The Omaha guide. (Omaha, Neb.) 1927-19??, November 27, 1943, CITY EDITION, Page 3, Image 3

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By H. W. Smith
WE. 6458
The Omaha Club waiters with .Earl Jones and Mr. Frank
Buford and the streamlined crew
are always in the front line on fine
The White Horse Inn and the
Regis hotel waiters are all in th®
running on quick and very' polite
The Fontenelle hotel waiters are
tops on taking care of the very
fine guest at all times.
The Paxtoi hotel race horse head
waiter and his fas tstepping crew
are going places and doing things!
* ****
Are you a member of the NAA
-CP? If not take out a memt ir
shir, today!
The waiters at the Hill Hotci arc
serving at all times with a snt’lc.
Brother John Evans is the very
rapid fire serviceman at the Rome
Hotel and Mr. Joe Alls is the top
man in the Legion club rooms.
The Blackstone waiters are tops
toe cn fine, mighty fi :e service.
All waiters should read their
menus and keep posted to be rc^dv
to give information as it saves
time and it is a very great help
for quick service. Now fellow wai
ters let’s all be on the job for the
Threat of bus strike in Wash
ington, DC. fades.
Ex-Governor J. P. Heil of Wis
consin denied that he had teen
aided by public utility funds.
Movie actor Victor MeLagten
and hs Secy miss Susanne Rocke
feller Bruggeman will be married
this week.
The body of Eddie O'Hern who
lost his life by drowning in Storra
Lake, Iowa was recovered Friday
Nov. 19.
Gen. Repairing Motor Tune-ini
Body and Fender Work
Battery, Etc.
N. E. Comer 24th & Grant S».
U. S. Government completes Its
case in a XT. Racket trial Friday
Nov. 19.
Sol Ewin Platt pleaded guilty in
Federal in Los Angeles. Cal- j
ifornia of delivering a package I
given hi mby Louis Kaufman. New ■
ark. NJ., labor official.
James P. McGearny is the new
assistant US. attorney general.
U. S. Secy Cordell the first cab
inet officer to address Congress.
Mrs. Paul Krepper and Mrs. Cor.i
Cox two sisters united after 50 yrs.
Woman kills 3 months old sort
by crushing its skull.
John Sould, 80 years old black
smith of Melford. Oklahoma Help
ing to build planes for the U. S.
| army at Downey. California.
***** ,
Kilby Weems one of the Scott-- j
| boro boys has been paroled. '
Gov. Bricker of Ohio will enter
other states in the primaries.
Franklin D. Roosevelt Jr. rec
eives two medals for his bravery.
* ****
Read The Omaha Guide and be
a good booster for the home paper.
40 employes of the Mobile, A*a.,
Pulley works walked out....there
was no heat in the building.
Frank L. Winston and Sol Hr
oin Platte were convicted in NY.
on an extortion plot.
Mrs. Pearl Cashenier of Bloom
ington, Ind., was slain with a shot
Mrs. Wilmer Russell was killed
with a rock by Donolcr Erwin age
16 yrs. near a small town in Mo.
Wendell Willkie starts his touV
through Louisiana and Texas.
Two thousand leather workers of
Salem, Mass., were ordered back
to work by Pres . Roosevelt.
IT. S. Senators Guffey and Lau
rence of Pa., say the democratic)
party will put up a bold front next
Congressional Committee on liq-,
uors price investigations says it
wll take weeks to complete the job
18 persons killed in a U. S. Naval
transport plane—3 miles east of
Rio De Janeiro also Congressman
J. Wm. Ditter of Pa., and Lt. J.
J. Mensure of the Willow Grove
Naval air station was killed Sun
day night. Nov. 21—the plant
crashed near Columbus. Pa.
Bus and street car operators cf
San Diego. Calif., voted to go back
to work Monday.
Rep. Hamilton Fish of NT. de
nies he put out false reports about
the American Legion.
Top Sgt. Bennie Elmore of P't.
Warren. Wyo., is receiving a very
pleasant welcome by his many
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New York, CNS) Muriel Rahn,
sensational New York concert so
prano, now appearing in tiie titld
role of Billy Rose's CARMEN JON
ES. will be seen on Broadway a
gain this season. The talented,
young artist who startled the opera
and music world recently by learn
ing and performing the difficult
role in two weeks, was last seen
along The Great White Way in
the Alfred Luht-Fontanne extrav
aganza "The Pirate.” Each season
Miss Rahn divides her time be
tween concert, and theatre.
A year ago last August, while
rehearsing for "The Pirate", sue
took time out to go to Chicago and
sing the eighty-pie^ sym
phony orchestra at the famous
Grant Park Shell, the first of her
race to be so honored. Later in
the season, she deserted Broadway
and the Lunts for a concert tour
that took her over five thousand
miles. Luring the summer she be
came the first Negro concert so
prano to appear at the renowned
Water Gate Barge in Washington,
DC., wdth the National Symphony
Orchestra. This was followed by
subsequent concerts at the Univers
ities of Wisconsin, PuTdue, Illin
ois and other national institutions
of the mid-west.
Just last week, she took leave of
absenee from CARMEN JONES to
sng concerts ai. the Tennessee A
& I College and Kentucky State
College, both of which were a tre
mendous success. She returned to
the show in Boston this week.
friends in Omaha and ito one of the
streamlined waiters at the On,alia
Athletic Club.
The following young- ladies are
on the job rendering very fine ser
vice in the dining room of th-’ O
maha Athletic club.
Miss Vera E. Hopkins, Miss
Gladys Wright. Miss Vernice Lind
sey, Miss Myrtle Joyner, Miss Mil
dred Curry.
This writer had the pleasure of
! having breakfast at the Omaha
Chamber of Commerce on Thurs
day morning. Nov. 18 as the guest
of Mr. Simon Harrold the musician
headwaiter and Mr. John Bodem
parte and it was a real fellowship
meeting and we shall always think
kindly of the very friendly crew.
hattie McDaniels co-stars
Hattie McDaniel, who plays Fi
delia, the maid of the Hilton fam
ily in David O’s "S nee
You' Went Away,” may complain
of getting housemaid’s knee fro n
her screen job—but it has its com
pensations. One of the:. is the
opportunity to “Boss” » lot of
stars around—just for the cameras
of course.
“You see.” explained big, dark,
rollicking Hattie with her arms
akimbo, “I run that H.lton home,
at least Fidelia does. And I love
it. I just boss Claudett0 Coi'jert,'
Jennifer Jones and that cute little
Shirley Temple all over the set. ’
These three ladies of the Hilton
family who take orders from o-r
patent Hattie, are starred in tin
film with Joseph Cotten. Monty
Woolley and Robert Walker. Miss
Colbert is Mrs. Hilton. Miss JMt
and Shirley her two daughters.
Jane and Brig.
“The master of that Hilton home
hold,” Fidelia elucidated .further,
Mr. Tim’s, he's away at war. He
enlisted. And his wife Anne is t° keep the house running
as usual until he gets back. But
Jane and Brig. well, they're head
strong and spirited, and they need
a firm hand, just like any other
1807 N. 24th St. WE-4240
Other People Do
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headachy—dull—all because of sluggish bow- I
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girls. Anyway that’s where I
come in ”
So, even though she doesn't often
get out of the kitchen—on the
screen-—there’s plenty of consola
tion for it. Another ensoling fact,
she can think of is that she ju«t
happens to love housekeeping.
“Besides, nobody gets paid better
for doing it than I do.”
New York....Lena Horne the
Daily News “pin-up” girl of the
world's greatest Sunday newspa
per has won miraculous fame to
the glamour and glitrer of the
stage and screen, -on New York's
gay Broadway. Quote: the Daily
News, "Lena Home, whose por
trait appears on page 1 of today’s
Coloroto section, has an undefir.
bole quailtj- of personality that
causes her audience to make com
parisons with Helen of Troy as to
beauty or Black Patti as to her
voice. Lena hereslf, a shy person,
can’t understand it: her technique
involves no theatricals, she acts
and sings simply: But it’s what the
people want- Lena was born in
Brooklyn 25 years ago, the daugh
ter of Edwin F. (Teddy) Home ard
Edna (Scottron) Home_She is
the wife of Louis J. Jones, news
paperman of Columbus. O. and the
mother of two childern. She is
said to be divorced. Lena >xas :he
custody of Gil the daughter, and
Louis has the son. Edwin.
Her completion of 4 weeks’ star
dom at the Capitol Theatre, New
York, gives her the grandest prom
inence seldom given Negro wom
I just left a meat market where
I purchased a porterhouse. 15 pts.
(mv favorite) wanted larger one.
(2.) but didn’t have the digits. My
eash was no good there. Here 3
my story: I stood at a counter se ne
time to have a BLACK boy .vait
on me. . . .there were so many
white women who were frant’.cuiiy
besiegingg him for meat while sev
eral white butchers worked in sol
itude existence along the line,
busy too, but the black boy had
more trade, I noticed.he was
grabbing steaks, chops, roasts and
evrvthing with his naked hands. .
This is not NEWS in New York
City or elsewhere.... because he
was placed there because of t’ e
numerous Negro customers of flu,
The thing that '‘bums-me-anoei"
most that the Negro women of he
neighborhood spurn the service of
this BLACK boy butcher, wh.le
the white housewives clamor bis
congenial attitude for their ho’m
‘‘Why don’t Negro women jake
are of the homes (domestics) so
we white women can go into de
Trim and attractive in their win
ter olive drab, this group of Fort
HuacliUca. Arizona. WACS added
just the necessary touch of glam
our to the G. I. soldier show troupe
*hat Hollywood and downtown L.
A. are still raving about. In the
front row, left to right are: 2n1 Lt.
Merc- edees Jordan. Pvt. Hilda Guy
P.'e. Della Haney, Pvts. Lois Tur
ner, Viv an Ward, Reola Freeman,
and 2nd Lt. Oleta Crane of Fort
Back row, left to ripht, Col. C.
F. E. Nelson, Pvts. Olive Dedeau\
Rereva Parrish. Alma Warren.
Betty Joy, Pfc. Helen Irvin arc
Capt. S. Randolph Edmonds.
(photo by Cpl. Jerry Housner,
fense work? The white babhs
won't suck any black breads in
this agv if thot is any news to you.
The white mamas are taking
charge of their own progeny :f col
ored gals have anything to sav a
bout the home service.
The ‘•dynamite-blacks”, “tea^ng
browns”," fading yellows” and
"passing pinks" are working I- r
Cncle Sam....for how long? 1 i;ev
now are well placed in swell spots
if that’s a nice name to place U.
Colored women are now holding
jobs downtown New York, on
Broadway. Grand Central. Pennsyl
vania, swanky Park Avenue. Btek
man Hill, the Empire State end
Woolworth skyscrapers even the
subway, terminals and what .. .
so what are giving employment to
brownskin babies and crying lor
I noticed on a train trip that all
the stations Newark Trenton, Phil
adelphia. Wilmington. Baltii lore
and AVashington, to say nothing
of further south, have Co.or cl
women on the platform, and even
some are section hands.
FEPC Director Speaks
(Continued frrn_ 'mere lj
eils of the Congress of Industrial
Organizations, Washington, Tj. C.;
Milton P. Webster, Vice President,
Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Por
ters. American Federation of La
bor, Chicago, Illinois; and Boris
Shiskin, Economist, American Fed
eration of Labor, Washington L).C. •
representing industry are: Sara
| Southall, Supervisor of Employ
Iment and Service, International
Harvester Company, Chicago. Iil
| inois: P. B. Toung. Sr., Publisher
Norfolk Journal and Guide Nor
folk. Virginia: and Samuel ZeMur
rav. President of the United Fruit
Company, New Orleans, Lous.ana.
The Committee and its Regional
Office receives and investigates
complaints of discrimination in
employment in violation of the
Executive Order and takes approp
riate steps to secure adjustment of
valid cases and general compliance
with the Order. In cases where’
the Regional Office cannot s cure
adjustment through negotiations.
hearings will be held or other ap
propriate action as defined by th
Executive Order will be taken. In
carrying out its duties, the Com
mittee an aits Regional Office will
work in cooperation with other
government agencies particularly
the War Manpower Commission,
the War Production Board, th
War and Navy Departments and
the Maritime Commission.
A provision prohibiting discrim
ination has been included in aii
government contracts and sui •.■or
tracts for war mater.als or servic
es. and contractors are expected to
abide by this provision in the same
manner and with the same faith
fulness as they abide by all other*
Althoug’h preliminary consulta
tions have revealed that a lesser
number of war industries in Re
gions VI and VIII are refusing to
employ members of various minor
ity groups, a serious problem still
exists since various minorit es arc
not being used at their highest,
skills. Neither are they being ac
corded equal opportunities for
training and promotion witn other
workers. This unfair pract c‘- has
caused a severe wastage of man
power and skills to {Tie detrimen'
of the nation’s total warp. o lue- :
tion. A case in point seems to bo !
the transportation industry both in
this region and throughout the
country- The numerous complaint- !
received have necessitated the FE
PC holding a special hearing on d s
crimination in employment on rail
roads which is now in progress m 1
Washington. DC. Joseph B. East
man. Director of the Office of De- ■
fense Transportation recently warn
ed that unless drastic steps were
taken to utilize all avalatle labor, !
the country would be headed for a
crisis in reailroad manpower. Re
ports indicate that restrictions im
posed upon Negro workers in the
industry have been an important
King: Yuen Cafe
2010'/2 N. 24th St. JAckson 857*
.Open from 2 p. m. Until 3 a tn
American & Chinese Dishee
Fort Huachuca. Arizona officers
talk things over for big all-sold:- r
show at Hollywood Canteen. Shown
in picture from left to right nre:
Col. C. F. E. Nelson, 2nd Lt. Mtr. '■
ceedees Jordan, Capt. S. Randoplh
Edmonds, Theatrical Officer, Cap
taln Pettio and 2nd Lt. Cleta Crane
of Fort Desmci^es.
factor in causing the present critic
ai s.tuat.on about which. Mr. Leh
man spoke publicly. Local trans
portation employment falls in the
same category according to FEPC
Atlanta. Nov. 21 (ANP) Joseph L
; Pierce, son of Mrs. Geraldine
Pierce of this city, is study ng at
- Tufts college in Medford, Mass., in
preparation for a commsision un
der the navy training program, his
mother disclosed here this week.
In the roster of naval students
published Nov. 10. he is rated a ; .
member of V-12 in the engin“erlrtg
course. There are two Georg. > |
boys among the 1.000 navy men sta j
tioned at the college. Pierce being i
the only Negro.
fc —-- — — — — — ~ ~ - - — — -_1
Los Anfrel?s)—..»M|
Leo, the M-G-M Lion, roars out thia
entertainment tip:
★ ★ ★ ★
You’re going to be crazy about “Girt
Crazy", M-G-M’s musical-comedy hit
that combines a Broadway flair with
a Western air!
★ ★ * ★
Because it has dancing—and plenty of
„ mm
Because it stars Mickey Rooney and
Judy Garland—together with Tommy
Dorsey and his orchestra in some of the
most delightful screen-fun of the year*
* * * *
Because the whole gay, glad story is set
to the rhvt.imic, melodic music of tbl
late and beloved George Gershwin!
★ ★ ★ ★
Ringing in your ear, will be lilting songs
like these:
“I Got Rhythm”
“Bidin' My Time”
"Embraceable You”
“Could You Use Me”
"They’re Writing Songs Of
Love But Not For Me”
★ ★ ★ ★
When Mickey Rooney—cast as a
Ni '".t'T.ib Cowboy heads West into the
real thing—events race to a merry
★ ★ ★ ★
The Broadway glamour is sustained
even out in the great open spaces—
when Mickey sees to it that a bevy of
beauties are brought on from the F-a«t
for a big show!
★ ★ ★ ★
Your theatre will soon be the show
place for this rollicking show-piece from
the studios of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer!
★ ★ ★ ★
And we can practically guarantee you
will be “Girl Crazy” when you see
this film. * *• ★ *
I’m a little crazy ir.yself.
-£~ _
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sible way to help!
4 The screen's first great i
I hurrrcnstoryofthe war ]
I « Richard TREGASKIS’ (
DIARY with Preston
FOSTER, Lloyd NOLAN, William I
BENDIX, Richard CONTE and Anthony
* * *
* I'he New York critics greeted |i
CLAUDIA os even better than the f
smash stage hit that ran two years,
and raved about refreshing new-star Jj_
Dorothy McGUIRE,
and Ina CLAIRE! It's
the picture your
heart has been
waiting for!.