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MR. and MRS. READER...
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The Omaha Guide, A Paper with A Purpose. Founded on the Principles of Service to Our Race to Our City
to Our State, and to Our Flag. The Platform which you read displayed here was written by C. C. Galloway one of
^or7CO'iuUn^ers1ofih?10?iaha Guide’ '''0ct 15’1926’and Published in the first issue of the Omaha Guide, Feb. 12,
1927. Ihe Omaha Guide is a necessary institution to the community in which it serves. That is why it has weath
ered the many storms from 1927 to this present day, 1941.
Race prejudice must go. The
Fatherhood of God and the Brother
hood of man must prevail. These are
the only principles that will stand the
acid test of good citzenship in times
of peace, war and death.
1. We must have our pro-rata
of employment in business to which
we give our patronage, such as groc
ery stores, laundries, furniture stor
es, department stores, and coal com
panies in fact every concern which we
support. We (must give our citizens
the chance to live respectably. We are
tired! of educating our children and
permitting them to remain economic
slaves and entering into a life of
2. Our Pro-rata of employment
for the patronage to our public cor
porations such as railroad companies,
the street car company ,the Nebraska
Power Co., the Northwestern Bell
Telephone Co., and other establish
ments we are forced to support by
right of franchise. Also our pro-rata
of employment in return for the taxes
we pay in our city, county, state and
federal government.
3. To entourage the establish
ment of a first class hospital, that we
may get the best there is in medical
science from our doctors whom we
know to be nearest to us, also to en
courage a high respect for them and
encourage more of our girls to take
nurses’ training.
4. A one hundred percent de
portment of our citizens in our public
and private places of business, espec
ially in street cars. If we are to be
respected we must act respectably es
pecially in public places where we are
constantly before the public eye.
5 A one hundred percent mem
bership in the Omaha branch of the
NAACP. should be had to encourage
the efforts put forth by the founders
of this organization, and to assist the
general office to establish a five mil
ion dollar endowment fund to main
tain the operating expenses, and to
further the principles of the NAACP.
for all people of all races. American
citizens must be educated to a higher
principle and a more thorough under
standing of inter-racial relationship
so that our country may in reality be
a government of the people, by the
peonle, and for the people, in whole or
in fact.
6 The re-establishment of the
Christian Religion as Christ taught
it, for the uplifting of mankind elim
inating financial and personal gain.
A practical religion, week days as well
as Sunday. An attitude toward our
fellowmen as a brother in order to es
tablish a principle which will guide the
destiny of each others children, for
our neighbor’s children today are our
children tomorrow.
7. To demand courteous treat
ment. in all places of business, and the
enforcement of the Civil Right Law.
8. To encourage and assist in the
establishment of the following financ
ial institutions near 24th ( and Lake
Streets; a Building and Loan Assoc
iation, a State Bank, and also a first
class Trust Company for the purpose
of administering aid and assistance to
our widows and orphans.
9. To encourage the erection of
a one hundred thousand dollar Young
Men’s Christian Association near 24th
and Lake Streets.
10. To enlarge the Y. W. C, A. so
that it may supply dormitory accom
modations for the girls who tire of
home environment.
11. To teach our citizens to live
economically by printing in each issue
a budget system for various salaries.
12. To make Omaha a better
city in which to live by inaugurating
a more cosmopolitan spirit among our
American citizens.
13. To put a stop to the Divorce
Evil by passing a state law making the
mistreatment of a wife or husband by
either of them a criminal offense, to
be decided by jury. First offense, a
jail sentence of a short duration; sec
ond offense, one of longer duration;
third offense, one to five years in the
penitentiary. This, we believe, will
make men and women think before
14. We must become owners of
our city government by paying a seem
ingly higher salary to those whom we
employ to administer its affairs, a sal
ary that will attract men of higher
1. Fight for the passage of the
NAACP. Anti-Lynching Bill, thus
stop the shameful lynching of Amer
ican citizens.
2. One of our Negro citizens in
the President’s cabinet.
3. Federal control of the educa
tional system and a federal law that
every child must have an high school
4. Assist in the furtherance of
research by our scientists and help our
historians to prove that civilization
was founded in Africa. No passports
to any foreign country until he or she
can show proof of visiting every state
in America, by showing a certificate
of registration from the governor’s
office of each state. Help us to see A
merica first, and spend America’s
earning with American citizens,
5. Establish a political influence
which will bring about our pro-rata
of higher appointments made by our
chief executives, especially in our
army. Demand appointments by the
chief executive to be absolutely on ab
ility and merit, and not color. Give
our Negro boys appointments from
first sergeant to colonel in the army
if they are qualified for the job. We
are one of the few minority groups
that can be trusted in time of war not
to turn traitor to our country.
, •
6. Stop graft in politics by pass
ing a federal law making Election day
a legal holiday, and compelling every
American citizen of voting age to vote.
A federal old age Pension of sixty dol
lars per month, if he or she has voted
in every city, county, state and federal
election held, and if he or she has nev
er been convicted of a felony.
7. To prevent further wars by
teaching the so-called white race that
it is high time fox fhem to quit fooling
themselves about white supremacy
with only three-tenths of the world’s
population. They must be taught that
color is due to climatic conditions.
They must be taught that seven-tenths
of the world’s population is made up
of dark races. They must be taught
that the rays of the sun that blazes
upon the equator and turns the skin
brown, does not affect the brain any
more than the coldness of the icy glac
iers affect the brain of the while race,
and that the darker races will not con
tinue to be crushed by a money-mad
fewr. If the Fatherhood of God and the
Brotherhood of man are not welded
into the hearts of this world’s family
now, by teaching the principles laid
down by our Saviour, it will be welded
into the hearts of our children some
day on the bloodiest battlefield the
world has ever known.
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