear absent ones we owe very, very
much, standing on the battlefields as Christ once
stood, for us . .. .that we, Americans, particularly,
may enjoy this season, without fear of shattering
bombs, devastation and the horrors of war in our
beloved land.
Oh! Happy Day! when once again the lights
of the world come on again and peace shall reign
• •... .when our beloved ones take their places be
side us as someone hollers, “Let’s Eat Folks!”
A Festive Cake on Christmas Eve
Forecasts Happy Holiday Cheer
AFTER the children are tucked
all snug in their beds on
Christmas Eve and you've finished
trimming the tree and the last carol
has been sung, it's time to bring
out a refreshment tray.
On the night before Christmas,
everyone will appreciate something
festive. A raisin fruit cake decked
with holly is a happy foretaste of
holiday cheer that’s sure to win
applause. It's wise hostess tech
nique to co-star it with this novel
Yuletide Froth made with decaf
feinated coffee so that everybody
can relax taut nerves over extra
toasts without worrying about pil
low tossing later on. Be sure to
"perk" the decaffeinated coffee a
little longer than the ordinary kind
to bring out its rich coffee flavor.
A raisin fruit cake takes the place
of expensive fruit cakes of other
years and is a happy choice for in
formal refreshments throughout
the holiday season. It keeps well,
can be made ahead of time, and it
enjoys traditional sanction as a
special Christmas treat.
Yuletide Froth
1 cup evaporated milk
teaspoon vanilla
4 cups freshly made, hot decaf
feinated coffee
Chill evaporated milk thoroughly.
Then whip rapidly until stiff Add
vanilla. Place in serving cups, fill
ing half full. Sprinkle with cin
namon. Fill cups with decaffeinated
coffee Makes 8 ser* rtemerr
per. when making decaffeinated
coffee in a percolator to give It a
little longer "perking" to bring out
its full flavor.
Raisin Fruit Cake
4 cups seeded raisins
2 tablespoons grated lemon or
orange rind
1 tablespoon cinnamon
1 tablespoon allspice
2U cups water, or water and strong
decaffeinated coffee
2 Vi cups nut meats
4 cups sifted cake flour
5 teaspoons double-acting baking
2 teaspoons salt
Hi cups sugar
cup shortening
2 eggs, well beaten
2 teaspoons vanilla
Combine raisins, rind, spices, and
water in saucepan. Cover and cook
gently for 8 minutes. Drain, press
ing ont as much liquid as possible.
Measure liquid, add water or coffee
to make 1% cups, and reserve.
Grind raisins with nuts.
Sift flour once, measure, add bak
ing powder, salt, and sugar, and
sift together three times. Cream
shortening very thoroughly, add
flour mixture, eggs, vanilla, and re
served raisin liquid. Stir until all
flour is dampened. Then beat vig
orously 2 minutes. Add raisin-nut
mixture and mix well. Turn into
two 9x4x3 inch loaf pans which
have been greased, lined with
brown paper, and again greased.
Sprinkle with chopped nut meats, if
desired. Bake in moderate oven
(350eF.) 1 hour and 15 minutes, or
until done. Let stand 5 minutes on
cake rack; remove from pan, leav
ing paper attached. Cool. Wrap in
cloth to store.
W ^ _
gJJJJifNpirtolf r"",oam
Authorized Bottler: HARDING’S—Omaha
by Rev. Frank Clarence Lowry for ANP
A hard head usually presents a problem that no
doctor can solve, and the undertaker must cover up.
Here’s a recipe which is easy
on your ration points and easy to
serve. All you have to do is ask
your butcher for Old Fashioned
Loaf. There’s no waste or shrink
age for it’s baked when you get it.
Stuffed Old Fashioned Rolls
% lb. Star Old-Fashioned Loai (4 whole
slices, each about inch thick)
V* cup bacon drippingc or margarine
1 cup onions
6 cups toasted bread cubes (about
6-7 slices;
1 V > teaspoons salt
teaspoon pepper
teaspoon poultry seasoning
is cup boilina water
Merry-Making Christmas Cake
Here’s a cake that really says “Merry Christmas "-Fruited Choco
late Marble Cake. It has dates and nuts for festive flavor, is baked In a
tube or square pan and topped with creamy chocolate frosting!
Of course you’ll want to send the same kind of cake to your boy
girl in the service. Well, bake theirs in square pans, wrap well in waxed
paper and fit into sturdy boxes. This cake stays fresh, keeps moist a
long time. Bind travels well. Point-thrifty Spry, you see. is the pure
bland shortening that gives you cake with wonderful stay-fresh-ness »"■<
rich flavor.
As a Gift Cake for friends, a birthday or special-treat cake any time.
Fruited Chocolate Marble Cake is a winner. Let it win carols of* praise
for you this Christmas!
Fruited Chocolate Marble Cake
% cup Spry 3 cups sifted floor
1% teaspoons salt 1 Cop water
lVi teaspoons vanilla 1% ounces chocolate, melted
l?i cups sugar 3 tablespoons water
3 eggs, unbeaten % cup nuts, finely chopped
3 a teaspoons baking powder V- cup dates, finely chopped
Blend Spry, salt and vanilla. Add sugar gradually and cream well. Add
eggs, singly, beating well after each addition. Sift baking powder with
flour 3 times. Add to creamed mixture, alternately with 1 cup water mix
ing after each addition until smooth. . .. Divide batter into 2 parts. Add
chocolate and 3 tablespoons water to V, of batter; then add nuts To other
half of batter, add dates. Place the two batters by tablespoons alternately
in Sprycoated 10-inch tube pan. Draw a tablespoon through batter once
to give marbled effect. Bake in moderate oven (350° F.) 1% hours Frost
with My Chocolate Frosting-Variation. Place two batters alternately
by tablespoons in Sprycoated 10 x 10 x 2-inch pan. Draw a tablespoon
through batter two or three times to give marbled effect. Bake in mod
erate oven (350° F.) Ii4 hours.
My Chocolate Frosting
Melt 3 tablespoons Spry with 2 ounces chocolate over hot water.... Pour
4 tablespoons hot milk over 2 cups sifted confectioners’ sugar and % tea
spoon salt and stir until sugar is dissolved. . . . Add % teaspoon vanilla •
I then chocolate mixture and seat until thick. ‘
Make dressing, melt drippings,
add onions; cook until clear. Pour
over bread cubes. Add seasonings.
Pour boiling water over mixture.
On each slice of Old Fashioned
Loaf, place a few spoonfuls of
dressings. Roll slice around dress
ing; fasten with toothpick. Bake
30 minutes in 350° F. oven. Serve
with vegetable cream sauce.
1 _ ' Z-JSSI . . .. *1
'Information Aide
Appointment of Mrs.
Edna G. Harris as aide
to the District informa
tion executive in Cinncin
nati, 0., was announced
this week by John E. Bob
; inson, Director of the Cin
j cisnati District OPA.
A Help Yourself Cheese Buffet Is
Sure of Applause as Holiday Treat
O'VERY day is a red letter holi
' day when the boys in service
ire home on leave; and, of course,
rou’ll want to give party plans in
:heir honor an A-l priority rating.
k sure way to win their applause
is a successful hostess is to arrange
i cheese buffet, starring prime male
favorites like Camembert and Lie
Jerkranz cheese that don’t appear
pn camp menus. Then give your
guests the “come and get it" signal
for mixing their favorite sandwich
Basic strategy calls for a tray or
platter of cheese flanked by gener
ous supplies of sandwich makings
md fruit. You can follow pre-war
stiquette and let the cheese lovers
put their own portions of Camern
Pert and Liederkranz cheese be
pause both these favorites have low
ration values. For three brown
points you get six generous wedges
pf Camembert. and only two brown
points are needed for a package of
Liederkranz cheese that serves -ix.
There’s no waste to these epicurean
treats, either, for even the crust of
Liederkranz cheese and Camembert
is considered a delicacy. Like other
pheeses. they are excellent sources
pf protein and are so rich in butter
fat that no butter at all is needed
for sandwich alliances. Toasted
split rolls, crackers and rye and
pumpernickel bread have a special
flavor affinity for these high-flavored
Co-star apples, grapes and winter
pears in your fruit bowl. Sophis
ticated cheese usage prescribes
slices of apple spread tvith Camem
bert cheese. Big black grapes
stuffed with Liederkranz cheese are
another traditional delicacy that
will add interest to your refresh
Lettuce Heart Appetizer
For a highly flavored appetizer,
spread crisp curly leaves from the
very heart of a head of lettuce with
a dab of Liederkranz cheese.
Liederkranz Cheese and Onion
Sandwich Spread
1 package Liederkranz cheese
2 tablesioons beer
2 tablespoons finely minced onion
Mash Liederkranz cheese with a
fork -until soft and smooth. Add
beer gradually and blend to a
smooth paste. Fold in onion. Keep
in tightly covered jar in refriger
ator. Use as a sandwich spread
on rye bread or spread on crisp
crackers as an appetizer. May also
be used as a stuffing for celery.
Cream Cheese Reindeer Sandwiches
Star as Christmas Party Treats
NO matter how little entertaining
you do nowadays, it's good strat
egy to manage a Christmas party
for the children. Whatever age
group you have on your invitation
list, the fundamentals of a success
ful party are the same—plenty to
do and plenty to eat.
Your young guests will be de
lighted if you cut sandwiches with
Christmas cookie cutters and ar
range a scene from Santa Claus
land, with Christmas trees, rein
deer and the jolly saint himself, as
a centerpiece Cream cheese is a
ration-wise choice as a sandwich
spread because, besides being
thrifty and nutritious, it is so rich
in butter tot you won't have to
touch the family's precious butter
quota. You can count on a six
ounce wedge cut of cream cheese,
which costs only two brown ration
points, to make generous filling for
a dozen triangular sandwiches—or
a whole flock of little sandwich
reindeer. The cream cheese wedges
come in chive, pimento and relish,
as well as the plain variety, so an
appetizing assortment of fillings is
easily and quickly achieved. With
a good supply of these festive sand
wiches as a starting point, milk or
fruit juice, ice cream and cake can
be counted on to round out a prop
erly gala menu.
Cut tbe sandwich shapes before'
spreading them, and use the dis
carded bread for crumbs and crou
tons It’s quite satisfactory to make
the sandwiches ahead of time if
you wrap them in waxed paper,
then in a cloth wrung from cold
water, and store them in the re
frigerator until half an hour before
needed. Remove from the wet cloth
and leave, protected by the waxed
paper, at room temperature until
Cream Cheese. Nut and
Orange Spread
Blend half a six-ounce wedge cut
of cream cheese. 2 tablespoons or
ange juice and pulp and 2 table
spoons finely chopped nut meats
with a silver fork. Makes V4 cup.
Cream Cheese and Peanut
Vt six-ounce wedge of cream cheese
% cup chopped salted peanuts
hi teaspoon lemon juice
H teaspoon salt
6 slices white or whole wheat bread
Cream the cheese until soft. Add
nuts, lemon juice and salt. Spread
between slices of bread. Makes three
Washington. D. C . —In a statement to the
Senate Committtee on Banking and Currency Dec
ember 10, the NAACP urged the continuance of sub
sidies to hold down prices and prevent inflation.
Failure to retain subsidies, said the statement, will
from the
9MAR Wonder Flour
3far (Christmas Ifospitalitg
• Turkey is king of the Christmas
feast! Be sure yours is tender,
brown and juicy —let it be filled
with a good old-fashioned bread
stuffing, deliciously savory with
its subtle blend of seasonings.
And here’s the tip-off. For a
smooth, unbroken, golden-brown
crust on the bird, plus tender,
juicy meat that fairly melts in
your mouth, roast your turkey or
chicken this new way. Just fol
low directions in the recipe. Also
be sure to fry the bread crumbs
and onions lightly in hot Spry.
Spry, you see, is the purer short
ening that lets all the savory
goodness come through.
Share your Christmas and share
your feast with some of the boys
in the service. Better clip the
recipe now, so you’ll be all set for
the big occasion.
Roast Stuffed Turkey
or Chicken
Roasting: turkey or chicken
(rub inside with salt)
Savor) Stuffing Melted Spry
Brush trussed, stuffed turkey or
chicken with melted Spry, cover
with a piece of white cloth, and
brush cloth thoroughly with melt
ed Spry. Leave cloth on during
roasting. Boast bird in moderate
oven (350° F.), allowing 20 to 25
minutes per pound.
Turn during latter part of roast
ing to brown bird uniformly all
Savory Stuffing
8 quarts soft 2 tablespoon*
bread crumbs parsley, chopped
2Vic teaspoons salt Vi cup Spry, melted
V* teaspoon pepper Vi cup onion, minced
1 teaspoon sage Vi cup butter
\ teaspoon thyme ft cup boiling
water (about}
Combine bread crumbs, salt, pep
per, sage, thyme and parsley, and
mix thoroughly. Melt Spry in skil
let, add onion, and fry 2 minutes.
(Do not brown onion.) Add bread
crumbs and fry until very lightly
browned, stirring constantly from
Melt butter in boiling water and
pour over crumbs, tossing lightly
with two forks. Add more water
if additional moisture is needed.
Makes enough stuffing for one
8-pound bird.
Union Church Services
will start the first Sunday
of 1944. Rev. Goodlett
will preach the openisg
start “an endless and vicious procession until every
veslige of economic stability in the country is des
Mixed Vegetable Juices Accent Turkey Flavor
Your can of mixed vegetable luices does double duty for T. . .V:
_ Serve ice-cold in glasses as the appetizing prelude to this
hearty feast and use a full cup in the basting of that noble bird. Then
try this special gravy combination for a flavor accent that is simply
V-8 Gravy
2 tablespoons tat or drippings
5 tablespoons tlou;
1 beet bouillon cube
1 cup boiling water
1V2 cups V-8 Vegetable Juices
1. Melt fat or dripping.s; gradually add flour and brown over low heat.
2. Dissolve bouillon cube in boiling water.
3. Add to browned Aout mixture slowly, stirring until smooth.
4. Add V-8; bring to a boil and cook 2 minutes, stirring occasionally.
Makes 2 cups.
Use with left-over meat for pies, ragouts, croquettes, serve over
mashed potatoes or slices of enriched white bread.
“So tbat peace ma^
prevail for all
Christmastide, hallowed season of joy and happi
ness, this years finds all of us in America striv
ing constantly to hasten the day of Victory.
Neevrtheless it is fitting that we should pause
both to recall our Christmas days of yesteryear
and to look forward into the future with prcfoi nd
confidence and hope. We people of Safeway—
including those who have taken leave of absence
to join the fighting forces— unite in sincerely
wishing every one of you a Merry Christmas!
your families be happy and well. May your
dinners be hearty. And may the Christmas
prayers of all of us be answered, “So that Feace
may prevail for all mankind_”
_ J